Chapter Thirteen





‘Psalm 91:1-14—he that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord; He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.
  Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and the dangerous pestilence.
He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.
  Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day;
Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday.
   A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.
Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked.
   Because thou hast made the Lord, which is my refuge, even the Most-High, thy habitation;
There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling.
   For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.
They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.
   Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder: the young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet.
Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high, because he hath known my name.—‘
  “Ring-ring. Ring-ring!” “Hello, this is Williams. How may I help you?” I answered.
“Afternoon, Wills, when are you coming to my birthday?” He asked. I am sorry, who are you if I may ask?” I pretended.
   “Aw, come on, Wills, I know that you know my voice. Please, don’t pretend. And please come to my birthday.
I want you and Aunt Mica mama’s little cousin to be together as a good couple!” He answered.
    Say what? Me and Aunt Mica a good couple, never! Anyhow, are you and everyone, especially your aunt?” I asked.
“Well, mama is dead, so is papa. And Aunt Mica has been missing you and her late mother so much, but she wishes to see you again.
   So when are you going to arrive in Denmark? I can’t wait to meet you finally.
Because Grandmamma Esther was hoping for Aunt Mica to find any husband soon, or else she will lose her title as a crowned princess of Denmark.
   She’d telling grandmamma about you, so that’s why she came up with an idea to tell my aunt to invite you to my birthday.
Besides, grandmamma doesn’t even believe her, not also the rest of the royal family,” he answered.
    Poor girl but don’t worry; I am on my-! What on earth?” I paused. “Hello-hello, Uncle Wills-Uncle Wills?” He called. “Oh, now you are calling me uncle? You must be missing your parents, anyhow, I am not your uncle just yet.
   But you can call me if that will make you happy. Furthermore, I just got mistakenly bumped by this rude man, and he didn’t even say pardon me.
   Is this how people in Canada are rude like this? He was lucky that he runaway I would give him a piece of my mind!” I yapped. When Mica’s nephew was about to ask me, Mica interrupts him as he turns around to face her. “Isaac, is that Uncle Williams you are talking too?” Mica asked.
   “Yes, Aunt Mica, it’s just that I was worried sick. Hoping of when he will arrive in Denmark and its royal palace, of course,” Isaac murmured.
   “Umm, poor thing, and don’t worry, Isaac, I am sure your uncle to be we’ll be here in Denmark in no time,” she said.
“Yes, I hope so, but I know that Uncle Wills never let me down-isn’t it that right, Aunt Mica?” Isaac asked.
    “Yes, kiddo, he will never let you down. Hello, Williams, how have you been?” Mica asked. “I am doing fine. What about you?” I asked.
   “I am fine, but Williams, where you are? Tomorrow is Isaac’s birthday, and my grandmamma is on my neck for me to get a husband.
   Tomorrow again, my childhood friend Caesar, Duchess Elyse’s son, is coming. If you don’t show up, I don’t know.
Because first of all, since I am a crown princess of Denmark, I will lose the title as the heiress. Henceforth Williams where are-?” Mica paused.
   “Attention, all you passengers who are going to Denmark, come to line two hundred twenty-seven. Your flight will lift very soon,” said the announcer.
   “Did you just heard that Sheba? I am on my way there. Don’t worry and remember what I told you years ago; I am a man of my word.
    Now to-dos, I will see you at Denmark’s palace. I got a flight to catch!” I squealed. “Yes, Williams, I can’t wait!” Mica murmured.
“Finally!” I switched off my cell phone and marched towards line two hundred twenty-seven.
     Continually the line wasn’t long because most of the people who were going to take two hundred twenty-seven were already inside the airplane.
     The line went by quickly; I discovered myself inside.



      Chapter Fourteen





“Did you just heard that Micah? I am on my way there. Don’t worry and remember what I told you years ago, I am a man of my word.

  Now to-dos, I will see you at Denmark’s palace, I got a flight to catch!” I squealed. “Yes, Williams, I can’t wait!” Micah murmured.

  “Finally!” I switch off his cell phone and marched towards line two hundred twenty-seven. 

   Continually the line wasn’t long, because most of the people who were going to take two hundred twenty-seven were already inside the airplane.

  The line went by quickly and I discovered myself inside.

  Everybody was inside the airplane. Now the pilots and co-pilots were checking if everything were fine. 

  For an instant, if the fuel were full, the engine working well, and the rest. 

  After they have done checking everything, the pilots and the rest of the airplane helpers came in. 

 With the pilot turning on the engine of the airplane and we discovered ourselves through the air. 

  I put my phone in my airplane mode, took out my first novel of The Enemy and began reading it. 

“Wow-wee, Denmark, here I come! And Isaac-Micah just is patient with me for I am coming.” I excited. 

  Without realizing that he said out loud, I open the book and began reading again. 

  “Isaac-Micah? What are have invited  by the royal family?” She asked. 

  “Yeah, of course. And the Micah and Isaac I knew are not royalties!” I said. 

  Although Isaac told me on the phone that Micah to be the crowned princess of Denmark, I still didn’t believe him.  

  “Huh? You can’t be serious? You don’t know that Micah and Isaac are royal blood?” She asked. 

