''Mom, dad come on you can't be serious right?''

''Honey we are, I know its not right to leave just yet but we can't miss this opportunity'' My mother tries to explain

I sigh and slump my shoulders' defeated ''Fine but can we at least celebrate one last time before you guys leave?'' I ask

''Of course, we are all going to out and celebrate, now you and Rapheal get ready and come down in an hour''

I run upstairs and rip open my closet door. I pick out a blue knee high floral netted dress with a high neck line and three quater sleeves. I pin my hair into a messy ponytail and lightly do my make-up; light smokey blue eye shadow, black liner and nude lipstick. I put on some pearly earrings, necklace and bracelet. I unpin my hair and leave it out, messy.

''Kids you finished yet?'' Quickly grabbing my blue purse and putting on my nude pumps I exsit my room


''So what did you think?'' Dad asks

''Its was ok'' My brother replied

''Anyway, mom what time are you guys leaving?'' I ask

''Around noon tomorrow'' She replies

''Oh'' Is all I say and look out of the window

''Kids I know your upset but we can't do much about all of this'' I hear my dad say. I turn to face him.

''But dad why so soon?'' I ask, fustrated and slightly angry. My dad turned to look at me

''Bella cher I can't tell you, you won't understan-'' Thats when it happened.

Another car hit the side my father was on, making the car flip. When the car stopped flipping I was barely conciouse. I looked over to see my brother moving slightly, trying to reach for me but I looked to my parent they weren't moving!

''MOM, DAD!'' I cry out, no movement. I try to move towards them but I'm rooted to the spot, watching my parents as they take their last beath.

I started to lose conciouse, before I blacked out my last thought was

                                   Mom and dad are dead and its all my fault

Chapter 1

Drip, drip, drip....

My blood went sliding freely of my wrist. I wish I could be free but I can't! I wish that they could come back but they can't! 

They left me. They left us; me and my brother Rapheal! What kind of punishment is god giving us? What have we ever done to diserve this?

''Rube are you done? I gotta go as well and the plane is about to land in 20 minuted so hurry'' My brother calls from the other side.

''I'm nearly finished'' I get up and wipe off the blood surrounding me and on my wrist, hiding any evidence away. I splash some water on my face and use a paper towl to wipe the water off. Taking a deep breath I put on a fake smile and open the door. ''All yours'' I say moving so he could go past.


''What were you doing in there anyway? You were gone for half an hour'' Rapheal asks taking his seat next to me.

''Nothing'' I say ''And besides never ask a girl that, its gross'' I shutter.

 ''Whatever'' I hear him mumble

''Could all passenger's please put on their seat belts, we are about to land'' The pilot says through the intercom.

Me and Rapheal put on our seat belts on and wait for the plane to land.


When the plane landed we both grabbed our luggages and went out towards the airport enterance. I looked around and spotted a man in his mid twenties holding up a sign reading...

''Hey Raph, I think Aunt Claire sent somebody to collect us'' I say indicating to the man in black. We both walked up to him ''Umm.. sir we're Rubriella and Raphel De Martez'' I said smiling at him

''Oh hello nice to meet you, I'm Blade your cheffure'' He said returning my smile and putting our luggage into the car.

After getting into the car he started to drive. ''How was your journey here?'' He asks 

''Oh it was fine, thank you for asking'' My brother replies 

''I'm sure you both are tired with jetlag, oui?'' He asks

''Yeah I guess'' I reply for both of us

We drive in silence for the whole journey and when we arrive its already 6 in the afternoon. The house is massive(Look at the picture on the side) Blade stops the car and gets out our luggage while we get out the car as well.

''Please follow me'' We both follow Blade and when we enter the house we are both instantly engulfed into a bone crushing hug by Aunt Claire.She pulls back and wipe her tears.

''Sorry, its just that-''

''Its fine Aunt, we both missed you'' I smile at her

''Well you guys must be tired so let me show yo to your rooms'' She says while leading us to our rooms. When we arrive she leaves and tells us to settle down and rest.

I enter my room and switch on the lights. My room has black, white and red walls with a few abstract pictures hanging off them, the bed has black and white bed covers, there are two black desks next to the bed with black lamps on top of each, there is a soft fluffy red rug on the foot of my bed on the floor. There is a walk-in closet and my shower is massive.

Stripping off my clothes and changing into a loose tee and a pair of shorts I switch off the lights and head to bed

Chapter 2

One week later...

''Hey you guys ready for uni?'' Aunt Claire asks

''No'' I mutter grumply. Its been a week since I have cut myself , getting off my chair I put my bowl into the sink and head towards my room ''Hey guys I'll meet you down in an hour'' I leave not bothering to hear their reply.

I quickly enter my bathroom and lock the door. Getting out a clean razor I sit on my bathroom floor. I stare at my wrists for a good five minutes before closing my eyes and cutting them; away from my veins of course. I can feel my blood flowing down my wrists, I open my eyes and stare at my blood.

''Why did it have to been them?'' I whisper to nobody in particular ''Why couldn't it have been me instead?'' I wonder out loud, anger in each word the I spit out ''Its all my fault that they're gone, My fault!'' I barely whisper the last part.

After cleaning my wound and the blood on the floor, I bandage them and enter my closet.

I wear a plair of black faded jeans, yellow chiffon shirt with a black vest top underneath, black knee high combats and a black leather jacket. My make-up is simple , thin eyeliner and cherry pink lipgloss; I hate how people wear too much make-up, makes them look fake but I'm not like that.


''Welcome to Stanceford University (I made this up if it is real in anyway whatsoever then its just a coincidence) How can I help you?'' The receptionist asks.

''Um...hi, we're actually new here'' I reply awkwardly.

''Names please'' She asks, politly.

''Zarinah and Raphel De martez'' I reply

''Ok here are you are and don't get lost now, have a lovely time'' She hands our schedules.

We exit the office and start walking down an empty hallway.

''Hey, I'm gonna go head over to my first period, kay?''

''Sure'' I say hugging him back.


My first period is biologhy . I knock the door before hearing a soft ''Come in''. I open the door and all eyes snapp towards me. ''How may I help you?'' A man asks who I presume is the teacher.

''Um... Sorry I'm late but I'm new here so I don't know my way around here properly'' I explain.

''Oh you must be Zarinah De Martez'' 

''Yeah'' I mumble

''Would you like o tell us about yourself?'' He asks.

''Sure'' I mumble, I turn towards everybody. ''Hi'' I clear my throat ''I'm Zarinah De Martez, I'm 19 and I originally come from California but came here to finish of my studies in England with my Brother and we're staying with my aunt, so um.. this is me'' I say awkwardly while fiddling with the lockect around my neck.

''Thank you Ms. Martez would you please take a seat thats availiable''The teacher said, continuing with his lesson.

I went to the only availiably seat that was at the back which I'm fine with me, the further I am the better I'll feel. I sat in between a girl; who is on my right and a boy; who is on my left.

I started taking notes but got bored and started to doodle on my instead but it doesn't matter since I have photographic memory.


The bell rings, scaring me a little. I got up and gathered my stuff. I turn around and nearly bump into the girl that sat next to me.

''Shit, sorry'' I say.

''No worries anyway I'm Riley'' She says casually

''Hey and you already know my name, right?'' I reply saracstically.

