Chapter 1

In the seventies, I moved to Australia, with my wife and two boys. Two years after I got there, I bought a restricted taxi license. I found my sex life improving over the next few years, and apparently so did my wife's.  I was soon having sexual encounters, with some of my customers. One young lady, I helped carry her shopping to her flat three stories up. Asked me in for a coffee, and I ended up reliving her of her pent-up emotions.  She told me her boyfriend, worked away in the goldfields for three months at a time. She always got frustrated after the first month, he had been away for two months, and she then needed it badly, when I first shagged her. For the following eight months, we had sex every second Thursday when she did her shopping. It ended when he bought a transportable home, and putting it on the mine site for her to move in with him.


She was not the only customer, who liked to get my dick out. An old woman called Lillie 'or drunken Lil' as I called her, always asked for my taxi number, when she wanted a taxi, at the end of her night out at the pub.  I would drive her home and pull into her drive, and then as I opened the car door for her. She would turn to sit sideways and undo my flies, and then leisurely suck me off as I stood there for her to do it.  She always gave me a big tip, as well as the full fare. She was a nice-looking old woman and I did offer to shag her, but all she wanted was to suck my dick. She had a big dildo in the house, but it was not as nice to suck; as my dick, she had said.


I got a taxi truck two years after I bought the taxi, which was when Janet got her taxi drivers license. Lady taxi drivers could only work during daylight hours, so I was now just doing the very early morning jobs and the nights in the cab. I did deliveries in the taxi truck when Janet took the cab over from me. I had regular pickups, in the mornings and evening. Some had early morning starts in the local factories, and I had fairs to the airport for three fairs that commuted each day. I would go home at eight for breakfast, and Janet would take over. The couple next door had a boy, who went to the same school as our boys. So Janet would take him, with our boys in the morning. Annette was the same age as Janet, and they had become good friends, her husband Robert was a drunken fool and would beat her when he got drunk. Many a time, Janet would take Annette into our house at night to keep her safe.


On the way to Australia, we had made friends with a couple on the ship. They had settled just a short distance from us, and we saw them quite often.  He was a truck driver and worked for a big transport company, he and another chap drove a road train together. They would be away for days on end, delivering goods hundreds of miles away. One Saturday night, my controller called me on the radio.


"There's a chap called Duncan Mitchell asking for you, he's stuck at the casino nightclub. No one will pick them up because his mate is too drunk, wants to know if you can bail him out John, he says he's a friend of yours."


I told the controller I would go pick him up and would book off duty to do it. We were unable to pick up in the city because we only had restricted plates. We could take fares into the city, from our operating area, only we had to return to our area, before picking up another fare. I saw why no one would pick them up as soon as I saw Duncan, he was holding up his mate Harvey against the wall, trying to stop him from falling over.


Mary Duncan's wife was not as drunk as Harvey was, but she was drunk enough. Therefore, I decided to put her in the car first. As I struggled to put her in the front passenger seat, she smiled at me and started kissing me as I was leaning over her. Then I went to help Duncan with Harvey, who was unable to walk at all because he was too drunk. Between us, we manhandled him to the car, with his feet dragging along behind him. Then unable to get him onto the seat, we laid him face down on the back footwell. Alison Harvey's wife laughing drunkenly walked over Harvey's body, to sit in the back beside Duncan when he got in. Then we had to bend Harvey's legs up to shut the door when we were ready to drive away.


Harvey's home was eighteen miles away in Westfield, and it was now gone midnight. With the roads now empty, we had an uninterrupted journey.  The regularly spaced street lighting of the highway laminated the darkness in the car. In the brief flashes of light, I saw Duncan in my rearview mirror passionately kissing Alison.  Alison was really enjoying it, smiling happily, as Duncan had her blouse wide open. I could see he had a handful of flesh, which he had pulled from her half-cup bra.  I had to be very careful I did not crash, as I eagerly watched him playing with her lovely tit.


Arriving at Harvey's, I backed into the drive as far as I could, to lessen the distance we had to carry him. We dragged him from the car and into the house and then threw him on the settee.  As I turned to go back out to the car, Alison came in drunkenly smiling at me, her blouse wide open and her breast still exposed.


"Wait for me in the cab John, while I say goodnight to Alison please?" Duncan said grinning at me, as Alison gave me a big wet tongue kiss goodnight.  Mary was still conscious, grinning drunkenly at me, as the light went on when I opened the car door.  She was sitting slumped back in her seat, her short skirt hitched up high showing most of her legs. Her bulging cleavage showed in the neckline of her frilly blouse.  I got in and closed the door, and the light went out. Turning to look through the back window, she must have thought I was going to kiss her.


She lifted her face pursing her lips ready, so I obliged her and kissed her wet hot lips. As we continued to kiss there was no objection, to my hand entering her blouse to play with her ample breast?  I kept one eye on Harvey's front door, and Mary's legs opened wider when my hand crept up under her skirt, to feel her hot damp pussy. Her kisses got much more passionate, as I moved two fingers in and out of her.


She gasped and moaning softly, as I felt her getting wetter and her right hand was feeling the bulge in my trousers. I released it from my pants for her, and she rubbed it vigorously as she moved her crouch on my hand and moaned as she climaxed.  Then she readily opened her red-hot lips, when I awkwardly knelt so she could suck me.


It took twenty minutes for Duncan, to say goodnight to Alison. It was just long enough, I had just sat down and put Mary's tit away when he came out of the door.


When we got to his house, it was past one-thirty and it was pitch black. In the darkness, I had another grope of Mary's tits, as I was helping her out of the car, as Duncan went to open the door to the house.  With one hand up her skirt feeling her lovely bum, I slowly moved Mary to her front door, where I had to let her go so Duncan to help her in.  Duncan gave me more than enough, to cover the taxi fare. The big tip obviously was for waiting for him, and keeping quiet so he could have his goodnight shag with Alison.


Janet was fast asleep when I crept into bed, I doubted she wants sex anyway but I didn't want to wake her.  Nearly every morning I would find Janet in Annette when I came home for breakfast. Robert would have already gone to work, and Janet would be having coffee. While she waited for me to change over, so it became natural for me to have tea and toast with them.  Sometimes I would be late, and Janet would go off with the boys, leaving me alone with Annette to finish my tea and toast.


Annette was a nice looking woman, nice figure and nice tits. I had seen them quite a bit lately since I started having tea and toast with them. Annette was always in her cotton housecoat, with nothing under it when I arrived in the mornings. As I sat opposite her at the table, she would be sitting sideways on to me, talking to Janet. Annette seemed blissfully unaware, that as she bent forward her housecoat would gape open.


This would allow me to see one of her lovely breasts, with a long dark brown nipple. They were a little smaller than Janet's was, but they were nice to look at, seeing I wasn't supposed to be looking at them, in the first place, was I!


From an early age, I had liked looking at girls bodies, which had been my second eldest sister's fault, although she never knew it.  When I was eleven, and she was about sixteen, she had to babysit me when mum and dad went out.  I went to bed before they went out, but as soon as they did, Rita would let her boyfriend in.  She had to leave the passage door ajar, so she could hear me if I got up, but I would creep down, to spy on them through the gap in the door.  She let him take her tits out, almost as soon as he got there. Although they never were completely undressed, her blouse would be wide open with her bra pushed up out of the way, so he could see and play with both of them.


It meant I also could see her tits, then when he took, her panties off I could see her fanny, as she spread her legs for him. With the hem of her skirt tucked into her waistband, she enjoyed lying back with her legs wide, while he played and fingered her pussy. She always did all he told her to do when he took his dick out for her to play with and kiss. Then she would pant and moan when he got between her legs to shag her, but she made much more noise when he made her kneel on all fours, to shag her from behind.


She married him when she was twenty, I had watched them shagging for four years, and she was still a randy bitch. They had two children in quick succession before she went to the doctors and had something done to stop having kids. It didn't stop her being randy though, in fact, I think it made her sexier, knowing she couldn't have children, it meant she could have as much sex as she wanted.


I found out she had some men friends, that used to shag her on the quiet; I caught her with one of them, one afternoon when I came home on a fourteen-day leave from the Navy.  I had an arm full of presents for the kids, which I had for them from abroad.  No one knew I was coming home, so she would not be expecting me when I went around to her house.


It was on a hot summer's afternoon, and Simon would have been at work.  As I always used the kitchen door, when I went to see them, I was walking down the side of the house and was about to pass the kitchen window. When I saw the blind was down, I thought that was very strange, because I had never seen it down before. As there was no sun shining, on this side of the house there was no need. There was a small gap at the bottom, which I looked through and into the kitchen.  There was Rita stark naked with the look of ecstasy on her face, as she was bending over the end of the kitchen table. With this naked man, I did not know from Adam, shagging her hard from behind.


I stayed watching him humping her for some time, and saw she was really enjoying it, then when he pulled out, she turned around and finished him off with her mouth. I quietly slipped away with a raging hard-on, which I had to relieve. I went back the next day to deliver the toys when the children were home.


The day before I was due to return to my ship, I went around saying goodbye to Rita and wished I had my camera with me. There she was in the kitchen again, with a different bloke. I have often wondered if I could have blackmailed her into letting me shag her, I think Rita liked it that much I think she might have let me. I know I would have shagged my own sister given half the chance.


Given half a chance I would gladly shag Annette, no questions asked why she stayed with Robert I do not know. He earned a good wage so it could be for the kid's sake, or perhaps she liked him being domineering. Janet did tell me Annette confessed to her, that Robert has sex with her after he beats her into submission, she might be too scared to refuse him.  He makes her strip and submits to his will when he gets drunk and violent. I have been tempted to go and sort him out when I have heard him beating Annette, but Janet has always stopped me, from going over there.


"Don't interfere, John, she should leave him if she doesn't like it," she had always said as if she also thought Annette did like him being rough.  Though I must admit, all the times I have heard the racket, I have never seen a bruise on Annette's face unless he only hits her on the body where we cannot see, only that would not happen, if he were out of control through drink.

Chapter 2


The Wednesday lunchtime after I had taken Duncan, and his drunken party home. I had just done a delivery, at the Armadale shopping complex. I was just leaving the unloading bay when I saw Mary struggling with her shopping, so I stopped to say hi friendly like, asking if I could help her to her car.


"Car is in the garage having something fixed John, could do with a lift home though darling," she said smiling sweetly, how could I refuse the lovely woman.  I had to help her up into the cab, after putting her shopping bags into the back of my truck and got a very nice view of her ass. Then as I carried her shopping into her kitchen, she put the kettle on and asked.


"You will stay for coffee John?" of course I would, she was just being friendly. I had wondered if she would be when we met again. I was hoping she was far too drunk, to remember what I did to her on that Saturday night, or if she even knew it was me, or Duncan that had given her some sexual pleaser in the car.


She didn't seem to be embarrassed, with me being there which made me think, I had been right about her being too drunk. Then as I was drinking the last drop of coffee, she caught me completely off guard.


"John, Duncan shagged Alison on Saturday night, didn't he, he was in there long enough, because I can remember us messing about in the car.  Oh do not worry I will not kill him, I just what to know I'm not imagining it, I think they've been having sex for some time. I'm sure he's been around there when Harvey's away," Mary said looking down at her cup as if trying to read the tea leaves then continued.


"Every six weeks they have to have a trip off, and someone else has to go with one of them.  Duncan often disappears when he is home and Harvey's away, I think he is around shagging Alison. I can't be mad at him John, I haven't been all that faithful myself, and you know that from Saturday night, you're just as bad as he is." She said finally looking up at me, with a naughty smile on her lips.


"Harvey is as bad as Duncan is; he comes around here on the days when Duncan has gone away.  It started quite a while ago; I was feeling a little down one day when Harvey turned up here. He had some bottles of wine, he and Duncan had taken off a load they had delivered, and he had brought Duncan's share of it around.  We sat and had quite a few glasses; then I got quite tipsy when we had a few more. I found myself in bed with Harvey, enjoying him giving me a really good shagging. So I can't really be mad at Duncan when I still like Harvey making me go to bed with him."


She said it with a tiny smile as if Harvey was forcing her into bed when I think it was mutual consent, if not her leading him there.  I was not sure if I was reading the signals right, but as they say, nothing ventured nothing gained.


"I'm sure Duncan shagged Alison Saturday Mary, and I enjoyed myself with you in the car, I'd like to enjoy your lovely charms, again sometime very soon," I said getting up and smiling down at her, as I went around the table towards her.


"Oh you naughty man, are you suggesting we should have sex right now John?" she asked putting her arms around my neck, as I bent to kiss her.  I had thought Mary was hot and willing, in the car because she was drunk. I did not think that was the case now because when I got her into her bedroom, she was more than willing for me to strip her naked, and do what I liked to her.  She really liked to climax, she creamed twice as I fingered her in foreplay, then after we had shagged she wanted me to keep making her climax.


Janet and I were making a very good living, out of the taxi and taxi truck; we were putting money in the bank and had even paid some of our mortgages off.  So when Janet's mum fell ill and she wanted to go back to England to see her, I readily agreed with her to take the boys, to see their grandma.  She was going for a month, and luckily, I had just the people to cover for her. Some of the ambulance drivers, at the Armadale hospital, had taxi licenses.


They did part-time work, for taxi owners that wanted time off, and as they, all worked shifts we worked out a rota so that six drivers could cover for Janet. It worked out well, although I was not making as much money, we did cover the cost of running the cab, and I did make a small profit. Only that was not the real reason for them running the cab, the reason was to keep my customers happy, goodwill was the reason, without my regulars I would have to hunt for work.


On the Thursday of Janet's second week away, I came home one night at about twelve-thirty. As I turned off the engine, I heard Annette sobs coming from next door.


"No Robert please you're hurting me, oh please stop Robert please?" she cried out and sobbed again, pleading for him to stop whatever he was doing to her.


I did not have Janet to stop me this time, so I banged on their door, and then tried the door handle when she cried out again for him to stop.  To my surprise, the door opened, and I was in their front room, with her lying naked on the floor, with him kneeling between her open legs.  He was almost undressed, having just a pair of underpants on, and was leaning over her. With one hand holding a breast very tightly, his other hand slapping her everywhere.  With her wide terrified eyes now looking up at me, I stepped forward and he never realized I was there at all and just slumped to the floor when I hit him.


Just the once was enough, and he was out stone cold, then when he didn't move, I checked just to make sure he was still breathing.  Then I looked down at Annette who had not moved at all, as if my sudden entrance had frozen her to the spot. Her legs were still wide open, and she was breathing very heavily. As she still looking up at me, as I looked down at her exposed shaved pussy.  The housecoat she always wore discarded on the floor, so I draped it over her shoulders when I helped her to her feet.  She was still in shock I think, and just let me lead her out of the house when I said.


"I'm not leaving you here, you can spend the night at my house. I'll check on your boy to see if he's alright, and tell him you're with me if he is awake."  I opened the boy's door, but he was fast asleep.


Annette didn't say a word, as I lead her to my room to put her naked in my bed. Then as I went to cover her with the sheet, she threw her arms around my neck, kissing me very passionately repeatedly.  I still had not yet covered her, and she was moaning softly, as I caressed the breast, he had been abusing. It was too much for me, and still kissing her I undressed and climbed into bed with her, and relieved the presser from my dick.


Perhaps I was her knight in shining armour, who she was rewording after saving her. I only know she was highly aroused as I shagged her, I think Robert was about to fuck her when I hit him and she did want it. She wanted me again as soon as she aroused me for a second time after we had lain in bed for some time kissing and fondling each other.  I took her back to her house at four forty-five, as I had to pick up my fist fare at five fifteen and Robert was still where I had left him. Annette begged me to see if he was all right, he was and he stirred a bit, as I checked him out.


"Annette, you sure you will be alright when he wakes up?" I asked looking around at her as she stood alongside me, clutching my arm with her housecoat just over her shoulders. It was still undone showing her naked body and the blonde tuft of hair on her crouch.


"Oh yes John he'll be alright, he won't remember a thing about last night. He will just wake up as he always douses, thinking he fell into a drunken sleep on the floor. Do you have to go right now?" she asked reaching up to give me a kiss, as her hand felt my dick through my trousers. She had not been embarrassed at me looking at her naked body at all; in fact, I was looking at it now. As she smiled at me her lips pouting and I wondered did I have the time. "I'll pop in to see if you're alright later Annette, I really have to go right now," I said returning her kiss.


"Thank you, John I'll be waiting for you," she said kissing me again and pressing her body against mine. "I haven't enjoyed having sex so much for years, you did enjoy fucking me, didn't you John? I have wanted you to do that for over a year, I know you have been looking at my breasts, while you had tea and toast here. I had hoped you would have asked me to have sex with you before now when Janet went off in the taxi. You were just as I imagined you would be when you made love to me last night, Robert always shags me hard and rough, and only when he is drunk, thank you, John, will you make love to me again please." She asked, taking me completely off guard again.


It really surprised me, and I think she would have let me shag her there and then, lying down beside Robert. By the way, she was pressing her body to me, she was deadly serious she wanted fucking again.  I looked down at Robert, lying just feet away still out cold, I really had to go, I could not afford to let Justin down he would miss his plane, and I would lose my contract with his firm.


"Get some rest Annette, you've been up all night, you're still in a bit of shock. I'll see you later and we'll have a talk," I kissed her and went to my car, thinking hell I could have been shagging her a year ago.


I was back at home at seven-thirty, for Tony to take over the cab, and for me to have breakfast, before taking the taxi truck out. As I got out of the taxicab, Annette's door opened, and she stood smiling at me. She was still inside her house, and as the door looked out onto the carports, and directly towards my door facing it across our two carports. It meant she was completely out of sight of anybody about in the street.  I was looking at her without that coat she always wore, as she stood opened legged and naked tempting me into her home.


"I've got the coffee pot on, and there's toast made do you want some?" She asked then quickly closed the door, as Tony arrived in his car. I tossed him the keys to the cab, and he was gone in minutes.


"Where's the boy?" I asked Annette, as her door opened again.


"Robert took him to Sandra's, he'll go to school with her boy," she said smiling at me walking backwards a few steps as I entered her home. I didn't have the coffee or the toast it was too cold, by the time I came out of her bedroom.


She had almost leapt into my arms, as I walked through her door. She raised her arms around my neck and wrapped her legs around me, so I could carry her naked to the bedroom.  Where she was eager for me to please her after she had gone down to worship my rigid dick with her hot lips. God, she was as randy as Duncan's wife Mary, they both wanted me to carry on after I had shagged them.


If there was something in the water, that was making women randy around here; Janet was not drinking any of it that was for damn sure.  We had been married for eight years and had been in Australia for five of them, the first year or two, we would shag maybe twice a week, especially when we had been out to a party, and Janet had had a few drinks, then it became once a week, then she didn't want it as much as that.


Since we had a taxi, I might shag her once every two months or so. Oh all right we were working hard, when I got out of bed she was asleep. When I went to bed, she was most likely asleep. We didn't have the time to go to parties anymore, and we hardly saw each other during the day, when she got back from England we must have more time together. I was seeing Mary every Wednesday afternoon, and I was being tempted into Annette's every morning with the promise, of having her hot muffin for breakfast.


When Janet came home from England, Annette still wanted me to shag her in the mornings, as Janet went off in the taxi, I was sure we were going to get caught, Janet could come back for any number of reasons. They say you should not play away close to home, Christ, I was playing away next door, how crazy was that.


Annette would not take no for an answer, and I found myself shagging her in my house when she would come over because I had not gone over to her.  Then one day I found out the reason why Janet had stopped going over to visit Annette at night.  I was shagging Annette one morning and casually asked.


"Have you and Janet fallen out over anything Annette, I haven't seen Janet in your place in the evenings for a long time?" Annette looked up at me and answered.


"No we haven't fallen out John, Janet won't come over to my place at night anymore, not after want, Robert did to her, three months ago oh dear, she told me not to tell you."


I stopped shagging her, and just looked down at her." Why did Janet tell you not to say anything, what did he do to her?" I asked gently shagging her so she could talk, rather than pant and moan.


"Oh well if I must John, Janet was over here having a drink with me, which we normally did, when we were alone some nights. Robert came in drunk and started pulling me about roughly and taking my clothes off, he was trying to have sex with me with Janet there.  Janet tried to stop him, but he was too strong for her, he knocked her to the floor. Then as he removed my dress, Janet got up and jumped on him again, as he pulled off my knickers. He tossed her face down, on the arm of the settee like a rag doll."


"Then when he saw her skirt was up showing her bottom, he left me and turned on her as she lay helpless over the arm.  He pulled her panties down spread her legs and forced himself on her, and he shagged her hard from behind.  He grabbed hold of me when I tried to stop him and held me over Janet pinning me naked on top of her. He continued shagging her until he came inside her.  He was much stronger than the two of us, I had to helplessly watch, as he made Janet moan and whimper as he shagged her really hard."


"When he finished with her, she was panting, and really flushed red with embarrassment. He's always rough with me, John when he's drunk and wants sex.  I am used to it, and I keep forgiving him because I do like having sex, even the way Robert shags me sometimes.  I cannot help it, I just love sex too much. I was afraid Janet was going to go to the police, which I would not have blamed her for, but she agreed not to when I begged her. I had to promise no one would know, about Robert having raped her, it would be too embarrassing for her. It would also cause bad feeling, between Robert and you so we kept it quiet."


I finished shagging Annette and went out in the taxi truck, and then when I came home at five, I looked at Janet playing with the boys.  I could punch that Robert, for forcing himself on her. I thought of just doing that, but I could not confront him, I would let her know I knew what he had done. The only person, I could have heard it from was Annette, and Annette was too weak, to stand up to any cross-examination Janet would give her. I had to keep my mouth shut if I was going to keep shagging Annette, which was a bittersweet way to get back at Robert.


My affair with Annette came to an abrupt end four months later, but I didn't know it was going to. Two months earlier Robert was blind drunk again and beat Annette unconscious.  He had already stripped her off when she tried to escape his clutches; he caught her in their back garden and shagged her on the patio after he had knocked her out.  Janet heard the commotion and looked out of our window, she saw him shagging her, then leave her there naked and unconscious when he had finished.


Janet went out to tend to Annette and brought her into our house when she had brought Annette around. When I came home, I couldn't go to my bed because Janet had put Annette in it, and she sat up with her all night.


It was the last straw and they went to the police in the morning and had Robert arrested for domestic assault. He went to prison for two years, and Annette sued for divorcé.  Then one morning not long after, Annette came out of her house with suitcases, as I returned to change over to Janet. She gave me a kiss then Janet loaded Annette and her boy into the cab and drove them to the airport, where they boarded a plane back to England.  I knew nothing about it, and I had shagged Annette the morning before, Janet never breathed a word of it to me, showing she could keep secrets.


Soon after Annette left their house was up for sale, and an older couple bought it. They were nice but kept themselves to themselves; we hardly ever saw them from week to week. We only saw someone my age who visited with his wife and two children, mostly on Sundays for the afternoons.  They never bothered to introduce themselves, or ask us to keep an eye on his parents.

Chapter 3

Duncan and Mary had bought a five-acre block out at Byford, which had a nice big house on it. The house was set back from the road, with a big shed on the grounds to park his truck in. I had moved their furniture out there for them and told him I envied the space he now had.  He had gone owner-driver with Harvey, pulling trailers for the same firm he had worked for, they were still doing the same run as they did before, but now they owned the prime mover, and got paid to pull the firm's freezer trailers. He was away the very same days, which meant I could still see Mary on Wednesdays, though she did not have to be quiet anymore when I shagged her. The nearest neighbour was at least five acres away, and they would not hear her moans of pleaser from there.  I was pleased Duncan was doing well, and now with his own truck, he could do other work, in between his main earning work.


Their main work was still the run with the road train freezer, which they loaded on Tuesday mornings, and then left at midday to drive day and night, up the inland road to Port Headland. Then it was back down the coast road, delivering as they went to return Friday evening.  They had the next three days off, but if there was work on offer, one or both of them would do it, witch Mary said they did quite often.


"While one of them is away alone, the other always looks after the other's wife," she had said it with a big grin, meaning Harvey was still coming around to shag her.  I would have been around myself more often, but he was home on Mondays and could be home anytime on Fridays, along with Wednesdays these were my relative quiet days. These days I would mostly deliver furniture or other household goods bought in shops, the taxi firm had contracts with that we would deliver at the cost of taxi fares.


Tuesdays and Thursdays, I was always very busy on both days, delivering Avon cosmetics all over the city, from the railway goods station.  We had to push the speed limits; to get back to the station, to pick another load until all the goods were gone. Having a fixed price per box for the job, meaning the more you delivered the more you could earn.


On Tuesday on my second run back to the station, I picked up a full load for Armadale and Kelmscott. I had never had this run before, and I had two drops to deliver on my estate.  I had one delivery that was two roads up the hill from my road, and as the house was in line with mine, I could look along the drive of the houses below. I was carrying the boxes down the drive and could see across the road to my drive. There were three taxies parked in the drive. I had one more delivery on this estate, and that was on the road above this one.


So I decided as it was eleven-thirty, I would stop at home for a cup of tea with Janet and her friends. Before carrying on with the rest of my deliveries and trying to get another load.  When I did arrive at my home, there was only my taxi parked on the drive.  When I entered the house, I could hear water running in the bathroom; it stopped as I went into the hallway, so I called out.


"Janet are you there Love," and her startled face peeked around the bathroom doorframe, and her shocked voice said.


"What are you doing home at this time?" she asked rather abruptly, wrapping a towel around her wet body.


"Just popped in for a cup of tea, what are you doing?" I asked and it was a silly question, seeing she was soaking wet and had just come out of the shower.


"I got sweaty sat in the car, so came home for a quick shower," she answered, but did not mention she had had two other taxi drivers here with her.  As all the taxies were the same colour, you could not tell one from another, unless you could see their fleet number. Which I did not, and at the time I had thought the two were other lady drivers, just here for coffee.


Now I was suspicious, whenever we had sex Janet would always have a shower after, that could not be the reason for the shower. She would not, would she; not with two men.  I made the tea as she dressed, and as we sat drinking, I said.


"This is the first time I've had Kelmscott and Armadale deliveries bet I don't get them again, have you had a busy day love, or have you been sitting around?"


"Been quite busy all morning, only been here five minutes before you came," she said looking up from her cup and smiling at me.


Well, that was a bloody lie, it had taken fifteen minutes, for me to do the deliveries, from the time I saw the taxis. Then it was another five minutes, for me to drive down from the top of the hill before I got to our house.  How long had they been there, before I actually saw them?  I was suspicious now, but I could not accuse her not without proof. How was I going to do that, without knowing who the drivers were that were driving the cabs?


It haunted me for the rest of the day, and then as I was coming home at five, I had an idea and wondered if the taxi controller would have the answer.  We had eight taxi's operating the Kelmscott and Armadale ranks, midday lunchtime was normally quiet, but it still had to be covered, so at least four cabs had to operate at a time, if you wanted a break, you asked if you could then the controller booked you off if there were enough cabs for cover still out.


I dropped into the depot and checked out the morning's log, two other cabs booked off at ten thirty, for an hour's break at the same time as Janet booked off.  Sid Mercer and Frank Jennings were the other two. Sid was a big well-built Scotsmen, six-foot odd and loud-mouthed, a big bully of a man, always intimidating people.  Hardly any of the other drivers liked him, except for Frank Jennings. If Sid was arguing with someone, Frank would be standing behind him, egging Sid on and throwing insolates, at the other person.


No, it could not be them, Janet like most of us was not fond of the pair at all, no, I must be completely off track, but whom did the two taxis belong.  Later in the evening, I was on the Armadale rank when Frank pulled onto it, I had a good look at him but then dismissed the thought, but it still niggled me in the morning, and Justin asked as I drove him to the airport.


"You alright mate you don't seem to be yourself this morning, something worrying you."  I had driven Justin to the airport, every morning five days a week for almost three years now. We had got to like one another and had great discussions on many subjects.  He had been in the Australian army for ten years, while I had been in the British Navy for seven. We had swopped tales of what we had done in the service, as he had been in the Australian Army special service.


He had specialized in covert operations, as part of an intelligence-gathering group. He now worked for a security company, not as a security guard, but as a technician setting up security systems, for big mining companies and surveillance in prisons.


I had been in the Navy for two years, before becoming a clearance diver, and assigned to the Special Boat Squadron, or SBS.  We were, in fact, a rapid response, commando group, trained to attack by stealth, from the sea in small boats or as frogmen.  Although I had never fired in anger, I trained in all manner of weaponry, and of course unarmed combat, which Justin and I had in common.  Even being that friendly how could I tell him, I thought my wife was shagging two blokes at once?


