This Is How You Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking in 7 Days


Fazal Gabriello

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History of Cigarettes and Smokers

The Myths and Reality of Smokers and Smoking

The Smoking Experience- When You Keep Smoking

The Quit Smoking Experience- When You Quit Smoking

The Secret Magic of MAC Method

Script 1- Quit Smoking Script

Script 2- Goal Setting and Will Power Script

Script 3- Increasing Energy Script



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If you are someone who is thinking about becoming a non smoker, tried various methods like patches, gums or pills then this book is for you. This book is intended towards guiding you along with a blueprint that will assist you in becoming a non-smoker. This book includes the most powerful method for becoming a non smoker.

Please do not mistake this book for any other book. This book is written by a non smoker who used this blue print to quit smoking in 7 days. This book contains the newest and proven secret that will guide you step by step in helping you overcome smoking addiction.

This is How You Quit Smoking talks not only about the methods to quit smoking but also on the after effects such as controlling the cravings and lung cleansing.

This book has the right information that a smoker needs to quit smoking. Along with the proven method, you will find information related to preparing your mind, body and soul for living a smoke free life. This book contains a powerful blueprint and I suggest you do the exercises mentioned in this book to experience a positive change and to live a more healthy life.


By choosing to read this book you have already initiated the process of Quitting to smoke. Well, Congratulations.

Before we proceed any further, I want you to know that I won the first place for my city and second place for my state while competing at the Strength Building Tournament but somehow I developed the habit of Smoking. I remained a smoker for 15 years and saw my father die of Heart Attack. My father too was a smoker but he quit when he experienced his first heart attack, he did not use any pills, patches or gums but he simply stopped smoking. It took me 15 years to realize that I didn’t choose cigarettes but somehow ended up as a smoker. The realization happened when I was going for a walk one day, and I noticed that my breathing had changed.

Breathing is the only thing that stays with us, from birth till death. When we don’t breathe we don’t live. When we were born, we were breathing in the right manner but as we grew old we had changes in our emotions, because of our good experiences and bad experiences. Notice this, what happened when someone punished you for the first time, what happened when someone scared you, what happened when someone gave you an award? Well, your breathing changed. The point I’m trying to make here is that when our breathing changes, our life changes and when breathing is not right then there are many things that are not right.

By choosing to be a smoker you made a choice of changing your breathing, affecting you lungs and opening gates to a whole variety of diseases by mixing 4000 chemicals present in the cigarettes with your oxygen intake. But that’s ok, that’s in the past. For now, you have already made the decision to quit smoking and that is the very reason you are reading this book. It is very normal for


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If you have tried everything else such as Pills, Patches and Gums then this book is for you. It contains a proven secret method that will allow you to quit smoking in a calm, relaxed and fun filled manner.

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