The Call

Lisa Brown was squirming on the couch. Precisely at noon every day her husband called to check-in. "The world could be fucking on fire and he would still call!" she hissed as Jason played with her nipples. Jason just nodded in his goofy off-hand sort of way. Lisa knew he was waiting and that she should send him packing. It was a game and they both enjoyed it in her own way. As the phone rang her face contorted in a pained way. It wasn't the guilt, it was the pleasure she received. As Jonas Brown talked incessantly Jason began inserting first one finger inside her pussy then another. Talk of accounting errors and deadlines only gave her headaches. Lisa found herself trying not to moan as he shoved his face into her crotch. Twirling his tongue always made her explode! Little bastard! As her face grew more animated and flushed Jason began to whistle slowly. Gripping the back of his head Lisa squeezed. His blond hair was sweaty and the beads of it trailed down his back. She found herself rubbing her nipples with her one free hand tweaking them. It was like clockwork! As Jonas finished his call with "Much love" orgasm after orgasm started to combust within her. Jason Irwin might be merely a handyman but he knew how to properly use all his tools. It was the price of a fling with a much younger guy, stroking their ego, whether they deserved it all or not. Not that she minded as he unzipped his jeans and gestured toward his erect penis. It was another part of the game. Lisa liked her games. Winning was great but sometimes losing had its rewards as well. 

"Told you that I could make you cum! Didn't even have to get undressed!" He was smirking like a teenager getting his first kiss. Lisa was in her forties but easily looked thirty. Anyways anything over twenty-five was older than him. Jason thought he was lucky to get a job working on a house like this. Whatever her husband did he definitely knew how to make the green. This was like his third vacation house that he had acquired. Jason had his tool belt slung on his shoulder like a spaghetti western actor. "You promised!" Jason knew the rules. Whoever lost had to do whatever the other wanted.

"Maybe I should just send you out to rake the lawn! That was the reason you were hired remember?" Lisa said condescendingly. When she wanted Lisa could be hard


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Many thanks to Bernice my neighbor. Without her daring me to go further this book would not have been possible.

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