"You could say that Justin, but I can't burden you with my worries," I said hoping he would not press me, to admit I thought my wife was being unfaithful.


"Don't be daft mate we're buddies aren't we, if it's sensitive I'll keep it to myself, but if I can help in any way I will, but if I don't know I can't know if I can help."  I completely understood what he meant, but I could not see what he could do to help me solve the riddle of, who owned the two taxies.


"I think my wife is playing around and is driving me crazy. I think she is bringing him home to do it, I have not actually caught her with him, but I saw a strange car parked in my drive from a distance. When I got there it had gone, but she didn't admit to anyone being there at the time." I told Justin just as I was pulling into the airport drop off and loading bay, as I was talking, Justin had listened to my troubles, in complete silence but then said.


"When you pick me up tomorrow, I might have something for you, if you want to know and catch her in the act," he said getting out of the car and packing up his satchel with his tools in.  I watched him walk away into the airport lounge, not knowing what he could have for me, then I got back to my days work, but it was still on my mind.  When I went around to Mary's, for our Wednesday afternoon playtime, she enjoyed it immensely, grunting and groaning, as I shagged her mercilessly, while I thought of Janet and whoever it was, in my bedroom shagging.


Then I thought what Mary would say if I told her of my suspicions, 'you can't blame her, your fucking me aren't you!'  Mary knew who Duncan was shagging, but I didn't know who Janet was being shagged by if of course, she was. Until I could prove she was not, I would work on the assumption; at least one man was fucking her.  The other driver might be just a lookout, but I did not believe that. If I had been the other man, I wouldn't just stand by, not when a good looking woman, like Janet had her legs open. In the morning I was at Justin's fifteen minutes early, I was so eager to find out what he had for me.


"Good I'd hoped you'd come early," he said when he opened the door and beckoned me in.  "What do you think this is John?" he asked, holding up and an old radio.


"An old fifties Bakelite radio Justin, my dad had one in the front room."


Taking the back off the radio Justin smiled saying, "this is a small video camera, and it has a camera lens disguised as a tuning knob. A motion sensor switches on the camera, and the miniature tape lasts two hours. Put it in the bedroom, where it can video the bed, it has a thirty-second delay when you set it, so get out of the bedroom fast."


"When the door opens again, whatever happens in there will be on the tape. Here is a videotape adapter case to put the miniature tape in, so you can play it on your normal video player.  If you capture anything you want as evidence, I will put it on a full-size tape for you. Be warned to transfer the tape, I'll be watching it to editing it, and to be honest with you John, I love watching blue movies. So if you give me a tape that has your missies shagging on it, I'll most likely make a copy for myself."


"Here are two spare tapes, so you can replace the one that's taped until you get the time to check the tape out, or while I have the tape to copy, now the tape goes in like this, and you set it like this."


Justin said making no apologue that he would be watching it, before showing me how it worked, then giving me the two spear tapes we left to go to the airport.  I did the rest of my morning pickups until I went home at eight for breakfast and the change over with Janet.


"Look what I found," I said as I carried the radio in, to show Janet. "Doesn't work I'll try to fix it sometime, dad had one of these when I was a kid," I said happily looking at it as if it brought back old fond memories.


I took it into the bedroom and set it at the back of the dressing table, making sure it had a clear view of the bed, I quickly set it up then left.  When I came home at five I saw the little flag up, showing it had been triggered, there was nothing I could do then, I had to wait until Friday morning to check it.  In the morning when I picked Justin up, I told him it had taped but I didn't know what was on it as yet. I would find out when I got home for breakfast, and Janet went out in the cab, leaving me alone to find out whom or what triggered the tape.


Eight-thirty I was in the bedroom retrieving the tape, as soon as Janet got into the taxi.  The tape had started as soon as the bedroom door had opened and showed a clear image of the bedroom. Janet came in talking to someone, then I realized she was talking to Bobby my eldest boy.  She was telling him to do something, while she got out of her working clothes; I watched her strip off completely and put on her dressing gown.  Then she went out and five minutes later, she came back drying herself.  As I watched her dress, I got a raging hard-on, as she lifted her legs, to dry herself showing the camera her lovely pink fanny.


I had seen her undress and dress thousands of time, but seeing her now on the television naked, was highly erotic to me. Seeing her nicely formed tits, and the exposed pink lips of her fanny, had me rubbing my hard dick until I ejected.


Then I rewound the tape and replaced it in the camera, then I went out and did some work until I came home finding the tape had recorded again.  Saturday mornings Janet didn't work, the boys were home and couldn't be left, and as the shops closed at midday, I drove the cab for the morning trade.  Two taxies took it in turns, to have Saturday nights off, so every four weeks you didn't have to work unless you weren't going out, then you could volunteer to go on standby, just in case it got busy and you were needed.


Tony the ambulance driver, would standby in my taxi truck just in case any work came up, which very often did happen on a Saturday if people bought things they could not transport in their cars.  He would come around in the mornings and have tea, before going out when the shops opened. He would tell us of things that had happened, while he was out in the ambulance.


"Bad accident up at Mundaring dam on Wednesday, chap drove into a tree, the car burst into flames we were first there. Couldn't do a thing for him, he was well cooked," Tony said matter of fact as if it were commonplace.  I suppose when you are dealing with that sort of thing all the time, you get hardened to the things you see, if you didn't, I suppose it could haunt you. Janet shivered at the thought of the man burning to death, but Tony did say he was probably dead on impact.  Then Janet gave me, the very opportunity I had been waiting for.


"Before you go out again John, can I run down to the shops, I need some veggies for tonight's dinner, I can get it already while you're out," she said picking up the car keys when I said 'yes' and off she went.  Tony had already gone, and the boys were outside playing. I would have to be quick, so I ran to the bedroom to retrieve the tape. It was of Janet changing again, so I just watched it long enough to make sure she was alone, and then returned it to the camera, but I didn't set it.


It was not worth it on Saturday's and Sunday's, the boys were home and so was I on Sunday's.  For the next three weeks, all I saw on the tape was Janet undressing, and I was beginning to think, I was suspicious of Janet for no reason at all. I even thought of giving Justin his video camera back.


Chapter 4

I got one hell of a shock on the Wednesday of the fourth week when I was looking at the tape from the day before. Janet was laughing as the door opened, and she was walking in backwards. As she came into view, I saw a pair of male hands, feeling her exposed breasts. Her blouse was wide open and her bra pushed up, he had started undressing her, on their way down the hallway.  Now he was in the room, I did not know who the fuck he was, I had never seen this man before. He looked foreign maybe Greek; he had that Mediterranean look about him.  


With the removal of her blouse, she was now naked to the waist, and her skirt removed as they kissed. They were still kissing, when his big hand felt between her bare open legs. His shirt had already gone, and her hands were undoing his belt. My eyes popped open in amassment when his trousers fell and his cock appeared. She held it with two hands and licked sucked the other third when she went down onto her knees. He had an Australian accent when he finally spoke.


"Move your hands away from it, you sexy bitch, so I can fuck your mouth. It's about time you swallowed my cock whole, you're going to one day so start practising." He said putting his hands on her head and pulling her to him. She gagged and brought her hands from behind her, and he slapped her wrists away hard.


"No do as I told you, hands behind your back and poke your tongue out, now open your throat, and swallow my knob," he ordered and slowly pulled her head to him. She had over half his cock in her mouth when she gagged and urged, and put her hands on his knees trying to push him back.  He held her there as she urged and convulsed for a moment, then he let her go to sputtering up at him.


"Bustard," she spat at him looking up, her eyes wet with tears.


"Shut up you bitch you love it, now get my cock back in your mouth and try again."


I could not believe it, Janet just opened her mouth and started sucking his cock again, and he again made her gag.  While she was still coughing, he lifted her up onto the bed. Spreading her legs wide, he started eating her pussy.  Which by the sounds she was making, and the way she was swarming. She was thoroughly enjoying, his tongue lapped between her pink juicy fanny lips.  I should have been horrified, watching my naked wife sexually pleasured, by a naked muscular bronzed Greek. That had a dick the size of a donkey's, and on my own bed too, where she would turn her back if I thought, of putting my hand on her tit.


I sat spellbound watching now, as he impaled her on his shaft, ramming the full length of it deep into her body. Making her tits wobble and her gasp as his hips thudded into her bottom, making a loud slapping sound.  Then she squealed as he withdrew, and turned her onto her knees to continue to squeal with delight. As he shagged her from behind doggy style, making her tits swing back and forth.  


Then I again gasped in horror when he withdrew, and she turned to gobble his throbbing cock, swallowing his cum down, as he pumped it into her mouth.  I thought that would be the end of it, but they stayed on the bed, feeling one another while kissing, and saying nice things to each other.


"Oh Alex that was so good, I love your cock inside me," she said holding his now soft member, trying to revive it by pulling on it.


"Yes and I love fucking you Janet, I love hearing you squeal when I fuck you hard. Are you sure your husband, won't interrupt us here because I'm going to fuck you again?" He said with his hand again between her legs, making her gasp as he fingered her.


"No Alex he's delivering north of the city, up at Hillarys and Joondalup, he won't be around here until tonight. We're safe for now so please don't stop," Janet said shying and moaning sexily while moving her fanny on his hand, as he continued to finger her, while they kissed each other for some time.  Then he rolled on top of her, again making her gasp aloud as his thick cock penetrated her. She was still moaning loudly, with him shagging her when the tape ended.  Two fucking hours that tape lasted, two fucking hours how much longer was he with her before he left.


What the fuck was I going to do now, now I knew it was not Sid or Frank. I think I could have dealt with them, I had seen them in the toilets I could outgun them. It was his cock I could not measure up to and his staying power.  Even after watching all that they did, I still did not want to lose her, how could I win her back. I had nothing like he had to tempt her, I had thought my eight inches was enough to satisfy her.


Mary had always praised the way I shagged her, I was bigger than Duncan and Harvey she had said.  Donkey dick must have been at least ten maybe more, and he was thick too. I was at sixes and sevens with my thoughts, I really did love Janet, even though I was shagging about myself, I would be lost without her.  If I fronted her with this tape, I could drive her into his arms and lose her completely.


If they did love each other, then why was she still with me? In all their talking neither had declared, their love for each other. Maybe it was just sex, they wanted from each other?  Perhaps Janet was besotted, with the size of his dick but still loved me. I had to believe that I really had to, I had been shocked and dismayed at seeing them. Worst of all I had a raging hard-on, it had excited me seeing what they did and watching him shag her.


It was a good job I was busy all day, or perhaps I should not have been. My mind was on what I had seen, and not on what I was doing.  When I got home at five, the tape had been set off again, and I dreaded finding out who had trigged it off.  Was it just her, or had he returned to shag her again? I was beside myself trying to keep calm, as we sat to have dinner before I went out in the cab.


I was brooding over it, while I sat in the taxi waiting for fairs. As I thought over what I had seen them do, and what I had heard in that half-hour. I rewound that tape forward and back, to jump through the two hours they had been on the bed. I suddenly remember something that they said.  She had known I was delivering north of the city, how did she know. I didn't know where I was going myself until I actually picked up my load at the station.


Then I remembered a call I had from my controller, he had asked if I was in a position, to pick up and deliver a freezer in the Kelmscott area.  I had told him no because I was up at Hillarys, and had to go on to Joondalup. She must have radioed the controller, with the request for my taxi truck. As our radios were on different frequencies, I wouldn't hear her calling in, or hear the controller replying to her, to say that I was nowhere near.


Thus telling her it was safe, for her to bring her boyfriend home to shag her. Well, I had a plan to stop that from happening again, and I would be able to hear if she was booked off for a break.  There were spare cab frequency radios at the base if I could manage to get one I could set it up in my truck and listen in on the taxi radio traffic.  I'd be ready to intervene if I needed to. or get some information on where she was at any time.


The night controller was pleased to see me, as he needed to go to the toilet. He asked me to watch the telephones for him as he went. I put one of the small radios in my takings bag, while he was away. It most likely would not be missed for a while if at all, as there were quite a few there, just gathering dust under the countertop.


Thursday morning Justin supplied me, with just what I needed from his toolbox to make the two radios, work off the same aerial. He gave me a cable splitter, to connect the two sets to the one aerial.  He was suspicious of why I would need such a setup, just to listen to the radio traffic, coming from the taxies.  If I wasn’t listening for anything in particular, why would I want it? He knew Janet drove the taxi, and he kept pressing me, to admit there was more to it than I had admitted so far.


"Come on John something happen hasn't it, you're not telling me all of it are you. You've found out something, or my recorder has taped something, come on tell me." He was right and he knew it, he had been in the surveillance business far too long.  I was thinking I might be running out of tapes soon, I had the tape of them in my pocket.  If donkey dick had come back yesterday, the second one in the camera would have taped them. That would just leave the third one empty, to go into the camera.  That meant I had to give Justin this tape to copy onto a larger tape, so I would have spare tapes. God was that admitting, was I going to end up with hours and hours, of Janet and donkey dick fucking on tape.


"Your right Justin, I've caught Janet on tape having sex with this bloke, the tapes here and it’s bloody full. I really didn't want you to see it but I don't have a choice do I," I said holding up the tape, which he eagerly took from my hand.


"I'll do it tonight, so you can have this back in the morning, I've got some six-hour tapes I'll use, I can add more to it when you get more," he said putting the tape in his pocket, so even he thought there would be more tapes of them.


As Janet drove off, I loaded the Wednesday tape into the player; it was just a video of her. So I reloaded it in the camera and set it, then raced to the station for my load, and headed north again.  I had both radios on now, so I could hear what was going on with the taxies and the trucks. The taxi firm we worked for, which was black and white taxi has six taxi trucks.  City taxis had ten, and Swan taxis had eight, we all worked on the Avon cosmetic job, it was that big a thing. At about eleven our controller, called to see if one of us was in the Kelmscott or Armadale area. There was a job for a single pick up and drop off, no one responded to his call, so one of the other firm's trucks took the job.


"Where are you John or Sammy, any chance of covering this job, I've got the man on the phone, waiting for a time."


"I am too far away from the area to cover that," Sammy called back. I just said I had no chance of knowing when I'd be free, so the controller said ok. We heard no more of it, and I then wondered if it had been Janet, trying to find out where I was. To if it was safe for her and him, to sneak around to our place. Then my ears pricked up at eleven fifteen when I heard Janet's voice calling.


"Halo control car thirty-six going off for lunch, let you know when I'm back ok," she said, in her sweet voice.


"Ok thirty-six, booking you off eleven fifteen OK OUT," was the reply, and she repeated 'OK OUT'.


I suddenly realized, it was the same time she booked off, that Tuesday I saw the two other taxies on my drive and was the same time last Tuesday.  I suppose midday would be about right, for the time I had them on the tape. Anytime later than that, and they wouldn't have had the time, not to spend two hours shagging. It would be too close to the schools turning out.  No hang on, that first Tuesday I'd been there at twelve-thirty, so she only had an hour that day, and those two taxi's were still troubling me.


When I checked the log last night for this past Tuesday, Janet was the only one to book off at Eleven twenty. Sid and Frank should be out of the running, but who were those two cab drivers, this riddle was driving me crazy, I had to solve it somehow.


The cabs were defiantly Black and White cabs, but I did not recognize donkey dick as a taxi driver, so he could not have been driving one of those cabs. I kept coming up with the same problem of two cabs, if donkey dick was not there, who the bloody hell were they. Were they shagging Janet, because she had defiantly lied about her being on her own? If it had been just an innocent cup of coffee with friends, she would have said.  Bloody hell, this is driving me fucking mad, I am just going around in circles.


I'm not getting the jobs done fast enough, put it behind you for the moment see what the tape shows you tomorrow. God, now I'm telling myself what to do next, out aloud.  I managed to get another half a load and was home at five, I got the quick welcoming kiss as I always got, and the bedroom was as tidy as ever.  The camera had indeed triggered, but I would have an agonizing wait until the morning, to find out if Janet did book off, to meet donkey dick or not.  I never did hear her book back on, but I could have been out of the truck when she did.


Justin didn't really help my mood when he got into my taxi in the morning, with the small camera tape, and the full-sized one he had copied it to.


"Fuck John your wife's a fucking cracker; I can see why you don't want to lose her. Now I did warn you, I had to make a copy of the tape for myself; I'll be watching it again tonight, have you found out anything else?"  Fucking thank you, Justin, just what I fucking needed, you telling me you were going to spend tonight, wanking over my Janet again, while you watch her being fucked by donkey dick.


"No Justin not yet can I pop around tonight, or maybe tomorrow morning if something comes up?" I asked as we approached the airport, not knowing what I was going to find when I got home.


"Yes, of course, John I don't work Saturdays, I'm not sure about tonight, my sister might pop around, she douses sometimes on a Friday. Tomorrow after ten would be the best time John."


I went about the rest of my runs, two pilots to Jandakot airport, four Alcoa workers to the foundry at Kwinana. There were four women to the egg packing plant in Armadale, then Susan the Kelmscott cafe owner, to her cafe on the shopping precinct. I had to drop off the pile of newspapers; I had picked up at Jandakot to the newsagents in Westfield.  I was home at eight for breakfast, watching my boys get ready for school. Wondering how I'd cope if Janet did decide to leave me, then watched her drive away. I got the carrier tape out of the truck, and I gingerly pushed the Thursday tape into the player, and my worst fears came true.


He was back, carrying her into the bedroom over his shoulder, as she was giggling happily, as she wiggled, with his free hand up her skirt out of sight feeling her.  He sat her on the bed and stood in front of her, as she wrestled with his belt and fly zip, before pulling down his pants and trousers in one go.  Going down on her knees, as she lowered them, she sucked his knob to hardness while rubbing his shaft and playing with his balls.


"Good girl now you know what you have to do, practice makes perfect so now swallow it." He said as she held a very rigid dick in her hands, she took his knob end out of her mouth and asked.


"Do I have to Alex, I'd like to suck it for a while it's getting juicy?" she begged, moving her hands along his shaft.


"No, you do as you're told if you want me to fuck you, you have to obey me. Now get my cock down your neck," he said, pulling her mouth back onto his cock.  She didn't protest and put her hands behind her, as he had told her. I watched his cock disappearing, as she moved her head forward. She gagged when his knob end hit the back of her mouth, but she pressed on a little more. I saw her throat bulge as his knob end entered it, and she gagged again.  She tried to back off him, but he had his hands there again, and the bulge in her neck grows longer, as he pushed his hips forward.


"Bastard!" Janet sputtered when he released her, after pushing his cock down her neck and holding her struggling for breath, with her nose touching his belly.  She had taken almost all of his cock, into her mouth and half of it down her throat. She had tears in her eyes, but she smiled when he kissed her and said.


"See I told you, you could do it, Janet, I'll be fucking your throat soon, now I'll eat your pussy seeing you've eaten my cock."


She was smiling as he helped her off with the rest of her clothing and opened her legs when he pushed her onto her back on the bed, with her bum on the edge of it.  I'm sure he made her climaxed twice, as he chewed on her clitoris. She squirmed and made enough gasping noises, each time she vibrated and jerked her fanny onto his mouth. She had her fingers tangled in his hair, pulling him onto her.  Then she squealed as he flipped her over, leaving her legs dangling off the bed, and parting her buttocks very wide, he kissed her arse.


"Oh now that is a pretty sight, that really should be fuck Janet," he said kissing there again. Holding her buttocks wider, he rubbed his big cock between them. As he pushed her down onto the bed, she turned her head saying.


"Oh no Alex you promised not to do it again, you’re far too big and it hurts," she said looking over her shoulder at him, then again said.


"Oh no, please don't," as he again rubbed his cock between her buttocks, while smiling at her, as she was begging him not to use her arsehole.


"Just teasing Janet, just teasing," he said and she gave a long gasp, as he pressed his cock deep into her virginal passage.  She gave rhythmic grunts and groans, as he humped her with long hard strokes.  Then he flipped her again and mounted her missionary style, making her moan and cum again, as he shagged her hard and fast.  I went cold when he moved up her body, so she could finish him off.  Then like in the first tape, they lay fondling each other, with his hand between her legs fingering her to keep her hot, as she played with his soft cock.


"I've got to go over to London again in two months time, we're opening up some new well in the great sandy. I've got to get recruitment going to staff the new wells, and there are logistics to sort out.  Can you get away again Janet; we could spend another week in that hotel in Piccadilly."


What the fucking hell, did I hear that right, he wants to spend another week in London with her. She went to see her mum didn't she, her mum was ill wasn't she, I never thought of ringing them to find out.  Janet had had letters I never did read, saying her mum was ill I just believed her. Fuck I paid for her flight, so he could fuck her silly for a week.


"Love to but I can't Alex it's too soon, he thinks mum made a full recovery. I can't say she's had a relapse, not when I told him the doctors gave her a clean bill of health.  It's only for a week isn't it, you will be able to see me before you go and after you come back. I haven't had a night out with the girls, not since that last night we had at the Holiday Inn.  I'm sure someone will be having a birthday, about the time you come back,"


Janet said, gasping and a little breathless as he working her up to another climax. He was moving his fingers faster in her fanny, which I could see by looking at her cunt between her spread legs. Then he stopped as she was on the edge of coming, and just keep her gasping and desperately wanting release, from the orgasm building inside her.  He gently stroked her inflamed clit and fanny lips, until the orgasm had subsided.  Then he fingered her back to that very point again, only to leave her teetering on the edge once more.


"Oh please make me come!" she begged her eyes glazing over, and her face going a deep red.  She was gasping for air, and I thought she was going to pass out as her head rolled about, as she again begged him to make her ejaculate.  He ignored her and slowly moved his fingers in her soaking wet fanny until she slowly calmed down a bit before he said.


"Have you got a banana Janet, I really do fancy one right now?" he said removing his fingers and sucking them with a slurping sound.  She smiled happily and nodded, quickly slipping off the bed, to run from the bedroom, In less than a minute she was back climbing onto the bed, handing him the yellow fruit. Then she watched him peel it slowly, as she lay back on the bed with her head on the pillows, her knees bent up and legs wide open.


She didn't bite down on it when he offered her the peeled fruit. She only put her lips around it, and he moved it in and out of her mouth. Then she shied as he put it between her legs, and pushed it into her virginal passage. She lay panting as his fingers rubbed her very sensitive clitoris, then gasped as he started fucking her with the soggy banana.


He was bringing her back to the edge of ecstasy again, from the look on her face, and the sounds she was making, this was going to be a massive orgasm. I could see straight between her legs, and saw her fanny flood when her juices overflowed.  Her face reddened and contorted, as she cried out in anguish many times, as her hips jerked. While he moved the fruit repeatedly in and out, she said words she had never said to me.


"Oh fuck, oh fuck-fuck-fuck yes, oh fucking god yes Ohh-Arrrr! Oooh-myyy, O fucking Jesus," he pulled the dripping sodden banana from her and offering it again to her.  This time still gasping she bit an inch or so from it, and nosily eat it down as her hips still jerked. Then she gave a gasping cry, as he slipped the banana back into her cunt.  Only to gasp growl and heavily pant, as he put his head between her legs, to noisily eat, the rest of the sodden banana out of her ripe pussy.


"Oh god o fuck yes o my fucking god, o fucking yes o ARRR!" she schemed again and jerking violently, her fingers tangled in his hair to pull his head onto her.  When he lifted his head and moved up her body. He made her whimper and moan contently, as he fucked her now with his big rigid cock.  She was still being shagged nosily when the tape ended. For the last hour of it, he had never left her cunt alone. He had her purring like a contented kitten continually, for the whole time I had watched, and she had loved everything he had done to her.  I couldn't believe it, was this my sweet sex shy, Janet. How had he turned her, into the wonton sex-hungry harlot? she now seemed to be, and how she had enjoyed him using her.


Even when he had threatened to invade her arse, she had only begged him not to. She hadn't physically tried to stop him or move out of his grasp. From the way she had looked at him, she was expecting him to enter her there. Her saying it's too big and it hurts, meaning he must have fucked her arse before. Where had she met this bastard, and how long has this bastard been fucking her. Janet had been back, from England for six months, he must have been shagging her long before she went.  Did Annette know about them, she was always home, she might have seen him there. She had no guilt about letting me fuck her, could Janet have known and allowed it, so Annette would keep Janet's secret from me. Annette had kept the secret of Robert fucking Janet from me, until a few months before she left. All I could think was Janet and donkey dick was shagging for at least seven months.


How was I going to put a stop to this affair, I had to find a way to ending it, and keep her for myself, if I did it wrong she could still go off with him. I had to find a way of crippling him in a way that left him unable to perform sexually and therefore less attractive to Janet.  If sex was all there was between them, the loss of his balls might just be the thing to achieve that.


Chapter 5

I think I might just have the right tools to achieve that, before I bought the taxi, I worked at an engineering firm. Andy one of my workmates there had an unusual hobby, on some weekends he would go bush with his wife. He pulled a caravan hundreds of miles into the outback and spending the weekend shooting dingoes. The bounty on their face pelts, that was from their nose up to and including the two ears and eye sockets, was worth money.


He had two good telescopic-sighted rifles, which were two-point two calibre. One of which he loaned to me when we went with them, and it was a fine experience for my whole family.  He also had an old high-powered air rifle, which was also telescopic-sighted. Only the barrel of it was damaged, when he had tripped and fallen over.  He offered it to me, to see if I wanted to get it repaired. It would be tricky to straighten the barrel, but I remembered my old toolbox, so I accepted it and took it home.


My old Navy toolbox had been an old world war two ammunition box, it held many tools, for working on all sizes of navy guns. I had kept it as mementoes of my Navy days and I remembered that I had two rifles barrels in the bottom of it.  They were old three-o-three calibre barrels, but with a little engineering did replace the bent two-o-two one.


The bore was bigger than the point two-barrel, so the normal lead slugs were of no use. I had found that the solid plastic beads, used on fishing lines were the ideal size. With the new heaver gage spring, I had installed, it made the weapon much more powerful.  I could smash a beer bottle, at two hundred and fifty paces. A headshot on a dingo would kill it outright, and because it was an air rifle, it wasn't registered as a firearm. There was no record of who owned it, one good shot on the right target should see his shagging days over.


All I had to do now, was find the bustard and blow his fucking balls off him. I hadn't the foggiest idea, how I was going to do that.  It had been four weeks of taping every day before I got him on tape. Was I going to have to keep taping them, and let him shag her before I could maybe follow him and plan my attack?  There was no another way, of finding out where he lived, how many times would they fuck, before I could track him down?


I was late out now and had the controller calling me, because he had taken jobs for me, and they were piling up.  It slackened off at three, and I was up in the hills and pulling into an old gravel pit in a very quiet spot.  I got the rifle down from its hiding place, then tried a few target shots and found the sights were perfect. I had hit every target I put up, now all I needed was get that bustard into my sights, and have one perfect shot.  I hid the rifle back in its hiding place, and booking off drove home, Janet and the boys would be home now, so I wouldn't be able to check the recorder, that would have to wait until Monday, as I won't reload it until then.


I was feeling reluctant, to let Justin have this last tape. I was back on the road with the taxi at six, doing the normal run of the mill jobs. One job found me on Justin's road at eight, just a few doors down from his.  As I pulled up outside, there was only his car on the drive, maybe his sister hadn't come tonight after all. I walked onto his veranda, meaning to knock on his door, but passing a window I saw a gap in the curtains.


Looking through the gap into his living room, I saw him sitting with a lady on a settee. Her blouse was open, and he was playing with her breast. She had his cock in her hand, tossing it as they intently watched something on the telly.  I suddenly thought they could be looking at the tape, of Janet and donkey dick. He had said he had copied one for himself and as I looked, Justin pulled her head down and over, so she ended up with her head in his lap and was sucking his cock.


Could this be his sister, I know I wanted Rita to do that to me.  The situation reminded me, of when I used to spy on Rita and Simon. Justin and his sister were doing the same, as Rita and Simon did, that is if it was his sister.  As the girl had leaned over, she opened her legs, to allow Justin to finger her pussy as he played with her tit.  I didn't know how long they had been watching, or how long she had played with his cock. As I watched his hips jerked, and she was obviously getting a mouth full, by the way, she was swallowing.


I left them to it and went back to work; I would come back in the morning and have a word with Justin before handing over the tape.  I hardly slept all night thinking of them, on this very bed shagging. I must have run through hundreds of scenarios, of how I was going to get him.  Saturday morning I had to remove my rifle from its hiding place in the truck, just in case, Tony happened upon it while he was out in it.  Nine-thirty I was knocking on Justin's door, and he welcomed me in.