  “No, miss, I don’t know that. I am sorry for been rude, but I got to enjoy my novel,” I answered. 

 “What? Your book? Let me see. Huh, The Enemy? Don’t-don’t tell me you’re the one who wrote, The Enemy?” She asked. 

  “Yup, I am the one who wrote this book,” I replied. “Hmm, what? Ha-ha-ha, don’t be ridiculous! 

  The Enemy was written by Gui Mwamba, not the guy like-!” She paused. 

  “What wrong? Cat got your tongue?” I asked. “Huh! Your last name is Mwamba? 

  But-but your first name is Williams?” She suggested. “Yeah, it is Williams. 

  But my real name is Guillaume (Gui) in French,” I scoffed. 

  “Oh, I see well I am Sarah Cain. I am going to see my little cousin named Isaac's birthday party tomorrow,” Sarah said. 

  “You’re one of the Cain generations?” I asked. “Yup, I am, and I am the daughter of the wealthiest royal duchess of Denmark.

  henceforth, I can’t wait to see Aunt Micah and the rest of the royal family including my papa with mama,” Sarah answered. 

  “Um, that’s very good, Sarah. By the way nice to meet you but I doubted that Micah nor Isaac to be royalties,” Lyon insisted. 

 “What? Don’t tell me that you’re Lyon that she’d been telling us about in our emails? 

 And add on that you’re the cutest man I never meet, also you’re the author?” She asked. Of course, yes and thank you.” Lyon replied. 

  “Oh well, since we are going to the same place when you encounter Aunt Micah, tell her that I will see them in the afternoon with my parents tomorrow,” Sarah said.

  “The would be my pleasure, don’t worry I will just-!” Lyon paused. 

  Attention all you passengers we are almost in Denmark. 

  Please, just be patient for another three hours,” he said. 

  ‘Three hours?’ I wondered. As he looks to my left side where Sarah Cain, she was sounding asleep on my shoulders. 

 “Huh, at least someone is having a restful afternoon.’ He continued.  

  After that, he opens my book and began reading it. One hour he has been reading his novel unless Sarah woke up with a smile on her face. 

  “Um, sorry about that! I wasn’t hoping that I would be resting on your shoulder,” apologized Sarah. 

 “Uh, well, that is fine with me and besides, you need your rest so I have led you my shoulder. 

  So what’s wrong with that,” I responded. “Well-well, what we have here? It seems like we are about to land in Denmark. 

Just hold your horses and we will be landing very soon,” she said. 

  Just like she predicted, we discovered ourselves landing at Denmark’s Airport. 

 “By the way Williams, see you later at Isaac’s birthday,” Sarah said.  “Yeah, by!” I nodded.



      Chapter Fifteen




 “Um, sorry about that! I wasn’t hoping that I would be resting on your shoulder,” apologized Sarah. 

 “Uh, well, that is fine with me and besides, you need your rest so I have led you my shoulder. 

  So what’s wrong with that,” I responded. “Well-well, what we have here? It seems like we are about to land in Denmark. 

 Just hold your horses and we will be landing very soon,” she said. 

  Just like she predicted, we discovered ourselves landing at Denmark’s Airport. 

 “By the way Williams, see you later at Isaac’s birthday,” Sarah said.  “Yeah, by!” I nodded.

 I hope to see you later Sarah and don’t be late!” I shouted. I won’t, Williams,” Sarah giggled. 

  Following that, Sarah Cain walked away and disappeared out of my sight. 

 Once again, I was left alone standing on that cold evening. 

  “Brew, it is freezing out here! And where is on earth is-!” I paused.  Right after his phone rang when I quickly pick up. 

  Howdy, this is Agent Williams how may I help you?” I asked. I heard Micah laughed hard. 

 “You haven’t changed, Williams, you still the same as always,” Micah laughed. Brew, it’s cold out here!” I shivered. 

  Cold? Where? Besides, where are you?” Micah panicked. Well, at the airport and in Denmark! 

  When is the pickup car going to come to take me, I am dying out!” I whined. Huh? What? In Denmark?” Micah asked. 

  Yes, I am!” I replied. “Oh, well, just hold your horses, the royal’s driver he’s on his way to pick you up.” Micah squealed. 

  “What is this commotion about, Micah?” Interrupted the voice. Micha turns around and encounters her grandmother. 

  “Well, do you remember the man I told you about?” Micah reminded. Yes, where is he?” Asked the Queen. 

  “Well, he is had arrived and he is now at the airport waiting for his ride,” Micha exclaimed. 

  “Oh, poor dear man. Ben!” Called Queen Esther. Yes, Your Majesty?” Ben answered. 

   “Take a car to the airport and pick up our guests as quickly as possible. 

And take this to give to him to wear before he freezes to death.” She exclaimed.

  “Right away, Your Majesty!” Ben excited. “Finally, it is action time!” Wondered Ben. 

  Later on, he discovered himself into the car, turning on the engine, and discovered himself in the road on his way to Denmark’s Airport. 

 Arriving before me when it began snowing a little, as I saw the white car parking before me and an old man in fifties coming out of the car. 

