I look around, to find myself in the woods. Far out in the distance i can see him, his silluiette looks familiar but i can't remeber where i have seen it before, he's walking away from me, i walk towards him.Everytime i get closer , he gets further away.

i scream his name, i need to know his name, i need to know who my soulmate is, but nothing happens, its hopeless. i stop realising how stupid this is when i feel two strong arms wraps around my waist and pull me in. I laugh knowing exactly who it is.

"You just couldn't stay away, now could you? huh" My laughter dies instantly. NO! it can't be! Please anyboody but him.

I turn around and scream, my prince charming isn't holding me, more like the prince of my nightmares is.....


Chapter 1

Riley's P.OV#


I wake up choking on my scream. My bedroom door opens, revealing a young but very worried looking Amar, she isn't family by blood and she is human but she is all that I and Ayanna have except Uncle Draco and his family. Amar rushes to my side and places a glass of water into my very shaky hands. I can barely drink without her help, after I finish she puts it back.

"Sweetie, what's wrong? Are you okay?" She asks, I smile slightly.

"Everything is okay" I'm okay I mumble to myself, she makes a face clearly stating that she doesn't believe for a second what I am saying. I take a deep breath and attempt to smile again. "Amar, I swear it's nothing. I am just a bit stressed over everything lately" I tell her truthfully as possibly. I don't want to make her worry even more by telling her that I am still having nightmares about Quince. I shiver at the thought. Amar put a blanket over my thinking that I must be cold, oh Amar how I would love to tell you and Ayanna everything but I can't, I need to keep you both safe even if it mean getting killed, I will never let you find out the truth. "Thanks" I mumble, knowing well that she couldn't hear me.

"You sure?" She asks, I just nod my head "If they had come again then I don't know what I would have done" she sighs.

"Amar" I say skeptically "You know me, I will put my mojo on and kick the shit outta them" I look at her face and realize what I just said "Wait... I meant I would kick the living dayligh-"

"Young lady, just because you know how to fight, does NOT mean you can use that kind of language in this house" Oh here we go again, don't get me wrong, I love Amar and all but I can't help what my mouth wants to say, it has a will of its own, I don't care about what others think about me but hey I wasn't born to impress? So what's wrong with using a bit of 'Bad Language'? Oops I realize that she is still talking "I did not raise you both like that, I raised you better then that"

 "Sorry Amar, I won't do it again" I swear I just heard her say "you always say that". I put on a puppy dog face knowing its one of her weaknesses. Her face softens slightly.

"Very well but try not to do it again" she warns and kisses the crown of my head. "Night sweetie, try and get some sleep"

"Night Amar'' she leaves my room just as my phone goes off.

I check the caller ID 


"What do you want?''  I snap at him, not bothering to say hello.

"Well hello to you to PRINCESS" he says drawing out the word 'princess'. I growl at him through the phone.

"Don't call me that you know out of everybody how mush I hate being called that'' I tell him slightly pissed at him and besides who doesn't get cranky when they hardly get any sleep?

"Ok, sorry anyway I called to tell you that your needed'' he says calmly, I look at my clock that shows that its 2am.

"WHAT! Now? But.... its late'' I whine.

"Yes, I know but tell Michael that, he told me that it was an emergency''.

"Yeah well you can tell him that he can shove it where the sun don't shine!'' I say.

He chuckles "Oh I can't wait to see that happen''

"Fine'' I grumble "Tell him that I will be there in ten minutes''

"Ok, bye PRINCESS'' Urgh dammit! If Caleb wasn't my best friend then I would have killed him. I sigh and get out of bed.

I change into a pair of faded black jeans, a white tee saying 'you were made for me' and a black knee high flat boots. I pull my messy bed hair into a ponytail. I grab my black jacket from my chair and put it on and I grab my phone and put it into my pocket. I move towards my closet and get my dagger hoister and slip it onto my right thigh. I leave my bedroom and head towards the weapons room, its filled with swords modern and ancient, daggers, guns, crossbows, etc....I find my favorite wrist blades and put them on, the cool thing about them is that they look like bracelets so if your weapons are taken then your still have them, I grab two daggers and hide them in my boots and lastly my prized possession, my dagger given by my mentor a couple of years ago, I still miss him, I put the dagger into its hoister on my right thigh. I leave the weapons room and head towards Amar’s; I need to tell her where I'm going. Seeing me in her doorway and stops whatever she was doing. Wide eyed she comes towards me.

"Oh lord! You have got to be joking with me! They need you now?'' I rub the back of my neck.

" yeah...M...Michael says that it’s important'' I stutter, I hate it when I stutter; it makes me feel like an idiot!Amar sighs and pulls me into a hug.

"Why you are always needed? One day believes me I will make that Idiot regrets it!'' I pull away and laugh at her words.

"Don't worry; nothing will happen'' I reassure her, this is what I love about her, she doesn't question my loyalty to the Guild. Oh shit! I don't know what I would do if she found out what I was doing!

"Be careful"

"I will and call me if anything happens'' I leave and get in to my Audi R8 and drive off.

Chapter 2

Seth's P.O.V#

"You've got to be joking right?'' I asked my best friend Blake.

"Nope'' he said popping the p "You should have seen her face, it looked like she was desperate to strangle him to death''

"He would have deserved it though'' Blake punches my arm, playfully

"AWW, when did you start to become a ladies man?'' he cooed.

"shut up'' I rub my arm, damn remind me to get pay back on him. My younger sister Schylure walks in front of us both, making us stumble back slightly before we bump into her, Skye has the same jet black hair as me but her hair is wavy and longer, she has pale blue eyes where as I have velvet green, she has a slightly pale complexion where I tanned complexion, her petite frame attracts lots of male attention like today, Blake is practically eye-raping her. Pervert! I elbow him in the stomach.

