Neveah's pov

Neveah’s Point of view
BEEP********* Smack “god I hate that fucken alarm clock!” I shouted pretty pissed if u would ask me. As I looked around for my sister Ella who was dreaming then I heard her say “one direction I love you so much” like a drunken person lol hysterical. “ELLA WAKE UP!” I screamed as she jumped in fright which was funny but she wasn’t laughing, she thought it was kind of mean but oh well I don’t care what anyone thinks. I walked over to my closet to find me something to wear… black or black that’s a tuff decision how about black and purple HELL YEAH. I looked over at my sister and she putting on short shorts and a long shirt pulled back so it looks like her shirts overlap each other WOW what a girly girl. So I hurry up and pull out some black pants, a purple wife beater, and black aeropostale throw them on and head out with my black and green convers and my stewie sweatshirt. Shit I forgot my fucken car keys DAMN IT. “Sis can you please take me to school we woke up to late so I missed the bus” Ella pleaded. God she pulled out the puppy dog eyes till I gave in. “fine but only under to rules” I demanded “1st no gay ass one direction(with stereotypic school girl tone) and no eating in my car we will go to Ihop this morning but we will be late but oh well shit happens.” She loves school so this would torture her ha-ha I’m so mean I know.
**30 minutes later
I turned on the radio since I saw her in the passenger side of MY car I thought I would be nice “hey Ella you pick the radio station” right as I said that her eyes lit up with excitement. “Really?” she asked I nodded. She turned it to some gay music station but whatever then we heard “the 5th caller win’s 1whole month to live with one direction and can bring 1 family member along to” she screamed and picked up hers’ and my cellphone and dialed and surprise, surprise she won the thing. She has always been lucky and well it makes me happy to see her happy. “sis can we skip today?” she pleaded. “GOSH I thought you would never ask” I said while doing a illegal U turn. “MOM I WON I WON THE ONE DIRECTION SO I GET TO LIVE WITH THEM FOR A WHOLE MONTH!” she screamed as we walked into the house. “you are not going to live with a bunch of boys by yourself” mom said sternly. “I know I get to bring 1 family member, will you go with me” she pleaded to mom. “sorry sweetie I have to go to japan for a month, have Neveah go with you” she said. “hell no!” I screamed from the shower then unxepectaly my sister came in and said “please its only a month please, im not leaving till you say” knowing I wont get outta the shower if somebody is in here “FINE JUST GET THE HELL OUT!” I screamed. She got up and left so I could finish
**5 minutes later
“when do we leave?” I asked in a bitchy tone “tommoro the guys will be here to pick us up and then we leave for London. “fine but im not staying with you people all damn day” I said pretty pissed. “fine they wont even like a emo person anyway.” It was true I was emo ever since dad died 3months ago I went ballistic and started cutting. it wasnt my fault i cant handle shit like other people.
** the next day
I woke up when i heard my sister scream and then a big thud so my instincs kicked in and i grabbed my bat and walked downstairs to see my little sister being carried outside so i took off charging at them screming "PUT HER DOWN" and right as i was gonna swing to hit the person in the back but he turned around and dogged outta the way. i just realised that i knew him "Fuck shit liam im soo sorry im almost killed you with my bat if i knew it was you i would have grabbed a chainsaw" i said in a really bitchy tone."let me guess you knocked,she anwsered,then screamed and passed out, am i right?".The guys just nodded and zayne said "so what do we do with her?" "let me handle her" i walked into the kitchen for a glass of water and came out and splashed the water on her then slamed the glass cup on the sidewalk. she woke up with a scream "faint again and i will drowned you in the bath tub." with that she said "oh shut up emo bitch." and i just walked back in and started to pack.I went to my dresser and grabbed my razor and walked in the bathroom and slit my wrist and watched the crimson red liquid flow and flow untill Liam walked in and slamed the door behind him not noticing i was in here so i just turned on the water washing the blood and hid my wrist's behind my back but i was so worried about the pain i forgot to lock the door. i mentally slapped myself. i made one swift motion and grabbed my razor and shoved it in my pocket thinking liam still didnt notice i was here but of corse he did and pinned me to the ground. he pulled up my sleves and he sat there on me in shock and i manovered off him,took out my razor put it up against my neck and said "tell and it will cost the life of a troubled girl"and with that i started to cry."i wont tell just put it down ok please" liam said with tears in his eyes.
-----------------------------------LIAMS POV---------------------------------------------
Neveah's sister scraed me so i waited 1 minute then went up to her room and looked around and saw blood on the ground and thought'emo' damnit did she notice it of cource not she hurried up and cleaned up the blood while i was standing looking at the window. then she came out and i pinned her to the floor while i pulled her sleeve up and saw her cuts. she manovered out from under me and then pulled out her razor and said"tell and it will cost the life of a troubled girl" she said and started to cry."i wont tell just put it down ok please" i said with tears pricking in my eyes."im gonna go downstairs and i wont tell ok?" i said she nodded
** i went down stairs
i find the guys and tell niall to go help Ella pack he agreed and i went in the bus.Find some paper and wrote down SOS i cant tell you but just pay attention to Neveah ok? they nodded and asked what did i want to tell them....'you cant tell anyone Liam or she will die' i just say i cant say or someone will die just do what i said and a few minutes passed and neveah,nial,and the she beast came on the bus and neveah sat alone while her sister ella sat buy harry and nial
-----------------------------Neveah's pov-------------------------------------------------
i finshed packing and went on the bus with ella&niall and i sat alone like my life. i walked into the bathroom and took the screwdriver and put my razor in my mp3(smart right) well after iwas done i went back to my seat and we pulled up to the airport&they had their own private plane.......bratz......... we got threw secrety no problem now to HELL.
**4 hrs later
we arived in london so now we went to their mansion wow its huge(not sexaull xD). the 1st thing i said was "weres my room." liam said" you will be sharing a room with me or harry." i walked over to liam "touch me and i kill u" i said....he took me to our room and we shared a bed CAN THIS GET ANYWORSE!! omfg i hate Ella.
**night time
i went into the bathroom and hoped in the shower and 4got my razor SHIT i turned the water off and went to the door peeked out and he wasnt here good,i went over to my suit case and in my book i grabed it and went to turn around but ran into a hard cheast, i was about to fall when he grabed me and i stood up and my towel fell OMG i blushed like hell and grabed my towel and ran into te bathroom,locking the door behind me i hoped in the shower and added 7 deep cuts(not enough to kill me just enough to make me dizzy) i hoped out and got into my pj's and hoped into bed with him looking at me."are you gonna go to bed or just stand there all day?!" i said pretty pissed."commin" i felt the bed lower.
**30minutes later
he put his arm around my waist and came closer and we fit perfectly ironic right? we snuggled and i fell into a deep sleep
------------------------------------------------Liams pov---------------------------------------

Saving Neveah


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