First Day back at Spring Creek High

I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock and the smell of bacon, I get up and turn on the tap water to the shower, once it got fully hot I got in and let the hot water go down my back and through my red hair. Once I got finished I wrapped my hair in a towel and walked to my closet, I put on a long white polo shirt and skinny jeans with my black converse. Once I finished that I blow dry my long red hair and flatiron it straight, then I put on my black eyeliner and lip gloss. "Peyton, Jeffry, hurry up your food is getting cold", Aunt Stacy yelled from downstairs. I ran down stairs and ate my breakfast while Jeffry was sitting next to me, he was only four years old. I looked at my watch and saw that it was seven forty nine and school starts at eight. "Aunt Stacy, i'm leaving now", I told her as I gave her a hug. "Bye Peyton, have a good day at school". "That'll never happen", I said as I walked out the door. Right when I looked up I saw Damian walking out of his house, I tried to hide my face so he didn't see me. "Peyton", I heard him yell in a deep sexy tone. I looked over slowly and smiled at him, he walked towards me. "Wow, you have grown since last time I saw you". "Well that what people do, they grow up", I said still smiling. "Well, uh, I'm gonna go", I said trying to make him leave. "Well, bye", he walked back to his car and left. All I was thinking about was how sexy he looked. When I got to school I walked to the office and they gave me a paper for my classes, they made a boy named Shane show me around. "Hey, so whats your name", he asked with his deep voice. "It's Peyton Wilson, and yours". "Shane Dawson, so you new here", he asked nervously. "Yeah, I guess, but I lived here before so I can probably recognize some people from here." "Oh, well I hope you like it here", he said smiling at me. "Maybe we can be friends", I said being friendly. "Yeah, sure". I saw my class so I told him he could go. I walked in the class, all the desks were turned towards a board and they were in groups of four. I walked to the teacher desk. "Hello, are you Peyton Wilson", the women asked me. "Yes", I said with a smile. "Well I'm Mrs. Tutor, you can sit where ever you want. I sat in the middle of the room. The bell rung and people started rushing into the classroom. I saw Damian walk in, he saw me also and walked towards me. "Is anyone sitting here", he asked as he pulled out the chair beside me. "Nope". He sat down next to me after I said that. "So, I haven't seen you in four years". "Yeah", I said slowly. "Why did you leave". "You really wanna know", I said looking at him crazy because he didn't know. "Yeah, I guess." "I moved away because the whole time I was here I got made fun of, and I hated it". "Peyton I am so sorry, I was young and stupid", he said sorrily. I heard in his voice that he was telling the truth. "Excuse me, your in my seat", some girl with blonde hair said to me rudely. I looked at her like she was stupid. "Are you gone get up, or are you deaf." "I don't see nobody's name on this seat", I said looking around the chair and desk. She pushed my arm. "Hey uh bitch, don't touch me", I said looking at her. she rolled her eyes and walked away. "Wow, you've changed to", Damian said. "People change." After school I was walking to my car, when I heard someone calling my name, it was Shane. "Hey Peyton". "Hey". "What are you doing this weekend, I want you to meet some of my friends." "Sure, where do I meet you at." "We can meet at the park". "Yeah, sounds good, bye", I said walking to my car. "Bye". When I got in the car I turned on the radio, I didn't know the song but I listened to it anyway. I pulled in the driveway to my house, my little brother ran out when he heard me pull in. "Peyton", he yelled in excitedly. "Hey Jeffry, how was school." "It was fun I met some friends." "That's good". I walked in the house. "Peyton, how was your day, make any friends", Aunt Stacy asked me. "Yeah, I even made my own enemy, that how great school was". We both laughed. That night Aunt Stacy took us to a small restaurant to eat, when we got home I change into my pajama's, my pants were pink with white dots and I had on a white tank top over it. I went to my window and looked out of it, I saw Damian with his shirt off through his window. He had a six pack, I noticed I was staring and stopped before he saw me, I got into bed and went to sleep.

Making Friends

This morning I woke up happy because today was the day I was going to hang out with Shane and meet some of his friends. Aunt Stacy was gone on a business trip for a week, so I have to babysit Jeffrey. I went downstairs to make breakfast for him so when he wakes up he can just come eat, but I couldn't cook, I always burn the bacon and always put to much salt in the eggs, but I'm gonna try anyways. I put the bacon in the oven and went upstairs to take a quick shower because the bacon takes a while to cook. I turned on the water and waited for it to get hot, then I stripped off my clothes and got in the shower. When I got out of the shower and opened the door there was smoke everywhere, I ran downstairs and looked at the bacon, it was burning I looked for something to take the pan out, until the doorbell rang, I ran and opened it forgetting I only have a towel wrapped around my body. I opened the door and Damian was standing there. "What are you doing in here, I can see all the smoke from your house outside", he said walking in the house. "I'm cooking and the food is burning", I yelled at him. He ran in the kitchen and took the bacon out and turned off the oven. "Really, bacon, you burned bacon", he said smiling at me. "I was in the shower", I said embarrassed. "I see". He looked me up and down. "Well, maybe I should go put on some clothes". "Yeah, you should". I could see him laughing at me when I walked away. I ran upstairs to my room and put on some shorts and a tank top, I put on eyeliner and put my hair in a ponytail because I didn't have time to dry it right now. When I finished getting dressed I walked down the hall to see if Jeffrey was still asleep, he wasn't in his bed. So I walked downstairs, I saw him eating cereal and talking to Damian about his action figures. "Hey Bud", I said to Jeffrey, Aunt Stacy calls him that because that was our grandfathers nickname (Aunt Stacy's dad) and she says that Jeffrey looks just like him. "Hey Peyton, why is it so smoky in here", he asked me as he coughed. "I burned some food", I said looking at him. "Oh, well I'm gonna go to my room and play with my toys", he said as he ran up the stairs. I walked past Damian and opened up the windows in the living room so the smoke would leave. Then I sat down across from him. "You can leave now, if you want". "Nah, I wanna get to know the new Peyton", he said smiling. "I can't right now, I have to go, I'm meeting someone". "Who", he said being nosy. "Shane Dawson, he invited me to the park to meet some of his friends". "Oh, well can we talk tomorrow night, I'm going to a party you can come with me", he said staring at me. "No". I got up and walked to the door, then I remembered that I can't leave Jeffrey here alone. I turned around and smiled at Damian. "Why are you smiling at me like that". "Can you stay here with Jeffrey and babysit him for me, please", I said wearing my puppy dog face. "No". "If you babysit him for me then I will go to that party with you." "Deal", he said smiling at me, his smile was so sexy. I walked out of the door and closed it behind me, then got in my car. When I pulled up at the park I saw Shane sitting on a bench with one other person. I got out of the car and walked towards them. "Hey Peyton you made it", Shane said happily. "Hey I'm Veronica, but you can call me Ronnie", a girl with dark brown hair and brown eyes said. "More people were coming but couldn't make it", Shane told me. "Oh, it's fine", I said smiling. By the end of the day me, Ronnie, and Shane were really good friends, we all had a lot in common. That afternoon I got home to see Jeffrey sleep on the couch and Damian watching TV on the other. Damian saw me and got up off the couch, he walked outside and I followed him. "Hey, thanks for babysitting for me", I said handing him twenty dollars. He smiled at me. "I don't want your money". "But I owe you." "Your going to that party with me, that all I want", he smiled at me. "Ok". I blushed when he said that. He walked to his house and I went inside of mine. I thought to myself, today was a great day.