"Tea or coffee, how about a toasted muffin," he asked. I sat at the kitchen table, while he made the tea, placing the small tape with the big one in front of me.  He saw them as he turned, and looking at me saying, "another one John when did that tape?" he asked, handing me my tea and muffin.


"Thursday Justin didn't see it until Friday morning, wanted to see you last night, but you said your sister might be around here.  I've got to get this basted Justin I just have to, but I don't see he's been until the next day. How many times will he come, before I can work out where to intercept him."  Justin looked at me, and I could see he was thinking.


"You've had two days of recording tape's this week right, Tuesday and Thursday, there was nothing for four weeks before that right."  I nodded but said nothing.


"So if you get nothing for another four weeks, and he turns up on the fifth he's on a monthly roster. We won't be sure of that until he turns up again with your wife.  It's a start John, and if I'm right he got to work away in the bush at some mine or other, could even be a cattle or sheep station.  I hate to say how many tapes you're going to have to use before you can pin him down John and plan your next move.  All I can say is you're have to keep taping her, that is unless you want to confront her now. If you do show her the tapes, I wouldn't like to say what she'll do."  He was right it would take time to work out his work pattern.


That could take several months, and quite a few tapes if he was right about him being on a monthly roster.  Three months would mean six two-hour tapes I'd have to painfully watch, as he gave her orgasm after fucking orgasm, with that big cock of his stretching her pussy.  It was either that or risk her leaving me for him if I showed her the tape, no, he had to go. Somehow, I had to endure watching them until I could neutralize him, and gelding him was my best option.


"I'll have this tape ready for you on Monday morning John!" He said as we went to leave, as he opened the door I saw a photo on the wall, of the woman he was with last night.


"That your girlfriend Justin?" I asked, and he smiled.


"No that's my sister Melanie John, good looking isn't she, I love her to bits!" he said putting his fingers to his lips, then transferring the kiss to the photo.


Yes, I saw you loving her last night mate, I thought as I stepped off his veranda, just as a car pulled up outside. Melanie got out of the passenger side, as an older man got out of the driver's door.  She smiled at me, as he opened the gate for her.


"John this is my sister Melanie, and her husband Malcolm! Melanie this is my friend John, takes me to the airport every morning." Justin said as I shook both their hands, and I looked at the aged Malcolm he was at least twenty years older than Melanie. The car he was driving plus her expensive clothes, said he had money.


"Pleased to meet you, John, that your taxi out there.  I'll have your card please, I might have need of a ferrying service soon.  Oh good, you have a taxi truck as well, we most certainly will be having words, my friend."  He said looking at the card I had given him, then turning to Justin he said.


"I hope we're not interrupting anything Justin, but I've just bought a new warehouse. I need you to look at it, and build me a security system for it inside and out."


This was my cue to disappear, and just nodded to Justin and went to my car, and back to the business, of making some needed money.  With all this turmoil of Janet affair, I wasn't earning the money I should be. I was wasting time with things like scanning the tapes to see if he was shagging Janet again. Or running off my route, to spy on my house, to see if they were there so I might follow him, to see where he lived.  I was all consumed with the need to find him, and the need to stop his affair with my wife.


Monday morning Justin had the tapes ready for me but didn't say much at all about them. He readily talked about his sister though, and her doting husband. Who was a millionaire, and had met her in the hotel she had been working in? He had wanted to take her to bed, but he had to marry her first. Justin laughed and shook his head.


"He had to buy her a wedding ring before he could bed her. They have been married for five years, and he still has to buy her expensive things. " He said smiling, then he laughed again, but he didn't say why he was laughing. Perhaps he was thinking of Friday night when he was having sex with Melanie, while they were watching the telly, and maybe my Janet.


I dropped him off and got on with the rest of my jobs.  When Janet took over at eight, I set up the camera again. Tuesday morning there was nothing, only Janet changing out of her work clothes then drying her naked body, after having a shower.  Wednesday morning, Justin gave me a document folder saying.


"We've got him John, even his shoe size, his name is Alexander Drakos twenty-five years old Australian citizen, born the twenty-third march nineteen fifty-two.  The only son of Greek immigrants, Christos and Sofia Drakos, works for British Petroleum as production manager on the Gibson desert oil site, lives when he is in Perth with his mother and father."


"At one hundred and six red lake drive, phone number Westfield central one nine seven three nine two. He works four weeks away with one week at home, fly's in on a Sunday's at four pm, fly's out on Sunday's at six am out of Jandicot airport, on the company's plane.  He returned to the oil fields Sunday, is expected to return to Perth in four Sunday's time unless there is a change in his itinerary, which we can not predict."


Justin reeled off the facts, as I thumbed through the sheets of paper. I was amazed at what he had found out, in so short a time.  I put the folder in my door pocket and pulled away from his house, we had plenty of time to get to the airport, but I had to get him there. 


"How did you get all that info Justin, when we didn't know who he was?" I asked as we got onto the highway.


"Your wife told me who he was, and he told me who he worked for. I was an intelligence officer remember, with Australian special forces. Now I work for a security firm, that has accesses to lots of data.  She called him Alex, he said he had to go to the head office in London to sort out staffing, for new wells in the Great Sandy Desert.  


Well, BP's head office is in London and just been awarded four new oil licenses, in the Great Sandy Desert.  Putting Alex into the database for BP employees came up with four in Australia. Two are in the Eastern states, one works at the oil refinery at Kwinana; he lives in Rockingham so he can't be our man. That just left Alex Drakos as the only candidate living local, and his ID photo show's it's him, no doubt about it he's your man John."


"Now I've got you this info because we are friends, what you do with it I don't want to know, destroy that document when you've thoroughly read it.  I've covered my tracks, and there's no other copy. Now I said I don't want to know what you plan to do, so don't tell me, and I hope you get away with it.  You have four weeks to perfect a plan, make sure you check out every angle. Don't expect me to visit you in prison if you don't get it right John!" he said as we pulled up at the departure gate, and smiling he got out.


I had a pickup in Westfield, only red lake drive was really off my route, but I did swing around there just to check out the address. I found it was opposite some waste ground, beside the shopping centre.  These old houses were built on an acre of land, and this road was one of the first in Westfield. It had many old trees lining the road and on most of the properties, I'll come in the taxi truck later today, and find the best place to park my truck.  


Now the first thing I had to do when I got home, was to hide the document away in the truck. Then when Janet went out in the taxi, I would see to the recorder. With what Justin had said, about him not returning for another month. I wondered if I should bother with it, until nearer the time. It would save me hanging about, waiting for Janet to go before I could check the tape out.  Then as I was about to reset it, I checked it out just in case, and I got a big fucking shock when the tape started playing.


Chapter 6

"I'm not bloody happy about this Frank, why isn't Sid with you, this isn't what I fucking agreed to," Janet was saying as the door opened, and she stormed into the bedroom followed by Frank Jennings, and she was hopping mad as she was arguing with him.


"Sid's not happy with our arrangement either Janet, he is insisting he wants to shag you on his own from now on. He doesn't want me around watching him fuck you, for the hour you agreed to. Myself I like it the way it is, I get to fuck your mouth while he is fucking you, but Sid wants you all to himself." Frank said starting to undo his clothing, looking at a very angry Janet, lifting her skirt, and pulling her panties off.


"Just drop your pants, Frank, there's no need to undress, you won't be staying here that long. You are only getting a quickie from now on; it's that or nothing Frank. I agreed to your demands for an hour of sex with both of you once a month at the start. On a promise, you would keep quiet about what you saw. We all agreed that was for both of you, to fuck me at the same time.  The bargain was for the two of you, to fuck me in this bedroom for one hour. I'm not letting you change it, to an hour of sex alone for each of you" Janet said flicking her skirt up at the back, to sit on the edge of the bed and stare at him with a diffident look.


"That won't wash Janet, Sid won't like your attitude one little bit. You made the big mistake of being caught by me with your knickers down, when I took those photos of you, at the old Roleystone quarry.  Those photos of you being shagged by your boyfriend, are pretty revealing. All ten of them are clear, and the two close-ups of you sucking him off are excellent. It was lucky for me, I was up in the hills at the right time, when you and lover boy, decided to have sex in the open air."  Frank said smiling, rolling on a condom, "I've got them in the cab Janet, would you like to look at them again?" Janet looked mad and glared at him.


"O fucking shut up and get on with it Frank, I've better things to do than listening to you, are you going to fuck me or not?" she yelled at him.


Janet laid back pulling up her skirt and opened her legs to expose herself, so he could get between them to enter her. He started shagging her very slowly, with long hard thrusts of his hips, that loudly slapped ageist her buttocks.  It made her slightly move back and forth, across the bed, as he thudded into her, making her buttocks wobble.  She was laying down on the bed, sideways on to my line of sight. Her head tilted towards me, her eyes now closed biting her lower lip, as her tits rose and fell with her heavy breathing.  He had been shagging her for a full ten minutes when she moaned stiffened and shuddered.


"You might not be happy, about our arrangement Janet, but you like us fucking you bitch." He said putting his hand down on her clit, and making her jerk and cry out again, as he intensified her orgasm, by rubbing fast on her sensitive bud.


"Will you fucking shut up, and fuck me you bastard!" she said lifting her head, and glaring wide-eyed at him, her voice breathless and her face flushed.


He was holding her legs up and open, so he could get deep inside her. It took him another ten minutes of hard fucking before he rammed into her hard, holding himself deep inside her, his hips jerking as he emptied his balls into the condom.


Seconds before he had come, I had watched Janet having another orgasm, that was intensified, when he rammed into her hard as his cock exploded. It left her gasping and vibrating, with his cock jerking and throbbing inside her, then when he pulled out of her, she lay red-faced panting and gasping.  Her skirt folded up her body and her legs open, her exposed genitals open to his gaze.  He pulled off the condom, then putting his hand between her legs, she whimpered jerked and moaned, as he fingered her sensitive fanny.


"Tell me you didn't enjoy that Janet, next time I could be here for the full hour. I won't force myself on you today, but I'll be telling Sid of your objections.  I am sure he will convince you, that changing our arrangement is in your best interest”. Frank said as she jerked again to another orgasm, but Frank was not finished with her yet. He continued to finger her, as she cursed him.


“That’s enough Frank, you’ve fucked me now go away.” He held her tit in his fist to hold her down, as she tried to wiggle away from him. “No Frank no please stop you’re making me sour” she pleaded, then she jerked with another orgasm when he didn’t stop.


"Now don't bother getting up Janet I can see myself out, but I will be back you can count on that. I'll let Sid know you were disappointed he didn't come with me, as you want the both of us to fuck you." Frank said smiling and giving Janet another long hard fast fingering, making her whimper again, before he pulled on his pants and left the bedroom, leaving her laying flat on the bed looking exhorted.  


He had been there for forty minutes, he had fucked her for a total of twenty minutes, then he had fingered her to two orgasm's after he had fucked her, and she hadn't really complained at all. She hadn't said 'NO' to him outright I was sure she was enjoying it the whole time, she certainly had the climaxes to prove it.


As he disappeared, her hand went to her breast toying with her nipple, as her other hand went between her legs. She lay panting and gasping, playing with herself until she gave herself another orgasm, which he must have already started inside her.  Then she lay for some time just staring up at the ceiling, her skirt still up and legs open, before she finally left.


I put an empty tape in the recorder, but I had already decided Justin was not getting this one of Janet and Frank. He had seen enough of Janet being shagged I would keep this one to myself, for now, I could record over it to erase it when I thought it the right time.  I didn't want him to know, that donkey dick wasn't the only bastard shagging her.  I had a bigger problem now, as my first suspicions had been right, four weeks ago I had seen three taxies on my drive. I had been right in working out that the two were Frank's and Sid's.


Frank had secretly photographed, Janet and donkey dick having sex. Now they were blackmailing Janet, into giving them both sex.  I could imagine what happened, I bet Frank showed Sid the photos, then Sid decided to blackmail Janet. It was the sought of thing he would do, being the bully he was. It would give him great pleaser seeing her squirm, even without the pleaser of having her submit to him sexually.


I wondered if she responded to Sid, as she had with Frank's lovemaking. When they had first come through the door, she had been very angry with him. However, as soon as he had started stripping her off to shag her, her anger turned to lust as he gave her pleaser.  


There was also that statement she made, about her living up to their agreement, to take them both into our bedroom at once. Had she spent an hour with the two of them fucking her, at the same time that day I saw the three taxis?


Chapter 7

I was late making my regular Wednesday call on Mary because, at ten, a job came up that took me two hours to do and took me all the way down to Mandurah to unload a full load of freezes and washing machines in a shop down there.  I was still angry about the tape of Frank and Janet I had seen, and Mary was getting all my anger while I was shagging her, and between her grunts and grones, she said.


"God John your angry today, you haven't fucked me this hard before not that I'm complaining, I like you being forceful it really turns me on," she said just as I was just about coming up with ejaculation, so I pulled out making her shy and said.


"Finish me off with your mouth then, you randy bitch!" pulling her head down by her hair, and she obeyed greedily gobbling me, and swallowing as I pumped cum into her mouth.


"God I liked that, can you be angry again next Wednesday John," she said kissing my knob end, as she pulled the foreskin back on my softening cock, to lick any residue off.


"You going to tell me why you're mad, has Janet done something to upset you?" Mary asked licking around the ridge of my knob, not knowing how close to the truth she was.  It was just past three, her girls would be home just after four, the bus would drop them outside the gate, at four fifteen.


"Yes she has Mary she doesn't know it yet, but I've caught her having sex with someone in our bed." Mary looked shocked, at my revelation and cuddled up to me.


"Why doesn't she know John, if you caught her in bed with someone?" she asked with a puzzled look, as she tried to work out how I could know, without Janet knowing I knew.


"I've got a tape recording, of her on the bed with him, and he gave her one hell of a time. I'm not sure what to do about it yet, but you mustn't breathe a word about it to anyone Mary!" I said holding her by the shoulders, and looking into her eyes.


"Not a word John," she promised her eyes wide looking at me and kissing my knob, before sucking my shrunken member then after a short pause, she took my cock from her mouth and asked.


"Will you show the tape to me, John, Harvey showed us a blue movie once? It turned us all on, and Duncan shagged me while Harvey was shagging Alison, in the same room, as we watched the film. I liked to see someone being shagged," Mary, said trying to revive my limp dick, by rubbing it between her tits looking up at me.


"Will you, John please show it to me, John; I'm getting excited just thinking about it." She finished off by kissing my knob end, and then sucked it into her mouth.  Well, Justin has seen it, and I'm sure he showed it to her sister, I might as well let Mary see it, and get some pleaser out of her.  If it turns her on that much just thinking about it, I might come around some night, when her girls are in bed and take her into the big shed for a fuck.  She had told me, Harvey had dragged her in there on several occasions since they had been there, mostly when he had come around at night.


Harvey had shagged her in that shed, one Saturday afternoon when they were having a bar-b-q, and Duncan had needed some more charcoal.  Harvey said he would fetch it, as Duncan was busy doing the cooking; Mary had to get the keys, to let him in and lock up again.  She went to show Harvey where the charcoal was, but he grabbed her, then bending her over the workbench, he pulled down her panties and shagged her.  It excited her because she was looking out of the window, at Duncan and Alison not far away. The fact that it was dangerous, being so close to them excited her.  Well, I decided to see how randy she got when she saw Janet with donkey dick.


I had pulled my truck, alongside the side of the house, by the French doors, which lead into the living room. With them open, and the fly screens shut, I could listen to my radio.  I popped through the fly screens and opened my passenger door, pulled the tape from its hiding place then returned to a giggling Mary because I was still naked.  As I got the tape ready to play, Mary poured us a drink then curled up beside me on the settee, one hand holding my cock as she sipped her drink.  Then she watched intently, as they entered the bedroom, with him playing with her tits, then she gasped as he put his hand between Janet's legs. Then moaned as she watched him fingering Janet's pussy, while she started pulling on my dick.


"Bloody hell John," Mary exclaimed when Janet released his big cock. I could hear her licking her lips as Janet sucked on his knob end, then she got very excited when Janet gagged on his cock, and he made her try to swallow him again.  My fingers got coved with Mary's honeydew when he started lapping at Janet's fanny. I moved Mary off the settee and made her kneel on all fours on the coffee table.  She was looking at the telly with her butt towards me, and I had three fingers in Mary's sloppy cunt, as she watched his big dick shagging Janet. I was making her whimper and loudly moan, as I rammed them into her fast and deep, making her fanny juice drip from her, onto the glass top to form a puddle.


I got my mouth on her hot cunt, just as she climaxed, getting a mouthful of her very tasty cum. Then I rammed my now hard cock into her, fucking her hard and fast, as Janet and donkey dick was climaxing on the bed. Mary cried out and her frontend collapsed when her massive orgasm hit her.


It was triggered when my cock exploded deep inside her vagina, filling her inner virginal passage, with hot spunk because I hadn't a condom on.  When I withdrew my cock, she slowly sank onto the coffee table, panting wide-eyed and red-faced, totally enjoying the feeling that orgasm had given her.  Mary looked just like Janet had when they had finished with her.  Mary had told me it was the excitement, of doing something sexy and dangerous, with someone other than Duncan. That was what gave her the biggest thrill when having sex with Harvey. She had her biggest orgasm's when Harvey had shagged her, only feet from where Duncan and Alison were on that Saturday in the big shed.


I suppose watching Janet with me, while she was having her dangerous liaison with donkey dick. I think Janet was getting that same thrill from having sex with them, as it gave Mary.  I pulled the tape out, as we had watched almost an hour of it, and Janet and he were just lying relaxing, fondling each other when I turned it off.


"I'm sorry John but I liked that, will you show me it another time, maybe next Wednesday, when you come again," Mary asked still sitting naked crossed-legged on the coffee table, and was still highly aroused. She was playing with her pussy, as she watched me get dressed, and then she gasped, putting her hand to her mouth when I told her.


"That's not all of it Mary, there are more than three hours left on the tape, it was taken over two days, I got two hours taping on each day." Mary squeezed her legs together, and let out a sexy type of gasp.


"Oh my god is there, can you leave the tape here so I can look at it, John?" she asked, getting that look of lust on her face.


"No Mary if Duncan did find it, how are you going to explain having the tape? He would defiantly want to play it, just to see what was on it. When he saw it was of Janet having sex, where would you say you got it?  No, I'll show you some more next Wednesday if I'm not in prison for murder." She was still naked when I kissed her at the door.


"I'll see you next week Wednesday then, all being well Mary," I said bending to kiss her again, as she put her arms around my neck she asked. "Try to come earlier next Wednesday please John, so we can see more of the tape!"


I was at home by four, watching the boys playing in the pool for a few moments. Before going inside where I found Janet in the kitchen, getting the food ready for dinner. She was in her house clothing, so the camera would have triggered when she had changed. I couldn't look at it now anyway, it would have to wait until morning.


I went for a quick shower and was standing in the bedroom naked afterwards, getting clean clothing; when Janet came in with a pile of clean washing.  She giggled as I went to grab her. It had been a while since we had messed about, and she seemed quite willing to play. As she ran away from me around the bed, and laughing while looking at my dick swinging, as I chased her.


From our back window, you could see the swimming pool and the boy playing in it, Janet had a quick lookout and then allowed me to pull her onto the bed.  Grabbing my dick as I knelt beside her, pushing up her blouse, I grabbed a handful of her breast. Then I pushed my other hand up her skirt to feel her hot fanny through her panties, as she held my dick.  She stared up at me a little shocked when I pulled her panties roughly from of her, and started fingering her pussy with two fingers, she got very wet quickly then wetter with three.


I had always played with her tits, before feeling her pussy prior to having sex. We had never tried oral I never thought she would do it, that is why I was so shocked when she sucked his dick.  I had been married for nine years, the last five of them here in Australia, we never indulged in what Janet would call dirty sex. I had never fingered her to an orgasm, she knew people did it, and would cringe at the thought of it.  The workmate I had gone hunting with, had turned out to be a free love swinger type, the time we both went with them, Janet got quite red with embarrassment.


We were sat around the campfire while camping in the bush, and we had quite a few beers when Sandra and Andy's talk turned to the art of sex. How to achieve the best position to get full penetration, how many orgasms should a woman have? Before she actually had the penetration of the penis, was one of Andy's passionate subjects.  Later Janet was appalled, at the sound's Sandra made, when they had sex in the bed that night. We heard every sound, because we were all sleeping in the caravan, with just a thin wall between us. The boys were sleeping in their pioneer scout tent, ten feet from the caravan.


Andy and I went hunting a mouth later on our own, and I almost fell out with him, when he told me he fancied Janet. He said Sandra wouldn't mind me shagging her, it was then he told me, they were members of the Australian swingers club.


They regularly went to parties all over Australia, where you had to shag someone else's partner. They did not allow you to just shag, the partner you came with.  He said he could get us an invitation to join the club. We would have to go and have an intermit interview with the founding committee, which was the three cupules who started the club.


It was just to see if the two of us would be acceptable, and we had to be willing to accept the rules of the club. As part of the interview, Janet had to shag with the three men, as I watched. Then she had to watch me shag one of the women, as all three women were on the bed playing with us.  I told him bluntly, NO, neither Janet or I wanted anything to do with that.  Little did I know what my wife really did want, seeing what I had seen her doing on those tapes.


The way she had enjoyed doing what she did and had enjoyed them doing that to her. Was far from what she had been, or what I thought she had been.  I had courted Janet for two years, while I was in the Navy before we married. We had kissed and fondled intimately, and I had worked her sexually up on occasions.  Only she never got worked up enough to have sex, she was an old fashion girl. We had to be married to do that sort of thing, I could feel her fanny and tits but not look. When we were married, I did not see her naked for mouths.


She would go into the bathroom, to put on her nightdress. Then once in bed, I could lift it, to feel her body and have sex.  Only I could not pull the bedding down, to look at her body let alone her fanny.  When she was having our first boy, she came home from the doctors red-faced. She was embarrassed because a man had sat between her open legs, looking at and feeling her fanny and he was her doctor.


She had got embarrassed because she felt funny as he looked at her pussy. When he told her it would help with the berth, to have as much sex as possible.  I had to agree with him on that point, up until then sex was allowed, but only in bed at night, with the light off.  We kissed and cuddled and got randy in the living room, but could only have sex in bed. Her shyness of being naked around me had finally been overcome, although she still wouldn't open her legs, for me to see what was between them.


That changed the night she came back from the doctors, we were on the settee kissing and cuddling. I had got her hot and sexy, with her blouse open and her tits exposed, French kissing her, as I was pulling and tweaking her nipples.  The other hand was up under her skirt and inside her knickers, stroking her damp pussy lips when I asked.


"What was it like, having the doctor looking at your vagina Janet, did he put his fingers in you, to open it up to look inside?" I said slipping a finger into her, she vibrated as I tickled the inside of her love tunnel.


"Oh my god it was embarrassing John, I had to be naked from the waist down, and sit in the examination chair. The Nurse put my legs into stirrups, that held my legs open, then she covered me with a towel.  This young doctor came in and sat on an office chair, then wheeled it between my legs. Then when he pulled the towel off my lap I felt myself getting hot, as he looked at me."


"I got hotter when he opened my vagina, by pulling apart my outer lips. I felt myself getting wet, o god, he looked up at my face smiling when he put a finger into me.  He smiled again because I was getting even wetter, I'm sure he had his fingers in me, much longer than he should have. I was glad the Nurse was there, he might have done something else to me if she wasn't there watching," Janet said panting heavily, as I moved my fingers inside her.


"What are you doing John?" she asked when I got off the settee and bent down and put my hands up her skirt. As I pulled her knickers down and off, then lifting her skirt out of the way. I put my hands on her knees and she resisted a little, as I went to open them.


"I want to see what the doctor saw, just pretend I'm your doctor checking out your pregnant pussy darling," I said and her legs slowly relaxed, and I opened them as wide as they would go.  She was getting red in the face and had started to panting, and took a quick intake of breath when my fingers took hold of her fanny lips and pulled them apart.


O my god it looked lovely, this was the very first time I had seen her cunt hole. I had seen her slit when she had been naked, but this was the very first time I had seen the inside of it.  Hers was the only fanny I had ever seen, other than the ones in men's magazines, and hers was close up and very touchable.  Bloody hell my dick was rampant, and she moaned and whimpered, as I felt around each layer of skin, that made up her fanny.


Rubbing her little button above her cunt hole, made her vibrate and moan louder. Putting my fingers into her, and moving them fast, made her grip the settee arms. She jerked as rubbing her clit as I fingered her fast, made her fanny get even wetter.  Then she stared at me questionably, as I put my hands under her bum. Lifting her to the edge of the settee, I pushed my cock into her. I shagged her hard for a long time, making her gasped and pant heavily.


It was something new for both of us, we had never shagged outside of the bed before, and it wasn't the last time we did it, away from the bedroom.  I played being the doctor, many times after that as well, yes back then she was my innocent Janet. Nothing like the Janet that lay beneath me now, this Janet I had seen being pleasured by two men, both had made her climax by fingering her.


Well now I had three fingers in her, and I was going to make her moan and grunt, as she had orgasms, of my making. Janet stared at me wide-eyed, and now panting slightly, as I pulled on her nipple and thrust my fingers faster and deeper into her fanny.  She started to wriggle and her free hand gripped the bedclothes, as her cunt got wetter, making her love tunnel slippery, and easier for my fingers to fuck her.  Biting her lip she started to thence up, and make those little noises that I heard her making when a climax was building inside her.  I let go of her nipple and rubbed her clitoris quickly, she could no longer hold back and started to gasp and moan loudly.


"O God that's good, o please don't stop John, " she cried out jerking her hips violently. She cried out again as I lifted her bum, to drive my cock deep into her, and fucked her hard until I cum inside her.  It took some time because I had already shagged Mary twice, Janet had had another orgasm before I shot my load.  When I pulled out of her, I grabbed a handful of tissues, from the box by the bed, cleaned off my cock.


Janet lay gasping and staring up at me, I had never done that to her before, and she was looking at me in disbelief.  Discarding the tissues in the waste bin, I grabbed another handful. Janet shuddered and gasped, as I wiped away my spunk oozing from her now sensitive cunt, then with another handful of tissues, to cleaned off my fingers. After I had made her shudder and gasp when I scooped out some spunk with them, she hadn't taken her eyes off me the whole time. She was still panting because I had kept her aroused, and again she gasped and murmured softly.


"Oh my god," as I started fingering her again, this time I bent to suckle her nipple.


I made her climax twice, before complying with her request, to stop fingering her. She was getting weak from coming so much.  I got dressed and left her there, exhorted on the bed to recover. I called the boys in for dinner, they were almost finished when Janet appeared.


"Shower and homework before the telly goes on," she told them when they had finished their dinner.  She hadn't taken her eyes off me at all, as she had eaten, as I started the washing up, she picked up the dishcloth.


"What was that in the bedroom, you've never done that to me before?" she asked looking at me with a surprised stare and wiping up a plate.


"You didn't like it at all then Janet, and I thought you were really enjoying it, by the way, you were moaning!" I answered, handing her another plate.


"I didn't say that John, I said you've never done that to me before it's just that you took me by surprise, giving me so many orgasms. I think I do like you doing that John!" Janet said rubbing her hip on mine, as she put a plate away.  We finished the dishes, and I said goodnight to the boys, then gave Janet a kiss, and went out to the cab.


Wednesday nights were never a good time to earn money, I had a few fares but sat for most of the time, talking to some of the drivers, as we sat in the taxi ranks'.  I was talking to Tony the ambulance driver, who runs my taxi truck on Saturdays when Frank pulled onto the rank, and I wondered where he would hide those photos.  All our cabs were the same model and make, so each car would be identical. The glove box would be too obvious, and the door pockets wouldn't be safe.


I had a door panel in the truck I could easily remove, to hide the tapes in, only the car panels were most difficult to remove. There was only one place I could think of, and that was up under the dashboard above the glove box you could wedge them there.  Frank didn't sit with me but talked to some drivers a little way away, I could feel my blood starting to boil, but then at five to ten, I had a call.


"Car thirty-six come in over."


"Thirty-six here control over."


"Mrs Mallard wants you to pick her up, at the Armadale hotel at ten, she is on the line now, can you make it over."  Drunken Lilly is drunk and fruity again.


"Yes control I can make it, I'm on my way now over and out." I had my arms around her, helping her down the steep steps at the pub's entrance when she put her hand, between my legs and squeezed.


"Is this in working order tonight handsome?" she asked giving me her drunken smile, as I was helping her into the cab.


"Yes, Lilly I've tested it three times today, every time its produced a good load," I said smiling closed her door and drove her home.  When I opened the door again, she enjoyed sucking my dick. It took a little longer this time to boil over, which she appreciated and commented on, as she licked the last drops off my dick.


