A baby
A husband
A life
A family
A job
A house
A world
This is my dream

(It is about someone who has dream instead of a dream job. Having a child is the top of the list and a husband to provide and love her and the child. A life instead of staying with family and rules everyday. A job so she can help her family and a world she can travel in. This is her dream for her life.)

Don't Wanna Miss

I don't wanna miss one smile
I don't wanna miss one kiss
I don't wanna miss one breath
I don't wanna miss one hug
I don't wanna miss one touch
I don't wanna miss one time
I don't wanna miss a thing

(Not wanting to miss anything for a loved one, and wishing they could never sleep and be awake with that person forever.)

I Love You

Roses are red
Violets are blue
When I'm in bed
I dream of you
My heart that you've led
Destination was true
When you said
I love you

(Taken from a well known poem of the flowers changed at the end, about someone thinking and dreaming of some one. Through the times they had together they felt something deep inside and had the feeling it is true. It was love)


You're my number one
You are like my son
You make life a lot of fun
You show me you're not a gun

(Some one telling they come first in life and that they will treasure them like their own son. Making life out of the ordinary and shows that he is not a cheat.)

I say

Can I say
To you everyday
I love you and hey
I have some news
To tell the special you
That you have two hearts
Inside can never be apart

(Somebody asking to say to some one that they love them and that their hearts and love can never be torn apart. Ever in their entire lives)

Best Friend Forever

Below and over
Eternity together
Secrets made
Trouble also

Friends forever
Rest in hands
Inside and out
Entire life exposed
Never keep secrets
Dying in sadness

Finding love
Ordinary stories
Rarely alive
Envy one another
Verses and compete
Emerge from known
Right to the end

(A poem about best friends and telling each other that there may be troubles, break ups and problems but no love can beat the power of friendship where you can never hide a thing. Competing each other in so much things and telling what's on their minds, sometimes jealous of each other but it still don't compete with their friendship)


Red for your heart
Orange for your love
Yellow for your hair
Green for your beauty
Blue for your eyes
Purple for your life

(Each colour describing the beauty of each and everyone red is for their beating heart, orange for a continuous love, yellow for the blaze of their hair, green for the beautiful and natural faces they have. Blue showing the soul in their eyes and purple for their soul and spirit)

If You

If you love me
Say it
If you need me
Prove it
If you want me
Do it
If you trust me
Show it

(There is a relationship that one of them can't feel, so they tell their partner so they know they are the one. Say if you love, Prove that you deserve me, Do as if you want me and show that this love can go on.)


Once a friend
Now an unknown
Once a best friend
Now an enemy
Once a lover
Now lost
Once a family
That can never go wrong

(This poem shows the great bond of family, friendship may be there but are they really friends? Best friend true but are they really hiding your secrets? Love may be lost. But family there is no end.)

You Have Brought

You have brought me here
For my comfort
You have brought me love
For my soul
You have brought me spirit
For my life
You have brought me friendship
For my trust
You have brought me you
For my heart

(Some one has been giving this person so many things for a reason. Giving that person comfort and away from their problems giving love and spirit for their soul and life. Friendship so they could gain trust in one another and brought themselves for their lovers heart.)


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