Found Out!!

It was after school when I thought I should check up on my boyfriend that was staying after school to do work for a teacher. I wasn't going to think of anything about it but I had this werid feeling that something was going on that I needed to check about.


I was walking down the hall, I could see the classroom door opened and some noises coming for the inside. The closer I got, the louder than became. They sounded like moans, that confused me when he was staying after school for math.


I was about to open the door when I heard his named called out, it was from me but from some girl. "RYAN! RYAN! RYAN!" I couldn't believe my ears, I wasn't sure if that was my boyfriend or not, I didn't want to think that it was but it sounded just like my boyfriend name. i decided that I should just check to make sure that it wasn't who I thought it was.


I got on my tippy toes, I was just gonna peek over the window but I wasn't tall enought to look over. I opened the door a little more so I could look in. I saw a girl laying on desks, butt naked!! I could tell that her a some guy were going at it. They haven't even noticed that I wast there, they kept at it. The one thing I wanted to see was who was the guy, I wanted to make sure that it wasn't my boyfriend. I tried to look around the corner but stuff kept me from looking and seeing who it was, trust me I didn't want to see this. I kept trying to see how the boy looks but every time I get the chance, something gets in my line of vision to where I couldn't see.


I was able to creep in a little but not alot to be seen. I wasn't really sure I wanted to find out who it was, I was scared to know who it was. I didn't want to know, after all I did to see, I don't want to know who it is. 


I was ablt to peeking under a desk, I wish I didn't see what I saw. IT WAS MY BOYFRIEND!! I couldn't get my eye's to look somewhere else, I couldn't, what is wrong with me. I could feel tears coming down, I was able to get out of the classroom in time to hear them finish up. "That was great Ryan, we need to stay after school more often." "You know what gorgouse, I wish but then my girlfriend would get you know, curiouse about what's going on. I couldn't let my secerte be blown, I get to have fun with you." I could tell they were kissing, I didn't know how much but they were.


I got up and ran down the hallway, turned the corner and sat down on the cold floor crying my eye's out. I didn't want to know it was him but what if this kept going on, he was cheating on me.


beep beep


I woke up in sweat, it was just a dream.

The Mess Up (!st)

I was at VBS when I saw that he was trying to hide something from me, I wasn't sure what to do or say about what was going on. "Hey! what are you trying to hide that I can't see?" He turned around and looked at me. "I was just answering a text message. It's nothing important to worry your head over." He tried to give me hug, I pushed it away and went back to talking to me best friend DJ. 


I was at Wal-Mart when I got a text from my best friend now, she asked me if I know what was going on with Bailey and Matthew. I wasn't sure what to say, all I could say was that I didn't know what she was talking about. She was telling me that they were texting back and forth, she was flirtting with him and that he was flirtting back with her. I started to wonder when he ever got her number. I started to think really hard. It hit like a ton of bricks. THE GROUP MESSAGE!!


I started to ask her what she knew about, she told me to just straight to the two that it was about. I was about to scream right there in the store, I tired to stay as calm as I could. I sent a text to the both of them, trying to find out what was going on and why no one was telling me about this intill DAYS LATER. I wasn't happy about that and was on aruge of crying right there. I don't know what's with me and about to cry in public.


When I got a message back from the both of them, they told me the same thing, that didn't know what I was talking about. I knew that they both were lying to me, I was also sure that they were texting each other.


After hours of texting back and fourth with all three for them, I finially found out that he was planning to dump me if we didn't do our anniversary, what really pissed me the heck off was that he was going to go out with her when it happened, that did it for me. I wanted to break down in tears when I found out. I made him choice between who was really that important to him. Was it going to be Bailey or me. I honestly wanted to choice for him, I wasn't in the mood to make deals but he "supposedly" kept his word.


beep beep


I woke up all sweaty, with dry tears around my eyes. I started to think that it wasn't true when I got a text from my best friend Toni saying, "Hey girl! Are you okay about the whole Matthew planning to dump you and even for someone you thought was your best friend?" I knew that it wasn't just a was REALITY!!