I did a few more jobs then went home at eleven-thirty, the house was in darkness, so I creped in quietly, undressed in the dark and slipped into bed.  Janet moaned and turned her back to me, as I had thought of slipping it in and helping myself, but as I went to lift her nightdress she pulled away.  So it seemed we were back to normal service, well that might be changing very soon my love.


Chapter 8

Justin didn't mention anything about the tapes, or donkey dick on the way to the airport Thursday morning. I was glad in a way because there had been too many lies told already, I didn't want to lie if he asked if Janet had been caught shagging again.  He wasn't going to know about Frank and Sid, shagging her as well as donkey dick. Although they were a slightly different case than donkey dick was.


Donkey dick was shagging her because she wanted him to, were as Frank and Sid were blackmailing her. Although as I had watched again, the tape of Frank and Janet, I wasn't sure if Janet didn't, entirely mind his attention after all. After their first initial heated words, when they had first entered the bedroom, she had soon submitted to Frank's domination of her, once he started shagging her. She most certainly looked like she was enjoying it when he had his cock inside her.


Well, maybe she didn't enjoy the last bit of it when he left her exhorted and too weak to move. She had I'm sure enjoyed the first two climax's, as he had shagged her.  The last three or four he had forced on her, by finger fucking her continuously. I think they may have given her great discomfort, by the way, she had looked as he was giving them to her. Her fanny must have been really swollen, with the friction of his fingers in her.  I hadn't decided how I was going to deal with Frank yet, but I was determined I would deal with him.


At eight-thirty I got Wednesday's tape into the player and was surprised to see Janet being pulled into the bedroom by Sid, closely followed by Frank. Sid wasn't being gentle with her at all, he gave her a yank before letting her go so she stumbled into the room.


"Stop complaining Janet you wanted this meeting and I'm saying were having it in here. You'll just have to put up with being fucked, while we discuss the new arrangements I'm proposing, not that you will have an option to disagree. You will do as you are told and like it, so I suggest you strip off so we can get down to business. You're not be saying much anyway, not with our cocks in your mouth." Sid said smiling wickedly as dropping his pants he rubbed his thick cock as he stepped towards Janet.


"No Sid no you can't, I just wanted to talk about it being so unfair of you to change our agreement. I told Frank yesterday you had no right to do so, and why is he undressing he had his monthly fuck yesterday." Janet said backing away from Sid; as Frank had started stripping off his clothing. Her face had started going a brighter shade of pink, as she watched Sid's cock getting longer as he rubbed it, and Franks hardening cock appearing as he dropped his pants while her breathing got heavier.


"You also told Frank Yesterday, you wanted the two of us to fuck you at the same time. Well, Janet, you're getting your fucking wish, we're both going to fuck you now, and whenever we feel like fucking you. That's the new deal, so take off your gear or do you want us to strip you?" Sid said taking hold of the bottom of her blouse when Janet's didn't respond to his demands. Lifting it he made her lift her arms so he could remove it, as she still protested at being forcefully made to surrender her body for their pleaser. Although she did nothing to hinder him removing it.


"You're going to rape me is that it Sid, if I don't agree with your new terms your take me by force whenever you want. I should have known better than to trust you and agree to a meeting you here. I should have known you would do this to me, I should have also kept on driving when I saw Frank waiting here for us. You had it all planned to meet him here beforehand, so the two of you could fuck me."


Janet said her voice going more breathless the more she spoke, and as a naked Frank got behind her she gasped as he unzips her skirt to let it fall. Then he unhooks her bra as Sid pulled off her blouse. Frank next hooked his thumbs into the waistband of her panties and pushed them down making her completely naked, as Sid took her head and pulled her mouth down onto his cock. Focusing her to suck him as Frank started fingering her cunt, as he pulled and played with her tits.


"Stop your whining you bitch and suck me hard, you were the one who suggested we have this meeting, you knew I'd be fucking you when I got you here. Seeing Frank waiting for us only excited you more, knowing he'd be fucking you as well. Your just a sex hungry bitch that loves to be fucked, all your protesting is all just for show you want this. What's she like Frank, I bet she's hot and wet and ready for fucking?" Sid asked holding Janet's ears as he fucked her mouth.


"You're right there Sid she is soaking wet, and she tastes like fucking honey," Frank said after sucking the fingers he pulled from her. Then he knelt to spread her fanny lips, to suck and lick Janet's cunt. They then took turns to lick her cunt as she was made to suck them in turn, then after teasing her to an orgasm with their fingers. She was made to lay on her belly, over the edge of the bed with her buttocks held wide so they could lick her cunt out.


Then they made her moan as they took it in turn, to fuck her for five minutes each. Then have a five-minute rest, so they could continue to fuck her for a long time overall. Time and time again they changed places, while all the time Janet cried out with moans and whimpers as they continuously fucked her hard. Thumping their groins into her buttocks making a loud slapping noise, as their bodies came together.


Frank was the first to ejaculate, pulling Janet off the bed he made her suck him off, as Sid took his place to continue fucking her from behind. They left her sitting gasping naked on the floor after Sid had finished with her, he had made her gage when he had filled her mouth. Then as they dressed, Sid said his threats over again if she thought of not complying with his future wishes.


"You enjoyed that didn't you bitch, so its all settled then, from now on you do as your told and get fucked when I want. No, if's or but's when I say your getting fucked you will meet us without arguing, and wherever I say understand, or John will find out what a whore you really are!" Sid said staring down at her, as she looked up at him still panting and nodding her head at his words.


After they left she sat for a while getting her breath, then went out of the bedroom still naked. No doubt to shower and refresh herself, to clean away the stickiness between her legs from the many orgasms they had given her with their cocks and fingers. There was no anger in her movements or in her manner, as she went from the room.


No cursing his name, no stamping of her feet. Sidney had been right her protests had all been for show, so as not to show her willingness to accept their sexual advances, and her liking of their rough treatment of her. I would never have thought Janet would like rough forceful sex, as I had just witnessed Sid and Frank giving her.


Janet returned to the bedroom for her clothes, but before she picked them up she inspected herself in the dressing table mirror. Opening her legs she looked at her vagina, then praising her puffy outer lips apart she looked at her inflamed inner cunt. The vaginal orifice was still open and inflamed a bright pink, from the fucking and fingering they had given her.


As she continued to inspect herself, I suddenly realized this tape was of Wednesday midday. I had fucked her myself, at just gone five last night before dinner. She had seemed to enjoy us having sex, but had made out she was shocked when I had fingered her to an orgasm. When it truth five hours earlier, she had been fucked and fingered to quite a few orgasms, at the hands of Frank and Sidney.


Fuck! That would have been at the same time I was fucking Mary out at Byford, I was with her from twelve-thirty until three-thirty. In those three hours, I had fucked her twice, Sid and Frank, had given Janet three orgasms, as they had fucked her once each. Then had given her four orgasms, by them playing with her and finger fucking her. Sid and Frank were taped for one hour and ten minutes, from the time they entered the bedroom until they left.


Chapter 9

I left in a rush to get to the station, for my first load of the day, and on reseat of my loading notes, I radioed base to inform them of my delivery area. I was picking up a full load for the northeast of the city, all the way up the wine-growing Swan Valley. It was a new thing just brought out by the firm, it was just to inform them, of what area you would be in if a job came up in that area.  I was still waiting to go onto the loading bay when a driver came up to me and asked.


"You've got the Swan Valley and Henley Brook run mate, would you swop with me please?" He looked desperate; it wasn't a really big load so I asked why.


"I need to be in the upper Swan at ten thirty, at my girl's school. I had already asked for that run today, on Tuesday but the dispatcher, not the same one today.  Look I've got a big run I can swop with you, eight full pallets south-east area, Kalamunda Bickley Pickering Karragullen and Roleystone, all quiet roads good drop off's."


Yes, I knew that area well, Roleystone is just on top of the hill, two miles from Kelmscott a mile from my house, I had no hesitation with swopping with him.  Two and a half hours later, I was doing my last drop in Roleystone at twelve o five, drive down the hill, go past by my house then on to the highway.  Going past my house, wasn't the quickest way to the highway, it was three streets up the hill and then one street over, before going back down the hill, to be where I should have been, on the bottom road along the river.


I turned upwards going east on Connell Ave, to the southern end of my road. Then turned northwards along David terrace, and then I would turn left at the end down Lucich St.  As I came around the bend in my road, I saw a taxi pulling out backwards from my drive.  Still in the carport was another taxi, the driver of the one upon the road was far too big to be my Janet. I immediately saw red it could only be Sid Mercer and after what I had seen this morning, a red mist obscured my vision.  Planting my foot down on the gas pedal, made my five hundred horsepower diesel engine roar loudly.  


Sid had seen or heard me coming and revved his engine, spinning his wheels as he roared away. I was right behind him as he turned down Lucich, but he made ground on me down the hill.  Right onto Clifton St then left over the river bridge along Gilwell Ave, towards the Albany Highway I chased him.  He was pulling away from me, there was nothing to slow him down, he was heading for the highway, I was going to lose him for now.  The highway looked quiet from what I could see, but as he drove at full speed into it, an eighteen-wheeler came into sight, his air horn blasting as it barrelled towards him.


It crashed into the back corner of Sid's car, pushing it around to slam onto the trucks bull bar.  Then the truck bounced and screeched to a halt, some fifty yards down the road. I turned left into the shop's car parking spaces alongside the highway.  Then I went to join the truck driver, who had got down from his truck, and we looked into the car. Sid was laying on the bench seat, the side of his head shoved in. He must have smashed it against the bull bar, through his open window.  Janet wouldn't be having a visit from Sid Mercer again, I wonder if I could drive Frank into a wall somewhere. I had achieved one goal without too much effort, one down two to go.


I drove out of the car park and turned right, to drive over the bridge. Then right onto Clifton, where I saw that Janet was driving towards me. She pulled up beside me and went to say something, but just stared with her mouth open and a very shocked look, when I told her very angrily.  "HOME!" I watched her turn around, in my mirrors as I drove away. I stormed into the house and went straight to the bathroom.  The shower cubical was still wet, so she had had a shower, then I heard her come into the house. She looked concerned as I walked back into the lounge with thunder in my voice when she asked.


"What's the matter, John?"


"Get your clothes off!" I said angrily, and her mouth opened and she now looked frightened as she answered me.


"No John; I don't want sex," she replied, taking a step back from me.


"Take your bloody panties off, and show me your cunt, I've just seen Sid Mercer leaving here, he has been shagging you hasn't he?" I yelled and a look of panic crossed her face, as it went ashen as the blood drained from it. When the realization, that she had been rumbled sunk in.  She jumped with fright, as I loudly and sharply said.


"STRIP NOW!" she turned on the tears, as her hands went to her waistband. I might have believed her act if I hadn't known the truth already, but I had to admit she did think fast unless she had already concocted this story just in case.


"He forced me to have sex with him, John, you must, believe me, he's been blackmailing me. He knows about our deal, with the employment agency 'spare hands'. He threatened to tell Blank and White, we were working with them without the taxi meter running.  So they weren't getting their shear of the fairs, if I didn't do as he said or if I told you, he would make sure we would lose our franchise.  We wouldn't make it as an independent, looking for our own work it's too competitive, I had to do as he said John to keep our business."


They were real tears flowing, I could see them rolling down her cheeks. The sad pitiful look on her face should have melted me, as she stood in her blouse and frilly knickers, having let her skirt slip to the floor.  'A'Rrr' she cried as I pushed her into the chair behind her, and yanked her panties off.


"Oh no, John," she begged, as I lifted her legs and held them wide apart.  Her fanny was bright pink and swollen, the bastard had defiantly fucked her.


"That bastards not going to fuck you, or anyone else again Janet that's for sure!" I said dropping her legs and throw her panties at her, as I clenched my fists and roared with anger.


"No you can't John I know you're mad, but you mustn't do anything stupid. He's not worth you going to prison John, you can't kill him, John," she said wringing her hands. She was jumping around nervously, her panties still in her hands, and naked from the waist down.  I looked at her with a wicked smile, which seemed to frighten her even more. Then her mouth dropped open, and she held her hands to her open mouth and gasped when I told her.


"No need to Janet, the bastards already dead, some poor truck driver did it for me when I chased him onto the highway.  Saw him back out of here, I guess what you two had been up to, he confirmed it when he ran. I thought he was going to get away, only that forty tone truck, did a good job on his head." I said almost laughing at Janet's utter horror, looking at me in disbelief.  She was so shocked her legs wouldn't hold her up, and she flopped down into the chair stunned unable to take it in, she looked around as if dazed.  I looked between her legs at her swollen fanny, then went to the bathroom, and came back with a tube of cream.


"Open up," I said, and she just looked at me. "Open your bloody legs, I should be slapping you not tending to your sour fanny! You won't be going out again today, the whole highway will be blocked up for hours.  The side streets will be blocked as well, it will be gridlocked all around Kelmscott" I said putting cream on my fingers and moving towards her.


"I told you to open them up, you had them wider than that to let that bastard fuck you," I yelled making her look at me again scared, and she spread her legs wider.  She took a deep breath and winched, as the cold cream touched her hot pussy. She stared up at me apprehensively, holding her breath as I applied a thick layer of the cream to every crease and fold of skin. I prised open her inner lips and held them out of the way, with the fingers of the other hand, I even creamed the entrance of her virginal passage.


She didn't say a word, as I tended to her swollen pussy, she just whimpered and murmured softly, as she tensed and relaxed when my fingers touched a tender or sensitive spot. She certainly reacted when my finger, touched the opening of her love hole, she vibrated and gasped, looking at me wide-eyed and panting.


"There that should do, for now, I'll have another look in an hour. You can stay like that until I go for the boys, the air might be good for it." I said taking her panties from her and helping her up out of the chair.


"No, no skirt like that!" I said as she went to put it on, and looked at me in disbelief.


"You want me to walk around naked, as punishment John is that it. Even after I told you he forced me to do it, you're saying it was my fault," she argued, almost in tears again.


"You're not naked Janet and who's going to see you but me, now if you want I'll take the rest off." She backed away as I took a step towards her, holding up her hands saying.


"No', no John I'll do as you say, you're staying home to are you?" she asked, sitting down in the chair and crossing her legs.  I gave a wry smile she was hiding it from me now, a bloody good time to be prudish, wasn't it.


"Yes Janet I am, it's gone one thirty I won't get another load, from the station there all be taken by now," I said leaving her to walk to the bedroom. I look at the recording gismo,  should I take it into the lounge and show her what it had taped. It would show her and Sid bouncing on the bed and show just how much she was being forced.  If she had acted the same as she did with Frank, she would be spreading her legs wide for him. No, not yet, if I did she'd know I had a camera in the bedroom, and I wouldn't get any more tapes if donkey dick or Frank if they did reappear.


At two-thirty I ordered her to the bedroom and opened her legs wide, the white cream had melted and become transparent, leaving her fanny shiny and glistening.  She tried to stay very still, as my fingers moved over her hot skin. Only she didn't succeed and gave tiny soft moans as she vibrated as I did her love hole, she puffed out air as my fingertip smeared cream just inside it.  I must admit I did concentrate, on that very spot for some time, I had to make sure, I had put enough cream into it to a depth of at least an inch.


Actually, I found it quite amusing, seeing her cutie bare bum, as she moved around the kitchen, trying to bend elegantly. To take things out of the lower cupboards, without me seeing between her legs, and her looking daggers at me, for sniggering at her.


At three-fifteen, I left to pick up the boys and driving along the back road, behind the shops I could see the Albany highway, through the gaps in the buildings.  It seemed to be running smoothly, so the crash must have been cleared, I hadn't had the radios on all afternoon and hadn't heard the chatter.  I had it on now, but I hadn't called into the base, nobody mentioned the crash, while I was listening. although I suppose it must have been, the only subject earlier, I never went near the taxi ranks, so didn't see who was about.  Taking the boys home, the first thing they did, was to get changed, and dive straight into the pool and Janet protested when I said.


"Bedroom for some more cream," only I wasn't taking no, for an answer anymore. I think she was beginning to realize, things weren't going to be exactly the same as before. she did exactly as she was told for a change, as I tended to her.


I was on the road in the cab at six and got the early night out goers, there was a good restaurant, in the Westfield shopping centre.  I had a party of four to take to it from Kelmscott. and they booked me for the return trip at nine. When I dropped them off, I had a look at one hundred and six, I had a date here, in three weeks and four days time.  I called it a night at ten thirty and got in just as the news was finishing, so we went to the bedroom, and I stopped her putting on her nightdress.


"Open them, Janet!"


"Pardon," she replied as she held her nightdress ready to put on.


"Open your legs and let me see!" I said again, and this time she reluctantly sat on the edge of the bed and parted her legs.  Then she gasped as her eyes opened wide when I said "Wider" and dropped my pants, and shaking her head and looking sad she said.


"Oh no John do you have to, haven't you punished me enough today," I looked at her angrily.


"O so this is a punishment from me is it, what was it with Sid 'business', last night you turned your back on me when I came to bed.  Was that because you knew, he'd be shagging you today," I said but immediately regretted saying it, but once said as they say.


"Oh John that's hurtful and so unfair, do you think I liked his body near me.  He wanted me to undress, but I couldn't do that, I know your upset, but think of what I've been through John." Janet said looking at me, like a hurt little girl as I got between her legs.


"I fucked you yesterday, for the first time in three months, how many times, has he fucked you?" I asked as I entered her, and could see she wasn't willing to answer.


"Today wasn't the first time was it, a month or so ago I delivered up the hill, and when I went past, I thought I saw a taxi parked on the drive, when I came down it was gone.  You were having a shower, was that Sid then as well?" she was staring at me with tears in her eyes again, biting her lip as she nodded.


"How many times has he fucked you, Janet?" I almost yelled, thumping my cock into her hard.


"Four times John, today was the fourth time he'd forced me I didn't want him to John, I didn't."  She was crying tears now, but I couldn't tell if they were real, I should have felt sorry. Only the image of her enjoying having sex, with the Greek, Frank and Sid flashed before my eyes.  I lifted her legs higher over her body and drove deeper and harder into her.


"Don't you ever turn your back on me in bed again madam, from now on I'll shag you when I want to."


Shit, she was having an orgasm under me, I had watched her having many of them on the tapes lately, I could now recognize the telltale signs of one coming.  With her eyes closed and teeth clenched together, she gave panting breaths through her parted lips, as her body twitched and relaxed, repeatedly.  Then her eyes opened wide, staring at me making a gurgling sound as her hips jerked, her face went bright red then her whole body vibrated,


"Oh fuck o my god," she gasped, I had made her orgasm yesterday, but this was a bigger one than the last. In fact, it was about the same, as donkey dick had given her when he had eaten that banana out of her. That had sent her cussing and swearing, not all her orgasms did that.  She seemed excited by me being sexually dominating or was forcing her to have sex, that was exciting her?


She had obeyed donkey dick every order, and after her first defiant stand with Frank, he didn't have to force her leg's open. She had opened them for him and had responded positively to having his dick shagging her. I had made her tell me, Sid had fucked her four times, was making her tell me he had shagged her giving her sexy and arousing feelings. Did it excite her to hear herself, admitting to having a sexual affair? while I was shagging her, hence the big orgasm she just had.


"Did you just lay there, and let him shag you, Janet or did you help him, shag you.  Did he give you any orgasm's, Janet? four times you said he shagged you, didn't you enjoy just one a little bit."  I said just as I filled the condom with my cum, and looked down at her, galloping in a great lungful of air, as her chest rose and fell.


She wasn't quite there, so I finished her off with my fingers.  "Bastard," she called me as she jerked and twitched, with my fingers still in her.  Then after a shower, she curled up on her side of the bed, sulking I suppose until the morning When I rolled on top of her to shag her again when I woke her before four in the morning.  


She didn't say a word and tried to hide the fact, that she was having a climax. When I slipped my cock into her after I had played and sucked her tit, then rubbed her hard clit until I thought she was near to coming.  She just slightly curled up, again when I got off her, at four in the morning, to go and pick up Justin.


Chapter 10

It was the last day of the working week, on Friday's I handed in all of my company vouchers to collect all the money for them, as Justin was signing his firm's dockets I asked.


"How's your lovely sister and her husband Justin, he was going to give me a call, I suppose he's been too busy, to think about it," I said as he handed me the signed docket.


"Not too busy John just not ready, he still hasn't got the warehouse up and running yet, when he douses he plans to give you the contract to transport goods too and from it.  Your need more trucks, that's if you want the job, and he plans to give you the job of transferring, all his personnel to and from his other warehouses as well with your taxi.  I'm doing all his security part-time, it a good payslip on top of my regular pay," Justin said with his happy smile, showing he seemed to be on the top of the world.


"And your sister is she well?" I asked casually, knowing how much he loved her by the way, he talked about her when I first saw her photo.


"Still as lovely as ever John, she coming around for the weekend Malcolm going to Hong Kong for a trade fair, she often stays with me when he's away.  I love her company, we go out partying together. Malcolm's not one for dancing, and going to clubs, he is fifteen years older than Melanie, and he can't keep up with her." Justin said then looked at me, looking like he may have said something out of place,  I just kept a straight face and said.


"Haven't been clubbing for ages, been too busy lately Justin, going to have to start taking time off, to rebuild my relationship with the wife.  That is if I have one after what has happened, first I've got to eliminate any opposition."


Justin nodded as he got out of the cab, then he turned and looked through the open window.  "We're not going out tonight John, but if you fancy a night out Saturday, we are going to the casino nightclub. Meet us there then back home for drinks," he said smiling, then walked into the airport.  He had seen Janet naked, shagging with donkey dick, and if I was right about last Friday, so had his sister.  I didn't fancy having them looking at Janet, knowing what she did, as it was she wasn't speaking to me, not at this precise moment. I got the cold shoulder when I got in for breakfast and didn't get a kiss when she took the boys to school.


I got the small tape from the camera and the carrier tape case from the truck. Putting them together I then pushing them into the player, and steeled myself for what I knew, I was going to see on the television.  As the door opened, Janet was being roughly pushed talking into the room.


"You're hurting me, Sid, do you have to be so bloody rough, and why are you here again so soon you both fucked me yesterday." She was saying as he walked her into the room, by the scruff of her neck.


"Oh shut up you bitch, you got your ass up here quick enough when I told you to. Just do as you're told and we'll get on fine, you fucking love the attention anyway. John doesn't know how to treat you, he should regularly give you a slap to keep you in line. Now stop your winging, and fucking strip off you're not in a position to dictate terms anyway. Remember we've got all the goods on you, and I told you the new arrangements yesterday; I fuck you when I want."


"Frank wasn't happy with you, the last time he was alone with you for not stripping off naked for him, and he doesn't just want quickies from you, in the future. When he has you on his own, he wants foreplay and a good fuck. He also wants the full hour alone with you once a month, that you originally agreed too.  Although, I think you're getting off far too lightly with him madam, so this is how it's going to work from now on girly. Frank fucks you the Tuesday after your boyfriend has been, and I'm going to fuck you whenever I want when he's not around and I may bring Frank with me," Janet's face dropped, and she stamped her feet.


"No Sid no you can't, that would mean you could be fucking me every day for three weeks every month. That's not fair at all, we had a deal, I've kept my side of it. You and Frank were both to have sex with me, regularly once a mouth it stays that way!"  Sid stepped forward and grabbed her by the throat with both hands, and she had to go onto tiptoes, as he lifted her up.  She looked very freighted, as he held her up gasping. Her eyes widen and her cheeks were going pink, as her toe's dangled inches off the floor.


"No way girly, you should have accepted my last terms, now you're going to open your legs, whenever I tell you to. I'm fucking you here in your bedroom on the days I say, and anytime I tell you to meet me when you're out in the taxi. Could be in the toilets of the Armadale pub, or the railway station car park do you hear me. If you don't hubby will see you and your boyfriend, in glorious Technicolor. Now get your fucking gear off, we're wasting fucking time." Sid said laughed and trusting his arms out, made her squill as he tossed through the air to land on the bed.


She landed on her bum, then fell backwards her legs going high in the air. Her skirt was thrown up her body, exposing her tiny frilly lace panties. Sid reached out grabbing her panties, to tug them off her, only he pulled her right off the bed as well.  She fell in a heap at his feet her legs wide, exposing her genitals, the panties she had fallen out of in his hands.


"You want me to take the rest of your clothes off, no! well hurry up and strip you bitch," he said reaching down towards her, then started taking off his own clothing.  When she shook her flushed face and quickly started undoing her blouse buttons and bra. Removing them she was naked to the waist and was undoing her skirt when he stepped out of his trousers and grabbing her by the hair pulled her head to him.


"Get your lips around this you bitch, and don't try to bight me, I'll slap you fucking silly lassie if you do, so don't get any ideas."  For a big man, he had a short fat dick, maybe six inches at the most and it was circumcised. The knob end looked rubbery, with its taught shiny skin.  She obeyed him, sucking his cock into her mouth, her hands playing with his hairy bollocks, her mouth dribbling with saliva as she moved her lips on his cock.  I had watched her suck donkey dick, she was sucking Sid's with as much gusto.  She was either very scared of him and doing it well to please him, or she really liked doing it to please herself, honestly, it looked like it was the latter to me.


"Gently you bitch; you trying to make me come too fucking soon, just keep gently sucking up that pre-cum juice. You can have my spunk when I've finished fucking you," he said grinning looking down at her. She was sitting holding his balls and the root of his cock, as she moved it in and out of her mouth.  She looked up at him red-faced and breathing heavily when he pulled his cock from her mouth. He bent to put his hands under her armpits and lifted her, leaving her skirt on the floor and her naked.


"Now let's see how juicy you are today bitch, is your cunt full of honeydew for me." She squealed again, as he throws her back onto the bed.  She bounced and he caught her legs bending them up over her body, then attacked her genitals with his mouth. He was making her moan, as he lapped at her fanny. With his tongue and his lips suckling on her clitoris, it didn't take long, for her to start tensing up and jerk.


"O fuck, oh my fucking Jesus," she started saying, then she vibrated and jerked violently.  Sid kept his mouth on her cunt, as she bucked and writhed, then when he did lift his head, he smiled at her as she panted and said.


"That was a good one wasn't it girly, you want this as much as I do, and you're really tasty today, a nice drop of cunt honey you going to give me more."


He said and made her jerk and moan, as he sucked on her fanny again.  He kept her panting and wiggling, with his tongue and hands groping her tits for some time. Before making her cry out when he moved to a position, where he could stab her with his dick.  She was bent in half her buttocks off the bed, as he held her feet above her head. He rammed into her hard making her gasp and grunt, every time his pelvis slapped into her.  She was again blowing great puffs of air, as she gripped the bedclothes, her eyes rolling up, as her body tensed and jerked.


She was having another orgasm, her second in less than ten minutes, it left her breathless and a little weak. Her head flopping about, as she bounced on the mattress under him, with the rhythmic thrusts of his hips.  Her arm laying motionless on the bed gave the impression she was unconscious. Only the tiny gasps from her open mouth and her head lolling from side to side was evidence that she was aware of what he was doing to her.


He had her held fast ageist the bed, unable to move anything but her head, and that started bouncing faster, as he quickened his thrushes into her.  She gave a loud gasp as he withdrew from her, then squealed as he spun her to her left. Making her lay along the side of the bed. She opened her mouth when he pulled her head towards his cock, and she moaned as he fucked her mouth, with his right hand now between her legs finger fucking her.


I watched her greedily sucking on his cock, waiting for it to erupt in her mouth. This was the Janet, that said she was being forced to have sex with Sid. The same Janet, that told me she wouldn't take off her clothes for him, the very same Janet, that was repulsed by his body.  This same naked Janet, that had her head between his legs, sucking on a dick, that was about to ejaculate and she was having another big orgasm, that his fingers were giving her.


When her hips started jerking as he quickened his fingers her cheeks bulged, as he filled her mouth with cum. She had to quickly glop some of it down before it overflowed, with his cock still in her mouth.  She was coping with two orgasms his and hers, and she was struggling. He didn't help, as he kept fingering her, and held her mouth on his dick, as her orgasm made her jerk violently.  When he did release her head, she coughed and sputtered, choking on a mouth full of his sperm. The thick white stuff dribbling from the corners of her mouth, while her body contorted with the continuing effects of her orgasm, as he still fingered her.


"Oh fuck oh please please stop now, o Arrr Oooo please Sid, she begged to jerk again, as his fingers pumped into her.  She gave a big shy and lay twitching when he finally pulled his fingers from her and looking at his watch he made her moan and whimper when he said.


"My look at the time, I've still got fifteen minutes left, Frank said you liked being fingered, would you like some more Janet.


