One-shot Short story

"Phew! At last! Summer break!!!!!" I tossed my wide-brimmed hat into the air.


"So what are you going to do, dudette?" Margo asked, she's one of my gal friends.


"Whadda ya think?" I asked back grinning.


"Finding Mr. Hot-and-yummy-summer-boyfriend?" Kristal answered suggestively while giggling which earned a mysterious nod from me!


"Oh noes! Can't wait to meet him!" exclaimed by our super duper hyper friend, Rexia.



"Just wait and see. I'll let you all get updates!" oddling up with their enthusiasm, but deep inside me I knew I was for the goal.


We had our byes and kisses before parting. I don't have my car right now coz I'm into walking. The sun is bright and I wanna have it kissing on my skin. It just rained a while ago so the sun isn't really that prickly. I'm enjoying myself walking down the street with all those passive faces. All eyes stays on me for a couple of seconds while I keep on strolling. Is this the first time they had seen such a goddess? Hmp! Though I'm cool with it! Watching the fast paces of cars on the street, seems so peaceful, not after I heard a screech and felt the warm thing on my back!


"Ugh!!! What the-!" MUD????


"Sorry." There goes the voice of the criminal. My eyes are burning with anger!


"You!" while pointing my shaking finger to him. "Screw you!"


The boy just shook his head with amusement visible in his eyes. I turned away from him, seething with disgust. I'm so lucky today! Ugh!










How It Goes

 We had planned on going for a coffee with the girls. We occupied one table outside the cafe to breathe in the air. We want the sun on our skin. I told them what happened yesterday and they just ended up laughing at me?

"Can you please tell me how did I become friends with you?" I asked smirking.


"Because beautiful girls like us should stick together!" Kristal said grinning.


"Oh! Look, look! The barista seems to have a crush on one of us. He's looking here from time to time!" Rexie exclaimed playfully. They looked altogether to the counter to check him out.


"He's kinda cute, huh? Waddaya think Millie?" Margo said eyeing me. And I just shrugged one of my bare shoulder. I'm wearing an off-shoulder shirt paired with a sexy pants adorned with a wide belt. You can all say that I'm the fashionista in our group and the most naive, according to them. Margo is one of the bitches in town, which also happens to be my bestest friend in our group. Rexie is the bubbly Mr.Right-seeker and Kristal? Let's just say she's the most adventurous liberated among us.


"Hmm, I've seen a much better view." Kristal said while sipping her frap. Again they looked at one direction.


"Oh, mama mia!" Rexie was flushing. She always does.


"He's hot!" Margo said. And that is not normal. She had a very limited compliments in her tongue. And to earn that means the guy is really, really hot! I took a look at the second guy they had seen.


"What the-!" I just spilled my black coffee. I'ts hot!!!! I mean the coffee is really hot. Margo handed me a couple of tissues. "Shit! This is crazy. He's the one!" I said shaking my head in disbelief.


"See? Even our friend Millie here had the thing for him. Love at first sight duddette?" Rexie's voice was full of enthusiasm.


"I mean he's the one I'm talking about awhile ago. He's the jerk!" All of their mouths shaped "O".


"Yes! It's him!" I nodded to myself.


"But he's cute!" Kristal pout.


"Jeez! Suit yourself!" I really thought they are my friends. I just turned back to the mag I'm reading while having a refill of my coffee.


"Oh! He's looking at our direction!" Rexie said.


"Look at his eyes! It's so beautiful!" Kristal agreed.


I took a glimpse of him and our eyes met for a second before I could retrieve my gaze. ut i saw a smile forming on his lips which causes for his cute dimples to show. I son't know what happenned but I felt hot on my face. i'm sure I'm already blushing behind the mag. Good thing my friends are not looking at me.


"Oh! I think he's going here!" Rexie said clapping her hand.


"How do I look? How do I look?" Margo said excitedly. I looked at her.


"You looked fine."


"Thanks. duddette!" still looking at her mirror.


"Hi girls!" he said with his masculine voice as he waived his hand to us. "Can I sit here with you?"


"Sure." Margo willingly agreed. And I just scoffed at her.


"You can sit here beside me if you want?" Rexie said giving her sweet smile.