"Stop staring at my sister you perv!'' I hiss.

"Hey, it’s not my fault that she's hot!'' he says rubbing his stomach. I can tell that Skye heard because she raises an eyebrow and smirk’s.

"shit she heard"

"Yeah. Sherlock! She’s is standing in front of us'' I smack the back of his head.

"hey stop hitting me!" he complains"Hey Blake'' she says to Blake.

"Seth, mom and dad want to talk to you now'' she says to me.

"Oh ok..... Where?'' I ask.

"In dads study'' she replies.

"Ok thanks'' I walk towards dad's study. I wonder what he wants since I haven't been put onto another mission yet. I am in front of his study in only a matter of seconds thanks to my speed. I raise my hand to knock-

"Come in Seth'' My father call out. Dammit I hate it when he does that.

I open the door and enter shutting it quietly behind me. My fathers study isn't that grand, it’s got a desk, two singular leather chairs and a double sofa, papers scattered on his desk and the ground, cabinets, fireplace and other things I can't remember the names of. In one of the chairs a man is sitting with his back facing me.

"you must think why have I called you, yes?'' he asks.

"yes father'' "sit down Seth'' I take a seat opposite my father on the double sofa. I can see the man's features, he has black hair like mine but a little lighter, blue eyes, sharp bone structures, pale complexion but suites him quite well, he is wearing a three piece suite he looks familiar but I cant remember where from though.

"This is Mr. Xian Draco and his niece is the Princess of the DrakeKingdom'' Ah that's it that Darke Kingdom I shake his hand.”He needs our help in solving the sudden deaths of his people and his niece is trying her best but she won't be able to cope with everything on our own so Mr. Draco her has requested us for our help and I told him that we would help''

"So you want me to go there and help her out?'' I ask.

"Something like that'' my father says. "Xian want you to help her  solve the case with her meaning that you will be moving in with them and your team will also be helping''

"oh ok'' I say, I hate it when my father bosses me about, I'm 21 for heavens sake!

"If you have a problem then it doesn't matter'' Xian says.

"No of course it isn't a problem'' I say "So when, where are we going to go?'' I ask. 

"My niece lives in London and the plane tickets are for Monday''

"ok then, I will inform my team about this then'' I say turning  to leave.

"Seth make sure your careful'' my father says, like he gives a fuck about my well being!I leave the room after that, when do I feel like the where planning some thing? I got my phone out and phones Blake.

"Dimi, sup!'' I roll my eyes at his nickname for me.

"Hey Blake I need you to call the others and tell them to pack because will be leaving for London on Monday and tell them that I will meet them at the airport, thanks'' I hung up after that not bothering to he his reply. I wonder what Xian's niece look like?, will she be just like he uncle pale and scary or just care free an down to earth. I walk into my room and pull out a suitcase filling it with all the things that I would need, I lock it and drop it onto the ground then I just flop onto my bed. My last thought was                                                                                  SOUL MATE!

Chapter 3

Seth's P.O.V#

I walk towards the one place I know that I will find her.The woods!I don't know how I know but there is always this kind of strong connection pulling my towards the woods, towards her, I know for sure that she is my soul mate but I need to know who she is and her name!I can see her, her long black attacking the wind, her petite figure fitted in a white dress and her cream colored skin is all that I can see. I walk towards her but something's wrong I don't know what but it just is, I start to walk towards her, more slowly this time though.

"Hello, excuse me'' that's when she turns around, I know exactly who she is.

"Hello, who are you?'' she asks.

"I would say like wise'' I say flirtatiously, crossing both my arms.

"Someone that you will regret meeting'' that was when she changed into a horrible beast no man ever would want to see, believe me. I stay frozen, even when she starts to crawl towards me, growling.

"WHO ARE YOU?'' I ask in a powerful voice I never knew I had. That was when she came, I closed my eyes waiting but nothing happened. I open my eyes and see a pure white wolf, pinning that she-beast to the ground. I walk towards them and the white wolf looks my way. My eyes are glued to her piercing blue eyes, she was too focused on me when the she-beast flung her off. the white wolf landed close by me but regained her balance quick, she growled at the beast.

"LET HIM BE, ELZA'' the white wolf says.

"He is mine and I will do what I want, Shadow Hunter'' replies Elza.

"He is not a toy and I  don't care if he is yours but YOU WILL LET HIM BE!'' she growls.

"No'' it all happened so fast that I didn't see it coming, Elza attacks me and I fall with a thud onto the floor, I am looking at her face, ugh its disgusting, then all of a sudden she is ripped off of me,  thank god. I look to see that Elza and the white wolf are circling each other.

"I gave you a choice, you chose to disobey me and there are always consequences'' that white wolf says.

"You do not own me shadow hunter''

"I may not own you but I certainly know for a fact that if you do not leave now then I will kill you''

"O...OK b...but just don't kill me''

"LEAVE'' Elza leaves dragging her body with her. Coward! Damn and I would have loved to see a she-beast and a she-wolf fighting over me, it’s not like you can see that everyday, now can you? The white wolf turns around but stays in her wolf form as if she is scared I will recognize her.

"Who are you?'' I ask.

"Nobody that you will know or want to know'' she replies.

"Ok then why are you here?''

"Because Elza needed to be taught a lesson'' she says matter of factly.

"Wait how the heck am I talking to you, your only human, how can you hear me?'' she asks.

"You think I wouldn't be able to talk to my own soul mate?'' I ask skeptically, smirking. Her reply wipes the smirk off of my face.