  Closing the car’s door behind him, and was walking up to me with the agency white trench-coat in his hand. 

  Furthermore, although I was wearing warm clothes, the cold was biting through. 

  The only thing that the cold couldn’t bite through was my legs. 

  Continually, the man who I saw walking up to me was wearing a dark trench-coat.

  God, I hope it is this one they saw will come to pick me up, because, Jesus, I am freezing out here. Please, Lord, save-!’ I paused

  “You must be Mr. Williams, Princess Micah’s fiance to be, yes?” He asked. 

  “Princess? Why is it everyone keeps saying Micah to be a princess? And yes I am, besides, good evening mister-?” I wondered. 

  “Well, you can call me, Ben, the royal driver of the palace of Denmark Kingdom. 

  And I believe this is to be yours because Her Royal Highness Queen Esther wants me to give you this agency warmer trench-coat. 

  Well, to keep your warmer of course,” Ben answered. “Um, thank you, Ben and very nice to meet you. Please lead the way?” I added. 

   “Aye, of course, if you insist,” Ben said. After that, he led the way to my transportation. 

  Reaching it in time, as Ben gladly opens the back seat, and I get in. 

  Ben closed the door and walked back to the driving seat, turning on the engine, and we were on the road. 

  On our way to the palace of Denmark. So, Mr. Williams, what do you think of Denmark?” Ben asked. 

  “Well, it is marvelous except cold is my worst nightmare,” I replied. “Ha-ha-ha-ha!” Ben laughed. 

  Yes, of course, it’s cold! And what are you mean cold to be your worst nightmare?” Ben giggled.

  “Well, I just don’t like the cold because it is my worst enemy,” I signed. 

 Ha-ha, I see at least the warmer trench-coat is keeping you even warmer, yes?” He asked.  

  Yup, it is keeping me warmer,” I smiled. Soon later, we discovered ourselves driving through the entrance of the palace. 

  The royal family was waiting for me at the huge door, immediately, Ben park the car.



Chapter Sixteen




"Here we are!" Ben said. As he parks the car that night in the front of the huge entrance of the palace, getting down and he came to open the door for me.

I came out of it and I was shocked to know what Sarah Cain was saying was the truth. But still, I couldn't believe my eyes, wondering what kind of surprised is this.

Marching up to Queen Esther and the rest of the royal family expect Micah nor Sarah who wasn’t around. Ben was next to me with my luggage for clothes in his hands.

Furthermore, it was still cold outside when I walked up to the Queen and it was dark now dark outside, so I believe Isaac was sound asleep.

Good evening, Your Majesty? And hello, everyone how have you been?" I greeted. Good evening my son and you're welcome. I wouldn't believe what my granddaughter saying was the truth?

She told me that the man whom she met is coming from America. Ha-ha-ha, we all didn't believe her, but now we believe what she was saying was the truth, " Grandmamma Esther said.

"Umm, well, I am here at last, grandmamma, and I believe young Isaac already sounds asleep, yes?" I asked. Oh, yes, Isaac is sleeping and Micah is just waiting for you inside, " said the Queen.

All of a sudden, we walked in the palace's hallway, as I heard the door closing behind us. Queen Esther and some of the royal family were marching towards the gigantic hallway.

Ben the man who brought me, took my luggage to my new bedroom. Queen Esther was finally relaxed now since her granddaughter had finally found a suitable husband to be, but I wasn't sure if taking over the throne of Denmark is my destination.

Although Micha's mother was the crowned princess of Denmark but died before she would take over the throne. 'Well, now I here I am trying to put myself in the position that I shouldn't be,' I signed.

Is everything alright, Williams?" Asked Queen Esther. I don't know if I am alright, Your Majesty." I answered. And why if I may ask?" She suggested.

"Well, I wasn't to rule the people of Denmark. Neither didn't imagine to be the future King of Denmark. I just a simple commoner man who just has simply lived in America, but destined to be the future King? That's out of my league!" I laughed.

Out of your league? What do you mean by that? She asked. Well, what I meant is the King supposed to have royal blood running through his veins, not some dirty and a commoner peasant like me.

Although I am kind, funny, and caring, but clumsy and I have a lack of self-confidence. Always fall on slippery floors, trust me it is my worst nightmare. Furthermore, I am not smart or wise to rule the kingdom, " I replied.

"Ohmm, I see." Esther signed. "But smile very brightly and listen to every detail of what I was telling her. 'Hmph, what kind of man is this?

True he has no royal blood, but he is worthy of becoming the future king of Denmark. Because he is calm and always put himself down at someplace he is not worthy of it,' she wondered.

Nonsense, Williams, being the king is not about you having royal blood running through your veins. Or being smart or having wisdom and knowledge but the king always humble himself.

On something, he is not and you have lived a simple life in America but you’re more worthy to my granddaughter. Do you understand?" Queen Esther replied.

"Ayes, yes, I understand, Your Majesty, " I gulped. "Very well-! She paused. Because she was interrupted by their royal butler introducing our entry to the grand hall.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Her Royal Majesty and Lord Williams our royal guest!" He announced. Everyone stood up when and the Queen enters the huge dining room. Micah was sitting with the rest of the nobles’ subjects.



