Random Poems
By Kasia


Love is like a sweet candy,
Love is like a blossoming rose,
Love is like a newborn foal,
Love is like the sun coming up,
Love is after the beginning and before the end,
Love is many different things all in one,
Death is the end while life is the beginning,
And Love is somewhere in between.

Herald Poem

I read about heralds every day,
Reading books where my mind does play.
A herald is someone who is loving and caring
and also very courageous and daring.
The steeds they own are full of pride.
When they go on adventures, it’s a wondrous ride.
The stories I read fill my imagination,
with people and places that take my concentration.
Although the stories are not always happy and fun,
there are those days where I wish I was one.


Native Americans were on this land.
They survived on their own in tribes and clans.
They had their art and traditional ways
long before the white man’s days.
They have guarded their secrets for many generations
from the immigrants unrelentless nations.
Hopi tribes teach myth and folklore
and practice their ceremonies with dignity and honor.
Even though they’ve been forced on reservations,
They’ve focused their people on tradition preservation.
American Indians have much to say,
If we would only listen to their ways.


Tag der Veröffentlichung: 30.04.2010

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