Chapter 1

Janet a beautiful young woman of twenty-five, was becoming bored and lonely two years into her new life in Australia. Although at first, it had been an exciting adventure, when she and her husband moved to Perth Western Australia. The sun and the beaches' of golden sand had them in a holiday mood, for the first three months after they had arrived. In that time, they had made friends, with couples who like themselves wanted to enjoy life. Janet and John went to many parties, at the homes of their new friends every weekend.


These homes were in an affluent suburb of the city, and Janet wanted to live among them. The homes here were highly prised and had a high price tag to match. When their friends told them of a house for sale, in that area Janet and John went to view it. It was love at first sight for Janet, John was also smitten, and then with much juggling of finances, they were convinced they could afford it. Therefore, it was out of rented accommodation, and into their very one home, and a housewarming party to celebrate with their friendly neighbours.


That had been two years ago, then they had to settle down to earn the money to pay for the carefree life they wanted. Only you had to work hard to do just that, John needed to earn good money to get the things they wanted, and only the best would do. Johns programming job promised to provide that need, but he had to work long hours just too simply keep their dream alive. Not long after they moved in, they realise why they only saw their male friends at the weekends. All four of the men had highly paid occupations with mining companies, and all four flew out to the mines early Monday mornings.


They would return Friday nights and spend the weekend’s home with their wives. Then early on Monday morning would leave the women alone again all week, to have their coffee morning's together and shopping sprees in the city. Then there was the quietly arranged girly night's out, in one of the many nightspots in the city. They invited Janet to join them on their nightly escapades when Bob, Sandra's husband offered John a highly paid job at the mining company he worked at. Only now, John also had to travel to do his programming, and spend many nights away from home and Janet.   


Janet now became a weekday widow like her female friends, but at one of their coffee afternoons. Janet queried why they could not move closer to the mines, to be with their husbands. As the others just looked at her, Nicole looked at her mystified saying. "You have got to be joking darling; the mines are in the north of Papua New Guinea. Deep in the tropical rainforest, there is absolutely nothing to do there darling, and the unbearable heat and humidity would kill us! No, I will put up with Simon being away for five days, and enjoy him when he comes home!" She smilingly said, much to the laughter and merriment of the others.    


Janet had not known of the location of the mines, nor the conditions that their husbands had to endure to work there. Nicole had voiced the feeling of the other woman, so Janet eagerly accepted their offer to join them on their nightly fun sprees to ease the lonely nights and boredom. Every second Tuesday night, they would spend gaily enjoying themselves at a casino or nightclub. There Janet witnesses her merry friends, openly flirting with waiters and male customers alike.


"You've got to have a little fun or you will go mad," they had told her when she razed an eyebrow at them. She had laughed with them herself when put that way; it was all in harmless fun, wasn’t it! She had to admit that was true, as they always went home together at the end of the night. 


Then she herself began to lighten up and enjoy their company, as she continued to go out with them, and over the following months. She secretly enjoys the attention and flattering remarks given to her, by several admirers and one in particular. A little flushed with embarrassment she might be, but it gave her an inner tingling glow, to hear their saucy innuendoes and suggestions. In addition, to having many invites for secretive nights out, from some good-looking young men.


She told them all quite sinisterly, that she was happily married, and she would not do that sort of thing, she only came out at night with her friends. She told it time, and time again, but some were more persistent than others were. These men were the regulars the other woman flirted with, and as they had said, it was all in fun. Janet thought it strange though when the same group of men turned up at each venue they went too. Although it was never the same venue every time, the same men seemed to appear as if they knew.


The woman always used the same familiar private taxi driver to take them out and to pick them up at the end of all their soirees outings. Sandra always arranged all of the outings venues, plus the taxi; she being picked up first and taken home last. Janet thought nothing of it until one Tuesday afternoon when there was a knock on her door, and found Sandra standing there looking a little agitated.


"Hello, Sandra, whatever is the matter?" Janet asked. Expecting to hear of some disaster, she should know about but was shocked instead when Sandra asked. "I need a big discreet favour, Janet, I'm sure you will not let me down darling, I need to borrow your spear bedroom. It's a bit awkward at home at the moment, you see I have the decorators in and Roberto is here for his regular visit."


Janet suddenly realised there was a taxi parked outside, and the driver was the same driver that always drove them into the city and back. Whether for the nights out, lunches or shopping sprees, it was always he. Janet was stunned when now reanalysing the true reason for Sandra's visit, but not knowing what to say, she stepped to one side.


Sandra took this as approval, and beckoned to Roberto to come, and stepped into the house thanking Janet warmly. "Oh thank you, darling, I thought you would be sympatric, you can always count on me if you ever need a secret kept," Sandra said cradling Janet and kissing her just as the man entered. Janet had seen him many times but had never really noticed him. Now as she looked, he was quite a handsome man in a rugged sort of way. Deeply suntanned about forty properly Italian, he had that Mediterranean look about him.    


The man smiled warmly at Janet, as he entered, not in the least embarrassed at her knowing what he and Sandra had come here to do, and in Janet's spear bedroom. As Sandra had been in the house many times, there was no need for Janet to show her the way. So as blatant as you please, Sandra led her male friend upstairs by the hand, to find the guest bedroom. Janet felt a flash in her cheeks and a flutter in her tummy, knowing they would be having sex with her in the house, and it had her slightly excited.


They were not too discreet in the way they noisily made love either, with them not closing the door to the bedroom properly. Janet was able to hear all of Sandra's whimpering and passionate cries. As he made love to her while making loud sexual remarks, which started as soon as they got upstairs, these remarks were designed to inflame Sandra senses to a higher arousal. His inflaming words Janet could plainly hear as she quietly crept up the stairs, thirty minutes after they had themselves gone up. Janet was creeping up because she had to use the bathroom, which was across the hall from the bedroom they were using.


With the door ajar, Janet could plainly hear his sexual language and the unmistakable slapping sounds of their bodies coming together; which coincided with Sandra crying out in ecstasy. The sounds made Janet's heart race and her aroused feelings overcame her judgment, as she made to look through the crack of the door. As the door opened into the room, you could only see the bed through the crack at the hinge side of it. They were both naked, and he was standing at the end of the bed, with her legs wrapped around him as they noisily had sex.


As he supported himself above her body with outstretched arms, Janet could plainly see between them, and almost swooned as she saw the root of his thick penis partially withdrawing from Sandra. Only to watch it repeatedly thrust back into her with force, Janet almost cried out herself, as Sandra moaned aloud with every thrust of his penis.


Janet was transfixed and her need for the bathroom forgotten, as she found she could not tear herself away, from the spectacle of his thrusting penis before her eyes, and his words that inflamed her as well as Sandra. She only turned away after he had quickened his thrusts, at Sandra’s request of "harder" and then he ejaculated. With a pounding heart, Janet quickly retreated to the living room, so as not to be caught spying on them when they came out. Janet poured herself a large wine with trembling hands, in an attempt to cool her temperature and charm her down. Only the wine would not quill the flame that made her hot and bothered.


She sat waiting but it seemed they had not finished, for Janet could still hear Roberto voice uttering words to inflame Sandra and Sandra’s responding cries of passion. They could not be still having sex sourly, she had witnessed them having sex thirty minutes after they had gone upstairs. She herself had watched them having intercourse for twenty minutes, before leaving them thinking they had finished. That had been fifteen minutes ago, which meant they had already been in the bedroom for almost an hour and a half.


Halfway up the stairs, Janet almost faltered and turned back, but her aroused senses and Sandra’s cries of passion drew her nearer. Sandra was lying as she had before on her back, her bum at the base of the bed legs bent and wide apart. Roberto was kneeling between them, his left hand crushing Sandra’s right breast as he toyed with her nipple. The fingers of his right hand, he was thrusting into Sandra’s vagina as he taunted her with sexual words.


As Janet watched Roberto removed his fingers, and lowered his mouth to Sandra’s vagina, making her moan and vibrate as he moved his lips and tongue on her sensitive orifice. Janet found her right hand had wondered between her open kneeling legs, to ease the aching itch that was causing her discomfort there. Then she trembled as Roberto lifted his head licking his lips saying Sandra tasted wonderful, as his hands turned Sandra onto her belly.


Then spreading Sandra’s buttocks Roberto knelt upright and Sandra gave a long sexual moan as he entered her, then gave soft panting grunts as Roberto slowly thrust himself into her. Janet’s fingers now covered in the warm juices from between her legs, softly moaning to herself, as she watched the lovemaking before her eyes. Almost unaware that the fingers inside her were moving in unison with Roberto’s slowly thrusting hips, she also had her left hand toying with her sensitive nipples.


Then her fingers moved faster when Roberto increased his tempo, making Sandra gasp and moan louder. Janet shuddered herself when he thrust hard into Sandra and held himself deep inside her, his hips jerking as he ejaculated. Sandra’s moans causing Janet to pinch her nipples harder, as the fingers between her legs, stroked her pulsating clitoris. Now very conscious of what her fingers were doing between her legs, Janet flushed guiltily and crept away from the door, and retreated to the living room.


Another glass of wine was supposed to charm her, as her cheeks burned at the memory of what she had seen. Only her cheeks burned afresh when he smiled at her, as he and Sandra appeared in the living room from upstairs. He was now fully dressed, but Janet still had the vision, of his thick penis giving Sandra sexual pleaser, and she could still hear his inflammatory words. John had a quieter concretive way of making love to her, as she had known no other man in her lovemaking. John had been her only lover, and he was defiantly not vocal like Sandra's Roberto.


Sandra's hair was wet when she appeared wearing the guest robe, which had been hanging on the bedroom door. It was only a short robe, that just came down to mid-thigh on Sandra. As Sandra had worn a trouser suit when she arrived, Janet wondered if she had anything on under it now. At the door, Sandra kissed Roberto farewell; it was a long kiss with a strong embrace. When it ended, Janet flushed again, when the man looked at her smiling.


"Thank you lovely lady for your hospitality, if there is something you wish me to do for you, do not hesitate to ask." He said, with that smile and eye-piercing look. Janet felt her temperature rising again, that glass of wine was not helping at all, and what did he mean? What was he suggesting he could do for her personally, and that image of him in the bedroom was clouding her thoughts? He had gone and his eyes were no longer on her, and she gave a shy of relief, but her mind was still on that image of him. Sandra moved towards Janet, with arms outstretched to embrace her.


"Shall I strip the bed cover and wash it for you darling," Sandra said as her arms wrapped around Janet, the action brought Janet out of her daydreaming. "You're a darling for letting us use the bedroom Janet; I was at a loss as to where to entertain him. Now if you show me where the spear bed covers are, I'll return the soled one when I have washed it, I have to go back up to get my clothes." Sandra said, then shocking Janet by kissing her on the lips and holding her in a tight embrace. That told Janet Sandra had indeed had a shower; she could smell the perfumed shampoo and lavender soap.


The embrace and kiss lasted just mere seconds, but it had an effect on Janet's heightened and muddled senses. She had never had a woman kiss her this way before, and she found it quite pleasant in a way. When the kiss ended, Sandra pulled her head back still holding on to Janet, to look into Janet's eyes. Janet in a bewildered daze was taking deep breaths while looking at Sandra with misty eyes. Sandra gave a knowing smile and embraced Janet again, before kissing Janet with a longer more passionate kiss.


"My you're an innocent thing Janet; I bet that's the first time you've been kissed like that. You must come to one of Nicole's all-girl parties; I'll tell her to invite you for the next one." Sandra said, holding Janet now at arm's length, as she smiled at Janet's bemused manner. Guessing Janet's was fighting with her inner turmoil and feelings; by the way, she was now looking at Sandra.


"Come and show me your storage cupboard, and help me remake the bed," Sandra said taking Janet's hand, and Janet found herself tamely being lead upstairs. "I'll wash it there's no need for you to take it home when I can do it here!" Janet said as they replaced the bedcover with a clean one. "Will you wash this with it?" Sandra asked, removing the robe and revealing she was indeed naked under it. She was not a bit embarrassed that Janet could see she was clean-shaven at her couch, and that her virginal outer lips were swollen and puffy, from her prolonged sexual encounter with Roberto.


It was a sight Janet was unable to tear her wide-eyed gaze from, and again Sandra smiled at Janet's reaction to what she could see. Although Sandra said nothing she could see, Janet was highly aroused by Roberto being here. Janet was obviously not wearing a bra under her light summer dress, as Sandra could plainly see Janet's erect nipples. Janet's cheeks burned red, as she watched Sandra pulling on her panties, to hide her crouch from view. Thus breaking the spell Janet was under; she embarrassingly looked at Sandra and found her smiling back at her. Janet quickly turned to leave Sandra to dress fully, taking the bedding and robe into the utility room to wash.

Chapter 2

Janet was in the living room pouring herself another glass of wine when Sandra appeared now fully dressed in her trouser suit. "Yes please," she said when Janet held up her glass, offering Sandra a glass of wine. Apart from socialising in the group of their collective woman friends with Sandra, they had never had a one to one relationship before. Although Janet did like Sandra, she was bubbly and full of devilment a real fun loving woman. Janet had not known just how much Sandra did enjoy herself that is not until now.


Sandra seemed very relaxed as she sat opposite Janet sipping her wine, and seemly unaware of Janet's continuing turmoil with that vision in the bedroom. On the other hand, was she, as a smiling Sandra started talking about her lover as if Janet had asked her about him? "Roberto is such a wonderful man to know, he would do anything for me. I have known him for three years, and knowing him has stopped me getting bored and frustrated when Bob has to go away." Sandra said taking another sip from her glass and watching Janet's cheek start to glow again, as that image of them in the bedroom flashed through her mine once more.


"We meet Tuesday and Thursday each week, he comes to see me in the afternoons like today at two. Then he stays with me for an hour or two, when he takes me home from the clubs. Thursday's he spends the afternoon with me when he brings me home after our trips to the city for lunch and shopping. We make no other demands on each other, other than the odd meeting for sex. He has a wife and I love Bob, but without Roberto giving me the sex I need, my marriage would have fallen apart by now, and Bob and I would have parted."


Sandra looked at Janet seriously now, after finishing her lengthy explanation of her affair with her lover Roberto. In the year and a half, Janet had known her; Janet had never questioned Sandra's marriage to Bob. At the parties she had been to with them, the pair had been inseparable and the life of the party. Often disappearing for some time, and just laughing off the remarks of, 'we know where you've been'? Nicole had often remarked 'just like rabbits at it again,' when the two of them had slipped away from the crowd.


Now Sandra had just confessed to having an ongoing affair with Roberto for three years and having sex with him twice a week. They had spent a good two and a half hours, in her spear bedroom. Janet had witnessed them herself having wild sex, half an hour after they went in there. Had they just kissed and caressed until then, or had they already had sex once in that first hour. Janet thought from the way, Bob and Sandra acted at parties, they had a very active sexual love life. If they made love, every day Bob was home, that meant Sandra was having sex five days a week from both men.


Now Janet and John had sex when he got home Friday nights, then maybe Sundays evenings, he was gone again Monday morning early. She missed him during the week, longed for his return, and got excited as five on Friday approached. She had relieved some of the boredom by going out with the girls, only the house seemed large and empty without John there and her alone in it. Was she becoming frustrated, and longed for the company to help her pass the lonely days? Maybe that is why Sandra took a lover, to fill the emptiness in her life.


"Does anyone else know of you and Roberto," Janet asked, remembering the brazen way Sandra had asked to use the bedroom. In addition, to his apparent lack of concern, that Janet would know what they were doing. Sandra smiled drinking down the last of her wine and handing it to Janet, who readily refilled it to the brim. She was becoming very intrigued by Sandra's love affair, and this was the first time she had had someone to pass the day with. Moreover, the wine had made her very interested, to know more of Sandra's love life.


"Oh I'm sure the girls have an idea of what we are up to, but no, I have never told them of it. You are the only one that knows the truth about us, but I feel confident you will say nothing to anyone darling." Sandra said, taking a sip from her glass, as she looked at Janet over it. Janet's face now took on a serious look as she said, "of course darling, not a word." The words were heartfelt, even if they were a little blurry said due to the wine. It had Sandra smiling, as it was the first time Sandra had seen Janet a little tipsy and it was fun.


"I'm sure the other girls have their secrets, like Nicole who likes female company from time to time. The others would not know of it, only I have been to her female only parties. Have you ever seen Rachael smoking, 'no', then why go for a smoke, every time we go out to the nightclubs? It always takes her half an hour; she could have ten in that time. Madeline takes half an hour to go to the bathroom, and have you noticed which of the men disappear at the same time when they do. You keep your eyes open the next time we are out."


"Now what about you and the handsome Alex, has he caught you alone yet, he's been trying hard enough? It is a shame his work means he cannot be at every one of our nights out, so he can seriously woe you. He is on the rigs in the Gibson Desert, three weeks away one week home. He looks a fit boy; he would make a fine lover after being away in the wilderness that long. Asked me all about you a few months ago wondered if you have a man on the side." Sandra said, a wicked smile on her lips, as Janet sat up with a shocked look.


"You mean that blond Greek looking chap, he comes to every other night out we have," Janet answered, and then blushed embarrassed as she quickly tried to retract her words. "I've only noticed him a few times, and 'no' he hasn't approached me in any way, it would do him no good, I haven't thought of him I'm not that interested!" Janet said forcefully.


Sandra smiled knowingly and thought, 'not much you're not, I have seen the way you look at him.'  Aloud she said, "Oh I thought he'd be just perfect for you, young handsome and virile. A perfect escape from the boredom, he would be all yours for a whole week once a month. John would never know you were enjoying sex with Alex if you still gave John his sex at the weekends." Janet looked shocked, her mouth opening to glop in the air. "Oh my god Sandra, are you suggesting I flirt with this Alex, lead him on just to have sex with him."


Janet had flushed a dark pink, as she thought of leading Alex to her bed. That image of Roberto and Sandra in her bedroom flashed before her eyes, and she shuddered at the thought that could be her and Alex. Sandra noted the gasp and misty look in Janet's eyes, and guessing it was Janet thinking of having sex with Alex. "No darling not at all, what I am suggesting is you let him woe you and you become flattered by his attention. Then gradually you allow him to become familiar with you until he persuades you to go to bed with him."


Sandra said smiling broadly, as she patted Janet's bare thigh, Janet had been listening anxiously with a gaping mouth. "Sandra, your wicked, is that what you did with Roberto?" Sandra laughed, tilting her head back and gaily chuckling. "No darling, this was before we met you, he was dropping me off after a girly night out. I had had far too much to drink, and we were halfway between Rachael's place and home. When I started thinking out loud and said I wished Bob was home, I could do with a man tonight."


"Roberto stopped the taxi and got in the back with me, then dropped his trousers. Afterwards, he took me home and we spent another hour in bed, we have been having sex ever since. Believe me, Janet, letting Roberto into my bed, has been one of the best decision I have ever made. Do not hesitate, Janet, Alex has the hot's for you right now, he will go off the boil if you make him wait too long. He will be at our night out next Tuesday, that is if he has not given up on you already. Show some interest in him, and let him lead the way, it should lead to the bedroom."


Sandra said with a big smile, and her hand stroking Janet's bare thigh, which showed below her short summer dress. The action was a friendly gesture, but Janet's skin tingled at Sandra's touch. With all this talk of sexual affairs, and consuming four glasses of wine, Janet's ability to be rational was grossly impaired. The vision in the bedroom was still affecting her ability to look at Sandra, and not picture her naked with Roberto. John had been gone for two days, she needed him badly, and there was Sandra openly discussing that Janet should take a lover. It was no wonder her heart was pounding faster.


Sandra looked at her watch saying, "oh my goodness it's five thirty. I've been here annoying you for over three hours, I'd better go and leave you in peace. I'll see you Thursday at ten unless you want to have another chat before then." Sandra said emptying her glass and standing, smiling at Janet struggling to get her bum out of the armchair. At the door, Sandra gives Janet a big hug and a lip-crushing kiss. Which left Janet breathless, and in her tippy muddled state, she returned to her seat and her wine and was soon dropping off into a tippy slumber.


Chapter 3


Janet awoke in pitch darkness startled, and looked about her searching in the darkness for him. He had been right there beside her in bed, now she could not find him. Her hand found the table light switch, and she blinked in the glow of the lamp. Then as her eyes adjusted, she found she was in her living room, and not that bedroom with him. Her mouth opened and she gasped as she realised who she had been searching for. It had not been John but Roberto, and a naked Sandra had been with him in that bedroom with her.


Janet felt herself and gave a shy of relief to find herself fully clothed, for she had also been naked in her dream. Had it been a dream, but it was so real, and the feeling so instance. The images were still so very clear, they were still in her mind to see. She trembled as she saw the naked image of Roberto, standing before her beside a naked smiling Sandra reaching out to her as she lay naked on the bed. A hot flash washed over her and she reached for the bottle of wine, and then thought better of it. 'No maybe a coffee and a sandwich, to settle the fluttering in her tummy. First, a shower, that would make her feel better; because she was feeling a little hot and bothered.


She stood up on wobbly legs, the wine and that dream had her somewhat disorientated. The climb up the stairs to the bathroom was painfully slow; she had to use the walls to support her all the way up. Then the corridor walls to her bedroom, finally entering her en-suet. Stepping out of her clothing and under the temped water, brought some relief. She stood to let the water cascade over her like tiny fingers caressing and comforting her. For long moments, she lingered slowly charming down, as did her temperature.


Then stepping from the shower, Janet placed her soled clothing in the laundry basket. Entering her walkthrough wardrobe drying herself she stopped suddenly, as she saw her naked image in her full-length dressing mirror. Her triangular bush of pubic hair, contrasting vividly with the image she still had of Sandra shaven vagina. She moved from side to side, to view herself from different angles. Wondering what she would see if like Sandra she were shaven, for she had plainly seen, Sandra's vagina.


She dismissed the idea of returning to the bathroom, to use her lady-shave to remove the hair, to see if hers looked like Sandra's when shaven. No, she would wait for John to give her his view on the subject. It would not be such a shock for him if he suggested it than to find her crouch clean-shaven when they made love on his return this Friday night.


It was Madeline and Andy's turn, to host the Saturday Bar-b this weekend. Janet was now seriously thinking of wearing her new bikini to it, which John and she had bought together for their next holiday in Bali. It was nothing like her old full body costume, which almost covered her whole body; it was more like three tiny triangles of material. There was nothing to hide her bottom, just a thin string between her buttocks. Rachael had something similar; that John had been looking intently at when they attended the last bar-b-que. John had then encouraged Janet to bye the bikini she had, to wear it on their holiday in two weeks.


She would model it for him on Saturday, and get his opinion on whether to shave her mound of Venus or not. She had tried it on before; and found the hair showed at the sides of the tiny triangle of material. She had trimmed it back then, only it had grown again and it did make the material bulge. She looked at herself again, picturing herself with a shaven crouch like Sandra's. John would have the final say, he would agree with her she was sure, her vagina would look better naked.


Coffee and a fresh salad sandwich might settle her stomach, but she could not erase the image of the naked Sandra. The kitchen clock showed eight o/clock, it had been almost six when Sandra left. An hour for a shower and to make her snack. She could have only slept for an hour. That seemed an imposable time, for all they had done in her dream. As she thought of them the dream replayed again in her mind, the images made her heart beat faster. As her temperature started rising again, she found herself with a glass of wine in her hand, instead of the coffee cup.


The wine and the images were making her yearn badly for John, never before had she felt this way. She had missed him before yes, but this burning urge to jump on him had never been so strong before. With her sandwich eaten and the bottle empty, and being ten she decided it was time for bed. So again she made her way upstairs, her eyes glancing at the closed door of the guest's bedroom, and again her heart fluttered. As she was unable to suppress the images she had seen in there, and for quite a while she lay tormented by those visions in the darkness of her bedroom.


She finally slipped off into a fitful sleep, that was full of wonderful illusions. Of people flitting about her, that she reached out for, but could not quite get hold of. She became desperate grasping for the nearest body, only to have them dance out of reach. Then one came to her out of the misty darkness, and she woke her arms and legs wrapped around something soft. Her body hot and sweaty, her eyes looking for the other people that were about her. Then she gasped with slight frustration, as she realised she was astride her pillow.


To say Janet was a bit disappointed and frustrated, at having woken up from her lovely dream, would be an understatement. As she tried desperately to again relive the moments before she awoke, as she hadn't quite seen who she had grabbed hold of, and who she had her legs around. Sadly the images were too fussy and try as she might, she could not slip back into the dream. On the edge of frustrated tears, she thumped her pillow for not being what it should have been.


Then sanity returned to her half-awake mind, and she was shocked at herself for her thoughts and actions. She untangled her arms and legs from the pillow, ashamed that she had humped it like a dog on heat would. Never before had she behaved like this, it was Sandra's fault, what Janet had seen them doing was giving her nightmares. She again became hot and flushed, as thinking of them brought back the images of the two of them, and the images of the dream last night. Try as she might, she could not push those images from her mind.


Although it was early Janet felt the need for a shower, but as her hands soaped her overheated body, it tingled at her touch. Housework to occupy her mind that should help, so Janet spent the morning busying herself with household chores. Cleaning the house through, disposing of the trash and recyclable waste, that included three empty wine bottles. She had mostly drunk herself, as Sandra had only three glasses of wine in total.


'Three bottles' and it was only Wednesday now, with the bottle she and John had drunk on Sunday, and the two at Saturdays bar-b, that was their entire weekly allowance of wine gone. They would buy six bottles with their weekly shop, two would be taken to the group bar-b. With one bottle for Sunday's dinner, that left three for Janet to relax with and to shear with John when he got home on Fridays. She had consumed all three in one afternoon, no wonder her head had been in a muddle and had those wine-induced dreams.


She would have to pick up a bottle or two tomorrow, when out with the girls shopping, so they would have some for when John came home on Friday. Well, that was the morning over, the afternoon was spent sitting out in the shade on the veranda, drinking coffee watching the estate's workmen tiding up and cutting the grass. Then there was Barbera and her keep fit ladies on the telly, to exercise along with. Throw some salad together, then spend the evening watching 'Home and away' then 'Neighbours'.


With a better nights sleep, Janet work in a better frame of mind than Wednesday morning. Breakfast dishes washed and put away, she was dressed and ready for their outing. She was looking out the window when the big seven-seat taxi arrived, then her legs went weak as she stepped through her front door. Roberto had got out of the taxi and was smiling at her holding the door open, his eyes on her as she approached him. As she looked she saw him as she had Tuesday, deeply tanned hairy chest standing naked between Sandra's legs.


She tremored and her breathing became laboured, why see him like that when she could plainly see him fully dressed. She was greeted with a kiss from Sandra on entering the taxi, then it was around the estate to pick up the other three woman. They gabbled and gossiped, the whole half hour drive to the city. Shopped until twelve, then launched till one thirty, then gabbled and gossiped all the way home. Around the estate, dropping off the girls they were approaching Nicole's when she asked.


"How's the decorating coming on Sandra, are they finished yet?" Sandra smiled and as Janet was sitting between them, she saw Sandra's eyes look at her as she answered Nicole. "Not yet, darling, but they have promised to be done by lunchtime tomorrow," she said her eyes still looking at Janet as well as Nicole. Janet's was half a block away, from Nicole’s and as they rounded the corner, Sandra smiled and held up a wine carrier, with two bottles in it saying. "I've bought you a peace offering for last Tuesday darling, just to say thank you for your kindness."


Janet had also bought two bottles, and also held them up smiling, and as she had had two glasses of wine already said without thinking of the outcome of her words. "Would you like to come in and we will open one." Sandra smiled happily saying, "We would love to Janet, wouldn't we Roberto." So Janet found herself being helped from the taxi, by a very grateful Roberto, who carried the wine and poured them all a glass. Then she was kissed by Sandra, who thanked her for being so understanding, before leading Roberto upstairs.


Janet's temperature had started to rise as soon as she realised, Sandra had misunderstood her, and thought she was offering them sanctuary, and the use of her bedroom again. The large glass of wine Roberto had given her didn't help, as those sounds filtered down from upstairs. Again despite herself, Janet was unable to stop her curiosity and was creeping up the stairs again. The door was once again ajar, but the sounds had stopped, and they had only been up here for twenty minutes.


Janet's heart nearly stopped as she peeked through the crack. They were again completely naked, and he was laying on top of Sandra, but they were tippy tervy. His head was towards Janet and between Sandra's legs, his buttocks moving up and down over Sandra's head. Janet only just stopped herself gasping aloud, and giving herself away, she had to gage herself again when he lifted his head, and Janet saw Sandra's open vagina. He was stretching her open with his fingers and excited her clitoris with one of them, then with his tongue out he thrust his head back between her legs again.


She watched them with bated breath for several more minutes, before reluctantly creeping away, and another glass of wine to charm her. She had taken several sips of wine when Sandra's unmistakable moans and groans of lovemaking, could be heard coming from upstairs. Janet listened to the noises for fifteen minutes or more, before Sandra's long drawn out cry of satisfaction was heard. Then nothing, not a peep, not a raised voice could Janet hear. Wondering if they had finished, and would be coming down shortly.


She waited impatiently as the long silence annoyed her, what were they doing up there, why was she not hearing them. Then the silence was broken by giggles and soft words, that was quietly spoken. They were so quiet Janet had to climb to the top of the stairs to hear, and then she caught only some of them. Her cheeks burned as she hears Roberto praising her beauty and lush well-formed figure, saying she would make someone a fine lover. Then blushed a deeper red as she heard Sandra say, "you'd like to have her naked and under you, yourself, wouldn't you Roberto?"


Sandra suddenly squealed, giggling gayly saying-, "oh no stop it, oh Roberto no, oh you sod, that's too nice no stop!" -between her giggles and squeals. "Shut up you love it, now get your lips around this, while I chew on your clit," Roberto said and Sandra went quiet. There was nothing said again for a few minutes until Sandra cried out, "Oh fuck yes oh my god yes'ss!" as she gasped and puffed. "That was a big one darling, and creamy, now get on your knees, you bitch," Roberto said, in a lighthearted manner."


