" I hate You. Raise your hands if you have ever told someone that?" Three fourths of the class raised there hands. " Now keep your hand raised if you have ever told your parents

that. half the hands stayed raised. " okay put your hands down now. None of you realize now what those words do to a person. i used to say those words all the time to my mother. thoughtlessly, carelessly, oblivious and uncaring to how it would make my mother feel. i thought it she wouldnt care. i know better now. " i took a deep breath, sitting on the desk in front of the class, preparing to tell them my story. this was my first time telling adolescents my story. but they needed to hear it. or they could end up like me. "This" I said, " Is my story."

What Started It All, A Stupid Party

"I was 14. i walked home, then walked inside to look for my mother after an exciting day at school. " Mom!!!!!" i yelled. " yes sweetie?" she asked walking into the living room. " Can i go to a party tomorrow night with Ryan?" Ryan was my boyfriend. " I don't know sweetie. Your only fourteen. " she said softly. Ryan was a senior, it was a senior party and i was a freshman. " Mom!I'll be fine, I'll be with Ryan! And I won't drink.." 'much' i finished in my head. " I'm sorry, but no. Maybe when your older." I screamed, " Mom You NEVER let me do anything fun!" i screeched. "I'm sorry" She said softly. i was too self-absorbed to see how my words were affecting her. " I hate you!" i spat. i turned around, stalked up the stairs, and slammed my bedroom door behind me.


I walked down the stairs, looking for my mom as i usually did after our fights." Mom!!!" i yelled. No responce. i started to get irritated again.where the hell was she? i stopped my thoughts as i walked in my room, and saw a note on my mirror. me and my mom used to leave notes there,but not anymore as i got older. i picked it up and read it.

I'm so sorry that i couldn't be the mom you wanted me to be. I love you so much, and i hope you can forgive me. I love you
Goodbye with Love,

Oh my gosh.


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