"No no," she begged as he crushed a tit, and started fingering her again.  She was too weak to resist him, and he soon had her jerking with another orgasm, then she had little rest before he was fingering her again.  Her orgasms were now, only minutes apart now, with everyone she was getting steadily weaker, and he was paying no notice to her pleas.


"Oh please Sid no more please, oh no please no no oh no you're making my cunt sore, oh god I going to die, please Sid no more o my god o fuck OooArrr."  She was openly crying now, as she jerked with another orgasm, the tears rolling down her cheeks, gasping through her open mouth.


"Was it that good Janet, let's see if I can give you another big one!" he said transferring his hand from her tit to her throat making her choke, as her body once more writhed, with the punishment he was inflicting on her cunt.  Her legs thrashed out, kicking as her body twisted about. She gave a strangled cry, as I witnessed a spray of her juice spurt from her.  She jerked and twitched, gasping for breath for a full three minutes after he took his hands from her, then she lay panting her breasts heaving.  For the whole fifteen minutes, he had given her no rest at all, she had vibrated and twitched, jerked and writhed the whole time.


At times I thought she would pass out, her eyes would roll up in her head. As she writhed and twitched, then would fall back lifeless, only to twitch and jerk again, when he put his fingers back into her.  He had given her four orgasm's, up until she had sucked him off, in the last fifteen minutes, I'm not sure it could be up to nine, before he left her on the bed, gasping and twitching.


"Enjoyed that Janet must do it again!" he said pulling on his trousers, and Janet whimpered.  As he pushed his feet into his shoes and pulled on his shirt.


"How about next Thursday, I spend half an hour shagging you, I could finger fuck you, and give you orgasm's for the rest of the hour, you'd like that wouldn't you Janet, it's settled then next Thursday."  He said smiling at her, she hadn't moved while he had dressed, her head feebly moved now from side to side, as her weak voice whispered an answer.


"No Sid No," he looked disappointed, and frowning said.  "'No' Janet! do you mean you don't want me to do it next week? 'oh I see what you mean,' you want me to stay here and give your cunt some more fingering, so you can enjoy some more orgasm's!"  She moaned as he put his hand on her crouch, and almost crying whimpered as his fingers entered her.


"No please Sid No please, you can come back next Thursday, you can fuck me all you want Sid, but please don't finger me again not now. I'm too weak Sid, please don't finger me," she winched and jerked as he patted her fanny, and smiling at her said.


"Right then pet I'll see you here next Thursday, but I'll be fucking you before then," Sid said patting her fanny again before leaving the room. Janet shied a shy of relief, laying perfectly still, relaxing getting her strength back.


I heard a car start, and the engine revved slightly for a few seconds. Then the engine raced and wheels screeched, and a heavier engine roared down the road.  Then all was quiet again, and Janet was just laying relaxing, and I thought that was my truck engine, I had just heard going past.  That big stupid bastard had killed himself, if he had gone when he finished fucking Janet, he'd probably be alive now. Instead of laying dead in the mortuary, I wouldn't have seen him and chased him to his death.


Janet stirred and giggly got off the bed, then on very wobbly legs, she struggled out the door and went to shower.  She reappeared drying herself and looked at herself in the dressing table mirror, feeling her mound of Venus. Moving closer she picked up her makeup mirror, then inspecting her swollen fanny, by putting her foot on the dressing table stool.


Opening her legs wide to see herself, she was giving the camera a very good close-up view, of a very well used red swollen cunt, that she was gently massaged with cream.  When I had seen it yesterday, I had wondered why it was so swollen, now after seeing what he had done to her, it was a wonder her cunt wasn't bleeding.  


As I was taking the tape out, I noted a panel on the player that was loose, touching it, it opened revealing several small connection sockets.  One had video 's' and the three others were coloured just red blue and yellow. We had bought the player two years ago, mostly to entertain the boys, as they now had a small library of cartoons and children's films.  I had never played with the player, except for putting in a tape to play. I still had the box it came in and pulled it off the top of the wardrobe.


In the box was still the manual and a plastic bag with a cable in it. The three-foot-long cable had three coloured connectors on each end, that looked like they fitted the sockets on the player.  To take the tape out of the camera, I had to take off the back of the radio, then ejected the tape, on the camera were three sockets with the same colure coding as the cable.  


I was already running late, so I loaded the camera with an empty tape and took the player manual with me. While waiting for jobs through the day, I read up on the manual.  I found out my player recorded as well, by coupling the camera to the player, with the cable I found in the box, I could transfer from the camera to the player.  I needed an empty VHS tape to do this, so I popped into a shop to buy one.


Justin hadn't told me I could do this, although I should have known. Not having a video camera, meant I had never thought of this feature. I could have transferred the tapes myself if he had told me, and Justin wouldn't have seen them in my bedroom, but then he wouldn't have enlightened me would he.  It was like he had said, he liked watching pornographic video's, and it was his camera I was using, without it, I wouldn't have caught them.


The salesman showed me an array of tapes, one, two and three-hour ones, and ones of higher quality, that was dearer than the lower ones, depending on your needs, of how many time you wanted to record to them.


"Now if you just want to record once, and keep that recording, I've got a special deal for you. I have a two three-hour tape pack I'll let you have them for half price, just five dollars to you they were ten."  I bought them and left the shop, as I was getting into the truck I thought.


What do you need two three hour tapes for, when you just needed one-two hours, the one of Sid was an hour, and Frank's lasted for thirty minutes, they would all go on one two hour tape, hopefully, there'd be no more with the Greek on? If I could get it right, I could keep Sid and franks tapes, and Justin won't know about them, which made me feel a lot easier knowing I could keep them a secret.


Now when was I going to have time, to play with the recorder? That was my next problem, it was mid-afternoon now, I was on a job right now. Janet and the boys would be home in an hour, so today was out of the question. Janet and the boys would be home all weekend, so I would have to wait until Monday, to try and copy what was on the tapes.  It didn't seem complicated at all, just wire the two together, press play on one and record on the other, how simple was that.


I put the new two tapes I had bought, with the others in the door panel, if I was going to get any more items to hide, I'd have to find somewhere bigger, this hideaway was getting full, I didn't really want to get any more tapes of them.  Hopefully, I would get the Greek before he got to Janet again, I had just over three weeks to wait until I literally could get him in my sights.


Sid was out of the running altogether now, only Frank I had to find a way of dealing with. He wasn't expected back to see Janet for a mouth, as he had just been around to fuck her this last Tuesday, Sid hadn't upgraded Franks fucking rights only his.  Though I would keep, the camera loaded and primed, just in case something turned up, if it did I would capture it, which was all I could do until I found a solution.


Chapter 11


We were a car short in the area with Sid's death, and I was quite busy early on, at nine it went quiet as I dropped off at the Armadale pub, four roads away was Justin's place, so I trundled around there and saw his car in the drive.  I crept up onto his veranda and peeked through the gap in his curtains.  They were both naked and shagging, she had her hands on the coffee table bent over, with him shagging her from behind, holding her hips both of them were watching the telly, I had no doubt watching Janet again.


As I watched he pulled out, and she finished him off with her mouth.  Was everybody doing that except me, Janet hadn't sucked Frank, but she had sucked Sid and the Greek, before having sex and to finish them off, she hadn't even kissed mine?  When this was all over there were going to be some changes made that was for sure. I didn't want to use the tapes to make her obey me, but I had them if I needed them.


At eleven, I slipped into bed and lifted Janet's nightdress, she didn't complain, but she wasn't that happy about me just shagging her, without asking her first, and maybe worming her fanny up.  When I finished, she just curled up and went "Huh."  I was out at four am doing my early calls, and home for eight-thirty, Tony was already there having tea and toast, telling Janet he was the one, called to Sid's accident, and was there minutes after it happened.


"Nothing we could do smashed his head on the roe-bar when the truck hit him, what the hell was he doing, pulling out like that?  That truck driver didn't have a chance of stopping,  they checked his taco, and he was under the speed limit. He is in the clear as far as the police are concerned. It was all Sid's fault, but the truck driver is shaken up pretty bad, so is poor Betty he was a bastard to her, but I suppose she loved him."


Janet looked guilty and sad, as she looked at me while Tony spook I hadn't thought of Betty at all. I wondered if he shagged Betty as rough as he had Janet, I imagined he didn't.  He had the advantage of having the photos, which he could bully Janet. Perhaps he wasn't getting it off of Betty like I hadn't got it from Janet. Mary was the same, Harvey was shagging her as well as me, and Duncan wasn't getting it of Mary but was shagging Alison. It seemed the wives were rationing their husbands, and then giving sex freely, to their boyfriends and lovers.


It was Melanie, which was giving Justin his sex, to the determent of her husband. I was beginning to think Andy; the chap I went hunting with had the right idea. He took his wife to parties and watched her with anyone who wanted to fuck her, while he had a different cunt to fuck each time.  I wonder if he still lived in the same place, I will have to drop around to see, Sandra wasn't a bad looking woman, and she did say she fancied me.


After lunch most Saturdays we would toss the boy's in the car, and spend the afternoon down on the Swan River. I would take my rod and the boys loved, netting small fish in the shallows.  We had a nice afternoon picnic tea, it was a very nice afternoon out, and we all seemed to enjoy it. On the way home at six, we had a sit-in meal at Hungry Jacks and got home at seven-thirty.  At eight pm the boys were going to bed, and at nine I told Janet I wanted to see her pussy, she looked at me strangely. I suppose because I had never before asked her straight out bluntly, to see her genitals as we sat watching the telly.


"I beg your pardon?" she asked, looking up from the woman's magazine she was reading.


"I'd like to see your pussy please?" I said sitting up and looking at her, with her legs curled up in her chair. Her short skirt not quite hiding her bottom showing her white panty covered crouch.


"I'd like to exercise my marital rights and look at my wife's pussy, before I have sex with her, here on the floor," I said standing up and taking the three paces to where she was sitting.  She watched me not moving at all until she was looking up at me as I stood looking down at her. Her mouth opened and she gasped as her body twitched when my finger traced the crease between her pussy lips, which I had been looking at, for the last hour while she looked at her mag.


With my legs up against the cushion, she couldn't straighten her legs out so she couldn't sit on her bum, preventing me from feeling her.  With one hand on my wrist, trying to push my hand away, her bum wriggled as my fingers pressed her panties, between her pussy lips. Where I could feel the entrance to her love tunnel, and I wriggled my finger making her gasp.


"John, stop it, the boys might come in," she said a little breathless, her hips twitching. I could feel her panties getting damp, as my fingers vibrated on her entrance.


"Oh no," she gasped and tensed, as I pulled her panties to one side, and pushed two fingers into her. Her arm wasn't strong enough, to stop me moving them, inside her love hole.  Her body had started responding, even if she didn't want it to, she was getting wet, and I mean wet soaking in fact. I had my free hand in her blouse groping her tit, and tweaking her nipple. Her breathing had quickened, and she could not stop the little murmurs escaping, from her mouth. As her body trembled when my fingers found that little spot inside her fanny, I quickly undid my belt and pushed my trousers and pants down, without stopping exciting her fanny with my fingers.


She was looking at my rapidly herding cock. and took a deep breath when I removed my fingers, and quickly pulled her panties down past her bum to her ankles.  With her panties now out of the way, and not hindering me. I could give her fanny, all the attention I wanted to with my fingers.  She could not anymore, hold back the moans she wanted to give. All the signs were there, the strained look, the little jerky movements, the tiny gowns in the throat and the tiny whimpers meant an orgasm was on its way.  I knelt down and quickened my hand movements, thrusting into her faster and deeper, now she sounded like she had on the tape.


"Oh god fuck, oh-oh my god yes oh fuck yes John," she whimpered looking at me her face straining. Then it was out with my fingers, and in with my cock just as the river burst its banks. I was making her cry out whimpering, as my cock really enhanced, the feeling of her orgasm, making her jerk and moan, and for the fifteen minutes, I fucked her hard.  I was going to cum inside her but changed my mind just before I ejaculated, and grabbed the tissue box from the coffee table, and used a handful of tissues.


The orgasm Janet had when I started fucking her was a good one; it had her gasping and jerking, for a good three minutes. She had another just six minutes later, and when I had to pull out, I think she was starting to have another one. So as I wiped my dick with one hand, I pulled her panties right off, spread her legs wide, and put three fingers into her, and finger fucked her until she jerked and climaxed again.


With her bum on the edge of the seat, she lay back almost flat, I had put her legs over the arms of the chair, and that opened up her fanny wide.  The bright pink sex inflamed lips looked like rose petals glistening with dew, and my fingers had her love hole open. I thought the whole of her fanny looked lovely, with it covered in her cum love juice.


She was still taking deep panting breaths, as she looked up at me with misty eyes, her naked breasts heaving, as I looked at her whole body.  I heard her gasp, as I lowered my lips and kissed her clitoris; she shuddered and made tiny sounds, as I repeatedly kissed it. She then quivered and murmured 'oh my god,' when I sucked on her hard little bud.  I had to admit Sid had been right, her fanny did taste like honey, and she jerked and vibrated, murmuring 'oh John' as I licked and sucked her damp lips.


I liked the taste of her cunt very much, and eagerly lapped at her hot fanny with my tongue, she was gasping and moaning, as my lips explored every inch of her.  When I lifted my head, she was staring at me opened mouth. Taking short sharp intakes of breaths, and she gave a long moan when still looking at he I poked out my tongue and licked her sensitive clitoris.  We hadn't been to bed that early for years, and she silently followed me, as I lead her by the hand, to our bedroom at nine forty-five.


I took off what clothes she had left on, and laid her naked on the bed, she lay there breathing deeply, as she watched me undress. Then she looked with anticipation on her flushed face, as I crawled up the bed to her.  She gasped again when I put my head between her legs. To lick and chew on her fanny, as my hands played with her nipples with her moaning. In mere minutes I had her in the throes of an orgasm, that spurted worm female cum into my sucking mouth. It had her calling out, as she jerked and contorted.


"Oh, my fuck oh my god oh John, oh-oh-oh fuccckkk," she cried pushing her crouch on my mouth, as her orgasm erupted.  Then she called out more obscenities, while she squirmed as I lapped up her juices.  I wasn't quite ready, but I was hard enough to enter her, and slowly fuck her with my semi-hardness, it hardened up as I shagged her, gasping and panting calling out wildly as I did.


"Oh my fucking god, Jesus oh my fuck oh fuck John," she hardly stopped grinding her teeth and panting out obscenities between them.  Eyes wide staring at the ceiling, her face flushed bright red, and her legs wrapped around me, holding on for dear life.  As I rode her to heavens gates and back again, giving her another orgasm on the way, this time I filled her with hot cum. She was holding me tight and with her mouth next to my ear, as she felt me filling her, her body reacted and from her throat came.


"Oh my god Ohhhhh fuck Ooooh my god," her legs gripped tighter, as her hips vibrated, before she fell back flat on the bed, looking at me with glassed eyes.  She twitched and jerked some more, as I cleaned her fanny, then she laid quite curled up, as she slowly calmed down.  I held her in my arms for long moments, and then finally realized she had fallen asleep.


There was no alarm on Sunday mornings, but it was still quite early when I woke. I was still holding her in my arms, as she virtually sat in my lap. I couldn't have moved all night, and neither must she have.  She was warm and felt soft, as I cradled her gently in my arms, my penis felt nice and covetable, nestled in the valley of her buttocks.  I had no control over it hardness, due to the transfer of heat from her. My left hand was over her, accidentally brushing her tit.  Whereas the right arm under her, and the back of my right hand, was resting high on her right thigh. Turning it over, made it rest in the v of her legs, my fingers in her blond bush of fanny hair.  The slightest movement of those fingers, made her quiver as they brushed her pussy lips.


Her quivering moved her buttocks on my dick, and this made it harden a little. This must-have sent a nervous signal to my fingers, as simultaneously they quivered, as the left ones on her left nipple, the right on her slit also quivered making her buttocks move on my dick.  The action quickly repeated itself, until my penis was at full hardness and my fingers were continuously stroking her, she had started moaning softly, as my right fingers had found her clitoris.


Then her legs slightly parted, and her hand guided my penis to her warm moist love hole.  No rush it was Sunday morning, so I took my time slowly giving us both pleaser.  She moaned slightly and moved her bottom, as I pressed my dick to its fullest depth. My hands played with her tit and clit until she begged me to fuck her hard and fast.  I was beginning to realize, I hadn't been shagging Janet as she wanted.


Just rolling on her and shagging until I was satisfied wasn't doing it for her, and to be honest, she couldn't tell me she wanted me to fuck her as they had.  I had seen how excited she got when forced to do sexual acts with the Greek, he was all domineering, and she willingly obeyed him.  With Sid and frank, she seemed defiant but soon capitulated when they forced her, in both cases, her sheer joy of fucking was far too obvious for me to miss.


Last night she had acted at first as if having sex with me, was the last thing she wanted. Only I soon had her sexually aroused with my tongue, and she did sound as if she did enjoy it.  Now she was impaled on my dick moving her arse, to feel me inside her, staring up the goo I had just injected into her.  I would have to shag her more often, and much better then I had been shagging her if I was to win her back.


Firstly I had to remove any other rivals, Sid was gone and I had plans for the Greek, Frank was work in progress. Once they were gone, how was I going to stop her, meeting someone else who could sweet talk her again into having sex with them?  I knew how Frank and Sid, had got involved with her, how and where had she met the Greek, I didn't know. He might have been a passenger that had sweet-talked the pants off her, she would not tell me herself. I couldn't see that happening not in a million years unless I got her very drank. I had only seen her that drunk once, oh she had been merry a few times. Nowhere near falling down drunk, as she was that night we think someone spiked her drink.


We had been married just under a year, and I was still in the Navy and had gone to this party. She was staggering blind drank in no time, and on hardly anything at all. We were not always together at the party; I had left her once to talk to someone, as we hardly knew most of them.  I think she was seen standing on her own, and someone must have thought she was there by herself and slipped a Mickey fin in her drink. Hoping they could steer her outside when it was taking effect.  Luckily, for me, she was by my side when it hit her, and I could steer her to the car, as she happily smiled at me and said.


"Hello who are you, and where are you taking me?" She was so drugged up she didn't know me and let me do as I wished. I had to stay awake all night, I'd never get another chance to keep shagging her.  In the morning, she wanted to know why her fanny ached, and accused me of getting her drunk, and raping her because she could remember nothing.


After that, I made sure I saw all her drinks at parties, and she made sure she didn't drink too much.  It had been like that ever since, but sometimes she would get a little merry, and we'd fuck like rabbits. Other than that it was when she wanted it under the covers, what happened to change her I don't know, only I was too dime to see it happening.


I had finally woken up to the reality, that Sid and Frank had been literally laughing at me behind my back. As they made Janet, maybe unwillingly at first do their bidding, though as I had seen, she had come to like their attention.


After breakfast, I said, "everyone in the car, we are going out for the day." I refused to tell them, where we were going until we pulled up at Barrack street jetty.  We had done, the short swan river trip a while ago, and the boys and Janet had loved it. Now it was time to do the long trip, a six-hour round trip up and back down the swan. We would be visiting all the wineries, sampling their wines and having lunch.


We bought wines from two vineyards, six bottles in total to take home.  We had a singsong on the boat, as we sailed along when the bar was opened on the way back, and as I don't like the wine I had a rum.  Janet had my shear at the wine tasting and was quite happy when we got off the boat at four. The boys had a double cheeseburger for tea, in the car park overlooking the river.


While Janet had a chicken burger and drank the rest of the bottle of wine, she had opened on the boat, on the way back to the jetty.  Getting home at six the boys happily pull on their trunks and dived into the pool. I helped a smiling tippy Janet from the car, and into the house and on to our bedroom. Where she smilingly let me strip her naked, then happily let me eat her fanny, before I knelt beside her to play with her tits and finger her to an orgasm.


I knew she was happy, with the amount of wine she had drunk. Only she was drunker than I thought because as I was fingering her she had hold of my dick. Laughing drunkenly, she pushed me down beside her then rolled over to kiss my dick, before sucking on it as if she had done it before.  Then she fell into a drunken sleep after I had fucked her, and I covered her and left her sleeping, I checked on her from time to time.


The second time I went in, she seemed to be having a nice dream. Whatever it was, it made her moan delightfully, and her movements had uncovered her still naked body. She continued to moan pleasantly, as I played with her tits and fingered her. Then when I put my cock to her lips, she happily sucked me. Or; whoever it was in her dream.  I left her still dreaming, after coming in a handful of tissues; I didn't want to risk chocking her, by ejecting into her mouth.


Then I went to get the boys ready for bed, before returning to leisurely help myself, to the delights, Janet's drunken body had to offer.  The dream she was still having, must have been good, because I drank two juicy orgasms, from her cunt before I fucked it. Then I played the gynaecologist game, of opening her cunt up to look inside.  Monday morning when I returned from my early calls, Janet was very quiet as I sat having breakfast, then when the boys were out of earshot she asked.


"John I can't really remember coming home yesterday, everything seems to be fussy, err did we go to the bedroom, and do things in there."  I smiled broadly and moved to her side, then made her jump by putting my hand on her crouch.


"You bet we did darling, it's a shame we haven't the time now. I'd like to do it now, god I liked you sucking my cock." I said and loved the look on her face, she must have had a faint recollection of what we did and of her sucking me. It could be that dream she had, all blurred together in one foggy memory.  I gave her a kiss and picked up my truck keys.


"You're late for your first pick up Janet, you'd better get going." I walked out with her, only to go back into the house, when she drove away, to get the camera from the bedroom.

Chapter 12

The transfer of the tape was just as easy as I had thought. Put the empty tape in the player, then the one of Frank and Janet, in the camera. Press record on the player, then play on the camera, and sit back and watch them fucking.  I had obviously seen it before, but I was noticing things I had not before. As they were arguing, Janet's face flushed pink, as she was lifting her skirt to remove her panties.


As he was undoing, his flies her eyes were on his crouch, as soon as his penis appeared her cheeks flushed a darker pink. Then her breaths went deeper, as she watched him stroke his dick to hardness. Her words were saying she did not want his sexual attention, but her body language said she did.  After checking that the recording had worked, I rewound the tape replaced it in the camera. Then set it up in the bedroom again, ready to record and tape over Frank's recording. I would do Sid's tape on Wednesday and then record over that one.


Tuesday I played Monday's camera tape and saw Janet undressing, so Frank had been erased from the tape, so resetting it I got on with my work.  I had a damn good day and got three big loads from the station, and that night I had some good fares, to round the day off well. Wednesday morning Justin said his brother in law, would be in touch with me very soon. As Justin had finished setting up, the security for his new warehouse. I had not thought much about it, I had had my mind on other things. I suppose I should find out if I could get the financial backing to buy two or three small trucks like mine, then I'd need to find drivers.


I was still thinking of this when Janet left with the cab and was bringing the camera in, to copy Sid's tape. As I was taking the camera tape out, to put Sid's in I decided to play it, just to check it and got a big surprise, Frank had turned up and they were arguing again.


"But Frank no Frank listen, Frank pleases listen," she tried to speak but he kept talking over her, not letting her get a word in and she was getting frantic.


"No Janet no, Sid's death doesn't change our agreement, no Janet no," he kept stopping her from speaking, as soon as she opened her mouth.


"No Janet I'm keeping you to our agreement, I'm the one with the photos remember so I'm going to keep fucking you, " he said hands on hips, staring her down


"But Frank please listen, oh fuck Frank John knows," she blurted out sharply, making him shut up and look at her thoughtful.


"What do you mean, John, knows?" he asked now paying attention and listening to her at last.


"John knows Sid was having sex with me, Sid had that accident running from John. John was coming down our road when Sid backed out of our drive. John was suspicious when he saw it was Sid, then when Sid ran John went after him. If he would have caught him, he would have killed him with his bare hands, but Sid pulled out in front of that truck, to get away from John.


I was going down the hill when John was coming back up; he ordered me back home and told me to strip off when we got in the house. When he saw my swollen pussy, he knew Sid had fucked me.  If he had come into the house and not chased Sid, he would have found me naked on the bed. Then he would have killed Sid with his bare hands when he got hold of him. That's what I meant Frank when I said you can't come here anymore, it's far too dangerous if John caught us now he'd kill us both."  Frank gave a laugh, shaking his head.


"I don't think John's capable of killing anyone Janet, you're a bit dramatic there, and anyway you said he knows Sid was fucking you. He doesn't know I am, so I'm not going to stop fucking you." He said definitely back at her, Janet shook her head, looking at him hard.


"John was in the SBS Frank, he's a trained killer, he's Commando trained." Frank was looking a bit worried now, but he was still focused on his main concern.


"All right I believe you so we can't meet here anymore, but you're not saying I can't fuck you again?" He asked and I saw Janet nodding her head, as she answered a little breathlessly and quiet, and looked like she was getting sexually excited.


"Yes Frank I do want you to keep fucking me, but we'll have to find somewhere else, somewhere safe for us to do it." She said, fiddling with the waistband of her skirt, and it slipped to the floor, showing her flesh-coloured silk panties.  Frank was spellbound, at the sight of her in them, as now Janet was undoing her blouse, but he was still transfixed.


"Frank, you are going to fuck me now, aren't you?" she asked breathless removing her blouse and bra. Standing looking almost naked in those tiny knickers, she watched him start to strip.


"Aren't you taking your panties off Janet?" he asked, finally naked rubbing his cock hard.


"No Frank you are!" she said stepping to him and reaching out to hold his cock, then dropping to her knees to start sucking him.  I could appreciate the look on his face, as she moved her mouth on his dick, I had felt the same when she sucked mine on Sunday.  When she stood up, he peeled her panties off, kissing her mound of Venus, making her shy, as she parted her legs, to push her crouch onto his mouth.


Then she sat spreading her legs, so he could eat her fanny, she had an orgasm, as he lapped up her juices.  Then she wrapped her legs around him when he mounted her, then dropped to her knees again when he pulled out to suck him off.  They had not spoken a word since she told him he was taking her panties off, as she was sucking, the last of his cum from him he asked.


"Janet can you meet me again on Thursday, I'd like to fuck you more often, we can always book a room in a hotel, for an hour or so if you like.  I didn't like forcing you as Sid did; I want you to want me to fuck you." Janet looked up at him, and finally admitted her true feelings about them having sex.


"Yes Frank I'd like that, I've always liked the way you two have been fucking me, I liked it when the two of you were here taking it in turns to fuck me.  I liked Sid forcing me roughly to let him fuck me, I just like being fucked, you know Frank you could have fucked me more often if you had taken me somewhere and forced yourself on me.


I found out about nine months ago, I like being forcibly fucked it excites me. My old neighbour's husband forced himself on me one night; he was drunk and fucked me in fount of his naked wife. He had already stripped her off, to fuck her but turned on me instead. Seeing her watching us naked as he fucked me, gave me the biggest orgasm's I had up till then."


"When you and Sid threatened me, with those photos it shocked and excited me. That first time with the two of you, I was very scared about coming to meet you. Then having the two of you, striping me off, had me wildly excited. I was so worked up I almost past out when I had to suck you, as Sid fucked me from behind.  That's why I was upset when you said you were going to shag me separately, Frank if you want to kidnap me for sex anytime, don't tell me you just do it."


Janet said smiling up at him and kissed his soft cock, then she stood up and as they kissed, he grabbed a handful of her fanny and pushing her back onto the bed. He started fingering her, as he sucked on her tit, making her have another orgasm that I witnessed, spurting from her cunt.


When they finally went, he had been there for almost an hour.  Annette had told me, Janet had been flushed with embarrassment when Robert had fucked Janet. When in truth she became aroused, with Robert shagging her, with a naked Annette watching them.  Shit, I had a bigger problem than I thought, I had got rid of one bastard, only to find Janet was now inviting Frank, to fuck her more often.  When I got rid of Frank and the Greek, how was I going to stop her finding other blokes to fuck her? I would have to cross that bridge when I came to it, firstly I wanted those photos, he again said he had them in his cab, tonight I will see if I can get them.


At ten forty-five, I was in the shadows by Frank's carport, waiting for him to come home. With the local pubs closing at ten, the only fares after ten-thirty would be in the city, and we couldn't go there.  I had been waiting here for him from ten thirty, and lights were now approaching.


He stepped from his car and turned to close the door, as I came out of the shadows. I hit him on the seconded vertebrae below the skull, with an extended knuckle punch. Then catching him as he crumpled, I lowered Frank unconscious to the floor. Picking up his moneybag, so there would be a motive for the attack on him, I went to the passenger's side.  Opening the door, I only had minutes at the most to search under the dashboard, before he came around and would raise merry hell.