''Yep and whacha got next?'' She asks

I check my schedule '' English with Mr. Cas'' I say

She llops her arm with mine ''Cool we have the same class, Hey show me your schedule'' I give her it. ''Yep we've got all the same classes except maths'' She sys smiling.

We arrive to english and open the door.

''About time you arrived Ms. Ronan'' The teacher says. Riley just rolls her eyes.

''I was just showing our new student to her next class'' She says to him smirking.

The teackers eyes fall on me ''You must be Zarinah De Martez'' He says, I just nod ''Please take a seat the both of you'' He says whilst glaring at Riley. Huh? I wonder whats that about.

I sit next to Riley again and the same boy from biologhy.


''What do you have now?'' Riley asks

''Free period''

''Cool come on I'm starving'' She says pulling me out of the building.

''Umm Riley where are we going'' I ask her warily.

''Starbucks'' She says, walking towards a white Audi ''You wanna catch a ride with me or have you got your own?'' She asks

''Got my own, I'll follow you'' I say. We get into our cars and drive towards Starbucks.

We arrive in 5 minutes, I'm surprised that we didn't get pulled over seeing that we drove really fast; not that I have a problem with driving fast.

We open the door and enter Starbucks. Riley walks up to a boot filled with three boys ad two girls. They all smiled when she walked up.

''Hey guys'' She says then turns towards me ''This is Zarinah, She's new'' 

''Hi'' I smile awkwardly.

''Zarinah this is Caleb my best friend, Rowan my cousin, Rose, Anishwailah and Dimitri my other best friend''

Caleb has black hair; short and messy, green eyes, slight tan. He looks 6''5, he's wearing dark green jeans' black shirt, faded jean jacket and black converse.

Chapter 3

'10th October'

I stared at the piece of paper in front of me, 3 days left until mom's and dad's funeral. The police told us what caused the accident to happen; they said that it must have been some huge bear but as far as I can remember there were no bears where we lived so how can it possibly be a bear? How?

Two weeks have passed since I started going to university and three since moving in with my aunt. I told Jared everything that happened and failed miserably to keep my tears to myself. Jared has been a very close friend to me and my brother, we first met him at one of my parent’s charity events; his parents knew mine and would visit quite often, from there our friendship grew and we were really close. I haven't seen him much after his 15th birthday and I don't know why; his parents would always say that he is really busy so he can't make it but I always felt like something was being hidden from me and Raphel.

''Guys I booked the tickets for  tomorrow noon, so make sure your bags are packed before we leave and try to get some rest because you will find it quite uncomfortable sleeping on a plane'' Aunt Claire explained before leaving the kitchen

''Sure'' I mumble, rubbing my temples. Raphel looks at me and then his eyes flick to my wrists.

''Mia'' He says concerned

''Yeah'' I look up at him then I realize that he is looking at my wrists, I quickly put them down. The last time I had cut myself was two days ago.

''What happened to your wrist?'' He asks, concern filled in his voice as he takes my hand and turning it over so he can have a closer look at it

''Nothing, I just accidentally cut myself when I broke some science equipment the other day'' I reply taking my hand away.

''Okay'' He says but not fully convinced. I look up at the clock that’s reading 9:15 - luckily my class doesn't start for another 45 minutes, I get up and head for my room

''See yah later'' I say.

I brush my teeth after having a quick shower and drying myself, I head into my closet and picked out my outfit. (Check picture on the side --->)

Grabbing my jacket and bag I get into my car and head towards campus.


''Hey Mia'' Jared calls out

''Hey Jai'' My nickname for him

''What you got now?'' he asks, cautiously. I sigh

''If you’re trying to make me forget about their funeral then it’s pointless and I've got literature now'' I say walking away from him. I heard him sigh but didn't press it any further as he walked along beside me.


''You sure that you're going to be okay?'' Jai whispers in my ear.

''Urgh why has everybody been asking me this?'' I scream causing Riley and the guys to look at me funny.

''What’s wrong?'' Asks Rose

''Nothing?'' I say making it sound like a question.

''Sure doesn't sound like that'' She says, a frown taking place on her face.

''Really its nothing, I'm just going away for a couple of days and Jai just can't stop asking me if I'll be okay since I hate traveling and all'' I reply, casually.

''Oh, where are you going to be going?'' She asks.

'' To Venice for some family stuff'' I reply.

''Oh really?'' Lilah asks, excitedly. I nod ‘‘because me and the gang were going to go there to, what a coincidence huh?''

''Yeah'' I say warily. I get up along with Riley to go to our final class - which was history, we say bye to everybody with a bunch of 'Byes' and 'Laters' in return.


''Does anybody have any further questions about the Romans?'' Mr. Carter asks, We all say no except the 'Barbie’s' aka the girls that dress up all fake to grab the boy's attention. ''Oh and before you all leave, I would like to remind you about your essay that needs to be handed on to my desk in two weeks instead of next week because of certain matters''. After that me Riley and I left the classroom and headed towards the car park, when we got there we found Jai, Ro, Caleb, Rowan and Lilah waiting by there cars, huh I wonder where Dimitri is, haven't seen him around for some time.

''Shit I left my folder in history, you go ahead I'll be right back'' I say turning back and heading back towards my previous class. I enter the class without knocking and find Mr. Carter at his desk marking some papers, his head snaps up when I enter. ''Uh- sorry Sir but I left folder, don't mind me'' I smile slightly before walking up to my desk and retrieving my folder. 

''Oh, I heard that you will not be attending Uni for the next couple of days, care to share as to why you'll be gone?'' Mr. Carter asks, politely.

''Umm its nothing really, my family and I are going to Venice for some family stuff'' I reply for the second time today.

''Really? That's funny because I will be taking a few days off work to attend some stuff in Venice as well'' This catches my attention.

''Really! It seems like everybody it’s going to Venice lately'' I say speaking my mind. ''Anyway maybe I'll see you in Venice Sir, you never know but bye for now'' I say before heading towards the door, I hear the faint 'Bye' from Sir but carried on walking. I didn't see where I was going until I bumped into a hard wall and fell hard onto my bum and dropped my folder and bags making everything spill out from my bag. ''Oof'' I looked up and glared at the culprit, who was none other than Dimitri. 

''You idiot can't you watch where you're going?'' I ask him grabbing my bag and start putting my stuff back into my bag, Dimitri kneels down and helps me. We stay like in silence until Dimitri finds something that wasn't meant to be seen by anybody.

''What are these'' His eyes scrutinize the razors. ''Are they what I think they are?'' I quickly snatch them out of his grasp and grab my folder from the floor before standing up and clearing my throat.

''I-I don't know w-what your t-talking a-about'' I say shakily.

He raises and eye brow. ''They look like razors to me and may I ask why do you have them on you?'' He asks, concerned. 

''No they aren't r-razors and mind your own business!'' I snarl before turning around and walking away towards the car park. I hear him walk beside me and curse under my breath.

''You know that it’s quite unlady like for a women to know such colourful words'' He says sarcastically.

''I don't care about what you know but do me a favour and leave me alone'' I walk faster hoping that he will leave me alone but with no luck today because he once again falls in step with me.

''No can do Zarinah'' He says before putting his hands on my shoulders and turning me to face him. ''Now tell me why do you keep razors with you?'' I glare at him.

''Take your dirty hands off me otherwise I will rip them off'' I growl, he just chuckles.