"I would rather sit beside this beautiful lady here." he said while looking at me.


"Oh?" Margo was surprised.


"You can get my seat. I need to go duddettes!" I said while going away from my seat but i wasn't been successful since he pulled my hand for me to stay.


"Hey, I just came here!" He laughs. "Could you just spare your little time with us? And you're not done with your coffee yet, right?"


"That's basically it! Because YOU are here. So I NEED to go, jerk!"  I just whispered my last word.


"Jerk? Who? Me?" he said while pointing his fingers on his wide well-toned chest. "Do I look like a jerk to you girls?" He showed a pained expression and my friends shook their heads in unison.


"Oh! Even though you are REALLY a jerk, I didn't mean to say it. Sorry?" I took his face on my hand to look in his eyes. And actually it's not pain, it's anger, an anger that spells trouble with a capital T.


"Come with me, then. If you are truely sorry." Then with that he took me off the ground and carried me over to his car. I can't say a thing and I can't even find my will to protest him.


I snapped back to reality when his face was only a few inches on mine. He was fixing my seatbelt. If I bend a little I could kiss him. and I flushed at the thought.


"What are you thinking?" He faced me and his breath is brushing warmly on my skin.


"N-nothing! W-what do you think am I thinking of right now?" I stuttered to have a defense for myself.


"I don't know what you're thinking, but I know exactly what I am thinking right now?" he grinned.




"I'm thinking I could just bent a lower bit and I could claim your sharp mouth into a real long, passionate kiss. And that you can't be able to move since I'm holding your seatbelt right now."


"Jerk." I leaned towards him and our lips met.













 I had initiated it coz I know he's just teasing me. But ghad! His lips are so soft. Much softer than mine, I guess. While our lips are dueling for domination, one of his hands are roaming on my body. He managed to slip his hands into my shirt and now cupping my bare breast. I am not wearing any bra coz I'm wearing an off-shoulder and it is much more comfortable for my big bumps to be freed from the containment of bra's. His other hand is securing me on my seat.


"Mmm, you're so soft, love." he moaned in my lips. I smiled at his appreciation. I felt proud.


"Let go of my hands. I want to touch you as well." I want to touch his face, I want to run my fingers through his hair, I want to cling on his neck, I want to feel his chest, I want to run down my fingers on his back to trail his spine. But I am here, immobile on seat. Brought captive of this monster with the help of his seatbelts. 

Ugh! Irritating...hmm..but seems exciting, huh?


I don't know who ended the kiss, but I know that I am flushing on my seat right now and he has this goofy victorious smile playing on his lips. And I can't just have the will to look at his eyes. He raised my chin to meet up his gaze.


"Hey!" - him


"What?" - me


"Look at me." - him


"Why?" still looking away from him.


"Because I'm still asking you nicely." I can hear his amusement in his voice which made me look at him.


"What!" I just exclaimed at him.


"You. Are. Mine." He was so full of conviction that I was left in awe while he rounded up to go the driver's seat.
















 Oh-kay! What was that? Someone please explain to me what's happening here?


"We're here!"


"Uh! Okay." I looked around us and all I can do was to be in awe! Wow! So this is his place. It was a four-storey mansion. Mostly of the walls are glass. There is a wide terrace at the middle of the house. It looks like a glass castle.


"Let's go?" he opened the door for me and unlocked the seatbelt. I've been thinking of how I could get even for strapping me into his car.


"Aw! I can't get up. My body was strained for too long, I guess." I looked at him helplessly.


"Come here, then. I'll carry you."


-Mission accomplished-


"Oh! You're too heavy. You don't look like it, but you're like a..."


"Say it and you'll be dead!"



I'm not fat okay? Lemme just clear that up! hmp.



He just grinned down at me.


Okay, so he asked me to open the door since he can't use both of his hands because of my weight. I fumbled upon the keys in his pants. He was already fully aroused so it made my task harder. His pants was already tight into his hips.


"Oh! Look! You're big!"I giggled while I'm on his arms.


"Hey, don't move. I'll drop you." He shifted me on his arms so that I won't fall.


Am I that heavy?


