Chapter Eight 



'‘Most luxurious estate is from Lillian-valley about seven miles away. Exaltation is an underground government mega meeting palace studies structure of nothing but all pure gold with its miles away hallways go further and beyond below that are ridiculously huge and at the end of the hallway gigantic door. Multiple elevators that can take you down but, on the surface, seem normal but underground it is something extraordinary.  

Exaltation has everything, I mean the tallest skyscrapers, built with nothing but pure gold, children my age and some not. Meaning small houses up to mega-mansions, bigger and biggest stores, rich with poor businesspeople, and all kinds of clothes in stores as we were walking. First, Exaltation was the organization of the royal crowns' meeting base, but corruption, murder, and conspiracies overwhelmed everyone within the organization. Till Headmistress’ young cousin Luke Mor. W. Wood destroyed all the former crowns because he wanted the throne. Headmistress Pathway was heading to her throne room, whereas Luke Mor. W. Wood and his wife Maovu Menace who was ageless already, but Headmistress Pathway almost vanquished them and eliminated them both but escaped away from their lives.  

Maovu Mor. W. Wood, ageless, is the most gorgeous chaotic woman most fearsome by all, she has pale skin, wears a darkest garment, a hooded cloak, longer fingernails painted noir with claws fingers, she has nostrils of a serpent, brightest yellow eyes, and marched barefoot. Mor. W. Wood did not do it alone, he destroyed half the councils that he manipulated to overthrow Headmistress Pathway from her Queenship, but the Headmistress defeated them all and left Mor. W. Wood is half dead. Maovu Mor. W. Wood’s lovely wife did everything, made a deal with the old adversary with her soul for her and her husband to be ageless.  

Luke Mor. W. Wood, now ageless, attacked the second time, destroyed all the former crowns who refused to bow down to him as their ever-live regime ruler, and brought the Exaltation to desolation with nothing but engulfing by silhouettes. After he burned Exaltation’s underground chamber of crowns, still before Luke smote all those who were against him for them, he wrote his most famous name fearsome by all Wormwood on the wall. After this incident, Pathway and the other crowns arrived a little bit too late where everything burned to ashes, and Wormwood with his partner in plan Maovu was out of sight. Whereas another government organization was restructured elsewhere within Olive estate and now one it is whereabouts. Till that call dawn, rain pours down cats and dogs gently, and a peculiar woman marches on the ruin's longest hallway towards the gigantic entrance. Her head was covered in nothing but a thick darkest cloak, a long noir garment, and no one could see what her face looked like. Except her hands were pale, dark painted nails, and her fingers were like sharp claws. She flung the huge door wide open, walked some more inside, tapping her foot, and everything refined to perfection but without any light. In front of her, the head, giantin longest bearded statue sculpted in darkness, mouth open, both sides a river poisonous acid venom as the darker wide enough golden pathway amid the river, and to both sides three skillful dark knights at the statue’s entrance. Unrevealing herself where her eyes were maliciously bright yellow, curly short hair, and rage seemed in her eyes.  

“Majesty. I couldn’t believe that you would come.” the old man gulped. Herod, my old friend. And why did you summon me here?” asked the woman. “Maovu this information is extraordinarily important. Still, you are the judge in the courtroom of Pathway, but you do not know that your husband’s cousin is the cause of his misfortune!” Herod cackled. “Meaning? Would you mind telling me about this person?” Maovu asked. “Um, Headmistress Pathway had welcomed the murder of your husband. And what do you call his name? Huh-yes, the child only who lived,” Herod answered. “Wait. Do you mean anything other than the infamous boy here by all forces of evil?” Maovu blinked.  

Nothing could hold her as she was overwhelmed with rage, Maovu spoke unto this unknown tongue, and a gigantic Anaconda came out of the statue’s mouth. Nioka is Wormwood's serpent, a gigantic Anaconda.

“Majesty. And what brings you here?” The Anaconda hissed. “Nioka! Would you mind telling me where the boy who defeated my husband lived?" Maovu asked. “Exactly, Majesty. I can still smell him from a mile away, he usually takes young Potter's last girl to the playground. Nioka answered. Still, is there someone I could send there? While I paid a visit to my old rival’s mega-palace, terrorizing her school from the inside out. Man, this is truly going to be glorious. She will be worth turning as the Headmistress. Wait! Who will go with me?” Maovu paused. “Majesty, I am very glad to see you.” Interfere the hissing voice. Maovu turned around today and met her Anaconda. Sebastian is Imana's serpent, a gigantic Anaconda.

“Sebastian. And look who has returned from the dead?” Maovu chuckled. “Very funny, Maovu. Still, how about if I pay a visit to this child who lived,” Sebastian said. “Marvelous. Then the plan is settled. And come on Nioka let us get out of this place,” Maovu snickered.  

Maovu turned around and grimaced at Herod, but before he could react, Sebastian curled around him and crushed him to death. Nioka slid away in the fastest and was out of Maovu and Sebastian’s sight. Sebastian gulped Herod's corpse whole with thrill. Moments later that evening Headmistress Pathway what's coming out was coming out of the royal empty council chamber. All four of her fellow crowns and friends went ahead of her and disappeared out of Pathway’s sight. Pathway senses an uncomfortable presence down her spine, she felt like someone was watching her every move, her shepherd can rod was prepared, and she was holding it in her hand while marching towards the hallway of Refuge’s school.  

“Sheba, forgive me. Would you kindly point to me where the child who lived that I might crush him out of existence? Or face my fury?” Whispered the voice. "No idea. I have no idea what you’re talking about! Headmistress Pathway answered. My goodness. Your majesty. Seems as if you are still the same. That's what I hate so much about you. And just you wait when I am done with you, I am heading on the last heir apparent to the throne,” Maovu cackled. Headmistress Pathway looked in front of her and met her rival Maovu. Not a chance! And who is this last crowned heir you're talking about? Pathway asked. Um, er- seriously Elisheba? You want me to say this?” Maovu roared. Be my guest, my friend. “'Cause I don't know what you are talking about. And step out of my way Maovu!” Pathway warned.  

After the Headmistress’ eyes turn into the color of flaming fire, Maovu moved backward a further distance for a moment. 

She then charged after the old woman with her sharp claws her superhuman strength. Headmistress Pathway pointed her rod at the incoming Maovu with the swarm of her darkness, and the consuming fire came out of Pathway's rod.  Vanquished the incoming Maovu screeched in pain because of its brightest light, and she was burned by the consuming fire of God’s Spirit power as she screamed in agony. Headmistress Pathway was surrounded by the luminous light which marched towards the defenseless Maovu. Headmistress Elisheva Ransom Pathway, ninety-eight, is a Dominican British American woman. She is the most attractive, although she is over seventy, has long white hair, is fearsome most by the legion of darkness, blue lighter eyes, wears a light gray hooded cloak always to her feet, a cleaner white dress inside that reaches her feet and brown boots. 

“Mind telling me who this crowned heiress of mine is,” Pathway asked.  

Maovu shrieked in laughter, stood up, and used that power that crashed with Pathway’s consuming fire. That's where the conflict began, but Pathway was becoming weary and was panting very hard.  

“To tell you who is the last heir to your throne. Let us see...perhaps one lineage girl whose parents died eleven years ago.” Maovu responded. “Um, you mean the remaining girl whose last name is Rançon?” Pathway asked.  

Lumière Lionel Rançon, eleven, is third in our team and a breathtaking, enchanting, cutest, gorgeous girl. She has energetic light blue eyes and wears her Christmas red sweater, light gold jeans, and winter boots. She has noir puffy hair, tiny, and is a mixed afro Native-American.  

“Exactly, what is her first name? Oh, yes-Lumiere Leonel Rancon. Ha-ha-ha, this is perfectly wonderful. And I believe it is time for me to say long live the Queen-ah!” Maovu screamed.  

Later, Pathway stood up her ground firm, tapped her rod on the earth as the luminous light shone, and transported Maovu somewhere very further away.  