Then Janet heard the grunts and moans coming from Sandra that she had made on Tuesday when Roberto had her in this very bedroom. Moving quietly to the door Janet peeked through the crack, Sandra was on her knees at the end of the bed, eyes closed mouth open and moaning, a look of ecstasy on her face. Her hanging ample breasts wobbling as she groaned with every hard thrust he gave, from his standing position behind her.


Janet looked at his bronzed face and muscular hairy chest, his big hands on Sandra's buttocks holding them open as he rammed his groin onto her, making a loud slapping sound as their bodies met. His eyes looking down at his penis invading her vagina, giving little grunts himself as he thrust forward. Janet had to leave, she was getting too engrossed in what was happening in the bedroom.


It was though she could feel everything Sandra could feel, she was sure she was also having an orgasm when Sandra lifted her head and growled, as her body vibrated and shook. Crying out "oh fuck now Roberto now," he responded to her cry by increasing the tempo and strength of his thrusts. Making her breasts jiggle and swing faster before he after a few minutes gave one last thrust, and grunting himself as he pressed himself deep into her, and ejaculated with a look of sheer pleasure on his face.


As Sandra's arms had buckled under her, her frontend collapsed in a gasping heap, her rear end remaining upright only because he was holding onto her hips. As he had again resumed his thrusting into her with long hard thrusts of his hips, that made loud slapping sounds and brought weak grunts and groins from what looked like a really exhorted Sandra.


Janet had to tear herself away from this sight of lustful pleasers, to escape being discovered spying on them. They would surely come down soon, they had gone up at two-thirty it was now four-forty. Over two hours they had spent in that bedroom, Janet had witnessed them in presex fourplay, before hearing them having a rowdy bout of sex. Then in the last hour, she had heard them sexually teasing each other, and then just now had witnessed them having wild intercourse that had her once again sexually frustrated.


Janet was sat mulling over what she had seen and heard, when Roberto's voice startled her, as she hadn't noticed him emerging from the stairwell. "I must thank you again, lovely lady, for your hospitality, but I must go, I have clients to pick up at five. Sandra will be down in a little while," Roberto said, moving to where Janet was sat looking up at him a little flustered, as he took her hands and kissed them. She was not thinking as she should have and realised it when she heard herself saying in a rather husky voice.  


"Think nothing of it, Roberto, you are welcome here anytime," then she blushed afresh, realising she had just invited him back whenever he wished. His smile and the look he gave her didn't help her demeanour, as he once again lifted her hand, this time turning it over to give the palm of her hand a lingering kiss. Then he gave her that withering look, as his eyes were level with hers when he lifted his head from her hand and that smile that seemed to melt her, as she once again remembered seeing him naked. 


Chapter 4

The miniature grandfather clock had just chimed five-ten when Sandra gingerly stepped from the stairwell and smiling walked as elegantly as she could, towards a concerned looking Janet. "Are you alright Sandra?" she asked as Sandra carefully sat beside Janet, giving her a friendly pat on the knee before accepted the glass Janet held out for her. Janet still had on the short cocktail dress she had worn out to lunch, she hadn't dared change out of it when she was upstairs, Sandra would have known she had been up there.


"Oh yes thank you, darling, I'm just a bit tender in certain places that's all!" she smiled but didn't add any more. Janet understood exactly what she meant, as she remembered the way Roberto had vigorously thrust into Sandra’s vagina, as she had watched them having sex. She could just imagine how swollen and tender Sandra must be, remembering how swollen Sandra's vagina had looked when she had seen it on Tuesday.


"Would you like to stay for dinner Sandra, I'm sure I can rustle up something for you from our cupboards. Then when you are feeling better, you can go home whenever you like." Janet said to a happy smiling Sandra, who lifted her glass saying, "Janet you are most kind and understanding, I would love to stay in your charming company for the evening. I should also like to thank you for the generous hospitality you have shown Roberto and me, and I must apologise for my lack of mobility."


"Normally I entertain Roberto at home for our three hours of lovemaking on Thursday afternoons, and therefore I do not have to be that mobile when he leaves. He can get very boisterous and demanding at times which I like, but as you can see he douse leave me a little bruised but very satisfied." Sandra finished with a twinkle in her eyes and a very wicked smile, that had Janet looking at her a little shocked at that revelation.


"Sandra you are naughty, I know you're not using the bedroom to discuss the weather, but you're making me blush with all this talk of having sex!" Janet said looking bashful and fanning her face with her hand, to indicate she was feeling a little overheated. Sandra laughed placing her hand on Janet's thigh and giving it a squeeze, "you should try it darling, it's much more satisfying than playing with yourself?" she said grinning and making Janet gasp opened mouthed to exclaim. "Sandra! You're wicked," then blushed a deep pink, remembering Tuesday night when she had found herself riding that pillow, and what she had done only to ease her tension. She was feeling that tension now and hoped Sandra was not seeing it, in the way she had tensed in reaction to Sandra stroking her bare thigh.


"No not wicked just practical, if you have an itch you should scratch it, and I'm afraid I itch much more than most woman darling. If Roberto hadn't had to go he would still be scratching it darling," she said taking a sip from her glass, as her eyes studded Janet's reaction to what she had just said. The reference to an itch had not gone understood by Janet, who's hand went to her mouth to take a sharp intake of air, as her eyes went wide as she said.


"Oh my Sandra, do you mean to say that you're a, hum I mean are you a? Janet faltered over the words she could not get out, and Sandra said it for her.


"Yes, darling I'm a nymphomaniac, I can't get enough sex Janet, Bob the darling thinks he gives me enough at weekends to satisfy me, but as you have seen I need a little more to see me through the week." 'A little more?' two or three hours with Roberto, two days in the week, that's what you call a little more,' Janet thought, as she stared at Sandra who just smiled at her as demure as could be not in the least embarrassed at what she was telling Janet.


"O my I'm so sorry Sandra, I had no idea until Tuesday you had a lover, and was shocked you were cheating on Bob, but now I understand why. It must be awful to crave sex all the time, and not be able to get satisfaction," Janet said genuinely sincere but was a little bewildered by Sandra slowly shaking her head, and giving her that cheeky smile.


"Don't be sorry for me my love, you must know by now the feeling of wanting your man and the joy of laying with him when he returns. That feeling of joyous orgasmic release, after he has been away for days, well I get that with Bob all weekend, and Roberto gives me four or five orgasm's, Tuesday and Thursdays so I am content with my sex life. Now if I didn't have Roberto, I'm sure I could find someone at the local hotel, who would like to bounce me on their knee for an hour," Sandra said, unembarrassed, to a shocked Janet.


"Sandra, stop it, you're shocking me now, and you don't really mean that you would pick up a man in a public bar, especially around here your too much of a lady and too well-liked to do that," Janet said getting up to go to the kitchen to see what she could get, as a snack for their dinner. Sandra prized herself off the settee and followed at a slightly slower pace, and set the table as Janet rummaged through her fridges. As they sat to eat what Janet had thrown together, Sandra reignited the conversation they were having.


"You are right of course, it would be foolhardy of me to be seen flirting in one of the local hostelries, Bob would be too well known around here. I have to confess however that over two years ago I was picked up by someone at the Brierwood Casino, that was before I met Roberto. Bob was setting up the mine in Papua New Guinea and things didn' go right, the mine owners phoned me to say Bob Would not be home as usual for the weekend. I got a paddy on, went out the Friday night, to the casino to blow off steam."


"I'd had a few drinks and was playing the slots when someone asked if I needed a refill. 'Yes please,' I answered thinking he was a waiter then when I went to pay him, he said that it was on his tab. We chatted and had a few more drinks, then he asked if I wanted to get some fresh air. When I said yes he took me out to his big expensive car, and he had sex with me in the back seat after he had stripped me naked. We never went back into the casino, and I was still naked when we arrived at his apartment, I was just wearing his jacket in the lift to his floor. He took me home Sunday night, the only time I got out of bed was for a pee."


"That was the first time I had ever cheated on Bob, but having another man excited me and I kind of got hooked on it, I have never gone out deliberately to pick up men, but I have had sex in some dark corners of carparks. I found it most exhilarating and fulfilling, I'm sure you would too if you let Alex take you to bed, just to see if he could satisfy you. I don't do it now since I found Roberto he ticks all my boxes for me! he has an invalid wife that he and his two daughters tend for, so as you see it is beneficial for both of us."


Sandra finished saying as she put down her fork, and picked up her glass of wine, giving Janet a cheeky smile as she took a sip. "Oh no, I could never do that, not in a car park, not with John, or anyone else. Was it the same man or was it a dif'**, oh no don't answer that, no I don't want to know, Sandra you are naughty you shouldn't tell me things like that." Janet said flabergasted colouring up bright pink, much to Sandra's amusement it seemed.


"Why darling is it making you feel sexy hearing about my sex life, you should try it yourself up against a car with a stranger," Sandra said with a devil may care smile and laughter in her voice. "No don't Sandra, now your making fun of me, you are wicked!" Janet said but there was no venom in her voice, as she gave a little smile at Sandra's teasing, lifting hers and Sandra's plate and carrying them to the dishwasher.


"Just concerned with your wellbeing darling, you know they say boys go blind if they play with themselves too much, douse that apply to girls too?" Sandra said laughing filling both their glasses, while Janet looked at her with a half grin. "Sandra, I don't play with myself" she kind of leid, well she had only done it a few times, and recently that had been Sandra's fault, if he and she had not been so noisy she would not have gone upstairs to see what was happening, and seen them having sex in the bedroom, the fault lay with Sandra.


"What makes you think I need to do that anyway, John will be home tomorrow if we feel like it then we will indulge or maybe we won't, I'll see how we feel then," Janet said sounding as if she was in control of everything, but the wine was letting her mind wander. Whereas Sandra just smiled and said, "yes I bet you will, you're be jumping on him as he comes through the door I bet."


Janet had to giggle at that with Sandra, "maybe and what about Bob, will he walk in and find a naked Sandra waiting?" Janet said getting into the jokey spirit and laughing. "How do you know that's how I great him, have you been spying on us," Sandra giggled back, and Janet laughed too but thought yes I have, but not on Bob and you? They both roared with laughter, then Sandra looking at her watch exclaimed, "my I had better get going it is almost nine, I have monopolised you again my dear, though I have thoroughly enjoyed myself."


Sandra got up and found she could move more freely than before, and after a long hug and lingering kiss, made her way home around the corner some two streets away.


Chapter 5

Janet had another fitful night of her having to chase around the bed, but to her frustration, she caught nobody. Although there were plenty of people in her dreams, at a bar-b naked poolside party all the husbands were naked serving the wives. John was there and so was Roberto and Bob did not seem to mind a naked Sandra bouncing up and down on the naked lap of Roberto.


In one dream, she was in a casino with naked people playing slot machines and having sex on gambolling tables. She awoke just as a naked Alex approached her, as she sat naked drinking and smiling at him. He was so close; she could feel his breath on her neck as he bent to kiss her.


Once again, she looked around startled and searching, as she sat up in bed hot and breathing heavy. Quietly cursing the dream, that had ended before he could! 'Oh my goodness what am I thinking.'  Janet gasped at what she wanted him to do, just as her dream ended. Now hot and very flustered, she went for a shower and got relief from her frustration as she soaped between her legs under the soothing water.


She spent the morning preparing John's favourite meal while tidying the house, not that it needed tidying; she had done it every day. The afternoon was wondering what she should wear, to greet him when he came through the door. Should it be the sexy black lacy panties, or the skin tone transparent? He did like the lipstick red ones, with bows at the side for him to undo. Now for makeup Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn, Janet struck a pouting pose, in her guise as Marilyn, then a sultry look as Audrey.


At ten past five, she was waiting with beating heart, for his taxi to bring him Home. Bob was still in the cab when John got out, and Roberto was smiling at her, as she stood as Marilyn would have stood to greet her man. John was more than pleased with his homecoming welcome, Janet leapt into his arms to crush her ruby red lips on his. As he carried her into the house with her hanging on his neck, they ended up passionately loving on the settee. Then after a delightful dinner, he was tempted to an early night and all he desired from a grateful Janet.


They stayed in bed late, after an early morning rump-p-bump-p. Then he was served brunch, by a skimpy clad Janet just in her panties. She had missed him he could tell; never before had she welcomed him so lustfully. Twice last night and twice again this morning, it seemed worthwhile being away for five days, and he still had all of today and Sunday to go yet. Not that she had ever denied him sex, but before it had always been he asking for it.


John was somewhat pleasantly shocked, when Janet had almost raped him, as soon as they got into the house, and it was she, that integrated the subsequent bouts of sex. Not that he was complaining, he was finally glad she had come out of her shell, before she had not seemed to be interested in sex. When they had had it in the past, it had been kissing cuddle then sex. Now she allowed him prolonged foreplay, and they did not only make love in the missionary position. She allowed him to bend her over, and take her from the rear! 


They forgo a Saturday lunch as they had eaten at ten, and as they were going to Madeline and Andy's bar-b-q, they would eat there. John was staring at the washing machine that had his dirty clothing in when he looked up at Janet's call. "What do you think John, should I trim this back, or shave it off completely?" she said standing legs apart in that micro mini bikini. She was giving him the choice, but she was steering him to her decision. She had combed out her pubic hair so it looked unsightly, and it did make a bulge there in the cloth.


Janet undid the string bows at the sides, and slowly unveiled her thatch patch. "Well darling what do you think should I trim it, or would you like to shave it bare?" She asked and could see he was interested in the dilemma, 'to shave or not to shave', as he reached out to run his fingers through her mop of curly hair. "Um," he said rubbing his chin as he took his time to decide, "I think it would look better shaven clean, we can only see, if you don't like it afterwards you can always let it grow again?" John said, his fingers still running through every follicle she had, and even wondered between her legs.


The decision made, there was no time like the present, and so with a slightly higher heart rate than normal, Janet found herself lifted onto the worktop of the utility room. To sit there anxiously waiting for John to fetch his shaving gear, the wait was not long and he had all he needed. One electric shaver with a beard trimmer, wet razor and scented shaving cream, to get a smooth finish. Janet watched him eagerly come in with them in his hand, then pour warm water into a bowl, before moving to her.


With her buttocks on the very edge of the worktop, and her legs spread wide, John sat on a low stool between them. With him, just sitting looking elevated her temperature, when the vibrations of his electric razor moved over her skin between her legs it rose shapely. She was panting quick puffs of air, for it was not just the vibrations. His fingers were holding her vaginal lips, pulling them this way and that, to flatten out the creases so he could get every hair. Then came the cream and wet shave, and again his finger feeling her vaginal lips.


"Oh my, that looks just divine," John said, dabbing her mound one last time and stepping back to admire his handy work. Then looking at her panting face with that look of expectancy on it, and seeing she was in a most desirable position. John bent down and made Janet gasp, as he planted a kiss on her shaven pelvic bone, then dropping his shorts he stepped up between her legs. 'God this is the third time today, and she hasn't had any wine yet, I'm bound to get it after the bar-b?' John thought, as her legs wrapped around him.


Not that he had any real complaints about their sex life; he normally got it Friday as soon as he got home. Then maybe when they went to bed at night, Saturday morning was always a good time. He would be tucked into her back, with his arm over her his hand playing with her breast. He would receive a warm welcome after he had teased those sensitive nipples of hers. She would even put her hand between her legs, to guild him in. Then after the bar-b, she would be all over him, after a few happy hours with their friends plus a few glasses of wine.


Sunday mornings she would sleep in, but the evenings were always emotional times for Janet, for she knew when she woke in the morning, John would already have been gone. Therefore, after the evening meal, they would spend time together drinking wine and petting on the sofa. Until a passionate Janet, would persuade John to take her to bed, so she can show him just how much she loves him. Up until now, John had always enjoyed his weekends; he was now hoping future weekends would be just like this one.


Janet and John arrived at the bar-b a little later than they had intended, due to unforeseen circumstances. Their lovemaking had taken longer than normal, due to their lingering passion, and after sex petting. Then Janet changed her mind about the bikini, when she became flustered, at the thought of the other four husbands, looking at the flesh she was exposing. Therefore, it was back to old faithful, the full-bodied black costume she had always worn. She felt better of it when she saw the other men looking at Rachael, in the same bikini.


John had been right, the wine Janet had partaken of at the bar-b, did, in fact, put her in the right mood. As he peeled her costume from her when they returned and entered the house, much to the delight of a giggling Janet who did not want to wait until they went upstairs to have sex. When John finally did carry her to bed, she was still in a playful mood, and it was not until the early hours, did they finally go to sleep. John wondered if Janet was still asleep, when he entered her in the light of the morning, as she just made a purring sound as he took her from the rear.   


He left her there sleeping, until twelve midday, before he went to wake her with a coffee. Luckily, he placed it on the bedside table before attempting to wake her, because as her sleepy eyes opened, she smiled and put her arms around his neck pulling him into bed with her. After their evening meal, they spent the night in each other's arms, and again in bed, she refused to let him go until weariness overtook her and she fell asleep. Then with the sun lighting up the room, she awoke to find herself alone in her bed.


Another lonely week had started for Janet, and by midday she had finished her housework, having kept herself busy all morning to keep her mind occupied. At two, the phone rang, and Sandra’s voice was asking if Janet would like a coffee break. Janet gladly said yes, not knowing if others would be there. Then turning up at Sandra’s home, she found it would be just the two of them, and it was wine they would be drinking and not coffee.


“Thought you would like some company, I find it hard to get through Mondays, after having Bob home and then left all alone when he has gone,” Sandra said in a melancholy tone, much to Janet’s surprise as Sandra welcomed her. She was somewhat confused after having witnessed what Sandra got up to, on Tuesdays and Thursdays while Bob was away. Janet thought Sandra would have something to look forward too, to fill the week and not be depressed, as she seemed to be now.


“Did you have a good weekend with John Janet; you seemed quite flirty with him at Madeline bar-b? Even Bob said John would be in for a treat when he got you home!” Sandra said, giving Janet a wicked smile and a saucy wink, which made Janet smile as she blushes a little. “If you must know we had a lovely weekend thank you Sandra, and that’s all I am telling you!” Janet said not daring to look Sandra in the eyes; she would have blushed, a deeper pink if she had.


“Oh me too darling, it’s just that I wished he’d woke me up before he left this morning, would have liked him between my legs one last time,” Sandra said quite sincerely, and openly while giving Janet a wistful look. Janet though shocked at Sandra’s forthright words but did feel sympatric with her, as she had felt the same when she had woken alone this morning. She had worked through her frustration all morning but had also wished he had made love to her just once more.


She suddenly began to envy Sandra, for she would have Roberto to comfort her tomorrow and Thursday, and that thought shocked her as she thought of them together and her alone. The images she was now having of them together, made her temperature rise a little and Sandra’s next words made her gasp with shock and apprehension.


“We are going to the Burswood Casino tomorrow, and your friend is home and will be there. He phoned me this morning, asking if you would be going out tomorrow, I told him yes and where we were going. I also told him we had talked about him, and that you had spoken kindly of him and was looking forward to seeing him.” Sandra said a big wicked smile on her face, as an opened mouthed Janet stared at her unbelievingly.


“Oh, Sandra you haven’t, oh my god you have!” Janet exclaimed when she saw Sandra nodding her head with that wicked gleam in her eyes, and a naughty chuckle on her lips as Janet confronted her. “Oh I can’t go if he thinks I want to see him, I’ll be too embarrassed Sandra, I’ll just die if he tries to get close to me,” Janet said blushing up, at the thought of Alex holding her in an embrace, and even kissing her.


Despite herself, the image of him holding her had shocked and excited her, maybe it was the wine she had drunk. Or maybe having seen Sandra being satisfied by Roberto, was that making her crave attention from this man called Alex. No put that out of your mind, she thought to try to force the image from her mind but failed, and as his lips pressed on hers she lifted her glass to try to cool her own. She took more than just a sip and found she had not notated Sandra had filled it again, and the rich red wine didn’t put out the fire in her.


“Don’t be so silly Janet it will do you good to have someone new fussing over you, and you never know, you might enjoy having sex with him. We are leaving at seven, have a wine or two before we go, then a couple more at dinner. Let him buy you a drink in the Casino to show him you like him, then let him flirt with you, it might put you in the mood to let him take it further.” Sandra said, taking Janet by surprise by putting her hand on Janet’s exposed thigh, and making her gasp and tremble as she stroked her bare skin.


Janet still trembling looked at Sandra's smiling face and asked, “do you have a drink before we go out on our night outs.” Then looked totally shocked, as Sandra answered, “oh no darling I’ll be too busy, Roberto comes at six and spends an hour with me before we pick you up at seven.” Oh my goodness, Janet thought, he would then spends most of the night with her when he brings her home, he had had sex with her twice in the time he had her in Janet home, how many times will he have sex with her tomorrow.


Janet was feeling weak at the thought of him kneeling behind her, thrusting into her as he had when Janet had spied on them, and the tingling sensation of Sandra’s hand on her thigh was not helping. She drank the rest of her glass and looked at her watch, and suddenly realised she had been there for two hours. It would be dark soon and she didn’t like walking home in the dark, especially as she was a little drank.


Sandra totally understood Janet’a dilemma, when she suggested she should go home, and gave Janet a lingering kiss at the door to say goodnight. Janet had only half a block to walk home, but it seemed long with all the conflicting thoughts Janet had going through her mind. She was frightened and excited all at once, at the thought of Alex approaching her sexually, and of having his hands touching her. Could she be unfaithful to John, and have sex with another man, and the thought of that made her tremble as she imagined herself naked in his arms.


Chapter 6

Janet woke after another troubled night of lustful dreams, of bodies entwined with bodies, of hot embraces and of Roberto and Sandra having sex. There were others there, but only Sandra was made love to much to Janet’s frustration. Alex John and Bob stood around watching, but no one attempted to take Janet to bed. Even when she had danced around them naked, they had ignored her much to her ignorance.


Angry at them in her dream though now wide awake, she decided she was going out tonight despite them all, she had a right to enjoy herself. What to wair was her main concern, her short black cocktail dress had a low back and showed off her cleavage well, only she had worn it to most of their nights out. Now she pulled from her rail a pink micro mini skirt, that would show more of her legs than the cocktail dress. It would actually be two inches below the crotch of her panties, and if not careful sitting her crotch would be visible.


A red almost transparent lacy blouse, with red underwear, would go nicely with it. She had had some long looks directed her way when she had worn the blouse with the red gossamer bra before. Even John had asked if she had a bra on under the blouse, as it looked like it was just her skin. She would get some admiring glances, form the crowd at the casino tonight. The panties were of the same material, and now with her shaven vagina, there would be no dark patch of hair showing.


Thinking of that part of her body, it had been three days since John had shaved her, and there was a slight stubble appearing, she would shave before dressing tonight. Why she thought it would need to be done now was not considered, it was hardly visible at all, and was just a slite prickling to the fingers as she felt between her legs. Only the stubble might snag on her gossamer panties and be uncomfortable to wair, and she didn’t want to be seen fiddling with her crotch, it would not be ladylike.


A light lunch at one with a glass of wine, then a leisurely bath at four, with John’s wet shaver making her crotch smooth to the touch. Five found her laying out her clothing for the night, then sitting naked doing her fine makeup. Before dressing at six with a glass of wine, thinking of what Sandra and Roberto were now doing, while she waited for them.


Getting in the taxi with Roberto’s help, Sandra gave her a kiss and a smile saying, “Roberto doesn't she look ravishing tonight darling, is that for someone special my dear? ” She asked with her naughty wicked tone. With the interarea light on Roberto was studying Janet with a smile, “Delightfull my dear, very delightful indeed!” he said his eyes lingering at her micro skirt as if trying to see between her legs.


Janet blushed a little as she thanked him for his comments, and wondered if she had indeed been wise to wear this outfit. It was too late now, they were moving to pick up their next lady friend, she would have to suffer the looks and comments. At each of the three stops to pick up their friends, Janet felt as if Roberto’s eyes were looking at her clothing trying to see through her blouse. As he helped her out at the Casino, she was careful as she swung her legs out of the taxi, so as not to let him see between her legs.


She felt better at dinner in the restaurant with her legs under the table and enjoyed two glasses of wine with her meal. Sandra was sat next to Janet and as they were finishing the meal, she leaned over to whisper to Janet.


“Look, Alex is here, he’s just over by the entrance to the Casino, and he is having a good look at you. You made the right decision to wair that tonight, even I can’t tell if your wairing a bra from here, Alex is going to have to grope you to find out.” Sandra said, with her soft naughty chuckle, making Janet blush a little as she stole a look at Alex, who smiled back at her indicating he had seen her looking his way.


Janet smoothed her skirt down as they left the restaurant, trying to cover her legs more, as she saw Alex waiting just inside the entrance of the Casino. “I have secured an alcove for you ladies, it is over there next to the stage,” Alex said to Sandra who lead the way, and she learnt to kiss Alex’s cheek in thanks Janet thought, but Alex smiled at Janet as Sandra’s lips neared his ear. Janet blushed, what was Sandra saying to Alex to make him smile that way.


With the five ladies seated, Alex asked Janet if he could offer her a drink, which she shyly accepted. She also accepted with a sweet shy smile and lowered eyes, the compliments he gave to her lovely features. She also found him looking at her longingly, as she herself stole shy glances at him, and his smile made her tingle as she saw his eyes on her. Janet had Sandra smiling at her on occasions when she caught Janet looking at Alex, and that wicked smile saying she knew what Janet was thinking.


Maybe it was the wine, or her admitting Alex was indeed handsome to look at, and the more she did look the more appealing he became. His handsome face topped with golden hair and his tight tee-shirt that showed his bulging torso did make her heart flutter as he gave her his beaming smile. She found herself wondering what it would feel like, to have him holding her in his arms, and to feel his body close to her. She became hot and bothered, and felt the need to freshen herself up, so excusing herself she went to the ladies powder room.


They were situated in the far corner of gambling room down a long corridor, with the male and female entrance opposite one another, a few steps further on was an outside fire exit door. Janet was still putting her make up away in her tiny bag, as she exited the cloakroom, and was shocked to literally bump into Alex standing at the door. She looked up into his eyes stunned, then gasped with surprise as his arms wound about her, and his lips crushed hers in a lingering kiss that had her melting in his arms.


Her eyes closed and she allowed him to hold her tight to his body, as she responded to his kiss, by putting her arms around his neck and pressing her lips to his. In this tight embrace, she felt him move her back a few steps and heard the opening of a door. Then they were out in the outside darkness, where he pressed her against a wall. As his hands roamed over her body, a hand was crushing her breast and toyed with her nipple, and she responded by opening her lips as he pressed his tongue between them.


She was lost, she had surrendered completely to his forceful attack on her, and her legs opened willingly as his hand went between them. Her kiss was full of sexual fever, as his hand groped her vagina, and she was prepared for him to take her there and then. Only he became more tender, the hand between her legs just felt her now rather than grope, and his kisses became more loving and gentle. She was confused, why had he stopped when she was feeling so willing, then she suddenly went shy and bashful, at the thought that she had wanted him to make love to her.


He removed his hand from between her legs and holding her lightly in his arms, he leads her still kissing back to the door. Then released her by the ladies cloakroom entrance, where she refreshed her make up before returning alone to the table. Alex had already replaced her drink, and Sandra’s smile told Janet her and Alex’s absence had not gone unnoticed. Her cheeks still burned as Alex's eyes looked on her smiling, and she remembers the feeling of his hand between her legs.


Rachael suddenly announced she was going for some air and smoke, Malcolm, her attentive male friend had already disappeared, Janet noted. As Rachael was sitting on the end of the house shoe alcove seat, Alex slipped in to take her place and sat beside Janet. Janet glanced at Sandra and saw that wicked look of her’s, then gave a silent gasp of shock as Alex’s hand felt her upper thigh. His touch set her on fire, and the flames grow higher as his fingertips traced their way up her tender inner thigh.


The higher they traced, the wider Janet’s legs spread, and then she was trembling with rapture as a finger traced the gap between her vaginal lips. She looked about, could anyone see the pleaser he was giving her, the table hid what he was doing to her, but did her breathing give her away. She couldn’t tell him to stop, as it would have brought attention to them. Anyway, she didn’t want him to stop, it was far too nice to have him do it, it was exciting and dangerous with them all so close.


Janet endured this torture, for twenty minutes until Rachael returned and reclaimed her seat. Then at midnight as it was time to go, Alex trapped Janet in a secluded spot to kiss her and whisper “I’ll see you later.” What he meant by it Janet did not know, but it left her breathless and a little weak in the legs. Something Sandra did not miss, and when Nicole stepped from the taxi, Sandra asked.


“You and Alex got together outside didn’t you, don’t try to lie to me you looked as guilty as sin when you came back, and Alex had a smug look on his face. Did you have sex in the storage area at the back, that’s where Rachael is taken by her man friend; I’ve seen him giving it to her there.” Sandra said as Roberto pulled up outside of Janet’s house. “No Sandra we didn’t,” Janet said then realised she had unwittingly told Sandra she and Alex had indeed been tougher.


She got out of the taxi and watched it drive away, then walked to her door still tingling from his touching her vagina. The ache was still there, the ache of wanting him to do more than just stock her vagina. At the back of the Cascino she had wanted him to enter her and was disappointed he didn’t, she was feeling that disappointment now as she unlocked the door. As she did she heard a footstep, and froze as she turned to see Alex walking towards her, she just stared up at him as he bent to kiss her.


Then she melted into his arms as he wrapped them around her, swooning to his kiss as he swept her off her feet, to carry her through the door. As the door closed her shoes fell from her feet, as he carried her into the house. Then her heart beat faster as she felt him climbing the stairs, there was only one place he could be carrying her, and for only one reason. She felt on the edge of fainting as her heart raced, ‘oh my god I’m going to have sex with another man,’ she thought as her body went limp in his arms.


He stood her by the bed and still kissing as he removed his teeshirt, then she trembled as he undone the waistband of her skirt, and heard the sound of the zip undo. Then there was the erotic electric shock of her skirt sliding down her bare legs, leaving her in her tiny frilly panties, and he was now undoing her blouse. It wasn’t that Janet was frozen in fear, her inability to move was due to her anticipation of what he was going to do to her.