This is NOT A Date

I go through my closet and put on my short white dress with my heels, then I went to my mirror and did my makeup. I put my hair in beautiful curls. I hear the door bell ring and I run downstairs to open it, it is the babysitter that I called to babysit Jeffrey. "So Jeffrey already ate and now he is sleeping, help yourself to anything in the kitchen", I told her before I heard the doorbell ring again. I went to open it and this time it was Damian. "Wow, you look great", he said to me as he looked at me. "Thank you, you look sexy, I mean good you look good". Crap I thought to myself, I just told him he looked sexy, and all he did was smile. After all of that we walked to his car and he opened the door for me. "Thank you", I said getting in the car. "Your welcome". When we arrived at the party he walked around and opened the door for me, I got out of the car. "Is this all the people from our school", I said wide eyed because there were lots of people. "No, some of these people are in colleges and some are friends from other people." "Oh, well this is a lot of people here, and your probably the only person here that I know." "Well you'll meet someone, C'mon lets go inside". When we walked inside all you could see was drunk teens and lots of them making out. It was so many people in there that I lost Damian so I just stood up against the wall. "Hey, whats up", some drunk guy asked me, he looked like he was a college student, he was talking all in my face. "Can you please get out of my face", I said in the nicest way possible. "You know you want this just give me kiss", he said trying to put his lips on mine. "Ugh, get away". I pushed him away and walked upstairs where it was quieter, I went to an empty room and closed the door. I turned on the TV to the discovery channel and relaxed on the bed. Minutes later Damian came in the room. "Hey, what are you doing up here by yourself", he said as he laid next to me on the bed. "Parties aren't really my thing". "Oh, well I'm sorry for making this night boring for you." "It's fine, I've had worse dates." "Date", Damian said smiling. "I didn't say date, this is not a date", I said pointing at him. "Well if you want to go on a date I would love to go on one with you", he said staring at me. I got so lost in his dark green eyes that I didn't notice he was leaning in for a kiss and I was too. "No, I can't kiss you", I said as I jumped out of the bed. "Why can't you", he said as he got out of the bed to. "I just can't." I left the room and walked to his car and got in it, he got in to. "Just take me home please", I said staring out the window. "Fine", he said looking at me. Until he just pulled me over and kissed me, I started to pull away but he was to strong, I began kissing him back, he kissed me so lightly. After that kiss we didn't talk the whole ride back to my house, when we arrived in the parking lot, I got out and waved at him then I went in the house. "Excuse me, Jeffrey is still asleep", the babysitter told me, I paid her before she left. I checked all the doors and then went upstairs to my room, I changed into my pajama's and got into bed. All I could think about was that kiss and I wish it had never happened.


Today I have school, and I don't wanna go because Damian is gonna be there, and I don't wanna talk to him. This morning I got up and walked to the bathroom, I turned on the shower until it was hot then I got in. When I finished I wore a pretty sun dress, it was blue, just like my eyes, and it had white dots on it, I also wore my white flats with my dress. I decided to wear my hair up today because I really didn't feel like doing it, then I went to the bathroom, put on my eyeliner, and then I put on my lip gloss. After that I walked down the hall and knocked on Jeffrey's door. "Are you ready for me to take you to school", I screamed through the door. "Yes, I'm just putting on my shoes". I have to take Jeffrey to school because my Aunt still isn't back yet. When Jeffrey came downstairs, me and him went outside and got into the car, before I drove him to school I stopped by McDonald's and got him a sausage and biscuit because he didn't eat at home. When I got to his school I gave him a hug and he got out of the car, I watched him go in before I left. When I pulled up at my school I saw Shane and Ronnie walking up to my car. "Hey, Peyton", Ronnie said as she hugged me. "So, I have to tell you guys what happened Saturday", I told them both as we all made our way to the library. We sat down in the back of the library, it had chairs and cushions over there, and there was also a coffee table right in the middle. "Ok, so what happened Saturday", Shane asked. "Well, I went to a party with Damian, and he kissed me". "OMG, he did I bet that was incredible, did you like it", Ronnie screamed. "Shh", the library lady told us. "Wait wait, you and Damian kissed, I bet it was horrible, he probably can't kiss", Shane said annoyed. I looked at Shane weirdly because he looked mad. "Ooo, Shane is jealous",Ronnie teased. I just laughed. "I'm not jealous." "Guys, stop, the bells about to ring so maybe we should go to class". We all went our separate ways when we left the library, I walked to my class. When I walked in I sat in the middle, like always, then I remembered that Damian sits right next to me. The bell rung and everyone rushed in the class, Damian came in talking to some friends, he saw me and came towards me and sat down next to me. "Hey, Peyton". I didn't say anything back to him, I couldn't even speak. "Are you gonna speak to me", he said as he looked at me. I just made up a stupid excuse. "We're in class right now, maybe you should listen to the teacher", I didn't even look at him when I spoke. After class I walked out of the room. "Peyton". I heard someone yell from behind me, I knew who it was so I kept walking. "Peyton, why aren't you talking to me", Damian said as he walked next to me. "We have nothing to talk about". "What about the kiss, didn't you like it." "What kiss, It never happened", I said knowing as I walked faster, he didn't follow me anymore after I said that. I know saying that hurt his feelings, but I had to, I couldn't be with him. After school I drove to pick Jeffrey up from school. The whole ride home he told me all about his day and his friends, I was happy because he had fun. When I pulled up at my house in the parking lot, I saw Damian at his house playing basketball with a group of friends, I got out of the car and some of the guys started whistling at me, I just looked back at Damian and shook my my head, then I went in the house. That night I called Aunt Stacy so she could know that me and Jeffrey were Ok, I told her about the kiss and everything. When I got off the phone with her me and Jeffrey ate, and watched a movie. Jeffrey fell asleep during the movie so I turned off the TV, carried him to his bed, and tucked him in. Then I walked to my room and went to bed.

