I was standing in the beach
Waiting for the sun to set
When I saw this lovely chic
Wearing a silky white dress
Gracefully walking on the edge
Clinging her sandal on the left
Making her barefooted

She seems to be in deep thought
For it’s her sadness that I caught
For sure she came from somewhere
And she has things that bother
I wonder what brought her here
She doesn’t seem familiar
But something in me say's I’ve known her

I can’t stop myself from gazing
Then she caught me staring
I saw the relief in her eyes
And in a minute she’s on my side
Clutching softly in my hand
Kissing me tenderly to where I stand
Think I could lose my mind

If this is just a dream
I don’t want it to end
With her velvety hands
And luscious lips
Hypnotizing sweet scents
Like fresh flowers and leaves
Making me go crazy and sane

It was confusing at first
But it feels great
There’s something in this girl
But I couldn’t remember
Part of me wants her
And be with her forever
It maybe now or never

I was stunned
Couldn’t move my hands
Awaken by her emerald eyes
I was back in mind
How could this happen
And what is she doing
I don’t understand anything

With her hands on my face she said
You’re the greatest gift I ever received
The one who never leaved
Even if it could means death
Without you I maybe dead
Thus I owe you my life
Ti’l the last breath of my existence

You showed me how it feels
Experiencing real happiness
With no doubts and fear
With you I feel secure
And everything is sure
Don’t know where it would lead
But it’s the best thing I think

You might be wondering
How things happened
Wondering who am I
And what am I doing
Or am I part of your being
You can’t figured it out now
But you’ll remember somehow

I didn’t absorb all she said
But one thing is in my head
That touches my self
I’ve felt this way before
Could it be possible?
She’s a stranger
But I don’t feel any danger

Carefully I took her hands
And saw the diamond ring
That glitters in the sun
My heart starts to beat
And something was in my head
A blurred vision then came
Of a couple on the spring

With a smile on her face she said
I’ve been looking all over the place
Thank God I found you safe
Everything is set
Let’s not make them wait
Please come to me now
And together we’ll exchange vows


Tag der Veröffentlichung: 03.01.2011

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