I was inspired to sit down and start this book when I looked at a sparkly, pretty picture of the goddess. I didn't even know what I should write... and then she took over. I hope that her words will reach you and help you as they have helped me.


It is a short read but believe that there is much said between the lines. If you read it more than once you will, hopefully, discover something new every time. Take the feelings, questions and hunches that arise from it as a stepping stone to further meditation and journeying.


I am ever thankful for every reader that the gods have brought here. So, let me now introduce to you... the Goddess!

I am who I am

Thank you for being here, at this moment in space and time.


Imagine how sparkling drops of light are dancing around you, soft on the skin and silken on your lips. They touch your soul, the very essence of your being and ask you to join them in their Dance of Light. It is orchestrated by you and many other beings. Everyone hears a different music but everybody is in tune with each other.

Imagine walking into a huge ballroom of an old castle, softly lightened with candles and crystal chandeliers. You are wearing the most exquisite dress shimmering with your favorite colors, you get to drink and eat everything you want from the brilliant buffet and meet all of your most beloved soul friends. You feel free, magical and flowing. You feel with every pore of your being that life loves you, and that it is exactly here and now where you are supposed to be. All of your favorite songs play and you are enjoying yourself like you never have before.

And then the most soul shaking love song comes on. You turn around just in time to see your most beloved soul friend, the One who has been with you from the very beginning and who loves you like no one else ever can, walking towards you. He is the most handsome and glowing man in the room, and his eyes are fixated on you only. He reaches out to you. You fly into his arms, and the dance continues.

This, my Dear Child, is happening right now. The ballroom is the earth, the castle is the universe, and you and your beloved are the Goddess and God. Did you hear that? You are the Goddess, you are your Life, you are Me. You are meant to be not only happy but shining with the most glorious light, being carried through existence by the wings of love.

I want this for you. I do this for you, if you let me. Will you let me in, will you accept my gifts and my love? Dear Child, I desperately long for you to feel me. I want you to be the magical creature that I created you to be. It is easy once you’re there. But you wonder how to get there, you wonder which way to take, you wonder if you are good enough.

Stop wondering, stop asking and doubting. Because if you do, you face away from me. I have no doubts in


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Tag der Veröffentlichung: 04.10.2018
ISBN: 978-3-7438-8286-7

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