Playing Games: Part 1

I walk out the door and see Damian standing there. "What the hell are you doing in front of my door". "Coming to see you, do you need a ride to school". "No, I don't", I say as I walk past him. "I know you like me, you just won't admit it, You even called me sexy", he said bringing up that night. "Just because I called you sexy doesn't mean I like you, now I have to go, and so do you". He walked back to his car and drove away, I also got into my car and headed to school. Aunt Stacy was back so I didn't have to drive Jeffrey to school. When I pulled up in the parking lot I noticed that Damian's car was right next to mine. Him and his friends stared at me as I got out of the car. One of them walked up to me, "Hey girl, you look good, do you wanna be my girlfriend". I looked at him crazy until I saw Shane and Ronnie walking over here, I grabbed Shane and kissed him, "Sorry, but I already have a boyfriend", I said as I pulled Shane away. Ronnie cracked up the whole time while Shane had his eyes wide open. I looked at Damian, smiled, then I walked away with my friends. "Ok girl, what was that all about", Ronnie said smiling, Shane still had his eyes wide open. "Just trying to make Damian leave me the hell alone". "But why, you like him don't you". "Yeah, but he humiliated me, and called me names, and now he wants to date me, I can't just forgive him, it's hard to forget when someone does something like that to you." "Well he's hot and can get any girl in this school, and he wants you, maybe you should think about it, and while your thinking about it you might want to tell Shane he's not your real boyfriend." We both laughed. After school today, I drove home and once again saw Damian's friends at his house playing basketball, so I called Shane. "Hey, Shane can you come over." "I would love to come over, be there in two minutes." I hung up the phone and sat on the steps in my yard, Damian saw me looking at them so he took off his shirt showing of his six pack, I just rolled my eyes at the sight even though I loved it. Shane pulled up in my yard and Damian was still looking, so I went up to Shane and made out with him right in front of Damian and his friends. Then I pulled Shane in my house and we went to my bedroom. "So we date now", Shane asked confused. "Yeah, well no, it's just to get Damian to leave me alone, that's it." "Oh, well if we, you know he would be really mad and then he would leave you alone." I laughed at Shane for saying something so stupid. "I'm not having sex with you Shane, I'm still a version and I wanna lose my virginity to someone I love not someone I'm using". "I'm glad to be used, by you", Shane said smiling. "Would you ever go out with me for real", Shane asked seriously. "Shane, your sweet and cute, but your more brother material than boyfriend material." "I'll never get a girlfriend." "You and Ronnie would make a cute couple", I said now thinking about it. "No, she's hot and everything, but I don't like her like that." When me and Shane finished talking he left to go home. That night my Aunt made us spaghetti to eat, after I ate I went straight to bed happy thinking that Damian would finally leave me alone. The next day, I woke up and took a shower, the water was just how I liked it. When I got out of the shower I ate breakfast. "So, Peyton who was that guy you invited over", Aunt Stacy asked me. "Just a friend". "A friend with benefits, I saw you two kissing in the front yard". "Ugh, I was just kissing him to get the guy across the street to leave me alone, that's all". "I think you like the boy across the street". "I don't like him", I said walking out of the house. When I got to school I was walking the halls with Shane and Ronnie until I got to my locker, I saw something that made me mad, Ronnie had her mouth wide open. I couldn't believe what was going on.......

