Will You Be My Prince

Will you be my prince that will rescue me from the castle with the evil pet dragon guarding me? Will I be your prefect princes with flowing red hair and a smile that kills any bad mood you might be having. Can you be my man that hold me down and gives me a good shake when I need to realize I’m acting crazy? Will I be your girl that greets you from a long day with pizza, a movie, a huge hug and kiss? Can you be my baby boy who in the morning looks at me drooling a little snuggled into you and think you couldn’t live with out me. Do you see yourself looking at me and saying those powerful words “I Do” and seeing a single tear run down my cheek as I repeat those words? Do you think I’m the girl for you? Are you the boy for me? I don’t know only time will tell. You have stole something from me that I don’t think I want back, my heart. I hope I’m the only girl you can look at and feel your heart beat faster just by looking at me. I believe you can see me at my low and me at my high and still see me as the most amazing person you have ever met. You put up with my over active imagination and my crazy mood swings when you don’t have to.

Broken Home

My family was shattered when I was six years old. A house that used to be filled with a mothers laugh, a fathers chuckle, and kids squeals of delight now held the hurt and confusion that lay silent in the air. Now instead of one house I have two. Now instead of one family I have two half’s of a family. New women came and gone from my fathers life. One woman stayed and was called my new mother. My mom’s house lays untouched by any man but is only filled with the love for her children. This is my broken family.

But I See You

The beat of the drums beats into my ears
Sitting in the corner
No one sees me
But I see you

Watching life like a silent movie
I see joy filled eyes
And shattered hearts
Pass me by without so much as a glance

I feel my blood pump through my veins
As the vocalist sings softly
I see people
Some young
Some very old

I see lovers embrace
I see haters hate
No one sees me
But I see you

I am trapped in the shadows of the world
Life moves on
But I stand still

Will someone see me one day?
Or will I be in the darkness forever
Oh well it doesn't matter
Because I see you

That's all that matters

Don't ever feel like no one is there to watch you
Like no one is there to help you back up
Keep on moving

Life is a choice
You can live
Or you can die
Make the right choice

Because in the ended their will always be someone
There to shed a tear at your funeral

You pass right by me
In the blur of movement we call life
You don't see me
But I see you

And that's all that matters.


Tears run down her face
As if they were a river

Pain squeezed her heart
Squeezing what life she had left
Why did her father have to hit her that way?

Why does he have to drink?
Why does she bare the marks of his hands?
Why her?

Curling tighter into a ball
She fights to find a happy place
But all she sees is black and red

Black like the darkest corner of the world
Trying to suck her into it's embrace
And never to release her from that embrace

Red that pulses with pure hate
Hate no child should feel
Hate for her own father

What used to be a happy girl
Now a empty shell

Anne is no more.

Where Are You

Where are you?
Where are you when I just want someone to hold me
Where are you when I feel the depression is pushing down on me
Where are you every Friday night where we should be going on a date
Where are you when im in my bed feeling so alone
Where are you?

Do you feel the same way?
Do you want me?
Why are you always so far away from me?
Do you really love me or do you just say that to keep me around?
Am I the only girl in your life? Is there others?
Do you only want me?

What Is Love

You are the sun that brightens my day when I just want to crawl away from the world. You are the moon that brightens the night to keep the nightmares and demons away. You are my life vest that keeps me from drowning in my own sorrow.

You call me childish but you love when I wake you up in the morning by jumping on the bed. You know I can’t cook yet you laugh and hug me when I burn our dinner. You know I’m moody yet you ride out my mood swings like a suffer rides out the waves. I’m younger then you are by three years yet you see me as an adult, someone who can stand one there own two feet and face the world.

I see you as a knight in shinning armor ready to fight and protect me at all cost. I see you as my best friend who has been there for me when I needed a friend. You are my lover someone I can look to and know you don’t want anything more then to be as close as you can to me. You’re the man that wakes me up with sweetest kisses on my face even though you know I hate mornings and will I flip you off sleepily. You’re the one that lets me rant and rave on how much I hate school. You are my shoulder to cry on. Your that smiling face I wish to wake up to every morning and the smiling face I want to fall asleep looking at with your heart beat as music in my ears.

The world looks at us weird. They see me as a child and you an adult. They see us as something that just can’t be allowed, something that wont work out. They shake their heads at us.

What they don’t know is that love doesn’t think about age or if one person is legally a adult and the other is legally a child. Love doesn’t care if it’s a man loving a man or if a woman loves a woman. LOVE doesn’t care! Love is when one person can be having the worst day of their life but when they see this one person they know they have something to live for. Love is when two people can be screaming at each other but later they can look at each other and know that life wont be worth living without that one person in their life. Love isn’t something you can turn on and off, love isn’t a light switch. Love can hurt, love can be beautiful, love can make you want to scream your head off and love can make you stronger. If you ever find true love you will know without a doubt that it is love.

Don’t turn your back on love because one day you will realize that love is worth fighting for.

Saving You From The World

Put down the gun
Put down the blade
Don't take your life away from me

Open up to me
Let me be the one to take the pain away
Let me make you see the good in living

Take me for who I am
I’ll take you for who you are
I’m a broken soul
You are a broken soul

Let us be broken together
Don't leave me alone
In this cold
Hateful world

I Care

I care

I care about you
When you don't even care about yourself

Don't worry love
I’ll hold you tight
Till your able to stand on your own

Don't hide yourself from me
Ill take you whatever way I can

I’ll be there when you need someone to fight for you
I can be the one to keep the hope alive
If only you’ll let me help…

If only

Don't worry love
I’ll hold you tight
Till your able to stand on your own
Don't worry love

I’ll take the pain away
Even of that means being in pain myself
Put down the razor
Put down the gun
Come into my arms

Hold onto me tightly
Like if you let go you’ll end up drowning
I’ll keep you afloat
No matter how hard the current trying to pull you under

Don’t worry love
I’ll hold you tight
Till your able to stand on you own

Blurring World

My cries for help fall on silent ears
The tears running down my face are invisible
Sadness and pain show with vibrance in my eyes
Why can’t others see my pain?

