Poems about random thoughts and things

We think of thugs,
As the ones using drugs,
But sad is the fate,
Of ones who don’t wait,
And tempted to try,
A few on the sly.
And soon time goes by.
And now I just don’t try.
The drugs have become a desire so great,
I pray and wonder why I didn’t wait.
I thought I could quit and was very strong.
Now I realize my thoughts were all wrong.
It’s become a desire, so strong in my mind, that
I can’t do without a drug of some kind.
I became addicted so very fast.
I wonder how long, my agony will last?

Jack Frost
Jack Frost slips around, in the middle of night.
Painting our windows shimmery white.
The intricate designs is one of his own.
Not for sale, borrow, or loan.

The glistening snow,
So pretty and white.
Falls softly and slowly through the night.
When morning comes, a beautiful sight,
The snow makes our would so clean and bright.
When we walk outside it’s so cold and white.
We wonder why it had to snow last night.
The sun comes out and warms the snow,
And soon we’ll have snowmen and snowballs to throw.
Why, oh why, does it have to snow?
It snow’s so high,
It nearly touches the sky.
Oh dear, I say, with a sigh.
There is no one but me,
As you can see.
To shovel all this snow.
So I can go
To school with my friends.
And this is where my story ends.

Teddy Bear
Teddy bear,
Teddy bear,
Everyone needs a teddy bear.
They’re there when you sad.
They’re there when you mad.
They can keep a secret like no one else can.
They understand how annoying a brother can be.
They understand the fact that sometimes we just need our space,
And the best thing for us is to just take a break.
The best thing about them is that they don’t judge.
They just smile and listen to whatever you have to say!

My Best Friend
My best friend is kind and sweet.
Some one you always would like to meet.
He can tell when you’re sad.
And cheer your heart and make you glad.
It’s so great to have a friend.
We’ll talk and laugh together till the end.


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