Sweat slowly dripped down my forehead, my breath hagard and rough. It was hard to control this raw power, my hands were sore now and my head ached as if a leech had drained it. A rough voice shouted," Again, now!" Shaking off the pain, I got back to work, putting my power to the full...

The fountain stopped, droplets suspended in air, people frozen in motion, deadly silence, I had only learnt to freeze technology as well so cameras didn't catch us.

A tanned hand, gave me a pat on the head and in his deep gruff voice he said,"Buon lavoro," I smiled at the apraise. My community were italian but we had moved to America a year ago on my third birthday. I didn't have a father but he was like a father but he was like that to all children. He was our leader, his name was Livino, he was tall, muscular, quite tanned with black hair and deep brown eyes. We had to do what he said, always on 6pm we met at his house to give in what we had taken, now I was taken along on these "trips" because of my power. I wasn't the only one he always took his sons, he had a three sons.

Amos, was a fierce boy I could always feel the emotion of rage coming off him, he was six so he was only two years older than me and he had brown hair and a very light tan which was lighter than his eyes. Leo was five, he was a bully, light tan like his brother but dark blue eyes and I could never sense emotion from him maybe it was because of his power. Clarenzio, was four so he was my age and he had the lightest tan, oaky brown eyes but he always stayed away from me as if I was a disease. I didn't really talk to any of them, they were always together and I was slightly frightened of them. I knew their powers, Amos could control animals but he was learning to use his powers on people, the bigger they were the less powerful the effect was. I thought that was a frighteneing gift after all he could make people a slave and not even know it, I almost feared what he would be like when he was fully trained and that gave me shivers. Leo could read minds, erase memories and add fake ones so he could hack into your mind, he always blocked me when ever I tried to read his memories or look at his future. I was afraid of him the most, just because I couldn't sense or see anything from him and I hated the unknown. Clarenzio could move things with just a thought, make things disappear too but I never knew how he did that though.

I looked at all the frozen people, Livino's people were already robbing them but only the targets, everyone was so tall and I stook out like a sore thumb and I hated it.

Everything was blurring, then it was dark.

I woke up, my room was warm and it was the day I had been waiting for, my 16th birthday, slipping out of bed I pushed my fluffy grey cover back. I felt around for the light switch, my fingers ran over something hard so I pressed it. The room lit up instantly, my room was grey and blue after all the colour white wasn't aloud to be worn or decorated in anyone else house other than Livino. Not a single thing was white in this house, if it was we would be in big trouble.

That is another reason why I stuck out, everyone had a tan, light or dark and dark hair. But I had pale skin so pale you could see very faint blue veins, light freckles on my nose a whishy washy colour, big honey brown eyes which were almost amber coloured and white hair. Yes it was natural, it must have been a freak accident because my mother is a very pale tanned woman with brown hair and light brown eyes. Another thing that put me to a disavantage was the fact I was a very " delicate" small weak person, I barely made five foot. I couldn't shield my mind but I was strong in a different powered way, walking down the brown carpet to downstairs I heard light chatter from the sitting room. Sneaking down,I hoped it was just my mum, rosita, on the phone to a friend.

I walked into the sitting room, there was Livino, Clarenzio, Leo and Amos sat there, their eyes darted to me and they tried to keep from laughing. My white hair was wild and unbrushed, I was wearing a light light blue nightdress which was flimsy and went to the middle of my thighs, then a pair of blue fur slippers which were supposed to go to the knee but had slumped down to my ankles. Bitting my lip, I started to back away until a whispery voice told me to calm down and sit. It must have been Livino because he was pointed to an empty chair between Amos and Leo. I sat there but Clarenzio was the only one trying to not laugh, Amos was just staring at my legs which was very uncomftable, Leo was just staring at my face. I sat inbetween them, Amos's gaze slowly trailed up my body and stopped when he was just about gazing at my face. He gave a heart stopping smile, now I understood certain thoughts coming from girls as young as 14, he was just eighteen now and he had a massive celebration. Alcohol was a big part of it as well, but I'm guessing it was the same for his brothers. Our birthdays were all close, mine is the 14th of febuary, Amos is the day before, Leo is the day after mine and Clarenzio is the 16th of febuary. None of my birthdays have been a big deal, a few stolen presents and cake but other than that I work. Work is all, I do it upholds our thieving community, we all have powers, all unique but yet all look the same.

Livino smiled then said in a cheery voice," Happy birthday Liviana, here," He passed me a little box which had a white bow attached, my breath caught in my throat. Why was Livino giving me a gift, then it dawned on me. I was sixteen and ready to be matched off to who ever Livino wanted me to be with, how could I possible forget this. I was always lost in my little world of work and never thought and did things like the girls, how could I forget this. I smiled in gratitude then opened the box, it was a necklace, our communtiy sign. The locket had a delicate white gold chain, the locket was beautiful with complex swirls and then the wolf had a diamand eye. I stared at it in amazement, why was I recieving a gift like this?

