Phase 1

"Sis, when can we eat?" asks my little sister, Daisy.
"Soon." I reply. I look around to see if there's any left-over food scraps from the restaurant. Nope.
That's unusual. The restaurant owner would usually dump the food onto the streets by now.

"I'm hungry." cries Daisy. "I'll get you food. Don't worry." I say.

"They're coming!!!" shouts a voice. I turn to see my best friend, Ina, covered with blood. "Ina! What happened?" I ask. "The things are attacking us again." she pants. "What thing?" I ask. "I can't explain it to you. But we got to leave. NOW." she says.
"C'mon." I whisper to Daisy. I grab her hand. "So where to?" I ask. "Servelle Park." says Ina.

I follow Ina to the park. We all hide in the big blueberry bush. "Now we wait till the things pass us." she says. I nod. Silence. More silence. We wait for thirty minutes. Still nothing. "I'm going to see if they're here or not." Ina whispers. "But what if they get you?" I whisper back. Ina smiles. "They won't be getting me." she says smiling. I watch as Ina crawls out of the bush. But a second later, I hear her scream. It rings my ears and I cover Daisy's ears. I peek through the bush. I see Ina on the ground with blood splattered all around her. I fight back my scream. The thing that she mentioned was standing over her. It looks like a boy around my age. He has blonde hair that's close to white with red streaks through it, he's pale, but when I look at his eyes, I realize that he's not 100% human. His eyes were kind of like a human's but the pupil's were longer and more sharper looking. Something about this boy isn't human.
I watch as he plunges his hand into Ina's stomach and pulls out her intestines. Her organs spill out and a bright red slimy thing comes out of Ina. The boy smiles and shoves it into his mouth. I almost gag. "Sis. I want to leave." cries Daisy. My heart stops beating. Daisy, no. Please don't say anything.

I watch with terror as the boy stops munching on my best friend and sniffs the air.
Suddenly, his head snaps around and his eyes go to mine's. I stop breathing. He gets up and walks right over to where I am. I squeeze my eyes shut and hold Daisy's hand. This is it.

Phase 2

"Come here!" yells a voice. I slowly open my eyes. Through the tangle of leaves, I can see a man dressed in a white lab coat. He stares at the remains of my best friend and smiles. "Good job on your 100th kill." he says. 100th kill? This boy killed that many people?

The man gets something from his pocket and throws it at the boy-like-creature. The boy runs over to the man, grabs the pocket-object and shoves it into his mouth. I can see red stuff dripping down his mouth.
I can feel Daisy squirming around. "Stop it."

I whisper. "But I need to pee." she whispers, wide eyed. "Wait till these people leave." I whisper back. Daisy nods and then we're both quiet. Waiting to see what happens next.
"I'm still hungry." says the boy. His voice surprisingly sounded like a regular boy's. "Wait till we get back to the SHO base. You'll get more food there." explains the man. He walks away.
The boy's eyes meet mine again. No. Please don't come here.

I look at Daisy. Her eyes are wide and filled with fear. "X198!" shouts a voice. I look to see a different man walking towards the boy. "You need to go back to the SHO base now."he explains. The man walks away followed by the boy. I tense up when the boy turns and looks back at me. Then they're gone.
"Daisy, you can pee now." I whisper. "Are the scary people gone?" she asks. "Yep. They're all gone." I whisper, smiling at her. Then I look up at the blue sky. What's SHO?

Daisy and I leave Servelle Park. I look around for any food dumped onto the sidewalk, but I don't see any. My stomach growls and I see Daisy walking over to a man who works at a butcher shop.
"Can I have a large piece of sausage?" she asks. The man stops cutting whatever he was cutting and looks at Daisy. "You got any money kid?"he asks. My sister shakes her head. "Then I can't serve you kiddo." he says. "But I'm really hungry!" she whines. "I need the money first, then I'll give you a nice plump sausage link." explains the man. "Sir, I really don't have money. Can't you spare at least one piece of meat?" asks Daisy. Her stomach starts to growl. "Sorry. I gotta make business." says the man. Then he goes back to cutting meat.
I sigh. Guess we're not eating tonight.
I look at Daisy again. She's suddenly with a strange man. He's wearing all black, and for some reason, I couldn't see his face clearly. The man gives the butcher some cash. I can see the butcher giving a huge chunk of sausage that can last us for at least three days. I can see Daisy walking back to me with the huge chunk of meat. The stranger was out of sight.
"Daisy who was that man who paid for that sausage?" I ask. Daisy shrugs. "He was really nice and said that if we need any help, he would be there." she says. I take a piece of sausage and bite down into the juicy meat. Sweet onion, and herb flavors burst into my mouth. I smile and close my eyes. It's been a long time since I had something that tastes this good.

