The stars are gathering in the silent winter night.
The sun has sunk, and all is still.
Even the birds have stopped their restless southward flight.
There is not a sound. The air is chill.

 On a street corner there burns a humble light
To light the way for those who will
Dare to weather the silent winter night
And walk in the cold, or stand a silent vigil.

 I walk the path from lamp to lamp
And think of life,and love, and death
My hands, encased in gloves, are sweaty and damp.

 In the distance I see a lone man's camp
I approach, exuding vapor with every breath
To join his fire, and relieve my aching limbs of their cramp.


Texte: Jacco van Eijk
Tag der Veröffentlichung: 14.12.2013

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