Chapter 1

Clarissa Jenkins is a mildly attractive woman in a librarian sort of way. She dresses ultra conservatively with more business than fashion sense. She is always quiet and acts more like a mouse, hiding in the shadows and trying to avoid human contact. She is afraid of answering the phone or of talking to another human in general. However, Clarissa has a passion for accounting. Her father was a great CPA and she aspires to the lofty position he held, until his untimely demise…which brings out the Jenkins family long held secret: they are ninjas.

Clarissa’s father, Alan Jenkins, was a master ninja with a CPA. He worked for a large accounting firm where he worked his way through the ranks to mid-level management. This position led him into conflict with a brutal network overlord, who betrayed and murdered Alan while he was on hold with the help desk.

Clarissa vowed revenge. After graduating from college with her accounting degree she went to work at the same firm that her father did. But alas, she is just a drone, working with the other drones. But all that is going to change…

A land of cubicles many rows wide and many rows deep. The office is well lit and has drab off-white paint on the walls. The cubes are in a neutral grayish-blue color devoid of any patterns. The gray carpet is industrial also devoid of life. Employees stay seated at the desks staring away at their screens. A supervisor walks up and down the aisles wearing his cheap K-Mart suit and $20 dress shoes. He has a gold-plated company watch on his wrist and carries a spiked whip. He menacingly walks up to a random cubicle and begins to intimidate one of the drones.

Supervisor: So, Adamson, you lazy toad, what do you think you’re doing with the McNally report? It’s over 30 minutes late! What the heck do I pay you for, you worthless sack of monkey slime!

Adamson: I-I-I’m s-s-sorry sir, I was waiting for the final tally of the Fergusson figures so I could factor in the ROI for the report.

Supervisor: I gave you a DEADline. I don’t give a rat’s behind what lame excuse you have. Who has the Fergusson figures anyway, tell me or it will only get worse for you.

Adamson: I-I-I d-d-d-don’t know, s-s-sir. I’m sorry! Please no, not again, no, I can’t take it again….

Supervisor: You will tell me a name…one way or the other…

The Supervisor raises his whip and begins lashing into the employees back. The sounds of ripping clothing and flesh fill the air. The blood of the innocent drone splatters on the cubicle walls and the computer screen, as well as the floor and even some on the supervisors face. 10-12 lashes, no one counts. The supervisor finally stops, his arm tired.

Supervisor: The name.

Adamson: Jen…s…..

Adamson passes out in a pool of his own blood. The supervisor now caught up in his bloodlust, turns towards Clarissa Jenkins desk.

Clarissa Jenkins sits calmly at her desk, manually adding up columns of numbers using her trusty Texas Instruments calculator. Her cube is plain, with only a picture of her with her father to tell cube ownership. She is the picture of Zen.

The Supervisor bangs on her cube wall. The other employees sense confrontation and cower in the cubes. Clarissa remains calm and doesn’t look at the Supervisor, doesn’t even take her eyes off the spreadsheet.

Clarissa: Yes, may I help you?

Supervisor: You snotty little filth, don’t take that tone with me.

Clarissa: How may I assist you, supervisor?

Supervisor: You’ll get double now, worm. But first, what the heck did you do with the Fergusson figures? The BOSS wants that report NOW!

Clarissa: You, and he, will get the figures as soon as I finish my triple check to insure the accuracy of the bottom line. It’s clearly stated in the employee handbook that this is the policy.

The Supervisor steams with rage, throws down whip and pulls out his Katana that was stashed in his suit coat. Clarissa still hasn’t looked at the supervisor and remains focused on her columns of numbers.

Supervisor: Don’t quote policy to me girl, I wrote that policy. I want those figures now or you’re worse than fired!

Clarissa: It will be at least another 15 minutes, you’re welcome to wait or you could come back. These things take time to ensure accura…

Before she can finish the word, the supervisor has leapt at her with his raised katana. Clarissa deftly moves out of the way just as the blade comes down slicing her desk. Clarissa reacts by drawing her own katana, obviously a superior weapon to that wielded by the supervisor. The supervisor reels back and strikes again, this time his blade nips Clarissa’s shoulder and glances of the filing cabinet. Clarissa yelps in pain. She then leaps up on top of the cube wall. The supervisor leaps on top of the wall and starts following her.

Regrouped, Clarissa thrusts out at the supervisor, a move he barely has time to parry.