“No! This cannot be, Elisheba! I will be back to mark my words. Marked my words, ha-ha-ha!” Maovu cackled maliciously.  

Till Leib with the rest of the crowns came in and their doorwoman Imani came in. Leib Hopewell, sixty, mixed Native-American, seven feet tall, curly puffy short haircut, professional beard, and bright light blue eyes. Wear a golden khaki long-sleeve hooded cloak trench coat, dark navy pants, white long-sleeve navy t-shirt, and comfortable winter boots. Instructor Elizabeth McQueen, fifty-five, is an elegant Native-American woman. She is an old friend of mine, has long noir brunette hair, has warm caramel eyes, is kind-hearted, wears a light gray dress, a red Christmas hooded cloak, and winter shoes. Instructor Even Cesar, fifty, is a profoundly serious American man. He despises me, but he is kinder inside. He has puffy brown hair, cold-hearted darkest green eyes, wears all navy clothes, a light hooded cloak, and winter boots. Instructor Eve McCain, forty-three, Afro Australian American woman. She is kinder inside, loved me like her own heart, and she is the wife of the late Dr. McCain. She has short curly hair, cold-hearted darkest green eyes, white clothes, a gray hooded cloak, and tapping boots. 

“Headmistress Pathway! Are you all right?” Mcqueen asked. Maovu! Maovu escaped the dungeon. And now she is seeking revenge on her husband’s defeat. I believe with him coming here with this new arising threat, young Liam is in great danger if he comes here. Could I have someone to keep a close watch on Liam Mvuela-?” Pathway paused. “Would take the honor of keeping an eye on young Liam Mvuela.” Interrupted the voice.  

Headmistress Pathway glanced in front of her and saw Imani, one of her trusted friends and faithful servant to the Mordon family. Imani Elie Leon, seventy, is an African American woman. She is the most attractive, in her fifties, servant to the Mordon family, has long short hair, is fearsome most by the legion of darkness, bright brunette eyes, wears a worn not gray hooded cloak always to her feet, a worn-out navy dress inside and golden old boots. 

“Imani, excellent. And I pleaded with you to visit old Nicodemus and tell him not to allow Liam to come here. Refuge School is not safe for him. All of you that I send Nicodemus a letter, telling him to take Liam to buy his raincoat but I think coming here now is very risky.” Pathway gasped. “Right away! And Imani-Imani is very happy to finally see the child who lived!” She squealed. 

Pathway smiled very warmly at Imani, she snapped her fingers and disappeared out of everyone’s sight. 

Summer engulfed that chilly forsaken November morning, murdering any leaves in its path. Especially trees, are its favorite targets, causing it to be naked by dried leaves collapsing to the rainy streets and roads of Oliver estate. Continually, it is explaining that winter is just around the corner. A magnificently peaceful breathtaking sprinkling of the splattering sound of the rain, thunder rumbling roar gently during that cold nighttime, a greeting dawn light shining through my attic gigantic bedroom window. Overheard laughter downstairs in the kitchen, the delicious aroma of breakfast smells that early in the morning. I could hear Olive humming peacefully with her mother. Olivia Potter, twenty-eight, gorgeous-looking African British American woman. Curly hair, bright brown eyes, wearing a hooded red coat, winter sweater, jeans, and winter boots, as laughter, filled the living room. Olive Potter, twenty, is a good-looking mixed African British American boy. Curly puffy short hair, bright green eyes, wearing a hooded blue-sky coat, winter sweater, jeans, and winter boots. Man, this morning might be great for me this time and who would blame me for sleeping all day.  

Till the door of my room in that early morning around eight. I, Liam Mvuela, thirteen, a most luminous experienced regimen, the cutest African young boy. Curly black hair I have black curly hair and brown eyes. I wear a long-sleeved white sweater, army gray jacket, mostly blue jeans, and Adidas shoes. "Please come in!" I spoke. Nicodemus Potter, eighty, a most luminous experienced regimen, the cutest American. He has black curly hair and brunette eyes. I wear a long-sleeved red Christmas sweater, khaki army trench coat, mostly black jeans, and boots. Old Nicodemus opened the door of my huge bedroom and came into the room.  

"Liam. Would you mind waking up, please? Because I want to take you somewhere or buy you something?" Old Nicodemus answered. "Something? And still where, Nicodemus?" I asked.

"Er-um, have you forgotten? Well, my old best friend Elisheva told me that I should take you to buy a raincoat. Because it is going to rain at your school in Refuge, "Nicodemus responded.

"Raincoat! Man forgot about that! Still, we need to return fast so that we might celebrate Oliver's birthday."I panicked.

"Right. And We are heading to Little Faith-town, "I said.  

Moments I get down out of my bed, rush to the restroom, brush my teeth, and come out ready. Afterward, I put on my white trench coat, and I marched downstairs where I met Nicodemus.  

"Nicodemus. I am coming down-!" I paused.  

Unless I came out of my huge chamber ready, where I met everyone. Nicole and Olivia were sitting at the table munching on breakfast. Nicodemus and I were about to walk towards the exit when Olive came rushing down after I had said morning to Nicole with Olivia. Nicole Potter, thirty-nine, is a cute British American man. Haircut, beard, bright brown-haired person eyes, wears a hoodie khaki trench coat, dark blueberry Christmas sweater, brown jeans, and lower heels shoes. 


Chapter Nine 



Afterward, I put on my white trench coat, and I marched downstairs where I met Nicodemus.  

"Nicodemus. I am coming down-!" I paused.  

Unless I came out of my huge chamber ready, where I met everyone. Nicole and Olivia were sitting at the table munching on breakfast. Nicodemus and I were about to walk towards the exit when Olive came rushing down after I had said morning to Nicole with Olivia. Nicole Potter, thirty-nine, is a cute British American man. Haircut, beard, bright brown-haired person eyes, wears a hoodie khaki trench coat, dark blueberry Christmas sweater, brown jeans, and lower heels shoes.  

Olive and Savanna’s parents answered but Savanna grimaced at me furiously.  

“Liam. Stay away from trouble,” Savanna roared.  

Savanna Potter, twenty-four, is a good-looking mixed African British American boy. Curly hair, brown eyes, wears a hooded coat, green Christmas sweater, jeans, and winter shoes.  

“ talking about trouble. Aren't you supposed to stay out of trouble at school instead of being suspended? Um, the man not the summer I expected!” I scolded.  

Savannah was furious with me, but I just ignored him. Olive came rushing downstairs, and she was ready.  

"Grandpere? May I please come with you." Olive pleaded. "Wait-what? You are coming? And why?" I asked.  

"Er-um, I want to see how extraordinary Little Faith-town is. And I heard my friends at school talking about it, so I want to see it for myself. "Olive answered. 

“Excellent. If you are going, then I am coming with you guys," Savanna said.  

"Excuse me. Um, the whole family is coming?" I blinked.

"We are," they all said.  

"And besides, we are going to buy something for you know what?" Nicole chuckled.  

"Right. Less talking and let us get out of this house." I giggled.  

Whereas the whole Potter family and I went out the entrance and met an old woman in her seventies. 

"Liam Mvuela. And what are you doing out of here? Get back inside the house. Still, where are you going?" She blinked.  

Till Nicodemus, Nicole, and Olive came to surround Savanna, Olive, and me.  

"And who are you? Besides, how do you know where Liam lives?" Nicodemus reported.  

“Old Elisheva sent me here to you and to come to tell Liam Mvuela. Er-to not come. No-no comes to Refuge because it is unbelievably bad. So-so extremely dangerous for him," she said.  

“Huh, we are just heading to Little Faith-town because we are going to buy his raincoat and something else," Nicole answered.  

"If you want, you could come with us to make sure of Liam's safety. And what do you say? Mind telling us what the danger is in Refuge?" I asked.  

"Decades ago, Luke Mor. W. Wood disastrous destroyed half-noble gathering of-!" She stopped.  

Till she began squealing in pain, as she held her head. 

"My head hurts. No-no-no cannot tell you. Cannot tell you Liam Mvuela. I promise I cannot tell you. I cannot tell you everything Huh-uh," she refused.  