''I'd like to see that'' I grab both of his hands and rip them off my shoulders and turn away.

''I stop and look over my shoulder. ''A fact that might be useful in the future, don't asks questions that don't have answers'' I turn back around and get into my car before driving off, leaving him confused in the car park.

Chapter 4

We all started packing when we got home. By the time we finished, we were all exausted and fell asleep quickly. We woke up around 9am and there was only two hours left before our plane was supposed to take off. We got into the car and drove towards the airport. 

Aunt Clare had told us that we had some family members in Venice so that we will be staying with them dueing our stay, when Raph asked our Aunt why our parents are being buried in Venice when its nothing but a city on water, my Aunt had replied by saying the ''It is where our family mausoleum is so your parents are going to be buried there''.

The plane ride was okay but it was a struggle trying to sleep, when we got off the plane we collected our bags and were greeted by our Uncle Jacob and were taken to where we would be staying. The house wasn't that big but it was nice. Aunt Anita;  Uncle Jacob's wife started talking to my Aunt Clare like they were long lost friends.

''Serena'' My Uncle called out, a young girl came out of a room from my right. She looked the same age as us, she had ebony black hair, green emarald eyes, she looked quite tall, she had a model like body, she really has changed since the last time that we saw her. ''Come and show your cousin's where they will be staying and where are your brother and sister?''

''Stephan is locked up in his room doind god knows what and the last time I checked Elise was in the kitchen helping Mama cook''

''Ok, tell your brother to come down, I need to talk to him urgently'' My Uncles said before leaving, Serena turned to face us.

''Long time no see, huh Cuz?'' She asks while engulfing us both into a hug. ''Well come on now, I bet you guys are tired'' She releases' us and shows us where our rooms are. I showered and got dressed before falling into an endless slumber.

                                                                         ~        ♥         ~

''Wake up'' Somebody was shaking me. ''Dammit Zarinah wake up''

''Bugger off'' I swat my hand hoping to shut the person up but my hand was caught and I was pulled up from my bed, I open my eyes to find Serena grinning at me. ''What do you want?'' I ask, grumpily.

She raises an eye brow ''Get up were going to go shopping''

I look at the clock, 12:30. ''Awww Rena why?!'' I wine, trying to cuddle back into my bed.

She pulls the blanket off me. ''None of that Miss. Martez, now get up before I drag you out of bed myself oh and I'll have to eat those awesome cakes that mama made'' That caught my attention.

''I'm up, I'm up'' I get out of bed and head into the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face..

''I knew that would work'' Rena laughs as she leaves my room. ''I'll wait for you downstairs''

''Kay'' I say not paying attention.

I grab my suitcase and haul it onto my bed, I pick out my outfit for the day; black high waist shorts, black and white stripy blouse- tucked into my shorts, red cardigan, mid thigh black socks and black knee high boots. I brush my hair and leave it so it falls down my back, my make-up is simple; black eyeliner, mascara and plum pink lipstick and I wear a simple silver ring on my index finder and a small pendant with my parent's photo in it. I grab my leather side bag and my purse, phone and other essential stuff before heading downstairs. I found Rena talking to her Mama.

''Ehi Tesoro, dormire bene?'' My aunt asked me, smiling softly.

''Sì ma sembra Rena non piace che così lei mi ha svegliato'' I smirk at Rena and grab an apple. ''Ciao Zia'' I say before walking out of the kitchen.

''Ciao mamma'' Rena calls out before following me as well. ''What was that about'' She hits me on my arm.

''Well since I missed breakfast I thought an apple would do me good'' I reply sarcastically.

''Not that''

''What?'' I send her an innocent look.

''Forget it'' She sighs.

We both get onto a nearby gondola. I take in the sight before me; I missed this place. We pay the gondola person and get off it before heading into the closest shop.

''What do you think?'' Rena asks me as she gets out of the changing rooms. She's wearing a white dress that stops mid-thigh and it puffs out slightly at the bottom, thick brown belt and blue jean jacket with the buttons closed and the sleeves rolled up.

''That looks great on you'' I tell her.

''Really but it makes my butt look big'' She says as she looks at herself in the mirror.

''Nah you look fine'' We brought that and a few other things for ourselves before heading into a café that we would always go to; Florian's Café. We both enter and are greeted by Leonardo.

Leonardo is a man in his early 20's and his father owns Florian's Café, he has chestnut brown hair, blue eyes, dimples when he smile and today he's wearing a white shirt that hugs his muscles, with the sleeves rolled up, black jeans and black combat boots.

''Ciao Signorinas, would you like the usual?'' He asks us, his light Italian accent showing. We both say yep and head towards the booth the we normally would sit at.

''Hey Leo how are you?'' I ask as he gives us our orders and takes a seat next to Rena.

''Fine what about you? I heard what happened'' He asks concerned.

''I'm fine, I just miss them a lot'' I say but clear my throat. ''Anyway don't you have work to do?'' I ask taking a bit out of my pastry.

''I asked Rosemary to take over my shift for a while'' Rosemary was his younger sister who helped around in her spare time.

We all talked for an hour or so before Leo had to get back so Rena and I did some more shopping.

''These would look so cute on you Mia'' Rena says holding up a pair of black pearl earrings. They were quite pretty so I ended up buying it. We left the jewellery store and Rena said that she forgot something Florian's café; strange she should have realized ages ago but I didn't say anything except that I would wait for her where the gondola's are.

''Hey Ari'' Huh I swear that sounded like Rowan, I turned around and found him smirking at me. Rowan, Caleb, Lilah, Rose, Dimitri , Mr. Carter was there and another person whom I didn't recognise.

''Umm hey guys'' I say awkwardly. ''What are you doing here?''

''You forgot that we would be coming to Venice did you now?'' He asks faking to be hurt.

''Oops might have slipped out of my head'' I say.

''Anyway, Ari this is Michael'' Riley says pointing to the other man.

''Hello Zarinah'' Michael says.

''Hi?'' I say making it sound more like a question.

''Anyway what are you doing here?'' Caleb asks me. I raise an eye brow.

''Umm I don't know but I think these should answer your question'' I lift up my shopping bags.

''I can see that but how come your here in Venice and didn't you come with anybody else?'' He asks.

'' I told you guys that I came because of some family problem and yeah I came with my cousin Ser-'' I started but was interrupted.

''Qual è il tuo problema non si può vedere dove stai andando?'' I hear Rena shriek.

''Oh god, excuse me'' I smile apolitically at them and turn around to find that Rena was shouting a guy who looked the same age as us maybe older. I rush to her as the poor guys gets shouted at.

''Rena what's wrong?'' I ask when I reach her, I know that the others followed me because I heard their feet stop behind me.

''What wrong, your asking me?! Why don't you asks this guy'' She says pointing to the guy that she was shouting at earlier, I turn towards him.

''Ci dispiace per la Sir di mio cugino comportamento maleducato e sono sicuro che qualunque cosa tu o lei ha fatto è stato un incidente'' I say helping him pick up his stuff as well as Rena's.

''No its fine, I should have watched where I was going'' He says standing up. His eyes fall onto what's behind me or should I say people. ''Hey guys'' He says to everybody.

''You know him?'' I ask them.

''Yeah, he's a close friend of mine'' Mr. Carter. ''That's Carlos'' He says pointing to the guy.

