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The Cure For All Disease



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Terry Cooksey

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The Cure For All Disease is the Owner's Manual for your body.

I know that the title states something that few can accept as being true at this time. But the fact is, that there is a cure for all disease. And that is what you are about to discover. The results you get by doing what I say to cure you of all disease, is what is important.

There are 150,000,000 Americans who are permanently sick with one or more chronic diseases. The rest of the country is sick most of the time. No one calls this most devastating plague in the planet's history “a plague”. But what else can you have when doctors refuse to cure anyone, in order to stuff their bank accounts with all the cash they can squeeze out of you.

Real doctors cure you. And up until drug corporations started patenting their chemical drugs in 1939, about 85% of Americans relied on Healers when it came to their health and well-being.

And what we have to do is return to that way of curing almost everyone. But we also have to avoid the saturation of poisons in our food, drinks, water and personal hygiene items.

You also have to give your body the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and function properly. That requires taking vitamin supplements to get enough Vitamin C, Magnesium and Omega-3.

Any person who is sick needs to take measures to reverse the acidity of their body. Doing so causes disease to slowly fade away. I will tell you how you can reverse the acidic state of your body, and do so for pennies a day.

I will tell you some quick cures to some major diseases. Among those are migraines, kidney stones, heart arrhythmia, gout and more.

You can make major improvements in your health by taking Magnesium. When you find out all the things your body needs Magnesium for, you will begin to understand why your body is in poor health. Without Magnesium, over 300 body metabolisms do not occur or occur very little. As you continue without enough Magnesium for longer and longer periods of time, your body continues without the metabolisms that require ample Magnesium to happen.

The same is true about the acidity of your body. The more acidic, the more body metabolisms cease to occur. And as you continue to bombard your body with more and more poisons, those poisons begin to accumulate in places in your body. These accumulations of poisons in parts of your body is what is called disease.

This book goes after the cause of all disease. And without those poisons entering your body, disease will stay out of your body.


And even the 20% of diseases that are said to be caused by germs and viruses, could not exist without your body being acidic from saturating it with more poisons than your body can remove.

I made this book short to make it easy for anyone to cure themselves of all their diseases. This includes headaches and heartburn. Both of them are common diseases that rare few even call “disease”. But the same things that cure cancer, kidney disease and heart disease, also cure you of the lesser diseases such as headaches and heartburn.

Cure means to restore to health. And that is what this book teaches you to do. You can cure yourself of every disease you have WHILE you still listen to your doctors; except the part about death and there's no cure!

Everything I tell you to do is Natural and costs very little. You can expect to invest up to $150 for water filters. Then spend $20-$30 a month on the vitamins and a couple other things, to get you cured. So, in one year you will have spent a maximum of $510 to cure yourself of every disease you have.

I have written four other books on cures. They all tell you the same cure for all disease that is in this book. So I wrote this book to make the transition from talking about diseases, to talking about how to restore your body to health to rid it of all disease.

See, it's not really important what diseases you have. What's important is restoring your body to health.

This should be taught to children early in their lives. But as long as money continues to be far more important to doctors than human lives, the only chance you have to escape disease and an early death, is to use the science in this book to cure yourself.

For those who can choose Life over Death and well-being over permanent disease, let's get started on the best thing that could ever happen to anyone with chronic disease.

My Final Words at the end of the book is to talk to you about the things you need to know to make sure you don't get fooled by doctors and their complete refusal to cure anyone. Everything else is the information your body needs to heal itself.

Read on and see for yourself..............

1 - Introduction

After writing four books on cures, I have learned a whole lot of things I didn't know at those times. I didn't know that I had discovered the cure for all disease when I wrote my first book. But what I really did was discover laws of physics that dictate the health of our human bodies.

The most overwhelming mistake that everyone makes is going to doctors for cures. Doctors have no cures. So it is clearly insane to go to a doctor if you want to be cured. But this insanity goes deeper. Not only does everyone go to doctors for cures they never get, they never look elsewhere for any cures. And until you snap out of this robotic hypnotic trance, you will remain without cures for any of your diseases.

I became the first person to cure myself of chronic kidney disease in the past 75 years. Before the first patented drug in 1939, we actually cured ourselves of most every disease. But now with 150,000,000 Americans who are permanently sick, doctors feel no need to cure anyone. Even if doctors wanted to cure anyone, how could they; since doctors aren't taught cures in any of the medical schools.

So even when I went to the doctors to cure me of what turned out to be kidney disease, I not only didn't get cured by doctors, there was never any chance of me being cured by going to doctors.

I want to make it very clear at the very beginning of this book that I am not going to teach you how to avoid doctors. What I AM teaching you is how to cure yourself of all diseases. And as long as you think doctors are going to cure you, there is no chance you will ever be cured.