"No, I am not your soul mate''

 "Yes you are'' I say trying to persuade her "Elza said that you were a shadow hunter as well and so am I, how can we both be here if we are not soul mates?'' I say, quite stubbornly.Her eyes widen with realization, she turn around and start to run back into the forest. "Wait! I don't even know who you are'' I say, I don't know if she replied but I heard the  wind say                                                         

                                                       NOBODY,JUST FORGET ME

Chapter 4

Riley's P.O.V#

I walk up the path that leads towards my destination. I am very shit with descriptions so all I can say is that the Guild building looks like any normal building so that humans won't get suspicious of anything when my people enter it.The doors open, slamming a gust of cold wind into my face but it doesn't affect me. I walk towards Cher the receptionist and ask where Michael is, she tells me that he is in his office so I walk towards it and enter the office not giving a crap with knocking.

"Ah Riley still no manners I see'' Michael tsks.

Michael is 22, he's Sylvain, my cousin's best friend. Women literally drool over him whenever he smiles making all the men glare at him in return. he is 6''7 compared to my 5''6 yeah I’m short and what?! he has short dirty blond hair, bright blue eyes, navy blue shirt that hugs his abs, black khaki pant, black army boots and a black jacket. I had a crush on him a couple of years ago but I’m over that now, all I see is a cocky prick who wakes my up for no shit what-so-ever!!

"What the hell do you want, Michael?!" I say, ignoring his comment and getting straight to the point.

"Oh you know Riley, same old same old'' Bastard is just doing that to get on my nerves.

"Michael just tell me what the fuck you’re on about, cause I don't have any time for you bullshit'' I say my words filled with annoyance.

"Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed'' Michael mutters. I take a menacing step towards him.

"I would have been asleep peacefully if it wasn't for this crappy world giving me a fucking hard time!'' I sigh "sorry I shouldn't have said that'' Michaels face becomes serious.

"No Riley you should of, you have bottled up everything and you needed to let some out, everybody needs that and your no different'' I just shrug.

"Anyway what did you want?'' I say changing the topic; Michael seems to realize this and drops it as well.

"Well, for the past few days the number of deaths that have happened are starting to increase'' he says, picking up an envelope and handing it to me ''Riley you should be really careful on how your handling everything, you don't have to worry about him no more, he's gone''

''I know bu-'' I start.

''No buts Riley, he has gone so you don't have anything to worry about'' I sigh defeated, surprise flashes across Michael's face. ''Riley just look at what's in the envelope and then decide what to do''

''I will thanks'' I say turning around to leave.

"Make sure you be careful'' We might hate each other but we still care for each other. Sometimes we get along. Michael really isn't in charge, we both are really powerful in my kingdom but I’m a little bit more and since he is older than me I let his take some responsibility towards my people.I walk out of the Guild building after saying bye to Cher when my phone goes off.

I check the I.D

Uncle Draco

''Hey uncle, what's up?'' I ask casually trying not to make him worry.

"Hey Riley sweetheart, how are you'' he asks''Oh you know, same old, same old'' repeating Michael's words and laughing silently to myself.

''Ok that's good, anyway I phoned you to tell you that the king from the Lelantos kingdom has offered their help and I accepted, so that means that the kings son Seth will be arriving over on Monday'' My uncle said.

''Ok so how come you are telling me this'' I ask, confused and slightly angry.

''Because you will have to join with his team and work together, besides you should know before hand so you can inform you team'' He replies.

''Ok'' I say not wanting to create a scene.

''Riley sweetheart I will talk to you later, bye and take care of yourself''

''Ok uncle same goes to you and bye'' I hang up and huff. Great I have heard about this 'Seth Lelantos' and he is a real hottie with the girls but guess what? This girl here won't fall for his charms