Playing Games: Part 2

I couldn't believe what was going on, Damian was kissing that blonde girl I don't like, you know the girl from my first day here, he's kissing her right in front of my locker. "Excuse me, your in front of my locker, can you move", I said shooing them away with my hands. Before Damian walked away he smiled at me. "What was that all that about", I said looking confused." "Oh my gosh, Damian is doing what your doing, except he's trying to make you jealous." "Well he can stop because his plan is not working", I said staring at him as he was talking to friends down the hall. "Are you sure, because you are staring at him pretty hard not to care". Ronnie laughed at me. "Shut up, lets go to class." After school I went home, I kept thinking about Damian trying to make me jealous. So, I decided to go have a little chat with him, I walked across the street and knocked on the door. Someone opened it and It was Damian. "What are you doing here", Damian asked with his sexy smile and his deep voice. "I need to talk to you, can I come in". "Yeah, sure." When I walked in he showed me to his room, I sat on the bed when we got in there. "You need to stop trying to make me jealous, because it's not working", I said staring at him. He just smiled and walked towards me. "Well, are you sure it's not working",he said with a serious look on his face. The whole time he talked I thought about how sexy he was, I literally couldn't take my eyes off of him. He sat down next to me and we just stared at each other, I wanted to kiss him. He leaned in towards me and I leaned towards him. When our lips met, it felt the same as it did when he kissed me in his car, it was passionate. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he began kissing me roughly, he leaned me back on his bed, he began kissing my neck, I tried to hold in my moans but I couldn't. He took off my shirt, and I took off his. I wasn't thinking about anything at this moment. When he went inside of me my whole body tingled, I liked what was going on. He started slow but then he became faster, I held my fingers between his. My phone rang but I didn't care to answer it, it was like I didn't even hear it. It was about an hour later when both of us were just laying there not saying a word, I couldn't even believe what just happened. I laid there just looking around until we heard a door close downstairs. "Damian", we heard a lady yell. We looked at each other, we hurried and got up and started putting on our clothes, until she walked in seeing Damian buttoning his pants and me slipping on my shirt. She just left closing the door behind her. I just stared at the floor, Damian looked at me. "Sorry about her walking in". "No no it's fine", I said looking at him. Everything was weird now. "Well uh, I guess I'm gonna go", I said walking to the door. "Yeah, ok". Before I left I looked back at him. "I had fun", I said trying to make everything not so weird. "Yeah, me to, I hope we can do this again some time". I smiled and then left his room. When I walked down the stairs I saw his mom staring at me. "I called your Aunt Stacy to tell her what you were doing, she needed to know", his mom said looking at me like I was nasty. I just said ok and left, when I got home Aunt Stacy and Jeffrey were sitting in the living room watching TV. "Jeffrey go to your room", Aunt Stacy said. He ran upstairs to his room like she told him. "Peyton I called you and you didn't answer, where were you". "Cut the act, I know Damian's mom called you", I said getting an attitude. "Why are you there doing that with him". "I can do what I want", I yelled at her. "No, you can't", she yelled back. I just walked away to my room. "Don't walk away from me when I'm talking to you!" I slammed my door when I got to my room.I didn't even want to think about Damian's mom and Aunt Stacy, It's not like they can change what happened. The whole night I stayed in my room, I didn't even eat because I didn't wanna hear her mouth. Around ten I changed into my pajama's and laid down in bed thinking about what happened after school today. I'm glad it happened.

Is it Official?

This morning I woke up to Ronnie and Shane jumping on my bed. "Guys, what the hell", I yelled at them as they laughed at me. "Get up, were going to the mall", Ronnie yelled at me as she hopped off of my bed. "And why are we going to the mall". "To get you a sexy dress, for a party tonight", Shane said to me. "What if I don't want to go to a party". "Then your gonna get kidnapped, so get up", Ronnie said. "Fine, Fine, Shane get out", I said. "Why". "I need to get dressed, so leave." After I said that he walked out the door and yelled, "Hurry up". I didn't answer him back. Ronnie helped me pick out what I was going to wear today, It was hot outside so I wore some shorts with my tank top, and I put my long red hair up in a ponytail. I put on eyeliner, and some lip gloss. As I walked down the stairs my Aunt Stacy yelled. "Where are you going", she said as she put her hands on her hips. "I'm going out with my friends". "No your not, your grounded." I walked away outside and she followed me. "I said your grounded". I turned around,"Your'e not my mom, so stop trying to be, she's dead", I screamed at her. She just turned around and walked back in the house. When Ronnie, Shane, and I were in the car, it was silent. When we got in the mall, Ronnie picked me out a dress and she went into the dressing room with me. "So, I didn't know your mom died", she said as she helped me zip up the dress. "Yeah, her and my dad died in a car accident, some drunk guy hit their car, and the car flipped, I was only sixteen when it happened", I said as I stared crying. Ronnie hugged me for comfort. There was a knock on the dressing room door, when we opened it Shane said that Damian was here with some friends. Ronnie looked at me and smiled,I just laughed at her. When I took off the dress and put my clothes back on I walked out of the dressing room. When we walked out of the store, we went down the escalator to go to the food court, when we got down there I saw Damian. "Ronnie, there's Damian", I said looking at her smiling. "Girl, you two need to hook up already." "We have", I whispered in her ear so Shane couldn't hear. "No, how far did you go". "Pretty far", I said looking at her. As we walked to a seat, Damian saw me and yelled my name. I looked over at him and he motioned me to come over to him. "Hey, I smiled at him". He smiled back at me. We sat down with Damian and his friends, Shane didn't want to hang out with us so he left. The whole time Ronnie talked to Roger, he had blonde hair with hazel eyes. "So, you going to that party tonight", I asked Damian. "Yeah, why, are you gonna be there to", he smiled. "Only because Ronnie wants me to go, I really don't wanna go". "Yeah, I know, you don't like parties like that." "I have to use the restroom, be right back", I said as I got up and walked to the bathroom. When I got in there I looked in the mirror and fixed my hair. One minute later the door opened and some girl with Brown hair walked in with a crowd girls, the brown haired girl just looked me up and down and started whispering something to her friends, they all just laughed and looked at me. "What are you looking at", I said looking back at them funny. "Oh, I'm Adrian, you just look familiar", she said smiling at me. "Oh". As I got ready to walk out of the bathroom Adrian started talking to me. "Wait, I know who you are, your that fat ass ugly girl from middle school". All her friends laughed at me. "Um, you don't know me so I really don't know why your acting this way towards me", I told her in a low voice. "I know you, you were a pig, you had no friends, or no boyfriend you were to ugly to have one, and you still look the same, you fat bitch, your hair is ugly and your ugly probably like your mom, oh but my mom told me she and your daddy died, haha I bet she killed herself so she couldn't see you ever again, she made a mistake by having you. Her friends laughed and laughed at me, this is how I felt in middle school, all I could do was cry, I ran out of the bathroom with tears all over my face, when I ran past Ronnie, and Damian they both ran after me. "Peyton, whats wrong, what happened", Damian and Ronnie asked me worried. I just looked at them and said, "Middle school happened, all over again". "Do you want me to drive you home", Damian offered. "Yeah". As we got into his car he looked at me. "Peyton, do you wanna tell me about it". "No, I don't wanna talk about it, it's nothing". After that we didn't talk the whole ride to my house. We finally pulled into my house, before I got out of the car Damian gave me a hug and kissed my cheek. I quickly got out after that and ran to my room and I laid on my bed as I fell asleep.

