A Girl's Dream

By: J. Busch


Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.
~From the television show The Wonder Years~

Memories are made
With Family and Friends
Something you'll always know
Keeping it till the end
Times of joy and times of tears
No matter what it may be
There always seems to come about
A percious memory
So keep those thoughts in your heart
And never let them go
For when you days are done and gone
You'll have them all to show
To tell all those people
Up there in heaven
About the time you learned to drive
About that boy named kevin
So if there is a way to show
A memory to a friend
Make sure they see it for all it's worth
For memories never end

Walk with me mommy
Don't let go
Hold on to my hand
teach me so
let me try it now
one foot after another
tiny little steps
look there big brother
a tear runs down your face
mommy why so sad
she says with a sweet voice
no i am glad
watching you accomplish
every little thing
even if it's little
much happiness it brings
so just keep going child
I'll be right here with you
Don't stop at walking girl
See everything through

Spin me round dad
Let me dance on your feet
Watch as i sing dad
There is someone you should meet
I will grow up soon
But there is memories i hold
remember that time dad
we got stuck out in the cold
packing me around
as if i couldn't walk
teach me everything
even how to talk
there are some many things
i will hold dear to my heart
when people ask me about you
i don't know where to start
there has always been a connection
one only you and i share
even when i was made and you
and didn't think you cared
so don't you ever worry dad
there is no one else like you
there will always be a story
with love and laughter too

Brothers and Sister
Sure can be a pain
But they will be there for you
when your left out in the rain
they fight with you and yell at you
then turn around and care
for no matter what they might think of you
they will always be there for you
they tell on you and wine
about how you got to do it first
no matter how much you think of them
they don't always have it worst
so if you have some issues
with a family of yours
just let them know you love them
deep down to their cores


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