come away with me/I waited by you didn't come





Come away with me


Let's run away. Just you and me.

You can bring your Teddy, and your pills.

And I'll bring my wagon just in case you start to feel weak.

We will search for hidden treasures near where rainbows begin.

Gypsies will take us in,

and maybe one of theirs can marry us.

Together, the world will be ours to explore and share.

I know a small corner store where Mr. Dean always

gives me samples of candies.

I'm sure he will do the same for you.

When you get tired I'll pull you in my wagon.

And then, when our journey ends,

I'll take you back home, and tuck you in.

Then, we can do it all over tomorrow

when you feel strong again.





























 I waited, but you didn't come


The sky threatened to throw a fit.

Humid air moved in like a laden down locomotive.

I waited, but you didn't come.


Distant thunder mocked the night sky like a vicious bear.

Flashes of light prophesied certain doom.

I waited, but you didn't come.


Pellets of cold sleet touched my vulnerable soul.

Winds whipped around my tightly wrapped heavy coat.

I waited, but you didn't come.


An errand newspaper, flashing yesterday's grim news, flew by,

closely followed by a noisy trash can lid.

I waited, but you didn't come.


The rain soaked bench under me dampened my being.

My hat dripped, as my raven hair clung to my frozen cheeks.

I waited, but you didn't come.


A blinding inferno split a tree a mere few feet away,

 leaving a smell of burnt elm in its wake.

I waited, but you didn't come.


Rain changed to giant puffs of snow coming like

droves of pure white sheep cascading down a mountainside.

I waited, but you didn't come.


Just then, all around me, became hushed and still.

The cold departed, the world vanished,

leaving behind only peace.

 Morning found me here,

still waiting for you to come.





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