When you get past that mental block, you begin learning the Laws of Physics to cure yourself. Don't let the term “the Laws of Physics” make you think this is something only a few can understand. You know that water is always wet. That is one Law of Physics.

Throughout this book you will learn how to use Laws of Physics to cure your body of any and all diseases. A real simple example of using a Law of Physics to cure yourself is by using a highly alkaline natural substance to neutralize the excess acid we all call heartburn, aka acid reflux. Mix ½ teaspoon baking soda in 4-6 ounces of filtered water and drink when you have heartburn. You use this same thing to cure gout.

Gout is Uric acid crystals. Again, by using a highly alkaline natural substance like baking soda, we neutralize those Uric acid crystals known as gout. We use filtered water because it doesn't have the chlorine, fluoride and other poisons in it as unfiltered tap water does. This becomes very important once you realize that all disease requires an acidic body to exist in.

What I am teaching you to do is to RESTORE YOUR ENTIRE BODY TO HEALTH which will rid your body of all diseases. Up until this point in my life, I have called it cures. And with that comes all this talk about this disease, that disease, my disease and so on. Once a doctor defines the problem with your body they tell you the name of that isolated part of your body that isn't functioning properly. But no matter what disease or diseases doctors tell you that you have, the fact is that you have a whole body problem.

Your body produces cancer cells daily. But once your body is acidic, those same poisons that made your body acidic are now causing organs or other parts of your body to stop functioning normally. This is what doctors call disease. But the only reason doctors call it “chronic” disease is because they REFUSE to cure anyone in order to maximize their income off treating your diseases, instead of curing them as all real Physicians do. We have plenty of doctors but no Physicians, Healers.

The Laws of Physics can not be patented. Nature can't be patented. So doctors ignore all cures, since all cures are natural. Your body is natural. But nothing doctors do is natural! The very idea of pretending to help your natural body without using anything natural is the most perverted quackery that could ever be concocted by anyone!

The most common questions people around the world ask me, are about whether natural things will hurt them! My answers are redundant and shout how bizarre it is for anyone to even think natural things could hurt you. But this is the mentality that doctors create. Doctors' prescription drugs and other UN-natural ways kill over 100,000 people each year in the US alone. But to this day, no one has died from taking natural things like vitamins, herbs or even the most opposed natural medicine of all, marijuana.

But marijuana is illegal and the deadly drugs made by corporations and prescribed by doctors are not! Such contempt for human life can never be tolerated by civilized people! Do something about the 100's of thousands of people being killed by these deadly drugs. And stop using the Police and Federal government to insure this mass slaughter and imprisoning people for using what use to be the #1 medicine in the USA. This is what has forced everyone to either take the deadly chemical drugs that only harm our bodies further OR endure endless pain and suffering and an early death.

Doctors and the medical profession have been coming out with one claim after another telling the Public that everything natural will harm and kill us. It's quite bizarre, due to the fact that doctors claim they can't advise anyone about the use of vitamins and herbs. I believe that is the law, rules, for them. I asked my first nephrologist about using specific herbal cleanses and his reply was “I couldn't tell you that. I've never studied herbs before.”

Now that statement seems OK at first until you remember the synonym for herb is “medicine”!!! Any plant that has been used as a medicine is classified as an herb. But yet, doctors don't use herbs, natural medicines. ALL their “medicines” are synthetic man-made chemicals. And although many of their chemical “medicines” help you temporarily, fact is that your body works to remove 100% of all those drugs you take. But natural things have the ability to remain in your body and become part of your body.

One example of that would be how every cell in your body contains Calcium. So you have to give your body the Calcium it needs to do everything it can do for your body. Your body has to have enough Magnesium to dissolve the Calcium in order for Calcium to be used by your body. And when you don't have enough Magnesium, over 300 body metabolisms no longer occur. This causes kidney and bladder stones and bone spurs, irregular heart beats, high blood pressure, bone spurs, a weakened immune system and a host of other break downs in your body.

These sciences are just part of what you will learn from this book. What you will really do is discover the sciences that made you sick in the first place, and the sciences that restore your body to health and cure you of any and all diseases. What doctors call disease, with all of its many names, is what I see as something wrong with your entire body.

When you have cancer, it's because your body couldn't remove all the poisons going in your body AND keep removing cancer cells fast enough to keep a cluster of cancer cells from accumulating in places in your body. If you had not abused your own body with all those sugars, white flour, animal products and chlorinated water, it would never have even been scientifically possible for cancer or any disease to exist in your body!