Unless the old woman was smacking her head extremely hard with her hands. Where I felt sorry for her even more. 

“Welcome. And you do not need to tell me everything. Would you just cut that out by smacking your hand so hard, please? Besides, I am glad to meet you, my friend,” I answered.  

“Liam Mvuela. Friends? I hear you right?” asked the woman.  

“Right. I am your friend. Nice to meet you. Come on, now we cannot keep the marketplace waiting.” I spoke.  

“Liam Mvuela. Imani-Imani is awesomely happy to be equal as Liam Mvuela.” Imani sobbed.  

“Welcome, Imani!” I chuckled.  

Everyone burst out laughing, Imani disappeared out of our sight but watched my every move and expected me to go to Refuge because it is very risky. Marching for a few hours till we find ourselves within Little Faith-town. Describing Little Faith-town, it was the most luminous breathtaking extraordinary place just West of Oliver. All kinds of mega houses, stores, and marketplaces are structured in pure gold. With all kinds of businesspeople that were big and small.  

“Here we are, Liam. Little Faith-town,” Nicole interrupted.  

“And what do you think, Liam?” Savannah scoffed. “Excellent thank you very much-!” I paused.  

“Enough! I am not doing this for you. And would you just walk please!” Savannah roared.  

“Right...right. You do not need to be rude about it,” I signed.  

“Correct...correct. Not rude about it? Not rude about it! I agree with you, Liam-.” Savanna gasped.  

Olivia pulled him to be together with her and her father, old Nicodemus, just burst into laughter hard with olive.  

“Savanna. Boy, you should behave yourself, young man. And still, you come with us.” Olivia interfered.  

“Mother. Do I have to? And what about Liam?” Savanna whined.  

“No excuses Savanna. And have you forgotten what we came here for? Despite that why have we come here to Little Faith-town?” Nicole said.  

“Huh. come and why does it have to be me again? Savannah asked. I had no idea brother. And would you just leave Liam for a minute? Olive paused.  

“Exactly. Leave Liam alone. And Liam kiddo." Olivia stopped.  

“Attentive mother. I am listening!” I replied.  

“Would you mind taking Olive? Maybe at the park because we don’t want to spoil the surprise. And besides, I got everything. I mean your hooded raincoat coat. See you later,” Nicodemus answered.  

“I am happy to help you, old friend,” I responded.  

Olive was overly excited, pulling me by my hand, and we were out of her parents’-her brother’s, and grandfather’s sight. We were marching within the crowds of people and making sure Olive sees every detail of Little Faith-Town. Moments later, we discovered ourselves on our way to the park.  

“Olive?” I called.

“All ear Liam. And what seems to be the cause?” Olive asked.  

“See everything in Little Faith-Town? How is it?” I asked.  

“Marvelous, Liam.” Olive giggled.  

Unless all of sudden, the once blue-sky luminous morning turned to darkness, and wind came from nowhere so strongly at the point I could not breathe. Uncomfortable emotions strike my spine, while I gasp in discomfort. Olive came to hold my hand tightly because the wind was extraordinarily strong.  

Till a strongest telekinetic flung both of us hard on the wall of the half-light tunnel and pinned us there. 

"Jesus! Liam, I am stuck! And what on earth is going on?" Olive gasped. 

"No! No! This cannot be! And who in the world is seeking my life or wants me to die?" I signed.  

Looking up, I saw six darkest hooded cloak garments, as all came scooping down against me. Their faces were indescribable, because it was in total darkness, and I could only see their glowing red eyes.  

"Liam! Liam! I am frightened. I am sure. And what are these beings?" Olive asked.  

While they unleashed their bows, and arrows and were about to open fire at me but were dropped by a passing woman.  

"Excuse me? What do you think you're trying to do with these-?" She screeched. 

After these peculiar beings shot their arrows at her and she turned to stone that crumbled to powder.  

Unless one of them came to grab me by my neck, but his hands got in flames, it wailed in pain and burned to ashes.  

Till then the rest of them screeched in agonies but did not give up.   

"Pardon me. Whoever you are. Release me this insistently or else?" I shouted.   

"Liam? Would you mind telling me what these things are? And why do they want you to be dead?" Olive gasped.  

"No, idea. And now I wondered why my old friend Imani told me not to leave the house. Um-er because of these things. That's why!" I responded.  

All the hooded being screeched at me, but I wasn't frightened of it although Olive was scared.   

Fear not olive. And whosoever you just you know that He that is in the secret place, shall not allow this,” I shouted.   

Till the strongest strength boils within me and those dangerous hooded beings who were surrounding me and Olive wailed in pain as they burned to ashes.   

“Wait-what? And what just happened? All of them are...what?” Olive interfered.   

“Huh. What? And why are you looking at me like that? Is there something wrong with-?” I paused.   

“Eyes! Liam, your eyes are in the color of flames.” Olive answered.  

“Wait-excuse me? My eyes in the color of flames?" I blinked.   

Marching towards the puddle of rain, after we were free, I saw my eyes in the color of flames.   

"Right...right seems as if you're right, Olive." I agreed.   

Unless the gentle breeze howled in a half-light dark tunnel of Oliver, I wasn't afraid and unleashed my flammable two edges weapon.   

"Liam. Liam Mvuela. And everyone calls him the child who lived. Marvelous but terrible in danger in both places. Though Olive it is a real place of Refuge, mostly returning to school will be very terrible!" Whispered the voice.   

"Seems. Seems as if you're the one who is afraid of me. In case you are not proved by not showing yourself coward!" I shouted.   

The whispering voice cackled in laughter, and we continued our marching towards the park. Arriving at it in time Olive started playing on a slide like a little girl till I felt something swirl around me and was squeezing the life out of me.  

All the other children with their parents flee for their lives.   

"Man. And what do we have here if it isn't it the child who lived? Or shall I prefer Liam Mvuela?" Hissed the voice.   

Till I swirled around though it was kind of hard as I watched the giant Anaconda squeezing the life out of me ever tighter by a second.   

“Christ! Not this trouble again. Not the summer I expected. And why do these things keep happening to me?" I grunted.   

"My-my, Liam. You don't seem right. And what is happening? Still, just in case to remind you of my name when I swallowed you-!" He paused.   

"Excuse me, snake. Need you to release Liam this insistent!" Olive shouted.   

"Snake? Snake? Would you hear what she just calls me?" He roared.   

After he uses his tail and flung Olive hard on the wall.  

"Olive! Excuse me. And what have you done? What have you done? Have you no idea? Olive. Olive! Wake up. Wake up, please!" I called.   

Unless the giant serpent was about to crush me to death, I was gasping for my breath as I watched Olive lay unconscious on the ground. To where the Anaconda told me that his name was Sebastian but at the end, I screeched in pain as I glanced at the unconscious Olive.  

Moments later, I came to my senses while watching Sebastian shriek in laughter. Almost crush me to death till the brightest light shine very brightly while Sebastian wailed in unbearable pain, loosening his grip of curling on me.  

Sebastian was furious with me and was about to attack me when I 't looking unless unleashed my flaming weapon and chopped Sebastian's head off. He screeched afflictions as he burned to ashes.   

Moments later, I felt uncomfortable, my head was stinging a little after I turn around and I saw a hooded woman, with pale skin tone, her whole head was covered, her fingernails were painted dark, and as claw fingers. I whimpered in pain as a glance at her passing by as she looked at me for a moment, she marched away into the half-light darkness tunnel. Till the light explodes into little shreds as she marches away and out of my sight.   

I remain with Olive. I tried to wake her up, but she wasn't, and she was unconscious. After that, I didn't have any choice but to take her home where I saw Imani waking us up.   

“Imani. Imani is happy to help you. And did I just see you using your flaming sword?” Imani asked.   

“Of course, I did. Still, it was an emergency.” I answered.  

“Right, right,” Imani answered.   

“Pardon me. And would you stop complaining? Jesus, for real,” Olive interrupted.   

Where both Imani and I were shocked to see her consciousness.   