Supervisor: You think this is my first fight? I’ve been doing this job for 12 years!

Clarissa doesn’t respond, instead she does a leg sweep which knocks the supervisor off the wall onto another workers desk. The supervisor stabs that employee for getting in the way, blood spurts from the injured employees wound. Then the supervisor runs around the corner towards the water cooler.

Clarissa jumps off the wall and lands directly in front of the water cooler, blocking the supervisor’s path. Swords clash! They dual furiously for 10-15 minutes, in the process knocking over the water cooler and a copy machine. Finally Clarissa gets the upper hand and pushes the supervisor, who falls backwards over the copy machine. His sword slips from his hand and he begins to speak…

Supervisor: Are you going to kill me? You’re the good guy, you can’t kill me. You’re like the others, weak. I would do it; you don’t have the stomach to take another’s life. Weak, like your father.

Clarissa: What do you know about my father?!?!

Supervisor: Only that he screamed like an animal as they tortured him. He did take a while to die though, I’ll give him that. Let me go and I’ll tell you who his killer was…

Clarissa: I’ll find out on my own.

Clarissa plunges the blade into the chest of the supervisor and twists the blade, then in one swift movement, she takes his head.

The other workers are quiet at first, but slowly they begin to cheer. They have found a champion who will defend them, a hero to liberate them from oppression. They have found…

The Ninja Accountant!

Chapter 2

Three shadowy figures are standing in a dark room starring at security monitors. On the screen is the battle between Clarissa and the Supervisor. One of the figures is dressed in a very expensive suit, he’s middle-aged, has thick jet black hair, and an almost handsome face – a man used to power and money. His name is The CEO.

The other figure is a short, balding man with pasty white skin. He is unattractive and clearly overweight. His black t-shirt, black jeans, and doc Martin boots are an odd contrast to the CEO, he is the Network Overlord.

The third figure is a cross between the two, clearly he was athletic, but that was many years ago. Since his knees were blown out in the Big Game in college, he has gained weight and now is almost crushed by his hatred of those that succeed, he is the HR Manager.

Network OL: What is thy bidding, my master?

CEO: Why do you always quote Star Wars? Can’t you communicate normally???

Network OL: Sorry Sir, “Force” of habit…ha ha ha! But seriously, what do you want me to do about the accountant?

HR Manager: Sir, I think we should do a reorganization of that department. Divide up the employees and give them two new supervisors. I have the perfect pair.

CEO: They need to be good – in fact, better than good. They need to be Management Material.

HR Manager: Yes, yes, I see… I think they will do the job nicely. They are well trained, I trained them myself!

CEO: See to it then. We can’t have an upstart thinking that she can cross swords with us.

The HR Manager leaves the room. The Network Overlord remains to work on the rest of the details of the plan. The CEO goes and sits behind is giant mahogany desk and gestures for the Network Overlord to have a seat. The CEO then pulls out a large expensive cigar and lights it, not offering one to the Network Overlord.

CEO: I need you to make this young upstarts life hell. I mean really lock it down.

Network OL: How about unleash a virus on her PC? Or maybe block her internet access?

CEO: Good…let’s also turn off half her key card access and make getting around the building difficult.

Network OL: I’ll get my people on it right away.

CEO: No, not your people, YOU. You will do this personally.

The Network OL gets up to leave, but stops half way and turns to the boss.

Network OL: Do you think she knows?

CEO: That you were the one who murdered her father? I doubt it. But take some time to hone up your skills – you don’t look like you could fight your way out of a wet paper bag at this point, tubby.

Network OL: Yes sir, I’ll get to the Executive gym and practice.

CEO: Take some of your help desk staff with you; make sure they are sharp as well.

Network OL: It will be done as you asked.

CEO: Leave my sight; I need to think of what to do next.

After the Network Overlord left, the CEO stood and looked out the window. He began counting empty parking places to see who to fire next.

Chapter 3

Later that day, Clarissa left work, 45 minutes late after dealing with access issues. She arrived at her small house on a quiet street in a nice suburb of The Big City. Her Siamese cat, Suki was waiting for her wondering what took her human companion so long – and hoping she would bring home food! Clarissa changes into sweats and a tank top and sits on the couch with her carry out Chinese food and proceeds to share her dinner with Suki.

Clarissa: Suki, you have no idea what work was like today, it was murder. I got in a fight with my supervisor and had to kill him.