After eating, Daisy and I go "home." Our "home" is actually an abandoned church. The church is pretty old, but it's still sturdy for us to live under.
It's getting dark, and I look around for Ina, expecting her to jump out in front of us. But then realization slaps me and I know that she died earlier today. Today.

The word floated in my mind. Anything can happen. I can die right this very second. I look around and spot Daisy brushing her teeth with a stick tied with hay. "Daisy. I'm going out for a walk, and hide if you see someone walking towards our home, okay?" Daisy nods. I nod back and walk around town.

The town that I live in sucks. Everyone is greedy for money, they steal things, and kill others. Kill.

I start to think of my mom who died while trying to steal food from a food merchant.
I look around for people, but I notice that no one's here. I look at the butcher shop from before. The butcher guy is gone.
I get a dangerous idea. I look around to make sure that no one is around. I quickly walk over to the butcher shop and look at where the butcher would usually keep his sausages. But all I see is this dark liquid splattered all over the wooden shelf. I sigh and look down at where the butcher would be.
I vomit.
I vomit all over the floor.
I see the butcher, but instead he's the one who's all sliced up. Turning my head away from the bloody body, I run over to all the other shops. I find bodies that are cut up the same way that the butcher was. Then I freeze. It's that boy from earlier today. The one that killed Ina.

I start shaking all over. Oh no. Daisy.

I start sprinting all the way back home. It's dark now and I open the church doors and barge in. I see Daisy, but her back's towards me. "Daisy!" I call. I can see dark liquid coming out of her side. I watch in horror as my sister lands with a thud onto the cold, hard ground. That's when I spot him.

The monster boy. He's here in the house. Monster boy is too busy feeding on my sister that he doesn't even notice me standing there. Move. Run.

But I can't. It's like my feet are glued onto the ground.
Suddenly, the boy sniffs the air and his eyes land on me. No. Not again.

The boy drops my sister's bloody hand and walks over to me. Before I can even think about what to do next, he's right in front of me. I stare at his in-human green eyes. He reaches out for me and I'm standing still. I'm too scared to even move.

Phase 3

The boy touches my face. His hands are ice-cold and I can feel my heart beating faster and faster.
Be brave. I have to be brave.

I force my-self to look at the boy. My mind freezes. He's really close to me now. I didn't realize how tall he was. I'm up to his eyebrows.
I stare at his face. He stares back at me. Finally, what seemed like hours, the boy steps back. He's still looking at me. Then he smiles, revealing teeth with a slight point to them. He goes back to my sister. And continues eating.

My body can move again. Quietly, I step back, and start running away. Away from this living nightmare.

I run past abandoned sheds, and churches. No one seems to be around at this time. I stop running, to catch my breath and look around to make sure that the boy isn't following me. I plop myself on the cold, damp ground.
Suddenly, something warm stings my eyes. I wipe my tears away, and I can't help it. I start to cry.
CRUNCH! My head snaps up to see that man who bought the sausage dressed in all black standing in front of me. He takes off his hat and now I can see his face clearly. I'm staring at a boy around my age, or maybe a year older with kind, dark brown eyes.
He takes a step forward, grabs something from his pocket and hands it over to me. It's tissue.
"Thanks." I say.
I don't hear a reply. I look up at the guy. He nods.
I take the tissue from him and wipe my face. The guy takes out a small note-pad and starts writing in it. He shows it to me. It reads: You need to come with me. NOW.

I stare at the note. Some seconds tick by. Finally I say, "So where to?"

I'm following a guy I barely know. But he seems like someone that I can trust. I look at him. He suddenly stops walking. "What?' I ask. The guy quickly gets out his note-pad and scribbles something down. He flips it over for me to see. You have to be careful.

I nod. We start walking some more. It's really dark now and I suddenly wish it was morning.
I keep on replaying what happened today. My best friend's death. And my sister's death. Two people died in one day. I push the thought out of my mind and focus on what's happening now.
The boy ducks under something and suddenly I can't see him. I look around. No one is following us. I turn and duck under what seemed like a log. Bright light burns my eyes and I squint. "So this is the girl you saved?" It sounds like a guy's voice. I force my eyes open and I see five people. Three guys and two girls. They all seem to be around my age, except for the guy wearing all brown. He seemed to be at least two years older. The guy that I followed writes something in his note-pad and shows it to me. Welcome.

