Chapter 1

“Mama stop tickling us!!!!!!!!!!” we screamed in unison.
“Come on girls!” mama spoke with her elegant voice “Let’s get the house clean before daddy gets home!”
~End of Dream~

‘It’s my birthday today, here in Dawn City’s Good Living Nursing Home.’

I thought to myself lying on my bed. ‘It’s time to see each other again.’

I am Holly M. Smith, I am an elder woman that lived a ‘normal’ life. I have been living lately at this quite nursing home in my room with white painted walls, small bed, with white sheets, a table, a chair, a closet, and old television.
I suddenly heard a knock on the door and someone saying “Good morning Ms. Holly Smith and Happy 65th Birthday.” I slowly sat up on my bed.
It was my dear nurse and friend, Merissa. She is so young and beautiful with her bright smile, her light brown eyes, and her glorious curly brown hair. She continues on “How are you today?”
“I’m feeling very well, thank you, Merissa.” I smiled while she is setting my breakfast on the table and my wheelchair. She came to my side and helped me up to it.
“That’s Great your feeling well. So what would you like to do on your special day?” She asked me while I am eating. She sat across from me and continued “Would you like to play BINGO, or watch movies, or have a special dinner, on…..”. she went on but I stop listening and went though my own thoughts.
Then I interrupted her “May you, please, ask the manager if I may go someplace special today?” I pleaded to her.
Merissa seem surprised. She was quiet for a couple minutes then said “Okay, I will. But why is that?”
I look at her and said “Going to meet an old friend.” She just stared at me for a while. Then she got up and walked out the door, but stop and looked back, smiled, and left. I just continued eating breakfast peaceful knowing she will take care of it.
As soon as she left I thought to myself ‘How much longer will I have to wait to see you again.”

Chapter 2

~Flashback 58 years ago~

It was a stormy night and outside of Dawn City. There was a small house on the side of the mountain near the fields. The home had only a one bedroom and bathroom, and a kitchen/living room.
We lived in that small house just me, my sister, and daddy. During this strong storm when thunder clap it made the house rattle with in the house you can hear the screams of my sister.
“Holly! Holly!” Molly cried out. “Where are you?” I can hear the fear in her voice.
Then lightning struck the house and the lights went out. The sound of the crashing thunder shook the house.
“HOLLYYYYYY!” she started to cry.
I came to her with a lit-candle in my hand and said with a calm soothing voice “Calm down, Molly. There is nothing to worry about daddy will be coming soon.” While trying to pull her out from under the kitchen table and wiped the tears off her eyes.
“How long will the storm last Holly and will daddy be gone?” she seem so scared.
Then I said “Don’t worry about it lets just go to sleep early tonight and we’ll celebrate tomorrow when he’s here.” So we both left the kitchen and went to the our bedroom.
After we prayed, the storm continue, but we got in our small beds.
“Holly are you asleep?” Molly asked still sounding scared.
“No, not yet.” I told her trying to get comfortable.
“I can’t sleep when there is a storm.” she said
I turn to face her and as soon as I saw her. I ask “Do you remember what mama told us?” I closed my eyes trying to see my mommy telling us and I repeated “When there is a storm it is when God is playing a game of bowling with the angels up in heaven. So every time there is a big boom (thunder) that means God got a strike, the flash (lightning) is how big of a hit those pins get from the boling ball, and the raindrops are the angels crying because they are losing the game.”

I then opened my eyes and find Molly with tears in her eyes and a bit of a smile on her lips.

“I don’t remember that you liar.” she said trying to hiding the fact she remembers.
“Yes, you do” I said
“No, I don’t” she said
“Stop pretending” I protest
“No!” she screamed and this went on for a while until I finally gave up.
“Fine! Fine, whatever you think just stop.” I said.
After saying that Molly seem sad so I ask “What’s wrong?”
She replied “I miss mommy” then she started to cry.
“Can I sleep in your bed for tonight?”
I just scoot over and said nothing. She just got off her bed and still crying then got on my bed and laid next to me. I dried her eyes and smiled at her. She had her eyes close so I did the same.
Then I hear her say in a low voice “Happy 7th Birthday, Holly.” and I can tell she was smiling back.
“Happy 7th Birthday, Molly, and good night.” I said and we silently fell asleep.

