Chapter 1 -New school and new country

'Eva get up or your going to be late for your first day shouted my mother
'urghh 10 more minutes I shouted back
'you said that 10 minutes ago get up now or am taking your new car off you

I got up well because I love my new car it was the new Audi R8 in black

I headed to my wardrobe and picked out tight light blue jeans and white tight but floaty top you know them ones were they puff out at your hips I love them tops really show off my hot figure I put them down on my bed and headed for the shower I striped and got in the shower I was finished within about 10 minutes. I walked back to my room Plugged in my curlers and got dressed once I was dressed I started curling my Long blonde hair I love it when my hairs curly you look so glamours after about 30 minutes I had finished so I just shoved on some bronzer and mascara and some light red lip gloss just to give my lips a tint of colour.

I walked back over to my wardrobe and got out my Vivian Westwood flats they was so hot they were cream with little diamonds on them.

Once I was ready I went downstairs were my mum was waiting for me with scrambled eggs on toast my fav as soon as she saw me she said 'Hey you ready for your first day at Hill side academy 'I guess' was my reply

You nervous she asked 'nope not really anyway mum am going see you later'

I walked out of the house and got into my brand new Audi R8 as I reversed out of my drive and set off school i put some music on so I could sing on the way.

I took me like 15 minutes to get to school when I turned onto the schools drive I noticed everyone was staring at me the girls was giving me looks and the lads was literally drooling

I stepped out of my car and walked towards reception when I arrived I told the receptionist that I was new and she asked me my name and I said Eva Jones and she said ''Oh the exchange student from England how nice to meet you.How you finding Florida I just shook her hand and said 'great thanks' she handed me my timetable and said 'all just get you a student that can show you around why don't you just sit there and pointed to the waiting area.

I turned around and went flying into some guy I went red 'omg am so sorry I didn't see you there.

''no worries came this sexy husky voice just watch were your going next time in a snarly kind of way I just ignored it and went to sit down that's when I felt someone grab my arm and pull me back

''so your just going to push into me and not tell me your name 'oh sorry am Eva 'I am Jake nice to meet you' 'are you new here?''

'' yea I just moved here''

He took my time table out of my hands and began smiling ''Looks like your in most of lessons expect Engilsh Here follow me all show you around.

''thanks but the Miss day has just gone getting someone for my'' when the she came back Jake said to her is it aright if I show Eva to her classes she's in the same classes as me''

she just looked at me then back to Jake and said okay that fine. with that said he grabbed my arm and pulled me away from the reception.

When we reached the classroom he just walked in and went and sat in his seat I went over to the teacher explained that am new and he introduced me to the class them told me to find a seat were ever the only seat was next to Jake. so I went and sat down and put my books on the table I noticed that Jake and his mates were chatting and staring at me but I let it go over my head after about 20 minutes of them constantly staring at me a turned to my right and said what are you staring at?

His mate replied with 'You did you know your hot ?''

'I blushed and said thanks that's when Jake started to get mad you could see it in his eyes and he just shot a look to his mate.

when the bell rang and got my things together that's when Jake introduced his mates

''Eva that's matt that's John and this is kaine he said pointing to them

''Nice to meet you''

Chapter 2 - starting to get use to this school

Two weeks had passed since I started Hill side academy I had started to gain friends I mean am popular don't get me wrong I just wont to make sure I don't have fake friends just because am close to Jake and his friends who are the hottest guys in school not forgetting the most popular.

I walked into school with my new best friend Kay who it felt like I had known forever. I was wearing my new high waisted shorts with a red vest top with beads and sparkles on and my ultra hot red vans. and she was wearing Dark denim jeans with slits in them and a navy blue tank with haters always hate on the front. as we was walking up to our lockers to put our stuff away. I felt someone grab my waist and lift me up I screamed all over a sudden I was over someone's shoulders and they was spinning around that's when I noticed it was Jake you could tell by the way he was dressed he always looks so sexy and and always smells so good.

