Cindy was walking towards her house when she saw that a huge clock was blocking it. Curious, she saw the clock had a door. Carefully,she stepped inside. There we lots of buttons and each one had a country and time period on it. Cindy pressed France, 1672.  In a flash she was in France! She had visited her aunt in France once and saw that France was different then she last saw it. Then she realized that she had gone way back in time to 1672."This is amazing!" she thought. She looked around. There were loads of people, hurrying and rushing in the streets. Cindy wanted to go home. She was claustrophobic and she felt too crowded. The time travel machine couldn't be seen. She was stuck in 1672! Tired, she went to eat at a cafe near her. She got a fruit smoothie and sat down to eat. Just as she was about to leave a waitor saw her and said,"Madame, may I have the money?" Looking horrified, she told him the story. When she was done she said,"You may not believe me, sir, but this is true." The waitor was very happy at her honesty and he said,"I have the time machine. You can have it." He gave her the machine. Then he told her about how he had seen it on the streets and decided to keep it until its owner came. Cindy thanked him. She then left to her own time period. When she arrived she thanked God for an amazing adventure.


Tag der Veröffentlichung: 16.05.2011

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