“Wait what? And what’s wrong with you two? Seems as if you have seen a ghost!” Olive scolded.   

Olive broke laughing hard as she screamed in pain because all her body was aching. She was about to stand up, but she couldn't because she was weak for her body to hold her.   

“Easy, easy, Olive. Stay still because you’re weak. And Liam Mvuela?” Imani called.   

“All ears Imani. What seems to be the problem in the case?” I answered.   

“Seems like you are in great unbearable catastrophic!” She gulped.   

“Catastrophe, why?” I asked.   

“Er- um because you use your flaming sword outside of Refuge. Well, is it a weapon to only use in school, not out of school or class? Not even at home. And it seems like you're going to face severe punishment as one of Refuge’s codes rule.” Imani explained.   

“Really. But it was an emergency. First, we were attacked by the Wraiths. And then my friend Olive was in great danger. I did self-defense, you know that!” I roared.  

“Liam Mvuela not mad with Imani, I hope? Imani is only here to keep an eye on you. Maniacal threats have arisen against you, Liam Mvuela. And still, you are the child who lived, remember? Evil. Evil forces of darkness will look up and down for your life if you step foot on Refuge!” Imani exclaimed.  

I blinked for a moment before I would answer Imani and was wondering why the Wraiths of the menace attacked me.

Imani was glancing at me waiting for my response, to her question where I just signed hard but smiled.  

“Right. Can we disappear before more Wraith charged after us?" I signed.  

“Correct away. Imani. Imani is incredibly happy to help, but Refuge is a bad place for you this year.” Imani signed.   

I touched Olive’s shoulder, Imani held mine, and we found ourselves in the store where old Nicodemus with the rest of the Potter was.   

“Liam, back so soon? And what happened to my little sister?” Savanna asked.  

“Attacked! Wraiths came from nowhere. And after that, Sebastian, a very evil anaconda attacked us. So, Olive was involved in a fight, and was injured,” I signed. 

All of them looked at me confusedly because of how beaten up I am, and Olive, gravely injured, knew that I was telling them the truth, but Savanna did not believe a word I said. 


Chapter Ten



Savanna was overwhelmed with rage that he almost exploded. I knew how to handle his furious rage and I was ready any time for him to smack me right on my face. Till his parents intervened when they saw how rage my expressions were.

“Excuse me? Would you look at that? Grandpere sent you on an errand to take my sister to the park, and she is back a mess. See mother-father. I told you. I told you that Liam is a cursed man. Would we just throw him out of our family so that we would not be cursed too with bad luck? Still, don’t you have your parents? Or did they abandon you when you were a baby?” Savanna asked. 

“No. My parents are still alive. I am sure of it! And I was brought to life with you people because the most powerful man was seeking to put me out of existence.” I spoke.  

“My, my this is even worse Liam, my brother. Would you just stay away from-!” Savanna paused.  

“Enough, Savanna. You know, young man. Add enough of you. And what got into you suddenly, with these foul behaviors.” Nicole roared.  

“Enough, it is Savanna. Or else no video game tonight. And you're grounded, young man. Wait, when we get home, Jesus. And Liam? Son. We are sorry, but in fact, we have seen your parents too, but that time you were staying in Refuge. And it was impossible for them, and they came to visit you in Oliver, but they went back to the States of America with more joy. Well, when they heard that you are doing fine,” Olivia answered.  

“I see. I just wish I could see them. Olivia. Nicole. That will be the best day moments of my life,” I answered.  

“Hope so, son? Hope so, but first, let's separate for a moment. Nicole and Olivia searched for the present for you know who and I went to look for Liam's raincoat. Am I understood?” Nicodemus asked.  

“Man, surely that is the best idea. And Savanna, you're coming with us while I pick Olive up,” Nicole replied.  

“Right. All four of you just be on your way and I will see you around!” I signed.  

Imani was nowhere to be found, I have no idea if she went back to Refuge or not. 

Elsewhere Within the menace of the darkness, in the darkest cave prison, the most chaotic feminine and maniac madwoman escapes the dungeon. She was standing at the entrance in the middle of the sea as the wind blew her curly hair violently. She shrieks in laughter at the top of her lungs, the woman was in the darkest hooded garments, claw fingers that were painted noir, and were bare feet. Her skin was pale, like Wormwood, and had the nostril of a serpent.  

“Man, the sea air is very refreshing. Excellent to be free, don't you think, Gizani?” She asked.  

“Marvelous, Nafiki. Lastly, we escaped. And I believe we shall bring confusion within the Crowns of Exultation. Well, you know from the inside out. I believe we should pay a warm visit to our old friend, Nuruni Everlast,” Gizani grimaced.  

“Right. Maybe you are right because she is the cause of us being here on this dump!” Nafiki cackled.  

“Correct, correct,” Gizani agreed.

Nuruni is the oldest great-grandmother of the Everlast head family. She is one hundred and ten, still having strength, and wisdom intact, she wears a longer golden trench coat, jeans, and long winter boots. She has curly black hair and a mixed African skin tone and walks with a staff of judgment authority shepherd rod. 

Within the same hour, old Nuruni visited her lovely family member and could not wait to see her oldest great-grandchildren, overheard the knock on the mansion house. Chloe’s husband went to check after unleashing his flaming sword. Opening the door slowly and was very shocked to see that it was his oldest great-grandmother. 

Elie Everlast, forty, is a cute British man. Haircut, beard, bright blue eyes, wears a hoodie khaki trench coat, dark blueberry Christmas sweater, brown jeans, and lower heels shoes.  

“Great mere. Is this truly you?” He asked.  

“Man, Elie, you silly child. Aren't you going to welcome me in? And besides, where are my very oldest Great children?” Nuruni asked. Right away-!” Elie stopped. 

After Ellie saw Leonard, Leona, Nicole, Lillian Everlast, twenty-two, and Leonard’s twin sisters named Estaa and Elisha, twenty.  

Leonard Everlast, twenty-four, is a quartet in my team, a mixed African boy. He is cuter, hilarious, and he is my best friend. Leo has dark blue eyes, a haircut that seems smooth, and wears a khaki dress-like hooded trench coat, a Christmas white sleeve sweater, and winter boots.  

“Worry not Great-Grandmere Nuruni We are all here!” Leonard said.  

“Leo, Leona, girl you too? Young Lilian, Estaa, and Elisha the confusion of them all in the house!” Nuruni chuckled. 

Leona Adams, nineteen, is breathtaking, enchanting, cutest gorgeousness, energetic light blue eyes, wears her Christmas blue sweater, a red carved scarf around her neck, khaki pants, and winter boots.  

“Great-Grandmere never ceases to amaze us. And what brings you here?” Leona asked.  

“Um, child, I have come to look at the child who lived for the last time. I overheard that he was attacked on his way to the park,” Nuruni nodded.  

Chloe Everlast, thirty-five, is a good-looking gorgeous British American woman. Curly puffy short hair, dark green eyes, wearing a hooded blue-sky coat, winter sweater, jeans, and winter boots. 

Chloe Everlast, thirty-five, is a good-looking gorgeous British American woman. Curly puffy short hair, dark green eyes, wearing a hooded blue-sky coat, winter sweater, jeans, and winter boots.  

“Attacked? By what exactly?” Chloe panicked.  

Um, er- by Wraiths. And lastly, Sebastian the Anaconda. Gizani and her pet Panther named Nafiki escaped the dungeon. Maybe they are on their way to put me out of existence with their rageful revenge. And it seems as if young Liam will face unbearable trials and depression with all these threats to his life. Having troubles with Savanna that's the worst biggest challenge in his life. Promise me young Leona, Leonard to never leave your best. Your best friend alone. Still, where is Lumière? It's been years since I set eyes on her?” Nuruni asked. 

Nicole Brunette Mordon/ aka Moron, twenty-four, is Leonard’s distant cousin, my rival, prideful, bullied me all the time, and had a deep crush on Leona. Sometimes he becomes my worst nightmare, has a haircut, and light blue eyes. Wear a grayish long sleeve sweater, red pants, and lower heel-tapping winter boots most of the time. Nic is mostly a cute British boy, but his character is otherwise to have such eyes.  

