ANGEL HAS POWER

 “And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow, and a crown was given unto him, and he went forth conquering, and o conquer. I am writing about Pestilence the first Horseman in the book of Revelation 6:2'. I am writing about Pestilence the first Horseman in the book of Revelation 6:2 and with what we are going through these days as the First Horseman. She appeared sickly woman which everyone in America knowns as the Ambassador of South Korea in the unknown pharmacy as a customer. Bubonic that's what her name. She was coughing blood, sneezing at the poor old pharmacist who died immediately, and while surrounded by flies. Bubonic went out the exit shrieking in laughter, enters her white limo as it drives away, and followed with the legion tails of flies and more. I mean the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic; it is telling us a sign that Pestilence is already here and God is very angry with what wickedness is happening in secret. 

Nations are boasting themselves to be a God, homosexuality is roaming nationwide, and people are speaking evil against one another. Innocent babies are dying nights and days without cause through abortion, and do you think God is just going to seat on His throne watching such an abomination. Darkness covered the entire world. Stranger things have been happening in every part of the world. Nations were rising against nations. Loved ones of the people who were left in America by their military sons, daughters, and husband, lost someone important in their lives on the battlefield. Henceforth, the President of America couldn't help it anymore but put an end to these unending bloodsheds which are been happening worldwide. Corruption men and women within the agency and government organizations. Everyone wants to be above all and on the seat of power in the presidential office in America. Some well are just humbled themselves, some don't want to be president, and others just love the position they were given to work as part of the team. After the president announced a marvelous speech year ago in the middle east, he has been in America ever since, and wait for the results of the peace treaty in God's Almighty. 

Within the state of Washington DC, Unknown approved as a woman is known by everyone in America as the Ambassador of South Korea sickly in a pharmacy has the customer. She was coughing blood, sneezing, and was surrounded by flies. Pestilence desires for the President's code for she is plotting to outbreak even disastrous diseases and bring the whole wide world to its knees. Ambassador of South Korea's henchmen that she works with there is Cain is second in command after Unknown. Cain is experienced in hand-to-hand combats who can kill his enemy without a second thought. All Cain desires are a treasure, and desire to be wealthy, and nothing else. Cain's other best man and awesomeness strategist name Arbutus who is good at aiming when he shoots with his silencer. Trance is a muscular man with a sense of tracking the most difficult important person such as the president with other valuable governments. Elizabeth is Reuben's wife and Rebekah's younger sister, therefore, Imani and her daughter are cousins. Elize died too in the hospital explosion, the nurse flees with her after Pestilence invaded the clinic center. Fear is tough in hand-to-hand combat. He is the Unknown best tool who cause the Pentagon with the White House to go blazes when he pulled the gasoline to the highest level.

Legions are the most ruthless and merciless being who must find out wheresoever Imani is because she is a key which can make the President defenseless if she is in great danger. After all, he loved her like his own. Mashiach is the African American forty-fifth president of America and one appointed by God as the president to put an end to such bloodsheds, and straight away for nations to turn away from their abominable ways before something great evil such the world never see unfold. Ever since the Speaker of the House died someone valuable in her life, he has been regretting and doing everything in his power to stopped the violations and wars and exchanged for nationwide peace. He returned to the White House in Washington DC decades ago. Mica is his lovely daughter so has Imina who he treats like his own although is Imani's cousin. Rebekah is the President's wife with their daughter Mica. Rebekah is an intelligent woman and always tells her husband the truth about what to do if he is in trouble. God appointed her black man husband to be the president of America because both of them fear Him only. However, such a catastrophe, when she died in furiously a blazing mansion eight years ago. Mica is knowledgeable because she finished high school when she was fifteen years, and university at the age of seventeen. She has experience in archeology. when she died in furiously a blazing mansion eight years ago. Mica is knowledgeable because she finished high school when she was fifteen years, and university at the age of seventeen. She has experience in archeology. when she died in furiously a blazing mansion eight years ago. Mica is knowledgeable because she finished high school when she was fifteen years, and university at the age of seventeen. She has experience in archeology.

Mica is now twenty born on September 1, 2000, and she couldn't just wait to give young kids a tour around the White House on Friday. Imani is the daughter of the late Reuben and Elizabeth, niece to Rebekah and Mica's cousin. She is an American government senate. Imani finishes high school at age of sixteen and university at age of eighteen. Her mother died in the peculiar explosion within the hospital after given birth to her. A nurse flees away with little Imani. Eve is the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. She always panics yet full of wisdom. Imani is the White House, Chief Staff. Imani is knowledgeable and wise. Simone is Acting Secretary of Homeland Security and she is very serious. Luke is the Secretary of Housing and Urban. Elisha is Secretary of Interior. Rebekah is Secretary of Labor. Isaias is Director of Office Management and Budget. Isaac is the Director of National Intelligent. Layla is an Administrator of a small business. Samantha is Secretary of State. Elijah is Secretary of Transportation. Samson is Secretary of Treasury US Catherine is Trade Representative. Nasara is Secretary of Affairs. 