Suki: meow, meow, meow

Clarissa: I know! It was horrible. I’m glad dad taught me what he did though, or else I would be the one dead!

Suki: meow, meow, meow

Clarissa: yes, I stabbed him in the heart and then decapitated him! It was just instinct!

Suki: meow, purr, purr, meow

Clarissa: Thanks, Suki, I’m glad that you understand. I wish all people could be as understanding as you!

Suki: meow, meow, MEOW!

Clarissa: Ok! You can have the chicken, here.

As Clarissa was dishing out chicken to the cat, the telephone rings. Rather than answer the phone, she is content to let it go to the answering machine.

Mysterious Voice: Clarissa Jenkins, this is your new supervisor. We will be reorganizing the department in the morning and request that you get to work at least 30 minutes early. Failure to arrive at that time will be considered tardy, and you will get a formal warning. I’m sure we will see eye to eye and will work together fine. <click>

Clarissa was nervous. They replaced that supervisor fast, and what was the reorganization about? Was I watched – a shiver went up her spine.

Losing her appetite, Clarissa takes a long hot bath and calls it a night early. Suki agrees and curls up on the bed and they both fall asleep, not knowing what to expect the next day.

Chapter 4

Clarissa decides to get to work an hour early, to avoid any confusion. It’s a good thing she does, because the new supervisor had revised the work start time and “forgot” to call her. The staff was assembled in the large auditorium.

The new supervisors where there, each as ugly and menacing as the other. The first supervisor was huge, over six feet tall and easily 230 lbs. A large scar ran down his face and his false eye was tinted like flames. He wore a casual business outfit with khakis and blue oxford shirt. His casual shoes were steel toed.

The second supervisor was a woman, athletic and shapely with very long dark hair braided like a whip. She wore a business suit that was dark gray and pinstriped. She was not smiling.

New Supervisor #1: We are you new supervisors. From now on this department will be split into accounts receivable and accounts payable. You will receive an e-mail today informing you of your department assignment. I am in charge of the accounts receivable and my name is Günter Herzegovina, but you will call me sir.

The door opens and Clarissa winces as one of her colleagues arrives late. It’s Todd from the copy room. Supervisor #1 brandishes a broad sword and hurls it at Todd, with a loud thud Todd is lifted in the air and pinned to the door – the sword lodged in his chest. Todd never whelped but was killed instantly.

New Supervisor #2: Tardiness will not be tolerated. It will be dealt with in the harshest way. I want you to remember that you work for us. We expect immediate obedience and hesitation will be counted as failure. I am Katya Ivanov, but you will not speak to me unless I ask you a question and then you will refer to me as Mistress.

Katya notices that one of the employees in back is wearing blue jeans. In one smooth movement she throws two knives, striking the employee in the head and heart. The employee is killed instantly and falls ragdoll to the ground. She then leaves her podium and retrieves her knives, wiping the blood on the victim’s jeans. Then she speaks, using a knife as a pointer.

Katya: This wouldn’t have happened if this employee followed the dress code! We will be handing out new employee handbooks today with 1263 new or updated rules. Learn them and you will live. Now get back to work or feel our wrath!

All the employees immediately standup and file out of the auditorium. Once the room is emptied, Katya and Günter turn to a side room and enter, taking their seats at the end of a long table. The chair at the far end of the table is turned around facing the window.

HR Manager: I heard your presentation, well done. I liked the examples you made, good thinking.

He swings around and looks at his workers and claps.

Katya and Günter: Thank you sir.

HR Manager: I am revising the handbook to include 800 more items, including drinking fountain usage, personal items in the cubicle, and approved forms of groveling when being tortured. Let’s crush their little rebellion once and for all.

Katya: We live to serve you, Manager!

Günter: We shall carry out your orders as requested.

HR Manager: Who do you serve?

Katya and Günter: HR Manager!

HR Manager: Serve me well and in time you will be greatly rewarded. Ha, ha, ha!!!

Chapter 5

The CEO and the Network Overlord are looking at the security monitors together, watching and listening in on the HR Manager’s conversation.

CEO: Well, well, well. Is he planning a revolt against me?

Network OL: It is pointless to resist…

CEO: What did I say about Star Wars! But yes, it would be pointless.

Network OL: Shall I dispatch my Senior Tech squad to work on his pocket pc?