When Jake put me down I was a little dizzy ''you aright Eva Jake said while holding my waist 'yeah am fine just a little dizzy'' that's when I noticed kirsty Jakes new girlfriend shooting looks

''Am fine now Jake'' promise he said 'yeah promise' I said then he let go off my waist

'' All see you in maths said Jake ''yeah all see you then then''

''Kirsty did not look happy then said Kay ''I know oh well he could do better than her anyway a mean don't get me wrong shes pretty but I don't think shes his type''

oh no what is his type then she said hinting at me ''I don't know I just know its not her''

anyway's get what me and matt are doing tonight said Kay ''Urm I don't know''

Well he's going to come over to mine tonight and watch a few films and stay the night I think

''aww well you do looking smoking hot today you deserve some action''

'says you Eva you have been at this school two weeks know and you've got guys begging at your feet for you to go out with them''

''Ha-ha That's the best way Kay keep them begging ''

''Of course it is especially when you fancy Jake came this loud husky voice that I recognised it was matt

''What no I don't'' I said burning up

'' so why are you going red then'' said Kay

''shut up so what anyway he has a girlfriend anyway's am not being the first one to admit my feelings a mean come on''

well I know he has feelings for you he does not stop going on about you''

'aright' I flashed crimson

''I know what to do says Kay am going to set you up with kaine you know to make him jealous and he will realise his feelings for you Eva''

''Okay but make sure you tell kaine this is purely fake and just a step up because otherwise it would just be nasty to lead him on like that''

''yeah of course you's two will be set up my third lesson as he's in my next class'' Kay says

''Okay anyway's am going to be late for maths got to go ''

Chapter 3 - The jealous Jake

As I walked into Maths and took my seat next to Jake on the right I noticed some books on the table when I sat down a realised they was kirsty's why hadn't Jake told me kirsty was sat there I looked at Jake ans said is kirsty sat here ''Yeah but it is your seat all just but them over here'' and placed them on the left row next to him ''you sure because all just move if you wont''

''No its fine she's starting to annoy me anyway'' Thats when I noticed he was winking at me next thing I know kirsty is stood in front of me with a evil look in her eyes

''I was sat there Eva''


''I wonted to sit next to my boyfriend''

I just sat there staying at her giving her my so what expression thats when jake said ''kirsty I moved your books here''

''why'' she replied

''Because that is Eva's seat''

she just stomped off in a huff. witch just made me laugh silently

I listened to Mr lowe for about 20 minutes then just completely zoned out and went into my own world wondering about Jakes body witch got me kind of hot when the bell rang I literally jumped out of my skin

Jake was just laughing ''you okay Eva'' yeah am fine just day dreaming '' it must had been good by the look on your face and the way you jumped'' I just went bright red and just got up and walked out of the class room towards my lockers

''OMG Kay I just day dreamed about Jake and am sure he knew''

''aww your crushing anyway's I have sorted it out with Kaine he's agreed to be your fake boyfriend in till Jake confesses his feelings here he is know and Jakes walking up in the opposite direction so be quick ''

''Hi kaine am sorry about Kay she seems to think Jakes got feelings for me ''

''hi babe its right I know he has feelings for you don't forget am one of his mates he tells me everything''

''what and your aright going on with this plan''

''sure I mean hes my mate and your hot so win win ''

he grabbed me by my hips and pulled me closer and cupped my chin with his hand and planted a soft kiss on my lips. He was gentle, and passionate he licked my bottom lip asking for entrance and I granted it and a tongues were entwined with each other dancing to the beat . When I broke the kiss for air a saw Jake with kirsty he looked really mad. I thought Oh god I shouldn't of took Kay's advice and kaine just smiled at Jake and said

''you aright mate''

kirsty just looked totally happy at the fact that I was making out with kaine and not with Jake

''Yeah am good ''

'' Eva can I speak with you a minute''

I just nodded

As he pulled me with my arm into an empty classroom and locked the door behind us

''what are you doing with kaine he asked ''urm going out with him hes just asked me to''

''I know what hes like Eva hes no good for you''

I could feel myself getting mad and I snapped back ''oh really well who is then Jake''

He just looked at me with a evil lustful look and pushed me up against the wall and pinned me there by pressing my hips into the wall and crashing his lips against mine the kiss was slow and passionate at first but then the kiss became deeper as he licked the bottom of my lip asking for entrance and I quickly granted access and flung my arms around his neck and he grabbed my legs and lifted me up and I wrapped them around his waist. He broke the kiss when hes put me down and broke this kiss I was stood there breathless and a little bit wet down there.