Chapter Seventeen





Finally, Williams, you are here." Micah smiled. I just nod, as I watch the rest of the nobles family stood up. Your Majesty, you are welcome, " he said. 

   “Umm, thank you, Duke Boaz." Replied Queen Esther. You are welcome and who is your new guest? I only heard Ben introducing in the noble titled of Lord?" Boaz asked.

"Well, I call him Lord because it is my granddaughter's husband to be and he came from America because tomorrow it is going to be my great-grandson's birthday party tomorrow," Esther said.

"What? Your Majesty? You can't be serious?" Yapped the man. What do you me I can't be serious, Lord Joachim?" Asked Esther. “You can't be expecting us to now down to a commoner like him?

We want a nobleman, not some dirty commoner peasant-like Lord Williams. He has no title even." Joachim snarled. Please, Lord Williams, don't be offended.

And what will happen if I put him to be the next king of Denmark, what will happen then Lord Joachim? Furthermore, I am your Queen and I choose whosoever will be my successor.

And one who will keep this kingdom at peace with others kingdoms unless you want to go against my choice, Lord Joachim?" Asked Queen Esther.

Everyone was silent and agreeing with the Queen, but on the other hand, Joachim wasn't happy at all. Because the nobles Dukes, Duchesses, and Lords agreed with the Queen were amazed at how quieter I was.

What you can't be serious? You all agree with the Queen's choice of a king? I have a son and he is noble, why won't you choose him to be Micah's  husband and the future king of Denmark?" He reasoned.

"I don't think so, Lord Joachim!" Interrupted his sister. "What? Elyza is this a dream or what? I mean you agree with them? What about my son, Caesar?" Joachim growled.

"Sorry, brother but it is our Queen's choice Lord Williams as her successor." Elyza nodded. “Grrr, fine. If it’s what you have chosen this peasant to be your future king so shall it be, but just wait when I tell my wife of treachery Queen Esther.

My wife will be furious besides you promise her that Princess Sheba and my son will be married someday, but you changed your mind and break your promise.

By choosing this dirty commoner peasant from America. My-my such treachery, I can't even breath, and I have to leave this place.

I can't be staying in here no longer, henceforth, adios!" Lord Joachim barked. Following by him standing up and walked away out the dining room. Well, well, one to go. Anyone, disagree with me of choosing my granddaughter's happiness?" Queen Esther asked.

Everybody said nay while Mica and I look at each other in amazement.

'Anyhow, I still can't believe this, me a dirty commoner? The future king of Denmark, no way I-I can't believe this.' I wondered. "Well, just like the Holy Bible Scripture says, 'when Jesus says yes, nobody can say no.

Not even Lord Joachim and his wife, " Queen Esther quoted.

'Thank God everything went well, but I am not sure about Lord Joachim. With someone getting in his son's way of becoming the future king of Denmark that's not a nice picture, ' I thought.

Elsewhere, Lord Joachim gets down from his car after his driver opens the car's door for him. He was furious who nearly push his driver aside.

When he just arrived at the huge door, a dark being possessed him. Which neither of his drivers saw nor even any of his guards. 




Chapter Eighteen





Lord Joachim enters his gigantic house, as his worried wife looks at him with care. "What? What? What seems to be the problem? Why are you so troubled?" She asked.

Well, what's the problem? Elyza you can't be serious while your own best friend did treachery against us all!" Joachim growled.

What you mean by my best friend did treachery against?" Elyza puzzled. Umm, your best friend Queen Esther, as broke what she promise us when Micah and Caesar were young.

Do you remember her saying that her granddaughter and our son will marry when they are young adults." He said. "Yes, what about it?" Elyza asked. 

"Hum, how should I explain this to you? Oh, yes, well a dirty commoner peasant came out of nowhere from America claiming to be Lord Williams.

With him explaining to our Queen to be a granddaughter's lover, henceforth, Queen Esther welcomed him. Following her choosing dirty commoner peasant to be her coming husband and the future king of Denmark instead of our son.

Do you know how trickery the Queen as become? She promises you that our son and her granddaughter Micah will become husband and wife when they are older, but look at what she had done!

Queen Esther your best friend had betrayed us. I mean you she had betrayed you her best friend. I cannot believe this is happening to us," Joachim yawped.

Whoa-whoa, just calm yourself down, dear. I am sure you got the wrong information. I supposed you misunderstood the Queen, I am sure she was only kidding to you!" Elyza laughed.

Lord Joachim just look at his wife in horror because she did not believe what he was saying. Elyza stops laughing when she saw her husband not laughing.

"My-my, you serious about what you are telling me?" Elyza asked. I am, Elyza my dear. You know--you know that I will never lie to you.

Queen Esther proclaimed all of that before all the nobles men and noble Duchesses of Denmark, saying of that American dirty commoner being her granddaughter's lover.

I am not lying and even my sister agreed with the Queen. She did not see that to be fair with her nephew Caesar," Lord Joachim answered. 

When he just arrived at the huge door, a dark being which possessed him. Which neither of his drivers saw nor even any of his guards, was just waiting for the chance for seeing his wife been a rage with furious, so it might get an opportunity to possess her. I can't believe this!