CEO: Not just yet. Let’s keep this between us and see where it starts to lead.

Network OL: I will monitor the situation. I think he needs a new laptop…

CEO: Excellent plan, make sure it sends me a copy of everything he does – I will control this personally.

Network OL: Yes, my master.

CEO: Excellent….

The Network Overlord then leaves to procure a new laptop for the HR Manager. The CEO stares out his window at the parking lot, looking to see if an employee has too nice a vehicle.

The Network OL arrives back in his office and sequesters himself in his dungeon with a brand new Dell Laptop. He begins to load layers of spy ware onto the laptop and points all the programs back to his desk, with some of the programs copying the CEO. One of the help desk lackeys enters the room.

Help Desk Lackey #1: Sir, that rebel scum is here, we are tracking her access.

Network OL: Excellent, our first catch of the day!

They both laugh at the Star Wars reference and begin discussing the trailer for Episode X. After 27 minutes they return to the conversation they had started.

Network OL: …so my new Vader suit will be done within a week.

Help Desk Lackey #1: Excellent! I’ll wear my Storm Trooper armor and we can go to lunch! Anyways, shall we throw any surprises at her? Maybe a password trap door? Lock out her account?

Network OL: No, not yet. You must learn to be patient, only then can you truly begin to destroy. Remember, what is best in life?

Help Desk Lackey #1: To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their hard drives.

Network OL: You are learning well, GO! Do my bidding!

Help Desk Lackey #1: Yes, Network Overlord!

The help desk lackey turns and leaves, closing the door behind him. The network overlord returns to his secret project with the laptop.

Chapter 6

Morning Break time, Clarissa is getting ready to leave her desk to grab something out of the vending machine, when she hears a ruckus. She stands up and attempts to peer over her cube, but the wall is too high, so she stands on a tax code book. Günter is beating an employee with a keyboard. Clarissa can’t let this go on.

Using her stealth abilities, she creeps up and at the last moment blocks the downswing of the keyboard with her sword.

Günter: Are you challenging me????????

Clarissa: …I guess…

Günter: What speak up, I didn’t hear you, mouse.

Clarissa: YES, blockhead! I am challenging you.

Günter: Terrific, I need to wet my blade with the blood of a nerd.

Clarissa: You can try, but I think I’m getting fairly good at this.

Günter pulls out his large two handed broadsword and takes a mighty swing at Clarissa. She ducks but the blade sheers off the top of a filing cabinet. Clarissa flips backwards and lands in the open common area by the fax machine and printers. Günter lumbers after her.

Clarissa takes a strike at Günter with her katana; he starts to move but gets nicked in his left shoulder. He smiles.

Günter: Good, you managed to draw first blood.

Clarissa: It’s just the beginning.

Günter then tries a thrust with the broadsword, but Clarissa is much too agile for such a cumbersome weapon.

Katya was watching the fight and decided she should weigh into the battle. She pulls out her double short swords and whirls into action.

Clarissa senses trouble and jumps into the air, missing Katya’s whirling strike by inches. Günter throws his broadsword at Clarissa while she is still in the air, she spins to avoid the throw sword – which still makes a slice on her leg. She lands hard, but recovers in time to parry the dual short swords swung by Katya. Clarissa manages to push Katya backwards and flings a pair of shuriken at Günter; both catch the side of his head.

Now with Katya to deal with, Clarissa circles around. Katya strikes at her with a furious volley of blows that Clarissa is barely able to block.

Katya: You look tired; maybe you should take a break?

Clarissa: I will, as soon as you are gone.

Katya: Don’t forget to mark it on your timesheet!

Katya strikes both swords at Clarissa’s head, but Clarissa manages to grab Katya’s wrists and stop the thrust. Using all her strength, Clarissa bends back Katya’s wrists and uses the dual short swords like a giant pair of scissors to remove Katya’s head. Blood spurts everywhere!

Clarissa begins to rest when she hears movement from where Günter was lying. With expert timing, she thrusts her katana backwards and pierces Günter’s heart. Both supervisors are dead.

The office is eerily calm. Then a cheer rings out, then more, and then the whole office erupts in loud merriment and chanting of Clarissa’s name. She is too tired to respond.

Chapter 7

The CEO is standing in his office, checking the parking lot for wads of gum thrown of his precious asphalt.

CEO: Well, so much for the HR Manager’s plan. I’m calling a meeting.