He just looked at me and said ''Fuck Eva your so hot i wont you to be mine ''

''What about kirsty''

'' Iv never liked her not as much as I like you''

''am going to go brake it off with kirsty you brake it off with kaine''

as I walked out of the classroom Kay came up to me ''well how did it go did he confess?''

''yeah he confessed He's braking up with Kirsty ''

Kay started screaming so loud everyone in the hall was staring at us

'' Calm down Kay people are staring''

''oh well who cares come on lets go get something to eat''

''okay one minute and just need to text kaine and let him know plans off now ''

as we walked to my car and got in a text kaine saying hi the plans off now thanks for going along though.

as I reversed out we saw Jake and kirsty she didn't seem angry or out just pissed

''shes taking it well Kay said ''

'yeah a guess she is anyway's were you wont to go for for dinner quickly changing the subject

'how about we don't go back for the last two lesson we will have a girls afternoon what you say ''

''yeah sounds good we'll go have a nails done then go mine put a face mask on''

'sounds like a plan Kay shouts

Chapter 4 - love vs drama

This chapter does contains sex just to let you guys know :)

Once we arrived at the beauty salon we had the full works which came with glasses of champagne after about two hours we resurfaced back to earth and headed back to mine.

Once we had arrived I notice that Jake and matt are sat on the porch as we are walking up jake just grabs me and plants a soft gentle kiss on me I could feel the tingles shooting up my spine

As he broke away he just said ''hey''

''Hey I replied with a huge grin on my face as we were about to walk into the house kay shouts 'eva am going to go to mine we will have a girls day another day '' ' okay yea no problem Kay''

Jake pulls me into the house and pushes me against the door and locks the door behind us his lips came smashing down on mine this time the kiss wasn't gentle it was rough passionate he bit and licked my bottom lip and quickly granted access as he moved off my lips to my neck and started kissing underneath my earlobe I moaned and he just looked at me a smiled he picked me up and put me over his shoulder I let out a shriek Jake just laughed and slapped my arse and carried me upstairs .

Once we was in my room he put me down I thought to myself time to have a little fun. I kissed him hard took him by surprise once I broke the kiss I pushed him onto my bed and got on top of him straddling him '' I like this position he said so sexy and manly as I leaned in for kiss and he just smiled and flipped me over so he was on top he started kissing me soft and gentle his kisses were like air I couldn't get enough of them and needed them to survive the kiss began hard and full of passion and then moved and started kissing my neck I could feel a moan building inside of me I could also feel Jakes shaft on my leg growing I moaned with the pleasure of jake kissing me knowing that his shaft was hard with my moan he began to grow more.

I broke the kiss to reach for his top and as I did the look in Jakes eyes were pure lust in his eyes as I reached for his top he reached for mine as I took his top of there was his 6 pack oh it was amazing a trailed my fingers across it and he moaned he took of my shorts so I was Lying there in my panties and bra he started kissing my boobs as he unhooked my bra started playing and pulling my nipples I let out a moan he started planting little kisses from my neck down my boobs and down my belly and traced kisses across my pantie line '' Jake '' he just smiled at me he knew what he was doing was torture he slowly removed my panties and started rubbing my clit 'arghh jake ' he entered two fingers into me make me swing my hips to the rhythm he was entering me ''arghh mmm Jake'' he entered another finger into me and starting rubbing clit faster and harder 'arghhh fuck yes'' I could fell my body climbing higher and higher intill I couldn't take any more '' ffffuck jjjake am going to come '' I shouted and with that I came.

Jake came and lay next to me on the bed smiling I kissed him hard and got on top of him '' were not finished yet babe''

With that I unbuckled his belt took off his boxers and there a saw it , it was huge I started kissing him kissing his neck 6 pack he groaned loudly I grew wet by his moans as I went lower I licked the top of his cock and slowly tried to fit all of him into my mouth as I did he flipped me over and kissed me

''I love you Eva'' '' I love you too Jake'' with that he slammed into me causing me throw me head into the pillow and arch my back in pure lust and passion I wrapped my legs around his waist Jake began a pounding me ''arghhh ffuck Jjjake '' ''deeper he said '' ''YES YES '' I screamed and he went deep inside my 'urrrmm arghh jakke ''

He lifted my legs high fucking me like he needed this to stay alive.