The New Peyton

Right now I'm walking into the best beauty salon in town, I walked in and some guy with brown hair and skinny jeans on looked me up and down. "What to you need sweetie", he said with a girly tone. "I wanna dye my hair, blonde". "Ok, sit here", he said pointing at the chair. I sat down and he took a look at my hair. "Oh, girl your edges are pitiful, but don't woryy I will fix you up". I just at him and let him do his job. ABout an hour later I looked in the mirror and opened my mouth, I loved it. "Mmm, girl you look delicious, if I liked girls I would just eat you up", the guy said licking his lips. I just laughed and paid him. I walked out and got into my car to go shopping, as I drove to the mall I saw Shane walking the sidewalk, I pulled up next to him. "Hey, you need a ride". "Who are you", he asked looking at me strangely. "It's me, Peyton". "He opened his eyes wide", as he quickly hopped in the car. "You dyed your hair, it's great, I like it". "Thank you, were going to the mall so", I said with a half smile. "Ok", he said staring at me. When we pulled up at the mall, we got out of the car and walked in. Hours later I had what I needed, and I couldn't wait for school tomorrow. I dropped Shane off at his house and then I drove home, on the way there my favorite childhood song came on, Angel By Shaggy. I sang along until I pulled up into my driveway. I got out of the car and went into the house. I walked into the living room. "Peyton, what did you do to your hair", Jeffry Said to me. "I dyed it, do you like it". "Yes, you look pretty like my action figure of princess Zelda". I laughed at him and went upstairs to bed.

That next morning I woke up at 6:00 and hopped into the shower, the water was hot like I liked it, It ran through my new blonde hair. When I finished my shower I got out and put on my new clothes, I was wearing My black push up bra, my purple of the shoulder shirt and my black short shorts. I wore my black heels with it. Then I walked to my mirror and did my eyeliner different, I did it more thicker than I usually do it, the my mascara, and last my pink lip gloss. When I finished I walked downstairs. "Wow, you look great", Aunt Stacy said to me. "Thank you", I say walking out the door. Me and Aunt Stacy don't talk so much anymore like we used to. When I got to the school, I got out of the car, and walked to the doors to the school. When I opened it I walked in everyone turned around and stared at me and whispered about me. I looked over at Damian, he had his mouth wide open. As I walked to my locker Damian came and talked to me. "You look sexy". "I know", I said as I kissed him. "So can I come over after school", I asked him as I grabbed some books. "Yeah If you want to". "Good". When it was lunch time some guy cam up to me. "Hey, girl". "Hey", I said looking at him weirdly. "You are so, mmm, I can't even give a word because you looks so good". "Uh, thanks". I quickly walked away but he followed me to my table where Damian, Ronnie, Shane, and some other guys were sitting. He sat beside me. "So, can I have your number, cause I wanna talk and sext with you". I choked when he said that, everyone else laughed except for Damian. "Hey, dude get away from my girl, she don't want you", Damian said annoyed by him. "How do you know, she hasn't seen all her options yet", the guy said putting his hand on my breast. "What the hell", I said as I slapped him. Damian jumped up and grabbed him and threw him on the floor. "Damian, stop, I said to him. But he wouldn't, then their was a gun shot, I screamed. "Damian!!!".....

Criminals, Victims, Jails, and Hospitals

As I quickly got out of my seat I saw the guy getting off the floor, but Damian was still lying there, I kneeled next to Damian and looked for his wound, I saw blood coming from his side. Tears started to come down my face. "Are you ok", I said as I wiped away tears. "Yeah". I cried and Damian just looked into my eyes. "You are so beautiful, you wanna come over after all this is over". "Are you serious, your hitting on me while your hurt", I laughed at him. "Yeah, we haven't done anything fun lately, if you understand what I mean", he smiled. "Yeah, I understand." Some minutes later they arrested the other guy and took Damian to the hospital. I stayed at school waiting for it to be over so I could go see Damian. When it was over, Finally. I quickly ran to my car and drove to the hospital, when I got there I walked to the front desk. "Excuse me, what room is Damian Richardson in", I asked politely. "Uh, I'm sorry ma'am, but his mother restricted me to let anyone but her inside the room." "Look, can you just give me the room number please, I need to see him". "Did you not understand what I said, his mother restricted me to let anyone but her inside the room", the lady said getting smart with me. I rolled my eyes and walked to the seating area, I wasn't going to leave until I saw Damian. Four hours have passed and it is now 6:00 PM. My phone rings and it's Aunt Stacy, "Where the hell are you Peyton". "I'm at the hospital, I'm going to sit here until they let me see Damian." "Peyton, get home now", she said angry. I just hung the phone up on her. A few minutes later I saw Ms. Richardson, she was walking from the back. "Hey, why won't you let me see Damian", I said ass I stood up and walked towards her. "He doesn't need to be around a bad influence like you", she said looking at me disgusted. "What do you mean bad influence, I haven't done anything to make you think I'm a bad influence, all that happened was that you caught up having sex, everyone does it, you did it that's how you had him." She just stared at me and walked away. When she walked out the door I sneaked in the back to find the room Damian was in, I looked in each room, when I walked to the next door I saw him lying down, I opened the door and walked in. "Damian", I said to him. He looked up at me and smiled. "Hey, what are you doing in here." "I wanted to see you, when are you gonna be out of here", I said as a tear came down my face. "Tomorrow afternoon". He just looked at me. I walked to his bed and laid next to him, I fell asleep and so did he.
When I woke up it was morning outside, Damian was still asleep. I got up and walked out of the room so that I could find the bathroom, I walked down the hall until I saw the door that said Girls Restroom. I walked in and washed my face off, then when I finished I walked out of the restroom and saw Aunt Stacy. "Peyton, get over here now", she yelled at me. She walked towards me very fast. "You are in big trouble, why the hell would you hang the phone up on me." "I wanted to see Damian". She just dragged me to the car, I got in on the passenger side and she drove home. When we pulled in the drive way I got out of the car and slammed the door. When we got in the house she started arguing with me. "You need to listen to me when I tell you to do something", she screamed. "You are such a bitch, you are not my mom so you don't tell me what the fuck to do", I screamed back. She just shook her head at me. I ran up the stairs and slammed and locked my door, I took out a suitcase and packed some clothes and my makeup, some shoes, my phone charger and more stuff, I was done fooling with her. I opened up my window and and left the house. I ran across the street and went to Damian's house until he got home from the hospital, it took hours until he got here. When I knew for a fact he was in his room alone I climbed up the tree next to his window, got onto his roof and knocked on his window. He opened it. "What are you doing", he said helping me in his room. "I need a place to crash, I'm tired of my Aunt's foolishness, she's being a bitch and I don't like it. "Well ok, I guess you can stay here, you just can't get caught by my mom. I put my stuff down and we laid down in his bed. "Damian, I love you". He just looked at me. "You to", he said with a weird look on his face. I just turned around and went to sleep.