So here we are now on his living room. He still carries me and planting kisses all over my face and neck. He sat on the sleek leather sofa with me and we stumbled but our lips won't separate. I'm inhaling his scent, so manly. I just want to devour him. Maybe he could be my summer boyfriend.
















I unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it away from his body. And I started to feel his wide, broad chest. The tiny, soft hairs on his chest feels ticklish under my touch. I lead my hands lower to his well-formed abs.


Oh my golly-wow! I'm a sucker of abs...And he got four pairs of it. Ugh! Eight packs, ohmeeghadness!


I kissed his tummy and licked his navel. He groaned as a sign of delight which encourages me to do better. I did not just licked. I lapped at him hungrily. I moved upward and reached for his brawny chest. I encircled my tongue on one of the small peaks and bit gently. He reveled with my hair but I just bit him harder. He laid still and I looked up at his face. What a sight to behold!


"You're beautiful." I said while looking at his contorted face. Those chiseled jaw, the keen edge of his nose, his deep-set eyes covered long, thick lashes, the perfect set of eyebrows that creases with both pain and pleasure.


"And you are great." He said in between his labored breathing. "You're making me crazy, woman. Ah, and I love how it feels."


I shouldn't have any inhibitions at all. I guess this is the best time to lose it. To lose my sanity together with my virginity. Oh yes, dude! I am a virgin.


This is the perfect man who could fill my dream for my whole submission. I'll make this memorable.


I unbuttoned his pants and zipped it down. I reached for his shaft. And I was amazed and shocked at the same time for his size and length. Oh, man! This is a footlong! Heaven! Perfect!


I just held him and I don't know what to do next. All the coaching sessions I had with my gals evaporated with the sight of his pet. And it was angry! Pulsating under the cold grip of my hands.


"Ah, uhm, what would I do next?" He eyed me with total disbelief.


"D-don't tell me..." I just nodded at him shyly.


"Oh! This is embarassing. I should've taken down notes while my dudettes are telling how to do it. Ugh! Sorry?"


It taken me back when he started laughing, and take note, he's holding his tummy while doing that. Just how much shame should I go through? Good thing he stopped laughing when he saw that I just crawled away from him. Deep in humiliation.


"Oh! Ha-ha, so-sorry, ha-ha. I-I-I just can't stop. You're cute!" He came near me and oinched my nose. "And hey! You're blushing. Why don't you let me lead the flow, love." he smiled at me.




"Thank you." he planted a chaste kiss on my cheek. "Thank you for giving me this opportunity. Thank you for saving yourself for me."


"Ah-uhm, let's just do it okay?" I refused to meet his gaze. I'll admit, I never thought that he could say those words. It sounded sweet. And I felt warmth. It makes me uneasy.


He sat near to me and tried to catch my eyes. I turned around and so that I'm facing him. He hugged me tight. I nuzzled my nose between his neck.









Starting Once

 I haven't realized that I feel dee in slumber inside his embrace.

I felt his arms tighten around me and he started trailing feather kisses on my skin.


"You are mine." he whispered before he nibbled my earlobe.


I can't supress the soft giggle. And after that I moaned.


"Morning, love." he kissed me on my lips. One long kiss.


"Uhm, what time is it?" I asked him after our hot share of morning kiss.He looked at the wall clock . "Fifteen after four.


"Ah, I think I need to go?" Now that the effect of the alcohol is diminishing my embarassment is actually mounting up. I know I'm being a coward right now, but I can't help it.


"Oh no, love. You can't get out of here today. You better cancel all off your appointments for today. I won't let you slip off me just like you did when we first met." he smiled at me. And I just wanna melt with that smile.


"Ah, okay. By the way, I don't know anything about you yet. How old are you? You're not a pedo, are you?"


"Do I look like one?" he asked back, raising one of his eyebrows.


"Don't do that!" Ghad! He looked so hot when he raised his brows. I can't stop myself, I kissed his brows. Just a slight brush of my lips. I held his head in place.


Then I started to rain his face with kisses until I reached his lips. 










 He covered my hands with his palms. He carried it around his neck. And now I am sitting on his lap while our lips are still not leaving each other.


