A nightmare story or Each Uisge the Kelpie



Each Uisge is a demonic creature

Lives in rivers and lakes

With an appearance like a horse

But be carefull!
Whenver a wayfaring man arrives at the
Shores of a river or a lake
And seeing a solemnly Horse
Which invites to get on his bag
And to career you to the other side..
REFUSE or it would be the last what you do
When Each Uisge drags you into the deepness...


Tag der Veröffentlichung: 10.05.2016

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For the mythical water-horse-creature called Each Uisge in Scottland and Ireland Nuggel at the Orkneys Shoopiltee or Njogel/ Tangi at the Shetlands Nykur at the Faröer Nykur or Nennir in Iceland Bäkkahästen in Scandivia Nøkken in Norway and so on^^

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