"So what's your name?" asks the guy wearing all brown. I stare at the ground, then at him. "Lynn." I say. "Lynn? Well I'm Cage and the fellow that brought you here's Kade." I nod. The two girls both smile at me. "I'm Natalie." the blonde one says. "And I'm Ella." says the brunette one. I look over at the last guy. He's sitting by him-self and catches me looking at him. "Oh, and that's Daimon. He's really quiet." says Natalie. I look at everyone.
"So what's your story?" asks Cage. Everyone is looking at me now.
I lower my eyes to the ground and stare at everyone's feet.
"Well..I have no parents,... and I lost two very important people today." I whisper. Silence. I look up to find everyone looking at the ground.
"Everyone here lost someone." says Cage a few moments later. Then it's quiet again.
"Aw man! The soup is leaking!" cries Natalie, breaking the awkward silence. I watch her walk over to a stove made out of rocks. The smell of roast beef makes my stomach gurgle.
"Everyone eat now. And we'll go hunting tomorrow." says Cage. He walks over to Natalie.
I look at Kade. He's writing something down on his note-pad. I walk over to him. He pushes the note-pad to me. Do you want to hunt with us tomorrow?

"Hunting what?" I ask. Kade scribbles down something and shows it to me. Animals. You know for food.

"Ah." I nod. I feel stupid for asking that now.
"Dinner's ready now!" calls Natalie. My stomach starts growling. Kade smiles. Natalie makes the best beef soup. We only have it once a month since beef is hard to find.

I nod.

Just as Kade said, the soup is the best thing I ever tasted! It's even better than the sausage from earlier today. Then something inside of me dies. Daisy and Ina aren't here to eat this. My vision suddenly blurs and I turn away from the soup. I really miss them.
I feel soft cloth touching my cheek. Kade's sitting next to me. It's ok.

He writes. I take the tissue from him and smile. "Thanks." He nods and looks at me again before going back to eating the soup.
"Everyone! How's my cooking skills?" asks Natalie. She looks over at me. "It's really good." I say, smiling hoping my face isn't swollen. She smiles. "Everyone eat up for energy!" she announces. My insides flip at thought of hunting. As if on cue, Kade writes don't worry on the note-pad. Sighing, I look up at the patched up ceiling. Please make tomorrow safe.

Phase 4

I wake up to find my-self on the ground, with a huge fur blanket over me. I rub my head. Looking around, I see that everyone is gone. I start to panic. Did they leave me?

The monster boy comes into my mind. I shake my head, driving the thought out.
I stretch my legs and stand. There's a bowl of water on the wooden table. I walk over and take a sip. "So you're awake?" asks a voice. I jump to find Ella, the brunette girl from yesterday, standing by the entrance. "Yea. So where are the others?" I ask. "They're hunting already. Come on. Cage told me to bring you to our hunting spot." she says. I take a huge gulp of the water and follow Ella out into the open.