The Unforgivable Deed

 I had gotten to school, I saw my boyfriend waiting for me. I could see that he was hiding something from me but didn't dare ask because I wasn't sure that I wanted to know. 


I was walking from 6th period with my two I guess good friends Alex and Ashley. They were about to say something when Ashley looked at me, I wasn't sure what for but I could tell that she wanted to tell me something. I looked at Alex for help on what's going on. He looked at Ashley then back at me, he just looked like he wanted to tell me wasn't sure that I really wanted to know.


Ashley finially looked at me, "I will tell you what's going on through gmail...but don't get mad at me." She looked away from me then kept walking while Alex stopped to make sure that I was olay. I told him that I was fine but just confused really, he said if Ashley didn't tell me, he would. I started to wonder what was going on that they both knew but they didn't have the heart to tell me to my face.


I was in English when I got a email from them both containing information that would later make me regrete every wanting to know what it was.


I had read the email a hundred times it felt like but still couldn't really think that it was real. I wanted to think that it wasn't but couldn't bring my myself to admite that yet. I couldn't believe that he really wanted to see my friends well BREASTS!! I tried to keep myself from crying right there in class. I couldn't rap my mind aorund it, it didn't really make any sense that he would do that when he told me that he wouldn't have any contaction with her, he siad he woundn't and understoof my reasoning but did it anyway. I didn't know how to act right then, I tried to make sure I was normal as best I could. I had to process it all day, I wasn't sure if she just making up lies or not. I had gotten through the day, I still want to believe that it was true. I really didn't want to believe that it was true.


I had gotten a text from her friend with pictures of the conversation. I had finished reading them, I just bursted out crying my eye's out. I really didn't want to know that it was true.


Later that day, I got a text from my boyfriend, I dumped him right then and there. I didn't give him a chance to ask why and all that, I didn't want anything to do with him now. I just wanted to be alone, that's the only thing that really felt like helped with this situation right now.


beep beep


I woke up with dry tears on the side of my eye's. I heard my phone go off next to me, I looked at it. It was't a dream at all, it had really happened.

The Lie

I was sitting at my house, I was bsuy watching Pochanote's to really know what was going on around me. I heard a knock on the door, I wasn't sure if I should answer it or not. I wasn't about to make whoever it was wait, I got up and peeked out the window first to see who it was. 


I went to the door, I acted like it was no big deal they were where. I finially walked outside and chatted with them, I wasn't sure what I should say or do. We didn't stand there talking long, they had to go and do somethings down the street from me. They didn't really act like they really cared if it hurt that they left me so soon. I wasn't about to make them stay with me because I knew that someone down the street was waiting for one of them. I left them go, I went back to watching my clips of shows.


I was told to go eat dinner, I was finished in no time. I had gone back to my phone to watch more clips when I saw that my family was going across the street. I wasn't going to go with them till one of my friends asked if he could come over, I told him what my mom told me. I wasn't going to sit here and not let him come over. I got up and as I sent the message, the last people that I wanted to see where walking up the street, in my direction. I ingored it because two people where with him that I didn't really want to see right then. I was too busy to really noticced that they were trying to get my attention. I was't about to let them keep me from feeling good about myself. 


I went to my room, I got on my laptop and started typing another story, I was told that my friend was over. We had a great time till he had to leave for something important. What he told me when he got there was that he had run into some people that kind of caused him trouble on his way to my house. I flet bad for him, they always treat him like he was trash. I couldn't help but want to make sure that he smiled the whole time that he was around me, I can't stand seeing one of my friends be hurt. We laughed and had fun till he had to go.


I wa back in my room with nothing really to do, I wasn't feeling like I should get back on and finish up my story. I just laied there, looking up at the ceiling, I was thiniing to much when something popped up in my head. I started to think about one person that told me that I was the most important person to him but then lately, he hasn't been showing that. I wasn't sure wha to do, he had put too much hope into. I felt like everything I was ever told, just turn inot another big pile of lies. I didn't know what to do but I wasn't sure if I should keep up the friend act. I really wanted to think that he really meant what he said. Was this all in my head? Was everything he told me...lies??


beep beep


My alarm had gone off, it took me out of the dream I was having. Was all that a dream or was it realtiy, it going through my mind as I got up and got ready for the day. I wasn't sure if that was a dream.....

