Chapter 1: Getting Saved

After a while we came into the mouth of the cave of where she lives. My voice had gone scarce because of the screaming I was doing to get her attention. I came to the conclusion that she was deaf.
She set me on the floor gently, before sitting in front of me. She checked me out, eyes roaming from my head to my toes. Lingering on some very private places.
"What's your problem?"I said."My friend was over there!" Angrily I got up.
Immediatly I felt a hand grab my wrist and drag me into the girls lap. I looked at her and suddenly her mouth crashed onto mine. I jerked away, but she pulled her arm around me. Before I could do anything she shifted so that she was on top of me.
"HEY!"I started to yell, but she kissed me again. I didn't fight back. She actually kissed pretty good.
Suddenly she rolled me onto my stomach. I was about to say something when I felt her hand slide into my pants and into my underwear. I froze. Then she jerked her hand. I grunted, but I started to blush soon after. Slowly her hand left my underwear and she started to take off my pants. I never objected. Once she had taken my pants off her hand returned to my pussy. She started to rotate her hand slowly at first then quickly.
"Ahh. .ah. . more. ." I moaned, jerking my hips into her hand. Lots of minutes passed before I came. She stopped, getting off of me. I sleepily turned toward her.
"What's your name?"I asked. Not really expecting an answer.
"Katherine,"she said.
I konked out after that.


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