She was eagerly waiting for him to strip her naked, and for him to take her, that was the reason for her inner turmoil. She had never felt this way before because she had never been in this situation before. She was with another man, who was undressing her to have sex with her. She was trembling and unable to move, and he was removing her blouse, she was now only in her sexy bra and panties, and his hands were unclasping the bra.


Their lips had been locked together since he carries her into the house, her body had trembled as he had undressed her, now she quivered and silently moaned as his hand felt her exposed breasts. Her sensitive nipples went hard as his fingers toyed with them, and her lips parted as his tongue pressed between them. To say she was aflame with desire would be an understatement, for she could feel his lower body pressing against her, and she eagerly pressed back onto the hardness she felt there.


Janet trembled afresh with the realization she was about to be naked, his hands had left her breasts, and had made her tingle as they moved down her body. Fingers had entered her panty waistline and were easing them over her hips, as his lips left hers to kiss her neck then shoulders. The lower his hands went so did his kisses, and she was beside herself as he kissed the full ripeness of her full firm breast. Then with his hands at her knees, she shied a shy of purr passion as his lips locked onto her nipple.


She could no longer contain herself, and her hands went to his neck to press his mouth onto her, as he got her to sit so he could remove her panties completely, she thrilled as he nibbled her nipple. Then with her panties removed, he spread her legs apart as his hands roamed up the inside of her legs, she trembled afresh as the fingers excited the tender skin of her inner thighs. Then she gave a gasp as his hand reached her vagina and two fingers entered her, she couldn’t control the twitching of her hips, as his fingers excited her inner vaginal passage and her nails dug into his back as the passion rose in her.


Now both his hands crushed her breasts, as his lips pressed on hers, and she felt his hardness between her legs probing the opening of her vagina. A gasp escaped her lips as he entered her, and a withering shy accompanied his manhood slowly penetrating and filling her vaginal cavity, then there were her gasps and moans as he thrust hard into her with long forceful strokes of his penis. John had never taken her like this, he had always been gentle in his lovemaking.





 Janet was making the same loud grunts and groans as Sandra had when she had watched Roberto forcefully having sex with Sandra, as she had knelt on her spear bed with him taking her from behind. Janet was now enjoying Alex giving her forceful sex, with her legs wrapped around him spearing him on with her heels on his buttocks, and her cries of sexual pleaser encouraging him to thrust harder into her. She had climaxed as he had excited her with his fingers, another was building inside her now, making her thrust her hips into him as he thrust into her, and cry passionate words into his ear.


It was promising to be a heavy orgasm, by the way, it was overwelling her and making her feel faint. She was about to swoon when the wave burst over her, and she jerked uncontrollably as gurgling noises came from her throat, and a gush of female ejaculation erupted from her vagina. She was almost crying with the sheer sexual joy she was having, and Alex increased her torment by increasing the tempo of his thrusts and had her bouncing on the bed under him as he thrust even harder into her.  


Then she whimpered again as he thrust hard and deep, as his penis started to jerk and throb, and felt his hot sperm filling the condom he wore. Then they lay in each other's arms panting, and passionately kissing, as his hands roamed over her body. His manhood had withered but she could still feel him in her, and by moving her hips slightly got pleaser from the slight movement of his penis.


She shied with slight disappointment when he withdrew from her, so he could go to the bathroom. Now he had left her she felt shy and bashful at her letting him seduce her, she was not that type of girl at all, only lately she had thoughts of infidelity. Sandra’s affair with Roberto had fired her imagination, and seeing them have sex had sent her mind wondering. It had been Sandra that had turned her thoughts towards having a sexual relationship with Alex, and now here she was lying naked with him in the house, waiting for him to return to have sex with her again.


She curled up in a ball and covered herself with the bedsheet, now ashamed of what she had let happen, how could she now face John after so enjoying sex with Alex. How could she look at Alex when he returned after she had so wantonly let him seduce her so easily, she was ashamed of herself, and he had returned and was climbing into bed with her. He was cuddling up to her back his warm body snuggling up close, his arm over her his hand on her breast, the fingers toying with her nipple, as his lips kissed her neck.


Oh my, she was once again trembling with desire as her sensitive excited nipple hardened as he pinched and pulled it, he had returned to arouse her, he was going to have sex with her again, and she was longing for him too. His hand had left her breast and had wandered onto her buttock, and his fingers were stroking the sensitive skin between them. Making her tremble as the tips of them stocked over her vagina lips, then lingered over her clitoris to excite it with just the hint of touching it.


She had never really calmed down from the sexual excitement he had given her before, she was again quivering with desire and he could feel the wetness it caused in her vagina. As he took her hand there was a fresh flow of wetness oozing from her as he wrapped her fingers around his hot penis. Her whimpering increased as her hand moved along his hardening shaft when he began moving his finger inside her vagina. There was her shy of contentment as he slipped his hardness into her, then her purring as he used the full length of his shaft, to transport her to sexual heaven with long slow penetrations.


For long minutes she wallowed in a highly aroused sexual dream, carried to a higher level with every stroke of his long penis. Soft waves of sexual passion washed over her, as his hands toyed with her nipples and clitoris, and warm female pre-cum oozed from her vagina, making his fingers more slippery as they excited her vagina. They had been having intercourse for what seemed an age when she felt some urgency in his thrusts, and she gasped aloud as his thrusts got stronger. They had quickened to making her hot and breathless, knowing he would be ejaculating inside her soon, and her own orgasm was approaching.


She cried out as he thrust his hardness into her forcefully several times, then her own orgasm burst upon her, as his penis throbbed and jerked deep in her, and she could feel his seed pumping into the condom he wore. She cried out joyous words of passion, as she jerked in his arms as her orgasm consumed her. She had never been so vocal before, but then she had never had such an orgasm as this. She was lost in admiration of his sexual ability to give her such sexual feeling, and he was still stimulating her with his fingers, and that length of manhood that was still inside her and still stimulating her. She was quite content to lay in his arms, and wallow in this fussy warm feeling of compleat fulfilment.

Chapter 7

Janet still feeling sexually worm and fussy with the contentment of her being with him, was curled up in a ball hugging herself, one hand holding her breast the other between her legs. She had put it there to feel him in her, as she lay in his arms after they had had sex. She wiggled her bottom and felt nothing she wiggled again, then probed between her legs for him still nothing. She turned her head and he was not there, ‘no’ she almost cried aloud it couldn’t be a dream, ‘no’ he had been there, they had had wonderful sex, she could plainly remember it, she could almost still feel him in her.


She felt frustration, ‘no’ ‘no’ he had been there she had held his penis, she had gasped at the force he had made love to her, it can’t be a dream it just can’t be. She suddenly sat up, she was naked, she always wore a nightgown, and there on the floor were her dress panties and bra, where he had dropped them after he had stripped her. It hadn’t been a dream Alex had been there, he had taken her to bed and he had….


Oh my goodness what have I done, ‘Janet asked herself,’ I was a little drunk when he pulled me outside and excited me, and he plied me with wine at the table while he excited me more. I was taken by surprise when he carried me into the house, and he swept me off my feet when he undressed me. I have been unfaithful to John, but it felt so good so right, and it's still exciting me. Janet lay on the bed pressing her legs together, with her hand trapped between them. Remembering how it felt to have his pelvic bone pressing onto her crouch, and she moved her hips unconchusely to recreate the feeling.


Reluctantly she creped from her bed, gathering her clothes from the floor, on her way to the bathroom. Her naked image in her dressing mirror was what he would have seen of her, as he stood to remove his shirt after he had stripped her. His hands had felt those firm breasts, her shaven vagina to he had excited with his fingers, and she had seen no more of his body. Her impression of the size of his penis only gained, by the firm erection she gasped at as he entered her. All through her shower, Janet could not dismiss her wanton sexual thoughts; they were so wrong but felt so nice.


He only came to their night-outs once a mouth, and she was missing his embrace already. Ever since Sandra had intimated she should consider Alex as a lover, she had fantasised over him. That fantasy had come true last night, and Janet was reluctant to let it go. It seemed like a fairytale, and Janet was eager to be the princess and Alex her prince charming. She wandered through the morning tidying in a dreamlike state, at two, she answered the phone in a happy tone, to hear Sandra’s voice saying hello.


“Fancy coffee and a Danish darling, I’ve just come home from having my nails done, picked up some freshly baked pastries,” Sandra said to Janet’s happy hello. “Would love to Sandra, be right there, I’ll just put some clothes on,” Janet said then laughed as Sandra said just come as you are.


It wasn’t that Janet was naked; she had her housecoat on, although she was naked under it. It was her favourite thing to wear around the house, comfortable and loose fitting, light cotton with a colourful print; it was just the thing to wear on hot summer days. Only it wasn’t a fashionable item to be seen wearing out, now a nice light elegantly cut summer dress, was another thing, even if you were just walking around the corner to visit a friend.


Sandra’s home was the ranch-style house; the owners of the land lived in, before they sold a hundred acres to the developers, before that the land was a stockyard for cattle and horses. When they were building the estate, they used the home as an office and storage, plus tea/coffee restroom. Sandra and Bob saw it when they were viewing the new builds, and made an offer that was accepted, and the builders agreed to remodel it to their needs.


Firstly, the walled front yard became their back patio, with the bricking in of the gateway. Then an entry hall and carports at the entrance to the kitchen, that used to be the back door, plus a short driveway to the end of the new road, they had laid. Sandra and Bob had to wait until all the estate was finished before they moved in, but they had the biggest and most impressive house on the estate.


Janet loved it and what they had done, to the layout of the large five bedroomed viler. They swopped the big living room for the master bedroom, and turned two smaller bedrooms adjacent to the new master, into a walk-in wardrobe and en-suite. The master had a settee and a breakfast table, by the patio doors that lead out onto the large patio, which held their big swimming pool, surrounded by lazy loungers and a big bar-b-q, with shaded areas.


The new living room had French doors to replace the large window and lead out onto the patio, from the other wing of the building. The other two large bedrooms were elegantly furnished but hardly ever used. Because in the three years, Janet had known Sandra and Bob they never, had visitors. Apart from the executives of the mining company, that employed Bob, when they had arrived for an all weekend business conferences.


Janet and John had gone to the reception party given for them at Sandra’s home, it was then Janet realised just how influential Bob was in the company. Janet and John had felt overwhelmed in the company of the multi-millionaires; they were very humbled at the thought of being close friends of Sandra and Bob. That feeling of being close to Sandra had been enhanced when Sandra had confided in Janet, about her affair with Roberto and her apparent readiness to ask Janet for the use of her spear bedroom to entertain Roberto.


As Janet made her way around the block to Sandra, she wondered if she should confide in Sandra about Alex and last night. Though perhaps she should, keep her night of lust to herself for now, as she had no idea when or if she would see Alex again. He may not pursue her now he had had his way with her, he may be one of those young men that woe older woman for just the thrill of the chase. Now he had won his prize, he may look for new conquests elsewhere to fill his lust for sex.


Janet was surprised and delighted to find she was the only one asked over for coffee, although they had talked about having a regular coffee meeting on a Wednesday afternoon. They would take turns in hosting it at each other’s homes, although they had not organised it yet. “Hello darling,” Sandra said as she greeted Janet with a hug and kiss, “would you like to take your coffee in here or the patio?” she asked, leading Janet into the kitchen diner. “Patio, I think Sandra, we can sit in the shade, it’s not too hot today,” Janet said, coffee in hand.


Then Janet looked at Sandra in shock as Sandra asked, “So how was it with Alex last night?” Janet just looked at Sandra in total shock, ‘how did Sandra know, she had sex with Alex at home last night she thought,’ Janet was still trying to think of what to say when Sandra spoke again. “Don’t act coy with me Janet, I saw him follow you when you said you were going to the loo, you were gone long enough to have sex at the back of the club.”


Janet shied a shy of relief and smiling answered, “he pulled me outside and kissed me that’s all Sandra, he just held me close and kissed me.” Sandra was having none of it, “lair he did more than that Janet, your nipples were rock hard when you came back, and you had a happy glow in your cheeks. You had that same happy look when he sat next to you when Rachael went out, and what was his right hand doing under the table Janet?” she asked.


Janet’s face had gone a deep pink at Sandra’s words, making Sandra smile and ‘whoop’ with joy. “I knew it he was playing with your pussy wasn’t he, and when are you meeting him again so he can fuck you, Janet?” Sandra shamelessly asked, sitting up on her poolside lounger, intent to find out more from Janet. “Sandra, stop it your incorrigible,” Janet said blushing a deeper red but smiling, as memories of last night flashed through her mind.


“You should have invited him back to your place last night Janet, I’m sure he would have eagerly accepted and given you a night to remember.” Sandra said, with her wicked dirty laugh and a grin on her face, before saying, “Roberto gave me a good one last night.” Janet gasped with shock as Sandra put her hand between her legs saying, “I could do with him being here right now!” and she moaned moving her hand between her legs.


“Stop it, Sandra, your making me blush, you’re wicked and shameless,” Janet said fanning herself with her hand to cool her cheeks, as she thought, and Alex gave me one. “Don’t be such a proud Janet, I saw you enjoying him playing with your pussy, you‘ll enjoy it better when he had his dick in there,” then at Janet’s stunned look Sandra said. “Don’t look so innocent, the next time Alex has you out the back, it won’t be his finger in your pussy.”


“I am finding this most embarrassing Sandra, can we please change the subject, now when are we going to make Wednesday afternoons a coffee get together for all the girls?” Janet asked not looking directly at Sandra. “Oh you are a spoilsport Janet; I just love talking about sex, almost as much as I like having it,” Sandra said, putting her empty coffee cop down. “O/k shall we bring it up at lunch tomorrow, we will see what the girls think.”


“Now getting back to Alex, are you seeing him again before he goes back up north on Sunday?” Sandra asked with a cheeky smile. “Oh’ Sandra, and no we didn’t make any arrangements to meet when he left,” Janet said, then quickly looked at Sandra blushing. As she realised she may have said something that might give away, the fact that Alex was in her bed last night, she gave a silent shy when Sandra did not notice it.


“So you’ll have to wait another month for a kiss and cuddle from him that’s a shame, I think we should look for a more regular guy to please you, someone you can see at least once a week,” Sandra said smiling, as she finished her coffee. “Don’t you dare Sandra, don’t you dare try to find me a lover, I get embarrassed enough with you teasing me, I’d die if you told anyone I needed a sex partner,” Janet said, blushing pink again.


She had finished her drink some time ago and thought it was now time she left. “No need for you to see me out Sandra, I’ll see you tomorrow as usual at ten; we’ll see what the girls think of coffee brakes on Wednesdays,” Janet said walking into the house, then out onto the road beyond to walk to her home a block away. 


Chapter 8

Prompt as ever, Roberto smiled at her as he opened the car door for her to enter. “Good morning lovely lady,” he said as she smiled at him, he watched her sit, and then slid into the centre seat next to Sandra. He waited until she had adjusted her short dress, and then buckled her seatbelt, before pulling away. He made three more stops on the estate, with the same courteous greetings, and then they were off to the city for their shopping spree.


At one thirty, with just Janet and Sandra in the car, Roberto rounded the corner leading to Janet’s house and said when he saw a white land cruiser. “I saw that vehicle leaving that parking spot yesterday morning at four am, haven’t seen it parked there before!” They looked at it as Roberto drove past it, and then slowed to stop outside of Janet’s driveway; there was no one visible inside the vehicle, so there was no more interest in it.


Roberto was out, as usual, to open the door for Janet, and smiling offered a helping hand to assist her to exit the car as ladylike as she could. She turned smiling to wave and giggle at Sandra, who had also drunk too much wine at lunch. Then thanking Roberto for his kindness, Janet headed for her fount door, as Roberto drove Sandra to her home.


Smiling happily, Janet inserted her key and unlocked the door, and heard a car door close, and then as she opened the door she heard footsteps behind her. Turning she gasped as Alex lifted her off her feet and kissing her carried her through the door, to close it behind them with his foot. The suddenness of his auctions and his kiss took her breath away, and she swooned in his arms, as his kiss melted her and lit a passionate fire within her.


Clinging to him with her arms around his neck, they crushed their lips together in a long passionate kiss, as his left arm held her tight to him, and his right hand supported her under her left buttock. As her arms had gone up to embrace him, her short dress had ridden up, and his hand now held a scantily clad buttock, partially covered with her tiny lace panties. With her now holding him tightly, he moved his left hand down to hold her right buttock.


Holding her this way he pressed her crouch onto him and her shoes fell off as she wound her legs around him. Now she could feel the hardness of his penis, as he pressed it onto her vagina, and her passionate kisses became more urgent as he carried her into the living room. There she felt him lift her onto the back of the settee, where he swiftly removed her panties; as she passionately sucked on his tongue, and then gasped in response when he forcefully entered her.


For long gasping minutes, she moaned and whimpered as he drove his penis deep inside her with long hard thrusts. She quivered and jerked twice to orgasms, and still for what seemed an age he thrust himself into her. Then he quickened his pace for a short time, and she climaxed again when she felt his penis jerk and throb inside her. With her panting face now on his shoulder, he lifted and without removing his penis, he carried her to the bedroom.


With her lips firmly clamped on his, she wallowed in a state of sexual bliss, as with every step up the stairs gave her a sexual thrill, as his penis slightly moved inside her. In the bedroom, he stopped by the bed, to unzip her dress and remove it, then her brassiere fell to the floor leaving her panting and naked. Slowly he lowered her to the bed, French kissing her with passion, before lowering his lips to her breasts, to kiss and suckle her nipples.


All the while grinding his pelvis onto her crouch and moving his soft penis inside her inflamed vagina. Janet was in sexual heaven, she had never experienced sex like this before. When John finished they would just cuddle and kiss, she had never had a penis in her for this long before, and feeling it in her was feeling her with sexual desire. With her legs wrapped around his, she was pressing her crouch to him as he moved his penis in her.


Her nipples were hard as he sucked one, and painfully pinched and pulled the other, before changing every few minutes to torment the other. She had lane moaning and whimpering softly under him for what seemed an age when she gasped loudly as she felt his penis hardening inside her. Then her gasps turned to loud rhythmic moans, as he drove his now hard length of hardened flesh into her with long forceful thrusts.


Janet was on such a sexual high she was having an avalanche of orgasms, one followed another within moments, draining her of her strength and almost passing out with the sheer pleaser, he was giving her. She no longer had the strength to hold him, and her arms and legs fell away, as her body jerked to his penis pounding into her and the continual orgasms. She could only lay under him, gasping at the power of his lovemaking.


When he finally ejaculated and withdrew from her, she was still unable to move and lay gasping her legs spread widely, her soaking wet vagina bright pink and her vaginal passage entrance open. She shuddered and moaned as he put two fingers into her, and then she whimpered as he moved them in her. Her eyes looked at his shrinking penis, as she watched him remove the condom, and then gasped again when he bent to kiss her clitoris.


He had her writhing in sexual torment, as he held her vagina open with his fingers while his tongue burrowed deep into her vaginal passage, giving her another climax that had him lapping from her vagina. She was venting never before had she felt anything like this, she had waves of emotion flowing through her body, as Alex almost drove her crazy with his tongue tormenting the tender sensitive skin of her vagina.


John had never done this to her, he had played and fingered her in preparation to have sex, but he had never kissed or licked her vagina. In fact, they had never spent this much time in sexual foreplay at any one time; Alex had not left her body alone since he entered the house. He had made love to her twice, and he still hadn’t finished tormenting her sexually, would he make love to her again, and the thought made her tremble with delight.


His lips left her vagina and kissed their way to her navel, then on up to her breasts to suckle her nipples before locking onto her lips, and Janet responded to his kiss passionately. His French kisses drove her to higher arousal, as she moved her body under him, and she eagerly fondled his penis when he put her hand onto it. They lay moaning and rubbing their bodies together until Janet’s passion soared, as she felt his penis thickening in her hand.


Her kisses became more passionate, and her moans more wonton as her hand moved more strongly on the full length of his penis, and then was reluctant to let go when he went to put a condom on. Her body shuddered and her legs wrapped around him, as he speared his hardened flesh into her, then her body arched and she moaned aloud as she thrust her hip up to meet his forceful downwards strokes that drove his penis deep inside her.


He was again giving her mutable orgasms, as his plunging penis gave her immense sexual pleaser, and she seemed again to be on the edge of passing out, with the sheer ecstasy of what he was doing to her. Again, she lay prone too weak to move as he uncoupled from her, and stood to look at her from the end of the bed.


She had watched him slowly getting off her, as she lay motionless with her arms and legs outstretched on the bed, her eyes looking at him, as he pealed the used condom from his spent softening penis. This was the second time she had seen it, and both times after, they had had sex, it looked bigger than John’s penis was, and it had felt fatter and longer when she had rubbed her hand along it, as it had hardened in her hand.


He was smiling down at her as he wiped his penis clean and then bent to kiss her vagina before looking into her eyes and saying. “That was wonderful my sex goddess, I would stay for more but I have to go but stay as you are, I want to remember you as you look now, and I will look forward to our next meeting.”  He bent again to kiss her clitoris, and then gave her mouth a long French kiss, before picking up his clothing and left her laying there.


She heard the front door close, then an engine start then a vehicle drive away, and her bedside clock said four forty-five. Alex had been with her for three hours and had given her many wonderful orgasms while keeping her in a state of sexual arousal for the whole time. As she lay there now remembering, his touching her genitals with his lips and tongue, and the forceful way he had made love, her hand wandered between her legs for she still tingled there.


It was almost six before she finally rose from her bed; the sun had gone below the horizon, leaving a faint glow in the sky, in the dwindling light Janet headed for a shower. Walking into her walk-in wardrobe, she was confronted with a dim image of her reflection in her dressing mirror. Activating the light switch turned on the ceiling light of the small room, and the tiny spotlights around the mirror, the floodlights illuminated Janet's body, and Janet studded herself in the mirror.


Opening her legs she thought, ‘Alex would have seen me like this before he left,’ she was looking at her clean shaven vagina, it was puffy and swollen, the outer lips bright pink. She remembered seeing Sandra’s vagina after Roberto had spent two and a half hours with Sandra in Janet’s spear bedroom. He to must have continuously tormented Sandra’s vagina, as Alex had sexually tortured Janet’s.


Janet suddenly thought I'll have to wait for a whole mouth before Alex torments me like that again. Then Janet felt a pang of guilt, as her fingers felt her still sensitive vagina, here she was fantasising over having sex with her lover, and John was coming home tomorrow, would his lovemaking excite her as Alex's had.


Chapter 9

Nine am Janet woke naked and with a fussy head Friday morning after she had showered the night before, she had made herself dinner with which she had drunk some wine. Then sat to watch the telly with another glass, but her mind had been elsewhere, as she relived those three hours with Alex in the afternoon. The second glass of wine turned to three, and before she knew it the two-litre bottle was empty.


She had gone to bed naked and had dreamt of naked men attended her in her dreams, she had enjoyed their attention and looked for them when she woke, only to find she was alone. The memory of the dream and of her afternoon with Alex, haunted her all morning, as she cleaned and prepared for John's return. The images of naked men and Alex, would not leave her mind and kept her aroused all day.


John was surprised not to find Janet waiting for him outside the house, as he got out of the taxi, but was pleasantly shocked, to find her reclining naked on the settee. He eagerly striped to join her there, then they sat naked to eat and have some wine, then they returned to the settee to drink more wine, as they kissed and cuddled before making love again. He was also pleased to find her receptive to his loving her again when they went to bed.


Saturday morning it was Janet who climbed onto John when she found he had a morning glory, then they had sex after he had shaved her mound of venus again before they went off to the bar-b-q at Nicole's home. It was a nice afternoon with good friends, with much laughter and quite a lot of free-flowing wine. Janet was feeling quite merry and when John went to join the other men laughing and joking, Sandra came and sat beside Janet.


"Your secret is safe with me Janet," Sandra said, placing and hand on Janet's knee. "Sorry Sandra I'm sure I don't know what you mean, what secret would that be?" Janet answered, looking quite seriously at Sandra, who smiled at Janet in a knowing way saying.  


"You know very well what secret Janet, Roberto saw the driver returning too that land cruiser we saw when he left me at four thirty on Thursday. The man was coming from your house, and the description of him told me it was Alex, so was he good in bed?" Sandra asked bluntly smiling wickedly, as Janet blushed and looked around to see where John was.


"Quite Sandra someone might hear you!" Janet whispered finally looking at Sandra a little red-faced and breathless. "I couldn't tell you before, but Tuesday night when we got home he came and carried me into the house, and raped me. He was waiting for me again Thursday afternoon when we got back from the city, he carried me into the house again." She said looking at Sandra's smiling face and was surprised she had blurted it all out.


"Just how many time did he rape you on Tuesday night and Thursday?" Sandra asked, with her wicked look and laughed as her hand squeezing Jenet's knee. Janet looked about her again before answering, "Three times Tuesday and three times Thursday," Janet said with a slight slur in her voice and a shy smile, she had had quite a few wines by now and the slightly guilty look wasn't quite convincing.


"Good girl you enjoy yourself with your lover, we will have to sit down and have a talk about the best technics our lovers use and compare them," Sandra said, smiling wickedly, and making Janet blush again. "Sandra you are naughty I couldn't do that, I'd be too embarrassed," Janet said, her face glowing. They could say no more as Bob and John had returned with more drinks for them.


Sunday quickly slipped by, but Janet woke as John was getting out of bed Monday morning, and persuaded him to love her one more time. At midday she had a phone call from Sandra, suggesting they have lunch at the local hotel on Tuesday, Sandra would pick her up at eleven. The rest of the day went slowly, as she ambled around the empty house, she had been alone before, but today seemed to drag and felt emptier than usual.


It had been wonderful having John home, and she enjoyed the sex they had, but it left her still wanting, it hadn't fulfilled her desires as it had done before. It hadn't been as exciting as sex with Alex had been, with his rough treatment of her as he swept her off her feet and his forceful lovemaking.


Janet shock herself out of this daydreaming mood, as she found herself sitting staring out of the kitchen window with her coffee going cold. How long she had sat there she didn't know, but she had relived the bedroom sex scenes with Alex and then with John, and felt guilty as she began to long for Alex to return. The guilt and the memories refused to go, and she found herself in bed with the same thoughts.


Even in the morning, her longing remained, and Sandra's questions at lunch did nothing to relieve her frustration. "Did you have a nice weekend, you enjoyed Saturday bar-b-q and John looked happy, Bob said John's homes comings were getting better." Sandra said, with that smile of her's and the underlying meanings to her words, "Bob kept me busy all weekend, hardly had a stitch on for an hour before he took them off," she said smiling.


"Yes Sandra John was pleased with his weekend, he got everything he wanted, he even said a proper goodbye to me Monday morning before he went," Janet said, and left Sandra to unravel the meaning of her words. That in all fairness had started to slur, because over lunch Sandra had kept Janet's glass full and had ordered another bottle when Janet had gone to the toilet, and Janet had drunken most of that.


They were sat beside Sandra's pool, drinking another wine when they heard the patio door sliding open, Janet turned to see Roberto standing holding two more bottles of wine. He was wearing a Hawaiian style shirt that was unbuttoned, showing his bronzed hairy chest, and a pair of very short shorts. She blushed as he stood smiling at her, for she was looking at the bulge in his shorts, and her temperature rose.


"Oh my is it that time already," Sandra said, getting up and moving to Roberto and kissing him. He put his free hand onto Sandra's buttocks and pressing his finger between them, he grabbed her cheek in his big hand. Sandra pressed herself against him as they continued to kiss, seemingly uncaring that Janet was watching him groping her. As Janet got up they broke away from their kiss and turned to face Janet.


"Oh you don't have to go Janet stay and have another glass of wine," Sandra said, as they stood smiling at her now side by side, with Roberto's hand still groping Sandra's buttock. Roberto was grinning at Janet as her face reddened, for she was again looking at that bulge in his shorts, that was becoming more prominent. "Oh no I should leave, I don't want to stop you 'um' entertaining your guest," Janet said blushing a deeper red as her words came out.


Roberto just smiled at her awkwardness and asked, "Would you like me to drive you home lovely lady, it would be a pleaser," he added. "I don't know about that," Sandra said, looking a little concerned "you might not come back," she added with a grin. Janet gasped aloud, "Sandra what a thing to say," clearly understanding what she had intermated, and Roberto smile widened as Janet's eyes looked at him. Then he made Janet gasp and blush deeper, as he gave her a big grin and a wink.


"You've had a taste of forbidden fruit my girl, he might tempt you into having another bite," Sandra said laughing and Janet gasped with shock, as Sandra's hand groped the bulge in his shorts. "Sandra," Janet said, her mouth open in utter shock, as Sandra's hand rubbed the length of Roberto's bulge.


Janet stood still in shock, then blushed a deeper red, realising she was still looking at Sandra's hand massaging the growing bulge in his shorts. Janet suddenly felt panic and turned to hurry from the house, hearing Sandra's gay laughter behind her as she fled through the building and out into the hot afternoon air.


The hot sun didn't help Janet's temperature, nor did the glass of wine she poured herself in the kitchen when she entered the house. The cool liquid seemed to fuel the fire in her, as she thought of what Sandra and Roberto would be doing right now, and Janet had the vision of his growing bulge and Sandra's hand groping it.


For the rest of the afternoon, Janet could not shack the sight, of seeing Roberto's penis growing harder as Sandra brazenly rubbed it in front of her. She had done it openly, she had also suggested Janet should stay longer with them, for what reasons, and what else would Sandra and Roberto do in front of her if she had stayed.


Thursday at ten Janet had to lower her eyes, as she walked out to Roberto’s car. He was stood smiling at her, as he held the car door open. She hadn’t meant to, in fact, she had expressly forbad herself to look at him before she left the house. Only her eyes had glanced at him, and the bulge in his shorts had drawn her eyes to it. She had glanced up to see him grinning at her, and knew he knew she had been looking at the bulge of his penis.


