Variegated Crocheted Oval Rug


MATERIALS: Home-Ties Kentucky Soft Spun Rug Yarn No. 113; Crochet Hook Size "J" or 9


For 20"x30" Rug—6 Skeins Main Color; 4 Skeins Contrasting Color—Starting Chain 23—about 9 inches.


For 18"x27" Rug—5 Skeins Main Color; 3 Skeins Contrasting Color—Starting Chain 20—about 8 inches.


To Start: Using 2 strands of yarn in Main Color—for 20"x30" Rug, make starting chain of 23, turn on 2nd ch from hook and single crochet 44 around the chain (22 sc on each side of ch). 2nd Round—Continue to sc around, increasing twice at each end. 3rd Round— Continue to sc around, increasing 3 times at each end. 4th and Following Rounds—Continue to sc around, increasing only at ends and as required to keep rug flat. If rug begins to turn up, it is because it requires more frequent increasing at ends. Be sure not to in­crease at same point at ends in succeeding rounds, to avoid forming an undesirable pattern. Work a slip stitch over last row for improved edge.


To Change Colors: Break off the yarn, leaving a 3" length, and slip this through the back of the next stitch. Turn rug around about half way and start with the new color. Continue to sc around as before, and when you come to the 3" length of the previous color, carry it in with the new color. This manner of joining colors will give complete and even rows. (Do not start a new color at point where you break off old color.)



Gray and White Oval Rug Pattern





9 skeins Gray

2 skeins White or colors desired.


Aluminum crochet hook size H.


Rug measures 23 inches x 37 inches without fringe. With Gray, ch 40, 3 s c in 2nd st from hook, 1 s c in each of the next 37 sts of ch, 3 s c in last st, working on other side of ch, 1 s c in each of the next 37 sts, do


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