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The freeware program „PRIMA Knowledge & Information“ (in the next named with the short description PKI) is a small, central management of collected knowledge and recorded information. It can be used without an installation on an usb stick. Further information to this program you will get on the URL „“ and you can download the file from this address too.

A description of the installation and the first settings together with a table of all icons and short cuts you will find in the QuickStart document, which you will get together with the program or you can download it separately.


To the program „Knowledge & Information“ there you can get this eBook (January of 2017), which is available in German and English language as ePub and azw3 file. This eBook is part of the „edeus“ serial by me - an explanation of this word you can find here. In this eBook all available functions were described, some with an example.


Buying this eBook you support the further development of this program or of other freeware programs developed by me and in contrast to a „Donation“-button you will get a real value. If you have bought a formerly edition of this eBook than you can get all updated editions for free. For more informations please click here.


Informations to errors or suggestions for new or better functions are welcome every time! Please use the E-mail-function in the main menu of the program for it.


Short cuts will be shown in the eBook like this:
A single key: <Z> = Press the „z“-Key (low letters).
A short cut: <CTRL> + <A> = Press the „CTRL“-Key and the „a“-Key.


I translated this eBook by myself into the English language (only by using the help of If you find a sentence which you can’t understand, please send me an e-mail. Or if you have a better translation, than do it also. Thank you.

1. General Program Construction


1.1 Program Styles


This is the first of my published applications where you get the possibility to select one of three program-styles:

1. Windows traditional: With Windows-Menu and iconbar

2. Windows modern: With a surface like the Ribbon-Style

3. ITSE-Style: Space saving with the menu in the titlebar

With the „Windows traditional“-Style it looks so:


And in the „Windows Modern“-Style so:



The ITSE-Style with the menu in the titlebar you know from all other applications by me:



Behind the style you can change the skin too. Two of the (AlphaControl-)Skins were compilied into the application. Additional you can use one of the four Metro-UI-Skins which are only availabe with the „Windows Modern“-style. And at last you can deactivate all skins for a normal windows surface. In this case all functions are disabled which are placed on the titlebar.


1.2 Program


After the program start the main window displays the category list on the left hand side and the datagrid with the knowledge records on the right.

Left in the titlebar you find the main menu if you selected the space saving ITSE-style:


Verlag: BookRix GmbH & Co. KG

Texte: Jens Wahl
Bildmaterialien: Jens Wahl
Übersetzung: Jens Wahl
Tag der Veröffentlichung: 20.01.2017
ISBN: 978-3-7396-9386-6

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