Yes, I had been right, and there they were. A plastic bag taped down, to the top of the glove compartment, a quick pull and I was back in the shadows. Over the back fence, though the garden beyond, and onto the next road to his.  Down the road to the deli to my parked car,   start it and roll it out quietly. Turn the sidelights on when the front wheels hit the road, so you do not light up the houses opposite, by turning on your headlights, before you are driving straight down the road.


Into the all-night fuel stop, wave at Sally the night teller sitting safe and sound in her locked booth, and fill up the car.  Give Sally a dollar coin for the coffee machine, and sign my docket for the fuel I have just put in. Then pull out of the way, under the lights to see just what I had gotten. The plastic bag had an envelope and a thirty-five-millimetre film container in it.  The envelope contained ten photos, all of Janet and the Greek, two of her sucking his cock, one had been zoomed in for a close-up. Four of them had them groping each other, his hand up her skirt and his dick in her hand as they kissed.  The other four were of his back, as he stood in the back passenger's door, with his legs slightly bent.


His trousers were around his ankles, holding her legs either side of him. The four photos were taken seconds apart, the slight difference in his stance suggested the movement of his hips. It was far too obvious what they were doing, you could not argue otherwise.  Frank and Sid must have shown her them and demanded sex to keep quiet. On opening the film canister, I found a roll of thirty-five-millimetre film negatives. There were thirty-six frames on the roll; the last four were unexposed and blank. The ten previous ones to them were the ones of Janet and the Greek.


It seems he had sacrificed the last four, to get the film developed quickly.  I studied the rest of the negatives but was not sure, if I was seeing them right in this light and went home to have a better look at them.  I held them flat, on the white kitchen worktop, and I got Bobby's magnifying glass and saw negative images of naked women sunbathing in their gardens. One's of naked young children, playing in and around there swimming pools. There were photos taken through windows, of cupules having sex in their living rooms.  There were two photos, of Frank posing by his taxi.


Thank you, Frank, I now knew how I was going to fix your old son! I separated the ten negatives photos of Janet from the rest, and then wiped the negatives clean. Putting the negative roll back into the container, I also wiped that clean.  I made sure I wiped the plastic bag clean of my prints, and carefully put the container into the bag. Wrapped the bag in tissues I put it safely in my pocket, hid the negatives and photos of Janet in my truck, and went quietly to bed. Making sure not to disturb Janet, as I did not want to speak to her right now, maybe tomorrow or Friday we will see.


Thursday morning at four, I was outside the Armadale police station. Quickly I filled out the form to apply for the advanced driving course, which the police were promoting.  I posted the form in the mailbox along with the plastic bag, with the canister of negatives cupped in my hand.  Wondering how quickly the police would act, on the evidence I had just supplied, quickly I hoped, Janet had invited Frank to fuck her today.  


Justin renewed his invitation to go clubbing next weekend when his sister was once again staying with him. They were going to the peacock club, to start the night's party, and then going back to a friend's house, to finish the night off.  This was the third time, he had asked Janet and me out, the first time he asked me, to bring Janet around to his place for drinks was just after he saw the first tape, only I was not ready to forgive her yet.


The second time was after that Friday, I think he showed his sister the tape. I was under the impression; they wanted to meet Janet after they had seen her fucking on the tape, why I could not quite work out.  I was not ready anyway, I still had today to think about, where were Janet and Frank going to meet, I had no way of stopping them.  It would not be at my place anymore, and I could not follow her around. No, I'd just have to hope, the police find the negatives as soon as possible, and act on what they saw.


Janet went off at eight-thirty, and I checked Wednesday's tape, and found nothing incriminating on it at all, so it had taped over them again.  Reset the camera just in case they came back here, and then off to the railway station, and more beauty products to deliver.  It was a good day delivering them; I worked solidly all day, running through the northern suburbs, with two full loads.


There was so much Avon products coming over, we didn't have enough trucks to deliver it all during daylight hours so four of us were told to go back to the station, to pick up some more loads.  That had been offloaded from the train and left standing in the yard I didn't get home until seven when I was normally home by five.


I could see nothing about Janet, which told me if she had or had not seen Frank. I had not heard her booking off at any time today, but that did not prove anything.  If they met here, I would have it on tape, if it were not on tape, they could have met elsewhere, it was driving me nuts, not knowing.


There was the normal Thursday night customer traffic, but I did not see Frank at all.   Home just after ten, and caught most of the news, twisted Janet's arm, and talked her into having sex. By playing with her as she undressed, and making her hot by kissing her fanny.    She seemed reluctant at first, but when I said she had done it Sunday, she gingerly held my dick and kissed it, then seemingly getting braver.


She pulled back my foreskin, to lick and kiss the knob. Then braver still, she sucked it into her mouth and finding out she really did like it, and began to gobble me energetically.  When I pulled her on top of me so I could eat her pussy as well, it was a good act from her, making out she didn't know if she liked it or not.  I could not be sure, but I do not think she did meet Frank; after all, her fanny did not look like it had been fucked. She certainly enjoyed several fingered orgasms, and it became slightly swollen, by the time I finished fucking her.  Then I lay fondling her body until she fell asleep.


Friday morning Frank was not on the tape, and I heard nothing of him all day.  Friday night I called around Justin's place and sneaked onto his veranda, and watched him fucking Melanie through the window, and when I got home, Janet said.


"Not again John?" When I came home and stood behind her chair. To push my hands down into her blouse, and played with her tits and nipples.  She was panting when I opened her legs, to kiss her fanny, then I give her an orgasm, with my fingers as I sucked her nipples.  This time she was not shy at all when I got her hot and naked in the bedroom. She readily sucked my cock when I pushed her onto her knees.  I thought about chocking her with it, by making her swallow it, but no that will come later, when she got used to me, being the dominant husband.


Chapter 13

 I was home when Tony came for the truck Saturday morning, Janet already had his tea and muffin ready.


"Thank you, Janet," Tony said smiling at Janet, then turned to me and asked.


"What about Frank then John, I knew he liked his camera, didn't think he'd use it like that, did you?" Janet and I both looked at him.


"Sorry, Tony I don't know what you're talking about, what's Frank done?" I asked, and he looked surprised.


"Haven't you heard, he got arrested on Thursday the police searched his house. He had a darkroom there, and had hundreds of photos, of his neighbours, sunbathing nude in their gardens. Also, photos of young boys and girls, playing naked in swimming pools with their mums and dads. Sally one of our ambulance crew, her husband's in the police said he told her, they had found many photos, he had taken through windows, of couples in their homes having sex.  There are photos taken up in the hills, of a woman with her panties down having a pee in the bushes. Photos of courting couples in the woods, and at the old quarry they have him in the pokey in Perth now. Alison has taken the girls up to Mora with her mum and dad."


Tony rattled off a long least, of Frank's wrongdoings. I listened to him with an eye on Janet; she had gone white and almost fainted, at the mention of photos of courting couples, up at the quarry.  She must have thought, they were the ones of her and the Greek, she went into the kitchen, and then as I finished my tea I asked.


"Fancy another cuppa Tony?" I asked standing and followed Janet to the kitchen, where she had her hands on the rim of the sink, staring down into it.


"You alright love?" I asked hiding the smile within me, as I thought you're bloody worried now you bitch. Now I have you there I'm going to keep you on edge and keep that nagging feeling, that you're going to be found out.


"It's a good job, we didn't have much to do with him, Janet. He might have done, his peeping tom act around here," I said making her look at me, then look a lot sicker when I said to Tony.


"I wonder what the police will do with the photos, will they inform the people, that they have them and will need the people in them to register a complaint." Oh, dear didn't Janet look ill, she really should lie down before she falls down.


"I suppose I'll have to work tonight, we will be two cab's short now. Even if he doesn't go to prison, they take his taxi license off him that's for sure, Frank won't be showing his face around here again, he'll be hounded out if he tries.  Tell you what Tony, it might pay you to hire the spear taxi from black and white when your off duty from the ambulance's, I'm sure they would let you." I said and Tony look thoughtful, as he went to my truck and we both drove off.


Just after lunch, I was home, as there wasn't a lot of trade about now the shops had shut. We had had a good weekend out last weekend, and as I was going to work that night, we stayed in the garden, getting the sun and drinking cool drinks, as the boys played in their favourite place the pool.  At two Janet got up to go to the kitchen, to refresh her fruit cocktail, I got up and followed, taking her glass from her as we entered the kitchen.


"Oh, John no it's too hot," she wined as taking her hand, I pulled her towards the bedroom.


"Please John," she begged as I bent her over at the dressing table. Pulling down her shorts and panties, and played with her pussy until it was wet.  Then fingered her to an orgasm, before fucking her from behind, and all just in front of the camera, which I had reset when I came home.  Then I put her on the bed, where I removed the rest of her clothing, to play and lick her wet pussy, before making her suck my cock hard, so I could fuck her, in front of the camera again.


I was out and working at five, as the first part of the night was getting busy. It would quieten down later when we had all the partygoers to where they were going, and then it would get busy again when they wanted to go home.  At eight I was in Madington and went down Railway Avenue, this was where Andy and Sandra had lived, I didn't know if they still did, so I drove down to where I thought their house was.


Pulling up outside I checked my front wheel, then closely inspect it by kneeling. As the road was slightly higher than their garden, I was level with their living room window and parked under the street light. I'd be seen if they lookout, to see who was parked there and I was right this was their place.


"Hello John, you got a problem?" he asked standing at his door, with just a pair of baggy shorts on.  I bet they were the same ones he had on when we went hunting with him. He hadn't worn underpants then, I had seen Janet staring at him as he sat opposite her open-legged. He had done it deliberately, so she could see up the leg of his shorts, and see his cock.


"Oh hi Andy not really, thought the front was a bit soft but it's alright. How are you and Sandra, well I hope?" Janet hadn't told me about the shorts, I had noticed it myself as he and sat down on that low camping seat he had.


"Bloody good mate, come on in and say hello, Sandra would love to see you," he said putting his hand on my shoulder, as I stepped up beside him.


"Go on in I'll get you a drink, what will it be rum or whiskey?"


"Tea please I'm working, can't afford to lose my license," I answered turning into the living room, as he went down the hallway to the kitchen.  She didn't get up from the chair, she was curled up in but just lifted her lips, to me as I bent to kiss her. She was wearing a short dressing gown, that showed most of her legs, and I was sure she was naked under it. I bet Andy had just pulled on those shorts when he saw me outside, I'd say they were both sitting naked watching telly.  I sat across the coffee table from her, and looked at her legs, as she smiled back at me knowing I was but didn't do anything to cover herself up.


"You're looking as lovely as ever Sandra," I said, and she gave me a sweet smile thank you. Then leaning forward to pick up her drink, she showed me her cleavage at the top of her dressing gown opening slightly for a brief moment, before sitting back, and the gap closed.


Then Andy came in with my tea, and two glasses of what looked like whiskey. He gave me my tea and he exchanged her empty glass, for a full one as he sat on the arm of her chair. She leaned ageist him, and he put his right arm around her neck, with his hand hanging down in front of her.


"How's Janet John, she still the sexy looking girl she was?" Andy asked smiling, he hadn't changed at all, still upfront and directed. He had never been bashful about how he liked looking at Janet; mind you, I liked looking at Sandra as well.


"Yes Andy still as lovely, and still got a nice ass," I said looking at Sandra's eyes, that had half-closed, her breath was a little laboured as well. Then I noticed Andy's right-hand fingers moving slightly, he was teasing her nipple, though her dressing gown. It was making her sexy, by him doing it with me sitting there.


"It's a shame you didn't join our club John, we have twenty couples as members in Perth now. We have our own little swinger's circuit now, some of the eastern states club members, come over once every three months, where we have some really good orgies.  I'm hosting one soon, we always start off at the peacock club, then come back here for fun and games. We're just having a foursome this weekend, you should bring Janet out and join us.  Come on out the back, and see what I've done to the pool bar-b-q area."


I followed him into the games room, and then on out through the patio doors. The pool area around the twenty by twelve sunken swimming pool was tiled with a mosaic pattern. The garden surrounded by roofed timber cabanas, the inward and upward sloping roofs supported by eight feet upright posts. Each of the cabaña was eight feet deep, from the rafters hung ornate Chinese lanterns.


In each of the right hand, and bottom cabanas had a reclining sunbed, big enough for four people to lie on, and they had big fluffy cushions, on them.  I counted eight sunbeds, with a two-foot six gap between them. A bench like a coffee table, between them at their head.


In the left-hand side cabana, he had a well-appointed bar, that he could stand behind to serve drinks, and there were tasteful tables and chairs, placed about the tiled area.  I was very impressed with the whole effect, and turning to Sandra said how nice it was. She was just sitting down on one of the beds, and laying back she looked at me smiling, with one very shapely leg completely uncovered. Andy moved over to her side, and sat on the coffee table like bench between the beds, handing her the drink he had just refreshed.


"They're really comfortable John, come over and try it out," he said smiling and slipping his hand into the top of Sandra's dressing gown.  Openly groped her tit as she smiled at me, then he lifted his hand and moved it to her right, taking the dressing gown with it to completely uncovering half of her bronzed tanned naked body.


"Here John you have that half of her, and I'll have this half its time for a little fun, Sandra's always wanted you to fuck her. You can't really say no to her now," Andy said now uncovering her completely, showing her shaven pussy between her parted legs.  She looked pleased when she saw, what was hanging between my legs. She wasted no time in sucking it hard when I knelt at her head, to finger her very wet pussy, while Andy sucked her tits and had his cock massaged.  After I fucked her she knelt sucking my cock, as Andy fucked her from her rear.


"You'll have to bring Janet around, for a pool party one weekend John. I'm sure I have a way to convince her, that sex is fun with more than one." Andy said as he gave Sandra a good fucking, by pulling his cock out of her, to fingering her to a climax than to fuck her with his cock, then fingering her repeatedly.  I would have to remember that trick, the next time I fucked Janet, it seemed to do the thing for Sandra. She had mutable orgasms in the twenty minutes he used his cock and fingers on her and she was verbal, with each one.  I had a very good night kiss and grope, from a naked Sandra as I was leaving. I had to promise a naked Andy, I'd bring Janet around sometime.


Because as Andy had put it, I now owed him a shag that only Janet could pay off. He had said it, with his arm around Sandra fondling her tit, as Sandra and I had a hot French kiss, just inside the front door.  Then as I was getting into the car, I looked back at the house, and saw the door ajar, her smiling face peering around it waving goodbye.  As I drove home, I thought of a question, I had to ask Justin.


I didn't really know if Janet was asleep or not, so I didn't bother her, as I slipped into bed. I had promised Andy, I would bring her to his place very soon. When I did it was then up to him, to persuade her to have sex with him. That wouldn't be for a month or so, the Greek had to be dealt with first, and she still had to learn, that from now on I was going to dictate her sex life.  I think she had started to realize, I wasn't taking no for an answer anymore when I wanted sex with her, and I was making her suck my cock each time.  She found out early Sunday afternoon, she hadn't quite been forgiven for her letting Sid into her pants when I took her into the bedroom.


"John do we have to now?" she said as I lead her through the door. I turned on her and picked her up, and she squealed as she flew through the air to land on the bed, then stared shocked at me, as I started taking my clothes off.


"Get undressed, and do as you're bloody told!" I said angrily, stepping out of my pants.


"Did you say that to Sid, when he brought you in here, or did he have to drag you, in here kicking and screaming? Perhaps he brought you in here and just sat with you to talk about the lovely weather.  If you had said no to him at the start, you wouldn't be getting treated like this now, you gave him what he wanted when he wanted it, from now on, I'm telling you when I want you to open your legs."  She looked a little freighted and tearful, but her cheeks were flushed and her tits rose and fell, with her breathing.


My talking to her that way was having the effect I had wanted, she was sitting on the side of the bed, taking her panties off her feet, when I pulled her head onto my cock. There was no hesitation from her, as she opened her mouth when my cock neared it.  She coughed and sputtered twice, but didn't complain, when I pushed my cock, too far into her mouth and I felt my knob, nudging the entrances to her throat.


Then she felt like a clay model doll, as I put her body where I wanted it, only her reactions were not that, of a lifeless doll as I gave her orgasm's, with my fingers and sucking her clit. She gasped and sexually moaned as I did Andy's trick, of fingering and fucking her alternately. Then I left her sitting on the floor, with her back to the bed staring at me shocked, sputtering and gasping for breath when I finished myself off by fucking her mouth.


Her eyes had looked up at me, and she had steeled herself when she realized I wasn't pulling out, as my cock started throbbing in her mouth. She was forced to swallow when I filled her mouth, and she was utterly shocked that I had done it and made her take it all by holding her head.  She was still flushed when she joined us out by the pool, to lay quietly sunbathing on her lounger, as I played with the boys in the pool.


Then just before three, she obediently got up, and followed me back inside, to the bedroom. When I stood over her and nodded towards the house, she might not have wanted to, but she sounded like she did enjoy it when I got her naked and on the bed, fingering her to an orgasm.


She did suck me enthusiastically before I fucked her, but this time I filled her fanny, then fingered her to another messy orgasm after.  When she really got used to doing what I told her to do, I would think about taking her to see Andy. It was still early days, I didn't think she was quite ready yet, maybe when the Greek was dealt with.  Funny here I was planning, to have Janet fucked by someone else when not long ago, I would have been horrified at the idea.  Seeing her fucked by those three and liking it, had changed my whole aspect of having sex.


Chapter 14

Justin was surprised to see me early when he opened the door to me, "hi just having breakfast, want a cup of tea?" he asked inviting me in and leading the way to the kitchen.  With my tea in hand, and him chewing on his toast I asked.


"Do you know a chap, called Andy Simons Justin?" he stopped chewing and looked at me with a surprised look.


"Err yes John I do, do you know him as well?" he asked putting his toast on the plate and looking at me with interest.


"Yes Justin from way back, I used to work with him only you know him for other reasons I know of. I'd like an honest answer from you if you don't mine, have you shown him the tapes of my wife. You said I could trust you, have you shown them, to anyone other than your sister?" I asked making him sit up, and look at me wide-eyed.


"No John I haven't, and how do you know about my sister seeing them?" he asked me back, a bit wary of me now.


"You're the intelligent officer; work it out for yourself. Next weekend you're taking her, to meet friends at the Peacock Club. You are starting the night there, then on to a friend's place for an all-night do.  Andy's having a foursome orgy Saturday that he has asked me to, their starting at the Peacock club, you are taking your sister as a partner to the orgy. That would mean you are already fucking her. You are taking her there to be fucked by Andy, while you get your end away, with his wife Sandra.


I have no problem with that Justin; Andy has asked me again to join their club as you asked me to introduce Janet to you because you and Andy both want to fuck her.  When I have dealt with the Greek, I may take her to one of Andy's orgies, because I want to see her being fucked, but not by that fucking Greek.  So, Justin, what I want to know is, has anyone other than your sister seen them?" I asked again, looking him in the eye.


"No John, no honest I haven't shown them to anyone, and I didn't mean Melanie to see it either, she went into my den when I was pouring drinks and went to my hideaway.  She wanted a sex tape to watch and picked up one of your wive. She had it in the player before I realized which one she had, and she would not let me switch it off when she saw it was not actors role-playing. Realizing it was not a professionally made movie, made it even sexier for her to watch, especially when she saw his big cock, and she loved what he did to your wife.


We stayed up most of the night watching it, and I had to fuck her with a banana. Sorry, John but it really turned Melanie on, oh and Melanie does not know she is your wife. I never told her that and she likes you John, but how do you feel about me with my sister. Only Andy knows who she is in the club and that we are committing incest." Justin said very apologetically, we had to leave to go to the airport, and as we got in the car I reassured him.


"Doesn't worry me, Justin, what is she a year younger than you, my sister was five years older than me. I used to spy on her and her boyfriend when he shagged her in our front room, for four years I watched them.  For four years, I wanted to creep into her bedroom and shag her myself. I used to love looking at her naked and seeing her being shagged, I have never gotten tired, of looking at lovely women. Your sister has a lovely pair of tits; you should get that curtain fixed."


"The one in the living room, that looks out onto your veranda," I said looking across at him, because for some time now he had ridden in the front passenger's seat, it made it better to talk.


"Fuck you've seen me fucking Melanie, though that window I'll have to look at that when I get home. Err would you like to shag Melanie John?" he asked in a hesitant way, and I was thinking he was going to offer a swop.


"Wouldn't mind Justin, but would you mind if I did?" I answered his question with another, and he answered laughing.


"Not in the least John, I've watched her being fucked lots of times. I like watching when two or three get hold of her, she loves it when they do. She says it's like getting raped by a gang, you're helpless but you're safe," he said smiling as we pulled up to departure, and he got out then looked back.  


"Anyway, she said she likes you and is encouraging Malcolm to do business with you, it would mean she would have contact with you, and well maybe? if you're not busy tonight, why don't you pop around we'll chat."  He closed the door and went into the airport terminal.


I was home at eight for breakfast give Janet the keys and got Saturday's tape out of the camera. I reset the camera with an empty tape and then sat down with a cup of tea, watching myself fucking Janet on Saturday and regretted, not setting the camera for Sunday.  I had positioned her just right when I had stood her at the dressing table. I had a full-frame of her cunt as I was fingering it, you could see her getting wetter and wetter, and when I fucked her, my cock was shining wet, with her dripping fanny juice.  


When I finished transferring the tape, I hid them away and went out to do some work that turned out to be a run of the mill sort of day. I made over my hundred dollars a day profit target. We were doing well if I could earn five hundred dollars profit from the taxi truck.  That coved all the living costs and all the bills we had, anything over we could bank. That was just from the taxi truck, we paid black and white twenty per cent of all the fares, as their commission.


The rest of the money coming in from the taxi was all profit because the fuel and other costs were already covered, and the thousand dollars we averaged, from both of us running the taxi sixteen hours a day, was swelling our bank balance.  Even with Janet taking hours off to get fucked, we still made twice as much, as a couple working at normal jobs, mind you; we hardly ever saw each other.


I had plans to rectify that if Malcolm came through with his offer. I found out I could lease three new trucks like mine, much cheaper than buying two new ones. Being on a lease contract meant the trucks, would be changed every three years. With the right contract from Malcolm, I should be able to sit at home running the business.  I had to keep my Janet on a short lead and keep her under my thumb, only my plans would not work if the Greek spirited her away from me. I had to make life with me, better than having his dick.  


I was out with the taxi at six, as the start of Friday nights were always busy. By eight it got quirt, so I headed for Justin's street. Justin welcomed me in when I knocked on his door.


"Hi, John hoped you'd come around, been thinking of you and your wife joining the club. If you did Melanie would recognize her, and I did not think you wanted her to know, you have those tapes of her.  So if you intend to join, you'd better let me know before, so I can warn Melanie she's not to recognize her when she sees her at Andy's place. I presume that's where we will meet her first," Justin said as we sat in his living room after I refused a drink.


"I suppose so Justin, she knows Andy and Sandra. I not quite sure what he meant when he said he has something that would help make her more amenable, to accept having sex within a group," Justin smiled nodding and sat up in his chair.


"He gave some sex drug to Melanie one night, although she didn't really need it. She said she wanted to try it when he told us he had some sex elixir. Which he said is guaranteed to make nuns want fucking.  There were ten cupules, and two free-ranging stallions there. We were there at two Saturday afternoon, until ten Sunday morning. The two stallions never left Melanie's side, and the ten men that were there with me included fucked her at least once. Like I said it didn't really prove anything, she would have let them all fuck her anyway, without the sex drug," Justin laughed as he finished talking, and then listened as I asked.


"You said Melanie went to your hideaway to get a sex tape when she pulled Janet's one out. Have you many, and can I have a loan of one? I want to show Janet them, and see if she likes seeing others shagging. More than two people if you have one Justin," he smiled and stood up, and went to a wooden sideboard. Pulling a drawer completely out, he reached right into the back of the opening, and pulled out six tapes, looked at one and put it back.


"You don't want that one, it of your wife. Here this is the one I think you're like, it's a drunken swinger's party. Five blokes' two girls plenty of fucking in that, and they double-end the girls, as well as a double entry.  Not being funny John, but seeing what she and he did on that tape, this should turn her on. Because the men dominate the girls, just like he did to her. I might be wrong but I don't think I am," he said handing me the tape and then sitting back in his chair.


"Any idea of when you're thinking of attending one of our meetings, I rang Melanie earlier. Told her you would be shagging her soon, she was over the moon at the news. When I told her the lady on that tape, was Janet your wife. She thought you had taken the video of them fucking until I told her the truth. She has promised to keep your secret from Andy, and the rest," Justin said smiling.  I knew there would be more as he put a videotape, into the player and switched it on. It was of Melanie posing naked on a bed, giving fleeting glimpses, of her pussy, as she moved from one pose to another. It lasted for ten minutes, with just her on the bed.


"She told me to show that to you, she says that's her waiting for you," Justin said with a chuckle, as he turned it off and pulling the tape out he asked.


"What is it three weeks before he's due again John, you got it all sussed out yet. Have you got anywhere, with being dominant with her like you said?" Justin asked a little wearily, seeing it could be a delicate subject.


"Oh yes Justin the third Monday from now, my problem with the Greek should be resolved, but as you said before you don't want to know about that. I will tell you when it's done, and when I'll see you at Andy's, you're want to be there for Janet's first visit!  She is now getting used to doing what I want and doesn't talk back, she's has learned not to say no now. When I make her watch this tape, she'll see the girls being fucked by more than one man.  I'd like more videos of girls, with more than one feller to show her, or videos of orgy's, to get her used to seeing group sex."


"Then when I take her to Andy's, she'll know what's going to happen there. She will realize, that's what's going to happen to her as well. So if you have any, I would appreciate you lending them to me."  Justin was nodding in agreement but was looking a bit hesitant.


"John you haven't seen this, and you don't know of its existence I am letting you have this because you gave me her tapes. It has been taped against all club rules, and without other members knowing of its existence.  Melanie and I went to a club meeting, in Melbourne two years ago. With some of the Perth faction, Malcolm thought we were going to a rock concert he paid for the hotel we never stayed in. I got talking to this chap there about my job, I was invited back to Melbourne, to do some hush-hush security work. It was for this high up member of the club, no one was to know the work was done, and I was paid very well by the individual."


"I went to the party when the cameras were switched on, to test them and I made a copy of one video for myself. It is the middle six hours session, of an eighteen-hour orgy held one Saturday to Sunday. None of the Perth faction was there, so you or Janet will not recognize anyone.  You do not even see me in it, because I was with the recording equipment. Please if anyone found out about that tape, I'd be kicked out of the club, and there would be an uproar in Melbourne. So please, please do not let it out of your sight.  You can keep it as long as you like, but I do want it back." Justin said coming back from his hidey-hole and handing me the tape.


"Thanks, Justin I won't let you down, this will be kept in a safe place until I give it back to you. Oh and I have a friend that you might like to help me with, she wants to be kidnapped and forced to have sex.  She wants the experience but also wants to be safe and I'm thinking you're the man for the job, would you like to do that Justin?" I asked taking the tape from him and I placed it with the others.  His face had lit up with a big smile, then he tilted his head to one side and asked.


"Do you want me to video her, or are you saying I can join in on her rape?" I smiled he was defiantly up for this, and I had to laugh then said.


"I can't shag her more than once an hour myself Justin. That would not be much of gang rape, would it? Of course, you have to join in, and we will have to do it here. I was thinking of getting a hood for her, so she wouldn't know who attacked her when we had her in here. We can't video her being raped; she'll see who's doing it."  I could see the relief as I spoke, and he was smiling again.


"Did she actually say she wanted to be raped John, or are you assuming that's what she meant?"


"That's a good question Justin, she actually said she would like to be taken somewhere, and be forced to do what the Greek made Janet do after she saw the tape, of the Greek and Janet."  Justin's mouth dropped open.


"Shit, you showed her that, what made you do that?" he asked, looking more attentive.


"I was shagging her while I was still angry at Janet, and Mary asked why. It just came out, and Mary begged to see the tape.  Seeing Janet and the Greek, turned Mary on so much, she wants to be forced to submit to anything we like to do to her, and to be sexually mistreated like Janet was. I've already forced my cock down her throat."


"I want to give her the full experience; I can with your help Justin. Are you up for a bit of sexual fun and games? She hasn't said what she wants to be done to her, that's up to us to think of what to do. So long as it is not disfiguring, or leaving long-lasting marks on her, her husband mustn't notice anything different's about her.  Wednesday nights would be the best time, as he goes away Tuesdays and comes home Fridays, if that's alright with you, let me know and I'll tell her to be ready," Justin nodded smiling and stuck his hand out.