''Hey Serena?'' Lilah says. I realize that I forgot about Rena and turn around and face her.

''Oh crap Rena I forgot you were there'' I say.

''Yeah nice to know that I'm loved'' She replies sarcastically. ''Hey Lilah''

''Huh you guy's know each other?'' I asked confused.

''Umm yeah Papa works with Michael and these lot'' She replies.

''Okay'' My phone starts to ring. ''Excuse me'' I say before walking away a little.

''Hello'' I pick up not bothering to check caller ID.

''Hey Mia where are you'' Raph asks

''Oh Rena and I are in the town square, we're nearly finished so we should be back soon'' I say

''Okay stay safe'' We hang up and I head back towards everybody, they're sitting at a close café. when I get closer I can hear bits of what they are saying.

''Does they know?''

''No, Papa and Mamma still have to tell them'' Rena replies

''When are they going to find out?''

''I don't know but- '' Rena stops there when she see's me walking towards them. ''Hey Mia, who was that?'' Huh  what were they talking about? Who needs to find out what? I shake my head and smile at her.

''Raph asked where we were that's all'' I reply.

''Oh what did you tell him''

''That were nearly finished and should be back soon'' I say sitting down between her and Caleb.

We ordered and talked for a while as we waited.

''Hey Ari I didn't know that you could speak Italian'' Rose say

I fidget in my seat. ''I visited Venice a lot as a child so I managed to pick up the language pretty easily''

''Hmmm do you know any other languages?'' I hear Michael ask.


''What would they be'' He asks, why do I feel like I'm being interrogated all of a sudden?

''Umm French, Spanish, Greek and Latin'' I say

''Really? Wow that's a lot'' Caleb says from my right.

I shrug ''My parents would travel a lot when I was a child and Italy, France, Greece and Spain were the most common places but they taught me and my brother Latin for some reason'' I look at my watch, 5:30. ''Ah crap Rena we're late, Zia's going to kill us'' I say getting up, Rena gets up as well.

''Bye guys'' We both say before grabbing our bags and leaving.

Chapter 5

I stare at myself in the mirror, the black dress just ends a little above my knees and the skirt is a little puffy, its sleeves are lace and end at my wrists, it has a high U-neck line and a little black bow at the back, black netted tights and black flats. I didn't wear any make-up because I know  that it's useless.

''Mia hurry up we're going to be late'' Rena shouts from the other side of the door.

I wipe away the tear that escaped my eyes and take a deep breath. ''I'm coming'' I walk out of the bathroom and grab my black purse.

''Took you long enough'' Rena whines.

''Let's just go'' I walk out of my room and find the others a the bottom of the stairs waiting for me and Rena to descend. When I get to the bottom Raph engulfs me into a tight hugs.

 ''I'm sorry that you're having to find out like this'' He lets go of me and kisses my temple ''We're going to get through this together, don't worry'' he smile but it's sad. What did he mean he's sorry that I'm going to find out like this? Find out what though?

''Lets go'' We all leave and arrive at the funeral 20 minutes later. Somehow they managed to get mom's ad dad's bodies from California to Venice, thinking about them makes me want to fall to my knees and beg God to take me and give them back, the funeral had taken place but some still remained.

I walk towards the benches, opposite where my parent's coffins were and sit down. I stare at the spot where the coffins were and wonder why am I still here, why is God punishing me when I haven't done anything. I am pulled out of my thoughts when I hear a lot of familiar voices talking to my uncle and aunts.

''Are you going to tell her?''

''I don't think she's ready'' My Uncle replies.

''Well she needs to know''

''Ju- just let us handle it, she's been through enough already, telling her this would cause her to lose it'' My Aunt Clare tell them, they all agree and continue to talk but I zone out. What did they mean 'Are you going to tell her?'' tell know what, whilst we we're in the town square yesterday Rena was asked the same thing but she told them 'No', what is everybody talking about!?. I get up a look around for Raph, I spot him talking to a few guys with his back facing me, I walk towards him and tap him on the shoulder. He turns around and smiles at me but its the same sad smile that he gave me today.

''Hey Mia, what's up?'' He asks me, how does he stay thing strong even when mom and dad are gone really make me wonder.

''Nothing really, I just really miss them'' I say wiping away the tears that escaped my eyes, I had cried all throughout the funeral. Raph wipes a few tears away and opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted.

''Raphael, Zarinah honey I'm sorry for you loss and I wanted to say that you're parents were good friends of mine and we will dearly miss them but they are in a better place now so don't worry'' Mr. Minter said before walking away.

''I am getting tired of people saying sorry when they really aren't, they only pity us'' I rub my eyes angrily before turning away.

''Mia where are you going?'' Raph asks.

''Anywhere but here, I won't stand here and be pitied'' I say walking away.

I walk past a few people only stopped when they had to say 'How they were deeply sorry for my loss'. They don't understand the meaning of losing somebody that they lose because its their fault. I walk outside letting the cold breeze my exposed skin. I walked around the back of the Mausoleum and sit down onto the nearest bench, I stare out into the distance thinking about how life would have been in mom and dad were still here.

''Mia, there you are'' I turn my head and see Jai walking towards me.

''Hey'' I say quietly turning my head back. I hear him sit down beside me.

''Mia, what's wrong?'' He asks.

''Why has everybody been asking me 'what's wrong' lately?!'' I scream at him.

''Because they know that it was hard for you and Raph to be going through all of this'' He replies.

''No they don't understand, if they did then they woul-'' I didn't get to finish my sentence because I heard someone shout ''Aiuto'' and something laugh dryly from the forest to my left.

''What the hell was that?'' I asks walking towards where the cry for help came from.

''No Mia wait don't go there'' He says reaching for my hand, I quickly move it away.

''No, I'm not going to let anybody else die if I can do something about it'' I say turning around but running instead of walking.

''Wait Mia, Don't go there'' I don't listen to Jai and walk into the forest, the cold is unwelcoming and bites harshly at my skin. With every step I take I can't help but regret coming but something stops me from turning back around and running away like the coward I am every time.

When I get closer I hear inhumane noises; hisses and growls. I step out of the shadows and am shocked to find what's in front of me or should I say who....

Chapter 6

Riley, Caleb, Dimitri, Rose, Rowan, Raphael, Rowan and Aniswailah are standing in front of me and fighting monsters that I never seen before, though look familiar.

I did what anybody would so and screamed. ''AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH'' Everybody stopped what they were doing and stared at me, I stared back at them wide - eyed. ''What the fuck!?'' I say looking at my brother when one of those monster things moves towards him and he fires a ball of fire at it.

The monsters stare at me, their eyes wild with hunger. Taking this moment Caleb, Rose, Rowan and Dimitri kill all the monsters all except for one; it's big and bulky, like those things that are meant to be in horror books.

I watch quietly as Riley walks up to the last monster and force it to its knees ''Why have you come here tonight, have you not caused enough deaths?!'' She says in a powerful voice, that scared me a little but I didn't show any emotion. I didn't realise that Jai had come until he was standing in front of Riley holding down the monster.

''You all know exactly what we want and we won't leave until we get it, get her'' The monster stared at me whilst saying all of this, They want me but why?.

''None of you are going to get her'' With that I stared in horror as Riley ripped its head off.