Heart thumping painfully in my chest
I close my eyes
Trying to find a happier place
But only seeing blackness

Darkness swallows me up
Till I am nothing more then an empty shell
Only my fake smile can be seen by the world
Never the real me

Curls tighter into a ball
Blocking out the harsh world
That blurs around me

I Am Perfection
By: Abby Cochran

Scratched and bleeding
My heart beats weakly

Is it funny to see me in the dirt?
To see what your criticism has done to me

Scarred wrist
Dampened cheeks
Is this the world I live in?

Why am I created to suffer
Why should I have the will to live when all life is
Is pain and sadness

You must have fun seeing me choke on the life you have given me

To see me try so hard
And to see me fail so terribly

Trying to make something of my life
Only for you to kick it out from under me

To see me find something that makes me happy
Only to rip it from me as it was just in my reach

Collar so tight around my neck
Choking the joy from me
Selfishly keeping me for yourself

All I wanted was to live my life for me
But you wont let me have that

YOU wasted your life
Lets now waste mine

I’m sorry I’m not the jock child you wanted
But never fear you have my brother
Make him your favorite

I know how much you wish I were more like him
How did you go so wrong with me?
It would bring you happiness just to forget I exist

Trying so hard to leave
Only to have you rip me right back in

Trying so hard to be perfect for you
Reaching for the perfection you have set up
Always just a fingertip away from succeeding

Ashamed that I’m not what you wanted
Covering up old scars and fresh cuts
The burning in my eyes never seems to stop

Trying never to show weakness with emotions
Knowing you’ll just get mad

The more I try to make you proud
The more of a failure I have become in your eyes
Can’t you accept me for me?

Sitting alone in my room
Knowing I’m worthless
Knowing I will not be missed in your eyes
Just another mistake to add to you exceedingly long list

Blade glistening in the tiny strip of moonlight
Body tingling with anticipation of what’s to come next
My mind screaming at me to put it down

What’s one more cut?

If I die,
I’ll leave my personal hell
For something more familiar

Maybe when I’m gone you’ll realize
I was perfection the entire time
You were to blind to see me

I’m Sorry Did I do that?

I’m sorry did my face get in the way of your fist?
God maybe I should be more careful

I’m so sorry did my blood stain your clothes?
My bad
Ill try harder next time to aim my blood away from you

Must hurt your eyes to look at me and see what you have done
The marks you have left
The hate and destruction you see in my eyes

I bet it boils your blood to see that after so many years
I can still look into your eyes
Smile a bitter smile
And say
Hit me bitch

How dare I not bow down before you
How dare I not kiss the floor you walk on
Don't you wish I would just kiss your ass?

Your hits strike harder
You words sharper
Must be driving you crazy to realize
Your losing control of me

I’m so sorry
But I don't love you anymore
Yes, you are my mother
Doesn't mean I need to respect you

Why should I respect someone who is lower then dirt
Or the air I breathe
Someone who scared being left alone

You blood runs through my body
I wish I could cut my wrist
And drain what is you out of me

You gave birth to me
I never asked for a mother like you
No one does

You're the worst type of abuser
Made me feel like I could come to you about everything
To pore my heart out to you
Never lie to you

And now you throw it in my face
Making fun of my failures
Pointing out all my wrongs

Thanks for making me want to live
I’ll make sure to write you a thank you card
For making me feel like a perfect failure

What is it that makes you think the best way to raise us is in fear?
Is it because your daddy used to shake you like a rag doll?
No wonder you picked my father as the father of your children

I can still feel the sting of every hand you have laid on me
I can feel the words you threw in my face cutting deeper into my skin
Then the last

Must make you see red to know I found happiness with a man
Someone who shows me what its like to be treated right
Someone to take me out and whisper in MY ear
“Anything and Everything”

In his eyes and heart
He gives me the world
The moon
And every star in the sky

I love the fact that you try to shut me down
Telling me he just wants a young fuck
To rip my virginity from me

Sucks for you
Because that's long gone

I have made love with this man
And guess what mommy dearest
He’s still by my side
Like my night and shining armor

Must be a scary thought
To die alone
Because you’re to bitter to get a man
I know I won’t be alone mommy
So I can’t image what that fear feel likes
So sorry that the other side of your bed lays cold
I’m sure your blaming that on me

The months tick by
My hope growing strong
As your biter angry hate for me grows stronger

The weeks fly by
Making me stronger
Ready to fight back
Daring you with my eyes
You growing weaker in my eyes

The hours move in a blink of an eye
I’m cutting the ropes
You remember the ropes?

The ones you put on me to hold me back
To choke my childhood from my lungs
To make me bleed till only hate and anger were left of me

You should be a shamed of what you turned me into
You have made it impossible for me to ever truly be open with someone
To show my feelings without fear of being beaten or shoved away like trash

Well I’m sorry mommy
I know,
I know I’m a little shit
You don't have to tell me twice

But guess what bitch?
I’m eighteen years of age
You have lost
I have won

I’m free.

Lets pray my brother gets away from you before you destroy him
Like you did me,
But it already looks to late


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