Then with luncheon and shopping over, Roberto was returning the five slightly inebriated ladies to their homes. As they pulled away from Nicole's, Sandra moved closer to Janet, placing one arm around Janet’s shoulders and a hand on her bare upper thigh. “Would you like to come home with Roberto and me Janet, and spend some time with us? I have some of your favourite wine in the cooler.” Sandra in a soft tender voice asked, in Janet’s ear.


Janet taken by surprise as Sandra stroked her inner thigh; she hesitated slightly then silently gasped as the fingers moved on her tender skin, sending a slight thrill through her. Then Janet’s cheeks burn, as the meaning of the question became far to obverses. In her slightly tippy state, it heightened her sexual feelings at what it suggested, but then she felt panic. “No oh no Sandra I couldn’t, you and Roberto will want too…. Oh my no I couldn’t please drop me off at home,” she breathlessly said.


Sandra had a disappointed look on her face, as she leaned forward to kiss Janet on the lips. Then Janet froze and trembled as the hand moved higher up her thigh, to cover her crouch. “Roberto will be disappointed darling, he likes you and would like to know you better, and I’m quite fond of you too.” Sandra smilingly said as she looked into Janet’s eyes before removing her hand.


Janet was speechless and breathless as she turned to step from the car and immediately felt faint. Roberto stood holding the car door open for her to get out, and she was looking at the long unmistakable bulge of his penis. She dare not look up at him as she stood on wobbly legs, her cheeks burning with a hot flush. Was the bulge so prominent because he was not wearing underpants? Had he deliberately made himself bigger, just for Janet to see?


These were the questions, a bewildered and slightly aroused Janet asked herself, as she opened the door to her home. This had been the second time Sandra had suggested she spend time with them, on the day they had sex. Did Sandra want Janet in her house, while Roberto and she had intercourse? Surely she didn’t want Janet to watch them;;;; oh my god, was she expecting Janet to join in with their lovemaking.


A panting sexually confused Janet flopped down in an armchair, while imagines of the three of them naked on a bed, flashed through her mind. That rekindled the memory of a naked Roberto and Sandra, in her spear bedroom the day Janet had spied on them making love. The image of Roberto’s thick penis in Sandra made Janet’s hips quiver, then she suddenly realised she was unconsciously playing with her own vagina.             



John was greeted with great joy, as he stepped from Roberto’s car on Friday evening. Where he happily let Janet lead him to the bedroom, to release both their frustrations. The evening meal was an intermit one, that had Janet dressed only in her open dressing gown, smiling at John who was like wised dressed. After dinner drinks and petting, lead to sex on the sofa and early retirement to bed, for more sexual activity until the early morning.


They both got up just before midday, after a prolonged session of petting and sex. At two John was tending to Janet shaven vagina, then had to release both they're pent up emotions there on the worktop where he had shaved her. Three thirty they were at Rachael’s bar-b-q mixing with their friends, mixing drinks and jokes with dancing with the other husbands put Janet in a happy mood.


After some delicious bar-b-q food and several more tall drinks, Janet sat in a swing seat happily watching her equally happy friends dancing and mixing happily. The amount of wine she had consumed and the carefree atmosphere, put Janet in the mood to wonder if the other woman there had had as much sex as she had with her husband. She was smiling happily to herself when an equally happily smiling Sandra sat down beside her. Then happily put her arm around Janet, to hug her close before saying.


“Hello darling you look as if you are enjoying yourself, can I join you in your happy thoughts,” Sandra said her free hand stocking Janet’s thigh, as she leaned in to kiss Janet on her lips. Janet ignored Sandra's hand and turned smiling to drunkenly whispered, “six times so far Sandra,” as Sandra pulled back from her kiss. “What’s was six times darling?” Sandra asked a very tippy Janet. “We have had sex six times since John been home,” Janet said giggling.


Sandra’s smile widened, as she realised just how drunken Janet was. “Oh that’s nice darling, I’m sure John will have sex with you again tonight and tomorrow. Now would you like to come into the house and have a coffee, you have had a little too much wine I think.” Sandra said, as she took Janet’s glass from her, then helping Janet to her feet she led her into the kitchen.


No one seemed to notice them leaving the patio, and entering the house through the large patio doors. Sandra had suggested coffee and steered Janet to the breakfast bar stools in the far corner of the kitchen. Before putting on the kettle, Sandra made sure Janet was safely sat in the comfortable seats. She even bent to put Janet's feet on the footrests, and then gave Janet a kiss.


Then as the kettle took its time to boil, Sandra stood beside Janet. Her hand was again on Janet's thigh, gently stroking along it as she smiled sweetly asking. "Is John satisfying you sexually now darling, with his covenantal lovemaking? You did tell me sex was more exciting with Alex, because of the way he treats you. I only ask because it's like Roberto and Bob, Roberto douses things to me Bob doesn't, but I still enjoy having sex with both of them."


"It's a shame you only see Alex once a mouth, wouldn't it be nice if he popped around maybe twice a week to rape you," Sandra said her hand stroking the tender thigh, just below Janet's crouch. Janet's eyes were half closed, as her breath came in quick succession. Sandra's suggestive words were having there desired effect on the tipsy Janet, as was her hand on Janet's thigh. 


Janet gave a withering shy and her hips vibrated, as Sandra's hand felt the wet gusset of Janet's panties. With no rebuff from Janet, Sandra continued talking as her fingers excited Janet's vagina. "Do you like Alex feeling you before he has sex Janet, douse he finger you before he fucks you?" Sandra asked as she slipped two fingers into Janet's vagina, making her quiver and shy again. 


Janet in her drunken state purred happily with her eyes closed, as Sandra's fingers gave her pleaser. Obviously, too drunk to comprehend, it was Sandra and not her lover that was exciting her. She even responded to Sandra kissing her on the lips, as Sandra's fingers prejudiced a flow of vaginal juice from Janet's vagina.


Sandra would have eagerly carried on foundering Janet if John had not come into the house looking for Janet. "Here John" she called, removing her hand from Janet as he passed the kitchen door then picking up the kettle said. "Just making her a coffee, she has had far too much to drink," Sandra said as John looked at the grinning Janet, smiling up at him. "Come on you, let's get you home darling," John said as Janet wrapped her arms around him, as he eased her from her seat.


Janet woke hung-over late Sunday morning, not knowing how she got to bed at all. In fact, last night was a big blur, Janet could remember going to the bar-b-q and having food. It became hazy after that, as she had drinks handed to her, and as she had helped herself to more. There was something in the haziness she tried to remember, but it eluded her.


One thing was obvious; John had had sex with her at some time. When or how long ago she did not know, but she could feel he had been between her leg. Her vagina was still sensitive and it was wet and sticky there, how many times had he had sex with her, while she had lain in a drunken stupor, did she dare ask?


A quick shower brought some relief, but coffee was what she needed. It was almost midday by the clock in the kitchen as she entered, and welcomed by a happily smiling John.


"Hello sexy finally got up then, you caught up with your sleep now. We didn't get much last night, what did you drink to make you that sexy"? John asked as he poured Janet a coffee, and she looked at him in bewilderment as she sat. "What do you mean, I can't remember coming home," Janet said, as she accepted the coffee and looking still bewildered.


"Hell Janet you wanted me to rape you in the middle of the road, we just got into the house and we had sex. You never left me alone until we had sex again in bed, then as the sun came up you were on me again. I got up at ten just after we had it again, can't you remember any of that?" John asked Janet and saw her shaking her head, now looking a little flushed.


She could remember none of it, but what John had said reminded her of what Alex and she had done together that first night. He had kept her awake all night playing with her and had sex when he had gotten aroused again. How many time she could not remember, but it was far more times than John had ever had sex with her in one night.


'My goodness' Janet thought, did she think she was with Alex last night. Did she imagine she was having sex with him, had she called out his name while John gave her an orgasm? John said nothing to indicate she had, he was, in fact, overjoyed she had been that sexy last night. He was smiling happily, as he made her toast and coffee.


When he placed it before her, he slipped his hand into her dressing gown to feel her breast saying. "Do you fancy another night like last night darling? I'll pop out for more wine if you do?" he asked, kissing her and toying with her nipple. Janet was still suffering from a fussy head and didn't want to be that drunk again.


The fact she could not remember having sex at all was worrying enough, what had they done while having sex to make John so happy. Janet did not know the answer and it worried her, had she asked John to kiss and tongue her vagina. Something John had never done, but something she had begun to love Alex doing. Or was it her liking of Alex making her bend over, while he took her forcefully from behind, oh dear what could it be.


All day John never enlightened her of what they had done the night before to make him so happy. Although his constant smiling at her, and frequent fondle of her body, had her somewhat apprehensive. Although her hangover had gone by lunchtime, she declined the glass of wine John offered her, while they sat on the patio, having a light salad lunch.


She was determined not to get that drunk again, she wanted to be alert when they had sex tonight. If only to make sure she did not do something, she only did with Alex. John would be the driving force in tonight's bedroom romp; she would do what he wanted to do, in that way she might find out what happened last night to make John so happy.   


Lately, it had been Janet coming on to John to have sex; tonight she would be letting him know she would be the submissive wife to him. She had been submissive with Alex, for he had dominated her in their sexual encounters. She had happily allowed him to take her how he wished; he always chose where or when he made love to her.


That was what excited her, her not knowing exactly when he would open her legs to get between them. It was these thoughts that kept her longing for his touch, as she waited for their next meeting. It was also these thoughts that made her sexy when John came home, and although she would not admit it, her thoughts would be of Alex as John made love to her.


At dinner John made sure Janet's wine glass was never empty, and although tipsy Janet did not get too drunk. Then with the excuse, he could sleep on the four-hour flight in the morning. He kept Janet awake most of the night having sex with her, at one point he made her kneel on all fours, so he could mate with her like a dog. Something he had never done before, but the forceful Alex had done to Janet on several occasions.


Chapter 11

It had just gone midday, when Janet finally stirred from her deep sleep, the one she had fallen into when John had finally climbed off her and out of bed that morning. She had been half-asleep when he had spread her legs to climb between them. To enter her again with his renewed erection, just as she seemed to be dropping off to sleep.       


A leisurely shower revitalised her, and as she sat in just her housecoat, she revitalised the night before over coffee. John had been more sexually active than he normally was. Although between their bouts of sex, he left her to cool down, before resuming intercourse when he had regained his erection.


Alex would have kept her aroused until he was ready to have sex again, by toying with her breasts and kissing her vagina while he fingered her. She had liked John taking her from behind during the night, but he had not been as forceful as Alex would have been. That thought brought a shy of disappointment from Janet; it would be another three weeks before she saw him again. She had become addicted to his lovemaking and longed to be with him.


At four fifteen, she answered the phone, to find Sandra asking if she wanted to have lunch on Tuesday. Sandra would pick her up at eleven, and have lunch at a local restaurant. Where she looked forward to continuing their discussion of Saturday night, Janet was confused she could not remember any conversations; in fact, Saturday was a blur to her.


Lunch was a pleasant hour-long affair, with nice cuisine and fine wine, Janet wondered if Sandra should drive home. Only Sandra insisted she was more than capable and would not hear Janet's plea to phone a taxi. A thing Sandra remarked on as she poured them more wine, as they sat in the shade by the pool, where Sandra reopened a former discussion.


"Now darling before John interrupted us on Saturday, you were telling me how Alex raped you all night that first Tuesday night, then again on Thursday afternoon. You sounded like you enjoyed it, are you letting him rape you again when you see him next time darling?" Sandra asked, with that wicked look on her face, as a stunned Janet just stared at her. What had she said in her drunken state on Saturday, to Sandra or even John she had no idea.


She and Sandra had had a large bottle of wine over lunch, and she was on her second glass now, after they had returned to Sandra's home. She was feeling the effects of the wine she had drunk, but she didn't think she had drunk enough to feel the way she did. When Sandra started talking again about details of her love life, and their conversation in the kitchen Saturday night.


"Now Saturday you told me Alex picked you up and carried you into the house. Then bent you over the back of the settee, removing your panties he raped you. You were saying he then carried you upstairs, just when John arrived and took you home. You didn't get to say what he did to you in the bedroom, and how many times he did it?" Sandra said with her wicked smile sitting close to Janet, with one hand stroking Janet's bare upper thigh.


Janet had now gotten used to Sandra touching her and taking no notice of her hand on her leg, but with a light blush on her cheeks asked. "My lord did I tell you about that, I must have been drunk Sandra, I don't know what I said or what we did, but John was happy with whatever we did all night. I can't remember a thing of Saturday Sandra, not one single thing and its had me worried." Janet said, taking another sip of her wine.


Sandra smiled at Janet, she herself could remember all that had happened Saturday. Easpesaly the pleasure she had gotten from fingering Janet, as she kissed her passionately. She was now tempted to slip her hand higher up Janet's leg, to feel her again but Janet was not yet drunk enough. She would have to slip her one of Roberto's love potions, the next time she had Janet alone, they were very good at making men and woman want sex.


She had wanted to give Janet one, the last time she had taken Janet out to lunch. When she had gotten Janet tipsy, and suggested Janet should stay when Roberto arrived. He had expressed a desire to have sex with Janet, and Sandra was eager to indulge her lover.


Thinking of what she had done to Janet on Saturday, maybe tonight she would slip a sex drug into Janet's last drink of the night. Then she and Roberto would have all night, to ravage a sexually aroused Janet. Who would be aware of what was happening to her, but unable to resist in her highly aroused state? That would make it easy to sexually compromise Janet at a later date, and get her to join in with Sandra and Roberto's sexual escapades.


"Yes, you were about to tell me more when John whisked you away. Do you give each other oral sex before you have intercourse, Roberto insists on me giving it to him. It really turns him on, and he performs for a long time if he has cum once already." Sandra said quite openly, smiling sweetly at a blushing Janet.


"Oh my goodness no Sandra, I haven't done that not even with John. Though I have to admit, Alex excites me when he kisses me down there. John has never tried to do it and I was shocked when Alex did it the first time and I'm embarrassed talking about it to you." Janet said her cheeks bright pink and turned her eyes away from Sandra to look at her watch.


"Oh my, look at the time, it's almost five, My how the time has flown by I have to go home to shower and change. We are going out at six thirty, Roberto will be here at six won't he." Janet said blushing deeper, knowing full well what Sandra and Roberto would be doing, from six until they left at six thirty.


"You could have a shower here Janet, that little dress you have on would do for a night out. I'm sure Roberto would be very pleased to see you if you stayed for him to arrive." Sandra said her smile meaning more than she actually said, and Janet immediately thought. 'Is she doing it again, was Sandra suggesting Janet should stay, while Roberto and she had sex'?   


"No Sandra this dress won't do at all, and I have to change my underwear. I've been in it all day, and I have to refresh my makeup. I'll see you and Roberto when you pick me up, now don't get up I can see myself out." Janet said standing and kissing Sandra goodbye, before turning towards the outside door.




She heard the car pull up outside, as she waited just inside the house. Then Janet stepped out into the evening sunlight, as Roberto stepped from the car to open the car door for her. With an hour of sunlight before sundown, there was still plenty of heat left in the air. Janet could have been forgiven, for her rising temperature seeing she had just come from her cool house. But in truth Janet was still feeling the effect of the wine, she had consumed.


And Roberto had on his short shorts again, and once again there was a large bulge in the right-hand leg of them. Both he and Sandra were smiling at her as she approached the car, but that bulge held her attention. And that one image of them in the bedroom returned to her, of him standing naked behind Sandra's naked kneeling body, as Janet watched them having sex in her spear bedroom.


Had Roberto, had Sandra kneeling once again, while they had sex in the last half hour. "Evening Roberto," Janet said in a soft voice not looking at him, as she entered the car.


As soon as she sat, Sandra leaned over to kiss her hello before Janet had time to adjust her dress. As Sandra turned sideways to kiss her, Sandra's hand was placed high on Janet's bare thigh and the kiss was not just a peck. It was a hot passant one from a heavily breathing Sandra, who smiled warmly as she sat back upright after the kiss.


"I'm really in the mood for this night out Janet, Roberto came just after you left and we had some more wine. Then we spent some time in the bedroom, before showering together and getting dressed. Then as we were leaving he made me bent me over and lifted my dress, we had sex by the front door and I'm still feeling horny darling."


"Sandra you're wicked, you shouldn't tell me such things, you really shouldn't. What you and Roberto do is up to you and him, if you tell others Bob might hear of it." Janet said as they drove on, and there was no more time for Janet to talk. As they were about to pick up Rachal, then the others, before heading into the city for the night.


Dinner was noisy with laughter and chatter, as the five-woman informed each other of what had happened since their last meeting. Though Janet was relieved Sandra said nothing, of what she had been up too, although Janet could not curtail Sandra's drinking. When they moved from the dining room to the casino lounge and the table they had booked.


As Janet was halfway through her drink when Sandra reached out and took hold of Janet's arm. Then smiling happily, Sandra motioned behind Janet making Janet turn to see why. She gave a gasp of surprise as her heart missed a beat, then it began to race as Janet's temperature rose swiftly. As she saw Alex striding towards her, his bronzed face grinning as he saw the surprise on her face at him being there.


"What are you doing here, you're not due back for another two weeks"? Janet asked in an excited low voice after he had said hello to all in the group and kissed her cheek. "Couldn't wait to be with you again, so I changed my inspection routine. One week in the Gibson desert, checking the oil rids there, then a week in Perth, before a week in the great Sandy and the rigs there. I have every Thursday off in Perth, that I'll spend in your bed."


Alex whispered into Janet's ear, making her quiver at his suggestion that she would allow him to ravage her again. Then halfway through the glass of wine he had bought her, he caught her eye. To make the unmistakable gesture, that he wanted her to meet him by the back entrance again. Where he had excited her the last time, by fingering her vagina.


She trembled excitedly at the thought of being in his arms again and glanced at a wickedly smiling Sandra. Who had also seen the gesture, and patted Janet's bottom as she got up, then whispered in Janet's ear. "Go on girl let him know he can rape you again all night, I know I would let him." To which Janet whisper, "Stop it, Sandra I have to go to the toilet!" 


Only Alex was in the corridor when Janet turned into it. He was smiling at her, as he waited by the outside door with one hand on the handle to open it. Her eyes closed as his lips met hers, and his arm pulled her tight to his body. Lifting her feet off the floor, he carried her through the door into the darkness.


A few feet from the door he put her down, but still kissing her his hands wrestled with the hem of her tight cocktail dress. Having successfully raised the tight garment to her waist, Alex hooked his thumbs into Janet's panties and pushed them down to her knees. Then lifting her, he sat her on the mushroom top of an air condensing unit.


"I don't want you to wear panties again Janet," he said pulling them the rest of the way off her legs. Then she gasped as he spread her legs to place his head between them, and she writhed and moaned as he tongued and sucked on her vagina. Her eyes had gotten used to the darkness, and she could plainly see the door a few feet away. If someone came out of the casino and stood by the door, they would plainly see what Alex was doing to Janet.


The thought of that happening, gave Janet an excited panic feeling that hastened her orgasm. Which Alex heightened by thrusting his rampant penis, into her throbbing vagina. Making her cry out in passion, and cling tightly to him as he thrust forcefully into her. She had never had sex in the open before, here they could be discovered at any moment. Janet was sexually excited, and the excitement brought on another orgasm.


When she returned to the table and the others, Sandra's smile and inquisitive looks had her blushing. As she finished the drink she had left, and accept the fresh drink, Alex appeared with. Sandra's smiling at her had her blushing, especially when Nicole left the table, and Alex slipped in to take her seat. Janet was sure Sandra knew what Alex was doing when he sat beside her, and putting his hand up her dress to finger her vagina.


She hadn't completely recovered, from his earlier lovemaking. She found it hard to be silence, biting her lip to stop herself crying out in passion, as his fingers again brought a heavenly joy to her vagina. He turned to her smiling when her hips vibrated, and warm vaginal fluid flowed over his fingers, and she longed for him to have sex with her again.


Janet was trembling with excitement, as Alex kissed her cheek, just before she entered Roberto's car. The excitement was knowing she would be in his arms again in half an hour, and for the rest of the night, he would be having sex with her. Sandra could also see her excitement, and as Rachal alighted from the car leaving them alone. Sandra moved closer and placing her hand on Janet's upper thigh said.


"I think I know someone who going to find it hard to walk in the morning, I think her boyfriend going to keep her up all night. And I think her pussy is going to be very tender in the morning, and I think Janet is going to enjoy it."


As the car pulled up at Janet's, Sandra kissed her goodnight and rubbed the length of her thigh. If Sandra's hand had wondered higher she would have felt Janet's was knickerless, her frilly panties were in Alex's pocket. Janet stepped from the car, and could not see Alex's Landcruiser parked where it had been before. As she got to her front door, she looked around as she put the key in the lock. There was still no sign of Alex, and she felt dismayed.


As she opened the door, she gasped with surprise as two arms encircled her. With feet dangling, she was carried into the house gasping for breath, for his sudden attack on her took her completely by surprise. "Take off the dress," he said as he put her down, and she turned to face him. She was taken aback and hesitant, he had seen her naked before, but he had stripped her off. She had not willingly undressed before him, and she hesitated.


"Take off your clothes Janet, I want to see you undress in front of me. I could continue to rape you if I must, but I  want you to be my sexy slut who wants to be naked for me. Now take them off and show me your naked body," Alex said firmly but not in a threatening way. Slowly Janet unzipped her dress and let it fall, then removed her bra to stand naked and trembling so he could look at her nakedness.


"Nice tits," he said feeling them as he bent to kiss her, while pinching and pulling her nipples. "Are you my sexy slut Janet?" he asked moving one hand down to her vagina where he started to finger her. "Yes," she murmured as his fingers began to excite her vaginal passage. "You like me fucking you, don't you Janet?" he asked moving his fingers in her faster. "Oh yes, Alex," she answered breathlessly, his words and fingers arousing her.


"Well Janet now you're my fucking bitch, and you will do as I say when I want to fuck you. Now bend over the settee back and open your legs, I'm going to fuck you like the bitch you are." He removed his fingers and pushed her to the settee, where she obeyed him and bent over the back of it, and she stood panting waiting for him to have sex with her.


She didn't wait long before she felt her buttocks being spread wide, and the tip of his penis touch her vaginal entrance. She gave a surprised cry, as he, in one swift stroke sunk the full length of his rigid penis into her. Janet gasped and moaned loudly as his hips slapped into her buttocks, lifting her slightly as his hard thrusts drove into her upwards.


He never slackened his pace nor did he soften his forceful thrusts into her, for the entire length of their matting he brought cries of passion from Janet's lips. He left her gasping for breath when he pulled his now shrinking penis, from her sodden throbbing vagina. To throw her limp body over his shoulder, and carry her almost lifeless body to her bedroom.


Where she squealed, as she bounced on her sprung mattress twice when he threw her from his shoulder onto the bed. She lay trembling eyes wide, as she watched him undress, first his shirt to reveal his bronzed suntanned chest. Then he removed his trousers and pants, in one movement revealing his now soft thick penis, that she had not seen before.


"Open your legs I want to see your juicy cunt," he said stepping out of his trousers. She obeyed him, her eyes still on his penis that had felt so big inside her. It had felt bigger than John's when Alex had put it in her hand to rub, it had been a ridged length of flesh then.


"That's a nice looking cunt Janet, don't you ever hid it from me. I want your legs open, and your cunt ready for me to use, whether I want to kiss it or fuck it. When you're with me you will keep your legs open, so I can feel you or fuck you, do you understand." He said now naked leaning over her sexual aroused panting body. His hands were between her legs, and a finger from each hand-pressed inside her wet vagina.


She nodded whispering softly, "yes Alex," as he grinned at her gasping mouth, when his fingers prised open her vaginal passage. "Now let's see what the inside of your cunt looks like," he said stretching her vaginal entrance is painfully open. Janet had never considered anything other than having intercourse, as having an affair with anyone.


The aspect of having sex with Alex had intrigued her, having him take her to bed at the beginning was exciting. Now he was forceful and demanding, doing things to her she had never imagined. Like now he had her vaginal passage pulled open, and had his tongue licking the inside of it, and Janet was enjoying the thrill it gave her.


"Now you randy bitch you can give me a load of your cunt juice," Alex said lifting his head to her tit and sucking her nipple, as he began finger fucking her cunt. She was already highly aroused, and it didn't take long for her climax to build. Her gasping and hip jerking alerted him to the approaching orgasm, he transferred his mouth to capture her cum.


Janet was overwhelmed with the feeling she was experiencing, and almost past out with emotion. Writing in extasy as his tongue lapped at her vagina, as her sexual fluids flowed from her. Then he was moving up her body, smiling down at her as he bent to kiss her lips, and she realised she could taste her own body fluids on his lips and tongue.


She was really aroused now, panting with sexual passion as he sat up smiling at her. Then when he knelt on his knees over her, she saw his ridged penis long and hard just above her head. "Now bitch suck my cock before I fuck you!" Alex said, lifting Janet's head, and pushing his cock into her open mouth.


Twice more in the night, Alex had sex with Janet, and each time he made her suck his cock before he fucked her. He finally let her sleep in the early morning when he slipped from her bed and left the house. He was well pleased with how things had progressed with Janet, he would return again on Thursday, to continue her training to be his sex slave!


She awoke at midday, realising she was alone but stayed in bed reliving what had happened overnight. Of what he had done to her, and what he had made her do, and found thinking about it excited her all over again. Just thinking of laying with her legs wide open, so he could just look at her vagina had her trembling with desire. She was sure she could still taste the precum juice, that had oozed from his penis when he made her suck him.


It had tasted a little salty at first, but she had liked it and was soon sucking hard on his penis to extract more, and she readily sucked him again when they had sex later. To be truthful, she had enjoyed her erotic night of sex with Alex and was already looking forward to Thursday afternoon, when Alex would excite her again with his forceful lovemaking.

Chapter 13

The rest of Wednesday went by, in exciting daydreams of her up and coming Thursday encounter with Alex. She spent the early night naked in bed, possing in the positions he had put her in, so he could look at and feel her body. The posture she practised most, had seemed to be his favourite the night before. It had her kneeling with her legs apart, and her head on the bed with her hands holding her vagina open, for him to look at.


After she had spent some time this way, with him looking he had used his fingers to give her an orgasm. While she had twitched and groaned in the throes of her orgasm, he had mounted her and made her moan louder with deep thrusts of his penis. She had collapsed on the bed exhausted when he had finished. Then watched him peel the condom from his shrinking penis, as he knelt inches from her face then with tissues wipe his penis clean.


He did exactly the same thing each time they had sex, which she knew she was getting. Because he made her watch him, putting the condom on after she had sucked him. She liked looking at his penis as much as she liked feeling it inside her. To her, it was beautiful, fleshy thick and at least eight inches long, and a foreskin that hid a bulbous head. It was exactly the right shape and size, to give her the pleaser of Alex's lovemaking.


She went to sleep holding onto her pillow, imagining it was her Alex. She awoke late still aroused, and skipping breakfast to make up her face and chose her most attractive summer outfit. To appear at her door when Roberto's car arrived, in an off the shoulder white lace blouse. That plunged down between her breasts showing her cleavage, and a full flowery pleated skirt. And was pleased with the way Roberto looked at her, as she walked to his car.


His smile was not the only reason Janet was smiling, in her still aroused wonton state, she was admiring the long bulge in Roberto's shorts. It had to be his penis, the bulge started at the right place, and ended just above the bottom of his right short's leg. They were two inches above his knees, which made the bulge about four or five inches long.


"My you look radiant Janet," Sandra said as she kissed Janet hello. "Wouldn't be anything to do with seeing your Alex later, would it?" She asked just before Roberto pulled up outside of Rachal's house, and grinned as Janet nodded her head. Nothing more was said, during lunch, but the wine was consumed by all.


"Enjoy yourself", was all Sandra said as Janet got out of the car when they arrived home. Alex's Landcruiser was parked just down the road, but she could not see him anywhere. That did not surprise her, he had taken her by surprise before and carried her inside. This time she anticipated his attack and dashed into the house as she opened the door.


Only she was half-hearted about getting away from him, and he caught her just inside. With his hands on her breasts and kissing her, he opened her blouse and pulled down her bra, giving her breast's freedom. Then undoing her skirt he let it fall, to place a hand between her legs. "No panties, good girl," he said as two of his fingers started giving her pleaser. He kept fingering her until she trembled and gasped with a climax, then he pushed her to her knees, and undoing his trousers said.


"Now get your lips around this, you need more practice at sucking my cock. You're getting good at it, but there's an art to milking a cock properly with your lips, and I want you to become the best." She had watched eagerly, as his trousers dropped to reveal his hardening penis. Tuesday night she had obeyed his every command, on how to lick and suck his penis once she found she liked having it in her mouth.


Taking hold of it she rubbed her hand along it, as he had told her, pulling back his foreskin to kiss his exposed knob end. Then using just the tip of her tongue, she licked the hole his precum oozed from. Thrilling at the way his penis thickened and grow in her hand, she opened her mouth and took his penis between her lips, and sucked on its rubbery head. Looking up at him smiling down at her, as her mouth watered to the first taste of his precum.


"You like that don't you, you bitch, later I'll teach you how to swallow all my cock. When I fuck your mouth until I fill it with my spunk, right now drape yourself over the back of that settee, so I can fuck you." He said after he held her head and moved his penis in and out of her mouth a few times. When he released her, she bent over the back of the settee legs apart. Her hands holding her buttocks and vagina open, in readiness for him to enter her.


"Good girl, your learning how to please me quickly, you'll learn how to please me later, but first you want to be fucked don't you," Alex said pushing two fingers into her vagina, and making her moan as he finger fucked her. "Well bitch do you want fucking, you will have to beg me for it bitch?" Alex asked, knowing she was more than ready, by the amount of body juices flowing from her vagina.


"O yes please Alex," Janet whimpered between her gasps and moans as Alex increased the rhythm of his fingers in her. "Sorry I can't hear you, I asked if you wanted fucking, you haven't answered me yet," he said pushing his fingers into her harder now. "Yes Alex I want you to please," Janet said a lot louder, and almost tearful as her need was great.