I can't believe that Queen Esther would do such a thing to me? Of all people, she gave us a promise that her granddaughter and my son will be Queen and King of Denmark.

And not-not some dirty commoner who just came from America. She promises me--she promises her own best friend, why then could she broke that promise?" Elyza puzzled.

"Whoa--whoa, Elyza, my love. Please--please calm-!" Joachim paused. Because his wife was overwhelmed with rage, and that's where the dark being which was taking over her husband enters her without her knowing.

Don't tell me to call down you fool! After all, it's all your fault!" Elyza snarled. What? Elyza what's the meaning of this? I am your husband of this house and you dear husband! Why are you disrespecting me?" Joachim wondered.

As confusion and doubts tangled him like a heavy load which was impossible to get free from it. Silent, you fool! How dare you--how dare you to speak in that manner to me?" She yawped.

"No-no, please. Please have mercy. Besides, what had a hand happened to you, Elyza? No, ga-a-a-a-a-a-ah!" Joachim screeched. Elyza, who on earth is that? I am not Elyza. My name is Azazel, ha-ha-ha," Azrael smirked.

She watched poor Joachim falling to a pile of burning dark ashes. Azrael disappears out of Joachim's dark ash sight because now since she had taken Elyza as her vessel, she'd free to roam wherever she is pleased. 


 Chapter Nineteen





"Elyza? No, ga-a-a-a-a-a-ah!" Joachim screeched. Elyza, who on earth is that? I am not Elyza. My name is Azazel, ha-ha-ha," Azrael smirked. She watched poor Joachim falling to a pile of burning dark ashes. 

  Azrael disappears out of Joachim's dark ash sight because now since she had taken Elyza as her vessel, she'd free to roam wherever she is pleased. Back to the palace, I was sleeping peacefully after I had done praying and after reading the Word of God.

Somewhere Azrael was summoning more Grim Reapers since she was Death their leader. She was speaking into this unknown language but in English, it says, 'ye ancient helpers of the day, I call upon you because I need your aid.'  Azrael called. 

Immediately after a few minutes, the ground began to sake while she watches the Reapers emerging out the ground. Furthermore, it was so dark that night, henceforth, nobody was around. Only the sound of passing by vehicles.

"My-my what do we have here if it isn't--ugh?" He choked. Silence, Gadreel I don't want to hear your annoying suggestions. Just close your mouth and listen to me all of you." Azrael said. "What do you want with us to do Death?" Gadreel asked.

"Very nice Gadreel that's what I was talking about. I want you shifting into the form of Caesar Elyza's son and do anything as possible to disrupt Micah and Williams from falling more in love for each other," Azrael smirked.

"You, mean tear them their relationship apart--isn't it what you mean? Asked one. Of course, Amona and I would like for you and Kasdaye to help Gadreel with this mission. Remember that I will not accept failure. Comprendre?" Azrael asked.

"Understood!" Said all.  Following that, all three of them walk away and vanish out of Azrael's sight. Elsewhere while I was sounding asleep, I hear a tender voice saying to me to arise and telling me to put on His whole full armor. 

"Arise, my faithful prophet, arise and put on my whole full armor."  After that, I woke up that same night and put on my whole full armor after I have done praying. "Well done, my faithful prophet, now get ready for the battle because your adversary is at hand." He said. 

Soon then later, I turn around when I heard the sound of flapping wings. When all of a sudden, I encounter my worse enemy. "Goodness--gracious, I wasn't hoping for you to show your faces in this middle of the night? I am very thankful that Gad told me to put on His whole full armor. Thank you, Jesus!" I answered.

Instantly the moment I said the name of Jesus, Amona collapsed to the ground squealing in agony. "Oh my, I didn't know to say this name would make you defenseless?" I joked. Why you-? How dare you mention that name?" Amona growled.

After that, she unsheathes her Blade and charged towards me, but I flung her on the wall. Back flipping as I pick up her weapon and turn against her. "Wa-a-a-a-a-a-a-ah!" She screeched. Breathing her last as she left the ashy drawn wings on the floor with her vessel which burned to ash and wither away by the wind.

Since my window was open, but I closed it since it was cold in my room. As soon as I close the window, I felt someone pluming me hard on the ground and began beating a lesson out of me. Coughing and tasting my blood, I discovered to be Tamiel. "Cough. T-Tsmiel? Well-well, I was expecting you to attack me by-huh." I groaned. Because he thwacks me in my stomach once again. 






















 Chapter Twenty





"Cough. Kasdeya? Well-well, I wasn't expecting you to attack me by-huh." I groaned. Because he thwacks me in my stomach once again.

"Ugh," I grunted. "I wasn't expecting you to attack me by surprise, Kasdeya?" I panted. My-my, how art the mighty fallen? I believe I should kill you without a second thought." Kasdeya smirked. 

Lifting me and was about to smite me with the palm of his hand. Well, since he was the Grim Reaper, but as he put his hand on my forehead.

"You know Kasdeya, you should know that death as no power on me because Jesus already overcome Death," I growled. When i mention the name of Jesus, Kasdeya squealed in agony as he began to glow a very bright color.