Chapter 5

Riley's P.O.V"Mr. Carter looks hotter in black""No he looks hotter in blue"I am currently sitting in the canteen trying to enjoy my lunch while my two friends Rose (Ro) and Aniswailah (Lilah) are bickering about what color Mr. Carter look hotter in, in my opinion I couldn't care less what color he wears"Black''''Blue''''Black''''Blue'' ''Will you two just shut the hell up and let me eat my lunch in peace'' I shout glaring at them. Rubbing my temples I let out a shaky sigh.''Someone woke up on the wrong side of their bed'' I hear Ro mutter''Sorry, its just that I’ve been stressed lately, my personal, social and  home life are becoming unbalanced and I’m just- ugh I didn't mean to be mean or anything so sorry' I say giving them both a sheepish grin''Nah its okay, and besides when will this hot prince Mr. Lelantos be coming? And where will he be staying'' Lilah asks Oh did I forget to mention that Rose and Aniswailah are Shadow-Hunters as well so they know that the Lelantos Prince will be coming? No? Well tough!I shrug ''Don't know. don't care'' I say boredRo pouts ''Awe Riley don't be so grumpy. I've heard so much about them so come on spill''I sigh ''Ro they can't stay will you if that's what your hoping because there will be more of them coming so tell me where will they stay?'''But still come on spill''''No, you already know the answer and I don't want to repeat it''''O k, whatever'' she says, defeatedNo matter how much I asked my uncle to change where they would be staying he wouldn't. I was angry with him because I wasn't informed before hand about this arrangement and I wasn't asked about it either.I look at my watch, which reads 1:30, meaning that my free period has just finished.''Shit'' I mutter ''Guys I gotta go or Mr. Carter will kill me'' I say while grabbing my stuff and running towards my class.''You luck bitch'' I hear Ro shout ''I wouldn't mind dying in Mr., Carter's hands, at least I’ll die by a hot guy'' I hear Ro and Lilah start to laughI didn't realize where I was running until I bumped into a hard wall and fall on my butt ''Ouch you idiot, can't you watch where your going or do you have to wear a sign that say' Watch out I don't have brakes'?''(sorry I have bad sarcasm when I am in a bad mood) I look up to see Caleb grinning. He helps me up and hands me my bag ''You stupid Monkey why aren't you in class?''He raises an eyebrow ''I got called to the office for something since your dying to know and shouldn't you be in class since it's already'' he looks at his Rolex watch''1:35?''''Bye'' I run around him. I could hear his laughter bouncing off the walls. When I got to my class I stopped and calmed down al little, breath in, breath out I kept chanting in my head. I open the door and everybody's eyes snap towards me.Mr. Carter tsks'' Ms. Ronan may I ask what your excuse is for being late to my class is again?'' He asks looking amusedMr. Carter is actually quite young for a teacher, 24 years olds. He has a slight tan, piercing blue eyes, black hair and around 6''7. Today he is wearing a blue button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up, black tie, black khaki pants and black slacks. He raises an eyebrow thinking that I was checking him out.I scoff ''No you may not but since you asked nicely, I lost track of time'' I shrug my shoulder.''Well Ms. Ronan I’d say that this better not happen again but then again I know it would so would you please take a seat''I go to the back and sit in between two of my friends Mercy and her twin Marcus. I take out a pen and my notebook and start taking note but eventually got bored and started doodling.About halfway through the lesson Mr. Carter starts to talk about Zeus and Kronos.''Can anybody explain why Kronos was afraid of his wife Rhea having children?'' He asked, all of the girls put their hands up.''Riley'' My head snaps up''What?!''''Can you explain why Kronos was afraid of having children?'' He asked my knowing full well that I wasn't paying attention. This will show him....''Kronos was the king of the Titans and he was afraid to have children because he  thought that they would kill him the same way he killed his father'' I replied smirking''Good, now can you say what Rhea did to prevent him for harming her son Zeus'' He asks , sitting down on his desk. I sent him a glare and got a smirk in return ''Kronos was so scared that he started to eat his children after they were born'' I wrinkled my nose in disgust but carried on ''When Rhea gave birth to Zeus her sixth child she tricked Kronos by giving him a stone to swallow instead of Zeus. She his the Zeus in a cave where he was raised by a goat''                                                                                    **********Ding, Ding, Ding*''Finally'' I say''Ms. Ronan would you please stay behind''''Asshole'' I mutter knowing he heardI watch as everybody leaves the room, four, three, two one and now I’m alone with Mr. Carter, Yay (Note Sarcasm)''Riley would you care to explain why you were late to my lesson'' He asks''Like I said; I lost track of time'' I reply, annoyed. "Anyway what do you want Nicholas'' I say using his first name.''Firstly it’s Mr. Carter to you and help me put the books away''''I'm not your slave!'' I mutter but still do what he said. I know he heard what I said because he is smirking.Not wanting to him I put on my headphones and press play, listening to Starships by Nicki Minaj whilst collecting the books.I start to dance to the chorus, forgetting where I was.Starships are meant to fly,                                                                                                                                      Hands up and touch the sky,                                                                                                                                     Can't stop 'cause we're so high                                                                                                                                    Lets do this one more time                                                                                                                                    (Oh oh,-)I twirl around and bump into a very amused looking teacher. I drop the books on my feet and yelp making me fall onto the floor.''You idiot, why can't anybody watch where they are going?'' I question, taking off my headphonesHe starts to laugh. Laugh! I scowl at him. He puts his hand up to show he is surrendering ''Hey it’s not my fault, I wasn't the one dancing around like there is no tomorrow''I got up and picked up the books. ''Wow thanks Mr. Carter for helping me get up, your such a gentleman'' I retort dropping the books on his feet. Satisfied when I hear him grunt I quickly grab my bag ''Bye and Paybacks a Bitch!'' I say running out the door laughing.I stop to fix the strap on my shoulder''Wow someone looks happy'' A voice says from my right, Making me scream.I look and see Caleb smirking. I elbow him in his stomach.''Idiot, weren't you taught that you should never to scare a girl?''''Ouch, chill Riley and besides have you arranged for where the Prince and his team will be staying? because they will be coming today'' he asks''Yes, I asked Margaret to arrange their rooms so asks her where they will be staying when you get there''''Wait, aren't you going to be there?'' He asksI shake my head and sigh ''No, I have to do some stuff before I go home so I will be coming home late'' I reply''Does Amar know''''I jus- no she doesn't''''Riley what are you going to do?'' He asks again''I just need to swing by the Guild and finish a few things then I need to buy some thing for Ayanna's birthday''''Oh, right''''Anyway I gotta go and by the way your brother is an ass'' I shout walking away''Bye'' He calls out''Never say goodbye'' I reply

Chapter 6

Seth's P.O.V#

'We will be landing in London airport in 10 minutes so please stay ready'  The pilot said through the intercom.

''Man I wonder how this Princess chick looks like'' Blake says from my right.

''Will you shut up'' He has been like this ever since we got onto the plane.

''You will know once we get there'' We got off the plane and collected our luggage. We walked towards the entrance; Mr. Draco said that someone's would be here to pick us up.

"Excuse me are you Seth Lelantos?'' A male voice asks.

Instantly I can tell that he is not human so I turn towards the person and growl slightly


''Whoa, chill dude I’m just here to pick you guys up not feed you'' her says putting his hands up.

''Who are you?'' I ask.

''Caleb Carter'' He says and he points to another male who I didn't realize was there

''And that's Rowan Draco''

''Hello, this is my sister Schylure'' Unfortunately my father made her come ''This is my team; Blake, Zara, Connor, Zayn, Callum, Lawson and Rhine'' I say pointing to who's who.We all greet each other.

