Wealthy man calling home from his club. Speaks to manservant

James, it's me. Please go to my wife's bedroom and tell her that I'll be home late from the club.

What do you mean she’s already asleep? Wake her up and tell her while I hold the ‘phone.

What did you say?

Her door was locked? A man’s voice told you to go to hell”

Damn them! Get a rifle from my collection, break down the door, and shoot them both.

Pause …..several minutes go by

You killed my wife? Good! Did you kill the man?

He jumped through the window into the garden and ran away?

Excellent. Wait!! What garden? There's no garden next to my bedroom window.

Is this Hollywood 2479? Oh no . . . . . .


Tag der Veröffentlichung: 14.06.2011

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