"Waaaah! How? Where/ How could you overpower me so easily? No! Impossible! No! This cannot be!" Kasdeya screeched. Following that he's scream fades away when he exploded to ash which was carried by the wind.

The only thing that I saw, was his ashy wings on the floor. Phew, what a way to die. Thank you--thank you, Jesus! Thank you for delivering me out of the valley of death," I signed.

I went back to bed and was straight asleep. By the next morning, I woke up strong, went to take a shower, brush my teeth and came out wearing new and warm clothes.

I was sitting on my reading the Word of God after I had done praying. Now when I had done reading His Words, I was kind of lost in thought.

'God, is being here my destiny? Is it meting Micah at church that Sunday morning when her grandmamma pushes her into the boys' changing room worth it or-!" I stopped. 

Because I was interrupted by the knock on my door with Micah and her nephew coming in. Micah winked at me and left my sight as she closed the guest room's door as Isaac coming in.

"Morning, how was your night? Did you sleep well last night? Did you have any nightmare?" Isaac asked. "No, Isaac, I didn't have any nightmare," I answered.

Elsewhere while Isaac was having a conversation, laughing, and carefully listening to what my response was, Micah and the Queen were ordering the servants how to decorates Isaac's birthday party.

I mean his favorite color, favorite present gifts, cake, and some other sweets. "Very good Matilda and Leah. I think that is a very good color. Keep-!" She stopped.

For the reason that she felt a tap on her shoulder unless she came face to face with Caesar. "Caesar? What in the world are you doing here? I was told you went out of Denmark?" Micah asked.

"No, I am back silly because I ask for permission to come back to Isaac's birthday party. Besides, I brought him a birthday present. Anyhow, I miss you very much." Caesar said.

While holding her hand, as Micah look at him suspiciously than took her hand out off his. 'So--sorry Caesar, I believe it is too late because I'd already find someone." Micah said.

"Someone? Someone better than me?" Caesar puzzled.  Yup, Caesar, someone better than you. Since forth, my granddaughter as no feelings for you," Esther answered.

"No way, wow, bravo and congratulations to you, Micah. You had finally found the one for you, so where did this Mr. Charming come from?" Caesar suggested.

"Why? Why do you need to know?" Micah scolded. Well, because I need to know if he is a kind-hearted man and will take good care of you. Besides, for the sake of the kingdom of Denmark." Caesar replied. 

"As if! And since when you began to worry about this kingdom and me too, Caesar?" Micah asked. "And Williams?" Called Micah. I quickly open the door to answer her call. "Yes, Micah?" "You may now bring Isaac down," Micah answered. Right away, Micah!" I said.

Immediately, I dash back inside and came out with Isaac.




  Chapter Twenty-One






"Well, where are we going?" Asked Isaac. "Um, fewer questions more walking," I replied. Pushing him gently as we discovered ourselves coming closer to the downstairs when all of a sudden, the unknown man leans forward and smooched Micah with passion.

Before I step on the floor of the grand-ball birthday party. I watch it in horror and confusion. My goodness, yuck, Caesar, get off me! What wrong with you?" Micah yawped. As she pushes Caesar away in tears and disappointment.

"W-Williams, I, it-its not what you-!" Sheba paused. For the reason of that, I walk away up stair before she would finish her sentence. Although she called up to me, yet I kept walking up to my new guest room.

Reaching the door, opening, and went straight inside. Following by me closing the door behind. Now I was sitting alone into my room, downstairs, Micah tried to come up to knock on my door, but her grandmamma insisted.

"But grandmamma. I had to go see him and tell him it not what he think it is. Besides, I don't love Caesar. I-I love him even more since I met him in America, and did you see what you have cost?" Micah growled.

"Me? What did I do?" Caesar puzzled. Get out of the palace! Out of my sight, I don't want to see you near me or the palace!" Micah scolded. "But Micah-? Caesar stammered. Get out! Or do you want me to call the guards on you?" Micah yapped.

"All right--all right, I am going. Just calm down Micah! Caesar said. Um, Isaac, do you still need my gift present for your birthday party?" Caesar asked. "Out!" Micah sobbed. Caesar scoffed off with the smirk as he marches away and was out of Micah's sight.

"Oh, God. What I have done? What am I going to do? Williams-Williams will never talk to me." She cried. "Grandmamma, can you please can you continued Isaac's birthday without me," Micah pleaded. No, can do Micah for crying out loud!

You are a crowned Princess. You don't need to be pulled down some commotion that had happened around here right now!" Esther said. "But grandmamma you see how disappointed Williams when he saw Caesar force a kiss on me.

Williams felt betrayed and he will never want to talk to me," Micah dejected. "I know--I know but you have to be strong, we can fix this little problem for you and Williams. Anyhow this your favorite nephew's birthday.

Think about it? If your niece Sarah see you in a mess and your aunts, uncles, cousins and their children are-!" Esther paused.  Sarah and the rest of the royal family walked into the palace's entrance. "Oh, dear mama, what are these commotions about it? And Micah have you find your husband already while you were in America?" Choice asked.

