Chapter 1

Staff Sergent AngelFallz's lanky frame was fully extended on the rope for what seemed too long on the way down. Hanging from a hovering Blackhawk helicopter, AngelFallz was a full 70 feet above the streets of Afghanistan. His goggles had broken, so his eyes chafed in the thick cloud of dust stirred up by the bird's rotors.

It was such a long descent that the thick rope burned right through the palms of his leather gloves. The rest of his clan, his squad, had already roped in. Nearing the street, through the swirling dust below his feet, AngelFallz saw one of his men stretched out on his back at the bottom of the rope.

He felt a stab of despair. Somebody's already been shot! He gripped the rope hard to keep from landing on top of the guy. It was Private CommanderTster, at 18 the youngest Ranger in his Chalk, a kid just months out of a Florida high school. He was unconscious and bleeding from the nose and ears.

The attack was barely under way, and already something had gone wrong. It was just the first in a series of worsening mishaps that would endanger this daring mission. For AngelFallz, a five-year veteran from Natural Bridge leading his clan, The Legion of Doom into combat for the first time, it was the beginning of the longest day of his life.

Just 23 minutes before, three miles away at the Ranger's base on the Afghan beach, AngelFallz had said a Hail Mary at liftoff. He was curled into a seat between two helicopter crew chiefs, the knees of his long legs up around his shoulders. Before him, arrayed on both sides of the sleek helicopter. He had worried about the responsibility. Twelve men. He had prayed silently during Mass at the mess hall that morning. Now he added one:

"Pray for us sinners, now, and at the hour of our death. Amen."

Chapter 2

AngelFallz dropped from the rope, he hit the ground with a thud, his boots smashed the dust into the air. He quickly pulled a first aid kit out of his ruck sack, knelt down and began putting pressure on Tster's wounds. He grabbed his radio and screamed "We need a medic and some cover on the north bunker!". He grabbed Tster, chucked him over his shoulder and charged into a bunker.

Angel carefully poured water in to Tster's mouth, Tster mumbled "B'hind 'ou". Angel pulled a dagger out of his pocket, turned around and decapitatited an Israeli soldier. Out of the corner of his eye he saw some men sliding down ropes, out of a helicopter. Angel's eyes met those of the squad. He knew them, but he didnt know where from. His brain flashed through all his memories until he realised it was medic Jay Murphy along with lieutenants Kvillez, Astronomer, Sabre and Ray. He
shouted "Over 'ere guys", They all charged towards the bunker under the sound of gunfire. Angel said "Its Tster",Murphy said "Aww shit, he was awesome", he then pulled some bandages out of his backpack and wrapped them around Tsters wounds.

Chapter 3

Tster woke up and mumbled "Where am I?", he heard the voice of a man, replying "Your in the SEALS Favela Base". Tster was dizzy and his vision was blurred. He heard the shell of a bomb hit the ground and explode.
The air was humid and there was sweat dripping down his face.

Within minutes Tster was feeling better. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of moonlight and said "Ive been asleep for hours!". Under the sound of gunfire and explosions, he heard what he considered,
the soft sound of an AC130. Then he felt the floor slightly vibrate, to the beat of footsteps. He looked around and noticed a pistol arms length
from him. He stretched out his arm, grasped it, shaked it and said "Damn, no ammo". Now he heard the footsteps even louder. He stood up, dropped the pistol, pulled a knife from his pocket and swiftly lent
against the wall... "Aarrrghhh", Tster had already slit a mans throat, he turned around and precisely but quickly threw a knife into the chest
of the a soldier. It pierced his skin like a hot knife through butter.

Hours later, he heard more footsteps, but this time he recognised them, he listened carefully just to hear the faint voices of Angel, Murphy and the rest of the squad,
there was almost an echo. After a few seconds, they knocked on the door, and Tster replied "Come in". Murphy then said "We heard you received the Purple Heart for braveness."

Chapter 4

"So guys, what we gotta' do next?" Tster questioned,
Angel replied "We need to clear a rundown in the far east!".

It was twelve minutes to midnight, everyone had suited up and boarded the AC130, Angel was giving a mission brief in the lobby. "Ok guys, the local power systems there reset at twelve o'clock precise, this takes them three minutes and fourteen seconds. While this happens we have a chance to search and sweep every building. We're gone work tactically and stay together, we'll sweep the area in an anti-clockwise circular motion. Beginning up here at the north-east", Everyone looked up at the map and then continued listening, "If the slightest thing goes wrong, they'll hit the alarms and we'll be dead fish.