The CEO sits at his desk and pages his secretary and tells her to put together a meeting of the Senior Staff.

An hour later, the boardroom is packed with Managers. The HR Manager is seated at the end of the table. The Network Overlord saunters in and plops down in his chair, a custom made replica of Captain Kirk’s command chair. He is located next to the CEO, who sits at the head of the table on a replica of a medieval throne.

CEO: We have a staffing issue. We lost two more supervisors today.

Everyone in the room gasps. The room is silent for a moment before the CEO begins to speak again.

CEO: We had two seemingly expert supervisors cut down today by a rogue accountant. She was quick and methodical, and fought with daring and grace. What should we do with suck a menace?

HR Manager: We could promote her. We could bring her to our side by corrupting her with power and a better parking place.

Network OL: Sure, and then I can give her unrestricted rights to the network…WAKE UP! You’re such a moron.

HR Manager: Shut up, fatty, like you could have a better plan. You hide behind your technology and are afraid to…

Just then with a few swift keyboard strokes, the HR Managers chair converts at the top and begins choking him. The HR Manager struggles for breath as the chair squeezes the life from him.

CEO: Enough of this, Overlord, release him!

Network OL: As you wish.

A few quick keystrokes later the chair releases the HR manager who falls forward on the table gasping.

CEO: Wait, did we just reenact a scene from Star Wars? You are a big nerd, knock it off! We have a serious issue to deal with here.

The other managers begin discussing the issue, while the CEO stands up to pace the room. He comes to a stop behind the HR Manager.

CEO: We need a plan that won’t fail. We’ve had enough failure at this table.

The CEO pulls out his katana, strangely familiar to the one carried by Clarissa Jenkins. He stabs the sword, through the HR Manager, into the table. The sword sways back and forth from the force of being stuck in the table.

CEO: Watson, you’re promoted to HR Manager. I’m going golfing. While I’m gone I want this issue resolved.

The CEO turns and leaves the room, slamming the door behind him. The Managers look around at each other in stunned silence.

Chapter 8

Clarissa decides to use the lull in killing to get some work done. She really does enjoy accounting. She calms herself by looking through columns of numbers and tabulating totals. While doing ten-key, she is interrupted by Kory Fields, a semi-handsome CPA with who she shares a cubicle wall.

Kory: You doing ok? I mean it’s been pretty rough around here lately.

Clarissa: I’m fine, I guess.

Kory: Let me look at those cuts, I’m this floors first responder.

Kory bandages up Clarissa’s wounds. Nothing required stitches or surgery, just some minor sword scratches.

Kory: There you go, good as new.

Clarissa: Thank you.

Kory: Can I take you to lunch? I know this great little hamburger shop around the corner.

Clarissa: That would be nice, I’d like that.

After straightening up their desks they clock out for lunch.  The hamburger place was indeed close and was basically empty. They order and then sit at a table in the back. While it and small talk, they find that they share a lot of common interests: auditing, Quicken, computer games, and CATS!

Kory: You know, I really appreciate what you did in the office. You were amazing. Where did you learn to do that?

Clarissa: My dad taught me. He was a master ninja and a CPA, in fact he worked at the same place we do. That is until he died…

Kory: Clarissa, I knew your dad. He was my mentor. I didn’t know he had a daughter until just now. Wow, this is amazing.

Clarissa: You worked with my dad???

Kory: He could fill out the 1040 faster and more accurate than anyone I’ve ever met, he was incredible.

Clarissa: How long did you work with my dad?

Kory: About 3 years, up until his death 5 years ago…I miss him. There is so much more that I want to learn!

Clarissa: I miss him too.

Kory: Say we need to get back to work. Do you want to go out for dinner sometime?

Clarissa: Ok, that sounds nice.

Chapter 9

They return to work finding that the mess was cleaned up and there was a message for Clarissa to report to HR. Clarissa was surprised that the regular HR Manager was missing. In his place was a new guy – Jim Watson, who was the head of Employee Benefits.

Watson: Welcome to my office, Clarissa. It is so good to have you join me. Would you care to take a seat and tell me about the recent troubles you’ve had with your supervisors?

Clarissa was wary, why was he being so nice to her and what did he want – nobody in this company did anything without selfish motives.

Clarissa: I would prefer to stand, thank you. I have been attacked one supervisor and came to the aid of a fellow employee. I can give you a full written report if you would prefer.