“Of course, Lumière is out of town. That's why Leona is living with us. She went with Leona's parents to see London for two days. And are coming back tomorrow for school.” Nicole answered.  

“I see. And are you ready to visit our young Liam Mvuela?” Nuru reported.  

“Worry not. Greatest Grandmere Nuru. We are going to bring Liam here because you need to rest for a moment.” Leonard refused.  

“Nonsense. I still have strength in my bones of mine!” Nuruni insisted.  

“Nah. Grand Nuru. I need you to rest still though you have strengthened. And we will hurry back!” Leonard pleaded.  

Nuruni with the rest nods all three children of Chloe’s and Elie’s son and two daughters climbed in their Giant Eagles and flew to Nicodemus’ house.  

Some hours later, I was still in Little Faith Town while I was marching around the marketplace a girl was running. She was not watching where she was heading to till, she bumped into me. With frights, she collapsed to the ground hard, and I helped her up.  

Sheba Elie Leonne is a breathtaking enchanting, cutest gorgeousness, nineteen/half, curious light blue eyes, wears her Christmas red sweater, khaki sleep-in pants, and barefoot. She has curly short hair, is tiny, and is a mixed African.  

“Ow! I am very sorry. Please I didn't. Don't hurt me. Because it is my bad.” She spoke.  

“Hurt you. And what are you talking about? Still, are you all, right? I asked. Wait. You're not mad? And your voice seems familiar,” She asked.  

“Of course, I do remember you, Sheba. Jesus Christ! You have become. A very big girl.” I blinked.  

“Right. But I am only twenty years of age. Not that big.” Sheba answered.  

“Tell me, what are you doing in this part of the town?” I asked.  

“I came to buy my raincoat. And what about you?” Sheba paused.  

“I believe the child who lived can't do the same. To do the same right? But it is too bad for him to return to Refuge because it is very risky.” Interfered the voice. 

Both of us swirled around till, we met face to face with Nicole, and next to him was a woman in her mid-thirties. 

“Moron. As you know, it was better for you all along. And still cold as ever. Anyway, no grudges against you. Dispatch that It is me to meet you!” I teased.  

Sheba and the woman next to him busted in laughter, as Nicole glared at me with fury in his eyes.  

“Listen to me, Mvuela. I have enough of you-!” Nicole stopped.  

Zoel Everlast Mordon, forty, is a good-looking gorgeous British American woman. seems to despise me with passion. Chloé's sister-in-law. Curly puffy short hair, dark green eyes, wearing a hooded coat, winter sweater, suit pants, and boots. 

“No, sir, Nicole. No fighting in my presence.” She insisted. 

“Forgive me, mother. And I am not trying to fight, I am just trying to warn Mvuela to stop making fun of me.” Nicole signed.  

“I am sure, Nicole. Liam Mvuela, it is genuinely nice to finally meet you. Despite that, it must be hard for you to come against the forces of Evil of all Evil. And well, Kow What You? Lastly, the man who lived, it is genuinely nice to finally meet you. Still, you must be careful because you are in the catastrophic threat of risking your life. And besides, my name is Zoel. Now,—Sheba, Nicole, let's get out of here.” Zoel called. 

Zoel viciously grinned at me. Moments later, my head started aching, and I felt the sinister cold chill in my spine.  

“Huh, Liam. Are you all, right?” Sheba asked.   

“I am fine, Sheba. It was truly nice to finally meet you again,” I nodded.  

“I am glad to see you too. And see you around, right?” Sheba chuckled.  

“Right. See you later,” I groaned.  

Moments later, Nicole calmly pulled her away after smirking coldly at me.  

“Just you know Mvuela—Sheba is my little cousin, and I will never allow her to be in love with a dirty peasant like you. So whatsoever feelings you have for her should cease from your heart!” Nicole roared.  

“Moron, it is her choice. And whatever she chooses to fall in love with me, it does not concern you! Despite that, what are you talking about? Besides, Sheba is just an old friend of mine. Would you get out of my sight right now?” I roared.

“Or else what?” Nicole scoffed.  

When I was about to answer his question, we were both interrupted by Sheba. She was reading a peculiar book, neither did I know the title of it.

“Nicole, don't you dare touch my old best friend. And what does it concern you whether I fell in love with him or not? And still, your mother just summoned you.” Sheba warned.

“Right, right. I am coming, Sheba.” Nicole smirked.

Till Nicole’s mother came back to the store. Fiercely pull in bed here and I watch him blush in embarrassment.

“Pardon me, Mvuela. Well, it if my boy is becoming troublesome to you. And if I, were you, the child who lived, I would not go to Refuge. Still, it is a challenging time for your dear life, my boy.” Zoel answered.

Unless she stared down at me coldly, as a constable chill cold smacked my spine again with unshakable pain of the headache. My head was hurting, it only stopped the moment she dragged Nicole away while Shiba made fun of him.

“Mother, this is embarrassing!” Nicole complained.

“Um, do be quiet, Nicole," Zoel growled.

When Zoel was about to drag Nicole away as I was looking up at her and she was overwhelmed with pure hatred against me.

Moments later, around that time Leonard with the rest of the Everlast arrived at old Nicodemus's house but I was around, and our neighbors told them that we went out to the marketplace in Little Faith-Town and hadn't come back.

I felt the tap on my shoulder, I was looking at the most expensive excellent raincoat. Especially the white ones till I swirled around unless I met face to face with my best friend Leonard.

"Leo? Is that you?" I blinked.

"Of course, it is Liam. And it seems as if I have finally caught up to you. We are looking all over for you!" Leonard exclaimed.

"Have you? Well, I was just around-!" I paused.

"Mvuela, the man who lived. Finally, I have met you. My name is Nuruni Everlast. Jesus, child, you are a legend feared by all forces of evil of all evil darkness. And now you're going to face terrible tests, trials, persecution, and much worse but you must stand your ground—gah!" Nuruni screamed.

Moments, she knocked me down and was flung hard on the wall by a telepathic invisible force where I saw the thickest forces of Evil of all Evil darkness that pinned her there.

She screeched in afflictions but told me to run away fast, Leonard knew what was going on with the rest of the siblings. The darkness of the evil of all evil came from nowhere, I was dragged away till I saw a peculiar woman shrieking in laughter maniacally.

"My—my good God, Nuruni. Seems like you are in terrible shape. And do you think that the man who lived will stop me?” Nafiki laughed.

"My awesome Christ, Nafiki—Gizani. And it seems like it is excellent to meet you. Lastly, I will finally die peacefully know where I am going!" Nuruni chuckled.

Unless a peculiar woman furiously glanced at Nuruni, snapped her fingers with rage, and ignited Nuruni up into the consuming flames.

Nuruni lamented in pain, as Leonard watches his oldest great-grandmother burn to ashes. Whereas when we were outside, looking up and we saw the thickest darkness gathering all the sky and was coming down towards us with the mighty wind.  



Chapter Eleven 



Leonard, his siblings, and I climbed into our Giant Eagles and flew at the greatest speed moment we said up and fly as we were out of the Evil of all Evil darkness' sight.  

"Christ! Man, that was close. And Liam, my best friend, are you all right?" Leo asked.  

"I am fine. Besides, I am deeply sorry for your loss. I am truly I, "I signed.  

"Still, why is Nuruni sacrificing herself for my sake?" I continued.  

"I have no idea, Liam. But all she wants is just to see you. And it seems as if she predicted that a madwoman maniac would come to end her life. Man, it seems as if you haven't put on your raincoat. Dispatch that is about to pour cats and dogs. Can't you see how dark the clouds are? And here take this because Nuruni bought it for you on our way to meet you!" Leo said.  

"Uh, man, brother. I didn't know if the man who lived was this cutest," Estaa interrupted.  

Leonard just rolled his eyes and broke laughing hard. 

"No, Estaa. And this is not time for you to start flirting with Liam!" Elisha scolded.  