Do you LOVE me...

The next morning I wake up to Damian's alarm clock, it was really loud. I sat up and looked at him, he was still lying down but he was awake. I got up out of the bed and walked into his bathroom, it was small but nice, I turned on his shower water and asked him did he wanna get in with me, he replied yes. We both stripped our clothes off and got into the shower, he grabbed the soap and started washing my back, as he did that all I could think about was last night, how I told him I loved him and he just said "You To". Whats that supposed to mean. "Damian", I heard a yell coming from his bedroom. "Hurry up and get out of the shower, I need to have hot water when I get in", his mom said as she slammed his door. "You ready to get out", he asked me. "Yeah". When we got out I wrapped a towel around my body and took out my clothes I was going to wear for today. I wore my black skinny jeans with my white polo shirt, after I finished getting dressed I put on my eyeliner and brushed my blonde hair, when I was finished Damian was finished to. "I'm going to go downstairs, but you go out the window", he told me. "Ok, see you at school". When I got outside I ran across the street and got into my car, I turned of my ignition and drove away. When I got to school I saw Ronnie and Shane, they were waiting on me in front of the school doors. I parked my car and then got out and walked towards them. "Hey Peyton". "Hey, can I talk to you guys." "Yeah", what is it Ronnie said getting up as we walked the halls. "Well, last night I told Damian I loved him, and all he said was you to, do you think he feels the same way I do." "Honestly, I think you could get somebody better than him", Shane said. "Shane, shut up, If you ask him, you could find out what he thinks." "Ok, isn't there a party tonight." "Yeah, you gonna come". "Yeah". After we talked I headed to my first class, when Damian saw me he just looked away and sat away from me, usually he sits next to me, and then that blonde girl went and sat next to him, ugh I really hate her. During the whole class I couldn't stop looking over at Damian and that girl, she was rubbing down his arm and he let her, he just smiled at her like he liked her, I got so frustrated, and so I grabbed my stuff off the desk and put it in my bag and left the class, I slammed the door before I left into the isolated hallway. Minutes later I walked into the bathroom, and you wouldn't believe who is in here, Adrian, that girl who talked about me in the mall, I just walked in as she stared at me and smiled. "Hey, Peyton, I see you dyed your hair". "Yeah, everyone saw", I said getting smart. "Well I just wanted to let you know that it's ugly, you should have stuck with the red, well that was ugly too, maybe you should cut it all off." "I'm so tired of you, if you don't like my hair, don't look at it just turn your head, and all you do is talk but you ain't gone do shit about it, so you might as well get out of my face cause i am not in the mood today", I said as I walked up closely to her face. She just looked at me and walked out of the bathroom. When the bell rang I walked out of the bathroom and saw Damian, he walked towards me. "Why did you walk out of the class". "Why didn't you tell me you loved me to", I said ignoring his question and asking my own. He looked at me. "I didn't tell you I loved you because I don't love you". "Oh", I said surprised. I stood there for about five seconds and then I turned around and walked away. After school I went home, I forgot about my things at Damian house so I walked over there to get it, his mom was still at work so she wouldn't know about it. I rang the door bell and he answered. "I need to get my stuff", I said rushing in to hurry up and get it. "Wait, you don't have to leave so soon, my mom is coming home late tonight". I actually thought about having sex with him just now, but I snapped out of it. "Do you seriously think I would have sex with you after what just happened today." "I know you want to", he said as he walked towards me. He was seducing me with his sexy eyes, and his sexy lips, I just looked into his eyes and didn't even know what had just happened. He grabbed me by my waist and kissed me, as he picked me up and carried me to his bedroom, he closed his door and pushed me on the bed, he climbed on top of me and pulled off my shirt and then my pants and then everything else, as he went inside of me I moaned and I held him tightly, I closed my eyes and bit my lip. He went faster and faster and it made me moan louder and louder. Minutes later he stopped and I was sleep in his bed. It was dark outside when I woke up, I forgot where I was until I looked around the room. "No, no, no,this can't be happening", I said to myself and I quickly put on my clothes. Damian wasn't in there when I woke up. After I finished putting on my clothes I got my stuff from the other night and went home. "Where have you been all day Peyton", Aunt Stacy asked me. "I was with Ronnie, we hung out today, and I;'m also going to a party in about an hour." "Ok, but be back by twelve". "Ok".