~End of Flashback~

Chapter 3

~Nursing Home~ Merissa’s P.O.V.

“Mr. Thomson, may you please allow Ms. Smith to leave the premises.” I ask Jerry Thomson the manager of the Nursing Home.
“Why should I do that Ms. Martinez?” He ask me while looking at some paper work.
“It’s her birthday today, Jerry.” I said matter-of-factly.
He looked at me and said “So what, if it’s her birthday just let her celebrate here.”
“She doesn’t want to be her.” I told him
“So where does she want to go, in the parking lot.” he said sarcastically.
“No, but-” he cut me off.
“You see, so it won’t matter anyway a birthday it just means someone is one year closer to die.” he said with no emotion within his eyes and went back to work.
I then yelled “ you might not care that it is her birthday, but I do! If you notice that she is the only one in this nursing home that doesn’t have any visitors! She is lonely that’s why she wants to go out! And-”
He quickly stood up and said “Look Ms. Martinez, can you tell me what she is going to do once she is out.”
“She wants to see someone.”
He then sat down and asked “Who will take her?”
“I will and Chip, sir.”
“Fine, you may take her, but if something happens to her you will be responsible.” he inform me and went back to work.
“Thank you, Jerry!” I said cheerfully. When I was about step out his office.
He ask “ Where is she going and who is her friend?” but before he stop me I was already gone. To prepare, but I did wonder “Who is this friend?”

Chapter 4

Holly’s P.O.V.

“ I miss those simple times,” I spoke to myself, still remembering what happen back then. “but what happened the next morning. I wish it never came.”

~Flashback 58 years ago~

I woke up the next morning and went to the kitchen to start making breakfast. As soon as I was done making the eggs and bacon. I went to wake up my dad, but he wasn’t sleeping on his couch. (We couldn’t afford a bed for him.)
Molly came from the behind me asking “Where’s daddy?’
I was going to answer her until we heard a knocking on the door. I started walking to the door, but Molly ran and open it first.
She yell “Welcome home daddy!?” with a big smile on her face which quickly disappeared.
There was a tall man standing at the door with a tan trench coat. He smiled and said “ Hi, can I speak to your mom?” Molly was to shy to answer, so I step
“Hello, who are you?” I said looking up at the man.
“My name is Steven Parker, a police officer, may you please get your mom for me.” He ask me. I just simply blush.
“We don’t have a mom.” Molly quickly said, and I glared at her in a way that made her step back.
“Oh, um is there some one older I can speak to?” He asked
So I came a step forward and told him “No, I’m the oldest. Is there something you need?” trying to seem older and more responsible.
After saying that I see that Steven laughing then I hear Molly giggling.
Then he calmed down and said still holding a big grin “Very funny kid, but I meant someone really old.”
I glared at him for a while and said seriously “I am the oldest.”
Steven seem uneasy now “Oh, well can you tell me if your father is John D. Smith?” he ask.
I yell “Yes! Did something happen to him?! Is he ok?!” I was panicking at that time and trying to calm myself down.
Molly held me down from running through out the house and said “You must calm down and focus, Holly, and we must stick together no matter what.” so I did.
“May you two come with me to the police station.” Steven ask.

~End of Flashback~

So Steven took us to the police station and told the girls what had happen. It turns out that their father had a heart attack on the way home. They were left to live wither their relatives.
“I remembered living with my aunts and uncles, which also each and every one of them died. Up to the part until it was only me and Molly left with the “Smith” name in Dawn City.” I thought to myself “ I vow to protect Molly from anything that harmed her. Until I came to the point where she couldn’t handle it 8 years later on our 16th birthday.”