For the first time, Amos spoke with amusement in his voie, it was obvious he knew everything "Do you like it, took us a while to pick it out," My eyes snapped to his face, I hated being in the dark, why was all this happening. Leo could sense my distress as I was too weak to hide it, I never could and that is why I was so vunnerable but I was in so many ways. He looked at me slightly sympathetic then his face returned to it's usual cold uncaring face, they were always secretive but it's how we survive. After the awkward silence my mother said in a sweet voice," Honey go get dressed then we will talk, okay sweetheart," I nodded then wandered out the room then I heard the hushed whispers, I stumbled up the stairs and went into my room. I opened my closet then looked at the bright flash of colours, obviously I never wore them around people I knew as I didn't want to stand out but when I was on the job, I had to blend in with everyone so I did. I had a bad feelinig this was go horriblely wrong so I reached under my bed then picked up my bag and stuffed a load of cash and clothes and other things that I would need just in case. Yearning for a change I decided to slip on my black denim shorts and a brightly coloured cropped like shirt which was baggy and a splash of colour then my all star converses which had the crying lady on by roy litchenstein or someone like that. I didn't usually bother with makeup either but I slapped on some mascara and eyeliner with a tad bit of blusher and lipstick making my lips a blood red. I looked in the mirror and smiled, I looked like the other girls so maybe I wouldn't be known as the weak freak anymore, haha if only they knew the real me.

I quickly ran down the stairs, I clipped on the necklace and wandered in, their reaction was hilarious as my mother almost choked on her herbel tea, for many years she had thought I was an uptight unfashionable girl that didn't have a submissive bone in my body but guess she was wrong. I smiled at Amos and his stunned face, then sat next to him.

" Sooo, what did you want to talk to me about?" I looked around then noticed that the room was filled with people my age and their parents, I frowned then said confused," Er whats going on?"

I could feel peoples looks burning a hole through me but I guess the girls were staring at Amos. Livino was the first to answer my questions," Well it's time for me to choose a lad for you and my sons to pick a woman," My eyes widdened and I stuttered," Bu-ut I don't know anyone here," My voice got more paniced and I desperatly looked for an exit but some people instantly stood infront of it, I glared at Amos for doing that but he just smirked. In a clear voice he said directly to his father," Livino can I pick first?" Livino silently nodded and Amos said with laughter in his voice," I want Liviana," I hissed at him as he taunted," Come here baby and sit with me," I glared at him and stayed where I was. His expression darkened and he repeated," Come here Livi, don't make me force you," I stood up then went over to his, he smirked and said humoured," I will make liviana submissive," As he said that I punched him square in the face and blood ran down onto his shirt, he held his nose, as people crowded him. I made my escape.

Quickly running up the stairs, I grab my bag and then made my way down stairs, I had to hurry as everyone was comming out the room to get me.

I was breathing quickly, my heart was beating so hard. I grabbed my bag, slung some more clothes in and went to the window. It was locked. I thought of my favourite place, I closed my eyes. I opened them. Warm sunshine hit my face, the cool salty breeze blew on my face, the sound of the sea hit the cliffs. I breathed in the salty fresh air and just felt a moment of peace till I realised they were going to find me no matter what.
The thought frightened me because Amos would be furious at me, he would do anything to get me back because once he has chosen he can't choose again. And just like all the other men, he needs a male son, no matter what.

I sat on the floor to think for a moment, if I really wanted I could just end it all now and jump off the cliff but yet again do I have something to live for? I started to think, well it would be a lot easier because I will never have a normal life as they would track me till the day I die and that would be awful as I wouldn't be able to run all my life away from him. I want a family, a normal job, a nice pretty house and well a life I can't have. A normal one.

The days were long and brutal, I booked into cheap hotels, drank coffee all night incase I had to leave, I wasn't eating properly. It had only been one month. They followed me everywhere, London, Paris, Japan, and now I was in New York. The small room barely had space for the single bed and a bedside desk with an old flickering lamp. The walls were yellowing, the wall paper peeling and a damp black spot above my head was dripping. This was only five dollars a night so it wasn't going to be five stars well more like no stars.

I sat on the bed, a million thoughts were running through my head, the sound of the cars and the busy street overwhelmed the quiet knocking upon my door, I quietly got off the bed and started walking to the door. I couldn't sense them so I guess it couldn't be them, or could it?

I stepped on a block and peeked through the hole, it was a young girl.

I opened the door, she only appeared to be around eight or nine years of age, she had dark chocolate brown hair, dark brown eyes and caramel skin, her hair was in pigtails and she was holding an old stuffed bear.

"Hey sweetie, whats wrong?" she looked at me and didn't say a word. I crouched down to her height, she was tall for her age so I didn't have to kneel much. Again I said,"Sweetie, whats wrong?" Concern and worry was beginning to show in my voice. Sh took my hand and began to lead me away from the safety of my room, her hand was warm and almost as big as my small hands. She led me around the dirty corridoors that were almost the colour black till we got to room thirteen.


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