With 3 minutes to midnight, the squad was preparing their timers. When that was done, Tster sat their praying while Angel sharpened his knife, meanwhile Murphy was finishing up a can of baked beans.

They had only 30 seconds to midnight, the AC130 lightly touched the ground and the squad jumped out and got into positions. The air was humid and was accompanied by big, metallic-coloured beasts of mosquitos. They hid just under a balcony. With complete silence. Suddenly they heard a loud noise! Murphy quietly and embarisingly admitted to farting and said "Sorry, got gas". Angel turned to look at Murphy. He then quietly said "Where the hell is Ray and Sabre?".

Chapter 5

The squad decided to post pone the mission and instead of doing the mission they decided to find there squad members . Everyone on the squad began to look around the house and started to worry about where and what had happened to both Sabre and Ray and why they have vanished away from the operation.

The squad decided to do a search around the building so that they could find any type of trace or clues into where Sabre and Ray could be. But could not find any trace of them anywhere in the building.

"Those son of a bitches probably betrayed us! We've been looking for hours and hours and no fuckin' trace of them anywhere!Now what are we going to do since we lost 2 of our squad members! " angrily said AngelFallz.
"I have an Idea...." said Tster

After a few phone calls and a few arguments it was pretty clear what Private Tsters idea was after a knock on the front door of the building two muscular men appeared with there Mp5ks, Throwing knives and Claymores.

"May I present you guys with Renegade and GameFreak, they are our finest substitues that we had prepared in any kind of emergency and here they are prepared to fight" said Tster proudly.

"Tster. You sir are the new Albert Eintstein" said AngelFallz.

Chapter 6

In a few minutes the rest of the squad members became good friends with the new members, Renegade and GameFreak and decided to discuss the mission they had to do the next day.

"Im going to repeat the mission brief to the new members since they weren't here yesterday when I said it" AngelFallz said

"Ok guys, the local power systems there reset at twelve o'clock precise, this takes them three minutes and fourteen seconds. While this happens we have a chance to search and sweep every building. We're going to have to work tactically and stay together, we'll sweep the area in an anti-clockwise circular motion. Beginning up here at the north-east, If the slightest thing goes wrong, they'll hit the alarms and we'll be dead fish." said Angel.

"Were going to have to be very careful and stealthy during the whole mission, we don't want to lose any of our squad members now do we?" said Tster.

AngelFallz decided to show everyone a map of the building they were going to attack the next day and decided to stratgise the route each squad member would take during the attack. They came to the conclusion that Jay Murphy would be their lookout during the mission. The squad decided that Jay should hide in a building close to the building they were going to attack. He would use his binoculars to see if any enemies were around the squad at any time during the operation. The squad also decided that Jay should use his Silenced Intervention in any case of an emergency.

For Renegade and GameFreak their main task was to clear the ground floor part of the building with there Silenced Mp5ks. They would enter from behind the building so that they could attack stealthly and slowly, this would allow AngelFallz and Tster to complete the mission by clearing the second floor of the building. As for Astronomer his task was to make sure no more enemies would attack after the operation had started by using his Blackbird.

Chapter 7

The very next night, the men stealthly moved closer and closer to the building making sure non of them would get caught.

"Guys there are a group of people around 4 or 5 soldiers.. they look like some people from the clan of the Equilibrium. Those are the people we want to kill so that Afghan doesn't get occupied by them and cause never ending deaths to the people around us, I say you guys slowly kill the guards infront of you first using your silenced Mp5ks, Kill them at the same time so that they don't make any type of sound or attract any type of attention" quietly said Jay Murphy.

"Alright Jay, You heard him guys. Make sure your guns are reloaded and ready to kill the god damn mother fuckers!" angrily said Angelfallz.

"At the count of 3 we shoot.. 1.........2........ 3, Damn those guards bleed bad like they just had there periods" said AngelFallz with a bit of laughter.

As the squad started to approach the building, AngelFallz made sure the rest of the members in the squad knew what to do.