"Now, you have to be careful around here. There's a tiger living in that cave." says Ella. She points to a small cave covered by leaves. I nod. We walk some more and suddenly Ella stops walking. I look at her. She's frozen staring at a watch. "This can't be happening." she mutters. "What is it?" I ask. Ella takes a step back. "Our target is here." she whispers. I watch her pull out a small bayonet.
Suddenly I see blood splattered on the ground. I hear Ella screaming. "Ella!" I shout. She's on the ground clutching her arm. "Something just cut me." she says. We both look around the tall oak trees. Nothing in sight. "Wait. Where's my bayonet?" cries Ella. I look around for her knife. Then I hear her scream again. "Ella!" I turn to face her. I see her on the ground with her whole arm cut off. Blood's spurting out and darkening the ground. "Ella. What did this to you?" I ask franticly. "It's the thing that killed my mother." she whispers. I quickly rip off a piece of my shirt and tie it around the stump of Ella's arm. A rustling sound comes from the bushes. "Is it the tiger?" I ask. Ella doesn't say anything. I wrap my arms around her. "C'mon. We're leaving this place." She weakly nods. I help her up to her feet and turn back.
I stop when I see the tiger. It's fur is bloody and it's eyes are filled with hunger. "Wait. I can fight it off." I hear Ella saying softly. "No. You're hurt. I'll go and kill it." I say. I take a step toward the tiger. My heart is racing and then my whole body's frozen in place. I can hear Ella calling my name. I hear her scream and then silence. The tiger leaps towards me but I feel a cool breeze and then the tiger explodes. Red long pieces of tiger meat and guts fall to the ground. I look to see that it's the monster boy. Something slimy and wet lands on my shoulder but I ignore it. I concentrate on the monster boy. He smiles at me. "I saved you from it." he says. His voice is slightly raspy. I build up my courage. "Why do you keep on following me?" I ask. My voice sounds all shaky. There's silence. My eyes travel to Ella's bloody body then back at his inhuman green lizard eyes. He laughs. His laugh echoes through the woods. He goes close to me. "Because I want to eat you." he whispers. "Then eat me right now." I say harshly. I immediately wish that I hadn't said that. The monster boy cocks his head to one side and touches my shoulder. My whole body turns cold. He lifts up the thing that landed on my shoulder. It's the tiger's heart. He dangles it in the air and plops it into his mouth. I see blood dripping from his mouth. I stare at the monster boy. The boy who killed my little sister and my best friend.
"Lynn!" shouts a voice. "I'm here!" I shout. Suddenly, the monster boy grabs my arm. Surprisingly, it doesn't hurt. "I still have to eat you." he says. I look over at Ella's lifeless body. Monster boy looks at Ella too. He lets go of my arm and walks over to Ella. I turn away as he starts to eat her. Why didn't he eat me?

"Ella! Lynn!" says a voice. It's Cage. He stops and stares at Ella's body. "Who did this?" he asks. I turn back to the monster boy except he isn't there. Kade is behind Cage. He runs over to me and checks to see if I'm hurt. "I'm fine, but Ella." I say. "It's ok, we'll just leave her here. We already lost six people. Now seven." says Cage. He turns around and starts walking away. Kade puts his arm around me. Let's go back.

He writes. I nod. I look back at Ella's body as we walk away. "We're just going to leave her there?" I ask. Yes. We need to so the Hybrid can feed on her some more.

Kade shows the pad to me. "What's the Hybrid?" I ask. The thing that killed her.

I suddenly get it. It's monster boy. He's the Hybrid. I look at Kade then at Cage. Will they leave me when I die too?

Phase 5

I follow Cage and Kade back to the hideout. Cage slams his knife onto the ground and walks away.
Natalie suddenly pops into the hideout with Daimon tagging along by her. "So! What did you and Ella catch?" she asks cheerfully. Kade shifts uncomfortably and looks away. I just stare at the ground.
"What happened to Ella?" Natalie asks, this time her voice is quiet. "She's-" I start. But Daimon grabs my wrist. "Why didn't you protect her?" he asks. His voice is cold. "I tried." I say. My eyes are starting to blur. "I'm sorry." I whisper. Kade walks over and I can feel his hand on my shoulder.
Daimon walks out and Natalie walks over to me. "Ella was Daimon's sister." she whispers. "You did nothing wrong." Natalie adds. She smiles at me and then says, "I'm gonna go cheer up Daimon." I watch as Natalie walks out. "She's like sunshine." I say. Kade nods and writes, You wanna go hunting with me tomorrow?

"Sure." I say. Kade smiles and I feel a little bit better.

I lean back on the wooden stump and close my eyes. This is really my life. I can hear Natalie cheerfully talking to Daimon about what kind of soup she should make. I open my eyes and see that Kade is standing next to me. He looks at Natalie and Daimon. "I really hope that Daimon isn't mad at me anymore." I say. I hear Kade's wooden pen, scribbling something. He shows it to me. Don't worry about it.

I look back at Daimon. He's nodding and walks away with Natalie.
I turn and look at the ground. A couple of ants are circling a dead beetle. I watch as more ants come, and start to eat it. Kade taps on my arm. Want to train with me?

I break my gaze from the ants and look at him. I'll show you how to use my knife.

"Where do you usually train?" I ask. I have to toughen up and protect people. Here, follow me.

Kade walks out of the hideout and I follow him.

We walk past a bunch of trees and bushes. I look at Kade's back. He looks so strong. I look at my hands. They're long and bony.
"Um, Kade?" I ask. What is it?

He looks at me. "Do you think that I can hunt?" He sighs. Yea. After I train you.