"Enough, Elisha, you are just jealous," Estaa growled.  

"Man. Here we go again, girls. And I am sorry to burst your bubble, but Liam is taken!" Leo interfered.  

"Taken? Excuse me? And who has taken him?" Estaa asked.

"Forgive me, I cannot tell you, girls. "Leo winked. 

He smirked at me, I just rolled my eyes in disbelief and laughed my eyes out. Looking in front of me, I saw the luxurious breathtaking mega-field, I saw a small cottage getting huge, and the four of us were getting closer and closer to it till we came to completely landing with our Eagles.  

"Jesus, man, Liam, here we are. Home sweet home. And still, come to our humble home," Leonard repeated. 

"Um, thank you very much, Leo." I signed.  

Lately, I walked in the door of the Everlasting family's mansion, and everyone was greeting me with enjoyment. Every servant and maiden for work for them happily called me the man who lived. Till we discovered ourselves down below the cottage, I met Leona and the rest.  

"Liam, my son I am awesomely pretty glad that you are fine." Chloe signed.  

Chloe ran up to me and the rest of her children.  

"Liam, welcome to our humble cottage. And what Nuruni predicted that Nafiki will come for, well, it has happened to protect you. I will do the same, "Ellie exclaimed.  

"Right, right, Chloe—Ellie. How did you know that old Nuruni was killed? And I don't want anyone to die for my sake. Besides, I am a merely simple man—not that special-!" I paused.  

I was stopped by an armed coming to hug me very tightly behind me, I couldn't breathe when I turned around till I met face to face with Rehab.  

Rehab Landess, twenty-four, is a mixed gorgeous Asian-Jamaican girl. She has curly caramel hair in a bun with pure golden ribbons, yellow eyes wearing a white trench coat covered in all kinds of trophies stars, red jeans, a blue long sleeve sweater, and a blue-sky skirt on top of her jeans, and winter boots. 

"Man, Liam Refuge's Challenger. I am truly glad to lastly see you. And how do you do it? Still, you are the same man I met seven decades ago, "Rehab chuckled.  

"Let go of me, Rehab. And you know I can breathe! Continually, you're still more gorgeous than ever. "I grunted.  

Rehab released me, and we all sat at the table and began much on our dinner after praying. All of Leonard, Leona, Elisha, and their parents with Leona's mother did not know anything that was happening. Though Elisha did not show it, everyone knew it.  

"Jesus, Liam, you're the luckiest man in this cottage for my childhood friend to be interested in?" Leona teased. 

"Leona, don't be ridiculous!" Namini scolded.  

“I am not, mother. Everyone knows that she is becoming attracted to Liam, "Liam continued.  

Elisha coughed and choked on her dinner, stood up from her seat, and ran off embarrassed upstairs.  

“Um, what just happened? And what did I just do this time to her?" I blinked.  

“No idea my friend. Weird I know and confusing because last summer vacation Lumière was mentioning your name every time. Uh, well, whatsoever we were having a conversation about what happened seven decades ago. Still, that is not ever a problem. Besides, with Elisha coming in, I have no idea the outcome, "Leonard answered.  

"Namini?" Chloe called.  

"All ears Chloe," Namini answered.  

After dinner, Leona's parents bid us farewell and disappeared out of our sight. Ellie told me that it is not safe to remain in Oliver because troubles will always find me. Lastly, tomorrow we will be at train station seven aka nine and on our way to Refuge.  

"I must go to Refuge tomorrow morning and face whatever threat to my life it is," I answered.  

"I agreed with you, Liam," Ellie answered. "Perhaps you might be right. And go to—!" Chloe stopped.   

"Mother, do you know where my white pajamas are?" She asked.  

“Not at all, Lillian. I have no idea. Have you checked the dryer laundry machine?" Chloe asked.  

“No, I haven't--." Lilian blinked.  

“Evening. And how are you doing?" I greeted.   

Lillian froze for a moment to look to better answer my greeting. 

Evening--um, bye!" Lilian gulped.  

Chloe broke laughing hard after her daughter ran away blushing in the laundry room the moment, she saw me. "Uhm-ugh, Chloe. Is there something that I did to her?" I blinked.  

"Nah. You did not. Um, it's just that she's been asking us all. Huh, when are you going to visit our house these past few weeks? And just shocked that you're here, "Chloe exclaimed.  

"Man, Liam, I am jealous!" "Leo interfered.  

Winking at me laughing hard, and marched upstairs and out of our sight. By that next early in the morning, we were standing before door seven aka nine train stations, and on our way to Refuge. 

"Here we go, Liam—Leona. And I hope we will see our fourth member, "Leo signed.  

"Right...right. Here we are. And don’t stress yourself, I am sure we will. Ready to go, Rehab?" I chuckled.  

"I was born ready, Liam!" Rehab replied.  

"Marvelous. Come, come, now Liam. You're next to go in." Chloe interrupted.  

"Huh, right about that." I nodded.  

"Next is Rehab, Leona, and Liam," Chloe responded.  

Unless I went running through the wall with my luggage, birds, and other things. Next was Rehab who she stopped for a minute, and went through, Leona followed throughout out of their sights. Lastly, it was Leo's turn, as he swirled around to glance at his parents.  

On our way to Refuge, Leona said something annoying which ended up with them arguing about it endlessly.  

"Enough, Leona. And it seems as if the train stopped. Are we here already?” Rehab blinked.  

“Well, Rehab, correct you are,” Leonard said.   

All the rest of us stood up, I led that way, then Leonard was next, Leona, and lastly, it was Rehab who looked at the train’s glass window.  Coming out of the seats towards and out the train’s exit, I was interrupted by Leib while I saw my old friend. 

Unless we put on our raincoats and arrived amidst everyone in a mega-lunchroom.   

Till we settled down on the crowded mega-lunchroom tables where I saw all the instructors. Headmistress Pathway marched up in front of that huge stage, a pure golden giant throne was behind her, and the rest of the crowns were seated on both sides on their pure silver thrones. Headmistress Pathway was standing on the pulpit, waiting for every other student to sit down where I and my friends were digging in after we had finished praying. My newfound friends and I sat at a crowded table. 

Within the mage-lunchroom where the others and I arrived in Refuge till I first saw Nathan. Nathan David, nineteen, is my roommate in our dormitory. He's American, Leonard’s and my best friend's moment we arrived in Refuge. Nat has short curly hair, warm brown eyes, wears red suit pants, and comfortable winter shoes.  

“Morning, Liam,” Nathan greeted.  

I answered back to Nathan morning till I saw Nicole and the twin girls coming to stand next to him.  

“My—my seems like the man who lived dare to come here. And don’t tell you have come to commit a pathetic suicide?” Nicole mocked.  

“Classic Moron—very classic don’t you think so?” I answered.  

I and the rest of my team straight to our bench in the mega-lunchroom, and out of Nicole and his teammate’s sight.  

Samantha Jacque, nineteen, first twin worst nightmare sister, and friend, and one of Nicole’s trio team. Wear the same clothes as a blue sweater, red pants, and lower heels shoes most of the time. She is a mixed Dominican American British girl who is the cutest luminous gorgeous.  

“That’s right! Walk away, Mvuela,” Samantha shouted. 

Elias Jacque, nineteen, second twin worst nightmare sister, and friend, and one of Nicole’s trio team. Wear the same clothes as a blue sweater, red pants, and lower heel shoes most of the time. She is a mixed Dominican American British girl who is the cutest luminous gorgeous.  

“I agree with you. And could you stop wasting time with the loser like Mvuela, sister?” Elias scoffed.  

“Or else what daredevil Jaguars?” Interfered the voice. 

All three of us turned around and met face to face with Rehab.  

“My—my good God, me. What do we have here if it isn’t Rehab? Nice seeing you again by the way.” I smirked. 

“Excellent, Challenger. I am so happy to see you coming to Refuge.” Rehab answered.  

We were all sitting on our bench, enjoying our breakfast even more with Rehab who came to sit next to us. 

“Um, Mvuela,” Rehab called.  

