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Tag der Veröffentlichung: 15.12.2011

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Jesus Is our savior. I believe in him and I know he is real. If it is hard to love than talk to the one and only god. He Loves it when you give and not take. Sing Praises and share the word to everyone! He left us down here to share and show people the word that don't know him. Story's in the bible are real, and they are great examples to show you how god works. Like David and Goliath. David was strong and had faith and new god was right beside him. All the others were scared to try and kill The Big Giant. But David new god can do any thing so David swung his rocks and they hit The giant and they giant fell to the ground, and David took his sword and chopped of his head.There are so many story's in the bible. So Go! So go and read it. This story was just to tell you about the bible and how god works. To live a sweet life you have to give, when you give you get back things that are even bigger! My Brother put $10.00 in the basket one night and he got a laptop! It had web cam and everything! It was a windows 7 gateway computer! Jesus's story is way back a long long time ago and his mothers name was Merry. She was going to get married to Joseph but before she herd a voice, "Merry" the voice said, "Don't be afraid I have good news, you are are going to have a baby and you shall call him Jesus." Merry said"Lord I am grateful thank you so much" Merry went back to Joseph, Joseph did not under stand, Merry was pregnant. All Joseph thought was she must be married to some one else. Merry told him it was god who put this baby inside no one else is married to me. Joseph did not believe her. Joseph than herd a voice. The voice explained to him that it was true. So Joseph ran to Merry and went to go and find a place where they can have Jesus. When they got to Bethlehem They knocked and knocked on doors to find a place where Merry could have Jesus but every place was full. They found a little barn with sheep and all kinds of animals. now a before we get to there let me tell you about the wise men. They new that the new born king was going to be born so the followed the star. An angel told the shepherds that a baby was going to be born after Jesus was out the shepherds got to see him and the wise men gave him great idols. That is what Christmas is all about. Just talk to god and live the sweet life! To live with him you have to do what he says. It does not mean he is going to boss you around it means he is your lord and savior. I have a sweet life but I still have problems my self because sometimes I ignore him but I don't mean to. It is possible to block the doors for god to come into your heart but to open them back up you just have to say please forgive me lord, and ask him to come back and live in your heart, but don't just be bad and say well its OK that I am being bad because I can Just ask for forgiveness, no you have to try not to be bad and you follow him! Live the sweet life and go! Go read the Bible!

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