''Well are you just going stand there or come?'' Caleb calls over his shoulderWe walk out of the airport and towards two black BMW's. Opening the boot Caleb and Rowan put our bags in the car.Me, Blake, Schylure and Lawson are in the car with Caleb and the other are with Rowan.''So how was your flight?'' Caleb asks clearly uncomfortable with the silence.

''It was fine, thank you for asking'' My sister replies, smiling.

''Glad to hear it'' He says returning the smile.

''Well Aurora won't be at home when you guys get there but you will meet her soon''

''Who's Aurora?'' I ask.

''Oh that's Rowan's cousin and Draco's niece, didn't you know?'' He asks.

''No'' The rest of the journey was in silence.

When Caleb stopped the car I looked out of the window.The house was big and white but there was a gate that separated the house from us so I couldn't see it properly but when we passed it I heard Blake whistle.The front garden have a large driveway, there were a few rose bushes by the entrance. I suck at description so I'll just say the house looked cool.We got out of the house and there were two butlers that Caleb asked to take our bags to our rooms.

''You like'' Caleb asks.

''Who lives here?'' I ask

''My cousins Aurora and Ayanna our really close family friend Amar, Me, and my two sisters and brothers'' I hear Ronan reply.

''Oh but don't you live with your parents?''

 ''Uh- My mom and dad are mostly away on business trips'' Ronan replies.

"What about Ayanna and Aurora?" I ask.

''Follow me'' Caleb says changing the subject and leading us into the house. Hmmm something smells fishy here. An older lady stops what she was doing and turns to us. ''Hey Amar, watcha doing?'' Caleb says hugging her.

Amar looks like she is in her late 20's. she has short black hair, brown eyes, 5''4 and is wearing a simple blue dress.

''Hello you must be Seth Lelantos I'm Amaryrillis but you can call me Amar'' She says ignoring Caleb's question.

''Hello'' I reply and I introduce everybody again

''Margaret'' She shouts but not loudly a younger lady appears, she has red hair. green eyes, petite figure and is wearing a simple dress as well.

''Yes'' She asks Amar, she has a light French accent.

''Can you please show our guests their rooms please'' Amar asks.

''Of course'' She turns to us. ''If you would follow me please'' She starts to walk she leads us up the stairs and past a few photos, I can't see then properly though.''These are you rooms'' She says pointing to a few doors          ''Each door has a name on it showing which room belongs to who and I would advise you to rest for a while you must be tired'' She turns to leave. ''Oh and dinner will be at 8'' She says in her French accent.

''Wow'' I hear Blake say I clear my throat.

''Guys you must be tired so you might want to rest for a bit''

We all got into the rooms that belong to us. I switch the light on. My room is massive, it has; a king’s size bed with black and white bed sheets and pillows, abstract pictures hanged on the wall above the bed, there is a desk on either side of the bed with lamps on top, there is a black single sofa, a walk in closet and a massive bathroom.My bags were placed neatly at the bottom of my bed.I drop down on top of the bed and close my eyes, sleeps taking over me instantly.                                                                                 


I woke up around 6:30 and had a shower then started to unpack, Margaret already showed us where the dining room was so when I got there everybody was seated.

''Hi'' said a little girl smiling, she looked like she was 6 years old.

''Hi'' I said returning her smile.

''Amar where's mommy?'' She asked.

''She's away on business sweetie'' Amar replied ''Hello Seth''

''Hello'' Margaret came out of the kitchen area with lasagna and put a slice on each of our plates.

''Um forgive my rudeness this is Macy'' She pointed to the little girl who said hello to me'' That's Marcel her twin brother'' She pointed to a boy version of Macy sitting next to her ''That is Lawrence and that is Ayanna'' she pointed to the teenage boy and girl sitting next to me.

''Hi'' Ayanna said.

''Hey'' We ate dinner and talked about things amongst us. After we ate Margaret cam and took out plate away.

''Ayanna where is your sister?'' Amar asks.

''Um I do-''

''Ronan said that she was busy so she wouldn't be able to make it back by dinner'' Caleb replies instead.

''What! Why wasn't I informed about this?'' She asks ''Wait until she gets back, I am going to ground her for life!''Macy giggled.

''Amar you know that Aurora doesn't follow rules its more like she makes the rules'' Lawrence says ''And besides it must be important''

''You guys are hiding something from me'' She says suspiciously Macy giggles again.

''Actually Auwa has gone to ge-'' Her voice gets muffled by Marcel’s hand.

''Shhh its a secret'' He whispers and moves his hand Macy huffs.

''Hey you can't so that, Ayanna tell him'' She whines.

''Marcel that's not nice but Macy you shouldn't go around spilling secrets'' Ayanna said smirking

''Anyway how have you guys settled in?'' Amar asks.

''We’ve settled in nicely, thank you but you shouldn't have gone through all that trouble'' Schylure  says.

''Pft', Its was no trouble'' Amar says waving her hand                                                                               ***********

Later Amar decided to put Marcel and Macy to bed early so the rest of us were in the movie room watching the Conjuring.Someone's phone started to ring.

''Shit sorry guys'' Caleb said and walked away from us but you could still hear what he said. ''Hello''                                                                                                                                                                                         ''Where are you Ronan?''                                                                                                                                                             ''Yeah okay whatever just try to get here fast, I gotta go home anyway. Be careful, bye ''He walks back towards us ''Hey guys I gotta go, bye'' We all say bye and he leaves. When the movie ends you could tell who was scared and who wasn't. Blake was practically hiding under a blanket; Rhine and Zara were hiding their faces behind Connor and Zayn. I, Schylure, Lawson, Rowan and Callum weren't scared. I'm surprised that Lawrence and Ayanna weren't scared since they look like they are 14/15 years old. 

