I am in a depression. A deep and horrible depression. Thoughts cloud my head. Thoughts of evil! Thoughts of death! Thoughts of horrible, horrible deeds!
I walk to my door and notice my wife arrive. Wearing a dress which is normal upon her apparel. For hours, we talk of a many, many things. As she talks, I notice something hanging out of her gown. I notice a note written in red ink. My wife continues as I investigate. “I love you” says I as I grab the hip of she. She wraps her arms around me as she suspects nothing. A simple and plain hug? No. A nonchalant grab to retrieve the note! I gather myself in my victory and return to my chamber and lock my door. I open the note to find an address, name, and note. “My dear, wait I cannot. Return to my chamber every night. -Fortuno”. “The whore!” exclaims I. A sinning woman is a woman of evil! Dare she to make a fool of me! I shall dare to make a corpse of her!
I stay upon my bed in my chamber as I wait for night to fall and for she to fall victim to sleep. As I hear the she-demon open the door to her room I grin. A comedic grin? No! A grin of an upcoming fate! For my depression and vengeance shall rise against her!
Two hours past midnight. I heard the bell of our clock ring as I headed towards the table. I grab a pen. Not any pen. But a quill with no ink and a sharpened end. I test the usefullness of my tool by sticking myself in the chest. As blood runs down my chest as proof of its use, I grin and wash it off. I walk with a fast pace towards her room with a chuckle.
I star upon the woman for some time. I then grab her arm and stretch the skin. I grab my weapon and stab upon her skin! I use the quill to gather blood as ink. I take the note sent from her secret lover and turn it to a fresh side. I begin to write. “Death comes as a simple punishment. You deserve, and shall receive, worse!”I write in blood on the fresh side. Quite proud with my work, I patch her wound and leave no evidence. With my conscience clean, I sleep a most wonderful slumber.
I wake as any other day. She goes about her business as any other day. What sinning, whore be she! I laugh a most grateful laugh as she leaves the home for work.
I spend my day thinking of what she shall experience tonight. So many things! So many dreadful, horrible, evil things! As my mind makes up, I sleep. I sleep until the sound of the whore opening the door produces in my ears.
“Perhaps you should go to bed. You seem to have much on your mind.” Say I. She nods as she returns to her chamber. After an hour of reading a great many dark books, I prepare for the coming night. I grab a thin, but sharp, knife from my drawer and head towards her once more. I stare at the whore once more. How foolish she is! How could she think I would not find the letter? I approach her with the knife and cut “WH” on her right eyelid and “ORE” on her left eyelid. I then opened her lids and cut the thin membrane of here eyes off. How proud I felt! I open her drawer of jewelry and place the cut off remains in it and close it.
The next day is filled with much thinking. For how was she to finally die? In a burst of realization I run for my coat and shoes. I run to town as fast as I can. A true genius am I! I run to the medical office and grab the doctor by the neck of the shirt. “Alkali!” screams I.
I prepare the bath. I take the large tub and fill it with the newly acquired substance. I fill it as far as I could without an overflow. I then waited near the tub for she to arrive. I hear her get in her bed. “Wife! Please come here. I require . . . assistance.” I say with a grin. As she sees the bath, she comprehends the danger which presents itself to her. I grab her, slit her throat as for her to be silent, and toss her in with her dying face up! My virtue finally achieved as she dies as the demon she truly is!


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