Jarod Thompson

I ran up to my room and sat there and thought about what happened with Damian, then my phone rang. "Hello", I said answering it. "Hey, are you still up for the party tonight, I hear it's going be the best party ever", Ronnie said on the other side of the phone. "Yeah, what time does it start". "8:00PM, so you have an hour to get ready, I'll meet you there, bye". "Bye", I say hanging up the phone. I get up and get ready for the party, I put on my hot pink, knee-length one piece mini chiffon dress, then I curled my hair and put it to wear it stays on one side, After that I put on thick black eyeliner with pink lip gloss, then my cute 6-inch high heels. When I finished getting ready I walked downstairs and Aunt Stacy looked at me. "You look beautiful, must be a special party". I just smiled and walked towards Jeffrey and kissed him, "Bye Bud", I said to him as I walked out the door. when I got in my car I drove away to the party, when I got there I got out of the car and some guy walked up to me. "You look good", he said holding a beer bottle. "Thank you", I said as I started walking in the house. I walked through a crowd of people and I was being stared at, girls stared at me in disgust and guys stared at me as if I was the sexiest girl ever. I looked back and I saw that this guy was following me, I turned around and kept walking. Then I happened to walk past Damian talking to some girl but I didn't look at him and just walked. When I got to a quieter spot I turned around and saw the guy still behind me. "Dude, why you following me". "You look good". "Thank you, but that's no reason to be following me", I said to him nicely. "I just want to fuck you so bad", he said laughing in a drunken way. "Ok please get away from me". He grabbed my arm. "Hey, is there a problem over here", some guy yelled. "No, I was just leaving", the drunk guy said as he walked away. "You Ok". "Yeah, I'm fine." Man this guy was sexy, he had bluish-greenish eyes with long brunette hair that covered his forehead. "So, what's your name", He asked in a curious way. "Peyton. "Oh, ok", he nodded. "I'm guessing you have a name to". "My name is Jarod he said smiling at me. "Well Jarod thank you for getting that guy away from me", I said smiling at him to. "Your welcome, so, you here alone". "No, my friend Ronnie is supposed to meet me here but I haven't seen her yet", I said looking around. "Dang, I wanted to hang with you but... "No, it's ok, I can just wait until I see her", I said interrupting him. "You sure". "yeah". I couldn't believe that Jarod wanted to hang out with me, he's so gorgeous. "Hey, do you want a drink", Jarod asked being polite. "Yeah, thanks". As Jarod walked away, Damian came up to me. "Hey", Damian said smiling. "Damian, what do you want". "Who's that guy your with", he said looking into my eyes. I had to look away because I can't stand his green eyes looking into mine. "He's a friend I met, his names Jarod". "Ha, Jarod, what kind of name is that", he said laughing. I just stared at him. "You shouldn't be with that guy", he said still laughing. "I was with you, but you don't even feel the same way I do, you just wanted to have fun with me, and I was just stupid going along with you thinking that you liked me when the whole time you didn't". He instantly stopped laughing. We just looked each other in the eyes. "Uh, Peyton", Jarod said holding our drinks. "Oh, Jarod", I said wiping the tear drops that were coming from my eyes. Damian just stared at me, then walked away. "DO you want to go for a walk, you look like you need some air", Jarod asked giving me my drink. "Yeah, that sounds good". We walked outside and started walking down the street. "So, who was that guy you were talking to in there". "No one, just some guy I know", I said staring at the ground. "You sure". "Yeah". After that me and Jarod talked and had some laughs, it was fun. When I got home that night I went straight to my room and changed into my PJ's, I kept thinking about Damian, and Jarod.

Having A Nightmare, While I'm Awake

Me and Jarod have been going out for weeks now, and we really like each other. Right now I'm at his house. "So, what do you want to do", he said kissing my neck. "Uh, you want to watch a movie". He stopped kissing me. "A movie, I meant something fun". He started kissing me again, trying to take off my shirt. I pushed him away. "I don't want to, I'm not ready to do it with you yet", I said looking at him. He laughed and started doing it again. "Jarod, no I don't want to". He wouldn't stop, he pushed me back on his couch and kissed me roughly, while I tried getting him off. "STOP!", I yelled. He looked at me with wide eyes and slapped me across my face. I held my hand over the spot he hit me. "Peyton, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to hit you", he said watching me cry still holding my face. "My anger gets out of control sometimes". "You didn't have to hit me", I yelled at him. "Don't yell at me, that's what gets me angry", he said to me. "I'm just going to go". I walked to the door and opened it, but his hand closed it before I could even take a peek outside. "You don't want to be with me anymore, is that why your leaving", he said angrily. He raised up his fist at me, and hit me again. I fell to the floor crying my eyes out. "Just leave, I can't stand to see your face anymore", he said pushing me out the door. I touched my lip and it was bleeding, I walked to my house. When I got to my driveway I saw that no one was home. I went inside and looked in the mirror, I had a busted lip and a black eye. "Damn, how am I supposed to go to school like this, I have to hide it", I said to myself. That night I never came out of my room. I'm just thinking about what I did to get him so angry, He was so sweet and today it's like he just changed.
Monday morning I woke up from Jeffrey shaking me. "Peyton, Peyton". "What, Aunt Stacy left, she said she's leaving for a week to go on her business trip". "Ok, I said getting out of bed to get ready for school. Jeffrey stared at me. "Peyton, what happened to your face", he said in a low voice. "I fell yesterday, that's all", I said lying to him, I've never lied to him before. "When I was finished getting ready for school me and Jeffrey walked outside and got into my car, I tried to crank it up, but it wouldn't. "Shit", I yelled hitting the steering wheel. We got out and I walked across the street, I rung the doorbell, Damian opened the door. "what, are you doing here", he said surprised. "My car won't crank up, and my Aunt Stacy is gone, and I need someone to take my brother and me to school, so,". "Ok", he smiled at me. Every time I look at him all I remember is him using me to have sex with me. When he dropped Jeffrey off, he than drove to our school. It was so quiet in the car. "So, what you been up to", he said starting a conversation. "Nothing", I said staring out the window. "what happened to your lip". "nothing", I instantly turned around and said. He just gave me a look. When we got to the school, Jarod was sitting in front of the school with Ronnie and Shane. He saw me get out of Damian's car, he looked pissed. He walked up to me and I instantly became scared, I started breathing hard. Jarod just stared at me in disgust. "You look like a whore, what are you wearing". "clothes". "Hey, dude what your problem, you shouldn't talk to a girl that way", Damian said coming to my defense. "Stay out of this", Jarod said grabbing my arm and pulling me away. "Your hurting me". He stopped and turned around. "You listen to me, if I see you dressed like this and getting out of another guys car, I'll kill you", he said angrily. Then he walked away, when the bell rung I went to class, I couldn't stop thinking about what Jarod said to me. During lunch today I ate outside with my friends, we were talking about some of our childhood memories, we were laughing so hard. When Jarod walked over he sat next to me. We were all still laughing at stuff. "Bitch, It wasn't even that funny, you don't have to laugh like that." "I'm sorry", I said to him, "You'll be sorry", he said as he gripped my leg underneath the table. Everyone just looked at him like he was crazy.
It was the end of school and I was searching for Damian, when I saw him I ran up to him. "Hey, can you pick up Jeffrey for me and keep him until I get home". "Yeah, where you going". "I'm walking home", I said looking at the floor. "I could give you a ride home", looking at me. "I can't ride with you", I said walking away. He just looked at me as I walked away. On my way home I stopped by a gas station to get me and Jeffrey some candy, when I walked in I saw Jarod, he had a gun in some ones face. "Give me the money you have", he yelled at that person as they cried. There were children crying and adults scared out of their mind. "Jarod, what are you doing, I yelled as I ran up to him. "Stay out of this, it has nothing to do with you". He grabbed a little girl from her mother. "If you don't give me some money I will shoot this girl, 5,4,3,2,1", he counted down. I jumped in front of the girl right when he pulled the trigger, shielding her with my body. I started feeling a sharp pain in my lower back. "I then fainted from all the pain....