''Hey guys anybody want to watch another movie?'' Rowan asks.

''Nah, I gotta go bye'' Ayanna says, leaving.

''Same got school tomorrow and a shit load of homework, bye'' Lawrence leaves as well. Rowan looks around ''Guess no one wants to watch another movie''

''I think its best if we all go to bed no, don't you?'' I ask.

''Yeah I guess''


''Night'' Since we were given a tour from Caleb and Rowan after dinner we found our rooms easily. I pulled off my shirt and trousers and got into bed.

Chapter 7

Riley's P.OV#

''Shut up, their gonna see us!'' I whisper-yell at Dimitri and Caleb.

''As if they will be able to see us from afar'' replies Caleb scowling, making me glare at him. I was currently at an abandoned factory in the coast of London watching a couple of low-classed demons trading humans for their masters, with two of my hunters and best friends (yeah I'm best mates with guys, got a problem with it?) Dimitri who is at might right and Caleb who is on my left.

''Come on Riley, decide all ready! Its not lik- too late they already saw us'' Dimitri says while getting out his sword. He was right they really did see us and a few of them were coming towards us. I bet they think we're human, ha! They will soon find out what we really are and will start to run for their lives. Standing in front of us the demons were grinning wildly.

''Well, well what do we have here boys'' A demon says I'm guessing who is the leader while looking at the others around him. I could smell his breath from here and trust me I have nothing good to say about it.

''Wow you could really use a mint, you know'' I say while pinching my nose knowing fully aware that it's gonna annoy him. I hear Caleb and Dimitri silently laughing behind me.

''Silent human'' the leader bellows, making me smirk.

 ''You're all demons right?'' I hear Dimitri ask. ''Cause I'm sure that if you were then you would be able to tell that we are NOT humans'' he says chuckling.

''Wait what?'' the leader asks.

''Ahh Ronan what do you think we should?'' I hear Caleb ask.

''Oh you know the reason why we came here so I'm sure we don't want them dead, not dead YET anyway'' I smile at the leader.

''Whoever you lot are have messed with the wrong people'' He turns to the other demons ''Kill them'' He ordersThey came towards charging towards us.

There were around 20 demons. I snapped my wrists making the blades come out of the bracelet. Dimitri and Caleb spread out a little to handle a few of the demons. The first one comes at me but didn't last very long because I cut its head off (Gross I know but its better then dying) this kept on happening until there were only the leader left alive. I looked at Dimitri who gave me a silent nod.

'Keep him alive but tie him up or something to ensure that he doesn't escape' I order in Caleb's and Dimitri's minds. As ordered they followed because there was now one demon surrounded by a ring of fire that would kill him if he attempted to escape.

''Who are you and what do you want?'' The leader asks, warily.

''What I want is simple'' I say confidently ''I want answers''

''Answers of what and I will not give answers to something like you, I'd rather die'' He spits.

''Tsk, tsk'' I say ''Be careful of what you wish for because they might come true'' I take a step forward. ''I will ask this once and only once give me the answers I seek and we might just set you free''

''What answers do you seek?''

''Who is killing my people'' I say, getting straight to the point as if recognizing exactly who we are he takes a step back.

''I will not give you those answers, like I said I'd rather die'' He says while running towards me and into the fire.

''Shit!'' I mutter.

 ''What the hell just happened?'' Caleb asks '''Why did he just do that?''

''That’s just weird'' I hear Dimitri mutter. I look at him silently agreeing with him.

''I don't know what happened but I won't stop until I do but guys its really late so I think we should call it a day and head home plus I'm knackered'' I say to them both.

''Ok, you need to meet the others but I'm sure that can wait until tomorrow and Amar is going to kill you'' Caleb says, smirking.

''Shit I completely forgot about it!'' I say and turn to the path that leads to my car.

''Whoa wait'' I hear Dimitri shout. I turn around ‘‘You’re bleeding'' He says pointing to my arm, I look at it and there is a deep gnash but it'll heal in a bit.

I shrug ''I'm fine; It’s a cut it'll heal'' I say and unlock my car.

''You sure'' I hear Caleb ask, while he and Dimitri get into his car next to mine.

''Yeah'' I say getting into my car and driving off                                                                          *********************

I park my car into the garage and walk into my house. Walking in pitch black in no problem with me since I can see in the dark. I head into the kitchen and turn the lights on; I open the fridge and take out some orange juice while I wait for my food to warm up in the microwave. I hop onto the counter and start to eat my food After finishing I wash my plate; I turn around to find a pair of velvet green eyes looking back into my stone grey ones. I take a step back only for it to meet the sink.

''Who are you?''  He asks as if commanding me. He should be careful and besides I don't follow what people say.

''Shouldn't I be asking who you are?'' I say, snorting unlady like 

''Again I ask. Who. Are. You?''

''None of your business but thanks you for asking'' I reply sarcasticallyI push past him to walk away but he grabs my wrist before I can, he turns me around so that I am facing him.

''This is the last time that I am going to ask this. Who. Are. You?!'' Seeing my unfinished glass of orange juice just within my reach, I look up at him and smirk. Seeing his confused expression, I grab the glass of juice and throw the juice on his face. ''Ahh!'' I take this opportunity to run to the door and turn back to face him.

''Oh and bye the way watch what you say because I'm not someone who follows what others say'' I run out of the kitchen with him left behind.I stop running when I get to my room.