'Arghh jake am going to come ''

5 more thrust and I came making jake come he screamed my name in his release.

He just collapsed on top off me and rolling off we lay there catching out breaths knowing that we both had just been purely satisfied .

I woke up lay on jakes chest with his arms tightly around me this way a great way to start the day off.

''Hey babe''
'' Hi'' I replied

He got up and a completely forgot he was naked so I was staring at his a amazing body

''You like the view babe ''

''Of course its a hell of a view''

'' Glad you like you won't to join me in the shower before we have to go school ''

'' How could I refuse invite like that all be right there ''

As I watched jake leave the room and head for the shower I reached for my phone and called Kay

''Hiya girl how are you ?''

'' Hey yea am good how are you ''

'' Its that it spill it Eva ''

''Oka we had amazing sex last night''

'' Aw am so happy that use to are finally together and by the way me at matt did. It last night too ''

'Really how was ''

It was amazing everything a was expecting ""

''Aww am happy for you anyway's am going to go jump on the shower with jake see you at shool''

'' Arghh check you out see you at school girl''

As I walked into the bathroom I walked into the shower cubicle I walked straight up to jake a softly kissed him on the lips I bite his bottom lip and it was granted I sliped my tongue into his mouth as we stod there kissing letting the warter trickle down are body's

As I leaned for the soap jake quickly took it off me '' I won't to wash you ''

'Okay I repiled with a lustful look in my eyes

He squirted some body wash onto his hands rubbed them together then stepped towards me. He started with my arms then across my chest then started massageing my boobs my breathing was becoming ragged and jake knew this he began playing with my left breast whilst sucking my right nipple

''Urrmm a soft moan arrised out of my thought

Jakes hand traveled down my midriff and down to my clit

''Jake ''

He repiled yes Eva seducing voice

'' Take me.... now''

With that he stoped what he was doing
And planted a soft kiss on my lips he picks me up and then I realize were on the bathroom floor kissing I climb on top of him straddling him

As I put all off him into me we both let out loud moans of ecstasy as I began riding him he began thrusting into me at a hard rhythm

'Arghh jake ''

'fuck eva your so tight ''

''Fuck jake am going to come''

I could feel my body begging to shake

As my muscles got tighter jake thrusting hard and deep 3 more times and came and so did he.

As we lay there on bathroom floor catching our breaths

'' I love you Eva ''

''I love you too jake''

As we walked into my bedroom to get ready for school I watched as jake got ready he was so gorgeous and he was all mine

As I walked towards my dresser I pulled out my silk red panties and bra and put them on and walked over to my wardrobe and picked out my floaty white summer dress with my black clutch bag and my fabulous black christian louboutins.

Once I was dressed I put my hair into bun barrel and just but on some bronzer and some MAC lip tint

''Baby you look gorgeous''

''Aww thanks babe so do you ''

He was wearing light denim pants that fitted him well and I white polo shirt that showed of his abs gorgeously

'' You ready to go school and show everyone were together ''

''Off course I am babe'' I replied

As we set off school jake was driving in his top of the range, range rover it was immaculate

As we arrived at hill side academy and walked in together hand in hand people. Looked but I was to happy to even care

As we reached are lockers were Kay and matt was waiting for

''Hey Eva you's two look so hot together ''

''Hi Kay and aww thanks ''

'' Hey pal so you've admitted you've have feelings for each other '' says matt

''Hiya mate yeah we sure have jake said while planting a soft kiss on my lips

Just then I noticed Kirsty was approaching us

'' I knew that you both had feelings each other ''

'' I am sorry Kirsty if I knew what my feelings were I would of never asked out jake said

'' Its okay am not mad at you jake am mad a that little slut ''

'' Please tell me you've not just spoken to me like that ''

''Urm Yeah I have''

'' Okay let me put you straight am no slut and I did not take your boyfriend he didn't even like you so how about you shut the fuck up and back away''

''Ha please I know that jake likes me and your just been used of him then he'll come back to be''

She walked up to him and planted a kiss on him

My blood was boiling who did she think she was

Jake pushed her away and she turned to me and said '' see I told you''

I couldn't take anymore of her shit and punched her in the nose as she fell to the floor I said

'' Bitch I told you to back away maybe now you'll understand ''

