Shiloh is the most enchanting, breathtaking, and splendid mega-gigantic, enormous palace engulfed and structured in luxurious white Marble in enormous mega-gigantic mountains where the royal family stood on a huge pure golden pulpit. In the midst of the silhouette's thickest longest natural trees forest, taller thickest bushes, and a steeping narrow and zig-zag route throughout the woods that led villagers to scoop in their jars, pots, and other water fillers for them to drink. 

Around that same time, somewhere else in the mega enormous country kingdom of Shiloh, everything seems perfect in the village of Shiloh, whereas every morning like any other seems luminous. 

 Shiloh is the most enchanting, breathtaking, and splendid kingdom in the essential European country.  I mean it as green pastures vibrant in life to all the cattle, sheep, and all kinds of grass-eating animals. 

The sun in Shiloh is not as hot as in Tucson, it is fine. This marvelous kingdom has four seasons, spring, summer, fall, and winter, and it falls in Shiloh. Engulfed by nothing but endless serenity, successful wealthy people's minds and the poor woke up that morning to do their different kinds of business. Some of them headed to their enormous mega-gigantic farm field near the freshwater river. 



Raining was pouring cats and dogs, thunder rumbling gently wind howled a little harshly and but still it was raining peacefully that night. Inside the enormous luxurious palace, a gorgeous woman in her twenties was looking 




‘Accuser named Lucifer (Satan) was accusing some of God's faithful children that they were too powerful to deal with especially the little boy, who is He's Ordained One to slay the demons including him. He is of little threat to them. After he pleaded with God Almighty to allow him, to go test them even unto the point of death. Saying if they absolutely loved Him. The Lord of Glory, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Lamb of God, and God in flesh permitted Lucifer to go test them.  

“Lucifer-Lucifer, what are thou seeking amid the righteous? Why are you in my presence without my summons? Have thou completed the task of going against my people?” God asked.  

“What can I do, nothing? Because you always stood in my path, protecting them!” Lucifer answered.  

“Protecting them?” Asked the Eternal God Almighty.  

“Of course- You are calling them to Your grace, never let my claws pierce their flesh. Never let me go as far as I want to do, so I might prove that they do not love You. Send me to be dealt with!” Lucifer replied.  

“What do ye want, Lucifer?” Jesus asked.  

“I guess you already know my thoughts. Let me have the freedom to shake them a little from your protection. And rubbish love and let us see who will call You, the Lord at the end?” Lucifer complained.  

“Is this supposed to be the test of my faithfulness?” Jesus informed him.  

“Yes, costly those who serve You; costly like the Cleanliness family!” He added.  

“Go-Lucifer, go and put my children to the test, but do not touch their souls for that is mine. Go...go...go!” Lord Almighty ordered.  

“Thank you, my Lord,” Lucifer answered.  

On an outstanding, breathtaking, and enchanting essential European kingdom of Shiloh as he shrieked in laughter. 


Tag der Veröffentlichung: 26.08.2022

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