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Chapter 1

I was in front of a big wooden door with a Q curved on it.I open the door and saw a small girl by a large window.She had her back to me and her whte hair was down to her butt.She turned around and looked at me.She smiled a sweetest smile I ever seen on a girl,her eyes were blue and sparkling,god she was so cute.She held out her arms and called to me,"Dex come here."My feet started moving on its own and walked right up to her.I fled to my kneeds and began to cry.She hugged my head and whisper into my ears "It'll be alright,Dex."God I love the way my name came out her mouth,she said it sweetly.I breath in her scent,she smelled like flowers.Suddenly I was yanked out of her arms and my hands were pushed behind my back.I heard my love scream and I looked up to see her held by two man in black.I struggle to get free but it was effortless.I now pinned to the floor and a man in white came up to me and stuck a needle in my arm.My will to fight went away,my body felt numb."DEX!"My love called out to me.I looked up to see a man with white hair like my love and blue eyes.He smirked and held a knife to my loves neck."NO!!"I yelled but it was too late the man cut my love'neck.Blood dripped down her neck.She looked at me and faintly smiled and mouthed the words 'I love you'.She then closed her eyes.The man with white hair threw my love's lifless body to the side and walked over to me.He standed over me and laughed. "Your all mine you stupid mutt!!!!

"NO!"I screamed as I jolted out my dream.I looked at the clock it was 2:30 in the morning.I wiped the sweat of my face.I had that dream again,its been had that dream since my 16th birthday last month.
I got up from my bed and walked over to the window.I open it and jumpped down,landing perfectly on my feet.The grass felt soft under my bare feet.I looked up at the forest that was in front of my house.
"Dex"called a sleepy vioce.
I turned to see April wearing her silky purple gown on the front porch.Her sliver hair shined in the moon light and hair golden eyes twinkled like the stars.
"April what are you doing up?"I ask her.
"I heard you scream.Did you have a nightmare or something?"
"Yea sorta"
"Want to talk about it?"
"Come on talking would make you feel better"

Yea telling my fiancée I dreamed about a other woman would make me feel so much better.

"No,just need a walk to clear my head."
"Want me to come with?"April ask hopfully.
"Can if you want too"

April walked over to me and took my hand in hers.
"where we walkin to?"
"Where ever my feet take me"
"Lets walk to the lake."

Then we walked into the woods hand in hand.I kinda wanted yank my hand away from april because I sorta cheated on her with an other girl in my dream.The woods had no trail but we knew the way because we been playing in it since we were kids.When I was about 7 years I liked walking to the old grave yard better.I dont know why but I always end up going there late at night.To think about if april wasnt with me I would had gone to the graveyard.Somehow the old graveyard brought me a peace of mind and yet a little emptiness inside.I wonder why I liked going to the graveyard,there is something missing in my childhood memory.And that girl from my dream,how come I felt like I knew here but never met her once in my life.

April squeezed my hand,which snapped me out of my thoughts.I looked down at her, with confused look at why she looked so pissed off.
"Did you heard what I said?"
"um yea"I lied.
April let go my hand and got in front of me.She crossed her arms and glared at me.
"Oh really what did I say?"
"I said you been at strange since your birthday last month."April said shaking her head.
"I been acting strange?"I siad with a grin. "I thought in your book I was always strange"I teased.
"No your at stranger then you always do."
"give me three good examples"
"Okay,one: you always waking up screaming,two:you take late night walks almost every day,three:sometimes you look like your never here with me anymore."
"What are you talking about I always here with you."
"Yea your body but not your soul or heart.Its like you rather be anywhere but here."


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Dex is a 16 year werewolf.Since is 16th Birthday he been having odd dreams about a girl with white hair.One day the girl from his dream becomes real.

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