"Will do John but it won't be this Wednesday, too short a notice can do Wednesday after," I shook his hand saying,


"Fare enough Justin" I left him to organize, what we needed to make it work, there wasn't really any rush, Mary wasn't going off the boil anytime soon.


Chapter 15

There was no opportunity to show the tapes, to Janet throughout the week, though I did lift her nightdress every night. She never complained, also, we did not have any, unwelcome intruders captured on the recorder. Which was fully expected seeing one of them was dead, another in the pokey, the last one a thousand miles from here.  Saturday was going to be a good day, the boys had been invited to a birthday party, I had to drop them off at midday. Picking them up at five would give me all afternoon to be alone with Janet. I should be able to get somewhere, with her training.  It also turned out to be a good Saturday morning, I had a good run of fares and was home at eleven, cleaned the car before taking the boys.


"Look someone's left a bag with some videos tapes in my cab Janet! Must have been that last fare I had, or nobody noticed it under the seat for a while," I said to Janet carrying the bag indoors with Justin's tapes in it, and putting it on the coffee table.


"I'll check them out when I come back, might be holiday videos. We'll see if we can recognize anyone, and return them, come on boys, or you're going to be late." I said ushering them out to the car, hoping Janet's nosiness would get the better of her.  I had placed the tape, of the five men and two women on top of the orgy tape. I was gambling her inquisitive nature would get the better of her, and she would look at it first.  Five minutes to the Martins house, a few minutes to say hello, then five minutes back home, fifteen minutes should be enough.


I was right, when I gently and quietly opened the door she was sitting glued to the TV screen. The screen showed five naked men and two women, frolicking about on a very big bed. Both of the girls were sucking cock while one of them being fucked, the other had two men playing with her fanny, one was fingering her with most of his hand.


While the other was holding her fanny lips open, and teasing her clitoris, while she was spurting cum, from her orgasm.  Janet was already breathing heavy, and with her back to me, I could not see if she was playing with herself. She jumped with fright when I got to her chair, and put my hands on her tits and said.


"Fuck she is enjoying that Janet, would you like to cum like she is?" Janet shuddered and moaned, as I teased both her hard nipples, then slipped my hands onto her blouse, and onto her hot tits.  One man had laid on his back and pulled her onto him, pushing his cock into her cunt he started to fuck her. She was still sucking a cock, and her third assailant spread her buttocks to fuck her arse.


I had Janet's blouse open, and one tit out of her bra, my other hand was up under her skirt, playing with her clit and feeling her wet pussy. Had her panting heaver, as my fingers slipped into her?


She must have been close to orgasm already because she vibrated and groaned. My hand got very wet and very sticky, with my fingers now wiggling inside her pussy. She bearded down with the orgasm, which had her body contorting.  Giving a cry's of anguish, she jerked wildly as she stared at me wide-eyed.


"O my fuck John, o fucking Aarrr, oh my god look at them John, there are three men doing it to her, oh my god, I'm coming again, Ooohhh fuucckk."  A fresh flood came from her, trickling down through my fingers, as the girl on the telly gulped, and you saw her cheeks bulging. The man pulled his cock from her mouth, and his cock was still spurting his cum.  Then a trickle of white cum appeared at the corner of her open mouth, as the jet of cum filled it to overflowing.


The camera moved to the other girl, where the two men were changing places, she was laying leg's wide open, showing her shaven pussy with white cum oozing from it, the young man who had just fucked her was giving her his cum covered cock to suck.  I said as the other boy, was getting ready to take his place to fuck her.


"I love the look of her shaven cunt Janet, I'm going to shave yours smooth like that latter, god doesn't she like sucking cock, here suck mine, Janet. I'll fuck you when we've finished watching this video, then we will see what the other one is. I hope it's as good as this one, god! are you having another orgasm?"  I asked as she sucked hard on my cock, and her fanny vibrated on my hand. 'Good I thought,' looking at this had turned her on, much more than I had hoped for. I'm hoping the next tape, will be more sexually shocking to Janet, then what she was looking at right now, these were pretty actors playing out a fantasy.


The next tape should show ordinary people, happily having sex in groups. Justin had said, it was taken six hours into the orgy. By then there should be plenty of naked bodies, performing sexual acts, in groups as well as in pairs. I was hoping for some lesbian acts too, seeing some women would be left to their own devices, with three or four of their men, ganging up to fuck one woman somewhere.


Not that I really knew what happened at ogres. I was only going by what Andy had told me, while we had been away on that hunting trip without the girls.  Janet hadn't wanted to go and Sandra couldn't go for some reason. Andy was still trying to convince me, to join his swingers club, As we were sat by the campfire, having a few beers he told me of some of the orgy's, he and Sandra had been to, over in Sidney and Melbourne. All had been all weekend affairs, from Friday night to Sunday midday.


"Two couples went with us, to Melbourne from Perth, there were four other couples on Friday night when the orgy started at six. As the night went on, more couples joined us, by Saturday midday there were more than forty people there.  Sandra loved it, every time a new couple came in, the man would see one of the girls from Perth, he had not shagged before, and he wanted to fuck the new girl, so Sandra was taken away to a bed quite often.  


In Sidney, someone told Sandra, to sit on a padded seat, which had a two-inch long rubber dick in the middle. Sandra had to it put into her fanny, then someone turned on a switch, and the rubber dick moved six inches up and down.  They held Sandra on it for half an hour, while this thing fucked her, we got something similar so we can have a girls cock riding contest."


Andy said sounding quite proud, of what they got up to, Janet looked like she was going to have another orgasm, so I pulled her off the chair knelt her facing the telly, and pulled off her panties.  I fucked her doggy style, as her body vibrated with the orgasm she was having.


The video finish was rather tamely and ended before I finished fucking her. I gave her no time to cool down and stripped her off in the bedroom. laying her on the bed, I took my time washing and shaving her fanny, and from the sounds, she was making, the experience wasn't unpleasant for her. I had totally enjoyed it myself, and when I finished her pussy looked so delicious, I had to eat it. I took my time licking her cream from it, because she had climaxed as I was finishing shaving her, and I tongue fucked her to another while rubbing her clit.  When I finished fucking her again, it was time to pick up the boys, so I left her on the bed recovering and took the videos with me. I would get the second tape out when the boys went to bed, and show it to Janet, to see if it turned her on as well as the first one did.


When I returned Janet was in the kitchen, very quietly preparing the evening meal. She stayed timid and quiet as we eat dinner, and watching the boys television programmes, then at eight o/clock when the boys went to bed, she quietly did as I asked.


"Go get undressed and just wear your dressing gown, Janet, I'll get the tape set up, and we'll have sex in the living room."  She returned in her silk mandarin outfit, minis the baggy pantaloons. The jacket was just long enough to cover her crouch, and she took a deep breath, gasping as I put my hand between her legs, to feel if she had panties on.


She hadn't and was already wet, then her hips jerked when my fingers slipped into her hot juicy pussy, to give her a quick finger fuck. She must have been already hot and sexy, just thinking of watching the tape. I sat her on my lap and played with her hard nipples when I pushed the play button and naked bodies appeared on the TV screen.  There were bare the bum's of men, moving up and down. Between naked women, legs, on cushions in several places on the floor, and on couch's and divan beds, spread around the room.


There were groups of men and women standing to watch them, as they drank and felt each other laughing, with several women sucking cocks.  I watched one of the men go to a lady, who was already being fucked and give her his cock to suck. Then he fucked her himself when the man fucking her had finished and had gone to the bar for a drink.  There were a few ladies, with two or more men attending them, Janet moaned and groaned when she had orgasm's, as I was fingering her fanny while she sat on my lap.


She had desperately wanted to play with my cock after I gave her the second orgasm. I refused to let her, but she greedily gobbled me when I stood so she could suck my cock. After I had filled her mouth, she knelt on all fours to watch the orgy, as I licked and fingered her, to several more orgasms.  We had watched less than a third of the tape before I took her to the bedroom, where we played with each other and fucked, until the early hours.


We had sex every night throughout the week when I came home at midnight. Then on Saturday night, I got the tape out again, and we fucked like rabbits. As we watched some more of it that had some ladies on a bed, with a group of men watching them, as they licked and played with each other's cunts.  Janet was intently watching them, while I had three fingers in her pussy, and my thumb in her arsehole, fingering her hard and fast.


When I picked Justin up on Monday morning, he got very excited when he asked me if Janet had become sexually excited, at watching his tape of the orgy and I told him she had, and he asked.


"There an orgy planed in three weeks time John; will you be bringing her to it?" I shook my head.


"I could let you know by next weekend Justin, donkey dick is due home this weekend. I will try to catch him on Monday if I do succeed, I shouldn't get a tape of them on Tuesday. That is if Janet dares, bring him around to our place again.  I have a friend that might give me confirmation if my plan had succeeded or not. If I have succeeded, I'm planning on taking her to Andy's for a trial run, only I'll have to wait, for the right time to find out."


Chapter 16

Thursday there was a cyclone warning for that night, with winds gusting to eighty miles an hour. It struck at one am and caused a lot of damage, mostly to old trees and power cables, and to some fencing and garden sheds. Some trees fall and blocked roads; they were removed by Friday afternoon.  Trees that did fall on private land were left to the property owners unless they blocked roads or pavements. One such tree had fallen at one hundred and six red lake drive, I checked it out when I drove around there on Saturday, to see if my ambush spot was still available.


It was, the tree that was down on his land had fallen diagonally across the front. The head of the tree had blocked the road and pavement. The trees blocking the road was cleared off by the cleanup team that went out on Friday, to make the roads safe after the storm, the power cables would take longer to fix.


According to Justin, the Greek was due on Sunday afternoon at about four; I was planning to park, opposite his home at nine am on Monday. I had no idea if or when he would make an appearance, but I had to be prepared to wait him out.  Ten o/clock came and went, with no sign of movement, but then at twenty past, a pickup truck arrived, and the Greek came out to greet the driver.


After welcoming handshakes and words, they unloaded two chainsaws and started them up, and then they got to work straight away, cutting branches off the trunk of the tree. I followed him with my scope for fifteen minutes, but could not get a shot at my intended target. then he climbed onto the trunk and put his right foot on a large branch, and reaching out to cut a smaller one off of it. It gave me the perfect shot; I did not hesitate in taking it and saw the bright orange bead hit its target.


The noise of the chainsaws drowned out his initial cry of pain, but as his body doubled up he lost his balance, to fall backwards off the trunk out of my sight behind it. There was a blood-chilling scream, and when the chainsaw slowed to a tick over. The screams filled the air, and the friend of the Greek put his chainsaw down and rushed to the Greek's side. As the old man came out of the house, the friend looked up at him and above the screams yelled.


"Call an ambulance, call a bloody ambulance." It was the time I wasn't there, so I put my rife in its hid-away, and pushed the roller shutter door down from the inside until it locked into place. Walking into the cab, I drove quietly away across the waste ground and back to doing my innocent job, of delivering goods to the public, seemingly totally unaware of the tragic drama, that was unfolding behind me.


Janet seemed a little preoccupied when I got home at five for dinner. Then again later when we had sex at midnight, for she seemed miles away thinking of other things.  When she took over the taxi in the morning at eight, she looked lovely in a short pretty summer dress, with just the right amount of makeup, to enhance her natural beauty.


Not that she wasn't always, nice to look at and smartly dressed, it was just that she looked a little prettier today, although she did look a little nervous.  The Greek was home wasn't he, she was expecting to see him, wasn't she, perhaps her nervousness, was the thought of him fucking her making her do sexy things with him. Was that why she was so on edge?


Well, I have news for you darling; he will not be feeling like shagging anyone today. I heard Janet call control at eleven twenty, and asked if anyone had been asking for her.


At eleven-thirty, I called control and asked if he could give Janet a message, was she in a position, to get me some new razor blades, as I was way out in the sticks and was far too busy to stop.  I heard her come back to say she could, she was parked at the taxi rank in the Westfield shopping centre.  


Only the controller just said that Janet would get me some, she was parked there waiting for him. It was the right time, it was the right day, but Janet I'm sure he wasn't feeling like it today.  I made a special effort at midnight, to give her more than her usual orgasms, when I fingered her for two orgasms before I fucked her, then gave her two more afterwards.


I didn't intend to let our sex life, drift back to how it had been before, and Janet hadn't complained about the attention I was now giving her, in fact, she seemed to enjoy the orgasms. She was quite often very verbal in fact, she would look at me wide-eyed panting and moaning, "o fuck o my god I'm coming again, O Mmyyy Oooo Aaarrr," and jerked about, as I gave her orgasm after orgasm, by fingering her continuously hard and fast.


That was after I had already fucked her, and she sucked me hard as well every night. This was now part of our foreplay, as I licked and tongue fucked her fanny, then she would have to suck my cock, as I fingered her to an orgasm.  Then fuck her as she was in the throes of having it, fuck a little, finger a little, giving her orgasm after orgasm, making her cry out in painful ecstasy, as I tried to hold back her climax's, from bursting forth from her pussy.


Thursday came and went, Janet was just as edgy as she was on Tuesday, when I fucked her that night and Friday, then again on Saturday morning. Before I had some news I was not expecting, and Janet found out, why donkey dick did not turn up.  Tony was his normal self, and as soon as he had his tea and muffing, he started telling us, of all the things that happened through the week.


"Had a bad accident on Monday, bloke nearly cut himself in two over at Westfield. He was using a chainsaw and fell off this tree, the saw landed between his legs, ripped all his love tackle away, and almost cut his pelvis in half.  He died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, died of shock and loss of blood, he lost too much of it before we got to him.


Shame nice looking bloke, Greek twenty-five I'd say," Janet was standing holding onto the back of a chair, she looked worried as she went pale. Then her legs wobbled, and her hands gripped the back of the chair much tighter when Tony took out his diary and said.


"Alexander Drakos, one hundred and six red lake drive Westfield, that was his name, I write all my calls down, just in case there a query, and we have to answer some questions."  Tony smiled putting the book away, unaware of the shock he had just given Janet. Her eyes had widened, as she took a deep breath when Tony mentioned his name. I thought she was going to fall, but she steadied herself staring blankly ahead of her, for a moment or two before going into the kitchen.


I was a bit shocked myself, I had not meant for him to die, I just wanted him incapable of having sex, I just wanted to blow his fucking bullocks off.  Tony left and I went to the kitchen, where Janet was looking into the sink again, this time I think she had actually been sick, I certainly didn't make her feel any better.


"Bit gruesome that, fancy cutting off your own cock and ball with a chainsaw," Janet put her head in the sink again, and urged several times but was not sick. Then she looked at me a little angrily as if she could not understand why I would say such a thing.  I actually thought of asking her if she knew him but decided agonist it, she now had the knowledge, that she wouldn't be seeing her Greek lover again, that would have brought enough pain and anguish, to her for today.


If it was his dick or his love she wanted, she now knew she would have neither.  Sid was in his box and Frank, well he was in an eight by six cell on his way to a long prison sentence. Having photos of naked boys and girls, was a worse crime than robbing a back in Australia. He'd do five years at least, and could even be beaten to death, in prison by the inmates if the right message was put about.


With all her bed companions disposed of, I was going to say who was going to fuck her from now on. I left her to wallow in her grief and went out in the taxi until midday.  We had lunch then the boys, played in the pool while we sat and watched them, then at three I took Janet to the bedroom and spent an hour giving her orgasm's.  When the boys went to bed, I put the tape of the orgy in the player again, striping her off in the front room to have sex as we watched the tape.


She did everything I asked of her but like the afternoon sex session, she again didn't seem to enjoy it, as much as the Saturday before. She did have orgasms, and she had to suck me off, I made her drink it down when I filled her mouth.  I was not going to allow her, to go into mourning over the Greek, one day I might show her the photos and videos, then she'll know just how far I'm prepared to go to keep her.


I wonder what she'd think, knowing she caused the death of two people, and the ruining of another man's life. I had no remorse for any of them at all, I did what I had to do, if only for the sake of my sons.  I had no intentions at all of letting her get away from me, not if I had the means to stop it. I defiantly had the will, to do what was needed to keep the woman I loved.  On Sunday morning, I asked the boys, what they wanted to do today.


"The boat trip, on the Swan river dad," they both said in unison. So we made the ten o/clock sailing, spending six hours touring the vineyards, sailing up and back down the river Swan. Having lunch and again Janet was sampling to much wine, the boys loved every bit of being on the water.  We bought a dozen bottles of Janet's favourite wine; she finished the one she had opened again when we stopped for a burger meal, on the way home.  When we did get home I turned on the pool floodlights and told the boys they could play in the pool, for two hours until seven, while mum and I did the taxi accounts.


"Are you going to fuck me again?" Janet drunkenly asked, as I almost carried her to the bedroom.


"Yes I am you fucking tart, but not before I have given you at least four orgasms and I'm going to make you swallow my cock, you like swallowing cock don't you darling?" I asked and she just drunkenly grinned at me, as I removed her clothes.  I got hard playing with her tits and nipples and sucking her juicy cunt, then I made her gag, as she tried to push me off of her, when I held her head close to my groin, with my cock in her throat.


Three times she Coughed and spluttered, while she was sucking me when I pushed my knob end down her neck. After I had given her time to get her breath back, she opened her mouth to suck me again.  She was soaking wet when I got three fingers into her cunt, to give her a string, of gasping obscene moaning orgasms. Then there was a long hard fuck, followed by her swallowing my creamy cum when I finished myself off in her mouth.


She was still a little drunk when I woke her at eight-thirty, to take her naked into the front room. To put on the orgy tape for her to watch again while she sat on my lap, with me playing with her tits and clitoris. I had my hard cock inside her hot wet pussy, until she started moving on me when watching the people fucking, made her too hot to sit still.  She had now fully accepted the need for me to come in her mouth, and the need I had to finish her off, with a finger fucking orgasm.


Picking up Justin on Monday morning, I happily informed him, "I'm taking Janet to Andy's on Saturday, for lunch and her first taste of group sex. I have resolved all my problems, Justin, here is your video camera back, there won't be any more videos, so I won't be needing this again.  The boys are away for the weekend, with the bushranger scouts, so I intend to spend Saturday night at Andy's, Janet has no idea we are meeting him.


Andy's going to invite us to his house for lunch when we bump into him at his place of business. Can you bring Melanie there at about five or six, Janet should have been fucked by Andy by then. You can join in when you get there, and I can give Melanie what she wants."


Justin was more than delighted with the plan but had to find an excuse to get Melanie to stay for the weekend. She was staying with him the following weekend, which was the weekend of the orgy he had invited me to. He was sure he could arrange it, he would let me know for sure, by the end of the week.


I was deliberately going home now at ten thirty, to watch the end of the news, then open my flies to take my cock out, so Janet could suck me hard before I took her to bed. Where I would give her, her daily ration of orgasms, she now was indeed becoming the diligent wife, catering to all my sexual requests.


Only once in the three weeks since Sid's death, did I have to referrer to her having had sex with him. That was because she looked a little upset with me, when I took her to the bedroom, for a third time on a Sunday afternoon.  She quickly said she was sorry when I was kneeling over her naked body, with one hand on her throat, and three fingers of my other hand in her fanny asking.


"Did you get fed up with Sid's visits Janet, did you ever say you didn't feel like having sex with him?" as I made her twitch and jerk, for the third time that day as I gave her orgasm's.


Now when I indicated I wanted sex she would quietly go to the bedroom, and take off her clothes. Then lay naked opened legged on the bed, waiting for me to play and suck her pussy when I had undressed and inspected her.  I liked looking closely at her fanny, watching it get redder and wetter, as I prised open her fanny lips to look inside, then watch her honeydew seep from her pussy, as I teased her sensitive clit.


Then as I was licking her fanny lips, I liked to play with her nipples. They were long and went hard as I toyed with them, I had even envied the boys suckling from her because I too loved to suckle them. The boys never went hungry, but I have to confess I stole more than a mouthful of their milk when she was nursing them. Janet liked having her tits and nipples played with and sucked when I got my hands on them, I would be sourly guaranteed, she'd open her legs for me.


Although in the last two months, I had learned that wasn't the only way, to get her hot and sexily, and opening her legs for you to climb between. I had seen Sid manhandle her, and treated her like a slut, and he had thrown her onto the bed, and forcibly stripped her.  I had also seen her acting like a sex slave, bowing willingly to the needs of the Greek and doing his bidding.


She had loved it, all of it, and now I was doing it to her too, I was throwing her over my shoulder Viking style, and carrying her to the bedroom to be raped. I would creep up behind her, while she was at the sink and fuck her without warning.  I had made a house rule, that she wasn't allowed to wear trousers or shorts while in the house, panties were also banned, as they prohibited ease of entry. Only when she was out with the taxi working, was she allowed to wear them, and short skirts were banned when driving the cab.


Chapter 17

Friday evening at six we waved goodbye to the boys, as the whole bush ranger troop, headed out into the outback in five full buses. One hundred and twenty boys, with twenty pack leaders, that I did not envy at all. Only thanked wholeheartedly, for giving me two full nights to seduce Janet, and I was starting as soon as we got home.


On the way home, I pulled into Janet's favourite restaurant, and ordered her favourite meal, with her favourite wine. Had the pianist play her favourite tune, and it was not even her birthday.  As she went to wash her hands, I dropped two tiny drops of blue liquid into her wine glass; from the tiny blue bottle, Andy had given me, to prime her for tomorrow.  The drops would make her sexy tonight, but wouldn't completely wear off for twenty-four hours, making her more susceptible to a second dose, which we would give her tomorrow lunchtime at Andy's.


"Come here you sexy wench," I said going to grab her, as the door closed behind me. She laughingly danced out of my reach and dodged behind the settee, her face lighting up with a happy smile, her cheeks a light rosy shade of pink, the sex drug was taking effect.  I vaulted over it, but she dodged me again, ducking and diving, around the room, before ducking behind the armchair in the corner, her breath now a bit quicker than before, and her cheeks much rosier.


A big mistake I pushed it to her trapping her there, with my knees holding it tight to her. She giggled slapping my hands away, in an attempt to stop me, groping her tits and pinching her nipples. The game was having the right effect on her, her cheeks were steadily getting redder, her breathing much quicker, she was defiantly getting in the mood for sex, her nipples had hardened and visibly stuck out in the red blouse she wore.


I had tweaked them several times when she hadn't been quick enough to stop me, then I changed my attack, and put my hands under her armpits. Lifting her up, I pulled her over the back of the chair. She was now upside down, her head in the cushions her legs in the air. Her short tennis skirt falling, to reveal her tiny sexy transparent panties, that hid nothing from view, but it was a shame she was the wrong way around.


I could see her crack between her buttocks, as I held her there so she could not fall. I looked down at the damp patch at her fanny lips. I pulled her panties to one side and made her squeal, as I finger fucked her until I heard slurping sounds, that were made by my fingers.  She did not put up much of a fight, especially when I put my head between her legs, to make her giggle and wiggle, as I sucked up her hot juices.


"Sod!" she said laughing when I finally laid her down on the settee, but she quickly opened her mouth when I took out my cock.


"You bloody love it!" I said as she slurped my cock in and out of her mouth, and dribbled saliva from the corners. I freed her tits from her blouse and tweaked her nipples.  The skirt was easy to remove, as it was a wraparound with press-stud fastenings, just one quick tug, it was out of the way.


Then I had my hand in her pants, making her jerk and writhe as fingering her I gave her an orgasm, just before I filled her mouth.  She greedily drank down my cum, then with her hips still jerking, she milked my cock like a cows udder. Licking off each creamy drop that appeared at my pee hole, as my fingers were turning her cum into form, her head nodded as I asked.


"Shall I put on that tape of the orgy, so we can watch the rest of it, there over half of it left to watch, about three hours of shagging I think," she took my cock from her mouth and looked up at me saying.


"Oh yes please; and can we watch all of it tonight John, you're not working tomorrow, you can fuck me all night." She wickedly smiled then whimpered 'Oh fuck I'm coming again' as she started having another orgasm. She jerked and moaned, as the heavy orgasm consumed her, with me heightening it, by thrusting my fingers faster and deeper into her, while she sucked hard on my shrunken cock until her orgasm had waned.


Then I had her on my lap groping her tits, as I stroked her fanny watching the telly again, as more people were arriving, swelling the numbers already there, we watched as one new couple arrived naked, greeting someone who was already there.


The men shook hands, and the woman kissed each other, then as the men kissed the woman, their hand went between the woman's legs, and the woman took hold of the man's cocks to rub them as they kissed.  We had seen this happening before and guessed it was the group's formal way of greeting. Like the men saying I am glad you are here, I want to fuck you, and the woman saying me too, I want you to fuck me with this.


Some couples got right down to it and started fucking right away. Others stood around drinking and fondling, then paired off to find somewhere to shag.  One couple standing at the bar were drinking and talking when a man walked up behind the lady. While saying something to her he put his hand between her legs, she turned her head to smile at him. Then as they kissed she held his cock, the man she was already with just watched. As the second man fingered her, before turning her to the bar, bending her over it he fucked her.


There was one woman sitting in a chair, with a man standing either side of her, she had hold of their cocks alternately sucking them, as a man knelt and licked her cunt.  There was a woman standing between two men, as they both fucked her.  There was so much fucking going on, you didn't know where to look, or who to look at being fucked next. Then Janet let out a gasp saying.


"God look at her!" pointing to the left-hand side of the telly, where a woman was laying on her back, with a man kneeling at her head, his cock in her mouth. There was a young lady, who had her arm between the woman's legs her whole hand inside the woman's cunt, fucking her and licking her clitoris.


Janet had an orgasm watching her as I fucked her doggy style, for the second time since we started watching. I pulled out to suck her hot juices, then fucked her some more before she sucked me off.  We had started watching the newcomers, to see who would fuck the lady first, then we noticed something, we hadn't noticed before.


We had watched couples entering, and being welcomed by other members, then we had moved on, the watch others shagging. Not noticing where the new couples went from there, or who they met next.


There had not been a newcomer for quite a while, and it must have been early in the morning when a young couple came in, they were both lean and athletic looking. She was very striking indeed, with a superb young shapely figure. As they entered, four couples surrounded them, who kissed and groped them. She even knelt down to each man and kissed his penis. Then smiling they moved over to an older chap, I had not really noticed at all.


He was sat on a big chair, watching all around him, and was himself surrounded, by ladies he touched and kissed. He smiled as the young couple moved to him, and as the girl bent to kiss him, his hand went between her open legs, fingering her for a long time as they kissed.  Then she knelt between his legs and wanking his cock suck him until he had cum in her mouth.


"He must be the group leader, I've seen a few women suck him off," Janet said taking my cock from her mouth, then turning around so I could fuck her again then she said.


"Fuck it's finished, I wanted to see her being fucked," Janet growled at the flickering screen. I wondered if I should replay the other tape, the one we had watched first, of the five Fucking.  I had only just started fucking her, and I couldn't really stop now. It was two in the morning, when we went to bed, then we groped and kissed. I sucked her nipples and had a nice handful of pussy before we finally dropped off.  I woke with morning glory, that was all Janet's hands fault, and she happily wrapped her arms and legs around me when I rolled on top of her, to spear her with my eight-inch weapon.


I had the tea and muffins ready when Tony popped his head through the door. He sat eating his muffin when his eyes popped open, as Janet walked into the kitchen. With her wet hair in a towel turban, wearing her short mandarin kimono jacket. Tony followed her every move with his eyes.  She turned and gave Tony a sweet cheeky smile when I laughingly said.


"Darling, I wouldn't bend down in that kimono if I were you, not and not with Tony sitting here." His eyes were on storks as they followed her, and she knew it and teased him. As he took longer than normal to finish his tea and muffin, he was reluctant to go even when he did, and then only when I said it was eight-thirty.


As Tony went out to the truck, I turned when Janet called, "Yo Ho," and saw her waving her hands above her head, with the hem of the kimono up to her hips. I looked and shook my head, then lifted her up onto the worktop, parting her legs, I gently felt her mound of Venus.


"You need a shave darling, I'll give you one now," I said kissing her there and Janet gave a shy, looking up at her, I asked.


"What's the matter, darling?" she shied again, then said.


"I'll have to have another shower then because you'll have to shag me if you do."


Chapter 18

We left at ten-fifteen, a little later than I had planned, as all the stores close at midday on a Saturday. I had told her I was taking her out for lunch but wanted the look at an outdoor shop first, traffic was always heavy on the Albany Highway on Saturdays. The normal thirty-minute weekday drive, to the Carousel shopping complex, turned into a forty-five minute, stop-start run.


We parked in front of 'outdoors living' at eleven five, fifty-five minutes to look around before they closed. I wanted to build a new patio area around the pool and wanted to look at the outdoor kitchens.