"Not clear enough Janet, go on say it Janet say you want me to fuck you with this." Alex said taking her hand and putting it on his penis to say, "repeat after me Janet, Alex fuck me with your cock." With her hand rubbing his penis Janet half turned her head, to look at him her eyes wide, and breathlessly said. "Please Alex, fuck me with your cock."


"That's better you whore from now on when I've got you hot, you must beg me to fuck you, now here's your reword." He said as Janet let out a gasp, as he plunged his cock into her, in one swift movement. Amid her gasps and cries of passion, was heard the loud slapping sounds of his hips slapping hard into her buttocks.


As normal, Janet was breathless and weak after he had finished his forceful onslaught of her body. Picking up her lifeless body and his bag he carried her to her bedroom, and tossed her onto her bed and put his bag at the foot of it. She lay looking up at his half-naked body, as he undid his shirt. Then she spread her legs wide, as he frowned at her saying.


"What have I told you, Janet, open those legs," he said sharply looking down at her as he removed the rest of his clothing. She lay looking back at him with passion, as his muscular bronzed body became visible, knowing he would soon be toying with her body.


He was now naked leaning over her and she was panting with desire, as his hand stroked up the inside of her leg. Then a quiver and a gasp, as his fingers entered her still sensitive vagina where his penis had recently been. He had moved up the side of the bed, deliberately placing his penis in her hand as he bent to suckle her hardened nipple. Then moving his lips to hers, he kissed her then as she rubbed his soft penis he said.


"I bet you wish my cock was still hard, so I could give your cunt another good fucking. Well, Janet, I've brought a little friend along with me to help, while we wait for me to fuck you again, my friend will keep your cunt occupied." He was smiling wickedly at her as he removed his fingers, and put his hand into the bag on the bed. Still rubbing his penis she gasped and trembled, as she saw what he pulled from that bag.


It was a big flesh coloured lifelike rubber penis, with veins and a circumcised bulbous head. Alex held it up for her to look at, then lowered it between her legs, and she gasped as the head entered her. Soon she was panting and moaning with sexual pleasure, as he moved its full length in and out of her vagina.


He removed it once to suck her vagina when she climaxed, a second time to replace it with his penis, to have sex with her himself. Then he returned it to her vagina, to make her whimper and moan as he thrust it into her. For well over an hour, he used the imitation penis on her, she was continually whimpering and regularly jerking as she climaxed.


Her vagina lips became swollen with the friction of the dildo, but although she seemed to be crying she didn't beg him to stop. When he did he made her kneel and spread her buttocks so he could inspect her, and she winched and whimpered as he felt her swollen vagina lips. Then he put his fingers into her wet swollen vagina, only to pull them out and wipe them over her anus.


He had had her in this position before, and she had felt him strock her anus with his fingers. Only now he was making her anis wet and slippery with her body fluids, and she tensed as he pushed his finger inside her. He used more of her fluids, and a second finger to make her anis slacker and slippery. His fingering of her anis had not been a discomfort, but when she felt the head of his penis pressing her anus inwards she panicked.


"O no Alex, o please no," she cried but he took no notice of her, and she yelled as his penis head entered her. Taking no notice to her whimpering, he slowly inserted more of his penis into her anus, with short back and forward movements of his hips. Until he was sliding the full length of his penis, in and out of her anus.


"Fuck your nice and tight, is this the first time you've had your arse fucked Janet. It won't be the last time you'll have your arsehole stretched, believe me, god that's a nice shot." He said as Janet heard his camera click again, all afternoon he had taken photos of her mostly with her legs wide open. He had taken several with the dildo in her vagina, and his penis in her mouth. Some of her sucking the dildo as they had intercourse, now he had some of him buggering her.


Janet collapsed onto the bed when he finally got off of her, fragile and worn out after all he had done to her, only she still responded to his kiss as he bent over her. "That was a good sex session, Janet, it's a shame you will have to wait a fortnight for the next one. Would you like me to leave our little friend with you, you could fuck yourself with it every day."


"I've got one last present for you, and I want you to start taking them right away. They are berth pills Janet I don't want you pregnant, I'm not wearing condoms the next time I fuck you, your being fucked bareback from now on." Alex said throwing a white box down on the bed beside her, then Janet watched him dress before he bent to kiss her, and felt her vagina one last time before he left.


Chapter 14

Janet lay for some time recovering from the four hours, Alex had her obeying his sexual demands. Although her vagina and anus aked, with the treatment he had given them, she had like the state of arousal he had kept her in for so long. Her eyes looked at the big lifelike dildo, he had left on the bed beside her and thought of the many orgasms it had given her. Her first sight of it had sexually excited her, looking at it now it still did.


It reminded her of Alex's penis with the foreskin pulled back, it was slightly bigger in girth and length, but it was as beautiful as his. He was also exciting her by making her talk dirty, insisting she had to call it a cock, instead of a penis and making her beg to be fucked instead of having sex. Everything he did to her sexually excited her, and as her hand rubbed along the rubber dildo, she was longing for his return to do it to her again.


The weekend arrived and went, and sex with John was nice but not exciting. She opened up somewhat to Sandra after their Tuesday lunch date, Sandra had ordered a large bottle of good wine. Which they had devoured over lunch, more wine was poured on their return to Sandra home. To Sandra's question of how many times she and Alex had had sex on Thursday, Janet was unsure how to answer due to the prolonged use of the dildo.


"I had six orgasms, Sandra," Janet answered instead, giggling a little drunkenly and smiling at Sandra's shocked look. Although even she was unsure of how many she had actually climaxed, in the four hours he had assorted her vagina, or should she say cunt as Alex insisted on calling it? He had used his fingers mouth and his cock, as well as that dildo,  to make her cunt overflow so many times.


"My he really pleases you, darling, sounds like he could be a rival to my Roberto. Though I doubt he'd have the same size as Roberto to please me with? I don't suppose you have measured him darling so we can compear?" Sandra finished laughing and patting Janet's leg, cursing herself for not getting the blue bottle from her medicine cabinet. Janet seemed to be in the right mood for a little sexual stimulant, and Roberto would be here soon.


The drug took thirty minutes, to get into the bodies system and lasted for twelve hours. Forty-five minutes was the ideal time to allow the victim to get fully aroused, then he or she would be putty in your hands. The beauty of the drug was the victim remembers everything, and because they think they are willingly taking part in the sex games. They are easily approachable, again at a later date when they were a little merry again.


When Roberto did arrive, Sandra, wondered if Janet was already aroused enough to accept an invitation to stay. Because as the time for him to arrive draw near, Janet made no move to go. Then as Roberto entered, she could see Janet's eyes studying the bulge in his shorts. She had to smile herself knowing Roberto had no pants on, and that he would have encouraged his cock to grow a little to excite Janet.


As he approached her Janet rose from her seat and tilted her head up, as he went to kiss her hello. It was not just a casual kiss, his lips lingered longer than they should have. He had sensed her friendly smiling mood was due to the wine, and putting his arm around her he held her tight to him. His prolonged kiss was not expected, but Janet did not reject it as it elevated her temperature, as did the hard thing he pressed onto her crouch.


She was a little breathless when he released his hold on her, and a little disappointed she was going home alone and envious of Sandra, knowing what they would be doing when she left them alone. As Sandra kissed her farewell, Janet wondered if she would be asked again to stay for more wine with Roberto, and was a little disappointed when she was not.


It was now three o/clock in the afternoon as Janet entered her home, in three hours time Sandra and Roberto would be picking her up for their night out. Three hours they would spend in the bedroom together, then three hours again when they returned after midnight. Janet was envious, she had to wait another week to see Alex, to satisfie her sexual needs. She tried for an hour in her bedroom, when she took her rubber friend from his hiding place.


She did achieve a climax, but it wasn't the same as having a hot male body on top of you. She had lain for a while stroking it with her eyes closed, imagining it was attached to his body. She even took it into her mouth, when she imagined him ordering her to suck his cock. She put it away disappointed as it did not quell her need for him, it was not the same as him forcing her to have sex his way. From now on she would not hesitate and do all he asked.


Janet did not enjoy the night out, she kept looking around hoping to see Alex appear at the table. No matter how much she drank, by the end of the night, she was still sober. Going to bed to toss about most of the night frustrated, Thursday afternoon she took her rubber friend to bed, trying to relive an afternoon with Alex quite unsuccessfully.


On the weekend John gave her relief to a degree, but he was surprised at the many times she approached him to have sex. Not that he complained at all, he was pleased with the way his sex life had improved in the last few months. Only the sex he was giving Janet, was not an improvement on the sex she got from Alex.


There was a vast improvement to Janet's demeanour on Tuesday morning when Sandra picked her up for lunch. She was full of excitement as they had lunch, and after at Sandra's home as they had wine and waited for Roberto. Sandra rightly attributed Janet's happiness, to the fact she would be seeing Alex that night.


Sandra also noted Janet's eagerness to welcome Roberto, when he arrived again in his shorts with a prominent bulge, that she pressed herself against. It was almost a repeat of the kiss they had last Tuesday, only this time when Roberto put his arms around her, his right hand was placed on her buttocks. He was pleased she allowed him to hold her closer for longer, as she kissed him back with open lips.


Maybe it was the wine, or maybe it was seeing Alex that was changing Janet's attitude to sex in general. She was now finding Roberto more sexually attractive than she did before, and that kiss and feeling his hardness again did affect her. She was so aroused she knelt on her bed naked, with her rubber friend imagining he was behind her. Just like he had Sandra in her spear room, the day Janet had watched them having sex.



She was still aroused when Sandra and Roberto picked her up at six thirty, it was not just the wine she had consumed as she waited impatiently for them. It was knowing Alex would be there at the casino and would be with her most of the night that was exciting her. Looking at Roberto's bulging shorts as she went to the car, only enhanced her sexy mood. As she climbed into the car and kissed Sandra hello.


As they sat in the casino lounge she could hardly contain her excitement, as she waited for Alex to appear. When he arrived he did with drinks, kissing her on the cheek in welcome. She could not take her eyes off him, as he chatted and smiled at all around the table. Halfway through the second drink, he had bought her she was feeling amorous.


She started to wonder when he was going to take her outside, and ravage her like he did the last time he took her out. She brought a smile to Sandra's lips when Alex made the gesture; he wanted her to meet him at the back. In her eagerness to leave the table, Janet nearly climbed over Rachel when she did not move quickly enough. Sandra and Alex exchanged smiling glances, as he left in one direction and Janet rushed in another.


Outside Alex hustled her in among the air conditioning units, and as they kissed he wrestled her tight dress hem to her waist. Finding out she was already sexually excited when he put his hand between her legs, to feel her soaking wet cunt dripping with her juices. "You want fucking bitch?" he asked, with two fingers making squelching noises in her wet cunt. "O yes please Alex, your loving bitch wants you to fuck her now.


"You can suck my cock first you whore, then I'll give you what you want." He said undoing his trousers, as she went down on her knees. It was a bright cloudless night and the stars gave an illuminating glow, once your eyes got used to the darkness. Suddenly there was another glow, when the door opened a few feet from them. It disappeared when the door closed again, leaving a man clearly looking their way.


 "It's alright Janet its only Frank, he here to see were not disturbed. Keep sucking my cock, I don't mind him watching me fuck you." Alex said pushing his cock back into Janet's mouth when she tried to remove it when she saw Frank standing looking at her with Alex's cock in her mouth. To say she was uncomfortable with him looking, was obvious, but knowing he was there was a little exciting.  She looked at Frank again, when Alex lifted her onto the cowling and started fucking her.


She could not suppress her moans and groans, as she looked at him smiling at her, and saw he had taken his cock out and was rubbing it. Then she gave a cry of dismay when Alex removed his cock and said, "Here Frank help me fuck this bitch," and held Janet's legs open as Frank got between them. Janet was stunned and shocked that Alex would do this to her, but she was unable to stop Frank entering her, and was soon gasping and moaning as Frank fucked her as hard as Alex had.


Janet climaxed nosily much to Frank's delight, as he smiling down at her. While she, in turn, stared back at him, in shocked disbelief that this was happening to her. Most of the disbelief was because she was highly aroused by her situation, having two men fucking her likeable. That was made painfully clear to both men when they changed places.


Frank pulled out oh her as he was about to ejaculate, and turned to the wall to spatter his seed ageist it. Janet laid waiting eagerly for Alex to enter her again, and when he did, she clung to him for dear life as he fucked her very hard. "I hope you're taking those berth pills bitch because I'm not pulling out. I'm filling your whore's cunt with my spunk."


Janet shuddered under him and gasped aloud at his words, she had felt his and John's cock jerk and throb when they ejaculated into a condom. She had never felt their hot sperm pumping inside her, and the thought brought on an orgasm that made her hips jerk wildly. "You're enjoying this you bitch, I thought you were ready for sheering, I'm going to enjoy you tonight," Alex said ramming his cock into her faster, now he was nearing the point he would ejaculate.


Alex gave her a few quicker hard thrusts before he buried his cock deep inside her, where It began throbbing and jerking, spurting out his warm semen to fill her vaginal passage. When he pulled his cock from her, she just stared at the two men. As she lay gasping with the sexual emotion, she had just experienced, two men had just had sex with her and she had not fought against it. In fact, she was still highly aroused as she sat on the conditioner, her legs still open in obedience.


In the dim light she watched Alex clean his penis, then place the same tissue between her legs and onto her Vagina. "You will need to clean yourself up before you go back to the table," Alex said, wiping Janet's vagina, then helping her off the conditioner. Then at the door to the ladies toilet, he kissed her saying. "See you later, I'll have a drink ready for you at the table you sexy bitch. Now go clean that lovely cunt of yours, I'll clean it out the next time I fill it!" he finished and kissed her.


On her return to the table, she was greeted with razed eyebrows and a questioning look. "You've been gone for an hour Janet, don't tell me you just went for a pee. Look at Alex, he's looking more than satisfied about something, has he been in your knickers girl?" Sandra asked in a whispering jovial tone her lips near to Janet's ear, her hand on Janet's upper thigh. Janet was still feeling sexy, and in her aroused state she turned to Sandra smiling and said.


"Did you and Roberto have sex before you left home tonight, and are you and Roberto having sex when he takes you home? The answer to both is yes Sandra, and I'll be having sex again tonight when I get home!" Janet whispered back with a broad smile on her face, as she lifted the glass Alex had placed on the table. Smiling at him, she took a sip of the amber liquid in the glass.


Chapter 16

Janet fidgeted all the way home in Roberto's car, she was so sexually aroused, she leapt from the car and run to unlock her front door knowing he would be here somewhere. As the click of the key sounded, she gasped as two strong arms surrounded her. Then panting widely she was carried into the house and deposited behind the settee, instead of draped over it as usual. Janet felt and heard her dress zip being undone; then when it was removed, she stood naked.


Panting heavenly she was turned to face Alex who bent to kiss her, she swooned in his arms closing her eyes. Only to quickly open them, when she had a feeling they were not alone. Frank was standing behind Alex smiling at her, as he removed the last of his clothing. Alex was groping her breast while kissing her, and fingering her hot wet vagina. Janet was quivering and speechless with sexual excitement, as she watched Frank stroke his cock until it was long and hard?


"On your knees bitch, you can suck our cocks before we fuck you, start with Franks while I undress," Alex said pushing Janet to her knees. Janet was so sexually turned on, she just obeyed Alex without hesitation. Then as Frank came from behind Alex, he pushed her head forward onto Frank's cock. Janet soon found she enjoyed sucking Franks cock, as much as she liked sucking Alex. Although Frank's cock was smaller, it was just as tasty when he started producing his pre-cum juice.  


Now undressed Alex put Janet's hand on his cock saying, "now you can give both of us a good blowjob." Janet responded by taking Frank's cock from her mouth and sucked on Alex's, then sucking on each of them in turn, while rubbing her hand along both of them. "Enough," Alex said lifting Janet to her feet and turning her to drape her over the settee. "We'll take it in turn, to fuck her down here Frank, but when we're in the bedroom you can fuck her whenever you're ready."


"No condoms, but no filling her cunt with cum, not until we fuck her for the last time in the morning!" Alex said as he made Janet grunt and moan, by ramming his cock into her cunt hard. "Fair enough Alex; I won't fill her cunt until you say so. I must say though you have her trained well, she is so eager to please you," Frank said walking around the settee, to stand on the cushions and put his cock into Janet's open mouth.


"It wasn't that hard Frank, she was so frustrated she was mine as soon as I kissed her, and got my hand between her legs. She had been a typical naive wife, who hasn't been fucked properly before. She was a little drunk the first time I fucked her and loved me showing her what she had been missing. She loved my cock so much she let me do what I liked to her and loved it all, tonight just to make sure she was going to be compliant, I have given her some biovea."


"It's a very strong sex drug, she will know what's happening to her, but she will obey without question, watch," Alex said, pulling his cock from Janet's cunt, and moving beside Frank. "She has never sucked me off before, tonight she is sucking us both off. Now get over there and fuck the hell out of her, I'm nearly ready to shoot my load." He said holding Janet's head as he fucked her mouth, and watched Frank move behind her to fuck her cunt as hard as he had.


"You ready for this you lovely bitch? Are you ready to drink my spunk? Alex said as Janet stared up at him with wide eyes. Her muffled moans coming from her throat, as Frank thrust his hips into her buttocks. His hands groping her tits, as his fingers pulled and pinched her nipples. Then she gagged, as Alex's cock jerked and started filling her mouth with his sperm.


"Swallow it down Janet or chock; I'm not taking my cock out until you have drunk all of it," Alex said.  Holding her head, as his cock throbbed as more cum oozed from it, and then when she did swallow he prized her. "Good girl, now hurry and suck my cock clean, Frank will want to use your mouth as well. Because you enjoyed that so much, from now on you're sucking us off every time we fuck you." Alex said just as Frank turned her to make her kneel, and Janet opened her mouth.


Maybe Frank being at least forty-odd, made Frank's semen thicker than Alex's it was much saltier to, though it did taste nice as Janet sucked hard as it oozed from his cock. Frank was enjoying the eager way she sucked him, and as Janet swallowed it down, he said. "Fuck Alex she's a born cocksucker, I don't think it's just because of the sex drug, I bet she'd suck you off without you giving it to her," Frank said looking down at her, as she held his cock, and licked his shrunken knob end.


"You may be right Frank, but I didn't want to chance it. What I have found with her, is once I have done something to her, she normally accepts me doing it to her again. Now carry her upstairs, she loves being abused until she is fucked again. So if you have anything you have ever wanted to do to a woman's cunt, now is the time to fulfil your fantasia." Alex said, picking up the holdall, Janet trembled as Frank lifted her; it was the same bag he had the last time and taken the big dildo from.


What else did Alex have in that bag, to torment her with, and there was Frank, Alex had said could do what he liked to her. Frank was about the same age as her father, which would make him twice her age. Never had she thought of having sex with anyone of that age, but his cock had given her as much pleasure as Alex's had. Roberto was of a similar age as Frank, now why had she suddenly thought of him.


Frank laid her gently onto the bed, before kissing her between the legs. Lifting his leg over her, she opened her mouth as he lowered his soft cock for her to suck. "Here's some lube Frank give her arsehole a good fingering and make it nice and slippery, you're be fucking it soon," Alex said, and then Janet felt slippery fingers feeling her anus before they invaded her. With his tongue licking the entrance to her vagina, and his fingers moving in and out of her anus, Janet climaxed.


Frank lapped eagerly at her cunt as he added a third finger to her anus, making Janet moan again as he fingered her slackening arsehole. It had been twenty minutes since she had sucked him off, and now his cock was thickening in her mouth. Her mouth watered, as his love juice began oozing from his cock. "You ready yet Frank?" Alex asked as Frank started fucking Janet's mouth with his hardening cock. "Yes I am, but if I'm fucking her dirt box, I'll need a condom!" Frank answered.


He lifted himself off Janet, and Alex took her hands to sit her upright. Then putting his hands under her buttocks, he lifted her against his body, and then lowered her slowly onto his cock. With Alex's cock sliding into her; she felt Frank's hands on her buttocks opening them. Then she gasped and moaned, as his knob pushed open her arsehole and she felt his cock entering her. With her body pinned between them, all she could do was whimper and moan as they both fucked her.



Alex pulled out of her first, to sit on the bed and pull Janet's mouth down to suck him off, as Frank continued to fuck her from the rear. He and Alex came almost together, Janet climaxed as Alex's cum filled her mouth, and Frank's cock throbbed inside her arse. Frank left them to go to the bathroom, leaving Janet kneeling on the floor still sucking Alex's cock. "You enjoyed that didn't you Janet?" Alex asked. She looked up at him nodding and smiling, her cunt and arsehole tingling.


They left her exhorted in the early hours; after they had fucked her a total of four times each. The rest of the time, they had fingered and teased her to many orgasms, and she had drunk seven loads of their spunk. Now she just lay panting legs and arms open wide, as each of them gave her cunt a farewell feel and kiss. Then they left her alone to fall into a fitful sex drugged sleep, where she dreamt of a succession of men, having sex with her.



When Janet finally woke the sex drug had worn off completely, and she lay in disbelief that she had spent the night with two men. She could remember all they did, and her willingness to do all they wanted. Her vagina was still a little puffy and tingled at her touch, as she remembered eagerly allowing them to enter her with their penis's to have sex. Janet should be cussing Alex's for deceiving her and giving her that drug, but the drugged Janet had enjoyed the attention of the two of them.


If Alex hadn't drugged her at the casino, she may have fought off Frank's attempt to fuck her. Being under the spell of the drug, she had seemed willing for Frank to fuck her a second time. As he was fucking her, Janet had had an orgasm, which indicated to them both; she was enjoying the situation. Only the drug had robed Janet of her ability to resist them, and it gave her an over welling desire to please, which also gave her sexual pleaser to receive them between her legs.


Janet was wrestling with her emotions, as she lay remembering clearly what had happened the night before. The way she had acted when Alex had first said, he was filling her mouth with his semen. She had enjoyed them probing her vagina with their fingers and tongues, then filling her completely with the girth and length of their penises. Was it just the drug that made her want sex if it was, why was she now willing to forgive Alex, and look forward to seeing him again on Thursday?


A little after three, Janet got home from Rachel's afternoon coffee meeting. She had just changed out of her dress, and into her housecoat when the doorbell rang, Janet was surprised to see Alex standing at the door a small parcel in his hand. "Where have you been I came an hour ago, now I haven't much time before I have to meet someone, so get upstairs and get naked?"


He said, his hand groping her breast as he bent to kiss her, giving her no time to ask why he was there. He hurried her up the stairs, with his hand between her legs feeling her vagina. Alex helped her remove the housecoat, and then undid the package he held saying 'try this on.' It looked like a rap over full-length evening dress that shown like gold and had just one fastening at the waist. The plunging neckline ended above the fastening and revealed her cleavage and part of her breasts.


"We're going out tonight to meet some associates," Alex said steering Janet to her dressing room, to stand her in front of her full-length mirror. "I want you to wear this when we meet them if they like you their prepared to cut me a deal on some goods," Alex said, opening the top of the dress to reveal her breasts. Undoing the clasp of the dress he moved his hands down to her vagina and opened her cunt lips. Janet gasped looking at herself in the mirror, and at her pink skin on display.


"What do you mean Alex if they like me, what are you planning to do if they say yes?" Janet asked, already in her heart knowing the answer, seeing he had let Frank fuck her last night. "You drugged me, so your friend Frank could molest me; you're not to do that again, I won't let you!" Janet said then yelped as Alex clamped his hand over her vagina, and inserting his fingers painfully seized her cunt as he said.


"You're going to do as you're told Janet or hubby John will see the photo's I've taken of you enjoying being fucked. I have a nice one of you sucking Frank's cock, and of you enjoying him between your legs. Tonight, you tart you're entertaining some drug dealers for two hours for me. They have seen your naked photos, and have shown an interest in having sex with you. You are going to please them, so get used to it Janet, this won't be the last time you'll be entertaining."


He said, as he manhandled her to her dressing table, where he removed the dress and bent her naked body over. To make her gasp and groan as she looked at her tortured face in the mirror, as he fucked her as hard as he could. Only to force her to her knees when he pulled out, so she could suck his bloated cock. "Fuck I'm going to be late you bitch, suck harder!" he said as he held her head to fuck her mouth and made her gage a few times, by pushing his knob end down her throat.


"Be at the gateway motel by six thirty wearing that dress Janet; don't make me come up here to fetch you." He warned, as he put his cock away and zipped up his flies. "I'll drag you there naked if I have to, you don't go back on your word with men like this. I've said you will be there for them to fuck if they want to. From what they said when I showed them your photos, you're being fucked tonight for sure. Do as you're told Janet, and you won't get slapped into submission."


Alex said tapping Janet's cheek as if to enforce his remarks, making her take a quick intake of breath. She was under no illusion of what he had meant by that gesture, or of the threat to show John the photos of her and him. She would have to do as he said and entertain his friends; she had survived a night with him and a stranger named Frank. She was not looking forward to having two complete strangers molesting her, but she could see no way of getting out of the situation.


Alex blew her a kiss as he left the room, leaving her still kneeling on the floor where he had left her. Looking at herself in the long mirror, as her ample breasts heaved as she took deep breaths. Still thinking of what was going to happen to her, when Alex gave her to the drug dealers. He had just vertically raped her, and she had not fought him off. Was she addictive to sex, was that why she was trembling, keeling legs apart looking at her wet vagina he had just used for his own pleaser.


At six twenty, Janet stepped from the taxi, at the entrance to the gateway motel a little uneasy. She had seen the taxi driver watching her as she entered his cab, and then watch her in his rear-view mirror as he drove her there. The gaping neckline of her dress showed too much of her breasts, but she was unable to do anything about it. He had hurriedly got out of the car to open her door and got an eye full of her crouch when she tried in vain to alight elegantly from the car.


She stood blushing as Alex gave him the fair, knowing he had seen between her legs as she had put one leg out before the other. "You look ravishing Janet I wish I had time to fuck you myself," Alex said as he leads her inside to the lounge bar. Stopping a waiter as they entered, he ordered a gin and tonic and a swan larger, and then indicated a table in the far corner. The waiter smiled at Janet as he slowly put the drinks on the table, and taking a long look at her breasts before leaving.


"Okay let's get you sexy and presentable", Alex said producing a small bottle and pouring some of the contents into Janet's drink. "Now drink that up Janet, it will relax you and make you accept what they are going to do to you. To show you off I am going to strip you and show the drug boss your juicy cunt. So while you drink that and get sexy, I'm giving you an orgasm to make your cunt look inviting." Alex said putting his hand between her legs to finger her.


Janet was trembling as Alex knocked on room '22', she could feel the effect of the drug was working on her. Also the anticipation of what was going to happen to her inside that room. Had her vagina oozing female cum, especially after Alex had fingered her to an orgasm. Her heart gave a skip and a flutter as the door opened, and Alex gently pushed her into the room.


Standing to hold the door open was a muscular well-built Samoan man, in an armchair facing her was an even larger Samoan. A tall Samoan sat on the bed, and all three men were naked. Janet's legs went weak as she looked at their penises; she had imagined there would be two men there. Seeing three large thick black penises took her breath away, and they were only semi hard now. The thought of them being long and hard, brought a fresh flow of fanny juice from her.  


The man in the armchair was obviously the boss because Alex moved Janet to stand in front of him before saying. "Here she is Felu, as you see I have not exaggerated her beauty, and look at these tits," Alex said pulling open the dress to expose her breasts, his hands going to them to pull her nipples that had gone hard. With the dress pulled off her shoulders, it slivered to the floor when Alex undid the clasp leaving her naked.


Janet opened her legs as Alex's hands went between them, to open her vaginal lips to expose the pink inner skin to the drug boss. Again, she trembled as Felu leaned forward, to put his hand between her legs to insert a finger. "See how wet she is Felu, she can't wait for you to fuck her and you can fuck her any way you like. She has been told to obey your every wish, so have we a deal Felu, her in half payment for the drugs."


Felu smiled and leaned to his left, to pick up a large paper bag he placed on a table. As Alex replaced the bag with a bulging envelope, Felu took Janet's hands and encouraged her to kneel between his open legs. Then as Alex was leaving the room, he looked back into the room as the door was closing, to see Janet's head bobbing up and down over the drug boss's lap.


When that door closed again at ten- forty, the last of the Samoan's had just passed through it. Leaving Janet curled up on the bed, where the last of them had left her after fucking her arse. She lay utterly exhorted, after three and a half hours of nonstop sex. Because after they had fucked her for the first time, she had a cock fucking her continually. Seeing there were three of them, by the time the third had fucked her, the first had regained his erection and was fucking her again.


Janet lay quits still her head swimming, as she was still under the influence of the drugs. They had given her some white powder to take, which had made her fussier then she was. Making her as limp as a rag doll, they pulled around as they wished to fuck and make her suck them. What they had not made Janet drink of their cum, now oozed from her swollen vagina and anus. The two last Samoans ejaculated inside her, after fucking her in double penetration sex.


It had been the second time they had fucked her that way, Janet could not remember how many times she had been fucked in total. To her, it had been one long fuck, as there was always a cock in her. Likewise, she had no idea how many time she herself had climaxed, she could remember one Samoan lapping up the orgasm he had given her while fucking her. Apart from that, she was the one drinking their semen after they had fucked her.


It was almost eleven when Janet stared her aching body and stood under a refreshing shower to revive her. Then using the hotel phone and the list of taxi firms, she tried to organise a lift home. Only to be told there would be no taxis available for that location, until one or two in the morning. Now she had no other choice, but to use the only other phone number she knew, to get her home. When he answered, Roberto, said he would be there in fifteen minutes.


Janet was devastated at having to ring Roberto, as she looked at herself in the mirror. He would know at a glance, what she had been in that room for. Her hair was a mess and so was her makeup, and this dress she wore showing her tits and the harlot she was. That had just spent three hours being fucked, by three burly men in a seedy motel room on the outskirts of town. She was near to tears, as she waited for him to knock on the door, and jumped in fright when he did.