I go in and switch on the lights. My room is simple; I have red, black and white walls to represent blood, evil and good, they have pictures of past memories hanging of them. I have a black and white queen sized bed, two black desks on either side of my bed with black lamps on top, on the floor there is a red and white abstracted mat. I have a walk-in closet and a massive bathroom.I take off my clothes and have a quick shower; I put on my cookie monster baggy top over my undergarments and dive under the covers before falling into an endless slumber

Chapter 8

Riley's P.O.V#

I woke up breathing heavily.

''Stupid nightmare'' I breath out. I look at the clock that shows that its now 8:30am, 'Great I only managed to sleep for a couple of hours' I think to myself.

I sigh and get out of bed and head into my closet and pull out a pair of sweatpants and I put on a tank top then put on a pair of trainers and I put my hair into a messy ponytail. I quickly grab my phone and slip it into my pockets then leave my room.I plug my IPod in and get out of the front door and break into a run. I arrive at the local park and look around; no one here except a few people and me. I start to run this time but a little slower and run around the park a couple of times.10:30am.

I run home and into my room. I have a quick shower and then wrap a towel around myself and blow dry my hair, then exit the bathroom. I walk into my closet and put on my undergarments then pick out an outfit; faded blue jeans, white t-shirt, blue cardigan blazer and a pair of flat combat boots (Outfit on the side - minus the boots -->). I wear two simple necklaces; my pendant and a short chain, a watch and a ring. My make-up is simple; mascara, eyeliner and red lipstick. I don't wear foundation because I don't need it. I leave my hair out and a little messy.I put my phone into my pocket and leave my room. I walk into the kitchen and up to the fridge and pulled out some orange juice and poured it into a glass, then turned around to find eight pairs of eyes on me, one of them being that dipshit from last night.

''Nobody ever tells you that it’s rude to stare?'' I raise an eyebrow.

''You have no idea how much trouble you are from Amar'' Rowan told me, I snort.

''What did you say to her?'' I ask leaning against the counter and taking a sip of my drink.

''Nothing but that doesn't mean that you’re off the hook from her yet'' He smirks causing me to scowl at him.I finally realize that there are more people are in the kitchen as well. I clear my throat awkwardly.

''Who are you guys?'' I ask.

''Wow, hello to you to'' This came from dipshit that was sitting across from where I was standing, I turn and glare at him.

''Shut up dipshit'' He just smirks at me.

''You shouldn't be saying that to me servant'' He says causing my to laugh without and humor.

''I am not a servant here and you might want to watch-'' I start to reply but I was interrupted.

''Who might want to watch what?'' Asks Amar as she walks into the kitchen followed by Macy and Marcel.

''Nothing'' I reply and turn to Macy and Marcel and squat down to their level.

''Hey darling what would you like for breakfast?'' I ask.

''PANCAKES'' They shout at the same time causing me to laugh.

''Alright coming right up'' I say getting the ingredients ready.

''Hey Amar have you all had breakfast or would you like me to make?'' I ask trying to ease what happened yesterday.

''Yes and don't you dare think for a second that I have forgotten about yesterday Riley Aroura Ronan'' She scolds. I wince slightly when she said my full name.

''I didn't'' I say innocently as possible. I look to see that dipshit's eyes have gone into understanding about who I am, I smirk ''Didn't expect that did you''I turn around and prepare the pancakes. After they were all made I put them onto the table with the maple syrup, honey and different types of berries. Everyone had come down by now. there wasn't much space left since there was 15 of us altogether so me, Ayanna, Lawrence and a couple of other people that I didn't know the names to. Amar clears her throat to get our attention, I don't bother to look up at her because I know what she's going to say.

''So Seth honey this is Aroura'' I choke on my pancake ''Aroura sweetie are you okay'' Amar asks worriedly. I wave my hand to show that I'm okay because I know that if I talk then I will regret it. I look up to find 14 pairs of eyes staring at me and one of them belonged to dipshi- sorry I mean Seth's. ''Okay well this is his sister Schylure'' she says pointing to the girl standing next to me, I smile slightly and she returns it. She introduces everyone, 'Blake, Zayn, Rhine, Zara, Connor, Callum and Lawson' I greet them all politely,'' And finally this is Seth'' She says pointing to dipshit/Seth. I turn to him and scowl while he just smirks.


We all finish our breakfast and Amar with Macy, Marcus, Lawrence and Ayanna where as the rest of us head over to the lounge. we were half way through a movie when Caleb and Dimitri walk in.

''What's up everyone?'' Caleb hollers and everybody's eyes snap towards them. I flip the bird at him.

''Ouch Ronan that hurt'' He says whilst wiping away a fake tear.

''Well if it isn't my Bitch's'' I say walking up to them and putting an arm around both their shoulders.

''Hello to you to'' Dimitri says sarcastically. I give him a cheeky smile.

''I love you to'' as I punch his arm playfully.Caleb turns and says hi to everybody else and introduces Dimitri to them. All of a sudden my phone starts to ring slightly scaring us al, I look at the ID


''Ronan speaking'' I say not bothering with 'hello'

''Riley you have to get over here, Rose is seriously injured'' That stopped my in my tracks.

''What happened to her?!'' I commanded making everybody stare at he.

''We were both going to the guild when all of a sudden we were attacked, I managed to get away from them with Rose but I think that they are still looking for us''' She says panicked.

''Okay Eve breath and tell he exactly where you are''

''Its the abandoned factory that's by the guild'' She say , I know where she is talking about.

''Okay I'm coming'' I hang up and turn around.

''What happened?'' Caleb and Dimitri ask in unison.

''Rose and Eve were attacked, I have to go'' I say leaving them all behind and quickly making my way to the weapons room.