I will give you the basic cure for all diseases to begin what you must do to rid your body of all diseases. You have to remember that poisons equal diseases. Since poisons cause all disease, getting rid of the CAUSE of all disease is the way to cure and prevent all disease. But the biggest problem you have when trying to reduce the amount of poisons that enter your body, is that our entire food, drinks and water supplies are saturated with deadly poisons. And corporations use lots of deceit to trick you into believing their toxic products are not only safe, but good and healthy.

I will tell about that deceit and how to see through it. But what I am going to do, is make this as short and simple as I can in the next chapter. Then I will tell you other things you can do to improve the health of your body and speed your healing. I won't be focusing on changing your attitude, so you can be cured, until My Final Words.

I did that in all my other books on cures because all you hear from doctors and the medical profession is that there is no cure for any disease. So I spent the majority of those books trying to get people to accept the fact that there have always been cures for all diseases. Before the first chemical drugs were patented, starting in 1939, doctors cured every disease there is. The end of good doctors pretty much ended with Jonas Salk, who created the polio vaccine and gave it to mankind as a gift; not for money.

So cures have faded away and been replaced by the endless medical treatments, tests and procedures they can make money off of. And that is a huge tidal wave of deceit to get through, just so you will even consider you COULD be cured. All you hear is “There's no cure”. But we had cures for every disease up until 1939. And we found cures for diseases as they were needed. But not after Jonas Salk's polio vaccine!

The information in this book needs to be done in order to bring the results it is intended to bring. So you don't have to waste your time judging what is stated in this book. All you have to do is DO what is stated and you get the results stated in this book. These sciences occur inside your bodies. So that is where these sciences bring the stated results.

I can't take any credit for these scientific Laws of Physics. They exist for you and everyone to discover and use to change the health of your bodies for the better, and restore your natural body to health to rid it of all disease.

I have been sharing these medical sciences with people all around the world who are getting better. Some cured themselves of a variety of diseases doing what I shared in my books and on my Facebook pages for my books.

Although Facebook is intolerable to many people because of all the drama and offensive political and religious hate speech, I have been able to help a lot of people in the Philippines, Nigeria, South Africa, Lebanon, Turkey, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and many more countries through the Facebook pages for my books How to Avoid Dialysis and Cure Kidney Disease, The Cure For Cancer and Natural Healing BOOK of CURES.

If you wish to contact me personally, just go to any of those pages and send me a private message or ask a question on any of the posts. Although all the information you need is in my books and posted on those Facebook pages, there are still questions you may have.

There is a cure for all disease. And that cure is all natural and costs you very little. The cost to restore your body back to health will be about $75 to $150 up front for water and shower filters, and $10 to $30 monthly for vitamins, baking soda and such. All you gotta do is decide if your life is worth that investment, then get science working FOR you to cure you and restore your entire body back to a healthy state.

So for all of you who care about your own health and lives, let's get to the information that will restore your body to health and rid you of every disease you have. The chances of you curing yourself with these sciences is the same as the chances of water being wet – which is 100% of the time.

2 - Time for Your Healing to Begin

What it takes to cure you of any and all disease is so simple and costs so very little that it is very hard for most people to understand how it could cure you. But getting rid of your diseases is not the focus of what I am telling you. You have to accept the fact that you have not been taking care of your body, even though you aren't eating any differently than the vast majority do.

But the food supplies have become so depleted of any real nutritional value that there is no chance of our food supplies nourishing your body properly. I mean there is no chance of getting the nutrients your body must have to function properly. So unless you are a vegetarian who eats lots of fresh raw produce, then your failure to take vitamin supplements assures that you will develop serious diseases; which are termed as chronic since doctors REFUSE to cure anyone.

Disease is what doctors give all these names to for all the different ways the effects of habitual mass poisoning show up in your body. If cancer cells are not removed by pure water and anti-oxidants faster than your body produces cancer cells, they amass in places in your body. If they accumulate in your liver, doctors call it “liver cancer”. If those same cancer cells amass in your brain, doctors call it “brain cancer”.

So you have doctors giving you their specific treatments


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The Cure For All Disease is the Owner's Manual for your body. There is a cure for all disease. It is 100% Natural and costs only a few dollars each month. Your body heals you by giving it what it needs and making sure you avoid the poisons that cause all disease. Water is the very Essence of Life. Without water there would no Life on this planet. This is why I believe the quality of your health is equal to the quality of your water. There are no cures with doctors and the medical profession. They turned their backs on all cures and all real medicine once drug corporations began manufacturing synthetic man-made chemical “medicines” starting in 1939. Cures ended with Dr. Jonas Salk's polio vaccine which he gave to mankind for free in 1954. Poisons cause all disease. Without poisons, even germs and viruses could not make you sick.

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