  Everyone has a giant to face in their lives. Whether in their marriage, relationships, and especially in our Christianity lives in Christ. Sometimes we forget that we have someone who greater than our fear. Just like our Holy Bible says that the Devil has come to kill, steal, and destroy. Furthermore, it continued to say greater is He in me than he who lives in the world. Well, beloved if we have Christ in us, so why are we murmuring, complaining, and always easy to give up. Fear is the best tool or demon that the Devil uses. Just like the Holy Bible say “I come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly.

I as Defense Intelligence Agency Mvuela Mwamba is a Secret Service agent assigned to be the chief of the U.S. presidential detail, maintaining a personal, friendly relationship with President Mashiach Ordained.

Mvuela couldn't stop blaming himself for what happened to the woman of his old friend's wife, although his daughter came alive his wife burned in his mention to a crisped while they were having a sleepover. His friends in the agency department curse, insult, and calls him names of been satanist or person for a cultic brotherhood for happened, but Mvuela is just an innocent man. Four years ago something treacherously sinister happened when our dear Senator who was running for the forty-fifth President lost the love of his life in a mysterious supernatural fire explosion that night. Although his extraordinary daughter Mica came out alive before the house explodes, her mother and wife died to ash in flames.

She was disgusted! Inhaling smoke and coughing endlessly in flames.

“Mamma. Cough, are we going to die? Because I can’t breathe,” Patience panted.

She was only thirteen years of age. Her father was running for president when this catastrophe was happening to his lovely family.

“Mica. Please, just be strong. I know that we shall get out of here alive.”Rebekah gasped.

“How mama? Fire is burning all of the house’s wooden floor. It consuming out our house’s wooden stairs and the roof is about to fall on us!” Mica whimpered.

“Dear, calm down I that we shall come out of here alive. Besides, if I don't make it at least you live because you're my husband’s precious only daughter.” Precious answered.

“Mama, I am very scared,” Mica sogged.

“I know my dearest girl. Okay, on the count of three I want you to run as fast as your legs would carry you. I have swallowed too much smoke, but you have a hundred percent oxygen.” Rebekah coughed.

“Mama, are you serious? I can't leave you here to die!” Mica said. 

"If I came out of here, I'm still going to die but just remember when I am gone don't crie because I will be watching from above with Jesus.” Rebekah sobbed.

“Jesus?” Mica blinked.

“Sure. Now stand up. On your mark gets it. One, two, and three! Go, Mica. Run as faster as you could go.”Rebekah shouted.

Unless Rebekah saw the gigantic dark smoke of Legions heading towards her daughter but Precious mentioned the name, Jesus before it would touch her daughter’s leg to pull her back inside the flaming house. The brightest swing strike the smoke which went running towards the window screeching in agony. Rebekah saw an angel with wings that stretched back inside his body as she watched her daughter out of the outside entrance and disappeared out of her sight.

Rebekah breathes her last while I was coming to see my old friend Senator Messia, but I only saw the house in blazes burning to the ground.

I came out of the car, walked for a little bit, I saw Mica laid unconscious on the ground. I took her to the hospital immediately before I would call the police with firefighters. Massia came running into the hospital’s patient room where he saw his daughter unconscious on the bed with me sitting on the chair while I hold her hand.

“Mvuela? How is she?” Messia asked.

"No, Messia, my old friend but I am very sorry for Rebekah. Because before the firefighters and police would arrive, she burned to ashes. Your daughter is the only survivor.” I cried.

Messia cries his eyes out bitterly.

“Umm, Mvuela, how is my extraordinary angel doing? Is she is going to make it?” He cried. 

Well, when about to answer my old friend's question, Patience opens her eyes.

"I am healthy and strong papa!” Mica responded.

After Mica came out of the hospital's bed and stood up firmed as Messia stood up close just in case she falls.

Six years ago after Messia’s wife death  something cold-blood sinister happened to Mvuela’s precious fiancee Oliver.   She was too killed into the same supernatural eruptions in her house to ashes, heartbroken, regretted, and misses her a lot from time to time. Altogether with his old best friend and Director Neema Witnesses that died six year later that night when he paid her visit, but he came out alive while Neema burned to a crisp. Mvuela was the one man coming out alive. Unless the same peculiar unknown supernatural explosions occurring to another innocent family of seven killed in one day at once, Mvuela discovered the unknown coming after Messia’s soul after six decades later. Furthermore, this story is titled, Intruder. Meaning a darkest corrupted darkness that came out of the bottomless pit is intruding on people's lives. Corrupting nations and bonding couples to be apart, and using people to mostly kill, steal, and destroyed those who faithfully fear God.