 I looked up at them emotionless as the monster's body fell into flames ''Mia say something'' Raphael pleaded walking towards me, I take a step back and watch as he flinches, hurt flashing in his eyes.

''What do you expect he to say?'' I asks him monotone, all of a sudden something moved from my right, I felt a rough hand grab me from behind and grab my neck.

''I suggest you all leave now before the girl dies'' A malicious voice threatened from behind me.

''Don't touch her'' My brother hisses.

''What will you do, Raphael?'' The voice asks amused. ''If anybody takes another step forward then the girl dies'' To prove it's point it tightens it's grip on my neck but I don't scream out because I don't want to show it that it's getting to me, it's nails bite into my skin a little, ouch that hurts, but I don't say anything but watch as Raph looks me in the eyes telling me to do some thing ,but what?

'If only you could hear me Raph then I would asks you what your trying to tell me'

'Defend yourself' A voice says into my head.


'He's telling you to defend yourself'

I didn't need to be told twice, I kicked the thing behind me in the shin causing it's grip to loosen on me and I took thins chance to turn around and grab it's head and smash it into my knee I falls onto the floor with its head in its hands. My hands started to burn, I stared at them then all of a sudden a ball of black fire appeared and my hand unconsciously moved and threw the ball of fire at the monster. I stared in shock as the thing burnt, it watched me as it burnt. I don't know how long I stood there but I felt a bad presence still lingering around, I looked around.

''Mia what are you looking for?'' Jai asks walking towards me.

''Don't you guys feel it?'' I ask, I see their quizzical looks ''The bad presence in the air, man I must be going crazy''

''What do you me-'' He didn't get to finish because more monsters appeared, 12 to be exact.

''What the hell are they?'' I asks as one charges towards me but Dimitri kills it before it can get anywhere near me.

''Demons'' He replies, anger lacing his words.

All too soon everybody starts to fight, now there is only two remaining. They both hiss and growl trying to scare them, I snort but it didn't go past them because their attention was soon onto me.

''Shit'' One of it grins at me, showing me it's sharp canine teeth, YUCK!

''She's the one, grab her'' Before they could come near I managed to move myself at lightening speed towards the others, the only problem? I was standing between the monsters and them. I had no idea when the black balls of fire decided to show again but my hands moved on their own record and in a voice that I didn't know that I have possessed I said.

''Whoever or whatever you are better get the hell away from the people I love other there will be hell to pay'' One of them started to laugh.

''Or what'' It said, mockingly.

''I wouldn't do that if I were you, I've been on her bad side and let me tell you it's not pretty'' Jai says from behind me.

''I bet she couldn't hurt a fly!'' It said ''Give me your worst''

''Trust me you're going to regret saying that'' I smirked and threw the black flame at it. This time I knew what would happen and didn't watch the thing burn but at its companion. ''Unless you wish for your life to end this way, you might want to leave'' The thing hesitated.

''Who are you?'' It asked me.

''I don't even know anymore'' I replied emotionlessly.

''I'm not leaving'' It saying changing into a massive dog looking thing.


Pissed off enough I scream at it but not with my voice but the one that was more powerful...

''si vos non relinquo nunc tum ego voluntas ut tuus mortem, in maxmie et dolore magnam aliquam aliquid quod tuus quibus in perpetuum experti et ut tuus s poenitet oppugnare in populus, ego amor.... pati vel vivo suus est tuus optio''

It bowed its head down in surrender and left. I sighed and took a deep breath.

''What the heck was that?'' Caleb asked.

''I think that I should be asking you all that instead don't you think'' I turn around a look at them.

''Mia hang on, we were going to tell you but only when you were ready'' I looked at my brother.

''When did you think I would be ready?'' I ask him sarcastically but nevertheless I was pissed.

''Mom, dad and I were going to tell you before the accident but as you can see we didn't get to'' I flinch when he mentions that accident.

''Why didn't you tell me after that then, yourself?'' I ask

''You were destroyed after mom and dad died that I didn't know how to tell you'' He said, his eyes pleading me silently.

''That doesn't change why you lied to me, why all of you lied'' I stated glaring at each of them ''And why they want me''

''How did you know?'' Riley suddenly asks.

''It wasn't hard to figure out, every time that I heard anyone of you talking to my family members them you would ask if 'She had been told yet?' and the reply would always be 'No' and what happened a few minutes just proved it'' I reply but direct my next question to Jared and Raphael. ''But Jared and Raphael just about how long did you plan on keeping me in the dark?'' I snarl, they both flinch.

Raphael steps forward and tries to reach for me. ''Don't. Just leave me the FUCK alone!'' With that I turn around and run out of the forest not listening to their pleas.

Chapter 7''Grazie'' I thank the gondola person and head into my house, nobody is at home right now but Raphael and Jared have been calling me non-stop since I left them; I don't want to talk to them right now.

I walk into my bathroom and take off my clothes before walking under the shower head. I let the warm water graze me, I feel really dirty because of what happened today. I can't believe that happened, I mean how is that even possible? How did those black flames shoot from my hands? All these unanswerable questions run through my head. Out of nowhere a bunch of tears run down my face, I slide down the wall and stay like that until I feel my hands start to prune slightly.

I get out and wrap a towel securely around my body, I wipe away any tear tracks left on my face and walk into my room only to find Rena, Riley, Aniswailah and Rose sitting on my bed talking to each other as if nothing happened.

''What are you all doing in my room?'' I snarl

''Ari just here us all out and make you understand all this'' Rose pleads

''Why should I?'' I ask

''Because like you said before, you have a right to know what's going on'' She replies

''Just leave me alone right now'' I reply, I want to know I really do but right now I'm too exhausted; mentally and physically. Seeing my discomfort and annoyance with them they all bid their goodbyes but Riley stayed behind.

''Zarinah you shouldn't judge us from what you saw'' She says, seriously.

''Oh yeah then what do you expect me to do?'' I ask her sarcastically, I hear her sigh.

''It is not mine to tell but when it is I'll be there, you had a right to know and I don't blame you for being angry but if you can't stay mad for long because soon you'll realize why everything happened'' I just stand there, processing her words as she walks towards my door but turns back to face me.

''What do you-'' I start to say but was interrupted

''Know this now Zarinah; you're one of us, you were meant to be and there's no going back'' She walks out of my room leaving me staring after her.

What does she mean I'm one of them? A headache starts to form so I grab my stuff and walk into my bathroom and get changed.

That night I fell asleep on those four words that were told to me.

                                                             You're one of us

Chapter 8

''Mia just hear us out''

''Why?'' I ask, he was about to continue but I cut him off ''Why did you choose to tell me now, why not before?'' I'm hurt that they didn't tell me.

'Well listen to them rather then pushing them away' A voice in my head tells me.

'Shut up!' I growl.

'Why? You know that I'm speaking the truth, why deny it?' It taunts.

'Fuck off' I shut out the voice and face my brother.

''One chance, one chance fuck it up then I'm done'' I say to him.

''You might want to sit down then'' He says guiding me to the living room.

We all came back to London and I had been ignoring everybody. I woke up, I ate, and I went to sleep; that's all I did during the last week. Everybody tried to speak to me but I would just shut them out or glare at them telling them that I don't want to speak to them. I avoided Riley and the others because I couldn't face the fact that she was right; I am one of them and there’s no going back.