“All ears. I am listening. Would you mind telling me? What's bothering you?” I asked.  

“Um, well, I was thinking of maybe after our breakfast. Would you love to come to our racing tournament practice?” Rehab asked.  

“Of course, I would love to. After all, I am a Challenger of Refuge's school.” I answered.  

“Excellent. Then, we will be waiting,” Rehab responded. 

Till Rehab stood up, she walked out of our sight after finishing her eating or breakfast.  

Moments later, I was about to go out to meet Rehab and the others unless McQueen came to stand in my way. 

“Liam, you came too. And why are you here? Are you thinking of risking your life? Uh, well, on coming here.” McQueen blinked.  

“Man, McQueen. You should all know better than that, Mvuela has no fear of death. And I am telling you that Know What You will hold him in his clutches without failing this—.” Caesar stopped.  

“Nonsense Caesar. And don't be ridiculous! I am sure Liam came here for a reason. Would you mind me asking why you are here?” McQueen asked.  

When I was about to answer her question, we were dropped by Headmistress Pathway.  

“Liam is here because he does not want any more death for his sake.” Pathway responded.  

“More death. And what do you mean by that?” Leib interrupted. “And how do you do, boyo?” He continued. 

“Correct, Nuruni was murdered by Know What You’s Evil of all Evil darkness. I mean, her name was Nafiki, of course. Liam has been summoned for judgment. Uh—um, well, within the chamber of exaltation to face a judgmental trial for using a sword of flames out of school. And we are going to be there by December twenty-fourth—am understood, Liam!” Headmistress Pathway replied. 

"Marvelous. And I understand you. Would I go now because my friends are waiting for me? Remember, we have a Tournament practice. Um, for a Racing Tournament match this afternoon. And I am happy to see you Headmistress, McQueen, Caesar, and Leib. Imani told me everything, so you don't need to worry about me," I replied.  

"Right, you may go but promise me, Liam." Headmistress Pathway stopped.   

"I am listening carefully, Headmistress. And what is in your mind?" I answered. 

 "Nothing much. I was hoping you would come to attend a princess' coronation this evening, " Headmistress Pathway added.  

"Coronation? And who is going to be crowned?" I blinked.

"Uh, well, we cannot tell. And that's why Headmistress Pathway told you to attend. "Leib answered.  

"Right, right. I will come but can I please get out of here." I signed.   

All the Headmistress Pathway and the instructors exchanged their glances and broke laughing their eyes out.  

Moments later, I find myself in the greenish vibrating of the Racing Tournament's field.  

I froze when I felt someone behind me, knocked me to the ground where I fall hard, I turned around where I met face to face with Nicole.  

"Moron! And what brings you here? Besides, why are you here?" I roared.  

 "Whoa-Whoa, calm yourself down. Relaxed. And let me see how ridiculous of a Challenger you are, Mvuela. Still, I think this time I am sure, I won't be easy on you!" Nicole cackled.  

"Huh, it seems as if I don't have time for you, Moron. And don't tell me that you are in Refuge’s Racing Tournament team too?" I signed.  

"Surely, I am Mvuela. Besides, you better do your best or else you have my parents. Um, my mother to the contempt with, my friend.  Trust me--she is the most fearsome woman in Refuge. I mean do you dare get to her bad side or else you will regret--." Nicole paused.   

I just burst out laughing hard and I have no fear in my eyes. 

"Remember Nicole. I have no fear of a mere human, but I only fear God alone. And still, good luck while you are welcome to the team." I chuckled.

"Perhaps, do not go crushing hard into another wall of the mega-palace towel. Have you forgotten seven decades ago? Classic!" I continued.  

Rehab with the rest of our team in the Racing Tournament roared in laughter. 

"Classic, indeed Liam. And Nicole stop being a jerk! Remember, you are not the only parents who are the most noble and wealthy in the whole world.  Just I understand that--besides, is everyone ready?" Rehab asked. 

All of us agreed, we climbed on top of our Eagles, unless it started raining hard. We were all wearing our raincoats. I have been put against Nicole with every other teammate who has competed with their opponents. I and Nicole were the only who were left. 


Chapter Twelve 



Headmistress pathway was the only one watching us practice and kept a closely add on me in case and I invited threats count for my life to attack me.  

My, me. Lastly, it seems like I am against you, Mvuela. Nicole responded.  

I smiled hard as I scoffed at Nicole who glanced at me furiously. Till we were stopped by his team member the twin sisters.  

“Mvuela, loser you better watch out this time. I am sure Nicole will win this time. And you're going to kiss his dust!” Samantha shouted.  

“Right, right, my sister here is correct. And did you hear my sister, Mvuela? You're going to kiss his dust!” Elias shouted.  

“Excellent. Nicole, would you look at your gorgeous women cheering for you? Classic. Now, this is interestingly romantic. And I have no idea you were that kind of soft spot in your heart. How classic!” I teased. 

Nicole was furious with me where it was our turn. He screamed “up and fly” and was out of my sight in the greatest speed.  

Rehab released all ten of the hummingbirds, Rehab raining down harshly heavy strong, but we were unshakeable on our Eagles.  

Nicole and I compete across time. Nicole catches all the hummingbirds and catches the last hummingbird.  

He mocked me in a cynical way, still, I did not allow him to intimidate me, but I was relaxed and kindly smiled at him.  

He scoffed at me as he charged across time after his trophy but I across time downward at the greatest speed. 

Nicole was about to catch his last trophy to be announced the winner, but I will pass him it's not the rainbow Hummingbird promise sweaty grabby hands. I was announced as the champion.  

I was about to land safely but the eagle flew upward neither could I control it and I found myself at the greatest speed.  

“Jesus! And Jordan my friend where does you think you’re taking me?” I shuddered.  

My eagle screeched in pain as he continued flying without stopping. At least we found ourselves flying within the darkest and thickest forests or the woods.  

My eagle and I stopped after landing softly at a frightening abandoned mansion. Jordan my Eagle turns around to look at me and pleaded me to follow him.  

“All right, I trust you, Jordan. I am right behind you,” I signed.  

My eagle who I named Jordan lead the way get a closely eyes at me and as if it was trying to protect me from any danger.  

Moments later, we were walking for a few minutes till we discovered ourselves marching within the ruined small hallways.  

I stare at both sides where the statue destroys nothing and both sides as spiky sharp objects.  

Wormwood, ageless, is the most chaotic man most fearsome by all, he is a white pale-skin bald man, wears a darkest garment, a hooded cloak, longer fingernails painted noir with claws fingers, he has nostrils of a serpent, lightest green eyes, and marched barefoot. 

“Liam Mvuela. Ah finally we have met again. Keep coming. Just come to your doomed boy! Come to me. And given yourself to me or us, all your friends will die!” Whispered Wormwood.  

“Not a chance Wormwood! Well, you should know that I'm not here for you uh no hear of you I have no fear of you. Would you just calmly show yourself or else I will finish you out? And you should know that greater is He than he who is in the world remember my Bible scripture has claimed that.” I shouted.  

Wormwood crackled in laughter as his strongest invisible force flung me hard with a wall, I tasted my blood, and it pinned me there.  

I saw in front of me with my vivid blurry eyes sight Wormwood’s darkest Evil of all evil darkness coming on my way at the greatest speed.  

The evil of all evil was about to reach me when the brightest light came from Norway and made Wormwood scream in pain.  

Disappearing out of my sight but Wormwood’s whispering voice was still around.  

“My, my seems as if He who lives in you, won't allow me to touch you. Still, just you wait when I held it in my hand the book called the Crown of Thorns. Um, the most powerful book that I have ever held in my collection, I am going to be back to my human form. Maybe in other words never mind, besides the crowns of exaltation with the mage-palace chamber within the westside... ha-ha!” Wormwood cackled.  

Wormwood's Evil of all evil charged after me with all force, but Jordan my Eagle managed to scoop me up on his back and flew away within a greatest pace for my safety. 

All the dodging, turning, and trying to escape Evil of all evil forces, an invisible telepathic strength smacked my head.  

