My life wasn't always that easy.
I rose, I stumbled, I fell...
That's the way life goes on.
Writing poems helpes me
to digest, to forget, to remember.
I want you to see
my walk of life.

~ Enjoy ~

Living seperated

I wrote this one when I maked the point that my ex was cheating me. He did something like that before, but I forgave him. I was fed with him.

You always said
That we belong together.
I trusted you
And said ‘forever’,
Though there are mistakes
In left past.

We thought
That we can hide
All the trouble,
Our destiny to live separated.
But we can’t;
Everything that stays:
Memories I don’t wanna miss,
Our fight trough all the time,
The first kiss.

You broke my heart,
You’re tearing my dream,
You cut my life into pieces!
WHY did you become
So mean?

I’ve always thought
We belong together.
You always said
You do love me;
And that’s forever.

I trusted you.
Now I know:
It was the biggest mistake
I could ever do!


Texte: Cover: eigenes Foto © 12.04.2009 Wyk auf Föhr
Tag der Veröffentlichung: 09.08.2010

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