Savoring this moment, we took our time until he started to level up the intensity of the kiss. Now we are two famished people, hungry for each other.


His hands were at random places on my body. Touching and feeling. I haven't imagined myself to be this sensitive. He lets me feel abnormalities, but it seems so right. Oh-so right!~


No words need to be said. We are one. The link between us is so strong. The emotions are overflowing.


He dipped me which caused me to gasp. Now my body was arched to give his red-hot lips more access. He held me firmly on my waist, other hand is pinning me down.


"Love, I want you." His voice was husky, full of need. And I'm more than oblige to submit. I nodded at him.


"Own me, please. Take me."


He smiled down at me and claimed my lips one more time. I response with equal fervor.


He lifted my shirt and threw it sideways. Then he busied himself fondling my breast. He unclasped the lock of my bra so he could fully cupped the mounds of my flesh. He looked me in the eyes. His were full of desire, burning affection and undying fire, which I guess reflects mine.


He kissed one of the aching peaks. He kissed, licked, sucked and bit sending me on the edge. He let go of my hands and I raked my fingers through his hair. He's like a baby who was been refrained from drinking milk for a long, long time. His some-day old stubbles are making wild friction that adds to my mounting insanity. He kissed the other peak giving attention for both needing nipples. One hand caressing one of it and the other was been worshipped by his mouth. The living room is filled with my moans and delighted cries.


The passion was building so fast that I'm losing my sanity bit by bit. He kissed every inch of my skin, he was full of fire and I'm willingly burning in him.


"Love, please hold on there. I'm not done with you yet."


"Oh please, oh please..." I don't know what to do, what to say but he seems to get me.


"I know, I know." He hushed me and kissed me fully on my mouth. His tongue played with mine. A deathly battle as I was catching my breath. He was like sucking the life out of me. Taking all he could and all he would.


He was worshipping my body like I'm the most desirable being on Earth and I was pleased with the feeling.


"Take all of it, love. Feel me." He placed my hand on his raging length and I was shocked by his hardness and strength.

Start of it


"It's your turn now, love. Lemme make you crazy just the same way as what you did to me awhile ago."He fixed our position and now he's on top of me.


I'm like a doll under the control of a master puppeteer. He traced wet kisses down to my navel. It steals my sanity every second of it. I can feel his every move. My senses are doing an overturn. I can even feel his every breath.

And hell yeah! He is really making me maddeningly crazy. My breaths are short and fast. My sight became a blurry vision. Colors in front of me making me blind out of extreme passion.


He pulleed down my skirt together with my lacy underwear and I kicked it out of the way. He parted my legs and stared down at the triangular apex in between my thighs.


"It's magnificent, love." He smiled lovingly at me and I just blushed and tried to close my legs to close off from his burning gaze.


"Oh no, no, no love. I need you to open for me, okay?" I nodded at him and let his eyes marvel my body.


He knelt down and touched it. He tried sliding his finger through the moist flesh. He parted it and moved closer and licked my pussy. He looked at me and I moaned in pure bliss. His tongue did wonders on my core.


"This is mine!" he exclaimed as he cupped my center then inserted his middle finger on my wet folds.


"I love it when you are so wet and prepared for me, love." he slid down his fingers deeper that earned him a soft moan from me.


"I love it when you moan like that. Ah! You're so tight! Uhm." he pulled his finger and slid down two of his fingers back. And pulled out again and added another finger, stretching the extremities of my womanhood. He started pulling it out and sliding it in in a faster pace. I moved under his expert hands. Giving me so much pleasure.


A tension is forming in my groin. Knotting in sweet ecstasy, needing for a release.


"Reach for it, love." He pushed harder and pulled back faster. Something is building high. I shivered under him. He smiled contently. I reached for my orgasm.


"Wow! That. Was. Amazing!" I said while catching my breath.


"You, my love are amazing." he kissed me fully on my lips.

"You ready for another round love?"


I nodded to him. I can't wait for him to fill me out. It was just his fingers but I alreay reached cloud nine. I really expect a lot from him. What could he do to me. What more could he give me? I shuddered at the thought.


"I want you," I said pointing on his rock-solid shaft ",inside me" this time pointing at my pussy. I smiled sweetly at him. I put up the most innocent smile I could come up at the moment.