The B*tch

 I woke feeling refreshed an ready for the day. I didn't know that today would change my life forever really. I wonder what today will bring?


I woke up, it's raining an it's monday, I get up an get dressed. I grab a mini skirt with some black heels. I grad a tank with a ten vest. Heades to the bathroom to bursh out my hair, I usually wait till after breakfast to brush my teeth, call me crazy.

Head to the breakfast able, mom made my favorite. Bacon, egg an pancakes with milk, YUM! I eat my breakfast and run up stairs to brush my teeth before it was too late to catch the bus. I brush my teeth, look at myself in the mirrio an runs downstairs. I kiss mom goodbye an dash out the door. Today was going to be a good day, I could feel it.

I got to school find out that my friends weren't where we always wait for the others. I started to think that they weren't even here but that woud be shown very shortly. I stand there an wait for them...they didn't show up yet. I wait two minutes after the bell, they still weren't there. I just decided to go on ahead to class an see iif they were there or not.

When I got to class, they were there sitting with some blond girl. They were all talking up a storm with others around them. I wasn't sure what to do, I just walked over to where they were sitting. I sat there in joined in, when they had noticed I had joined in...they all went to thir seats. Something wasn't right, what could it be?

The techer came in, she started the lesson while sat there, trying to get to the bottom of things.

She kept notice that I wasn't my usually self today, she just kept on teaching while I tired to think of reasons why they weren't talking to me today.

Class was over now, I was waiting for them but they all stood an waited for that blond girl. Who is she an why did she take my friends? They walked out and followed behind them, she kept looking back an telling my friends something. They snickered an laughed at it...what where they talking about that would make them look at me?

It was almost the end of school, I wasn't sure what I was going to do for lunch since my friend wouldn't even say a word to me but the weird things is...everyone started to snicker an laugh at me too. What is going on? Is there something I don't know about?

Lunch came, you can guess where I sat...I sat alone at the usually table with no one there waiting for me. I started to feel alone now, they had abonded me for that stupid blond girl.

By the end of the day, people where talking about something, I wasn't sure what do I knew someone that might be able to help me find out what's going on today.

I walked around school till I found them, I walked up to the boys. They all stopped talking at once, they looked at me like they were about to run. One of those boys I knew, it was Brandan. He was like my best friend, he was a great friend to me.

"Can you guys tell me what everyone is talking about?"

They all look at me and they start to snicker to each other. What is going on today? Brandan didn't do anything he stood there, he didn't say anything to make them stop. I could tell he knew something I didn't, he wouldn't tell me though. I walked away with tears coming down, he was going to try to say something to me but his buddys wouldn't let him though.

I spend the rest of the day on my own now, I wasn't sure what was going on but ever since that blond girl came to this school, everything has started to change. What would happen she gets ahold of Brandan? I'm not sure I could handle that, he was my best friend and it would break my heart if he did. WAIT!! What's with this feeling I'm having towards him, is is

Schools over now, I'm walking home today since I felt like I need the time to think things through. I wasn't alone for long though, Brandan walked with me. We were talking, laughing and having a good time together till someone came and ruined that for me. 

That blond girl must have been following him becasue she drove up by us. She was flirtting with him, I wasn't sure what to do beside run home. He saw and was trying to get away but she wouldn't let him go till it was too late for him to do anything for me. Thsi is the worst day in the hsitory of days.

I jsut want to wake up and it all just be a horrabe night mare that I am having, I want this to be a night mare,


The next moring, went to was totally not a night mare!!

Author's Note

These are just dreams that I have had, they aren't true but some might be true that I honestly thought weren't true. If you read this book and see your name and you know me, don't get offended by it, I thought it was a dream the whole time.


If you know of any dream idea's that I could make up, email me on her or contact me for my person email. Thank you and can't wait to hear what ya'll say about the dreams that I have already put in the book. 


-The Author


P.S. I might turn it into a series, just keep watch and see if it ends up that way. 



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This book is dedicated to all those weird dream and situation you can bare to know about.

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