Watson: The Company is concerned. We have spent serious time and money on our supervisors and don’t like to see them removed from service. The Company needs to deal with this situation – effectively and immediately.

      Do you know the facts about what happened to your father? Do you know how he really died? It wasn’t a training accident – I assure you that. He was betrayed and murdered by someone in his own department. Your father didn’t agree with everything we were doing in the Company, but he was a good man. One of his bright young stars betrayed him.

      Think on that. Are you like your father or like that young man who betrayed his supervisor? Are you a team player? Clarissa, I want you to take the rest of the day off – clear your mind. Think about what the Company can do for you and what you can do for the Company. Dismissed.


Clarissa was surprised and shocked by the statements about her father. The Company considered him a good man, but the Company was evil. She was confused and needed to get away. She left the HR office and went straight to her desk to get her jacket and purse.


On her way to her car, the CEO was in the parking lot writing down car makes/models to see which employee had too nice a car for their position. Clarissa drove an older model Ford Focus – definitely not on the threat list.

CEO: It’s Clarissa, isn’t it? I heard you had a little trouble today. Just know that I have an open door policy – if you need anything, just let me know.

Clarissa: Yes, sir. Thank you sir, I appreciate it.

CEO: You know, your father was a good man, a real Company man. We could always count on him. I hope the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, you know what I mean?

Clarissa: Yes, sir, I understand what you’re saying.

CEO: Looks like you could use an upgrade on your car, I know a guy – maybe we could work something out.

Clarissa: Thank you, sir. I have to be going, but I will consider what you’ve said.

Clarissa unlocked her car and prayed that it would start. It sputtered to life and she was able to drive out of the employee parking lot without incident.

Chapter 10

She went home and had to take a shower. Between the HR Manager and the CEO, she was worn out. During her shower, Clarissa decided to call her mother.

Mother: Hello, Clarissa darling, how are you?

Clarissa: I’m fine, well no, I’m not really. Mom, was daddy a good man – really?

Mother: Of course he was a good man! Your father was the most loving, gentle, kind, caring man I have ever met.

Clarissa breathed a sigh of relief.

Mother: Why, what brings that up?

Clarissa: Trouble at work today. Mom, you know about the skills daddy taught me, right? Not just how to use a slide ruler or a ten-key, but the ninja stuff, right? I had to use my skills to protect myself and some co-workers today.

Clarissa’s mother became very quiet on the phone.

Mother: Dear, let me tell you what I know. Your father and I met at the International Ninjitsu Training Academy. I know his secret. I insisted he pass the family legacy down to you. In fact, I’ve been meaning to have you come over for coffee – I have a family treasure for you. My katana was forged five hundred years ago by one of the first masters. In fact, come over tomorrow after work.

Clarissa: Oh mom! That’s great. I’ll be there directly after work – maybe I should pick up dinner – that place dad used to love. Thanks mom, I needed a friendly voice. Oh, so they want to know if I am going to be a team player – I don’t think I can.

Mother: Clarissa honey, do you know how your father survived in that company for 35 years? It wasn’t just that his blade and wits were sharp, he knew how to play the game. You tell them yes, go along with them for now – pick your moment to strike. When you are weak, join them. When you become strong, attack them. Bend like the reed, but be as sharp as steel.

Clarissa: But mom, what if they ask me to do something evil, like fire an employee?

Mother: They will. They will test your resolve. If you must fire someone, fire someone who deserves it. That means you need to know your employees very well. Love them, but stay cautious.

Clarissa: OK, mom. That sounds hard, but I will do my best and I will see you tomorrow.

Clarissa hung up the phone and picked up Suki. She pet her cat and then decided she needed to go practice her moves in order to be ready for tomorrow.

She sharpened her Katana and Stars, using a new whetstone she had imported from Japan. The waves in her blade had the perfect cloudy pattern as she worked it gently on the stone. Clarissa then dried and oiled her blade, maintaining the glow and protecting from rust or imperfection.

The second bedroom in Clarissa’s apartment was her practice room. Hanging from the ceiling was a series of tatami mats, each at different heights for cutting heads, hearts, or hands. She dimmed the lights to add challenge to her exercise and took a swipe at the nearest mat. Whishh!  She cut it clean in half. 20 mats later and she needed a rest – and to resharpen and polish her sword for the next day.


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