"God! Touch me, woman. Or I'll die." He guided my hand to his more solid length. I encircled both of my hands and yet there's still like two inches more that was bare. His pulsating frantically under my grip. I can see a precum starting to juice up the head of his penis. I bent down my head and licked his liquid adn swallowed it, the whole time I was looking into his eyes. I clucked my tongue.


"Yumm." I licked my lips and winked at him. He stiffed and a sweat rolled down from his temple.


"I like it slow and strong love. Do me a favor and move your hands." I willingly obeyed him. I added force unto my grip and he gasped for air. Tightening around him I managed to move my trembling hands. Up and down. I am observing his reactions and I am encouraged to do more. His lips are parted, closed eyes and knotted forehead. A picture of a man in pleasure.


Oh Yes!

He took off his polo and damn everything if he's not that hot.


He'd got all those muscles in all the right places. And now I realized that I am great beholder of a set of abs.


I touched his chest and I could feel him shaking. The fine chest hair that rans down to his tummy.


"God! What should I do with those hands?" And with he clasped my hands on top of my head.


He landed on top of me. Chest to chest as he kiss me hungrily.

He explored the extremities of my mouth with his tongue. His lips were so soft like a silk. I managed to get one of my arms away from his and it automatically ran around his nape. Making the kiss more deeper.


I know he was trying so hard to be gentle to me. His raging cock sliding through my entrance. He moved his hips but just rubbing it to me. Making me want for more.


"Oh, please!N-now! Take me, please?" my voice came out so low and husky.


He placed a pillow under my arse. "This is to make it more comfortable for you. Tell me when to stop, okay?" I nodded to him. But I never thought of stopping him. No matter what.


He positioned his body towards my entrance and in one swift move his banging into me. A shout was caught in my throat that was engulfed when he kissed me. I dugged my nails on his back for the pain I felt. A tear was forming in my eyes as I fought so hard not to bite his lips. He kept on pounding into me. I clutch on his arms. He let go of my lips and I bent over to his neck and bit his shoulder blade. He seemed to be not bothered with this and keeps on moving on top of me. His paces were faster and he is making his way inch by inch. Expanding my core, tearing it apart. And now he's all in me. Every inch of him was already filling the my insides. Filling me. Pain is nothing now. I could feel the sweet sensation inside me. Every thrust that he makes. I'm pushing myself to meet his every move. Matching the feverish insanity that both envelops us in a surrender.


I am out of breath but I don't want this to stop. We kept on with the synchronous harmony of our body. Danced together until the knots in my core became tighter. I was reaching for something. I know I need it. I wanted it so much that I can't hold on any much longer.


"Love, come for me. Please?" his moves were deeper, harder. My senses are all over him. Other things seemed to be lost in space.

He pushed me to the edge. Short pants from me and heavy breaths from him. This was just so perfect. Being with him, having him deep inside me. Of us being one. Sharing this delight.


I looked upward. And with a loud moan came my ecstasy. Within some moments he came after me. Our juices were mixed inside me. Warm liquid showers the walls of my womanhood. I smiled at him and he smiled back.


"Happy?" he asked me while showering my face with tiny kisses.


"Very! Satisfied?" I asked him back letting him cuddle me.


"Not yet. I don't know if I'll be having my satisfaction. I want you MORE."


"Me, too."


"Another round, then?" he asked with a little smile.


"Can I just get a rest? Five minutes, hmm?"


"Oh! Sorry! And thank you."


"Thanks for what?" I was confused.


"For this. For letting me have you. I would really cherish this moment. Thank you for giving me this gratitude. For being with me." he answered with full of emotions that left me more confused.


"W-Why are saying this? It's like we would never meet again."


"Uhm," he got off me."I'm sure this is not forever. I just want to say what I'm feeling right now."


"W-what? Are you trying to say that-" I stopped misway. 


What the hell am I thinking? is this for real? Did I fall for him? Ghad! I was so silly to think of it that way.


"Oh! I understand. Yeah! You're right!" I said it with full of conviction. "Ugh! I...I think I need to go."


I need to go far, far away from him. I picked all of my clothes one by one. They are all scattered everywhere.