Gone To Far

I wake up but my eyes still closed, I try moving my hands but I find them tied up to something above me. I open my eyes and see I'm in a basement. "Well, looks who's awake", I hear a deep voice say. I'm assuming it's Jarod. "What is this, why am I tied up", I said wiggling my arms around in the rope. He laughed, "I need to teach you a lesson, you've been a bad girlfriend". He grabbed what looked like a wooden bat from behind him. "Your gonna learn to respect me. Your gonna learn to stay out of my business". Tears immediately started rushing from my eyes, I didn't wanna think about what the bat was for. "Please Jarod, just-". "Shut the fuck up!", he yelled very fiercly at me. I just sobbed loudly. He gripped the bat tight and swung at my stomach. I yelled from the top of my lungs, he hit me again in the same spot. I felt like my life was ending right now. "Your gonna learn!", he yelled hitting me again in the stomach. I yelled even harder. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry", I tried saying, but it could barely escape from my mouth. He threw the bat down on the floor, then he walked up to me and untied my hands. I fell straight to the floor clutching my stomach. He began walking up the basement stairs until he stopped, "I took out the bullet from your back and I patched it up". He looked at me and kept walking up the stairs. I laid on the cold hard floor crying, still in pain from where he hit me with that bat. 

Days without food, or water. I couldn't see any daylight, I never knew when it was light or dark outside. My breathing was heavy. It hurt so bad to breathe I had to stop for a few minutes just to relieve some pain. Suddenly I hear a door open, I hear heavy footsteps coming down to where I was. "I'm done with you for now. It's time to show your ex what bad girls look like", he said smirking. He grabbed me and dragged me up the stairs to his car. He put me in his trunk and slammed the hood closed. I could feel my lips chapped, my eyes puffy, my skin dirty. Minutes later the trunk opened and I was thrown on someones porch. He banged on the door loudly and ran off to his car. The second he drove away to door opened. "Who is it", I heard a lady say looking forward. She then looked down and saw me lying there breathing heavily and in pain. She began crying loudly not knowing what to do. 

Damians POV:

I hear my mom crying, something was going on. I walked to the doo where she was, I could see she was looking at something. I walked to the door and opened it wider so I could see too. "Peyton!", I yelled picking her up from my porch. "Mom, call an ambulance". I yelled to her, she immediately ran to the phone. I put Peyton on the couch. She looked dehydrated and starved, and her breathing was heavy. I ran to the kitchen and put some water in a cup and quickly put the water down her throat. "I called the ambulance, they're on the way now". My mom was so shocked and scared for Peyton, I could see it in her eyes. "Mom watch her for a second", I said running out the front door. I ran across the street and busted into Peyton's house. "Damian, whats wrong with you", Peytons aunt said to me while sitting next to Jeffrey. "Peyton's at my house, hurry, something bad happened to her. We all ran back across the street, this time the ambulance what there too. They had Peyton in the ambulance truck, we all got into our cars and followed them to the hospital. Once we got to the hospital the rushed Peyton to the emergency room. It's been hours waiting to hear some news about whats going on with Peyton. 

A women came out from the back rooms and walked toward us. We all stood up ready to hear the news. "Can we see her", I asked hoping she would say yes. "You can't see her, she's in a bad condition. Its very hard for her to breath, she has marks from where she's been hit in her abdomen. Theres also a wound in her back that looks like she's been shot, its infected. She's been starved and dehydrated. We have a lot of work we need to do one her. The police will be here tomorrow to investigate her on what happened." Once the nurse finshed talking to us she walked back to the back of the hospital. "My poor baby". Her aunt was shaking and crying.

As I drove home I began thinking about who would do this. The first name that popped in my head was Jarod. If he did this to her, I'm going to kill him.


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