I laugh. "OK."
We walk some more and stop in front of a giant tree. Kade sets his bag down and I watch as he puts something in his mouth. He gets out two knives.
"Here." He says giving me one. I look at him. "You can talk?" I ask. "Yea, but I choose not to. After what the Hybrid did to my mother and father, I just stopped talking." An eery silence builds up around us. "I'm sorry." I whisper. "It's ok. I'm fine now." Kade says. The wind starts to blow and the trees start to sway.
"Did the others back at the hideout hear your voice?" I murmur. Kade shakes his head, "You're the first one." I look down at my hands. The silence creeps up again. "Ok. Let's start the training." Kade says breaking the silence. I nod. "Let's say that I'm the prey, and your the hunter." He starts. "I'm going to run, and you have to catch up with me and if you're tired, then just go back to this oak tree." He explains.
"Ready?" He asks. I take in a deep breath. "Ready." He nods, and without warning me, he runs off.
I start running. The leaves crunch under my feet and I see Kade's head disappearing behind a big boulder. I slowly creep up to the giant rock. "Gotcha!" I say. I look behind the boulder. Nothing. I run toward another boulder. Why are there so many boulders here? I look around but Kade's nowhere to be seen. I can't give up. I have to try harder.
Suddenly I hear a scream, then silence. Is it Kade? I suddenly get worried.
"You alright?" The voice sounds like Kade's. I turn around. To my relief, he's safe. "I thought that was you." he says panting. "I'm ok." I whisper.
"The scream might be..." Kade's voice trials off and he grabs my hand. "C'mon. We're done with training. Let's go back." I nod.
We head back to the big oak tree. Kade grabs his bags and hands me a knife. I look at him. "It's just in case something's there when we get back." He winks. "Ok, let's go."

Running with two bags filled with weapons and snacks, Kade is still fast. I'm getting tired, but I push myself. Please be safe everyone. We hear another scream, this time, it's closer. "We're almost there." whispers Kade. Good. We pass more trees and shrubs.
A dead deer is laying about twenty feet away from the hideout. It's intestines are spilled out. Oh no. "Stay here." whispers Kade. He puts down the bags and gets out his knife. It's really long, with a perfect pointed tip.
Slowly Kade walks into the hideout. I brace myself for his scream, but I don't hear anything. Worried, I duck into the hideout.
The first thing that I see is blood. It's everywhere. Smeared on the walls and on the stone stove. I see a lifeless Natalie lying on the ground. "Let's go. It's not safe here." says Kade. He looks at me. I look around the room one last time. I spot another person slumped up against the wall. "Look. Cage." I whisper. Cage's body is covered with blood and he has a missing arm. "K-kade." whispers a voice. Cage! He's still alive! "Don't talk." says Kade. He walks over to Cage. "L-leave this place with Lynn." Cage is gasping for air. "Who did this to you?" I ask. Is it the Hybrid X again? "It was D-dai-," Cage's voice is cut off abruptly. Kade and I look at him. There, stuck in his chest is a knife. "Run." says Kade. He grabs my hand and we both start running again. I'm running with a knife in my hand. I feel powerful suddenly. Maybe because I'm with Kade. A sharp pain stings my shoulder. Then I feel something warm sliding down my shoulder. "Kade."
"What is it?" His eyes go wide when he sees my shoulder. We stop running. The footsteps behind us stop. "Daimon. Why?" asks Kade. I turn slowly and see Daimon, all bloody, and holding a rampuri(type of knife) covered with blood.

"Surprised huh?" No one is saying anything. I have to say something. "Why?" That's the only word that popped into my mind. "Why?" Daimon starts laughing like a maniac. I step back. "Because those bastards planned on killing me. So I killed them first." Daimon licks his bloody hands. "And since when did you talk?"
I look at Kade. He doesn't say anything. "What? Now your gonna stay quiet?" Daimon points the rampuri at us. I have to say something fast. "Cage and Natalie would never do that." I say. "Huh?" Daimon scratches his head and looks at me calmly which scares me. "Cage and Natalie cared about us." I say. Daimon snorts. "Yea, they cared for my sister when she died. They left her to rot." He laughs. Kade and I are quiet.
"But why would they want to kill you?" I ask. Daimon lowers his rampuri. "Because, I work for the SHO." My insides drop. Daimon works for those scientists who created the Hybrid X. "I'll have to kill you now, since you know everything." I clutch my left shoulder and as if on que, Kade grabs my hand and we start running again. "Aw man. Not that chasing game again." I can hear Daimon's footsteps. The crunching of the leaves, the beating of my heart, the smell of sweat; this is really happening to us. I'm being chased by a maniac.