Janet saw his eyes open wide as he looked at her when she opened the door for him, she went to look away but looked down to see that bulge in his shorts. The drug they had given her was still affecting her and would have allowed him to take her back into the room. She would have been unable to stop him fucking her, and just stood to wait for him to make his move. He did by taking her arm, and leading her to his car.  


Chapter 18

Eight hours of sleep, seemed to have done Janet good, though she had a somewhat fussy head it was not troublesome. In fact, she felt quite refreshed after her deep sleep, and her vagina had returned to its normal size, it was her memory of last night that worry her a little. Although being drugged, the things they did to her were crystal clear. Her willingness to have sex with them was all due to the sex drug, Janet argued to herself. The thing that worried Janet now, was the feeling she had when Roberto had appeared at the door of the motel room.


He had openly looked at the plunging neckline of her dress, with almost half of her breasts on display. She had seen the movement of his penis, as it hardened inside his shorts. She had become flustered and hot and wanted to see what he was hiding inside his shorts. If he had made any sort of sexual advance towards her, she would have opened her legs and welcomed him between them. At that moment, she felt disappointment, when he led her away from that room.


How would she feel, and how would he treat her when they met again after he has seen her in the state they had left her. He would know why she was in that room, and why she was dressed as she was. He had always treated her kindly and ladylike, would he now treat her like the slut Alex had turned her into. Would he too demand sex from her to keep her secret? That's what was in her thoughts now.


That was the reason she did not want to ring him last night, he was her friend's lover and she saw him every week. The drug dealers, she may never see again, 'she hoped', though Alex had threatened, there might be other men she would entertain. Another drug dealer maybe, or friends and workmates like Frank. He had those photos he was blackmailing her with; at the moment he had complete control over her.


Right now though it was Roberto, she was worried about seeing again. In the fully illuminated entrance of the motel, he had helped her enter the car. As she had sat, her dress had gaped open, showing him more of her breasts than before. The bottom of the dress had also fallen either side of her legs. He must have seen her naked puffy vagina, as she lifted one leg after the other into the car. She had looked up at him as she moved her legs, and he had smiled at her.


It would soon be eleven, and they would soon be here to take her for lunch and shopping. Should she go or cry off sick, she would have to ring Sandra soon if she were. It was mid-summer now and the temperature was in the high thirties, as she stood naked in front of her wardrobe she wondered what to wear. To cover up completely would be too insufferable; all her summer dresses were light short revelling ones. With low necklines and high hems, that revealed most of her legs.


Her choice was a wide-legged lightweight trouser suit; the jacket would be removed once in the restaurant. Which meant Roberto would not see the skimpy camisole top under it, and the cleavage of her breasts it revealed. She tried not to look at him as she walked to the car, and blushed slightly as he asked if she was feeling any better after last night. Sandra looked at her suspiciously, as she greeted her in the car, she had heard Roberto's question and wondered why he had asked it.


Moving around the shops Janet seemed herself, chatting and making comments of what the girls were trying on. Though she never bought anything herself, she seemed happy to be among her friends. Over lunch, they joked and shared bottles of wine, to her friends Janet seemed to be her happy self. Only in the car on the way home at two, Janet began to fidget and look anxious. As they entered their housing estate, Janet was wringing her hands anxiously.


After three stops they were approaching her home, and she was trembling. She was relieved to see, Alex's land cruiser wasn't parked opposite her house as usual. She nervously unlocked the door, expecting Alex to grab her at any moment. Gingerly opening the door she entered, and with a large shy of relief closed the door behind her. She could not believe it, by now he would have stripped her, and made her kneel before him.


He had not come as usual and she seemed not to know what to do, in a daydream she made her way upstairs to change. On her return to the downstairs, there was a knocking at the door. It opened, and Alex walked in and Janet froze where she stood as he smiled at her. "Hello my sexy girl, did you think I wasn't coming." He said moving towards her, "Got delayed by our friends of last night. Said how much they enjoyed your company, want to repeat it in a mouths time."


"No," Janet said boldly, still frozen and trembling on the same spot, but with a defiant look on her face. "You left me there with them for over three hours, so they could molest me. I thought you loved me, but you are treating me like a prostitute. How much did Frank pay you to have sex with me, I'm not doing it again Alex, we're finished go now I don't want to see you again." Janet said stamping her feet, her face a little redder as her anger rose. 


Alex's smile widened as he stepped towards her, his hand pulling an envelope from his pocket. "Janet are you saying you didn't enjoy last nights sex romp at the motel, our friends thought differently. Felu said you were on your knees, sucking his cock before I was out the door. All three said you readily climaxed when they sucked your cunt and fucked you. Are you calling them liars?"  From the envelope, Alex took a hand full of photos and turned one for Janet to see it and ask.


"Would you say that's a photo of a woman who doesn't like having sex, look closely Janet there's a big black man fucking her as she sucking a big black cock. They took these photos of you at my request, in every one of them; you are getting your cunt fucked while sucking a big black cock. Look at this one Janet; you're getting it in the arse as well as your cunt."



"If I showed this to hubby, do you think he would believe you if you said you had had a few drinks and didn't know it was happening? Even if you thought you could convince him that was true, what do you think he would say if I show him this one? Looks like your enjoying all three Samoans at once Janet, you certainly let him spread your legs wide? "



Janet was speechless, as she looked at the explicit photos, of her being fucked by the three black men. There must have been fifteen photos of them, each one showing her in different poses. In each one of them, she had a cock in her vagina as well as her mouth. Not one showed her repulsed, at what they were doing to her. The most revealing photo of her was the one with all three men fucking her at once, one in her mouth the other two in her arse and vagina.


"Have you seen enough Janet, are you still thinking of defying me, I told you before to do as you're told, and you won't get slapped. I don't want to start slapping you into submission Janet, I know you like being fucked so just open your legs when told too and enjoy it. Unless of course, you would like to feel a little pain while you're fucked, I can arrange that if you wish. I have friends who like to make girls beg for mercy, while they are tied up and helpless."


"Would you like that Janet, 'no' then get on your knees," Alex said taking out his cock for her to suck? Janet was on her knees again after he had fucked her over the back of the settee, to suck his cock off. She was swallowing hard, as his cock pumped spunk into her mouth when he said. "Had a phone call from Frank he wants to set a date for an orgy, last Tuesday was a freebie for him, a trial run so to speak? He runs a men's club, and wants to put on some erotic entertainment."


"You can do a striptease act before letting the men there fuck you, Frank and I will split the takings. He has forty members, most nights there are ten to fifteen in there. His busiest night is Saturdays, I've told him we can't do it Saturdays, but we can do every other Monday Wednesday and Thursday." Janet shook visibly as she sucked hard on his blotted shrunken cock; she had drained it of all his sperm, but she continued to suck him as she listened to him.


A short time ago, she had defiantly hating him for what he had made her do with those men. Then he had taken out his penis and made her suck it, before bending her over to fuck her. The sight and feel of his cock; had once again turned her feelings towards him. The orgasm he gave her just before he pulled his cock out of her; was intensified when he ejaculated inside her mouth. His deception of her doing a striptease, then being fuck by all in the men's club strangely excited her.


Now she realised how weak she was, how addicted to sex she had become. When stimulated by the sight of a penis, all a man had to do it seems was to expose himself. Alex knew her weaknesses, those photos had made her temperature rise, and she had dropped to her knees at the sight of his cock. Her vagina was tingling now, as fresh vagina juices oozed from her. As he continued to excite her, with examples of other venues he could make money from her having sex.


He dragged her upstairs, to continue giving her orgasm's, with his mouth fingers and the sex toys from his bag. By five-thirty, he had fucked her another three times but had used her cunt tits and arsehole as playthings continually. She had sucked him off after each fuck, and he had scooped her orgasmic juices from her cunt with his fingers and made her suck it off them. He left her truly sexually satisfied, and kissing her cunt goodbye, promised to return to fuck her again.



Chapter 19

The telephone had rung several times while Alex had her on the bed, it rings again fifteen minutes after Alex left her. "Hello," Janet answers, and heard an agitated Sandra, on the line. "Are you alright Janet, you haven't answered your phone all afternoon. I was going to come around to check on you, only Roberto stopped me. We must meet tomorrow for a chat; I can't to-night Roberto's staying until ten." Sandra said and Janet heard his voice, telling Sandra to hang up.


Janet wondered if he had said anything about seeing her last night, and the state she was in, was that the reason Sandra wanted to talk to her. Now, what could Janet say her season for going to the gateway motel was. Sandra knew Alex came to Janet's home to have sex, as Roberto went to Sandra's for the same reason, so telling her it was to meet Alex would not work. She could not tell her she had to meet three drug dealers there, and spend hours in a room with them.


Janet would have to wait until tomorrow to find out what Sandra wanted, and then she would have to tell little white lies to disguise to the truth. She put the phone down, and put Sandra and her questioning to the back of her mind. Then she went for a shower, then downstairs for something to eat. As she was finishing her meal, the phone rung again and thinking it was Sandra on the line. Only to be surprised to find it was Alex, and she was speechless as he told her.


"Frank has phoned me he wants a meeting; he wants to show us his club and to get some ideas from you. He wants' to know what you would like in the room, you will be entertaining men in.  He has some suggestions he wants to put to us, of what you could do on the stage, in front of the members. I have told him you are unenviable at the weekends, and I am away all next week."


"He going to pick you up on Monday at four, it's a half-hour drive to the club. He will show you around, and get your impressions on what you want in the room to entertain the men and when you wanted to start. He opens the club at seven; you might want to stay to see what the members are like. Alternatively, he will bring you home before, it would be up to you. Be pleasant to him Janet, I'll see you next Tuesday week." He said blowing her a kiss over the phone, before hanging up.


'Oh my goodness, Alex wasn't joking,' Janet thought, he really was planning with Frank, for her to perform at Frank's club. He would force her to do it, with the threat of showing those photos of her. She began imagining men cueing at the door to a room, just waiting to have sex with her. 'Oh my goodness, how am I to cope with men having sex with me night after night.' When her vagina was still feeling the effect of being with Alex, Janet thought, still looking at the phone in her hand.


A few glasses of wine settled her nerves somewhat, but though the night she had dreams of men abusing her. She woke several times to look around her, only to find she was alone. At ten in the morning, Sandra knocked on her door and entered with a large bottle of wine. She came straight to the point, as she poured out two glasses.


"Roberto said he picked you up at the gateway motel, just before midnight and you didn't look as you normally do. He was not going to tell me any more, but I pressed him to tell me. He said he was shocked to see the dress you were wearing; he never would have imagined you wearing such a revealing dress. Let alone wearing nothing under it, he was shocked at what it revealed to him. You were in such disarray; he could only guess at what happened to you in that room."


Sandra said handing Janet her glass and watching her drink half of it straight down. Janet had her eyes downcast, looking almost afraid to look at Sandra. "Well?" Sandra asked, her voice razed a little. Janet drank the rest of her wine and held out the empty glass; Sandra filled it and waited for Janet to drink more of it, before asking again, "well"? Janet timidly looked at her with a hint of a tear in her eyes, and then seemed to make up her mind to tell her friend all.


"Alex took lots of photos of us when we were having sex, and not just normal intercourse. He made me give him oral and photographed me doing it. I had to pose in revealing posses after we had had sex, and he took close-ups of my privet parts. They were most revealing, but he insisted on taking more of my vagina after he had taken his penis from me. I tried to make him stop, but he said he would show you all the photos if I didn't do as he said."


"Last Tuesday he must have put a drug in my drink, which made me sexy when I met him out the back of the casino. While we were having sex, a friend of his turned up and watched us. Alex was holding me down on the top of an air considerer unit, and I was shocked when he told his friend to have sex with me. That is why I was so long Sandra; they both had intercourse with me for a long time. Then when you took me home, he and Alex turned up and stayed all night."


"Wednesday Alex threatened me with the photos if I didn't go along with his plan to buy drugs. I had to wear that dress with nothing under it and meet some drug dealer at the motel. He drugged me and give me to them as part payment for his drugs, they kept me there for three hours." Janet finished with a tear in her eyes, almost relieved to have told someone her woes.


Sandra had listened quietly sipping her wine, but looking serious and shocked. Then when Janet had finished, she put down her glass and took Janet hand saying. "You poor dear, that must have been harrowing; I thought Alex was the right lover for you. Seems he has turned out to be a right bustard, by the sound of it. You must hate him now Janet, for doing that to you?" Sandra said seizing Janet's hand, in an act to console her.


"That's just it Sandra I can't hate him I love having sex with him too much. I tried to finish with him the other day, but as soon as he gets me passionate, I forgave him. I just surrender to his will when he takes his penis out, I just cannot get enough sex when he is with me Sandra, I just can't. He makes me do things I would never do with John, and I love him doing all those things."


"Do you think I'm a sex maniac, Sandra, I know I was drugged, but I never resisted the men having sex with me. In fact, I think I enjoyed having sex with them all, and I get hot and bothered thinking of them doing it" Janet said and seized Sandra's hand back. "Darling you said drug dealers, how many of them were there?" Sandra asked, and Janet lowered her eyes and she blushed and quietly said. "Three of them Sandra, they were three big Samoans with big penises."


Sandra sat upright and gasped, "three of them o my god, and they fucked you for three hours. No wonder you were a bedraggled mess when Roberto met you, my god, they could have murdered you. Alex should have never left you alone with them; Roberto never leaves me when he takes me out. Roberto was shocked and disappointed to see you like that, though he did like seeing your vagina when you got into his car." Janet put her hands to her mouth and gasping said.


"O my god I was afraid he had, that dress is so embarrassing, as I walk in it, it opens and shows my crouch. I've hidden it away so John doesn't find it, I'm in enough trouble without him finding it, I can't throw it away Alex would be mad." Janet said her voice a little slurry, Sandra had poured her four large glasses from that bottle, and was in the process of topping the glass up again.


"Can I see it Janet; will you put it on so I can see it for myself?" Sandra asked, draining the last of the bottle into her own glass. Sandra followed Janet upstairs to her bedroom and sat on the bed as Janet went into her walk-in wardrobe to get the dress. When she appeared at the door wearing it, Sandra sat up saying. "O my lord, I can see half your tits, it is a lovely dress but is that the only fastening?" She asked moving towards Janet, who stood nodding her head saying "yes".


Sandra felt the material between her fingers, at the point where Janet's cleavage showed most. The light cloth moved easily, as Sandra's fingers lifted it to expose Janet's nipple. "This is expensive clothing Janet, and I think I know what it is. Sit on your dressing table stool for me; I am sure this is a hot pants dress. A few years ago they were quite fashionable, but there's something is missing from this one." Sandra said leading Janet to her dressing table and pulling out the stool.


As Janet sat the dress fell either side of her legs, revelling she was naked from the waist down. Sandra reached down and opened Janet's legs stating. "That's why Roberto saw your fanny, you haven't got the hot pants on that went with the dress." Sandra announced triumphantly.


"When you opened your legs to swing one into the car, Roberto got a good look at you," Sandra said smiling, as she looked between Janet's legs. She had taken Janet completely by surprise by opening up her legs. Due to Janet's intoxicated state, it took her a few moments before closing them when Sandra finally let go of her knees. Sandra was smiling at her slowness to close them and looking at Janet said.


"Your pussy is not as puffy as it was when Roberto saw you, but then after three hours and three men's cocks, mine would be swollen I guess. Now, Janet, you will have to make a decision, about Alex and your future if you carry on seeing him. I know you said you love the sex he gives you, but if he keeps making you have sex with other groups of men like the drug dealers. You may come to harm and I don't want that, so do you want him to keep using you to make money for himself?"


"If the answer is no, I'll get Roberto to see to it he never bothers you again. As for your love life, (Sandra smiled) I know someone who would gladly get you serviced more often." Sandra pursed smiling, so Janet could digest what she had said then continued. "Well Janet, do you want to spend every Wednesday night in a motel room, being drugged and fucked by a group of men. Drugs will soon make you lose your looks, and John would sourly find out about your nocturnal activates."


"If I am right about Alex, he will toss you aside, when you are no longer appealing for his uses. Then what would you do Janet, you would be a drug and sex addict, selling yourself to down and outs." Sandra finished unsmiling, as she looked into Janet's eyes. Janet had sat stock still, as she listened to Sandra. Her face looking very thoughtful, as Sandra's words suck in.


She was realising Sandra could be right about Alex, he had in a way sold her to the drug dealers. His friend Frank had tried her out, for their plane to make money from selling her. He had also warned her, there were other groups of men she would have to entertain. Sandra's words were really ringing true to her, and her head started nodding. "Alex won't like it, Sandra, he may come and harm me, if Roberto intervenes with his plans, but yes I must stop seeing him," Janet said.


Sandra smiled leaned forward and kissed Janet, then standing up said. "I'll ring Roberto when I get home, don't say anything to Alex if he rings you, and try to stay charm Janet. I'll let you know when Roberto has dealt with Alex, and don't fret you will come to no harm, Roberto will see to that." Sandra kissed Janet goodbye, and left Janet to change and hide that dress again, and wonder how she would manage her appetite for sex without Alex.


All through the weekend, Janet tried to put Alex out of her mind. Only her discussion with Sandra on Friday kept popping into her head, she had welcomed John home enthusiastically and pampered to his every sexual wish. He had become a little more daring, in his love play and gave her orgasms with his fingers, before having intercourse. He had indeed satisfied her in some ways, but at times, she had craved the girth and length of Alex's penis.


Early Monday morning she had enjoyed the sex he gave her, and almost sucked his penis as they played with one another before sex. She had been lying with her head on his chest, stroking his hard penis. When a due drop appeared from his pee hole, she had the urge to lick off this pre-cum but had to resist it. He had not yet attempted oral on her yet; the only time he had kissed her mound of Venus was when he shaved her, perhaps she should suggest he kiss her vagina the next time.


At mid-day Sandra rung to suggest, they should have lunch on Tuesday but didn't mention if she had heard anything from Roberto. This reignited the memory of the discussion with Sandra on Friday and all she had revealed to her. That memory of the man she had told Sandra about, did affect her as she sat with her lunch and another glass of wine. The memory still troubled her, as she sat with that bottle in the early afternoon.


Three-thirty there was a knock at the door, and Janet was taken aback to see Frank standing there. "Sorry Janet I'm a bit early, but it will give me more time to show you my place." He said beaming a happy smile, Janet had seen before when he had lain on top of her. "Err yes that's okay Frank," she stammered, for she had forgotten all about him coming today. "I'd have changed out of my housecoat, earlier if I had known Frank." Janet finished, trembling a little her legs weak.


"No need to Janet, you look lovely in that outfit, anyway no one will see you inside at my place, and we will be alone." That remark did not help Janet's demeanour, as she sat beside him on the way to his club. It was in the old part of Fremantle, in one of the back streets of the old town. No one was about when; they got out of his car in front of a large green door. Inside the door, they passed through an entrance hall, then into the main large clubroom.


Tables and chairs filled the room, with a bar to one side and a small stage at the far end. "It's only a small stage Janet, we normally only have comics in here, but it's big enough for you to do your act. You could parsley strip off, then wander around between the table. It would excite the men before you finally strip off completely and showed them your cunt. I will take you upstairs to the room I have set up for you; you can tell me if you need anything else in there."


Frank's casual talk of her stripping off, in front of a room full of men, had her trembling again. They were not alone either, there was a young man behind the bar sorting things out. He had heard all Frank had said to Janet because he had not spoken softly. Janet was blushing slightly as the young man looked at her because it was not hard to read his mind, as he mentally undressed her. Upstairs Frank showed her a room with a large bed, dressing table and wardrobe, with six chairs facing the bed.


When he saw Janet looking at the chairs, he smiled at her and said. "I thought there may be some that would just like to watch you fucking; do you think six chairs will be enough?" Janet was feeling a little faint, the chairs and his remarks made her breath heavy. They reminded her of how she had felt when Frank had watched Alex having sex with her. It had turned her on somewhat to see him looking, then he got between her legs himself.


Frank was watching her closely, as her breasts rose and fell with her heavy breathing. "Well Janet what do you think, we could do a trial run if you like. I will advertise you being here to strip and have sex for one night, and see how it goes. Then if we get enough men to watch you strip, and enough men fucking you up here. We could advertise you for three nights a week, and adjust it to demand. How many men, would you like to fuck you in one night Janet, ten or fifteen would give us a good profit?"


Frank said looking at a flashed faced Janet, who was finding it hard to breathe. He didn't help her when he lifted his hand to her heaving breast and said as he excited her nipple. "Tell you what Janet, seeing we have finished the inspection and have plenty of time. Would you like to have a trial run, I'll get Johnnie to sit in a chair and watch me fuck you." He had undone buttons on her outfit, and had his hand inside feeling her breast, and had taken her hand and placed it on his hardening penis.


She had started to pant but said nothing, as her fingers felt his hardness. "Johnnie come up here I need you," Frank yelled downstairs, and Janet heard footsteps running up them. By the time, Johnnie entered the room; Frank had undone all her buttons and had his hand between her legs. She still had not said a word, but Frank didn't need her to say yes, to know she wanted sex. "Sit there Johnnie and watch me fuck Janet, you can tell us what would make it better for those watching."


 With Janet naked, Frank undone his trousers and let them fall, Janet sank to her knees as Franks hard penis appeared. Then looking to the side as she sucked Frank, she saw Johnnie had taken his penis out and was slowly rubbing it. His penis was as long and as thick as Frank's was, did everybody have a bigger penis than her John did? Frank pulled her upright then sat her on the bed, burying his head between her legs, and tongued her to a nosey orgasm.


She had been looking at Johnnie wanking his cock and knew he would not be satisfied with just looking at Frank fucking her. He would want to fuck her himself when Frank had finished. She was already hot and aroused, and knowing she would be soon be fucked by two cocks brought on her orgasm.




She was still vibrating to it when Frank thrust his penis into her; she had found her voice and nosily encouraged him. "O god yes Frank, O, O, O." She yelped as he drove his penis deep into her. She said no more as she had filled her mouth when Johnnie knelt naked over her head. He gave her back his penis to suck when Frank turned her to take her from the rear doggy style.


Johnnie took Franks place, while Janet was sucking Frank off. She had had several climaxes, a big orgasm came when Johnnie's penis jerked and throbbed inside her. Her cry of joy was muffled because she still had Frank's penis in her mouth. The two men kept her on the bed, giving her more pleaser and orgasms. As Frank scoped out Johnnies semen with his fingers, to make Janet suck it off them.


Frank left them as Johnnie took her to the men's room, and refused to leave her, as she washed between her legs. Then before she dressed, she allowed him to feel her breasts and suckle on her nipples, while she toyed with his soft limp penis. Janet was feeling content, she had enjoyed the sex with the two men, and she had been sober and not drugged. They lingered for a drink at the bar, where Frank toasted their future alliance and could not resist, sliding his hand up her leg to finger her.    


Frank and she were quite on the drive back to her house, the sun had set long ago. In the darkened car, Frank had reached over to undo two of Janet's buttons, and she opened her legs as his hand reached into the gap. Then she sat back softly moaning, as his fingers excited her clitoris. For the twenty-minute ride, his fingers gave her joy and two orgasms. She was not surprised and very pleased, when he rushed her into the house, to lift her clothing and bend her over the settee back.


He left her satisfied with a vagina full of sperm because she had encouraged him not to stop fucking her. He had responded to her request willingly, driving his penis into her with force and speed. In the end, he had roared like an animal when he deposited his seed in the depths of her vaginal passage. At the door, he turned, to see she was still gasping and panting, and still hung over the settee back. His seed dribbling from her cunt, he was looking forward to having her at his club again and maybe having her to himself before the show started.


Chapter 21

Tuesday morning Janet lay in her bed, thinking of her trip to Frank's club. It had turned out to be very pleasant, though at first, she didn't want to go. Alex had told her to be friendly towards Frank; she hadn't quite understood what he had actually meant by that. Not having heard from Sandra, she was afraid of making Alex mad at her, by not going to the club as arranged. So the ride out to the club had been quite unsettling, as she sat beside the man who had seen her naked and had sex with her.


In the club itself, seeing the stage she was to strip off on before a host of men. Gave her a breathless feeling, the bed upstairs where she was to have sex. Gave her weak knees, and Frank's voice telling her she would have men watching, aroused her sexually. She had seen him watching her, as her temperature rose and her cheeks flushed pink. She was more than willing, to have sex with him when he placed her hand on his penis.


She lay there thinking of the young Johnnie joining them, and the pleasant ride home. Then he had draped her over the settee, to give her another orgasm as he made her squeal with delight. All these thoughts made her feel warm and sexy if Frank had knocked on her door right now. She would have invited him to bed, instead of retrieving her pink friend from his hiding place.


She then lay eyes closed, picturing hansom men in bed with her, as she fucked herself with the eight-inch dildo. She was still feeling amorous when Sandra knocked on her door, "My, that's a sexy outfit, Janet." Sandra said, giving Janet a kiss then holding her at arm's length to look at her. Janet had on a very light floral summer dress, which was off the shoulder and came halfway up her thigh. It was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra, the frilly top of her dress showed her cleavage and the swell of her breasts. Sandra had gone Spanish, with a flared skirt and a frilly blouse.


Sandra drove them to Fremantle, where they dined at 'fisherman's dock'. Freshly caught oysters and crayfish, with the right bottle of wine, had them both in a happy mood. As they eat, they chatted of this and that, neither Alex or Roberto was mentioned at all over lunch. Returning home at three, Sandra poured more wine, and sitting beside Janet, told her of the news she had to tell her as they drank.


"Roberto caught up with Alex at the weekend; he won't be bothering you anymore Janet. Roberto also retrieved the photos Alex had of you, my goodness they are revelling, aren't they. Roberto came around on Monday and showed them to me, those drug dealers really fucked you, didn't they? Who was the man with Alex in your bedroom Janet, is that the man that fucked you behind the casino?"


"Now you mustn't worry Roberto will keep the photos safe, no one will see them only us," Sandra said smiling as she finishing her wine, and then refilled Janet's and her glass again. Janet just sat dumbfounded, as Sandra happily told Janet about the photos. "O no Sandra he mustn't show them, I'm so embarrassed, it was bad enough him seeing me get in his car. Now he has seen me totally naked and having sex, I won't be able to face him again." Janet said, drinking down her wine.


"Don't be silly darling, he doesn't think any different of you. He knew John wasn't the only man fucking you, he just didn't know how much you enjoyed being fucked, and many were fucking you. As he looked at the photos, he remarked on how much you seemed to enjoy the three Samoans. He also remarked how lovely you looked naked, and he would love to see you naked himself. He has always liked you, Janet, I'm sure he would like to know you better." Sandra said again smiling broadly, as she refilled their glasses again.


Janet had sat mildly shocked, not believing what Sandra was saying. "Sandra now you're being naughty, he's your lover, are you suggesting he wants to have sex with me," Janet said, blushing bright pink. They had had quite a few wines, and Janet's speech had become slurred. She had no idea; Sandra had slipped something into her drink to help her relax. Now Sandra was sure the time was right, and standing took Janet's hand and said.


"Roberto's out the back sunbathing by the pool, shall we ask him what reward he would like, for retrieving your photos from Alex," Sandra said leading Janet into the master bedroom, where they saw Roberto sitting on the patio. He had a towel over his lap, but Janet gusted he wasn't wearing anything at all. Sandra moved onto the patio and closer to Roberto and then stood behind Janet, holding her shoulders as she spoke to Roberto.


"Hello darling, I've told Janet you have her photos, and Alex won't bother her anymore. She was a little embarrassed you looked at them, but she would like to offer you a reword, is there anything you would like her to give you?" Sandra asked, feeling Janet tremble, as she looked at his bronzed hairy chest and muscular tanned legs, and was having a hot flush.


She was also a little spellbound looking at the lump on his right leg, under the towel. Janet became more transfixed with the sight when Sandra put her chin on Janet's shoulder saying. "I think Roberto's pleased to see you, Janet, see his cock is getting harder. Sandra's arms had encircled Janet, her hands cupping Janet's breasts. Her thumbs and forefingers tweaking Janet's nipples, making her gasp as Sandra tweaked her sensitive buds, as her eyes watched the lump under the towel move.


The lump grows thickened, and longer under the towel, as Janet felt Sandra's lips kiss her shoulders, and move to the centre of her back. Then she heard the ziiiiiiiping sound of her dress zip, Sandra let go of Janet's breasts for a moment. Letting Janet's dress slither to the ground, leaving her naked. Only to hold them again to tweak her nipples harder, and Janet was rooted to the spot watching and trembling as the lump now lifted the towel, as it grows to an unbelievable length, and Sandra whispered.




"Janet, I think Roberto wants sex as a reward, would you like to see what you're getting between your legs soon?" Sandra asked, leaning forward to whisk the towel off Roberto's lap. Making Janet gasp, as Sandra revealed Roberto almost hard penis.


Janet was already getting aroused, at the sight of his monstrous penis, but she felt the wetness oozing from her vagina when Sandra asked. "Isn't that a lovely cock Janet?" as she pulled and twisting Janet's sensitive nipples. "Go on Janet hold it and don't be shy, we know you like sucking cock, get your lips around it. He likes to have his cock sucked before he fucks anyone." Sandra said taking Janet's hand and putting it on Roberto's penis.


Janet could not believe what she was curling her fingers around; she had slightly bent over to take hold of his penis. Sandra was still pulling and pinching her nipples, and rubbing her body onto Janet's buttocks. She was feeling very sexy, as she stroked Roberto's long hot rod of flesh now with two hands. Sandra let go of Janet's breasts, to lower one hand down to rub Janet's clitoris. The other went between her buttocks from the rear, to insert two fingers into Janet's vagina.


Janet was truly aflame with desire now and readily opened her mouth when Roberto encouraged her to kneel with his hand on her head. Kneeling and bent over with open legs, gave Sandra better access to finger fuck Janet. Now with her fanny juices flowing freely, Janet's cunt was well oiled and slippery. Giving Sandra freedom to get three then four fingers into her, which was almost the thickness of Roberto's cock.