"No, Aunt Choice, come on Isaac let's go in." Micah signed. Both of them walked inside when Isaac nods. Hey, I am still talking to you, Micah! Come back here if you don't find your husband to be, Sarah will be the next Queen of Denmark!" Choice snarled.

"Choice!" Esther shouted. Sorry, mama. It just that Micah is getting in my nerve sometimes." Choice said. "How dare you speak that way to your coming Queen? Can't you see she is a bit confused and sad about what had happened?

And Lord Williams her husband to be his in the guest royal chamber having time to himself," Esther said. "Lord Williams? Did you mean the black man I met on the airplane while coming to Denmark?" Sarah asked.

Yup, that's quite right, Sarah, but don't go disturbed him now. Leave him to heal when he saw such commotions between Micah and Caesar," Esther said. "Oh, I see." She said.  back in my room, I was sitting on the bed with a sad expression. '

'What just had happened out there? Well, between Micah and that man? Are they in a relationship or something? God no! I hope not!' I thought.



  Chapter Twenty-Two






 'What just had happened out there? Well, between Micah and that man? Are they in a relationship or something? God no! I hope not!' I thought. ''Hugh, God could this be serious Would Williams came out to see what's going on out here?

Could he heartbroken and never want to see me. Jesus, I hope not!" Micah signed. As she looks at the grand-ball entrance to see if I would come in. "Uhg, well, I thought so. Williams will never come out of the--aaah!" Micah screamed.

Because she saw the unknown man with the pale face walked into the room and flickered some visitors in flames. Micah and the rest of the royal family because horrified, as they saw its wings stretching out. Well--well, what do we have here?

If it isn't the happy royal family, but have to put you out of your misery once and for all. And you Queen Esther you promise Duchess Elyza that her son and your granddaughter will get married but broke that promise.

Therefore, since you break your promise by choosing that American dirty peasant. By the way where he is? So I might put him out of his misery when he sees you dead at some spots! Well-uh!" He grunted.

For the reason that I sent him flung on the wall which he whacked himself on it hard. "My, you are annoying as ever! And you were saying? Besides, can you repeat that one more time because I didn't quite hear you?" I interrupted.

"Burgh, why you-? You're dead!" He snarled. Oh my, I am shaking in my shoes. Oh, please Roren, you aren't that frighten!" I scoffed. Rouen was overwhelmed with wrath following by him coming towards me, but I open fire with the bullet of my Revolver piercing through his forehead.

Rouen screech in agony while a turn to dust. After I had killed Rouen, the palace began to crack with the rock was falling. I told everyone to run for their lives, while I handle whosoever being was. Micah and the rest flee outside before she told me something.

"Williams, please be careful and what you saw. Just to tell you that there is nothing between Caesar and me. Please, try to understand." Micah said. Yeah, I heard you! Now, this is the time it is not the time to talk about what happened. So go pleased!" I replied.

Micah Montee just laughs and immediately went out of the palace. When all of a sudden, all of the royal family were out of my sight, I remained alone within the grand-ball which seems messy right now. At the moment,

I saw the Grim Reapers coming after me while I shoot at them which were turning to ashes. Killing and terminating them without mercy. Later on, I heard the flaps of wings behind me. Turning around as I discovered to be Miles, Gabriel, and five more angels of the Lord. Miles? What in the world are you doing here?" I asked.

"What are you talking about, Mvuela? We have come to save your bottom, chump!" Miles said. I watched Gabriel and the other angels smitten whatsoever Reapers were coming in our ways. Outside Micah and the rest were surrounded by legions of heavenly angels.

Back inside when we had killed all of the Grim Reapers, with the most fatal strength sent us all found on the wall. All of us whacked ourselves hard on the wall while we fell unconscious. Soon Azrael appeared with two more Grim Reapers.

Marching up to where I was, touching my shoulder, and vanished with me out of Miles and the angels' sight. Before they would wake up, hearing only Azrael's laughter they all were too late. "Oh no, the unknown as obducted Mvuela!

We got to go save him!" Miles panicked. 





 Chapter Twenty-Three





"Relax, Miles. Your friend Williams is the most fatal prophet for Azrael and her Reapers to get hold of," Gabriel said. What? Gadriel! You can't be serious ?" Miles said. Yet Gabriel just causes her to fall into the deep sleep.

"Rest, Miles. I am sure your friend Williams will be fine," he said. With Gabriel waving his hand and restored all of the palace's groundball in order. elsewhere within the empty underground bunker, I was held, hostage.

I mean I was tied tp pole unconscious at the moment I open my eyes. "My goodness, it about time since you awake very soon. I was beginning to think that Azrael killed you but i guess I was wrong, "Gadreel answered.

"You!" I grunted. yes, me what are you going to do tough guy? Or shall I preferred the prophet of the Living God?" He mocked. "I could believe you would be this weak. Prophet of God Almighty indeed." Gadreel signed.

And I wouldn't believe to be Gadreel taking the form of Ceasar Micah's childhood friend? How stupid to be with whosoever demon brought that brought up that idea." I laughed. What? What did you say? Gadreel snarled.

