For whatever condition, many women harbour some amount of self-doubt and insecurity - whether it be from a wrong relationship, so-so career, lack of educational achievement or other blight, which allows them to be less than the smart, strong and confident women they should be.

Always take pride in your accomplishments no matter how small they seem. So you managed to parallel park in New Kingston finally? Celebrate. When you celebrate YOU, you will have that permanent glow that shows that you're confident in your abilities.

Get rid of the perception of what a man's role is and what a woman's role is. If you like the idea of building houses, go ahead and do it. If you want to ask a man out for dinner, go ahead and do it. Once you get rid of the societal barriers, you will realise that being what you really want to be is the greatest confidence booster ever.

Celebrate the many things that make you unique. Appreciate that you have the ability to juggle more roles than any man - you're the wife, the mother, the caregiver, the nurse, the boss and the disciplinarian. Believe in your uniqueness and embrace the beautiful things about having the world at your fingertips.

Encourage and try to uplift other women. Remember that we get the warmest glow from helping others. See a sister falling by the wayside? Help her out. Remember that your rise to being confident doesn't have to be an individual endeavour. When you help others it makes you humble, and allows for the favour to be returned when you may need lifting up!

Love yourself before trying to find that soulmate. Remember that you have to have the power to be comfortable with yourself before you let someone else in your life.

Speak up for yourself and for what you believe in. Don't be a pushover and fight always for what you believe in. Think you deserve a raise? Ask. Want to do something about those kids washing windows at the stoplight? Call up the Care Centre and see how you can help.


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