The moment I was about to reach the mega-palace, I was falling screaming on top of my lungs, but Leib heard my screams after I collapsed in front of him with the greatest thud.  

Going further, it was raining cats and dogs unstopping. My eagle came landing safely as Leib came rushing to me with worries on his face.  

“Liam. Liam, boyo? Are you feeling all right?” Leib called.  

I did not answer him, neither was any breath in me, and Leib did not have any choice but to rush me to the infirmary for a check-up.  

I was lying on my bed in the nursing room. Leib sat next to me till Headmistress Pathway walked in.  

“Leib, has he woken up? And would you mind telling me who did this to him?” Pathway asked.  

“Not at all but the nurse said it's fine he's fine. And nothing broke but severe damage from his fall from his Eagle. No live threatening Headmistress. Liam has not woken up to tell me what attacked him,” Leib exclaimed. 

“Um, thank you very much, Leib. And now you must go rest how we take care of the rest my old friend.” Pathway signed.  

After that McQueen walked with Cesar in at once. Leib March towards the entrance with worry on his face and out of the other's sight.  

“Headmistress Pathway I heard everything. Is our young challenger all right?” Cesar asked.  

“Correct. Liam is fine. And I am trying to fish out what attacked him.” Pathway signed.  

“Right. And when he woke up and told us what 'cause his downfall at such a height?” McQueen shouted.  

All of them saw me moving after three of them were stopped by my team coming into the hospital. All of them now were overwhelmed with worry on their faces. 

“Lumière, Leonard, and Leona? And why do you have a sad expression?” Pathway asked.  

“Headmistress. Would you mind telling us what happened to Liam?” Lumière asked.  

Lumière Lionel Rançon, twenty-one, is third in our team and a breathtaking, enchanting, cutest, gorgeous girl. She has energetic light blue eyes, wears her Christmas red sweater, light gold jeans, and winter boots. She has noir short puffy hair, is tiny, and is a mixed afro Native-American.  

“I have no idea, Lumière. and everyone I am just waiting for him to wake up that he might tell me Everything that happened to him.” Headmistress replied.  

“I see. Man, this is terrible. And I'm wondering who could have done such a thing.” Leo shouted.  

“Quiet down Leonard. And I am sure young child who lived will be fine. He must be fine.” Discontinued the voice. 

To the rest of them all glance in front of them Leo swirled around unless he met the woman in proper clothes and British accent.  

“Menace as always old friend? And what brings you here?” McQueen asked.

Mistress Imani Menace, ageless, is the most gorgeous chaotic woman most fearsome by all, she has pale skin, wears a clean white long skirt, blue sky Christmas sweater, red navy pants, longer fingernails painted noir with claws fingers, she has nostrils of a serpent, brightest yellow eyes, and winter boots.  

“I have come to replace Dr. McCain as an English teacher instructor member? Have you forgotten? And no offense Headmistress, but this is intimidating!” Menace roared.

“Calm yourself Menace. And as you can see the boy is resting. Please allow him to have peace while he rests.” Cesar shouted.  

“Forgive me Cesar, my bad.” Menace answered.  

“Exactly and welcome to Refuge. I am sure you will have fun while teaching here.” Headmistress replied.  

“I hope so Headmistress. And I am genuinely happy that I have come.” Menace noted.  

Lumière felt discomfort, Leo did too, and the rest of the instructors. As if a chill was their worst nightmare running down their spines but were not afraid of her.  

“Um—er, well, welcome to Refuge Instructor Menace?” Leona gulped.  

“Thank you, very much young child. And I am hoping you will come to my class I suppose.” Menace smirked.  

“I will. Still, English is our second period, so no worries.” Leona responded.  

“Perfect then. And I am glad to not everyone. And would you mind telling me what happened to the child who lived?” Menace asked.  

“Yahuwah. I am incredibly lucky that Jordan my Eagle happened to escape Wormwood everyone.” I interfered.  

All of them turned around till they saw me sitting up on my bed though I winced in pain for my injuries.  

“Liam! You have a wake. And thank you Yahuwah!” Lumière exclaimed.  

“Perfect. And did you just shout Wormwood?” Pathway asked.  

“That is the truth. Wormwood’s darkest evil of all evil almost put me out of my existence but my Eagle came to my rescue,” I answered.  

“Would you tell me child. Did Wormwood causes your eagle to go to the abandoned ruin of the crown of Exaltation’s chamber or chamber of Exaltation?” Headmistress asked. 

“And besides, what are you talking about? Wormwood? Is on a wild rampage after your life? Seriously, Liam?” Leonard gasped.  

“I am serious. Wormwood did attack me. I mean the moment my ego was about to land it took me has it screeches in pain and took me to this unidentified abandoned ruined.” I answered.  

“Enough! Mvuela! And what is the meaning of this? Have you truly gone mad?’ Menace roared.  

“Relax Menace. And do you dare shout at him? Besides, every time this boy talked about something; it always came to pass.” McQueen answered.

“Everyone please calms down. Even though you don't believe me Menace, what I said was the truth. Wormwood is back, and in any minute, he will strike the makeup palace,” I shouted.  

“Pathway can you listening to what this child who lived responding to nonsense! And listen to me child, Wormwood is dead, and he will never come back!” Menace roared.  

At that moment, when I was to insist on Wormwood returning, Menace was about to walk away, Amani, the mega palace’s coachman walked in.  

“Writing in blood Headmistress. And a girl was found dead in the restroom in a pool of blood! Seems as if she was petrified before murdered to death.” Amani gulped. 

“Man, it was terrible,” she continued.  

“No way Amani. And relax old friend. Would you kindly lead us on your way?” Headmistress asked.  

“Right away Headmistress. This way follows me.” Amani grasped.  

Headmistress Pathway lean down to my McQueen's ear and whispered something. Menace swirled around with a shocking smirk, but Pathway saw her smiling at me very warmly.  

Cesar and the rest of my team saw everything, shock of Menace’s change the moment I mention the name Wormwood. Lumière told everyone that they should head to the restroom as she heads to the northside girls’ restroom. 

All of us find ourselves in the girls’ restroom. Around that time Menace walked out the restroom after telling everyone that she needs to prepare courses assignment for her tomorrow morning English classroom. At that same moment, everyone saw the writing in red.  

“Unfolding of the prophecy has come to pass, for an anointed girl shall be able to open the Secret Chamber of the Westside in the mega palace. And Wormwood the lord of evil of all evil shall return!” Leona read aloud.  

“Excuse me, and Lumière sure takes a long time in the girls’ restroom. What if something bad had happened to her?” Leona panicked.  

“Relaxed Leona. I am sure Lumière will be all right.” Leonard interfered.  

“Um—er, I hope so. And she must be fine, or somebody will feel my rage!” Leona signed.  

“Nothing will happen to her child. Neither is Liam, I am sure of who is with us. Everything is going to be fine.” Headmistress answered.  

After that, the mega palace’s guards came to pick up the bloodied corpse and took it out of the girls’ restroom. 

On the contrary, Lumière had gone missing for almost seven hours, and has not returned to be with the rest of us.  

“Lumière has not come back. And where could she be?” Leona worried.  

“For real this time. It has been seven whole hours and she has not shown up!” Leonard answered. 

Around the same time, within the deepest silhouette of the enormous mega-palace, a white tom cat was returning to her owner, and met face to face with something malevolently sinister that shocked a worst nightmare out of her.  

Tamara Smart, twenty, cutest luminous gorgeous mixed Afro British girl. Her long curly hair is noir, brown eyes, and was wearing a noir long sleeved pollo, teal pants, and boots. 

Abigail was marching downstair looking for her pet, when she heard her cat hissing and snarling till, she became silent.  

“Penny. And where are you girl—! No! No!” Abigail screamed.  

Later after walking within the silhouette underneath hallway, she saw red stains dripping on the floor from the ceiling and was overwhelmed with frights once she realized what happened to her favorite tom white cat.



Chapter Thirteen 




Chapter Fourteen 




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