Reading this Page, you might be blushing, smiling, or having the feeling of Excitement, learning something new? But do you know what I did when wrote this? I grinned proudly. Hope you do too when you learn to love!

Firstly, this guy's gotta be single and he has to at least know your name! Come on slowly, its never good to Chase after a boy! Plus, there like trains, theres always another coming, even though that one you've missed has gone.

Approach him slowly, say hi, smile at him and be yourself, Wait until he says so back and then begin to talk. When you bump into him Ask him how his day is, come as a sweet and thoughtful girl, even though not many boys might opt for that, they'll like a girl who's not too desperate.

Build it up, make a conversation, and by this time, im sure some of your friends will know, but just in case they get cautious or a bit offensive, let them know! If they think its wrong, its their opinion, so dont let it bring you down, remember if your happy, thats all that matters.

Your going to have to tell the boy some day that you like him, but your also going to have to be careful. Tell him in a note, but online can be a bit messy-uppy as he could tell people or show signs, possibly even go offline accidently and upset you.

Once you've told him, be confident in holding his hands, building up again and just keeping that dazzling smile. Ask him if he likes you, never feel scared to do that, just remember, dont ask it too often, you might seem worried and you might worry him.

On your first date, yes, who isn't going to feel nervous or under-pressure? Sure, but just relax and make your move when you see he seems to flirt more. Kissing could be magical, but tongue twisting isn't an option, A soft and comfortable peck is better. :)

Always remember to be faithful to your dude, and even if you have eyes for another person, be careful about your choice, this could be your best relationship until the next couple of months.

Lastly, have fun with your Dude and when you feel comfortable, tell him about yourself. Keep it cool and you'll be fine! If you watch Disney Channel, Sonny With A Chance, you really don't wanna end up too nervous like Chad & Sonny. Ohh Boy!

Seeyaa Chicks! xx Lovee Kaliegh


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