Everything in my life runs by those words. Everyone I care about and love, always does it. It sickens-and hurts me. It always shoots my heart to bits of pieces. One person I care about-dead. Taken by god-away from me.


I ever did anything-to deserved this-pain. Josh Nicksons, my fiancé, is now dead.

I loved him without a second to think. Said "Yes" to be his girlfriend in high school,with no hesitant. Quickly answered yes, to marry him. I love him. Even not using my brain about the last part. My heart answered me instead. Right now he's without a soul, cold, and life less like a-corpse.

It happen all like this...

"What a beautiful day." I said with please, sitting at the center of the garden. I lay back to fall on the pile of flowers. The rays of the sun shined on my golden locks. Warm sunlight hit my eyes making me go to a deep slumber.

I woke up to find a trail of...blood. Red dark blood.

The smell made my heart race and sunk. It smelled...delicious but, it seem like a similar scent.

More sadly the trail leads back to the house. I don't know what to do at the time. Call the cops or just follow it.

Stupid, I know.

It's just like the horror movies. When the girl comes to a door and the audience are shouting, "DON'T OPEN IT!". But she does anyway and out comes a monster. Except this isn't a movie.

It's reality.
Hard, Heart-breaking-reality.

The trail of the warm red blood lead upstairs room? I took the handle shaking with fright and opened my bedroom room. My eyes fell to the bedroom's floor-laying on the now blood soaked carpet- my fiancé. My knees fell to the ground next to him.

"You deserve this." A monster's voice boom in my room, I knew who it was. "How does it feel when something taken away from you?!"

Snobs came out with my clear yet salty tears. "It's...awful..."

The monster just chuckled, "You killed my mate and I killed your lover! So-my question here is what are you going to do, little bat?"

My head was empty, only a speck of dust could be found. "Nothing." I said my head down. The werewolf boy was right-I did deserve this. I-only me- I killed his precious soulmate in front of his own two eyes only two years ago.

I deserve being betrayed by my family. My friends, my classmates, everyone I knew-including Josh. He was the payback for all I things I did wrong. All the times I killed humans for their blood-just because of my thirst.

"You may not know what you're going to do. But-relax, I do." I didn't look up, I knew what's going to happen. I heard a swish sound coming his long, sharp claws.



Just darkness over coming my eyes.

The End


Texte: @Copyright 2012 C. Joyce
Tag der Veröffentlichung: 05.01.2012

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