She stood up and ran away

''Way to girl'' Kay said

'' Shit when did you learn to fight like that'' Matt said

'' That's my girl'' as he said that he planted a passionate kiss on me

As we walked to class hand in hand. Once we arrived jake took his seat instead of taking mine I decided to sit on his lap and planted a soft gentle kiss on him

''Hey baby what you doing '' jake said

'' Nothing just kissing you babe ''

'' love you ''

"Love you too "

As I took my seat a noticed kirsty walking in with a bandage around her nose

Haha she was asking for it anyway's

10 minutes later Miss Day the receptionist appeared in the class room she whispered into mr lowes ear

"Eva Jones and jake thompson the head teacher would like to see you both "

I just look at jake with my wtf look and he replied with the I don't know babe look

'' I wonder what were here for ''

'' Its properly nothing babe ''

"Eva , jake can you please step into my office please

As we walked into the head teachers office and sat down he looked at us

"You are both here because I got informed off the school nurse that you Eva punched her in the face is that true

"Yes but she started it she kissed my boyfriend"

"That's not an excuse eva "

"Am sorry sir it won't happen again"

" Am glad to hear here that but I have no choice but to suspend you for two weeks"

"I you kidding sir what about kirsty" jake said

" Am sorry here's your you suspension letter I won't you off schools property within a hour otherwise all have no choice but to call the cops"

I just snatched the letter out of his hand and walked out of his office.

Chapter 5- I am going to kill the bitch

" Babe wait " shouted jake after me

"What"I replied

"You okay"

"Do I look okay jake iv just been suspended becuse of that's stupid bitch"

"Babe all sort it out all talk to her"

"You fucking Won't stay away from her jake if I find our you've been near her were over understand"

"Babe calm down I won't promise"

3 months had past since my suspension and me and jake were still get I think kirsty got the message anyway we were in the last month before we graduated and I was a bit iterated that my mum wouldn't make it as she's still on her business trip

As me and jake walked into class hand in hand I noticed that the guy that was speaking to kirsty earlier was stood with the teacher

"he must be new " jake sed

"Yea he seems I little weird though "

That's when mr ribs announced he was new and told the class he was called dylan morris

He came and sat next to my

Urghh why was the seat next to me the only one left

I noticed dylan starring at me for about 10 minutes

"What are you looking at"

He just ignored me and looked at the front of the classroom

As the bell rang I stood up and gathered my things when I felt someone pull me back and push me against the wall . It was dylan

"What the hell are you doing"

"Shh baby" he said

With that his lips came crashing onto my his kiss was rough and gentle and when I didn't kiss him back he became angry and threw me to the floor and walked out

I was left there on the floor think about what the fuck just happened and the fact that the kiss made me wet really confused me and disgusted me

As I walked out of school and got into my car and drove to jakes I had time to think about what happened in the classroom and convinced it was nothing

Once I arrived at jakes to give him his soup a walked in and went straight to his bed room

" babe I brought you some to make you feel better

"Thanks baby "

"Are you ready to graduate in a couple of weeks babe"

"Yea am ready as long as am with you" he replied

" There's a party tonight at Kays I know your not well enough to go so I told her ad just call for a bit"

"Okay baby no worries" jake said

As I picked up my bag and started to get ready I chose I black mesh tight dress that showed of my figure and just comb though my hair so that it was wavy and volumed it and just put on some bronzer and my high black heels

As I walked back into the bedroom

"Baby you look hot"

"Aww thanks babe I hope you get better soon" and I just kissed him on the check and walked out and got into my car a drove to Kays once I was there the party was already in full swing

"Eva I got you a drink to say sorry about before "

"Aww thanks dylan"

The drink was really strong and bubbly it tickled the back of my throat

"All be right back dylan am just going to say to Kay

"Hi Kay good party "

"Thanks you okay Eva you look a little funny"

"Yeah am fine I lied I wasn't I felt dizzy and couldn't think straight

"will you do me a favor and put these up stairs in the coat room"

"Yeah sure no problem"

As I wondered upstairs I felt like a was about to pass out any minute when I felt someone pull me into a dark room and push me up against the door a couldn't see who it was .

