I wake and smell the rain patting on my window
Is it rain again for what will I gain
To sit and sort my soul
To render my heart to His Spirit
Let me not ponder but surrender
Rain! Rain! On me
My eyes see far and beyond
The picture never washes away
For I know you are there with me
My heart is open my mind is alert
Holy Spirit make way
Evoke me to move and never look back
Trusting what is ahead shines bright and pure
Rain! Rain! On me
Your word never fails or fade It stands forever
Flowing living waters that gives life to my heart
Rain! Rain! On me
Let love rain


Walk walk do not stop
Trott trott do not stumble
Stay on route not on side way
Hope for things not there
Assured of things to come
Walk walk do not stop
Trott trott do not fall
Trust in him that never leaves
Step in the footsteps that never fade
Move on do not stagger its all in Him
Doubt may sweep do not fear hope awaits
Sorrow, pain comes but joy unfolds each day
Live do not fret for birds never stop singing
Flowers never stop blooming
Trees never stop growing
The sun never stop shining
Be a light in the dark


Sing! Sing! let your voice be heard
Open your heart for your eyes to see
Light comes to change your way
Bright mornings pass dark yesterday's
Sing a song that never ends
A song that shares our stories
To wipe our tears of hurt
To shake our fears away
To make us strong and well
To bring life again
Turn see the love around
Set your heart for change
Listen to the gentle voice
Evoke your thoughts to truth
Free to walk in love, joy and peace
Rise the light comes to illuminate
Let truth prevail


Texte: Olivia Makanga
Tag der Veröffentlichung: 13.11.2012

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