Chapter 5

~Nursing Home~

While I was daydreaming I heard a knock on the door. I turn to see that it is Merissa coming in.
“Hello Holly, you won’t believe it, Jerry said you may go see your friend.”
“That’s great,” I said “because I’m already to go.” I moved closer to her.
“Well, we’re ready for you.” she came behind me and started pushing me to the lobby.
“So, Merissa, are you coming along?” I ask hoping she will. We were exiting the building already.
“Yes, I’m your birthday nurse for the day.” she said as we got to the parking lot. “Oh, Holly, where are we going to meet this friend?” as she heads to this small white Van with the name of the nursing home written on the side in turquoise.
“I’ll direct you to the place.” I would her when I saw her face she seem curious and suspicious.
She then said “Oh, very well then.” accepting what little information I gave her. Once we got to the van there was this young male nurse waiting. He help me up to the van’s back seat, while Merissa was putting away the wheelchair.
“Thank you, young man.” I said to the young, blonde, green eyes, muscular, handsome male nurse as he set me down.
“No problem, Ms. Smith.” He said.
“If you won’t mind by me asking,” he nod his head “What is your name?” I ask him like a gentle old lady more than I am now.
“My name is Chip, ma’am.” I nod
“Thank you,” I said then turn to Merissa as she stood next to him “Merissa your single, right? I think you and Chip look great together.” after that I saw both of them blush.
Merissa replied “Ok and thank you, Ms. Smith.” Then Chip closed the van door. As soon as they done that they faced each other and started speaking so I leaned more to the door trying to hear what they were saying.
“So, where does she want to go.” Chip ask looking at her & still blushing from what I commented.
“She said she’ll point out the directions on the way.” she answered trying not to look up at him.

When she started to walk to the passenger’s seat, Chip stopped her and said “I’ve missed you Merissa, so how’s it been.”
Without her looking at him and kept walking she said “Fine.” and entered the car. He stood there for a couple seconds and went around to enter the driver’s side and he got into the vehicle.

Chapter 6

~In the vehicle on the road to our destination~

After leaving the nursing home 20 minutes ago and told Chip the directions. We sat in awkward silence.
Until Merissa said “So, who likes music.” no one answered so she just started messing with the radio. In a while not finding a good station she quickly gave up.
“So who’s this special friend your meeting.” she ask.
“Oh, it’s someone I miss dearly.” I said trying not to give her to much.
“Is it a man or a woman?” Chip also trying to find out.
“I won’t say.” I told them.
“Come on not even that.” he complain.
“No.” I said.
“You have to tell us something.” Merissa pleaded.
“What is this? 20 Questions?”
“Yes, now answer?”
“It won’t matter, if I tell you or not, because you will not know her.” I said loudly to make sure both of them heard.
“So, it is a woman!” he exclaims like if he found lost treasure.
“Darn!” I whispered loudly to myself.
“So, what’s her name?” Merissa ask
“You know what,” I said already annoyed “how about if you two tell me what’s between you two guys?” Everything was silence, so after a while I calmed down I start to realize I hurt them. So I started telling them what they wanted to know. “Her name is Molly, Molly Smith.”
“Really,” Merissa turn to face me and started asking to many questions “so is she your friend or a family member? Why hasn’t she lived with you in the nursing home? Does she have a family? Why doesn’t she visit you at the nursing home?” but before I could answer any of her questions.
“Hey I think were here.” Chip stated “This is the tall black fence you mention, right?” Merissa quickly turn excited to see where we are at, but after she turn her face of delight has changed into a mix of shock and confusion.

Chapter 7

~Dawn City’s Cemetery~

They entered into ‘Dawn City’s Cemetery’. The fence was made out of metal and the gates were large and above the fence was the sign. The land was cover in grass and a few trees , but you can see a dirt road and tomb stones sticking out everywhere.
“Are you sure she wanted to meet you here, Holly?” Merissa ask as she turn to me and saw my head nod. After driving on the dirt road, I ask Chip to stop. After he did, him and Merissa got me down the van and sat me on my wheelchair.
Merissa looked all around the cemetery but found no one except for the garden. “I thought she was waiting here.”
“She is here, but she is certainly not waiting, because she is right here.” I went forward a couple yards them following and pointed at the grave right in front of us. There right in front of us was a tomb stone that said ‘Here lies Molly H. Smith. A Beloved Sister and Friend.’

