I woke breathing heavily, what had happened? My hands are still burning because of the dream I just had. Why do I keep having these dreams? It feels so real I keep dreaming the same dream every night. I look down to see the burnt marks on my hand start to fade away to nothing; I don’t think that normal to wake up with burns that just disappeared what’s happening to me.
Chapter 1:
My name’s Autumn Falls I use to be a normal girl at a new school. But ever since I got here weird stuff have been happening to me, dreams that feel real and shadows that seem to follow me everywhere I go. Since I been here I haven’t made a single friend; anyone I try to talk to just ignores me, I feel like an outsider. When I first got to summer knights school; I thought I could make friends quite easily. I’m a very easy going girl who likes a laugh; but doesn’t count to these people. Your parents have to have a lot of money or you won’t fit in. I only got into this school because my father had done some work for the school and the head master was good friends with him. So my dad got me into this school for a cheaper price. I wished he never bothered because I don't fit in; I tried telling them about how horrible the people are there to me. People thinks it easier to be ignored but it worse, you would go crazy with out talking to anyone your age for a long time.
The beeping of the alarm clock woke me from a dreamless sleep, it was the first night in ages that I have had soundless sleep; no waking up in the middle of the night, I slept all the way through I felt so rested. I laid in bed staring at the ceiling, I could here my roommate rustling through her wardrobe; she never learnt how to be quiet in the morning, I didn't really need a alarm clock she would always wake me up at least an hour before my alarm would go off, she was always noisy either washing her hair or finding something to wear in her oak wardrobe. Sitting up in bed I knew Sophie would just ignore me like she normally does, I can't even get my roommate to talk me; she would just stare or just blanks me completely. When I was get ready for class I just had a feeling that something was going to be different today, but I don't know what.


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