Janet had already had the pleaser, of sucking a penis while having her vagina probed. Although it was not now a penis probing her, but Sandra's fingers and the thought of a woman doing such a thing to her was erotic. Lifting her buttocks, gave Sandra a better angle to thrust her fingers into Janet. Also giving Janet the pleaser of deeper penetration of the fingers, and giving her greater sexual enjoyment, as she sucked as much of Roberto's cock, into her mouth while wanking him.


Janet felt sure Sandra was trying to put her whole hand into Janet's cunt; by the way, she twisted and pushed her hand hard into Janet's vaginal passage. Janet had had one climax, and she could hear Sandra's fingers making squelching noises, as her fingers fucked her. Roberto's juices were also flowing, making Janet swallow often, with her mouth-watering as his pre=cum oozed from his cock. Janet got excited when Roberto lifted her head off his cock and stood up.


He started leading her to the patio door and the bedroom, making Janet tremble with anticipation. 'O my god he's going to fuck me now,' Janet thought, as she neared the big double bed. When he turned her to sit her on the bed, she saw a naked Sandra sucking her fingers. As Roberto put his head between Janet's legs, Sandra smiled at her and showed her the four fingers she had used on Janet saying.


"He's going to stretch your cunt wider than I did Janet, you will know you've been fucked when he has finished with you." Sandra smiled as she knelt behind Roberto, to look between his legs. Janet could only guess that she was playing with his cock, and then Sandra's head disappeared altogether. Janet's hips vibrated, as Roberto's fingers held her cunt lips open, while he nibbled on her clit.


His tongue probed her to an orgasm, and then as he stood Janet vented and trembled as she watched him poisoning his cock at her vagina. Then she gasped as his knob end entered her, stretching wide her vaginal passage opening to allow the blotted head to penetrate her. She moaned and whimpered, as more of his cock pressed into her. Then she gave rhythmic grunts and groans, as he fucked her with the full length of his giant cock.


Janet's memory went back to when she had seen and heard them having sex in her house, she now knew why Sandra made so much noise while Roberto fucked her. Janet was making the same noises, as Roberto drove his monstrous cock into her. She had wrapped her legs around him, as his crouch thudded onto her vagina and his big balls slapped her anus. She was in so much joyous pain; her emotions were all over the place.


She didn't know whether to cry or rejoice with the treatment his cock was giving her cunt. On the one hand, his cock stretched her cunt painfully, on the other there was the unbelievable pleasurable feeling his cock was giving her, as his large knob-end travelled, along her sensitive vaginal passage. Giving her another orgasmic outpouring of female vaginal fluid, which left her gasping with the effort of his body pounding her into sexual, surrendered.


He had been fucking her for twenty minutes, and she had totally given herself over to him. He could now fuck her whenever he wanted to, for the past few weeks she at looked at him wondering what it would be like to be fuck by him, and that lump in his shorts. Now she knew, and that knowledge would now have her at his disposal. Alex had begun her training, but Roberto had the cock to enslave her. Now that cock had swelled and was throbbing as it pumped his spunk into her.


Roberto gave her two or three hard thrusts, making her cry out as he rammed into her. Then pulling his cock from her, he moved up her body until she could suck his slowly shrinking cock. While hands held open her legs, and a warm tongue and lips sucked and probed her spunk-filled cunt, removing all of his juicy cum from her juicy used cunt.


Roberto dressed, and Sandra still naked saw him out the door, leaving a still sexually aroused but breathless Janet spread-eagled on the bed. On her return, Sandra climbed between Janet's legs, and started fingering her cunt, at first with two fingers, but soon had four fingers back into her.


"You loved having your cunt stretched didn't you Janet, he's wanted to fuck you for a long time. You ringing him on Wednesday gave him a shock knowing why you were there, and then having those photos, of you and the blacks showed him how randy you really are. His getting rid of your pimp Alex puts you in need of someone to supply you with sex.  


From now on your be getting plenty of cocks, and you will be safe working with Roberto, from time to time you'll get his cock to keep you loyal to him. I do like him coming around; here to keep me happy, and from now on, you can join us. Were going to the casino tonight, but tomorrow Roberto's has plans for us with some businessmen I think."


Sandra said as she worked her fingers into Janet's juice covered cunt, as Janet moaned and groaned sexually, with what Sandra was doing to her. Then listening to Sandra saying Roberto was planning for them to meet, with some businessmen, reminded her of Alex giving her to the drug dealers. Was Roberto planning an orgy of some kind, where a group of men would be fucking Sandra and her? Was he now going to be her pimp?


Janet reached out and felt Sandra's breasts, then pulled and pinched her nipples. As Sandra brought on an orgasm, which Sandra manoeuvred her head around to lap juices from Janet's vagina? Sandra threw her leg over Janet's head and lowered her vagina to Janet's lips. Which Janet gave a tentative kiss, before throwing caution to the wind and eagerly sucked up Sandra's juices. Then she to received a torrent of warm thick female cum, from Sandra's vaginal passage, for the next hour, they spent enjoying each other's bodies, in lesbian sex.


As the time for Roberto's return approached, they went for a shower washing each other's bodies with scented soaps and oils, then waited naked for him in the bedroom. They both played a part in undressing him and arousing his sexual harder. Then Janet watched as Roberto fucked, a noisy Sandra over the end of the bed. Then she obeyed Roberto's request, to clean his semen from Sandra's vagina, while Sandra cleaned his cock with her mouth.


Roberto dropped them off with the other girls at the casino; he would pick them up again at midnight to take them home. This time Janet would be going back to Sandra's house, for fun and games with them. It was the reason Janet was in an aroused mood, as they drank and partied through the early night. Plus of course, the fact, that Sandra couldn't keep her hands off of Janet, as they sat side by side with Sandra's hand between Janet's legs.


Chapter 22

At mid-day on Wednesday, Sandra ring Janet up, to inform her Roberto would be picking them up at four. They had two appointments, one at five that would last an hour. The second at seven, and was an open-ended affair including a meal, Roberto gave her no other information but Sandra said. "I'm sure Roberto wants to show you off, to one of his oldest and most valued clients, it's only for an hour, I'll be staying in the car," Sandra finished.


She had offered no more information than that, and it had Janet wondering, who this man could be as she drank coffee to wake her. For Sandra's call had woken her up, from a six-hour deep sleep, that she had fallen into after Roberto had left her, He had taken her home from Sandra's still naked at four-thirty am, just after he had fucked Sandra a second time.


In her bedroom, he made her kneel on the bed, and sit on her ankles with her knees wide apart. Leaning backwards with her arms supporting her, she was in an ideal position for him to finger fuck her to a succession of body jerking orgasms for an hour. He then made her kneel at the end of the bed, to fuck her slowly and leaving her at six. When he left, she was totally satisfied and so very drained, after the hour and a half he had spent with her, that is why she had slept so deeply.


Now she had four hours before Roberto would be back, to take her somewhere where she would meet other men. What these men would want of her seemed obvious; Sandra in her own colourful words had warned Janet to be prepared. "Your sex life is about to improve darling; now you have given yourself to Roberto. You're going to get more cock than if you were with Alex, and I'm not talking about just Roberto's twelve inches!"


Roberto drove into the city, and down into one of the high-rise buildings underground car parks. Leaving Sandra in the car, he led Janet to a lift marked ('privet penthouse only'). Producing a key, he ushered Janet into it and pressed the up button, and as they smoothly ascended, he looked her over and adjusting her dress told her.


"Now Mr Assume is a wealthy Japanese importer, and we have many dealings with him. He is a great asset to me, and my many enterprises around the city. He is also a fine art collector and has an eye for beautiful things. You will not be having sex with him; he just wants to look you over for now. Only speck, if he asks you anything and you must do as he says without hesitation. I will be in the room at all times, so you will be safe!"


Roberto said kissing her gently on the lips, just as the lift stopped and the door opened atomically onto a small landing with one door leading from it, witch Roberto knocked on. A large Japanese man opened it to them, and he bowed to Roberto as he recognised him. "Mr Assume is expecting you, sir," he said ushering them inside then closing the door. He led them to another door and knocked, only to open it when enter was heard.


Mr Assume was not as big as the sumo wrestler that greeted them, he was slimmer but as tall, not the short person Janet had imagined. Fiftyish maybe, but very extinguished looking with the grey strikes of hair at his temples. "Mr Assume, may I introduce Janet to you, she has recently joined me and my other associates. She will be a willing participant, in any up and coming notations we may have, and is here for your appraisal."


Roberto said to the smiling man looking at her, as his eyes looked her up and down for a moment before nodding his head. Janet felt and heard the zip of her dress undoing, and she stood naked when Roberto brushed the straps of it off her shoulders. Mr Assumes smile widened as he tested the firmness of her breast and the elasticity of her nipples. That had hardened as his thumb and forefinger took hold of them, to pinch and pull.


His head slowly nodded as he watched her reaction, to his twisting and pinching. Janet half closed her eyes, and gave a little whimper, as her breathing increased. Her opening her legs, as his hand went between them also had him nodding his head in approval. When Janet began to pant through her open mouth, as he finger fucked her with deep fast thrusts of his fingers. He continued to finger her as she jerked to one orgasm, his hand on her nipple.


Her second orgasm was heaver and had her moaning as her juices flowed from her. She continued jerking when he removed his soaking wet fingers from her. Nodding again his approval as she sucked her juice from them, then he kissed her lips before returning his fingers to her cunt to again make her jerk, to another orgasm he forced from her. Still twitching, Janet went onto her knees, and eagerly opened her mouth to suck the cock he produced.


He had given Janet three orgasms and Janet would have preferred him fucking her to a forth before sucking him off. She was in need of sexual release, that only a cock could give her. She mentioned this to Roberto, as they left the penthouse; and in the lift, he turned her and put her hands on the wall. Then lifting her dress at the back he fucked her hard, before pressing the down button and Janet sucked him off as the lift descended.


In the car, Sandra noted Janet's happy satisfied demeanour and putting her hand between Janet's legs asked. "Have you been fucked young lady?" to which a smiling Janet answered, "oh yes thank you!" Roberto smiled to himself, as Janet did not say by whom, and saw in his rear-view mirror, Sandra putting her head between Janet's legs. He was driving onto the city streets now, and heading for their next appointment, forty-five minutes away.


The house was set in lush green fields, at the end of a long drive. Large paddocks on either side held many horses, running and prancing along the rails as they drove past. The house itself was an old two-story colonial style home, of the eighteen hundreds built by a wealthy landowner. Or, on the other hand, maybe it had been a wealthy politician of the age, no matter who had built it, it was a wonderful example of its type and age.


They were welcomed in, by a man that did not quite fit in with his surrounding. "Hello, Roberto, this one I haven't met before." He said looking at Janet, who held out her hand in greeting, as Roberto introduced her. Instead, the man kissed her, as his hand felt between her legs. "Help yourselves to drinks and please mingle, the buffet is in fifteen minutes, but the party has already started."


He said smiling at Janet, his hand still feeling her crouch. Then he felt Sandra's buttocks as she grinned at him before they kissed with Sandra's hand on his crouch. "Will I see you later?" Sandra asked as they stopped kissing. "Not tonight my love, your be to busy I think." He said looking at Roberto, before moving away to smile and talk to others.


"Ok your here to please, most have brought their own girls, but don't let that stop you being friendly. Our host is a high flyer in the city, and though there are businesspersons and politicians here, some among them are criminals. I'll be in this room if I am needed, don't hesitate to call out if you have to!" Roberto said, kissing them and giving them a pat on the rump to send them off.


The first stop for both of them was the bar, and then with drinks in hand, they mingled. Sandra introduced Janet to some she knew, and Janet had her rear felt by one man who already had a girl on his lap. They had many on cheek kisses from men and woman alike, as they wandered from one group to another. Then Janet and Sandra were parted when a smiling smartly dressed woman, thrust her arm through Sandra's arm saying.


"I was hoping you would be here darling, may I drag you away from your friend, I have something I must show you in privet?" She asked, and then looked at Janet her white teeth sparkling. "I'll catch up with you later," Sandra said, as she wandered off with the woman. Janet watched them disappear from the room and then went to the bar to ask where the women's toilet was.


With her newly found knowledge, Janet went down a corridor off to the side of the main room. She passed several doors before she came to one with the word 'Ladies' on. When she was exiting the room, two dark-skinned men were walking towards her, from the main party room. All three of them stopped as they recognised each other, the two Samoans had been in the hotel room with her last Wednesday.


The big drug boss was not there, it was the taller one that had been sat on the bed, with the big cock. The other one had opened the door for Janet and Alex to enter, they were smiling at her now and seemed pleased to see her. They were by her side in a couple of strides, and then they held her close as they kissed her hello. Their eager exploring hands roamed over her body, as they had before in the hotel room.


With a glass in one hand, she could only hold one cock, as the tall one took his out. Then as his hands roamed over her buttocks, he eased her dress up to her waist, and then lifted her feet off the ground. As Janet positioned his cock, the tall Samoan lowered her onto it. Janet wrapped her legs around him, moaning in pleaser, as his cock sank into her.


She was busy, sucking on the tall Samoan's tongue when she felt her buttocks being parted. Then she was moaning aloud as the second Samoan pushed his cock into her anis, with her mouth open and gasping. They fucked her amid her whimpering cries, and moans as her hips jerked to an orgasm. When both men came almost as one, filling her anis and vagina with sperm as their cocks jerked and throbbed inside her.



The corridor had turned out to be a busy thoroughfare, not only did it lead to the toilets. It also led to the bedrooms, set aside for guest to use when feeling amorous. In the fifteen to twenty minutes the men fucked her, they were passed by both men and woman. Where they ended up Janet didn't know, but most of them stopped to watch her being fucked. Then when the man stopped fucking her, she retraced her steps back to the toilet to cleanse herself.


Back in the main hall, Janet could not find Sandra, so gusted she was still occupied. She saw Roberto talking to a group of men, but his eyes met hers and she smiled. Taking to a group of men one asked her bluntly, "Do you fancy finding a room, I really do fancy fucking you?" Janet smiled and just nodded her head, and allowed him to lead her to the corridor.


As they entered the corridor, Janet realised the other two men were right behind them. Past the toilets they went, trying door after door until he found one unlocked. Pulling her into the room, he removed her dress, as the two other men followed them in. While the men undressed Janet was on her knees, sucking and stroking their cocks. Then they lifted her onto the bed, where once again she found herself fucked, by a group of men.




When they left her, she laid resting, thinking of her recent sexual encounters. Apart from being alone with Roberto in her bedroom early this very morning, she had found herself naked with at least two men. Tuesday night there was Sandra and Roberto, the Tuesday and Thursday before it had been Frank and Alex. Last Wednesday the three-drug dealers had her in the hotel room, and tonight two of them had fucked her again.


Then there were the three men that had just fucked her, and she was feeling fine about all of it. The three men had left her, not realising they had not locked the door behind them. Suddenly it opened and a girl came in and froze when she saw Janet laying legs wide with her vaginal passage open and wet with her juices. The man close behind closed the door locking it behind him and pushed the girl towards the bed saying.


"Here you go darling, some hot meat to chow on, get your lips on that baby and lick it clean." The girl was half pissed, but she eagerly obeyed him, holding Janet's cunt lips open with her fingers to lick spunk from inside her. The man was smiling at Janet, who seemed shocked into immobility with their sudden entree into the room. He had dropped his trousers and flicked the girls skirt over her back, and then she moaned as he rammed his cock into her.


He continued to smile at Janet, as he fucked the girl hard and fast for some time. Then pulling his cock out, he told the girl to move and caught hold of Janet's legs pulling her bottom to the edge of the bed. Janet gave a squall than a grunt, as he thrust his blotted cock into her. A few moments of fucking and his cock was jerking as it filled Janet with spunk. "Now suck that out of her," he said, moving up Janet's body to pull her mouth onto his cock.


As Janet sucked his cock clean, she squirmed and vibrated as the girl's tongue and lips, gave her unbearable joy as they lapped at her vagina. The man thanked her, for being so amenable to them forcing themselves on her. It seemed they had talked about having sex, with another person or couple, but hadn't had the nerve to ask anyone. As they were leaving, he left a business card on the dresser. "Give me a call please," was all he said before closing the door.


When Janet got back to the main hall, it was late, and many had already left. Roberto and Sandra were there waiting and greeted her as she got to them. "Have you been busy darling?" Sandra asked as she greeted her with a kiss. Janet was about to say yes when the host of the party appeared. "A good night Roberto," he said then looking at Sandra continued.


"Senior judge Butler and his wife Susan were very pleased with the way Sandra entertained them. Now, what about you Janet, did you find the party stimulating, and did you find anyone to entertain?" He asked, and then looked at her seriously when she answered. "Six men and one young woman, two were Samoan drug dealers, and three were friends together. The man with the young girl; gave me his card and asked me to ring him."


Janet said pulling the card from her clutch bag and showing it to Roberto. Who took it, then after he had studded it showed it to their host. "Good girl, a member of parliament, and an influential one to boot. Keep him interested Roberto, and we are on the gravy train." He said handing Roberto a bulging envelope, taking another from his inside pocket and handed it to Roberto saying. "She has earned you a good bonus Roberto, look after this one."


On the way home in the car, Janet had to relive her night of sex for Sandra. Explaining in vivid detail, what each one of them did to her. The forty-minute drive ended outside Janet's house, with Sandra's head still between Janet's legs. She would have liked to end the night with Roberto's cock, but Sandra had already claimed the right, to be fucked by him.


Chapter 23

As normal on Thursday's, they were in the city shopping, before having lunch. In one store, Janet bought some very expensive sexy underwear, with the money Roberto had given her. "There for John," Janet answered when Sandra lifted her eyebrows when she saw them. "You're not feeling guilty are you darling?" Sandra asked, looking at the silk black panties that were crutch less.


"No Sandra, not at all just thought I'd give the poor darling, something nice to take off me, seeing he is seriously missing out, on all the sex I am getting," Janet said with a shy in her voice, as they headed to the restaurant for lunch. "I know how you feel Janet; I used to have thoughts like that, only we can't ask them to one of our orgies can we. Now if I offered John sex, would you like him cheating on you?" Sandra smiled, and Janet laughed.


After a nice meal and a few drinks, they were on their merry way home in Roberto's car. The nearer they got, Janet became more eager to get there. Even with the attention she had received last night, Janet was still looking forward to seeing and holding Roberto's cock. Then as Nicole alighted from the car, Roberto turned to Janet asking.


"Did you have anything planned for tonight Janet, as you have a dinner date? That politician that gave you the card, I gave him a courtesy call, he said he is eager to meet you again, can you be at the Holiday inn in Maddington at seven? I told him you would be there"


"I won't be taking you, Janet, I'll have one of my drivers pick you up at six-thirty, and take you there. He will return you home when your meeting with him and his wife is finished." Roberto finished, just as they stopped outside of Sandra's home. He had said nothing about what was expected of Janet; after they had had their meal. Would they want her to have sex with them, or would she go home?


That question played on her mind, as she and Sandra entered the house, while Roberto parked his car around at the rear. "It is my turn for Roberto to fuck me first, isn't it Sandra?" Janet asked a surprised Sandra when they had entered the bedroom. Sandra had already undone her dress and was stepping out of it to be naked. When Janet asked, and sat on the edge of the bed.


"Yes darling it is, he fucked me last night remember, why do you ask?" Sandra replied, watching Janet removing her dress. "It's just that he has arranged for me to meet that politician, so he might not fuck me now if the politician going to fuck me later?" Janet said, in a disappointed voice, now standing naked in front of Sandra. "Don't be silly darling, it's two fifteen, he's going to fuck you twice before he goes at five-thirty," Sandra said smiling.


"Now if the politician and his wife want' you in bed, I think you should practise your oral technique on me," Sandra said opening her legs and holding out her arms to Janet, who obediently knelt between Sandra's legs to kiss her clitoris. Roberto came through the door as Janet knelt, and looking at her rear started removing his clothing. Then gave Sandra his cock, as he fingered Janet's cunt to make it juicy preparing it for fucking.


Roberto did fuck Janet a second time, but it was in her home when he took her there at five-thirty. She was ready for her night out at six-thirty when a large rough-looking man knocked on her door. "Roberto sent me," was all he said, before leading her to his car. Janet looked at him, as she followed his broad shoulders small waist and big hands. Most likely a boxer or wrestler Janet thought, as he watched her getting into the car.


At the Holiday inn, he handed Janet a card with his phone number on, "ring me when you want to go home!" he said as she took it, he was a man of few words it seemed. At the entrance to the dining room, Janet told the headwater she was joining Mr Broom and his wife. He looked at his reservation list and smiled, "Mr Broom is having room service in his sauté '224', I'll have you escorted there!" he said with a courteous smile.


The door opened to her guilds knock, who then politely introduced Janet as, "your dinner guest sir." Inside the room, Mr Broom took Janet's hand and kissed it, then led her to where his wife was sitting and offered Janet a set beside her. "This is my wife Susan;" he said as Susan offered her hand to Janet as she sat beside her. She was very nice looking, although quite a few years younger than the forty years Janet thought Mr Broom.


Susan was also very quiet, but that could have been because she was a little drunk. She had obviously had a few, witch Janet could understand, she might be nervous at meeting Janet. Malcolm would have given her wine to charm her nerves but had overdone it somewhat, by the look of her glazed eyes, and the way she was smiling at Janet.       


"I hope you like seafood, my dear, as I have ordered us oysters and prawn cocktail starter, with grilled mulloway as a main dish. There is a choice of wines to savour as you wish, may I offer you a red to start, while we wait for the meal. We would like to get to know you better," Mr Broom said pouring Janet a large glass of wine and topped up Susan's glass.


"The gentleman that phoned me said your name was Janet. My name is Malcolm, and I must apologise for the way we forced ourselves upon you last night. Although it is no excuse, we were quite drunk and aroused. Seeing you lying there naked, was like having a wish come true for Susan and me. We have talked about sharing our bed with others before, but until last night we have never had the nerve to approach anyone."


"Susan had a lesbian friend in college, with whom she used to sleep; and I would dearly like to see Susan having sex with other men. Your friend said that he could arrange all that for us at another time, he also said you had no other arrangements for tonight. Therefore, he would organise a meeting for us, so I could apologise in person to you, for last night. He also said you were a free spirit, and any acceptance of my apology would be yours."    


"I would also like to say sorry for the short notices for tonight my dear, but we go home to Geraldton tomorrow. Susan wanted to meet you again before we go, she was so taken with you last night she wondered if you do forgive us, would you like to continue last nights encounter in our bed tonight, and on occasions in the future?"


"I have duties in Geraldton I must return too, but I will, of course, be back in Perth, for the sitting of parliament, and sometimes Susan douse accompany me." Mr Broom finished, topping up the half-filled glass Janet now held, smiling at her while she took another drink. Janet was thinking and remembering the words their host of last night had said when he saw the card Mr Broom gave her.


"Good girl, a member of parliament, and an influential one to boot. Keep him interested Roberto, and we are on the gravy train." Was his actual words, and she would please Roberto if she could put Mr Broom among his clientele. It wouldn't be much of a hardship for Janet, although it had been a shock at first, Malcolm's cock did please her sensitive vagina, and Susan had given Janet an orgasm sucking Malcolm's sperm from her.


Susan was watching her intently, as she took another sip or two. Malcolm was also looking at her eagerly awaiting her answer, the bottle of wine poised to pour her more wine when needed. Janet held her glass out to Malcolm, now it was half-full saying. "You were naughty to assume I would let you do that to me, but I do forgive you Susan for doing what he told you to do, you did give me a lovely orgasm with your tongue."


"As for you Malcolm, after dinner, you can watch Susan and me on your bed. You are not going to fuck me, not tonight, maybe you can when you come back to Perth. Tonight Susan is getting all the attention because I want to suck your cum from her!" Janet said, much to Susan's relief and joyous smile, as she leaned over to kiss Janet. Just then there was a knock on the door, room service had arrived with their meal.


The water did not see the kiss Susan gave Janet or the hand that was feeling Janet's breast. Malcolm brought the meal trolley in from to corridor and smiled at the way the two women were becoming acquainted. As he laid the meal on the small dining table, he watched them getting sexually excited. While kissing, Susan had Janet's breast out of her blouse, as Janet had her hand between Susan's open legs.


Malcolm was reluctant to interrupt them especially as Susan's micro skirt, allowed him to see Janet's fingers busy inside Susan's vagina. At the table, they carried on their provocative ways, by letting each other noisily suck an oyster from each other's mouths. Janet had not adjusted her blouse, leaving her breast exposed. Susan took a great deal of pleaser in covering Janet's nipple with oyster sauce, then noisily sucking it off.


Malcolm sat watching and kept their glass's full, his hard penis protruding through his open flies. He let his trousers fall when he followed them into the bedroom when they were ready. Removing the rest of his clothing, as he watched the two girls strip each other. Then he watched Janet, finger Susan to an orgasm, before pushing her onto the bed and climbing on top of her, giving him a view of Janet's ass before Susan licked Janet's cunt.


Janet had climbed on Susan, head to tail, and had her head between Susan's legs. Malcolm sat watching them eating each other, then saw Susan start to jerk and vibrate. Susan's head dropped away from Janet's cunt, to hang opened mouthed and panting over the end of the bed. Malcolm could not resist the temptation, and kneeling inserted his cock into Susan's gaping mouth who edgily sucked on it.


He also couldn't resist fingering Janet, and as he had two fingers in her cunt, he inserted his thumb into her arsehole. Giving her a double penetration finger fuck, and was further tempted to slip his cock into Janet's juicy cunt. Only Janet looked back over her shoulder and saw him standing at her rear, and guessing what he was contemplating firmly said. "Don't you dare Malcolm, get up here and fuck your wife, she is more than ready!"


Janet sat up and played with Susan's nipples, as Malcolm knelt between Susan's legs and fucked her. Susan moaned and groaned then became silent, as she resumed her oral attack on Janet's cunt. Malcolm groaned as his cock jerked in Susan's cunt, and then standing wiped his spunk covered knob end over Janet's lips. Janet sucked it into her mouth to suck it clean, then turned her attention to the sperm oozing from Susan's cunt, and sucked it out.


Susan was once again gasping for breath because Malcolm had given her another orgasm when he shot his cum into her. Now Janet’s tongue was burrowing into her vagina, to scoop out their juicy cum. It was keeping Susan’s orgasm in a heightened state, and her in rapture as Janet’s mouth worked wonders on her cunt. It also gave Malcolm the opportunity to attack Janet’s neglected cunt, and soon had his fingers probing deep into her.



The resolute had Susan's face splattered, with the free-flowing juices from Janet's own orgasm, that Susan tried to capture to drink. Long after Janet had cleaned out Susan's cunt, she still licked and sucked on it. Enjoying the attention, Malcolm's fingers were giving her cunt. Susan was once again eagerly sucking Malcolm's cock, although it was soft.  


All three of them had enjoyed each other's attention, Janet, because she had been in control, and she liked it. As for Malcolm and Susan, it was their first taste of group sex, and they intended it would not be their last. Keeping in touch with Janet would be uppermost in their plans, she could organise the next sex party, this time with men for Susan. Janet left their room after a kiss and grope from Malcolm, her driver was waiting downstairs.


It was one o/clock when she arrived home and turning to the driver. "What do I owe you for the fair," she asked and saw the driver smiling. "Roberto has already covered the fair, but the girls normally give me a tip." He said, and under the street lighting, she saw his smile widening. "Err what's the normal tip they give," she asked. Then she knew when he pulled her under her carport to fuck her in the shadows.


Chapter 24

Janet was awake but still in bed when the phone rang at ten am on Friday. Thinking it was Sandra she happily picked up the phone saying, "good morning darling." Then she sat upright when Roberto's voice answered her. "My, we are happy this morning Janet, I take it all went well last night, and our friends enjoyed themselves with you. You sound like you're in a good mood this morning, does that means we are happy with our little arrangement so far Janet?"


Roberto asked, and then waited for Janet's reply, Roberto had not rung Janet directly before. It had been Sandra, who had always rung her with what Roberto wanted them to do. Now why was he ringing her on a Friday, Sandra and Janet could not do Roberto's arranged parties on a Friday night, because their husbands would be home on Fridays for the weekend. Sandra and Janet could only do Roberto's bidding, Monday afternoon to Thursday night.


They would be entertaining their husbands in bed, at five-thirty when they got home. The sort of sexual activity Roberto arranged for them, would surely be noticeable to their husbands if they were fucked by anyone else on a Friday afternoon. So why was Roberto ringing her now, Janet could feel her temperature rising, at the thought; he wanted her to have sex, with him or someone else now, so anxiously, she almost whispered into the phone.


"Yes Roberto they were very happy, Malcolm will ring you when he's due in Perth again. He wants' you to arrange for Susan to be fucked while he watches, but I think he will be down on his own soon. He told me he wants me in his bed all night alone with him when he kissed me goodnight at the hotel. I think that's because I wouldn't let him fuck me, he only fucked Susan, I wanted to make sure Susan was well pleased."


Janet finished, breathing heavily as she waited for Roberto to answer. "Good you have done the right thing, Janet, he will be more eager to fuck you, now you have refused him. I will be available to service Susan when he brings her down again, but I have rung you this morning, to find out if you are enjoying our partnership. Are you happy with your first week in our entertainments group, I haven't worked you too hard have I?" Roberto asked, before waiting again for Janet's reply.


"Oh no Roberto; not at all, although at first, I thought it would be only you; I would be having sex with. I hadn't realised you ran so many functions, and entertain so many people. Sandra did warn me, I would be having more sex with you than Alex. Only she never said I would be having sex with so many different men Roberto, not that I'm complaining. I have enjoyed the last three days with you and Sandra; is there anything else you wanted to know?"


Janet asked, and then waited breathlessly for Roberto to reply. "I'm pleased to hear you say that Janet, I'm assuming by that you wish to continue our collaboration?" He asked, and heard Janet whisper 'yes'. "Good now you must tell me if what I am asking you is too much, but going by your activities last Wednesday I have a list for you, starting on Monday.