I tried pushing them off me it was no good I was too weak

"Shh babe you'll be fine your with me"

I knew that voice it was familiar

As I was carried over to the bed and laid down I could feel someone heavy on top of me

As the light came on I could just make out the blurred face it was dylan

Dylan began under dressing me and him self I tried to get up but my body was not letting me

"Baby don't worry your going to have the best night of your life I promise"

Dylan began kissing my neck I didn't know what was up with me because I became wet by his touch and kisses

A soft moan escaped my lips

He began playing and sucking my nipples hard which caused me to moan loudly

Dylan just let out a little laugh before resume to my nipples his hands slowly went down my belly he grabbed hips and pulled me towards him I could feel his erection in his pants my hips just started grinding on it which made dylan moan he took of his pants and slammed into me

Causing me scream with pure pleasure as I could feel him inside me pounding me hard it felt so good but so wrong

"Arghhh yes "

"That's right Eva take it"

"Urmm fuck yeah"

"Arghh aaam going to come"

Three more thrusts and I came

As I lay there a could feel I was regaining control over my body

Dylan quickly got dressed and left me in the room.

I reached for my bag and pulled my phone out and called jake

once I got though to jakes cell I told him what happened

"He what stay there am on my way"

as I hung up the phone dylan came back in

"Hey hot stuff I want you to break things off with jake"

And why would I do that I" replied

"Because if you don't I show everyone in school the video of what we just did"

"Fine whatever just move from the door so I can go home

As I picked up my bag and headed for the door jake appeared and punched dylan in the face and sent him flying onto the bedroom floor

"Who the fuck do you think you are going round spiking peoples drinks especially my girlfriends your sick "

"Jake he's got a video of it"

"Give me your phone now jake shouted not allowing him to move

As he deleted me and jake walked out and drove back to mine.

The car journey was silent I just couldn't believe what just happened me.

"Babe its not your fault don't worry"

Chapter 6- Time for College. <3

Week of graduation had come and I was well nervous about getting into my dream college.

"Eva its here its HERE "shouted my mum

I jumped out of bed and raced down the stairs and grabbed the letter out of her hand

"Open it eva come on tell me the good news"

As I opened the letter I felt knots in my stomach

"I got in" I screamed at the top of my lungs

"Aww am so proud of you hun"

She give me a big hug that knocked the wind out of me

As I arrived at school and walked in and put my stuff in my locker jake made me jump as he put his hand on my hips

"Babe you scared me "

"Sorry baby didn't mean to"

"I got a letter of college today"

"Well what did they say" jake said all giddy

"I got in" I replied with the same giddiness

"Baby am so happy for you "

And planted a soft gentle kiss on me

"Av got surprise for you later"

"Can't wait" I replied

Once school finished I couldn't wait to get home as I headed to my car jake stopped me

"Babe come all drive you to your first surprise"

we pulled up at a dress shop

"What we doing here?"

"You need a dress for your second surprise"

Once we walked in a immediately fell in the love with a sleek black long dress with an open back

"Am guessing you like this one then "

"Yeah its amazing"

"Try it on babe"

The dress looked amazing on it hugged mt curves made my boobs look great and I was totally in the love with the open back

"You look absolutely stunning babe"

Aww thanks babe" I replied

As we headed to the tills I pulled my purse out to pay for the dress and heels
"Am paying babe its my surprise for you"

I gave him a gentle kiss and we headed out the store

"So were we going now?" I asked

"Well am going to take you yours so you can get ready and all be back at seven for you"

As I got out the shower I wrapped a cotton towel around myself and wrapped one round my hair and headed for my room

I grabbed my black satin panties and matching bra and headed over to my dresser and blow dried my hair and left it wavy and just put a bit on bronzer and applied some liquid eyeliner and some clear gloss and slipped into my dress

"Babe you ready"

Yeah am just putting my heels on all be Down in a second"

As I put my heels on and headed downstairs jake was waiting at the bottom of the stairs.

"Babe you look amazing"

"Thanks so do you" he was wearing a tuxedo he looked so hot

"Come on were going be late "


As we got in the car and headed off

"So you not going to tell me were we going?"

"Nope but it want take long we will be there in about 10minutes " jake replied

We pullled up to an amazing 5star reasturant

"babe were here"

"baby this is amazing " I replied

"anything for my baby girl"

As we walked in and sat at our tabble we toasted to going to college and our long happy future together

"I love you Jake forever and always"

"I love you more Eva forever and always "


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