“How did she…” Merissa was about to ask, but then she stopped and stayed quiet.
“It was from an ‘accident’ 49 years ago on this day.” I answered.
“That long?” in shock still staring at the grave. Chip came forward and kept silence.
“It was my fault that she ended up like this.” I started explaining “Every year I made sure she was alright since we were 7 and every year on this day, the day we were born bad things happen. There is a long list full of ‘accidents’ happening and each year gets worst then the last, until what happened on our 16th birthday that was the one day I wish I can do it all over again. All she wanted was to go to a party that her friends made for her, but I didn’t let her.”

“What happen?” Chip ask looking my way. I close my eyes remembering and telling what happen that day.

Chapter 8

After Holly and Molly’s only relatives died. They were forced to move from orphanage to orphanage, foster family to foster family. There lives change drastically and unforgiving at times.

~Flashback on their 16th birthday in Foster’s Parents Home~

: “I HATE YOU, HOLLY! YOU CAN’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO! YOUR NOT MY MOM YOU KNOW!” Molly yelling at me entering the house of our foster parents then slamming the door right behind her and running half way up the stairs.
“Molly Helena Smith you’re not to go to that party!” I came running and yelling at her.
“Holly, what is happening here?” Juliana our foster mother ask.
“I’m tired of being around you! You are so clingy!” she said lowering her voice from yelling to speaking average. She is looking me straight in the eyes. I notice that her eye didn’t show anger, but sadness instead.
“So what’s wrong wanting to be around my little sister?” I try to calm down and get up the stairs to where she is.
“Nothing is wrong,” she started to yell again, but trying to keep her cool “it just that” she look away “don’t you get tired of being around me?”
“No, I don’t hate being around you. Why would you say that?” I ask “Can you tell me why you hate being around me?”
“You won’t understand.” she whispered.
“I would if you tell me what’s wrong.” I said sounding hurt and trying to reach to her.
“No!” She yell and push me away. She quickly ran out the door. Juliana help me up and I quickly ran out to see were she went, but she was no where in sight.

~End of Flashback~

Chapter 9

“So what happen to her after she left?” Merissa ask.
“I called each one of her friends to find out if she was at the party or where she might have been, but no one knew where she was. So I went after her alone?” I told Merissa and Chip.
“How about your family like your aunts and uncles?” he ask. Then Merissa hit him on the side of his head and reminded him of us living with a foster family. They were arguing with each other.
So I continued where I left off “I looked very were for her at the park, at the mall, at the subways, and at her favorite ice cream shops, but she wasn’t there. It was getting dark and about to rain. She hated thunder storms and the only place left to look for her was at our old house, out of the city.

~Flashback 16th birthday~

I was barely over the hill and near the house. As I climb up the road the storm has started.
“Molly” I scream. [BOOM!]
“Molly are you hear!” no responds [BOOM!] the poor foundation of the place still shook the house when there‘s thunder. The thunder roared louder and louder, the closer I got to the house, and lightning coming rapidly. I was terrified. [BOOM!BOOM!BOOM!]
“Molly!” I yell one last time hoping she was here before I head back home. I was about to give up until I heard.
“Holly! Help me!” as soon as I heard her scream. I ran towards the house. I soon as I got to the door. [BOOM!!!!!] the largest thunder clap I ever heard made our house collapse on top of me.