I walk into the living room and everybody is there, Riley, Rowan, Caleb, Jared, Aniswailah, Rose and Dimitri are patiently waiting for our arrival. I look around, My Aunt are not there. I walk towards the back of the room and face them, leaning back onto the wall I glare at each of them. I know its harsh but I'm angry that they hadn't told me the truth and well lets face it I'm too stubborn to admit it.

''Well?'' I say raising an eyebrow. ''Care to explain....?''

''Well, as you can see we are all not human'' Jared starts off, I frown.

''I'm pretty sure that I know this already so cut the crap and tell me what's going on and like I told Raphael your only getting one chance, fuck it up and I'm done'' I wasn't lying either, I'm over 18 and a legal adult, I'll leave without a backwards glace.

Seeing that I wasn't lying they all tense up.

''Well is anybody going to tell me what's going on?'' I demand

''As you know that mom and dad kept a secret from us, well you not me but that's not the point'' Raphael starts, he rubs the back of his neck. ''I really didn't want to be the one to tell you this but I guess you need to know'' He's stalling; we both know it, hell even the devil would.

'No he wouldn't' Urgh that stupid voice is back. 'I'm not stupid'

'What do you want?' I demand

'I want you to listen to the truth and accept it because sooner or later you'll regret it'

'Well thanks for the tip Sherlock'  For the second time today I shut out that voice in my head but this time it was different, I felt something break within me; like a part of me was ripped out and thrown away.

''I knew that they were keeping something but I didn't bother asking'' I say remembering when mom and dad would always need to leave for 'business trips'.

''Like Jared said We're not human, ever wondered why you had enhanced senses then others? Yeah well its cause you and I are werewolves but I'm a full werewolf whereas your not'' Raph summarizes.

''If I'm not fully human then what am I?'' I ask, curiosity invading my mind.

''We're not exactly sure, only you will know but you've got two different types of blood running through your system''

''Again what are they?'' I ask, confused.

''What part of we don't know don't you understand? All we know is that your one of us but are not sure exactly what else you are, only you and your other half will know'' Dimitri snaps. For some unknown reason just like what happened when I shut that voice out in my head the feeling of something being ripped out and tossed infiltrated me again.

''Other half?'' I question.

I hear Riley sigh ''Your other half is what humans call soul mates and you werewolves call mates'' She says this in a very quiet but sorrowful voice.

''Umm okay, what if I don't have a 'soul mate'?'' I quote the words 'Soul mate'.

''Of course you do, everybody does'' She says.

''Okay'' I mumble.

I realize that Raphael hadn’t told me exactly how mom and dad died since he's the only one who the police could tell.

''If we are not human then are we immortal?'' I ask.

''Yes we are immortal but we stop at a certain age'' Caleb chuckles. 

''Well that's why mom and dad always looked really young, hell some people thought that they we're our older brother and sister but were always shocked when we told them that they were in fact our parents, remember Raph?'' I face him, smirking.

''Yeah and I remember that one of your friends brother's tried to hit on mom cause they thought that she was 'Sexy' and our older sister'' He replies, I laugh.

''Yeah and Urgh I will never forget that no matter how hard I try'' I chuckle and I see my brother smile.

''Awe look at you two'' Rose coos, ruining the moment. I smirk.

''Anyway back to the point if mom and dad were immortal then how did they die?'' The whole room goes silent; I could hear the clock tick.

''Um it wasn't a bear that hit our car that night, it was a hell hound'' My brother explain, I look at him in confusion.

''What's a hellhound?''

''Its like a werewolf but it came from hell'' Jared pipes in.

''How is that even possible?!''

''We don't know exactly but we have a feeling that there is somebody or a group of people helping them'' He replies.

''Well whoever is helping them then they’re stupid as fuck'' I say matter-of-factly. Jared chuckles then smirks.

''Its good to have you back, forgive us?'' He asks. I raise an eyebrow at him and give them a cold smirk. They all tense up again.

''Maybe, maybe not'' I look at my hands.

''What's that supposed to mean?'' Lilah asks, I look at her my smirk still intact.

''Well Raph and Jai both know that I don't forgive easily and won't back down without getting back at you, isn't that right guys'' I look at them both and chuckle when I see them both gulp.

''Right'' They both say.

''So I better watch your back cause I'm going to get you'' I say 

''Dude is your sister always like this?'' Rowan asks.

''Yeah when she's mad its better to stay away from her at all cost''

''I feel sorry for you'' I smirk and walk out of the living room and into my room. Before I leave I hear Rowan say something to the others, more specifically Dimitri.

''Dimitri when are you going to tell her?'' He asks

''I don't know''

''Well she's going to find out soon, I think she can feel something already cause she was looking funny when we mentioned the 'soul mate' bit'' So they're all talking about me huh?

''I will but I don't want her to panic when she does find out'' He says almost sounding like he's in pain.

''Well you're going to have to find out soon dude cause knowing my sister she will want to know sooner rather then later'' My brother says.

Not wanting to hear more, I walk towards my room and lock my door after.

What did they mean; I'm going to find out sooner or later? Why did Dimitri sound like he was in pain when he said that he'll tell me but thinks that I will freak out if he does? Am I Dimitri's soul mate? No I couldn't be, but why was did I feel weird when he snapped at me earlier? A million thought ran through my mind.

I walk into my bathroom and strip off all of my clothes and walk under the water, letting it soak me.

Chapter 9

'My eyes are hollow like an abyss. They wait to be filled with joy and love, how can they? Those eyes were destroyed, hidden away from the light and destined for darkness. People say that the eyes are a window to a person’s soul but when you look into mine, you’ll see nothing but the pain that I endured and the fear of them.                                                                                                                                                                             My hair shields me away from prying eyes, hiding me away from the pitiful world. I doesn’t want their pity, I doesn’t need their help, the thing that I want is what I cannot have; FREEDOM!                                 

Endless scars smother my delicate body remind me of my disturbing past, crimson blood trickles down the empty shell I call my body. Do they not know that the lies they tell are the reason for my sorrow?

''They lied to you Zarinah, how can you trust them?'' A masculine voice behind me asks, I stand there rooted to the spot.

''Wh-who are you?'' I stutter.

''Don't you remember me Zarinah?'' He asks me, his breath fans my neck. He sounds oddly familiar.


''Try harder, I'll always be there for you when they can't'' He fades away, leaving me to stare at my reflection. All of a sudden a hideous figure appears behind me, grinning evilly.

''Well, well, well look who we have here'' It laughs. I stare at it as it takes another step, I turn around and grab the nearest thing closest to me; my hairdryer. ''Ha-ha what are you going to do with that?''

I throw it at the beast causing it to fall to the floor and clutch its head. Taking the chance I run out of my bathroom but something caught my ankle and dragged me down to the floor.

''Bad girl, now your going to have to be punished'' It open its mouth showing its razor sharp teeth. '


''Ahhhhhhh!'' I scream jumping out of my bed and running out of my room. Towards the end of the hallway I bump into something and fall onto my bum. ''Whatever you are please don't hurt me'' I plead, I hug my knees and start to rock back and forth, the nightmare stuck to my mind.

''Why would I hurt you?'' I hear it ask, amused. The voice sound familiar for some reason.

''Be-bec-cause I threw a hairdryer at you'' I stutter.