"So you guys all clear on what you have to do? Let me repeat, Rengade and Gamefreak slowly make sure the ground floor is cleared up from all those basterds. Once you guys are done give me a shout over the radio, Thats when me and CommanderTstr will come in and make sure the second floor is cleared aswell. Those are our mission objectives guys, make sure they are done stealthly and slowly, DO NOT attract any type of attention what so ever" clearly said AngelFallz.

The rest of the members knew that this would be there last chance to over come to the Equilibrium, and show them the True and fair justice of The Legion of Doom.

"Remember guys, Failure is not an option..." Slowly said AngelFallz.

And so the Operation began.

"GameFreak, Lets do this" said Renegade

And so Renegade and GameFreak went from behind the building and began their mission. Eliminate any Equilibrium members seen.

"Renegade see that guard 10 meteres away from you?" said GameFreak
"Yeah, I do." said Renegade
"Well, Kill him using your silenced Mp5k." Said GameFreak.
"Sure, Lets do this.. Let me just get a bit closer to the guard first" said Renegade.

Renegade didn't know that the guard had a camera spike in the corner of a room ad that the guard was watching every step Renegade took. Renegade soon later payed for that.

"LEGION OF DOOM CLAN MEMBER In Gate 4, GET HIM!" An Equilibrium Member said.

It took just two bullets to get Renegade Unconsious and on the floor. GameFreak heard the gunshots and he shout and decided to ask Renegade what was going on.

"RENEGADE, What was that!! Renegade!! RENEGADEE!!!!!! ANSWER ME!!" GameFreak shouted over the Radio.
"Hahah Your little friend called Renegade is no longer with us in this world. He has joined the hell that he deserves! I suggest your little Clan give up before there are alot more deaths comin' from your clan." Said an Equilibrium Member.

"Why You Little Mother FUCKER! Your Going to pay for this you little piece of sand nigger shit! Fuck You and Your little clan, My friend is going to go to Heaven that is the place he deserves to go to!" said GameFreak

"Guys we've lost Renegade.. he was a good fella.. I suggest we call in our Black Birds and tell us whats going on in this Area.. Everyone is going wild..Astronomer you with us?" said AngelFallz

"Yeah Im with you, what do you need me to do Angel?" said Astronomer.

"Get into a black bird and tell us whether there are more soldiers and guards from the Equlibrium clan that are coming in to attack us in the Building, Do it Fast before we get screwed!" said AngelFallz in a Hurry.

"Im on it." said Astronomer.

After a few minutes Astronomer noticed a large group of people by the building awaiting The Legion of Doom to get out of the building so that they could kill them. Astronomer told the rest of the clan what was going on and said that if you guys don't get help soon your gonna get shot by hundreds of Equlibrium members.Astronomer also said that if Jay was to shoot any of the Equlibrium members then the odds would be against him..So he was suggested to not do anything.

"Say your prayers guys.. We probably won't make it out alive." said AngelFallz
"Wait.. Lets block the doors using some of the things here, then the Equilibrium members wont be able to get in." said Tster

"Lets give it a try" said AngelFallz

Tsters plan worked for a few minutes but was going to get wrecked at any moment after the items had been placed.

Suddenly, A Chant of people miles away, Voices of Millions and Thousands of people started to appear.. The chants started becoming more clearer and clearer by the moment they started getting closer to the building. The people were chanting "Long Live the Legion of Doom" "Long Live the Legion of Doom" and once again "Long Live the Legion of Doom". They came face to face with the Equilibrium clan and forced them to get away from the building or they would kill them at any moment. The Militants of Afghan were supporting the Legion of Doom and making sure nothing happened to them. Equilibrium did not listen to the Militants and decided to start shooting at the building and get lucky in maybe hitting any of the Legion of Doom clan members. As soon as the Bullets started coming out of Equilibriums guns, The militans started throwing rocks and throwing knifes.

The after math was Horrific, Many of the Militans that saved the Legion of Doom died during the Attack. Equilibrium soldiers wounded. But you could still hear the chanting of the Militants even after all the tragedy.. "Long Live the Legion of Doom.."

After years and years of research it was found that Equilibrium wanted to have war with The Legion of Doom because of its leaked information that Sabre and Ray betayed there Legion just so that they can take it and make Equilibrium the Strongest clan in the world. I guess that didn't work out now for them did it.


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