Sowing and harvest in the Lord Jesus Mihael Kozich (Kozić)




























Mihael Kozich (Kozić)

Preparing sowing

In the natural world before sowing we must know what we sow, we must also know where we will sow the seed. The soil for sowing must have a certain size quality. For seed specific. The soil must be good, clean, free of weeds, plowed, minced soaked in. Also, the seeds must be healthy and good quality. We have the tools to prepare the land and sowing. And finally should roll up our sleeves and work.

Like in the natural and in the spiritual world we have to know what I want from the Lord. Preparing the soil in the which we will sow, it is preparing our hearts permeated with the Spirit of the Lord. Then there is the tool, our mouth. And finally comes the seed for what we want from the Lord, and that is the Word of the Lord.


The soil

The soil represents every area of our lives, as a separate field that we need to cultivate, sow, take care of it, and to reap. Always sow to the spirit world, and the abundance of the Word of the Lord overflows in the visible state. Always is the first spiritual creation, and then comes the material manifestation.

The Lord Jesus is the the exchange of the Cross everyone provide good soil and all other conditions to come to the harvest (Gal 3: 13-14). It is also important to look at the land which the Lord has earned. Israelis when they came to the threshold of the promised land, they did not recognize that this is a good land. Already they believed, to have and enjoy.


Joshua and Caleb they saw this: Numbers 14: 7 And they spoke to all the company of the sons of Israel saying, The land which we passed through to search is an exceedingly good land.  8 If the LORD delights


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This little book is the handy guide to the sowing and harvesting of the Word of the Lord as a reminder of the right way. Which is determined by the principles of the Lord through His Word. Any area of your life: health, finances, family, success, distribution, peace .. require the use of these simple principles of sowing and reaping in the faith. May the Lord Jesus bless. Michael Kozic Croatia

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