"Mr Assume wanted you to have a two-hour brunch with him today, which I told him was out of the question. He has agreed to a nine to eleven breakfast on Monday instead, and then at twelve, you have a quickie at the Serration Hotel nearby. It shouldn't take long, he was at the party on Wednesday. Wants to meet you after our host of the night told him of you, he wants to look you over and have sex."


We are out again at five for a birthday treat; where you and Sandra will be having sex again Janet, is that all right?" He asked, and Janet was silent for a while before answering 'yes', as she was taking deep breaths. He had referred to Wednesday when Mr Assume had fingered her to several orgasms before Roberto had fucked her in the lift. Then that night six men had fucked her, and Susan had licked her to an orgasm. Monday was the start of a new week of sex, and she already had three sex dates.


"Yes Roberto I can't see any problem with that, will you be taking me into the city?" she asked. "No Janet I have other things to do, but the driver that drove you last night will be on hand." He answered and Janet smiled to herself, he will want another tip when he brings her home, Janet thought. "Ok Roberto is there anything else, I need to know?" She asked, and Roberto replied. "You have several appointments every day next week Janet, but I'll let you know about them later," he answered then hung up.


Janet sat looking at the phone for some time, before hanging up to get out of bed. She was in the shower when it rang again, this time it was Sandra on the line. "Hi darling, just got off the phone with Roberto, seems we have a party to go to on Monday. Were entertaining a husband, while he watches Roberto fuck his wife, it is her birthday and Roberto is the present. See you Monday evening then, I'll be with Roberto most of Monday, I have two appointments in the morning." Sandra said, then hung up, Janet had not said a word.    


John arrived home at five-thirty as normal, and Janet welcomed him lovingly, and he enjoyed her affections all weekend. Until he left her at four am Monday morning, after having sex with her for the seventh time. He happily went out to meet the other four husbands, who were looking forward to the next weekend.                        


Chapter 25

Munday morning the driver was at her door at eight-fifteen, then he escorted her up to Mr Assume's penthouse when they arrived. The sumo wrestler let them in, showing Janet straight to Mr Assume bedroom, where he was sat crossed-legged on the floor, in a colourful kimono at a small table. As she entered he rose to welcome her, taking off the kimono to reveal he was naked under it. Moving to her, he started removing her blouse and skirt.


"You look lovely my dear, I will enjoy drinking in your beauty while we have breakfast." He said, removing the last of her clothing, then leading her to the table to sit opposite him on a cushion, also crossed legged. She was fully exposed to his gaze as he was to her's, and as she drank the rice wine he gave her. She watched his cock growing longer and thicker, as he, in turn, looked at her stretched open vagina.


Ringing a small silver bell, brought the sumo wrestler with bowls of breakfast fruits. Witch they eat in silence, accompanied by more rice wine until all the fruits were gone. Then the wrestler brought more bowls of Japanese breakfast dishes, to be washed down with more rice wine, which he kept pouring into her cup. The wine was beginning to affect her, as the sight of his hard ridged penis made her want him to have sex with her?  


She sat smiling at him as he finished the last of his meal, and continued smiling when he asked. "Would you like something else for breakfast Janet, like a meat joint with built-in cream sauce?" He said moving to her side of the table, where he indicated she should suck his cock. It soon became obvious he wanted her to suck him off, as he began fucking her mouth, and became highly aroused as he approached the point he was about to ejaculate.


He was holding Janet's head when the wrestler came in, to remove the table and breakfast things. As he was leaving Janet chocked as Mr Assume's spunk hit the back of her throat, and she quickly swallowed as he filled her mouth. When he took his cock from her, he rang the bell again as he sat in a chair. When the wrestler came in Mr Assume said something in Japanese, and the wrestler picked Janet up and laid her on the bed.


Lighting a cigar Mr Assume watched the wrestler spread Janet's legs, and finger fuck her with two of his big fat fingers, and each time Janet climaxed, Mr Assume got off his chair to suck her juices from her. She climaxed five times before Mr Assume, told the wrestler to stop fingering her. She had been there exactly two hours, when her driver escorted her from the penthouse, after she had been to the bathroom, to cleanse between her legs.


The driver said nothing on the way down in the lift, or on the short drive to the Serration Hotel. They were almost thirty minutes early; when they parked in the underground car park. She watched the driver get out and get in the back seat with her, and as he undid his flies; he said. "You've got time to suck me off before you have to go up, I'll fuck you for the other half of my tip when I take you home."


The man in room 107 was in his late forties, he stripped her off and felt her breasts. Then he bent her over to fuck her for ten minutes, before giving her an envelope with money in. Her driver fucked her for over twenty minutes when he took her home, and that was in her bed fully naked. With her sucking him before and after having sex, the man in the Serration Hotel hadn't satisfied her at all, and she had let the driver finger her on the drive home.


At three pm the doorbell sounded just as Janet got out of the shower, slipping on her short towelling robe she went to answer it. It couldn't be Sandra she thought, she wasn't due until five. They were going up to Hillary's tonight, where she and Sandra were to entertain a rich gentleman.


While Roberto gave his wife a special birthday present from him, she had said in the past, she would like a big cock fucking her. The husband had found out through dubious means, that Roberto supplied such a service. They had never met, so he and his wife didn't know just how big a surprise it was going to be.


Janet peeked through the gap in the door, the safety chain allowed when she opened it and found Frank standing there smiling at her. Releasing the chain, she opened the door and invited him in asking. "Hello Frank I wasn't expecting you to call, I'm not with Alex anymore if you didn't know," Janet said with a sweet smile, brushing back her wet hair.


"I didn't know that Janet I can't get hold of Alex, and I didn't have your phone number to ask you about doing the show at my club. I'm still keen to have you strip, and entertain men upstairs if you're willing. In fact, if you just wanted to strip, that would be fine as well." Frank said, looking at her in that short gown that came just below her crouch.


Janet could see that seeing her so skimpily dressed, was having an effect on him, by the bulge rising in her trousers. She remembered the last time he was here in her house, he had left her over the back of the settee, after he had fucked her. She had enjoyed that encounter and had expected him to fuck her again when Alex took her back to his club.


That wouldn't happen now, not with Alex anyway, and as Roberto and Sandra didn't need her every night. Janet had the thought of slipping away, one night to do the striptease and maybe having a man or two. The thought was intriguing her, and she was sure if Frank was there he would surely want to fuck her.


Smiling at him Janet took a pace closer to him and asked. "Give me your phone number Frank, if I have a free night I'd like to do the striptease for you. We will have to see about going upstairs when I'm there, I haven't stripped off for more than three men before Frank. So I don't know how I will feel with a room full, I may need something to make me sexy beforehand."


Janet said smiling, at Frank as he held out a business card for her, and looked at her interestingly. "Thank you, Frank I'll be in touch, now is there anything I can offer you, to make your trip here beneficial?" Janet asked, and continued to smile, as Frank put his hand inside her gown to feel her breast, making her moan as he pinched her nipple. He had fucked her over the settee the last time he was here, this time he wanted her on the bed.


She gave a light-hearted laugh, as he grabbed her hand, and tugged her towards the stairs. In the bedroom, she undid her robe and let it fall, then as his trousers fell she was on her knees sucking him. When he left Janet she had just enough time to shower and dress before Roberto and Sandra arrived. She was still aroused, from her bedroom romp with Frank, and decided to put the question about doing a striptease to Sandra.


"No." Came the blunt answer from Roberto. "You can do a striptease act in privet for our clients if you like Janet, but not for a room full of walk-in punters off the street. It would take just one person to recognise you, and John would get to know. Then questions would be asked about Sandra and the other girls, we have kept our sexual activities away from your husbands so far, let's keep it that way."


Roberto said as he drove out of the city, on the northern highway. He was right of course, they had a good thing going on. Doing a turn at Frank's club would put the rest in jeopardy, she would have to be content with what she was getting. It was only the thought of getting a little extra sex that was motivating Janet. She would have to give Frank more sex, as compensation for turning down the striptease.         


The rest of the journey was done in silence, and at five to six they pulled into the drive of a large house. A casually dressed man of about fifty opened the door for them, and after an arranged greeting let them in. Sandra and Janet kissed him on the cheek in greeting, the hooked their arms into his as he leads them all to the living room. A woman of fortyish sat a little nervously watching them enter, but smiled as they were introduced.


She was holding a large glass of amber liquid, and Janet was sure it wasn't the first she had had. Roberto sat in a chair, not too distant from the wife who sat in a two-seat settee and engaged her in small talk. As the husband got drinks for Sandra Janet and Roberto, then he sat on the three-setter sofer between Sandra and Janet. After a few drinks and some nibbles that were laded out for everyone.


Sandra acting as if she were a little drunk, started getting rather friendly with the husband. She had snuggled up close to him and had her hand on his upper thigh, her fingers stroking him there. The wife had been breathing heavily for some time, she took a quick intake of breath. When Roberto moved to sit beside her, his hand higher on her thigh, as she wore a short summer dress.


"Margret?" he asked moving his hand along her thigh, his fingers on her inner tender skin. "How long have you had the desire to be fucked by a large penis." She looked at him speechlessly unable to move it seemed, as his hand wandered further under her dress. Breathing harder now as his fingers had reached her crouch, and by the movement of her dress, he was stroking her vagina, as she looked at her husband on the sofer.


Sandra was also rubbing his leg and the lump that had appeared in his trousers, while he had his arm over Janet's shoulder. His hand hanging down, and his fingers feeling her hard nipple. As Roberto right hand was feeling Margret's vagina, his left hand had undone the buttons of her bodice, and he too was playing with a nipple. He was pleased they had stuck to his stipulation of no underwear, it helped if there were no hindrances to remove.


"Nice firm tits Margret, you haven't had kids sucking them dry have you?" Roberto said pushing her open bodice to one side, so he could look at one of them. It was obvious Margret hadn't been spoken to like this before, and it was turning her on, her flushed face told she was aroused. Brushing the top of her dress off her shoulders, left her sitting topless in front of them all, and she was trembling with apprehension.


Standing up Roberto pulled Margret to her feet, and her dress fell to the floor, making her gasp as they all could see her naked now. Janet had opened her blouse, for the husband to freely play with her tits. While Sandra stroked his hard cock, she had prised from his trousers. Margret saw Sandra lower her head to suck her husband, and then looked at Roberto with shock in her eyes, and a gasp on her open lips.


As she felt the length and thickness of Roberto's cock, as it grows into a monstrous cock. "Suck it Margret suck it hard before I fuck your juicy cunt," Roberto said, with his hands on her shoulders to push her down. His wasn't the first cock she had sucked, he could tell by the way she gobbled him. It was the first time she had swallowed one, by the way, she sputtered and chocked, when Roberto pushed his down her throat.


Hubby had sat up and gasped when he saw what she was putting into her mouth, or should I say couldn't get in. She had two hands rubbing his shaft, as she sucked on a third of it. She seemed reluctant to stop sucking him, when Roberto lifted her and turned her, to make her kneel on the settee. Then she squalled like a stuck pig when he inserted his cock into her cunt and she continued to wale as he fucked her with deep thrusts.


Janet knew how Margret felt, it had been only a week ago Roberto had first fucked her. Since then she had had her cunt stretched four times by his cock, Janet had swallowed his cock twice. It had been difficult at first, but she was determined to swallow it all soon, in fact, Roberto was fucking her again tomorrow. From now on, she had to swallow his cock if she wanted him to fuck her; it was a fair price to pay to feel his cock in her cunt.


Roberto fucked Margret for fifteen minutes, accompanied by her whimpering as he drove his cock into her. She was eager to wrap her legs around him when he knelt between her legs to fuck her for another fifteen minutes. When he pulled out he made her cough and splutter again, when his thick cum filled her mouth. Sandra had turned herself around and had sat on hubby's cock to bounce up and down. While hubby sucked Janet's nipples and fingered her cunt, he still played with Janet's cunt as she sucked his cum from Sandra.


They then sat around naked drinking and playing with one another for almost an hour. When Margret had sucked Roberto's cock hard, he laid her on the carpet and spread her legs, to fuck her in front of them. The husband watched his wife nosily enjoy the giant cock fucking her while playing with Janet and Sandra. Until he got behind a kneeling Janet, so he could fuck her from behind, doggy style.    


As they were leaving amide the goodbye kisses the husband asked, "it's our anniversary on the fifteenth of next month. If your free, I'd like to book you for an all-night party?" Margret looked expectant as Sandra checked on her diary, then lept into her husband's arms when the date was confirmed as free.


When they returned to Sandra's home, Roberto sat and watched Sandra and Janet undress. Then have them play with and suck his cock, before chousing Sandra to bend over the side of bed and fuck. He left them on the bed, where Janet sucked his cum from Sandra's cunt. As he dressed he said, "get some rest Janet, your Samoan friends want you for lunch tomorrow, and you have a party at six in the evening."


"Sandra already knows what she is doing tomorrow, but the two of you will come with me to a meeting Wednesday morning. Then Wednesday afternoon, with Nicole you both have an orgy to go too. You have nothing Wednesday night, so I will be around to tell you what you have Thursday." Roberto finished smiling, then left them to their own devices, it had been a good start to the week, and the future of her getting as much cock as she wanted. Janet thought kissing Sandra's cunt, to toasted the cocks she was about to have.  


Chapter 26

At ten in the morning, Janet's doorbell rang, as she sat making up her face. In just her dressing gown she went to answer it and found Roberto's driver grinning at her. "You're early," Janet said stepping aside to let him in. "Yes had nothing to do so thought I'd come on around early, wondered if you'd give me my tip before we go, instead of after you've been fuck already." He said grinning at her, as she closed the door.


"You've got a bloody cheek, but at least you're being honest," Janet said smiling which the driver took as a yes, and as he released his cock with one hand, he felt her breast with the other. He had pushed his hand inside her dressing gown, onto her bare breast and was playing with her nipple. Janet had seen his hand moving to her breast and had not resisted, as she looked down at him releasing his thick cock.


 Alex had from the start of their affair been forceful with her and had done what he wanted to her. Now having someone force themselves on her excited her, and the sight of a man's cock made her want it. She had realised she had become a Nymphomaniac days ago when the more cock she had the more she wanted. Now there was one within her grasp, and she curled her fingers around it and felt it harden, as she rubbed it.


The driver removed Janet's robe, before dropping his trousers and taking off his shirt to be naked also. Then resumed feeling her breasts, and fingering her cunt as she wanked his cock. They had gradually moved into the living room, kissing and fondling as they went. Now with Janet highly aroused, and her cunt soaking wet with his fingering. She went down onto her knees, to suck his rampant cock, and saver the juices oozing from it.


She had sucked him off before, and although he enjoyed her mouth, it was not what he had come here for. Lifting her off the floor, he sat her in a chair, then lifting her legs he sucked on her cunt before fingered her again. Her juices were already flowing, and his thumb easily slipped into her slippery covered anis as he finger fucked her. Then his fingers left her cunt, to enter her anis where he finger fucked her arsehole.


Frank had been the first to fuck her ass and he had done it twice, then one of the drug dealers had fucked her there twice in the room at the Gateway motel. He had fucked her ass again last Wednesday at the party, now the driver was making her gasp as he pushed his thick cock into her ass to fuck her. Although she liked it, she wondered why men liked fucking her ass so much. Was it because her arsehole gripped their cocks, tighter than her cunt did?


The house the drug dealer owned was in a nice suburb, on the outskirts of Perth alongside the river. They arrived thirty minutes early, and he heard them on the gravel drive. Janet recognised him as the drug boss when he opened the door.  He had not been at the party on Wednesday and had missed seeing her there. "The boy's told me they met you last Wednesday, and that you were pleased to see them. Thought I'd have you around to have that juicy cunt of yours, I enjoyed have you in that motel room." He said leading her into the house, and into the living room.


He wasted no time in groping her, easing her skirt to her waist to feel her ass, as Janet released his cock. Sitting down he pulled her onto him to kiss her as they groped and undressed each other.


When they were naked Janet expected him to fuck her, but he leads her through the house, into the back garden instead. There were another seven men there, standing around a barbeque drinking beer. They all smiled at seeing her naked and started to remove their shorts. The two men that had fucked her on Wednesday were the first to undress and go to her; the rest stood to wait their turn to fuck her.


Her driver had to wait hours for her as they all fucked her twice; with her swallowing all the spunk, they produced. They fucked her ass five times out of the sixteen times; she lay or knelt on the grass. When Janet got home at three she was thankful, she had given the driver his tip before they left. As she was a bit weary when she lay down to rest after her shower, he would be back at five to pick her up again, would he want another tip.


At five-fifteen, Janet was ready for the driver to arrive; it was a twenty-minute drive to Maddington, where the party was being held. They should leave by five-thirty, to allow for any delay. Janet was at the bottom of the sitars when the doorbell rang.


"Hello Janet, have you rested enough?" he asked with a smile walking through the open door past her. Then turning he undid his flies and took out his cock, "Same deal as before Janet, you don't know how many at the party. You might be tired when we come home!" he said, his smile growing wider. On the drive home from the drug dealers, Janet had told him she was tired and worn out after eight men had fucked her.


He was not going to risk, her being worn out again when they returned. Janet could not help but smile, "o/k you cheeky basted, but not in the ass this time," she said bending over the back of the settee and lifting the back of her dress. He took his time fucking her, and by the time, she had sucked him off, they didn't leave until twenty-five to six.


The door opened and an eager man welcomed Janet when she knocked on his door. "Hello, hello come on in, we've been waiting for you, their in the living room, would you like a drink before we start?" He asked a little too eagerly, his eyes looking at the cleavage showing in her low neckline dress. There was no bra to hide his view, as he looked down from his six-foot height. With him just in shorts, there was no hiding his eagerness to start.


"Maybe when we have finished I'll have a drink, I can see you're eager to fuck me. I have only my dress on, shall I strip out here or do you want to strip me yourself in there?" Janet asked the tall men, as she felt the bulge in his shorts. "In there with the lads please," he stammered as his cock swelled at Janet's touch. Pushing open a door to another room, that was accompanied, by whistles and cheers from the three other men in there.


Janet stood in the centre of the room, looking at the men in there, as she let her dress fall to the floor. Then walked around the circle of men, letting them reach out and feel her as she passed. "Aren't you getting your cocks out to fuck me, I want to see what you have for me?" Janet asked, watching them stand to drop their shorts, and Janet walked around again. Feeling their cocks, as they felt her again, then on her knees, she sucked them hard.


Just after seven Janet was on her way home, with an envelope full of money. They had only fucked her for about ten minutes each before she sucked them off. She had expected them to want her to stay until they fucked her again, but the tall person thanked her and gave her an envelope, and her dress. If they were satisfied, so was she, so putting on her dress she wished them goodnight and left, and found herself at home by seven-thirty?


"Bloody hell, you were quick Janet, not so many at this party as the last, I'm guessing." Her driver said smiling, as she got in his car when she left the house. Sitting in the back of the car, Janet was curious at what was in the envelope. She had to hand it to Roberto, along with the rest of the envelopes she received. Only this one was unsealed, it tempted her to look inside it, and quietly she counted two thousand dollars.


They had paid five hundred dollars each to fuck her, she had been fucked by eight men earlier. If they had paid to same, there was an envelope at home with four thousand dollars in it. The last job she had worked at, before moving to Perth, was in a shop earning one hundred dollars a week. Roberto had given her a thousand dollars, for the Wednesday party last week, where she was fucked six times.


So far this week, thirteen of Roberto's clients had fucked her, and she had spent two hours with Mr Assume. 'I wonder how much Roberto charged him for that,' Janet thought, as she sealed the envelope, just as they reached her home. "Early night for you Janet, unless you want to go somewhere later, Roberto's already paid me for the night." The driver said smiling as he held the car door open, for Janet to get out.


"No not tonight Sid, I'm having a shower then lasing in a chair for the night, but can I offer you a drink before you go," Janet said as she produced her key, to unlock the door. "Don't mind if I do," said Sid as he followed her into the house. "The drink cabinets there Sid; I'll have a white wine when I've had my shower please," Janet said, heading upstairs to the bathroom.


Dressed in only her bathrobe, and brushing her hair as she came downstairs, Janet stopped abruptly as she entered her living room. Lasing on the settee was a naked Sid, sipping a glass of whiskey, as his hand slowly rubbed his rigid cock. "You did ask me in for a fuck didn't you Janet, you wouldn't want to spend all night alone would you, not when you can have me fucking you."


Sid said smiling at her as she stood looking at his cock, a little shocked at his bluntness. "Come on sit on this, and I'll keep quiet about you counting the money in that envelope. You know you only get a percentage of what they pay you to fuck, what's in those envelopes is for Roberto. Now if you want to earn money on the side, I can get you some clients, only I want a backhander plus I get to fuck you when I want, do we have a deal?"


Sid said standing up and moving closer to her, Janet just watched his approach, and let him remove her gown. Then he kissed her as his hand went between her legs, to feel her cunt was already wet. His blackmailing demands of a partnership had excited her, as had the sight of his thick ridge cock. She opened her legs as she took hold of his cock, so he could finger her better, then at his bidding went on her knees to suck him.


He fucked her twice before he left at midnight, once kneeling in the living room. Then after she had sucked him off, he took her to her bedroom, where they spent the time fondling and giving oral, until she had sucked him off. Then when aroused again, he made her kneel on all fours to fuck her, only this time he fucked her arsehole. Leaving her face down on the bed, he left her with his spunk oozing from her ass.


Chapter 27

At nine, Wednesday morning Roberto rang the doorbell, and when Janet answered it wearing a dress, he said. "Take that off and wear this," as he handed her a parcel and Roberto stood watching her, as she removed the dress she was wearing. "Take off the panties to," Roberto said as she went to pull on the micro skirt he had given her that did not quite cover her crouch, along with a tiny tie up top that showed most of her tits.


When dressed Roberto made her poses for his approval, she had to bend to show him herself from behind, with her breasts almost falling out of the top. When satisfied he lead her out to the car, where Sandra sat in the same outfit, the short skirt displaying her cunt. Around the corner, they stopped to pick up Nicole, who seemed surprised to see Janet there and said. "Sandra said she was hoping you'd join us, Rachel will be pleased you're with us today," Nicole said, sitting opposite Janet, her skirt showing as much as Sandra's and Janet's did.


Then with Rachel sitting happily next to Janet in the car, Roberto headed for the city and gave them instructions as he drove. "This is mostly for Janet, the rest of you should know the drill by now. You are going to this meeting, to serve drink and be nice to the men there. When you bend to put a drink on the table, exaggerate the bending to show them your cunts, you will let the men feel your cunts and breasts."


"Smiling sweetly at them will get you a bigger tip, letting them fuck you, will get you a bonus. There is no fucking or sucking them off in the main meeting hall, during the presentation. If they want to fuck you after, take them to the anti-room. They will give you a green casino gambling chip, if they just want you to suck them off, a red chip will allow them to fuck you as well."


"The discussions will finish at eleven when the food will be served, drinks will be served throughout the meeting and until twelve. We will stay for as long as your services are required, I'm not sure how many will be at the meeting today, but in the past, there have been twenty plus. You all have to be at an orgy at six, so pleasing two or three men at once, will get you through them quicker. If the demand is anything like it was last time, you will need a rest before tonight's orgy," Roberto said, as the car glided closer to the city.


They parked at the rear of the building and then took the service lift up to the anti-room, adjacent to the meeting hall. The anti-room had tables already laddered with drink bottles and glasses, and others had plates of finger food. Four men stood behind the drinks table, ready to make up the girls drink orders. Along the wall beside the lift, were two sofers and two armchairs.


"You can use these to earn your gambling chips," Roberto said, indicating the furniture with his hand. "Take no notice of them they're my men," he said now sweeping his hand towards the four men. "Now take a pad and pencil, two of you service the right-hand side of the table, the others the left. The meeting starts in twenty minutes, there not all in there yet, but you can start serving them now." Roberto said as he adjusted Janet's top so that just her nipples were hidden.


Janet teamed up with Rachel, on one side of the table and had notes pressed between her breasts. As well as fingers, feeling her cunt as she bent to place drinks on tables. One of her customers showed her two red gambling chips, as well as his cock with a request. "These are for you later, if you wank me off now"? He asked, taking her hand and placing it on his cock. Janet looked at the clock and saw it was ten minutes, to the start of the meeting.


Sliding her tray onto the table, she took the two chips and put them between her breasts, as her other hand started wanking his cock. "I'll take them now darling, and then you can fuck me at eleven when the food comes out, you can redeem the second one later!" She said, and then just before eleven, she finished him off with her mouth.


She looked up at Roberto as she retrieved her tray of empty glasses, and licking her lips took fresh orders from smiling men. As she entered the anti-room to refill her orders, she passed close by Roberto, who was looking at her. "You said we couldn't suck them off during the meeting, you didn't say we couldn't before it!" Janet said as she swept by him, and gave her order to the man behind the table.


"You've turned out to be a hot bitch Janet, Sandra said you would be from the start," Roberto said as he stood beside her. Then Janet gave a startled cry, as he pushed his hand between her legs. Then opened them so his hand could move freely, as he finger fucked her. "There that's better, now you've got a nice juicy cunt for them to feel," Roberto said as Janet vibrated to the climax he gave her.


The next hour Janet spent serving drinks and having hands feeling her. She smiled sweetly and thanked everyone, that fingered her and pressed monitory notes between her tits. She was waylaid seconds after eleven, by the man wanting the second half of his red poker chip. Still holding her tray of glasses, and a knee on the arm of an armchair. He fucked her bent over from behind, as she sucked another for a green chip.


With the drinks tray finally abandoned, Janet found the ante-room full of men wanting the services of the four lady's. Janet had an empty glass, to hold her green and red chips, plus the notes she had acquired. She had found the best position for her, was to kneel in the chair. So she could suck the man behind it; while wanking two men and being fucked from the rear. The four men could move around the chair, and fuck her in turn.


Suddenly the rush was over, and only one man stood slightly waiting for her to finish being fucked. He was there to claim his fuck for his second red chip; he had been the first to fuck her at eleven. Then stood patiently watching her being fucked continuously for two hours, now he had her all to himself, and he spent his time fucking her tenderly.


At one-thirty Roberto lead the four weary women, to a two-bedroom suite in the same hotel for them to rest. "You have three and a half hours before we leave here, give me those outfits I'll get them cleaned," Roberto said, then with his hand, he indicated a pile of silk robes. "There are dressing gowns for you to ware to the orgy, you will be naked as soon as you get there. Now have a shower and get some rest, I'll be back at five to pick you up."


Roberto said leaving the four women naked, as he went out the door. With one bathroom, they had to take turns to shower. Rachel went first, then it would be Janet then Sandra followed by Nicole. As Janet waited by the bathroom door, Sandra and Nicole were sitting on a settee laughing and joking. Rachel left the shower running, as she came out and Janet stepped under the running water.


When Janet exited the bathroom, she stopped suddenly at the sight of the three women on the settee. Sandra was lying on her back, with Rachel kneeling over her head, while Nicole had her head between Sandra's legs. All four women had just been fucked for two hours nonstop, and here they were in acts of lesbians. Janet left them to it and climbed on to a double bed to rest, then she felt someone climb onto the bed.


Looking up she saw Rachel on her hands and knees crawling towards her, "would you like me to give your pussy a nice massage." She said, taking hold of Janet's feet and pulling them apart, and rolling Janet onto her back. Sandra had done it to her several times, and Janet had enjoyed Sandra's tongue licking her vagina. Only Rachel's tongue seemed to curl around her clitoris, and move on it like it was a tiny penis.


Then curled up again Rachel used it to fuck Janet's love hole, and although she had just been fucked for two hours, Rachel's tongue was soothing to her. So soothing she went into a blissful sleep, to wake with Rachel cuddled up to her being woken by Roberto. It was time to go to their next appointment, a twenty-minute drive away in the affluent suburb of Mosman Park. The owner of a football club there was throwing a party for his winning team.


Roberto parked behind the large building, where a man let them into a back door. They found themselves in what looked like a storeroom, where Roberto took their silk robes. The man happily watched them disrobe, and then disappear through another door. Moments later, he reappeared, and holding the door open ushered them through.


The players dressing room was full of near-naked men, happily drinking and cheered the arrival of the naked women. The girls were passed around from man to man, to be kissed and fondled, but no one attempted to fuck them. For half an hour, they had their tits and pussies felt by all in the room. Then the four-woman were lead to a long bench in the middle of the room.


They were made to kneel alternately facing one way and the other, on the bench. With all the men naked and now lined up in position, in front and behind the woman. The man in charge called for order, "right boys you're having a round-robin. A minute with each girl, then when the bell sounds move on to the next." He said, and as the bell sounded Janet had a cock in her cunt as well as her mouth.


Din-dong and Janet had two different cocks, and as Rachel was the one before her, she had the cock in her mouth that had come out of Rachel's cunt. Janet had tried to count the men in the room but was unable to as they moved her about frequently. As the club was an Australian football club, it meant there would be fifteen men on the field at a time. Another ten could be in reserve, and then there were the coaches and water carriers, plus others.


She had ruffly guessed thirty if not more, all of them would fuck her in the end, if only for a minute at a time. She would also suck each cock, as they went around and around in the round-robin. In eight minutes each man, would fuck and be sucked by the four of them. Then the men would rest until it was their turn to fuck the first of them again. Unlike Janet, she like the other woman would be fucked until the men could fuck no more.             


Din-dong the bell sounded time and time again, and different sized cocks fucked her again and again for what seemed like hours. None of the men wore condoms, and some were reaching their limits of restraint. Janet had several cocks jerk and fill her cunt with cum, and she had to drink cum from cocks that erupted in her mouth. As the queue of men dwindled, the more eruptions she felt in her cunt and thick spunk oozed from her.


Then there were no more, and the cock she had just sucked that had come from Rachel's spunk filled cunt, was erupting in Nicole's cunt. As she looked around to see if more were coming, she spied the man who had let them into the building. He was still fully clothed and talking to Roberto, who was smiling and nodded towards Janet. The man unzipped his flies and taking out his cock, walked to Janet saying "here darling you can have the last one."



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