''Huh, when?'' I hear it squat down to my level and wrap an arm around me, picking me up.

''What are you doing?'' I ask trying to get free.

''Taking you somewhere you will feel safer'' It says walking me towards a door.

''Why'' I ask, still struggling.

''Because you look pretty scared right now''

''Why do you care? You tried to kill me remember'' I point out. I hear it laugh.

''Don't you know who I am?''

''Umm a hideous beast that is really nice and will let me go?'' I ask unsure. I feel myself being put down onto something soft and something cover me. ''What are you doing?''

''Making sure your comfortable, you sure you don't recognize me?'' I shake my head.

‘‘It’s Dimitri'' He says. I feel myself stiffen, why did it have to be him, why him out of everybody else?

''Why are you helping me, and why are you even here?''

''We all stayed over because it got pretty late but anyway what happened earlier, why did you look soo scared?'' He asks. I feel the bed dip as Dimitri sits down and face me.

''Its nothing'' I say, embarrassed all of a sudden.

''Sure didn't look like nothing''

I sigh ''It was just a nightmare Dimitri''

''Was it that bad that you screamed bloody murderer and looked really scared?'' He asks, concerned. His hand unconsciously stokes my cheek.

''Yeah'' My head leans into his touch. I bite my lips when I feel a sudden urge to kiss him.

''Don't worry I'll protect you'' He whispers looking into my eyes.

I feel myself inching towards him ''Promise?''

He smile ''Always'' His eyes dart to my lips. ''Don't do that''


''That'' He stops me from biting my lips any further.

''Why?'' I ask.

''Because'' His voice sound restrained, like he's stopping himself from doing something.

I stare into his eyes and am shocked when I find them really dark, almost black. I feel Dimitri rub my lips slightly and I made the mistake when I bite my lips again by accident because all of a sudden I find myself under Dimitri with him looming over me. His skin accidentally brushed against mine and I felt a mysterious spark ignite within me and I'm surprised when I felt an emotional flash through his eyes, did he feel it to?

''That's why, I can't restrain myself when you do that Zarinah'' His face starts to come closer to mine, my head starts to imitate him but he stops himself and rolls off me. ''Urgh why do you have to be soo irresistible'' He groans but his voice sounds husky and incredibly sexy.

''What do you mean?'' I ask, regaining from what just happened.

''Didn't you feel a spark or tingles when I touch you?'' He asks me.

''Y-yeah, W-why?''

''Don't you realize Zarinah?'' He asks looking into my eyes.

''What'' I ask, I think I had a felling to what he was trying to say but didn't want to say it in case I was wrong.

''Zarinah you're my soul mate'' He said before he crashed his lips onto mine.

Chapter 10

I wake up panting.

It can't be real. I touch my lips, the kiss felt real though. Dimitri isn't my soul mate.... right?

'Could you get any more stupid?' - Asks the voice in my head.

'I'm just going to pretend that you didn't say th- Wait why am I talking to myself?'

'You aren't.... Well technically you are but I'm your inner you, Humans call us conscience if that makes any sense'.

'Oh and call me stupid' I say stubbornly. 

'Whatever anyway that 'Dream' or 'Nightmare' whatever you want to call it was a sign of you finding your true mate'

'But I say two different guys; one of which was Dimitri and I don't know who the second one was but his voice sounds familiar' I suddenly remember that demonic thing and an uncomfortable shiver runs down me.

'I know and that demonic thing that you saw well their called 'Hollows' and they aren't exactly pleasant' It says 'Don't call me an 'It' because I'm you and your calling yourself an 'it' so I'd prefer for you to give me a name instead of me being called an object.

'A name.... Of my choice'

I could imagine her roll her eyes at me... if that can even happen.

'Should I be feeling scared right now?' She asks.

'No' I smirk.

Names, names, names..... Ivy, Rhea, Rue-

'Wait you are a girl.... Right?'

'Oh you caught me I'm a boy stuck in a girls body' It remarks sarcastically.

'All you had to say was yeah' I grumble.

Mila, Era, Rivka, Lory.

'What name do you like the most?' I ask

'I don't know, your supposed to chose but I like Rivka'

'Same here!' I say

'Well duh were the same person'

'Whatever, you've officially been named.... Rivka' I stop talking to her soon after and walk into my bathroom and have a shower.

I blow dry my hair and wrap a towel around myself and walk out of my bathroom and walk to my closet. I pic out my outfit for the day: Sweatshirt with the logo 'New York City' across it, black ripped jeans and red vans. I walk back into the bathroom and do my make up ( I put my hair into a floral braid and back into my room and towards my jewellery box and pick out a gold cross my heart ring, black studs, a few bracelets and I put on my antiqued wings pendant (I wear it because it make me feel like that no matter what happens I'll always have somebody looking over me). I spray on some perfume and grab my phone, car keys and headphones then leave my room and walk into the kitchen.

Its slightly odd to see everybody there - Caleb, Dimitri, Riley, Raphael, Rose, Aniswailah, Jared and Rowan.

''Hey Mia'' Raphael says.

''Hmm'' I reply.

 ''You okay?'' Jai asks, I look at him and raise my eyebrow.

''Yeah.... Why wouldn't I be?'' I ask whilst grabbing a packet of pop tarts and placing them into the toaster.

''You seem different that's all''

''And that's bad because.... ?''

''Nothing'' He replies. They  all start to talk amongst themselves, I hear the toaster ding and I grab my pop tarts and sit by them.

''What?!'' I ask when I take a bite into my food and see them looking at me. ''Ya'll know it's rude to stare especially when somebody is eating'' I raise an eyebrow at them.

Raphael is the first to break the silence.

''Did anything happen last night?''

''What do you mean?'' I ask confused.

''I don't know but did you get this strange feeling that something bad was happening?'' He says.

''Like that's any better.... Dude speak English I don't understand what your saying'' I say sarcastically and take another bite.

''What your brother is trying to say is that did you something strange or abnormal happen to you last night that might have I don't know freaked you out'' Rowan explains.

Something strange huh? All I can think of is that awesome dream ya know the one with the hollow thingy - note sarcasm. I they meant something strange like that then yeah but I don't know it I should tell them. They all stare at me waiting for my answer. I clear my throat to grab their attention.

''Nope I didn't have any strange feeling last night..... why?'' I say smiling.

''Nothing really we just got this bad sense occurring last night and I guess since you being one of us you will go through the same ritual'' Riley says.

''What ritual?'' I ask.

''Its just some sign of somebody finding their true soul mate''

''Really? That's exactly what Rivka told me'' Shit did I just mention Rivka? - Sorry if you wanted to stay unknown, I don't get a response.

''Rivka, who's that?'' Dimitri asks, staring intently at me.  I remember my dream-mare (Mixture of a dream and nightmare - its from my dictionary so no copying without my permission) and blush slightly.

''Uh N-no-body'' I stutter and mentally curse myself for it. ''Nobody'' I say more firmly.

''Really?'' He says.

''Yes'' I glare at him slightly causing him to smirk as if he knows a secret that I don't.

''Whatever floats your boat'' He leans back into his chair but still stares at me. I finish off my pop tart and grab the Jai's drink and take a sip. He raises an eyebrow and I just shrug my shoulders.

''ono što je moje, tvoje, ali dokle god podijeliti ono što je tvoje kod mene'' I say to him as I put down the glass.

