Who Am I

Knock! Knock who is there
Can I come in
Who are you? Only your father knows
Scruffy smelly you look
Sit on the floor for my sofa cannot allow
The air is stuffy,stale cannot breath
Flies flying around
Landing on her skin, snort dripping down her nose
Get up! Fill the bucket wash yourself
Scrub scrub until you shine
Please listen! I may look small and frail
I am someone created before God 's eyes
Choosen for a purpose you cannot understand
Stop your rumbling
Your mind is empty cannot reason
You stare and glare no purpose to me
Not invited but you came
Stingy sloppy sick you look
Shattered wasted you are
Cannot cope? Only your father can
It is His mess not mine. Do not come near me
Please lend me your ears
I need your love and care
My little hands and feet cannot feed
I am growing inch by inch through grace
My mother is gone her sweet smell is all I have
Holding on to the faint memories close to me
Cherishing the time gone
Nurture me while you can
Tomorrow has new plans q
Let our hearts connect
To bring the warmth we long for
To see the light move the dark
Spinning us together as one
For you are someone and I am too
Happiness we both long for
Sadness makes us weak
Let's share our thoughts of hope
Not think of what's around us
Put a melody in your heart
Sing praises that never end
God listens lets make sweet sounds
That lifts our hurting hearts
Puts joy in us again
Refreshes the broken spirit
Mends us together
Why should I
Instead you come to invade my space
I don't want to know you, nor raise you little one
Sort yourself, my life is not for you
Since you are here sweep and shine my floors
The place where you will sit and sleep
No playtime school you will go
Chores wait for you daily
Oh! Does my father know
I run the house He pays the bills
Does he have a say in my life
No! Not when I am alive
I make the rules
You see your dad once a week
No talking only when spoken too
His my father
How can you distance me from my own father
What have I done to deserve such injust
My little light is dim
Who is she I am someone
Respect I give
Small tender I may be
I am someone who has a mind that thinks
I have a heart that beats
I have hands that need to be held
I have feet that need to walk
I have a mouth filled with unspoken words
I am someone
Somewhere nowhere I am someone
Though I may look weak, young and dull
In God's eyes I am precious
Tiny to you but big in his sight
My mind my seem twisted to you
I know my heart is clear
For this season is for a reason
Do not shut me with your words
For you torment yourself
Let beauty radiate in you
Smell the roses and leave the thorns
You do not want to be pricked
Soak into the sun reflecting at your window
Let the light shine in you
Remember when you were young and frail
Someone was there
To hold you when you fell
To love you when you were hurt
To wipe your tears when you cried
To laugh with when you were glad
To hug you when you were in fear
Praised you when you were good
Corrected you when you were wrong
Enjoyed your presence
Watched you grow
For you are someone
I am someone too
Little one who taught you how to speak
Pouring your heart out
I don't want to know
Whether you are someone, somebody or something
You are not and will not be anything to me
Poetry will not win me over
Save your mouthful of words for some else
Your father brought misery in my life
When I set my eyes on you
Your kind words do not flatter me
My past is mine not for you
I face my future with you around
It tears my heart to know
For my plans are in vain
You stand and pour your pity
I will not quiver nor shiver
Your story is stored for you
My journey ends with me
You cannot bring hope for you are hopeless
Tears streaming down your cheeks
Nobody to wipe them
You may swim in your tears
I will not break
Leave me! Leave me!
Little one That's all you are
Your words do not lift me
The sound of your voice chokes me
The train passing by is pleasant to my ear
Not listening to your crackling voice
You never stop rumbling
What can I do to close your mouth
I could think of a million things
Little one your head is full
Bursting with dreams dream on
Reality will settle soon
Seasons will change
Raindrops will fall
The sun will rise
The wind will Blow
You will not change
Face it
Hear me my hope stands
Bringing life into my bones
Your words won't crush me
Though the test gives me strength
I will look above
And know I am someone
Woven in my mother's sac
Neatly kept for His glory
Every part of me He calculated
Measured me to precision
Knowing that I will survive
Bringing joy to Him
Little I may seem but strength I have
To withstand this test
I know I am not alone
Someone is with me
Greater than myself and you
Who knows my beginning and end
Who knows my past and present
Who knows when I cry
Who knows when I laugh
Who picks me when I am down
Who knows I am someone
Love is here to lift you


Texte: Olivia Makanga
Tag der Veröffentlichung: 15.11.2012

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