 ‘Chosen. I thought you was kind of a foolish game but I didn't realize that it was reality. Unless someone important. Someone hope to spend my life was burnt to ashes on that treacherous night. I tried to forget about it the terrible memory but it kept creeping back in my mind. With all my might I tried forget about those horrible pains, yet in the nightmare kept coming back to hount me down even more. I discover myself on thise hospital’s bed weak, can aching pains with all of my body... “Mvuela? You are awake finally!” She asked. “Miles? What are you doing here? And why am I doing here?“ I puzzled. “Coma. You’ve been in a coma for this pass seven decades. You swallowed a lot of smoke coming back but your life wasn't in danger. It's wasn't so lucky for my old woman, Neema.

She got burned to a crisp in that house explosion. Well, before she died he roads released she wrote on this almost burned paper that she saw is Sinestro evil aura in the darkest smoke heading towards you. I believe it was trying to pull you back into the flaming mansion at point Grandmama shouted the name of Jesus.  Japanese Grill Darkness squealed in agony, bursted the Flaming window glasses and disappear outside the moment you hit the outside exit. Nema was stuck inside because a flaming I see how full the ceiling off the roof fell on her, and that's wa the end of her,” Miles explained. “Neema,dead? Seriously, I can't really believe this. “ I doubted. “Well, like I said at least you're fine. However, need my before we find her bones, we discovered this next to her burned aahes. Well, with your name Mvuela on it. I believe Grandma was about to give you this on your birthday as a present. Besides do you love me for you to stand up?” Miles asked.

“Sure I have strength. Who do you think I am a weakling?” I chuckled. After that, I get up back on my feet till a greatest explosion erupted. Causing Mile and other agents unconscious eliminate almost every patients in flames. I was the only person will remain standing although all four of us were alive. I took miles oh, Harold, and you do to my heart to rest while I moment I walked out the house oh, I got knocked out by the unknown men. Well of course this scenery occured ten decades ago however how to tell you what's really happened when these imbecile kidnapped me. Both of them took me into the darkest place of the underground of the merchandise passageway. I open my eyes where I find myself been tied to a chair. “Mvuela, you are lastly awaken I was hoping that Jealousy and Hatred had kill you but I believe you're head is tougher then ever. Well, let's get to business,” She answered.

“Business, excuse me woman I don't know you! By the way who are you and what do you want with me?” I roared. Ummh, we're such a command that you have. I love it. Besides, what do you want to know me when you're about to die? Anyway, are we tell you I am my name is Fear.” She said. “Fear-huh? And what do you want me to afraid of you?” I scoffed. “Believe me, Chosen, everyone have fear is hiding somewhere,” Fear answered. “Anywho, never Say never.” after a while, Fear unleashed a sharpie kitchen knife and penetrate through my legs as a scream in agony. “Hoooh, ouch sorry. Pardon me, are you scared now? “ Fear cackled. “Nice try Fear. I am not afraid of you boogie woman because the only men that I fear for is the man above all men and that is Jesus!” I shouted.  When they heard me mentioned this name, they all collapses to the ground screaming in agony and remain stuck on the ground.

Jealousy and Hatred burn to ashes screaming in affliction, but not Fear who was remained stuck lamenting in pains. Unless I found myself being freed where I stood up firm after my legs peculiarly healed. “Fear how art thou fallen? And what's wrong too difficult to stand up or are you afraid of the name?“ I teased. Halloween Thug, I walked out on her Chris butts before I would reach the upstair exit Google website to go outside Fear open her mouth. Mvuela, do you really think you can defeat the Duke of hell. She's really coming against you oh you are appointed to protect. Ah, one by one they will perish, and you will be there to witness!” Fear snarled. “Still, not afraid Fear. You know why? Because I have someone greater who lives in me, than he who lived in the world.” I answered. Fear gnashes her teeth, watched me march away, and disappeared out her sight. Aftet I was gone, Fear discovered herself within the Pentagon’s gasoline holder in the half-light tunnel. 

Unless the same dark smoke who been killed innocent people in flaming eruptions, break the glass window with its might, and come to knocked Fear down and possessed her.The White House's gasoline holder with the Pentagon are connected which was on heat ever higher when Fear pull up the switcher. 






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Homicide his wife in cold-blooded twenty years ago and The Unknown is after the President of America's soul. Defense agent must work with all his might across time, he races to abolish the Unknown's endless nationwide bloodshed war.

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