Phase 6

Suddenly Kade grabs my wrist and we quickly hide behind an oak tree. I can't hear Daimon's footsteps.
"Gotcha." Whispers Daimon. He swings the rampuri at us. I jump to the left. I see Kade getting out his long knife. It has sharp metal spikes all around. Daimon smiles. "Let's hear your scream." He says. Kade grips harder on the knife. Daimon swings the rampuri at Kade. Please don't get hurt. Please. Kade dodges Daimon's attack. "I have no choice." sighs Daimon. In a second he's gone. I look around and see him swinging the rampuri aimed for Kade's neck. No. "Kade behind you!" I shout. The knife makes a sharp whoosh. Daimon smirks and then he's gone again. I feel a sudden sting. The pain grows and grows. I can see Kade rushing over to me, and something splatters on my face. I can see Kade's bloody sword and I look over to see Daimon clutching his right arm. His rampuri is on the ground, and it's bloody. It takes a few seconds for me to realize that I've been stabbed a second time. In the chest. I can't breathe. Kade puts something on my chest, and I can see the white cloth darkening. "You'll live. I promise." He whispers. I see Daimon covered with blood inching towards us. Daimon. No. He has the rampuri in his hands again. I'm too weak to talk, to tell Kade that Daimon is right behind him.
The next second went by slowly.
I see Daimon, and then I don't see him. Something lands with a thud and the dark pool of blood spreads. It stains Kade's brown shoes. I look at Daimon. The bloody, dead Daimon. And right behind him is monster boy. He smiles, revealing those pointed teeth. "I hated him anyway." says monster boy. He shrugs and looks at us with his inhuman green eyes. Kade is frozen and so am I. Is the Hybrid X really a heartless killer? I look at him. He looks back at me with those eyes. "Why did you come?" I ask. "I smelled blood. So I came here for snack." Monster boy explains. I look at monster boy carefully. Besides his eyes, he looks perfectly normal. "You- are you going to eat us too?" I close my eyes and wait for something to jab into me but I don't feel anything. "I already have him for snack." says monster boy. He starts tearing Daimon's head apart. I almost gag. "You want some?" Monster boy is holding something red and slimy. "No, thanks." I say. I look over at Kade who's still frozen. "It's ok, I don't think that he's that bad." I whisper. "No. Your crazy." whispers Kade. He gets up and starts running away. The dark cloth falls off my chest. I look at it. My chest looks like beef or pork. It's all teared up. I guess Kade's special cloth takes away the pain.
I close my eyes. Kade ditched me. "AHHHHH!" His scream pierces me. Monster boy has his hand inside Kade. He pulls put his hand and brings out something that looks like the heart. It's still beating. I look away when monster boy puts the whole thing in his mouth. The sickening sound of a soft squish echoes all around me. I was wrong about monster boy. He really is a monster.

Monster boy walks over to me. I can feel his eyes on me. I see his bloody hands touching my wound. "Going to eat me too?"
Silence. I look at creature. He sighs. "You know what?"
"No." I really don't want to know.
"Forget it."
I look at my wound again. It's gone. No ripped up flesh; nothing.
"How did you-"
"I have my ways."
I'm not as boy scared at monster boy anymore.
"Hey." My voice sounds quiet.
"Why am I still alive?"
Everything is quiet now. Nothing is moving.
Monster boy smiles, showing his red pointed teeth.
"Would it help if I told you that I was Cloud Relling?"
What? My brain can't think properly.
Cloud Relling was my childhood friend, six years ago. He disappeared without a trace.
"Stop joking. Cloud is dead." I don't believe this. Monster boy is playing tricks with me.
"How do you know that he died? He's right here." Monster boy touches his heart. "You want to know what really happened to Relling?"
I want to know.
Monster boy sits down next to me. "When Relling disappeared, he was actually abducted by one of the SHO members."
"What did they do to him?"
"The SHO injected him with these chemicals that make you go insane, then, every single hour, they would inject him with different chemicals. This went on for six years."
I can't believe this.
"And when I woke up, I was so hungry since SHO wouldn't feed me. They told me to kill. And I did. I was so hungry, that I couldn't even think."
I gulp. "Cloud. Are you really Cloud?" I look at monster boy. I look at his eyes. Nothing. He doesn't look like Cloud at all.