I put on a holster onto my left thigh and place y favorite dagger into it, my wrist blades and put them on, two daggers and hide them into my waistband then leave the room and head towards the garage.I find everybody standing there.

''What are you all doing here?'' I ask.

''Well we're a part of your team and well Seth and his team have come to help us'' Rowan replies.

''Whatever I don't have time for this'' I say getting into my car and race towards the abandoned factory where Eve and Rose are.

Chapter 9

How dare they!

Who do they think they are; attacking my people! I speed towards the factory and park a few minutes away from it before head cautiously towards the abandoned factory- making sure to keep an eye out for any demons.

With each step I took caused the gravel beneath my feet to make loud 'crunch' noises. The wind whipped at my hair causing some strands to fall onto my face.

Finally I arrive but I don't take the door up front but on of the windows at the side and make sure not to make any noise while landing. I dust my knees before standing up and taking out my gun.

Malicious laughter echoes of the walls that surround me, the more steps that I take the more closer they become when eventually they stop all together. A faint sobbing noise from my left caught my attention. I quickly turned only to find more than a dozen demons standing in front of me; grinning like Cheshire cats.

''Well, well look what we have here'' Said the tallest on taking a step forward, trying to look intimidating. Ha! As if I'd feel intimidated by him or 'it'.

''What! You mean to say that I'm not at the leisure centre!'' I ask sarcastically earning a growl from Mr., Snooty; yeah I'll call him Mr. Snooty.

''You gun says otherwise'' He snarls, taking a few more steps towards me.

''But I was supposed to have- eh I've got nothing'' I say dropping the act.

''Didn't believe you for a second either'' A shorter demon snorts.

I laugh, dryly ''Well shorty your face says otherwise'' He growls and takes a menacing step forward.

''Any last wishes before we kill you?'' He asks sarcastically.

''Well yes actually thanks for asking, I want a pony no scratch that a unicorn....'' I start to list off all of the things that came to my head until one of the demons had enough and growled so loud, I swear that you could hear it in hell!

''Enough!'' He bellows. ''Stop messing around and tell us what you are here for before I kill you''

I tilt my head a little and raise an eye bow ''You should know that its kind of mean that you all are ganging up on me!'' I say trying to act annoyed but actually stalling so I can detect where Evelyn and Rose are also so that the others can come. 

Just on time the door of the factory smashes open revealing Dimitri, Caleb, Rowan, Seth, Schylure, Blake, Callum, Rhine, Zara, Zayn, Connor and Lawson.

''Who are you?'' One of them orders. 'Bad idea'

''Someone that you shouldn't be messing with and don't you dare order me to do anything or I'll kill you without a second thought'' I hiss.

Mr. Snooty stepped forward. ''You've messed with the wrong people, human. Kill. Them'' He orders and that's when all hell came loose.

One of the came charging at he but I managed to shoot him in the heart before he was even a meter away. Two of them stood in front of me, grinning like a child on their birthday. One of them tries to grab hold of me, key word tries but I manage to trip it over and shoot it before I know it I'm thrown across the room.                                                                   

''Urgh'' I wince slightly but nevertheless stand up straight and narrow my eyes at the culprit. ''I'm going to make you wish you that you were ever born'' I hiss out before it lunges for me but I kick it so hard it ends up flying across the room. I teleport myself so that I'm standing in front of it as it stands up and punch it so hard that it might be seeing stars. Not wanting to waste any of my time I pull out my dagger and plunge it into its heart. I watch as its life wares away; falling limp and turning into ash. I turn around only to find one demon remaining and guess who it is 'Mr. Snooty'. He's surrounded by all of us with no escape left.

I take a few steps forward. ''What do you want?'' It asks.

''Well you asked me that earlier and I said that I wanted and unicorn, a castle but most of all'' I reply sarcastically before my voice turns cold. ''Why two of my people were ambushed and attack!''

Its jaw dropped. ''W-who are you’’?

''I suggest you answer her questions before she rips you apart'' I hear Dimitri say.

''Again I ask. Why. Did. You. Attack. My. People'' I grit out.

Out of nowhere it starts to laugh. Laugh! ''Oh now I know exactly who you all are''

''You know Dimitri wasn't lying'' I say ''I will not hesitate to kill you'' It stops laughing but chuckling softly.

''Yeah you and what army?'' It asks sarcastically.

''Look around you I don't need an army, Vos Nutrimenta De mauris (You pile of shit) I am capable of fighting myself'' Annoyed enough I through a ball of fire at it and watch it burn.

I turn towards Rowan ''Go find Evelyn and Rose and call me when you do'' He complies and I turn back to everybody else looking each of them in the eye with a pissed off glare ''I suggest you all leave'' I don't wait to hear their replies because I turn around and look for Evelyn and Rose.

''I've found them'' I hear Rowan mind-link me

''Where'' I ask

''Towards the back of the factory'' I quickly make my way towards the back of the factory and not surprised when I find everybody there. I rush over to Rose when I see her. Her injuries look bad; she should have healed by now. ''How long has she been unconscious for?''

''Around 10 minutes'' I hear Evelyn reply.

''Somebody take her to Pat'' Caleb picks her up and teleports himself out.

I look over at Evelyn ''What about you? Are you okay?'' She just nods.

''What happened anyway?'' I hear Seth asks.

''Me and Rose were on our way to the Guild when we were ambushed by a bunch of demons, I was fighting two demons when one of them tried to sneak up on me when Rose managed to kill it but she got seriously injured in the process''

''Where is the guild?'' He asks.

''About 10 minutes from here'' Rowan replies. ''I think we should go over there right now'' We all agree and I help Evelyn stand up and walk towards my car.


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