Well, that's what I told Janet, we were actually meeting Andy here. It was his shop and the place was full of small boat's and tents, with camping gear of all kinds. There were fishing rods and all that sort of stuff, with a large selection of garden furniture, including swings and picnic tables.  I headed towards the barbeque displays, where the electric outside kitchens were.


"I can give you a good deal on that one," said a voice behind us, as we looked at a shiny stainless steel unit. That was a combination, of barbeque grill and hot plate, plus pizza oven rotisserie, and with a warming cupboard.


"Hello, John Janet," said Andy, as Janet and I turned.  We shook hands and he gave Janet a kiss, which he hung onto. She looked like she was enjoying it, seeing she had taken a dislike to him before. He was smartly dressed, in a safari shirt and matching shorts, with the name 'Outdoor Living', embroidered over the top pocket.


"Hi welcome to my shop, it's nice to see you again how are you two doing?" he asked, still with his arm around her holding Janet's close to him.


"Good Andy this yours looks pretty impressive, how's Sandra?" I answered, looking around the big open area of the shop, and noticing Janet's willingness for Andy to hold her.


"She's fine home lasing by the pool I bet, why don't you pop around and say hello. Tell you what come round for lunch, I've got one of these set up at home, you can see it working, and decide if you want one."  I looked at Janet who was still smiling; she didn't seem to mind Andy's body close to her.


"We were having lunch out, darling would you like to have it at Andy's?" I asked her knowing full well, she wouldn't normally be rude and say no, but she wasn't her normal self-was she.  She turned to him, her eyes shining and gave him a peck on his cheek, and with her sweet smile and her sexy voice said.


"Love to Andy!"


"Good!" Andy said smiling broadly, "Kathy," he called to a lady dressed as he was.


"Can you lock up for me, I'm taking my friend's to lunch," Kathy smiled and nodded, and then now holding Janet's hand, Andy walked us to the door.


"That your car?" he asked knowing full well, it was my taxi as we stepped outside.  "I live just down the road so I walk to work, I'll show you where to go" he volunteered as he opened the car door for Janet, and then got in the back behind her.


"Just along here, that the one with the jaguar in the drive!" Andy said as he gave me directions as if I didn't know already.


"Hello Sandra, we have guests, have you any clothes on?" He called laughing into the house, as we entered through the door smiling at Janet. He was again holding her hand; he had taken it, to help her out when he had opened the car door.  I could see what he was doing; he was getting her used to him touching her.


"She's probably naked by the pool Janet, no need for clothes out there," he added grinning. Then leading her into the lounge, then though it into the games room. Where big sliding glass doors, looked out onto the patio and pool area, which Sandra was walking through. She was wearing a gaily printed sarong, the off the shoulders dress had an elastic top, that held it on top of her breasts.  The hem almost touching the ground, and I was sure she had nothing on under it. I was also sure she was happy to see us because her nipples jutted proudly out.  Then Andy excused himself saying,


"Just going to change," he left us to greet a smiling Sandra, who embracing Janet and kissing her warmly on the lips said.


"Janet how nice to see you!" then she turned to me and gave me a big hug, a very good friendly kiss, pressing those tits to me and her tongue into my mouth.


"John wants and new patio kitchen Darling, I'm going to show him ours working," Andy said as he returned, wearing his favourite shorts.


"Can you do a salad darling, while I do put some buffalo sausages and burgers on the Bar-b. Your love these John, a station in the northern territory, is running a herd of buffalo. Their marketing their own brand of meat, I'm stocking it and I'm selling out fast, I've just put in another big order."  Andy said as he opened a fridge, and took out a plate with the meat on, Janet didn't notice, but I did, there was just the right amount, of meat on the plate for the four of us.


"If you fancy a dip help your self's," Andy said smiling and looking at Janet while gesturing towards the pool. He put the meat on the hot plate, which sizzled when the meat landed on it.


"I would love to, but we haven't brought our costumes with us!" Janet said smiling. Andy smiled back and answered.


"You don't really need one Janet but if you must, I'm sure Sandra could find you one, from our stock in the house."  Sandra had heard the exchange, and poking her head through the kitchen door said.


"I suppose I should get one too, come with me, Janet, I think I've got, just the thing for you to wear."  She held out her hand, and lead Janet into the house, with the meat cooking, Andy went behind his bar and placed glasses on the counter.


"I've got her favourite wine John, did you give her any Spanish fly last night?" he asked as he filled the glasses, and I handed him back the tiny blue bottle.


"Yes Andy two drops at six as you said, fucked her four times last night, and twice this morning, she is still very relaxed now as you can see.  How are you going to get her relaxed enough to let you fuck her?" I asked as I watched him putting, two drops of the liquid into her drink.


"Yes the drug is still working on her; she sucked on my tongue when I pushed it into her mouth as I kissed her in my shop. She didn't complain when I felt her bum either, or when my hand brushed her tit, as I helped her out of the car.  I think these two drops will awaken what you gave her last night, making her badly in need of sex. I've got an idea how to make her think it's you that's worming her up and fucking her, then it will be too late when she finds out it is me."


"She is right-handed isn't she, which would have her head to the right when she lays down on her belly, to soak up the sun. I can approach her from her left, which is good.  You will have to stay out of her line of sight until I'm fucking her though. I have put biovea in your drink, it will keep you hard and erect for hours, that going to please Sandra she wants you to jump on her, as soon as possible.


Justin rang last night, he's bringing Melanie around at six, he's taking her home Sunday afternoon, so they are staying all night as well."  Andy stopped talking, and I turned to see what he was looking at.


Janet had on the tiniest bikini I had ever seen; the tiny triangle of white cloth just covered her mound of Venus. The two cups of the top hardly covered her tits, and that white material will go transparent when it is wet.  The strings fastening the bottom were tied at her hips by bows, two pull and it would be off of her, and Sandra's costume wasn't much different, two pulls and she'd be naked too, which she wanted to be in the first place.


"Now that is a nice choice, I couldn't have made a better one myself," Andy said as Janet and Sandra posed smiling for him, as he handed them their drinks.


"I couldn't agree more, you both look stunning," I said and Janet came to me, and giving me a kiss whispered in my ear.


"Sandra shaves her pussy too, I saw it when she put that costume on, and she didn't have anything on at all, under her sarong darling." She giggled her eyes sparkling happily, and I wondered if she really needed more sex drugs at all, I could see she was still well aroused.


"Is her pussy as nice as your pussy darling, I can't tell from here," I whispered back, making her quietly giggle again. I could have told her, Sandra's fanny lips were flesher than hers, and her clitoris was longer, and she liked you to wank it like a small penis, I could have told her, but I didn't.


"Grub will be in twenty minutes, you've got time for a dip," Andy said and I knew why he suggested that he wanted to see that bikini wet.  I still wasn't sure if Janet needed more of that Spanish fly, she had drunk half her drink already and was looking happily flushed. As she and Sandra took their glass into the water with them, giggling and drinking as they went down the steps. By the time Janet was waist-deep, she had drunk all of her drink.


Wading deeper into the clear blue water, it looked like she was naked, then she walked smiling to Andy, who was kneeling on one knee at the side of the pool. He was tempting her to exchange her now empty glass, for the full one that Andy now held out to her.  Sandra standing smiling behind Janet lowered her costume top, to show me her tits, as Andy made a laughing Janet reach high for her glass.


Then as she got nearer to him, he lowered his arm to hold the glass by his knee for Janet to take. From the look in her wide eyes and the reddening of her face, I would bet she was looking at his cock.


That's why he had changed into those wide-legged shorts of his, and why he was kneeling as he was. He stayed letting her blatantly look, as she sipped her drink, as he himself looked down at her. Seeing her long hard nipples, through the now translucent material, knowing by seeing his cock she was excited.


I was sitting at the bar, watching the interaction between them, seeing how blatantly, Andy was exposing himself to her and her not timidly shying away, from what she could see of him.


"Well she's seen what she going to get soon, and I believe she liked what she saw," Andy said with a smile when he joined me at the bar.


"I can see that sex drug is working on her, but when douse that stuff work on me?" I asked taking another swig of my drink, as I watched Janet and Sandra.  They were just splashing about, but I just loved seeing tits bobbing up and down.


"It will kick in, in about half an hour's time John, I took some when I went to change, I'll be shagging Janet when you get a raging hard-on, and it will stay up for hours.  I want you to shag Janet when I get off of her, you can shag Sandra whenever you like, but you must fuck Janet right after I do."


"You will see what I mean when it happens, John! she will realize it wasn't you that just fucked her, and she's going to be very emotional about me fucking her. You've got to give her a good fucking, and you've got to show her it's alright with you, that someone else can fuck her, and that you still want to."


I had to smile, Andy didn't know Janet had been shagging around, and what I had done to stop it. Justin had kept his word and our secret, I could see what Andy meant though, I had to fuck her while she was highly emotional.


"Come and get it!" Andy called putting the meat on plates, then the plates on the table, then watching the girls, walking towards us. With Janet still unaware, we could see her fanny crack.  Andy topped their glasses up, and as the suns heat slowly dried Janet's costume, the illusion of Janet being naked slowly faded away.


"This buffalo meat bloody nice Andy," I said, putting the last of in my mouth, "I'll have to order some of it from you, do they do stakes as well?" I asked, knowing they must do.  "I do like that kitchen set, I'm tempted to have one," I added, bringing Andy into conversion.


"The shop's closed John, we're here to have fun not talk shop, I'll put my salesman's hat on Monday morning until then I want to enjoy my friend's company," Andy said lifting a bottle and filling a smiling Janet's glass, and we laughed and joked about remembering this and that when we had worked together.


As we sat opposite one another and I was getting hotter, looking at two lovely pairs of tits, and feeling my cock rising and wondering when Andy was going to make his move.  I must have been thinking out aloud because Andy put his hand on Sandra's shoulder saying.


"You're going to burn my love, I'll put some oil on you you'd better have some to Janet, lay on that bed beside Sandra," Andy said reaching under the bar and producing two bottles of suntan oil and handing me one.  Janet went to the bed on the right, beside the one Sandra was about to lay down on, and as Andy had predicted, she lay face down looking to her right.


Her left arm down by her side, her right bent up, with her head in the crook of her arm, shielding her eyes from the light.  Andy indicated for me to speak to her, as he moved to be beside her left side.


"Are you comfy darling?" I asked, and she just murmured 'yes', as Andy poured oil onto her back, and sensually massaged it into her neck and shoulders.  As he massaged with one hand, he undid the string bow holding her top with the other, gently laying it aside to oil her back, slowly down to her waist.


Sandra had sat up beside me on her bed, and I played with her tits, as we watched Andy make Janet purr, like a contented kitten. Then as Andy moved down to Janet's foot, Sandra had my rigid cock out, slowly and gently masturbating me, while Andy with stealth moved Janet's legs apart.


With her leg bent up, so he could massage her craft, he lifted it slightly and then put in down further out. By the time he had done the other one, her legs were wide apart.  Now he moved to her thighs, and she quietly moaned as his fingers touched her tender spots. She was breathing deeply when he finished her second thigh, and he undid the strings, that held her bikini bottoms together and peeled the back off her buttocks.


Sandra sucked my cock, as Andy oiled Janet's buttocks, his hand gently opening and closing them, to give us glimpses of her pussy and arsehole. Every time his thumbs, pressed down beside her fanny she lifted her pelvis making her fanny bulge out as if she wanted it touched.


Sandra and I were both naked now, as she bent over biting her lip to stop herself crying out, as I fucked her from behind. Because as we were at the bottom of the bed Janet was on, we could see her hot inflamed pussy. As Andy massaged down, between her legs with his thumbs, pressing them outwards to open her pussy lips so we could see the hot pink insides.  Then she murmured vibrated and moaned.


"As Andy slipped two fingers into her, to finger fuck her slowly making her gasp and moan again as her arousal heightened.  He had already removed his shorts, and getting astride her he quickly entered her as she climaxed, then holding her body down with his, he fucked her hard and fast.


Sandra was just finishing sucking me off, as Janet was having a second orgasm. As Andy kept humping her, she twitched and jerked, while I was fingering Sandra, and listening to Janet's moans of pleasure.


Then as Andy pulled out of Janet, she turned to see Andy getting off her and Sandra taking his cock to suck off. As I was climbed onto the bed and crawled towards her, her eyes and mouth opened wide and looking at me shocked uttering.


"Andy! oh my god, John, Andy's has just!" her voice trailed off, as I took hold of her legs, then turning her onto her back, I spread them as I got between them saying.


"Yes, my darling he has, now I'm going to fuck you too! and we're going to keep fucking you and Sandra, all day and night!" As I entered her, her eyes rolled up and she jerked, as the shock of what was happening sent her into another orgasm. Her arms and legs held onto me tightly, as I fucked her for a long time, with my drug-induced hardened cock. After her initial shock, Janet soon succumbed to her sexual feeling, as I was giving her orgasm after orgasm.


That Spanish fly drug was giving her the randiest feeling's she had ever had, and she edgily accepted Sandra sucking on one of her tits and played with the other. While having her hand put on Sandra's fanny, so she could finger her.  I continued to fuck her until my balls produced another load of sperm, by then Andy's had given her his cock to suck. Her eyes had looked at me as if she was seeking my approval, as she opened her mouth to gobble him.


Later Janet sat wiggling on Andy's lap, with his rigid cock inside her, as they watched me fucking Sandra. It was now the third time he had it in her because he had fucked her a second time after I had fucked her for the first time, after he had fucked her, for the first time ever.


Then we spent a leisurely hour, foundering and fingering her and Sandra to several orgasms, until I put Sandra on her knees, to fuck her doggy style, and Janet voluntarily climbed onto Andy's lap, to watch and impaled herself on his dick.


Janet was happily bouncing on Andy when Justin and Melanie walked naked onto the patio. Janet watched as they separated his hard cock-bouncing, witch Janet watched intently as he approached her. Then she allowed him to bend her head down, and she opened her mouth willingly to suck his cock when Andy had introduced him.


Melanie kissed Sandra, then played with her tit, kneeling opened legged beside me, we kissed as I fingered her, then at her request, I ejaculated into Sandra's cunt then transferred my cock to Melanie's cunt, while she sucked Sandra's cunt clean.


Justin and Andy were now taking turns shagging Janet, with their drug-induced rampant cocks, because when Janet had swallowed down Justin's cum. He had pulled her off Andy's cock, turning her to fuck her himself, as she sucked Andy, they were then changing places, every five minutes or so.


 The fucking went on until we all wanted a rest, Andy got us all fresh drinks then we lay about kissing, and slowly getting our second wind.  I had taken Janet aside and laid with her on one of the loungers, she was still highly aroused and was full of the wonderful feeling she had had.


"God John it's just like that video we watched, are there more people coming," she eagerly asked. She was also very fascinated by my swollen cock, which was still as ridged after three hours of fucking.  It showed no sign of going soft, although it was puffy and bruised, with so much shagging. My knob end was very sensitive, which Janet found funny, and made me jerk about, when she went down to nibble and suck it, then yelped with surprise.


When Justin approached her from behind, rammed his cock into her. Now I took turns with Justin shagging Janet, while Andy had to satisfy Sandra and Melanie. Then Sandra disappeared, to return with her fucking machine, it looked like a round-topped puffy, with a small penis in the top. When Sandra turned it on, the penis moved up then back down, she sat on it and we watched as it fucked her, at varying speeds.  While we fucked Janet and Melanie until we went to bed.


Chapter 19

I woke with a feeling, of fingers around my dick, and opening my eyes I saw Sandra, on her side grinning at me. Her hand was pumping my rigid cock slowly, so I rolled on top of her and slipped it in. Then saw Janet's face looking at me with wide eyes, she to was on her side beside me also mouth open puffing, and there was Justin's smiling face, looking over her shoulder as he fucked her.


"Morning John, god I love mornings like this! don't you." He said thumping his hips into Janet's buttocks, as I leaned over to kiss her.  All four of us had gone to bed, at midnight leaving Andy and Melanie on the patio. They were still shagging wildly when Sandra took us to the main bedroom, with its gigantic bed, that could hold all four of us with ease, and still have room to move about.


She had unfettered access to me now, and that was just what Sandra had planned all along. With Justin and Sandra were on the outsides Janet and I were sandwiched between them in the middle. I had given Janet one last fuck, with loving helping hands from both sides, before Sandra finished me off with her mouth. Then she had used my rampant tool, as she liked until we fell asleep.


We were leaving at ten after breakfast and so was Justin, he had to get Melanie home to Malcolm. So it was one last fuck, with each other's partner before we dressed to go.  On the way home Janet became very quiet and thoughtful, I thought the sex drug was wearing off then out of the blue, she asked.


"John, we did have sex when we went to bed last night didn't we, did we have sex again before we got up?" I looked at her shaking my head.


"No darling, why do you ask?" I said as we turned into our housing estate, and climbed up the hill to our road.


"Then it must have been Justin, he had sex with me twice in the night, then again this morning, while you were giving Sandra one," she said with her feet now on the seat cuddling her knees.


"I like Justin he's nice and very fit, I like his wife Melanie too," she said, I just smiled turned into our road and said.


"You're not to repeat this Janet, but Melanie isn't Justin's wife, her husband is twenty years older than she is. Melanie is Justin's sister!" Janet gasped and stared at me with her hand to her mouth she said.


"God I saw him having sex with her John, and she's his sister!" she said shocked as she got out of the car, and then unlocked the door to the house.  We were not picking the boys up until three, it was ten-thirty now, four and a half hours from now. I was expecting some discussion about where we had just been to, now the sex drug was wearing off. I was making us coffee when the most important question arrived.


"John, why did you take me to Andy's, was it so you could have sex with Sandra and Melanie, don't you love me anymore, after finding out about my affair with Sid?" I handed her, her coffee then stood by her chair smiling down at her and said.


"No darling not at all, it was to fulfil your fantasies of having sex with other men, I took you there so Andy and Justin could both fuck with you. That what you've wanted isn't it, since Robert forcibly held you down, ripping off your knickers to fuck you, in front of a naked Annette next door!" Janet's face was a picture, of shock and disbelief.  "How do you know about that?" she asked sitting up in her chair, almost spilling her coffee.


"Oh, I was Shagging with Annette next door when she told me how he held you down, over the arm of the settee. She was naked watching him fucking you," Janet stood up looking a little upset, this time her coffee did spill.


"You've been shagging with Annette next door, how long was that going on for?" She asked, a fire now burning in her eyes, putting her coffee cup, on the glass top of the coffee table.


"Oh it started when you were on holiday in England; that would be about the same time donkey dick Alexander Drakos the Greek, was fucking you in that hotel room in London!"  She could not have been more shocked; if I'd had hit her in the face with a wet fish. She slumped back into her armchair, with an astonished look bordering on fear, and was now visibly trembling, her face going a light shade of pink.


"God you know about that too, how long have you known John?" she asked her eyes now wide and fearful. I just smiled and went outside to the truck, then returned with my evidence bag.  From it, I placed on the coffee table, a brown envelope that I had used to replace the tattered and torn one, the photos had been in, and then I lifted the three videotapes out, as Janet warily asked.


"What this John?" as she reached out to the envelope, then froze with her fingers inches from it, as I smiled again then reached for the envelope myself.


"Oh, they are Frank's photos darling!" I said lifting one end of the envelope. Making, the photos in it slip out onto the glass top, they slid out face up and spread themselves out on the table so she was faced, with looking at herself with the Greek.  As in two of them, she was kneeling down in front of him, another four showed him standing in the open back door of the cab, his shorts around his ankles, her legs held either side of him.



They were taken mere seconds apart, and his stance suggested the movement of his hips. The four remaining photos showed them groping one another, with his hand up her skirt and her holding his manhood, as they kissed beside the cab before he laid her in it to fuck.


"There the photos Frank and Sid were blackmailing you with darling. I could not let them keep them could I, and they had to go for mistreating you so badly, let alone for laughing at me behind my back.  Sid did me a big favour by virtually committing suicide, by driving in front of that truck. I sent Frank to prison, by giving his roll of negatives, minus the ones for these ten to the police. It was a real tragedy he was beaten to death by the other inmates when they heard he had been molesting young boy's and girls."


As I was telling her this, I picked up the top tape and put it into the video player. Janet gasped as she saw herself being led into the bedroom by me, and stood to have her shorts and panties removed then stood to face the servalence camera.  Then she sat with her hands over her mouth, silently gasping, as she watched a close up of her vagina, teased by my fingers. Then watch as my penis was inserted for intercourse, before being taken to the bed to be stripped and laid on it to be fingered to a series of orgasms, before I climbed on top of her.


I stopped the player when the tape had not quite finished, as I had seen her looking sideways at the other tapes on the coffee table. Though I had no intentions, of showing them to her now, I did lift them to show her what I had written on the labels. 'The Greek was on one and Sid & Frank' on the other, in thick black marker pen.


She was visibly shaking now realising there had been a camera in the bedroom, and I had seen exactly what they had done in there. She could not lie her way out of this, and she was looking frightened at what I might be going to do next.


"It's alright Janet you have nothing to fear from me, but the Greek had to go to. He was planning to take my own true love away from me. He was grooming you to be his sex slave when he had finished your training, he would have taken you away. Then he would have sold you to his friends and anyone else that would pay money to have sex with you.


I couldn't let that happen, could I Janet, I love you far too much to have him use you that way," she had sat shocked looking at me, trembling a lot and she had glowing pink cheeks, then when I had finished talking she breathlessly said.


"You killed them because you love me too much to have them take me from you?" she was really trembling badly now, her cheeks a brighter red her voice husky and breathless.


"No Janet they were tragic accidents, Sid's crash on the highway was an accident, and Drakos falling off the tree was an accident, ask his friend and his dad, they were both with him when it happened!" I said kneeling down beside her, as she looked at me breathing heavily.


"You were there you saw it, oh my god you caused the accident to happen, oh, John, you killed him to stop him having me, you love me that much you did it all for love."


She said putting her arms around me kissing me passionately kneeling on the floor holding me tightly. Her kisses got more passionate and I felt her getting hotter, was that Spanish fly still working on her.  She was planting kisses all over my face and rubbing her body against me. I stood up taking her up with me, and she wrapped her legs around me, and I carried her this way to the bedroom. We kissed all the way and she continued to kiss me as I removed her clothing, she shuddered when I held her at arm's length, to look at her and ask.


"You liked being his sex slave, now you can be my sexy harlot! stand there, I've got something to make you feel more like the slave you want to be." Just her eyes followed me as I went to my wardrobe, to retrieve a box I had hidden away.  


It had come from the back room of Mary's newsagents, where she was running a secret sex shop. It was where Mrs Mallard had got her big dildo from, and all her other sex toys, she had ordered these items for me as she was known there. Janet watched with bated breath, as I took from the box, a wide leather belt padded with sheepskin fur. It had two buckled wrist cuffs, attached to it that were also fur-lined.


Putting the belt around her waist had her panting with excitement, then when I locked her wrists in the cuffs, she gasped 'oh my god', as she found her arms were trapped. She trembled to realize how helpless she was, when I kissed her and fingered her cunt, she could do nothing to stop me, even if she had wanted to.


She got very wet as I fingered her and I thought very close to an orgasm, so I brought her very near to one, and then left her teetering on the edge, as I went back to the box.  The padded dog collar and chain lead brought whimpering responses from her, as I tethering her to the bed; it had her pressing her thighs together, as her orgasm lingered inside her.


"There, now I can leave you like this, and come whenever I want you, you're here ready to fuck anytime I need to," she opened her mouth, but a protest did not come from it.


"Oh please John, please finish me off, please make me come please, oh please," she begged and opened her legs for me put my hand between them.


"Now should a slave tell her master, what he should do, I think not," I said as I went back to the box and pulled a length of chain from it.


"Look darling some nice jewellery to go on your tits," I said bending to kiss and suck each nipple, before putting the clamp that was on each end of the chain onto her nipple's.  Making her winch with the pain as the clamps flattened her lovely long nipples, now I could tug on the chain and pull both nipples at once giving her a nice sexual shock.


When I pulled out the big dildo, her hips jerked as she saw the size of it and murmured 'oh my god', I looked at her panting red face, staring at it and waved the flexible rubber dick I threatening her with it.


"Now you wanted me to give you some relief Janet, how would you like me to fuck you for a full hour with this? It is two inches bigger than your friend donkey dick had, it will get you into training for next weekend. Andy has one of his three monthly orgies on Friday, it lasts until Sunday midday.


The boys are going with their trope leader on a fishing trip, that I've arranged for them on Saturday. I'm taking you to Andy's Saturday morning for an induction day, so that Andy's members can check us out, then vote to let us join or not.  You will have to make the most, of being shagged for eight hours, Andy told all the Perth chapter they have to be there to vet us. I can't see any of the twenty men not wanting to fuck you, at least once."


I said it smiling at her as her face went redder, and her panting got quicker, as her legs buckled at the thought of twenty cocks fucking her.  Taking one of the clamps off her nipple brought a shy, then tweaking it before sucking on it made her whimper, they had always been sensitive, but flattening them with the clamp had made them very tender.


She shuddered and moaned loudly as I nibbled the nipple, my fingers got covered in her hot slippery cum. When my fingers finally gave her that orgasm, that had been lingering for some time. Then pushing her onto the bed, I lapped up her juices giving her another orgasm in the process. Then fucking her with the dildo, I made her swallow my cock and gave her more orgasms for the duration of the time. I kept her chained to the bed.


I released her when I went to pick up the boys from the playing fields, the bus would drop them, by then I had fucked her mouth three times. Giving her many orgasms, with the twelve-inch rubber cock, that was as almost as thick as her wrist.


I fucked her with it every night over the coming week, and fucking her neck with my cock became easier. She still gagged, but that did not stop her swallowing my eight-inch cock, she was fully committed to me now I had shown her what I would do to keep her.


We went to Andy's orgy, and she enjoyed the attention she got from all of the men, although she was rather tired and swollen when we went home. There was not one vote cast against us, so we became members of the Australian swinger club, Western chapter.  We have been to many orgies all over the country since, although Andy's three monthly orgies were the main ones for us. We also went many times to Justin's for a threesome or foursome, if Melanie was there.


Andy liked us to pop round to his place from time to time, Janet wears that bikini just so Andy can take it off her. He didn't have to give her Spanish fly anymore to fuck her, he just has to oil her back.


Justin Andy and I took my boys hunting in the bush, where Justin and I taught them the survival skills we had learnt in the service. I wanted them to be capable of looking after their loved ones when they got them.


Then when they became of age, they joined the Australian special forces. I acquired Frank's and Sid's taxi licences, and Malcolm came through with the warehouse contract, he also moved into manufacturing and wholesale, and as his empire grow so did my fleet of city trucks.


Justin was gutted when Malcolm moved his operating base to Adelaide, to expand his empire to the eastern states, and he took Melanie along with him.  Then he insisted I had the contract to service his business over there, there was to be a steady stream of goods flowing east to west and back again. So I acquired a fleet of road trains, to travel across the Nullarbor Plain day and night to satisfy the need.


Justin came to Janet for sexual comfort, when Melanie left, but she did fly back for Andy's three monthly orgies.  Mary had her fantasy come true; when I kidnapped her and took her to Andy's on a Wednesday night, where the six of us tormented her for three hours. She thoroughly enjoyed herself although she was blindfolded, and didn't know it was Janet with her hand inside her cunt.


Sandra had shown Janet the joy of eating a woman's fanny, but Janet showed Sandra the joy of having a banana eaten from one.  Then we lost Justin when Malcolm died, and Justin went east to comfort Melanie.


Andy and I retired when my boys left the army, my eldest took over Andy's business changing the name from outside living to outback living, then started manufacturing and marketing their own brand of goods.


As I had only serviced Malcolm's business interests, I hadn't adorned our trucks with a name. When I gave the business to Tomas, and as it had become a nationwide trucking company he asked if he could add a name to it I readily agreed.


 He mounted the three capitals on a shield and had it painted on the doors of each truck.  The business now became Thompson's National Transport, and as Malcolm and Melanie had had no children to take over the business. Tomas looked at other work to build up the business, and it became a major transport company throughout Australia.


Then when Janet slipped away from me, Sandra came and comforted me, then when Andy left us she moved in with me completely, when she passed in my arms I was left alone with my memories.  So as I sit and wait to join them, I thought I'd tell you my tale, now you have to decide is this true or is it fiction.....



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The location of this story is Perth Western Australia, 1975, and although the story is fictional, there are some true aspects in the telling of some of the sex scenes. I' E the old lady in the opening chapters is real. I will say no more, except not all sex scenes are fictitious.

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