Phase 7

It's quiet. Nothing's moving. Monster boy smiles. I can see his razor sharp teeth.
"I kept you alive. You should thank me."
I look closely at his face. Cloud had a faint scar over his left eyebrow.
I see it. It's faint; but I can still see it.
Monster boy smirks.
"Thanks." I say.
"Part of me wants to help you." says monster boy. He licks his lips.
I look around. I see Daimon and Kade's bloody body. I cringe at the sight.
Monster boy continues talking, "You seem so helpless. That group you were in..." His voice trails off and he looks at me. "They were working for the SHO."
The SHO? I couldn't believe it. Kade was working for the SHO. The organization that made Cloud into a monster.
"Then why did Daimon try to kill everyone?" I ask.
Monster boy laughs. "After I killed his sister, the kid went mad. He thought that everyone was against him."
I'm quiet.
"That's why I killed everyone that's working for the SHO. They're too noisy. I like it when it's quiet."
A sudden breeze makes me shiver.
"SHO. You want to know what they're up to?" Monster boy grins.
The thought of Cloud turning into the monster boy makes me mad.
"Yea." I say
"And don't worry. You won't get hurt. I'll kill everyone that works there. Soon, SHO will be destroyed." Monster boy grins.
I can't believe I'm with monster boy/ Cloud.

Monster boy takes me out of the woods. It's been a while since I've been on the streets.
It's quiet and the streets are empty. I sigh. Everything is happening so fast.
"Hey." Monster boy looks at me.
"We're here."
I'm standing in front of an old shack.
"Go in. I'll get some food." Monster boy turns and starts walking away.
"Wait!" I call.
He stops and turns around. "What?"
"What if someone comes in while you're gone?"
Monster boy sighs. He almost seems human now. "Don't worry. I'll be back soon."
"Be careful!" I call.
He smiles and walks away.
I look around the shack. I see an old picture of Cloud and me back when we were ten. I smile at the thought.
I lean back against the wall. What would I be doing if Ina and Daisy were alive? Would I still be hiding from monster boy? Probably. I look at my hands. They're still smeared with blood. I close my eyes and I see my family.

My mother, Daisy, and I were poor. We would always scrape the food off the streets and at night, we would sleep under trees. But my family wasn't always poor. We were once normal; going to restaurants, owning a nice apartment; going to school. That life ended when my father died. The cause of death was cardiac arrest. My dad owned a business specializing in robotics. I thought that my mother would take over the business but turns out that my father's business went bankrupt shortly after my father's death. And before I even knew it, I'm living on the streets, begging for food. We lived like this for about two years but one day, my mother went to beg for food to a merchant who sells seafood. When the merchant refused, my mother tried to steal some. I saw the merchant grabbing my mother's arm and he threw her onto the ground. I saw her head crack and the blood pooling out. After my mother's death, I became Daisy's mom. I begged for food and protected her. Until monster boy showed up.

I wake up to find myself in tears. I quickly wipe them away and I see a pack of sliced chicken seasoned and cooked in a sealed plastic bag.
"Cloud?" I whisper.
Monster boy comes into view. He has blood splattered all over.
"How did you get this?" I ask.
Monster boy smiles. "Guess."
"I stole them from a merchant."
"And you ate the merchant?"
Monster boy's inhuman eyes meet mine.
I look at his bloody hands.
"Just eat." Monster boy gets up and walks out of the shack.
I rip open the sealed bag and the smell of roasted chicken fills the shack. I wolf down the chicken in two minutes.
Monster boy walks back in.
"You want to see the SHO base?" He asks.
I nod. He gets up and starts walking away. I crumple up the plastic bag and follow monster boy out.
"How long is this going to take?" I ask.
Monster boy doesn't answer. He keeps on walking.
I hear a sudden rustle and I grab my knife out.
Monster boy sniffs the air. Then he licks his lips.
"What is it?" I ask.
But he's already gone. I hear a scream. It's a girl's scream. I hear a crack and everything's quiet.
Monster boy walks back, munching on something red and slimy. Blood runs down his mouth as he's chewing. I almost gag.
"Want some?" he asks.
I look away and quickly walk away.
"That's not the way to the SHO base." Monster boy shouts.


to be continued. sorry, if that the updates are short. tune in next time to see what happens next!~ ^_^


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