"Sorry?" I said. "What did you say stupid fool?" Gadreel yapped.  Look at you barking like a dog without teeth. And I believe you heard what I said unless you dumb and deaf to hear. Do you mind for me to call Doctor Mouse for you? He is very good at fixing deaf ears!" I mocked. 

"Enough! I had enough of your bubbling-!" Gadreel paused.  He was overwhelmed with anger that I become his punching bag.  Gadreel slaps a lesson out of me as I taste my blood. "Huh!"  I grunted in pain.

"My-my, what a way to be beaten prophet. And not so tough now to be able to speak, huh?" Gadreel said. I just look at him anxiously without a word. "Well, good!  Good boy!" Gadreel laughed. After he marched away, but at the moment he was out of my sight.

At the moment, he was outside, I remained tied to the chair. "God, I say thank you because you said in your word that in any circumstances that you're faithful are in, we must give you thanks. Henceforth, Heavenly Father here I am giving you thanks and glorify your name. 

For you alone, you deserved all of the honor and praise. Thank you oh Father, because I know in  Jesus Christ I am an overcomes, amen, " I panted. Although every part of my body was hurting. I  didn't give up my faith upon God. Well, for such torturing and afflicting such this.

Screeching and screaming in pains. When all of a sudden, while I was at the edge of death, the brightest light shines through the darkness. All of the demons screeched in affliction, as some of them flee into the outer darkness.

Yet I did not have the strength, so I fell unconscious therefore I think to know of what was happening. Henceforth, when the light fades away, outside three heavenly beings of the Lord was in the midst.

Killing every legion of darkness that comes in their way. Without holding back or without having mercy to them. "Well, well what we if it isn't Joshua. Anyhow, what brings you here? You have come from your death-uhg!" She gagged. Because Joshua smote her with the palm of her hand.

"I am sorry you were saying?" Asked Joshua. Back to the bunker, a most fatal whistling sound screech powerfully. Causing all of the Grim Reapers to screeched as they collapse to the floor. Breathing their last breath and their ashy wings with me opening my eyes.





 Chapter Twenty-Four





 With me opening my eyes into the color of flaming fire. Knowing that the rope broke, but I brought it in front of me to stretch out yet when Gadriel walked in a panic thinking I escape but surprised to see me still sitting on the chair.

"Phew, it seems like I have a wrong alarm. Shift! Page!" Called Gadreel. Yes, Gadreel we are coming." They replied. Both of them rush towards him as quickly as they could.

"Yes, Gadreel?" Page asked. "Well, I want you fools to keep an eye on him. And make sure he is not out of your sight. Understood?" Gadreel snarled. "Understood!" They said.

When Gadreel was out of their sight, Page and Shift were having a conversation with themselves. "Did he just call us fools? Who does he think he is?" Shift yapped.

"Yeah, I believe you are right Shift who does he think he is?" Growled Page.  While they were having their conversations, I stood up firm, as I unleash my spiritual revolver with my eyes in the color of flaming fire.

"Aye, Page-Shift, tell me about it! Who do you think Gadreel is?" I interrupted. What? Who said what?" Page snapped. Turning around and encounter me free which made an astonishment on their faces. You? How-ga-aah!" Shift screeched.

Because I open fire at him with the bullet of my Revolver. "Yes, the question is how did I get free. Howdy, Page, any last word?" I asked. "M-m-my, goodness! You're eyes Wh-what are-waa-aaah!" Page squealed.

Both of them collapse on the floor, their bodies turned to ashes, which were carried by the wind. Leaving only their ashy wings on the ground.

After that Gadreel walked in and shocked to see me free. And we stood face to face, while I smirk happily as he saw my eyes into the color of flaming fire.

"What? What are you? And how did you get-uhg!" Gadreel groaned.  Because I open fire at him, as I collapse to his knees in pains. As he shivers in fright to the core and saw me wearing the whole full armor of God Almighty.

"Um,  Gadriel Gadriel! What's wrong? are you afraid now?   What happened to the man who was on top? What happened to the man who seems to put himself above all too when he knows that he is not?

Oh, pride.  Pride is such typical things which cause Lucifer is cast out of out to the earth from heaven. My-my, fear fear its such weakness thing to you fallen ones!" I replied.

"What? And how dare you speak that way to Lucifer? You have no-aaaaaah!" Gadriel screamed. Since I unleash my Blade and penetrate him with through his forehead.

Falling o the floor and died instantly. Leaving only his ashy wings and his burning ash which disappeared out of my sight after got carried away by the wind.

When I terminate Gadriel, I continued my away out to my freedom. Still my eyes into the flames of color, dodging the most powerful Grim Reaper who came with Azrael.

Following me piercing the Blade that I killed Gadriel with. Killing the Reapers that were surrounring Azrael with the bullets of my revolver, after discvered having two of them.

"What? The eyes of flaming fire, oh please, prophet. Don't you know that I am Death the most powerful Grim Reaper?" Azrael growled. "And I should be afraid of you?

Besides, don't you remember Jesus overcoming death?" I suggested. When I heard her screaming in agony after I mention the name of Jesus.

"Well, I guess your are powerless against that name, huh?" I asked. Finishing her off with my Revovler as she turn to ash. At that momeny, I discovered myself in the palace when a gentle hand touched me.


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