~End of Flashback~

“Then what happen?” Merissa ask
“The next day our foster family called the police to find us. As soon as the cops found me lying on the ground under ruble they came and rescued us. It ends up that Molly was too scared to go outside during the storm, so when the house collapsed she was crushed by the walls on top of her. They founder dead and I was

left paralyzed from the waist down by the little ruble of the house that landed on me.” I told them.
“Oh, my.” I hear her say being comfort by Chip.
“So this is how your sister ended up here.” he stated still holding Merissa “Did you ever find out, what was bothering her?”
“No, I never found out, what was bothering her that day, but I still have a feeling it was my fault it ended this way.” I looked down at the grave tears rolling down my face.
“Chip back to your question of what about our aunts or uncles.” They both nod. “The thing is the minute after me and my sister was born,” I pause trying to stop my crying, Merissa came forward and held on to my shoulder, and I continued.
“The people that died were not just our family, but also people close to us. When we were 1 our grandfather was in a car wreck; when we were 2 it was our grandmother, she fell down from the stairs; 3 was our older sister, Anna, she drown in the lake; 4 was our older brother, he was a victim of a hit n’ run; 5 was our mother, she was hit by lightning; 6 was our other grandparents, they where lost at sea; and 7 was our father, he had a heart attack. The rest of the years were our aunts and uncles and our closest friends, but it all stop on the day Molly died. Since then I have cut off every relationship to anyone I knew, even our foster parents.” by the time I finish I was sobbing.
We stood their in silence for a few hours to give our respects. Until I wanted to go back.

Chapter 10

~Heading back to the Nursing Home~

“I still can’t find a good single station.” Merissa said frustrated at the poor choices of stations.
“How weird is this weather this morning the sky was clear and now it raining.” Chip said trying to drive though the rain.
As Merissa was going though station to station I heard a familiar voice.
“Wait!” she stop and turned my way “Turn back to that station.” I ask her. She then turned it back.
“Hello, Listeners this is your radio hostess, Ms. M”

the voice was so elegant and enchanting that I couldn’t believe my ears.
Ms. M does it stand for…” Chip went on naming every possible name meanwhile trying to see the road though the rain.
“So the next song I would like to dedicate it for someone’s special day today. She hasn’t been listening my station for a while, but I’m sure she is listening today.”

Ms. M said “She will love this song ‘My Immortal’ by Evanescence


“That’s my favorite song.” I try to whisper, but it seems that Merissa heard me.
~Music has started~
“Hey, Chip can this Ms. M be talking about Holly.” Merissa whispered to him.
“I doubt it!” he seem confused “plus she said it her self that she disconnected everyone she knew, back then. And that Ms. M seems way to young to know Holly.”
She turn around on her seat to face me and ask. “Holly, so you know who this person could be?”
“No.” I said quickly trying to hear the song.

“I’m so tired of being here
Suppressed by all my childish fears.

And if you have to leave
I wish that you would just leave
‘Cause your presence still lingers here
And it won’t leave me alone.

These wounds won’t seem to heal
This pain is just too real
There’s just too much that time cannot erase

When you cried I’d wipe away all of your tears
When you’d scream I’d fight away all of your fears
And I held your hand through all of these years
But you still have
All of me”

“This song is seems to depressing I think I should change it.” Merissa reached for the radio.
“NO!” I yelled at her. She just stopped and sat back on her seat and chip was unsure of what had happen, but he set one of his hands on her hand.

You used to captivate me
By your resonating light
Now I’m bound by the life you left behind
Your face it haunts
My once pleasant dreams
Your voice it chased away
All the sanity in me

These wounds won’t seem to heal
This pain is just too real
There’s just too much that time cannot erase

When you cried I’d wipe away all of your tears
When you’d scream I’d fight away all of your fears
And I held your hand through all of these years
But you still have
All of me

I’ve tried so hard to tell myself that you’re gone
But though you’re still with me
I’ve been alone all along

“Molly” I whisper
“What?” Chip asked
“The truth is that I did find out what was bothering her, it was because-” Before I could tell them the song continued.

When you cried I’d wipe away all of your tears
When you’d scream I’d fight away all of your fears
And I held your hand through all of these years
But you still have
All of meeeeeee,
meeeeeeeee, meeeeeeee

~End of song~

“So what were you saying, Holly?” Merissa ask, as she turn to my direction.”

[To be Continued...]


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