Going through life ignoring history is such an easy thing to do when you find yourself totally uninterested in such a topic. However, as a girl strives toward becoming a woman, understanding history becomes essential to understanding who she is and who she wishes to become. With no understanding of the past, it is impossible to understand where you are going. Coming into an understanding of revolution, reaction and reform from a history standpoint,  learning how to embrace and apply them to your life will only build your self-worth and make you stronger.


The Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 was a mere reinforcement of continuously weakening 1793 act of the same. From 1793 to 1843 so much controversy would arise from the state to state handling of runaway slaves.  As slaves continued to make attempts to escape to a free states as well as the Canadian border, the laws concerning the capture of, handling, release and return of such fugitives, were having to change continuously to protect the investment of the slave owner who was in the belief that they owned the lives of such servants.

Starting 1850 $1000 fine was to be envoked


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To my dear sister Monique, thanx a million for all of your love and support. I know you'll make it far in life because you are so positive and I know that you know how to apply all three concepts of this journal to your everyday life. I love you!

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