Weep for the Children

Tragedy strikes
Our hearts break
Blood and sadness
Blood and madness
Senseless violence . . .again

Precious children
Beautiful souls
Voices silent
Futures gone
A country weeps

No longer here
But memories forever
Of joy, laughter and love
The sounds linger
Of play, music and song

Their pleasures of horses
Dolls and whales
New boots, football, pink bows
Of burgers, french toast
And of their families

Their courage fierce
And bravery boundless
They stood by their friends
Hands clasped together
They faced the terror

What can we do
But honor
What can we do
But remember
What can be done
But to weep for the children


Texte: Jacquie Stewart-Heimann
Tag der Veröffentlichung: 19.12.2012

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