Where is it? Where is it? Where's my panty? Ah damn!


He was just watching me get dressed.


When I finished, I looked at him with a big FAKE grin. "Oh, well?"


"Well?" he mimicked with a raised eyebrow.


What am I expecting? Geez. just get the hell out of here. FAST!


"Well, thanks. I had fun." I turned around to hide a tear.


"No problem. Anytime, love. Call me! Here, catch!" I turned to him just in time to catch a piece of paper.


It was his calling card. So his name is Terrence ALejandro. "Thanks. But I don't need this." My rage was overwhelming. I tore the piece of crap in half and threw it in the air. "Ciao!" I marched outside his room.








Oh! Her face is so red! She's funny. She just looked so cute when she's angry. Hey, don't think that I'm a jerk, okay. I just can't help it. I love her and I won't let her go.


I ran to her. Still naked, eh?


"What is it this time, jerk?!"


Aw! Look at her! Still beautiful even when mad. Hahaha.


"Where do you think you're going, huh?"


"None of your business, jerk!" She ran down the stairs. And on the last two steps she tripped herself and tumbled down the floor.


"Oh my god! What do you think you're doing down there, woman! Ugh!"  I ran down to her and check if she got herself hurt. she had this bruise on her knee and a small bump on her forehead. "You silly!"


"Yes! I'm so silly! I'm silly for going here with you when all you had in your foolish mind is to get inside my pants. I'm so silly for thinking things that only a silly person would think. I'm so silly for giving myself to you. I'm so silly for feeling this way. Silly enought for expecting something from you!" She had a sudden outburst and she kept on punching my chest. It hurts, you know? But what should I do? She looked more beautiful while crying but I'm also feeling guilty that I had made this strong woman cry.


Yeah, I think I'm really a jerk, But I won't last long. I hugged her tight and she's pushing me away from her. I can't take it any more. "That's not what I mean, love." She stop battling me. i looked down at her and she stared at me.


Our lips met like two different sides of the magnet. I should explain myself.






"What's your name? I gave you mine."


"Ah! Melissa Jones! But my friends call me Millie." she smiled at me. She really looked so innocent. "But hey! We're enemies now you know?" she pouted.


I kissed her again. "Don't pout. I can't focus on what I have to say. We're not enemies. We are lovers, okay? And I was just playing around-"


"Playing around? Jerk!" She slapped me, hard.


"Ouch! Let me finished okay?" she nodded. "Alright, so yeah I was playing around. I just love seeing you so red. So angry. You looked...well? Really beautiful, you know?" she nodded again.


"And you're silly for running down the stairs with those heels-" she punched me this time.


"Ouch! Aaaah! I'm so going to die here with you!"


"I'm not silly!" She crossed her hands. And there goes her pout again. I kissed her and continued with my speech.


"Yes! You ARE silly! Oops, not twice, love." I grinned at her. She tried to punch me in the face again but I caught her fist. "My jaw still hurts."




"Okay! I love you, don't you get that? I just don't want to get in your pants. I want to crept into it. Aw-!"


She bumped her head unto mine.


"Ouch that hurts! It looks cool on tv! Ouch, my head!" she rubbed her forehead. She had two bumps on her now.


"Does it look cool now?"


"Hell no!"


"Then stop doing these silly attacks!"


"Okay." she looked so tamed.


"Now, you understand? I'm sorry to make you cry. I just....I just...Ugh! Yeah, I'm a jerk!"


"Yes, you are."


I hugged her. "So would it be okay with you if you live with a jerk?"


"Okay? When will I have my things?"


"Let's get your things now!" I lift her towards the door.


"Would you go out naked like that?"


"Oh yeah, I forgot." I put her down and got a pair of shirt and pants.


"Quick! Before I changed my mind!" she shouted at me.


I panicked, I haven't put my pants properly and I ran down the stairs while tugging them so when I was on the last step I tripped on it and landed on my face.


"Hahahahahaha. Who's silly now?"



She ran outside the house and I just shook my head.



Am I ready for this woman?

















Author's note: Hope you like this story. Don't forget to leave comments! Add this on faves! Ciao!



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