''Što ako ja ne'' He replies.

''You don't want to go there'' I smirk evilly at him. I hear somebody clear their throat and I turn my head to find all eyes are trailed onto Jai and I. ''What?'' I ask.

''What the heck were the two of you talking about'' Caleb asks.

''Why?'' I ask smugly.

''No reason'' He replies. I look at Jai and see that he's looking at me.

''Aww oni ne razumiju - se ne događa da im kažem?'' He asks me.


''Mislim da se osjećaju izostavljeno''

''Fine'' I say back to him. He looks at everybody and again I see that they all are staring at us.

''I'm guessing that you all wanna know what Mia and I were talking about?'' They all nod their head. ''We were just talking about how we share stuff and for any dirty minded idiot here - Your an maggot because it isn't like that. Oh and we were talking in Croatian, so you might as well look it up on Google translate for what were talking about (I actually did that because I don't speak Croatian) 

''izdajica'' I mutter.

''Awe don't get upset Mia'' Jai chuckle as I glare dagger at him.


''Where did you even learn that, I don't remember being taught that'' Raphael says.

''I didn't I just picked it up randomly when I was younger, you should remember Raph and you Jai'' I said and its oddly true.

''Oh yeah, I remember'' He chuckles.

''What happened?'' Rose and Lilah say at the same time. I look at Raph.

''You tell them'' I say.

''Sure.... Anyway when we were younger, Mia had this habit of talking to random people - it didn't matter if she knew them or not she would just talk to them but one day when she was 11 and I was 13 Mia wandered off somewhere - we couldn't find her for two hours but when we did she had tears all down her face and she shut everybody out but one thing that scared everybody was that she when she would talk to us she wouldn't talk in English but in other languages, we asked a family doctor and one of the elders what they think happened and they said that they think that a strong emotion must have triggered it but we never really knew what triggered it because she never opened up to anyone'' He finishes it off and all eyes are on me.

''What?'' I ask when it gets too much.

''Oh yeah I remember some of the elders talking about that incident but I just couldn't remember who it was that it happened to'' Rowan says.

''What really happened?'' Riley asks leaning forwards slightly.

''Raphael told you, nobody really found out'' I squirm about in my seat, uncomfortable from all of the intent stares that I'm receiving.

''But it happened to you so you should know'' She says.

''I don't so lets all just drop it'' I say, harshly might I add.

''Oh did I forget to mentions, she become really hostile and defensive whenever we tried to ask her about it'' Raph says.

I remember exactly what happened and trust me if I could forget about it I would.


When I was 11 I was with my mom and brother, we just came from my brother football game and were walking home and I saw this young child crying. I left my mom and brother and walked up to him and asked him what's wrong.

''I can't find my mommy'' He started to cry even more so I told him I'll help him look for her.

We walked for 10 minutes looking for her and we still couldn't find his mother so I though about calling my mom to help us or better yet the police but when I looked around there was nobody around and I looked at my right for the little child but I couldn't find him. Soon enough I heard laughter and then all of a sudden I was tackled to the floor with the most horrendous creature above me, I tried to scream for help but there was nobody to help me but that didn't stop me from trying to get away. I was weak compared to that thing and soon enough I found myself tiring and began to slow down with my defence. the  thing just laughed and tried to gnaw at my neck but something or somebody stopped it.  He told me his name was Colton and he was sent to look over me and guard me from evil, he made me promise not to tell anybody what happened and I hadn't. He told me that he told watch over me and gave me the antiqued wings pendant which he then said that if I ever was in trouble to call for him and he would come to my aid. He kissed me on my forehead and left me.

My mom, dad, brother and a few others found me not long after and when they asked me what happened over and over again I would just look at them and say 'Nothing' I different languages, I made a promise and intended to keep it.


My saviour, I can't forget him- how could I, it was the same person I saw last night!

I am brought back to the present when I hear Jai say my name.

''Yh?'' I ask.

''We've been trying to talk to you for the last 5 minutes but you spaced out.... Why?'' He asks. I jump out of my seat and he looks at me like I've gone crazy.

''I've gotta go''

''Why what happened'' He tries to grab my hand but I'm already heading towards the door.

''Nothing, Oh and I'm going out I might not come back until late so don't wait up''

''Wait Mia it's not safe for you to go out alone'' Raph says, attempting to stop me.

''I need some air, and I don't care''

''Is this about what happened all those years ago.... Do you remember anything'' He asks.

''No I don't remember anything so stop asking'' I look back at all of them. ''And please next time refrain yourselves from talking about me behind my back like you did last night'' I say before walking out of my house and getting into my car and driving off.

Chapter 11

Dimitri's P.O.V

''Do you think that she heard the whole conversation?''  Rose asks, I rub the back of my neck.

''Well if she did say for us to refrain from talking about her then what do you think?'' Rose shot Lilah a glare.

''I was only asking'' She mumbled.

''I'm heading out guys'' I get to the kitchen dorr when I'm called back.

''Where are you going, man?'' Raph raises an eyebrow. i shoot him a look.

''I need some time to think'' I walk out the kitchen and to my bike before speeding off. I park my bike outside my house and walk in.

''Master Dimitri, where were you, your parents called'' Steven, the butler said.

''I spent the night at a friend's house, I'm going to rest so do tell everybody not to disturb me'' Seeing the fustration on my face, he complies. I walk into my room and just stand there.

I could tell that she was lying so why? She remembers what happened but why not tell anyone? What did she mean earlier? Did she hear the whole conversation? I can't believe anything at the moment. A million questions run through my head, giving me a headache.

What happened that she needed to rush off so quickly? I know that I should just leave it but my soulmate may be at risk of being hurt and I can't allow that. I grab my keys, and leave the house. I get onto my bike and use my bind with Zarinah to find where she is, I end up outside a cemetry. I hear voices, one sounds like Zarinah herself but the other one sounds a little familiar.

''What's going on?'' I hear her say.

''They seem to want you Zarinah'' He says, I angle my head so that i can see who she is talking to but his back is facing me making it hard.

''Who?'' I can hear the fustration in her voice.

''Your not ready to find out yet'' He sighs and moves to touch her, in the back of my throat I growl. Sensing my presences, he calls me out. ''Dimitri, you can come out, I know your there'' I move from where i was crouching and into clear view.

''What are you doing here?'' I ask Zarinah.She looks at me shocked.

''Shouldn't I be asking you that?'' She fires back. I hear the man chuckle.

''Don't be angry, Zarinah, Your soulmate merely wants to keep you safe'' He says.

''Soulmate?'' She asks, She wan't meant to find out just yet.

''You didn't tell her?'' The bastard doesn't even bother to face me. ''Tsk tsk, Zarinah dear He's your soulmate, your other half'' She looks at me shocked.

''Is he telling the truth?'' I nod ''Why didn't you tell me? So that dream where I kissed you and you told me that I was your soulmate was actually a sign?'' She's been dreaming of me. Better yet, kissing her.

''You dream of me kissing you?'' I smirk, causing her cheeks to redden.


''Seems like I'm interupting something, if you ever need anything, you know what to do'' Finally the idiot turns around before leaving.

You've got to be kidding me. HIM......SERIOUSLY?                                                            _______________

A/N Sorry for the late update guys, hope you liked this chapter even if it was short.


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